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									                                                                         Tools for telecom

                                                          Unified messaging

Contarra’s Unified Communications solution is an open standard based and feature
rich enhanced messaging platform designed for service providers looking to offer
enhanced communications services to their subscribers. Contarra offers the UM
enhanced messaging communications platform as a turnkey system, including Web
applications, Telephony applications, Mail, Directory, Administration and Provisioning

This solution incorporates an advanced Enhanced Messaging solution with
    inbound and outbound voice,
    fax and email messaging,
    real-time call management and notification,
    a web enabled user interface IMAP-4 mail client,
    a telephone user interface

The User Interface and provisioning can be customized to meet the customer
requirements and environment. This cost-effective one-stop solution for quality voice
and high-speed data messaging services is capable of supporting millions of

Contarra‟s UM is a carrier grade, scalable, reliable and flexible solution that suits the
ever increasing needs of today‟s service providers to increase ARPU UM provides
powerful branding and customization capabilities that allow Service Providers to build
unique and individual packages and offer them to hosted service providers,
enterprises (organizations), and private subscribers.

                                                                     Tools for telecom

UM provides services that cover all aspects of system management, including
system installation and configuration, defining and managing organizations and
subscriber classes of service, monitoring and controlling system components, tracing
system transactions and report generation.

      Voicemail - Voicemail service includes call answering with redirect to the
       enhanced messaging mailbox, personal Greeting recorded by the subscriber,
       password security, easy IVR menu navigation, time stamp, message
       forwarding, and instant call back to return messages from outside callers
       without redialing.
      Faxmail – Faxmail service includes fax answering with redirect to the
       enhanced messaging mailbox. Enables subscribers to easily retrieve, send,
       forward and print of fax messages. The fax is always on, never out of paper
       and is available from any device.
      Email - UM email service come with an IMAP 4 browser-based HTML client so
       not installation is required at all.
      Message send options - From the UM enhanced messaging mailbox,
       subscribers can send and forward messages to a variety of destinations,
       including email accounts, landline phone (out dial), and cellular phone (out
      Forward fax to any email - With UM subscribers can be given a “virtual”
       personal telephone/fax number that accepts incoming faxes and forwards
       them to whatever email account the user prefers. The system automatically
       attaches the fax to an email message and forwards it to the appropriate
       account via SMTP.
      Forward voice to any email - With UM subscribers can have a “virtual” voice
       mailbox (via a personal tele/fax number) that records voice messages and
       forwards them to whatever email account the user prefers. The system
       automatically attaches the voice recording to an email message and forwards
       it to the appropriate account via SMTP.
      Email to phone - Subscribers can retrieve email from any telephone
       destination and have it read to the called party. The UM system expertly
       translates the email text to speech, using advanced TTS engines, so the
       message is read smoothly and naturally. Easy reply functionality allows
       subscribers to return email messages with an attached voice recording from
       any telephone, anywhere, at anytime.
      Email to fax - Print emails using nearest fax. UM subscribers can forward
       email and email attachments to any fax machine for hard-copy printout. The
       system converts email header and text to fax format for delivery to any fax
      Message notification - Subscribers can activate notification on every first
       incoming voice mail message or email message so they will never miss
       important messages again.

                                                                       Tools for telecom

      Callback - Subscribers who enter the system using a phone (wireless or
       wireline) can listen to any type of message from the Inbox. After listening to a
       voice message, the system gives the subscriber an option to immediately call
       the person back. If the subscriber selects this option, the system dials the CLI
       (Calling Line Identification), and the call is established.
      Voice reply to email from telephone - After listening to an email over the
       phone, the subscriber can record a voice reply and send it to the sender of the
      Multi-language support - UM features multi-language support. This added
       benefit broadens Service Provider subscriber base by providing support for
       foreign language markets.
      One Number Service - UM One Number Service, also known as Unique or
       Personal Number, is a complete call control service with real-time call
       connection and routing. The One Number Service provides a single local or
       toll free phone number for real-time access to all calls, messages and faxes. It
       brings an elegant and easy solution for the „problem‟ the subscriber faces
       through too many communication devices, such as, multiple telephone
       numbers and voice mailboxes.

UM is offered to different types of Service Providers who in turn re-package and offer
a Enhanced messaging communications service to hosted service providers,
enterprises (corporates) and private subscribers. It is easy and painless to brand the
look and feel of the service in both the Graphic User Interface and the Telephony
User Interface, as well as to sub-brand to hosted organizations under the same
UM Benefits


      Email to SMS UM lets subscribers send email as a short message to a mobile
       phone. The service converts email headers and text for SMS delivery to any
       cellular handset.
      External email accounts The Internet mail retriever service collects new
       messages from any of the subscribers private email accounts and deposits
       them into their UM enhanced mailbox.
      Private address book and mailing lists Subscribers can use their private
       address book with full voice/fax/email capabilities and create mailing lists to
       broadcast the same recorded message to several recipients at once.
      Voice recorder Using the voice recorder, subscribers can record and send
       voice messages when composing email and phone messages. The voice
       recorder uses a small, signed java applet that is automatically installed on the
       subscribers‟ computer.

                                                                          Tools for telecom

      Virtual Assistant The Virtual Assistant helps managing messages in the
       enhanced mailbox. Through subscriber-defined rules the assistant manages
       message retrievals and deliveries, and when and where to notify the
       subscriber of message arrivals, based on personal preferences and
       schedules. The Virtual Assistant frees subscribers from constantly checking
       their mailbox for new messages and enables more efficient message

Example: the Virtual Assistant can be told, “During the next two days, if I receive
email from Customer A, immediately call my cell phone, and read me the message.”
The Virtual Assistant expertly routes messages and notifications to any device, while
the UM platform transparently handles any media conversions required. The Virtual
Assistant‟s browser-based GUI is intuitive and easy to use and is accessible via UM
HTML and Java-based clients.

      Subscriber-defined filters and routing rules Subscribers can filter and redirect
       incoming messages based on the message type, time of arrival, origin,
       sender, subject, keyword, or a combination of these parameters. For example,
       instruct the Virtual Assistant to filter all email arriving over the weekend from
       Customer A and forward it to a fax machine at home.
      Universal message notification Through an easy to use GUI subscribers can
       set rules to tell the Virtual Assistant when, where, and under what
       circumstances to send new message notification. UM offers a variety of
       notification options: outcall to telephone or cell phone, to email, to fax, to SMS,
       to pager, to any mix of these destinations
      Advanced find me In schedule mode, the subscriber may set different search
       lists according to his personal schedule, (non-) working hours and weekends.


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