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									SHOP TALK
The American News Women’s Club                                                                                     Fall 2010

ANWC Program                                                                       Upcoming Programs
Meet special guest and author Kristie Miller                                           Make your reservations now
on November 8
                                                                                            ~ Nov . 6 - Hel e n Tho mas (page 3)
                        Join us at the club on Monday, Nov. 8,
                        to hear award-winning Virginia author                               ~ N ov. 8 -Kristie Mi ll er, (page 5)
                        Kristie Miller discuss her new book,
                        "Ellen and Edith: Woodrow Wilson’s
                        First Ladies,” which chronicles the life                      ~ N ov. 29 Profe ssion al Pursuits,(page 6)
                        and impact of the late president’s two
                        wives. (continued on page 5)                                      ~ De c 14 th - Ho lid ay Party (page 6)
      Kristie Miller

                            Breaking News!
                            The 2011 American News Women's Club annual gala will honor
                            WAMU-FM radio Host Diane Rehm. Watch for details in upcoming issue.

A NW C l au n ch e s Pr o f e s s i o na l P ur s ui t s s e r i e s
Please join us on Wednesday, Nov. 29, at 6: 30 p.m., for the first in an exciting series of Professional
Pursuits programs and meet Marilyn Bagel, a versatile scriptwriter for major national events and
multimedia, a playwright and an author who has been putting words in the mouths of high-profile
people for years. (continued on page 6)                                                                       Marilyn Bagel

Save the Date
Annual ANWC Holiday Party - Tuesday Dec. 14th
This fun, festive event draws members together to welcome the holidays. This year, the ANWC is
supporting an important charity: The Children’s Inn at NIH. Our own board member (VP for
communications) Meredith Carlson Daly is the media relations manager at The Inn. She will be bringing
Molly Mahoney Matthews, a longtime board member of the Inn, to speak about its vital mission.
(continued on page 6)

                                                        Page 1 - October 2010
President's Perspective
                                                                SHOP              TALK
                                                                                                            The American
                                                                                                            News Women’s Club
Looking for your Ideas…
                                                                                                            1607 22nd Street NW
As the temperature cools, and I see the changing colors of the seasons, I am                                Washington, DC 20008
reminded of the seasons in the life of an organization and especially the                                   Phone: 202-332-6770
changing seasons at ANWC. Your club leadership is pursuing initiatives that
                                                                                                            Fax: 202-265-6092
we hope will move ANWC forward, but we face challenges, one of which is
determining how to best serve our members. How can we support you, our                                      E-mail:
members, in the constantly changing professional landscape?           What                                  Web:
programs and events will bring you to the club?                                      Lynn Gorton
The 2010-11 board is an enthusiastic, dedicated hard-working group of                                       2010-2011 ELECTED OFFICERS
professionals, but we need your help and support as we move forward into                                    AND BOARD OF GOVERNORS
the future. Recently, Rebecca Stauffer, Vice President for Programs, resigned from the board for
personal reasons. Until a new Vice President Programs is appointed, the board is working together to
plan club programs. If you would be willing to serve as VP Programs or serve on the Program                 President - Lynn Gorton
Committee, please let me know. We always welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please be as specific as                       
possible with regard to particular speakers and programs you would like to see. I look forward to hearing
from you. Please write to me at:                                                     Treasurer - Hal Matson
Thank you…
I am pleased to announce the receipt of a generous gift from the estate of Adele Nussbaum.                  Vice President for Programs
Her memory will live on at ANWC.
                                                                                                            Vice President for Membership
We are delighted to welcome Janna Van Hoven, the new ANWC Administrative Club Manager. Janna ‘s
experience and great enthusiasm bring a new energy to the clubhouse. We have already seen an increase       Deirdre Channing
in Cranford House rentals! Janna will be in the office Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 AM to
5 PM.
                                                                                                            Vice President for Strategic Development
What’s Happening at the Club…                                                                               Claire Sanders Swift
Watch your e-mail for notification of upcoming programs. Sign up now for the Helen Thomas Birthday
Celebration on November 6, and save the date for the Annual Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 14.
Hope to see you at the clubhouse soon.                                                                      Co-Vice Presidents for Communications
                                                                                                            Meredith Carlson Daly

Cheers,                                                                                                     Priyanka Matanhelia

                                                                                                            Vice President for Club House
Email:                                                                                Deb Toll
Phone: 571-225-7024                                                                                                         

                                                                                                            Secretary - Eliza Findlay

New Club Manager Janna Van Hoven
                                                                                                            Immediate Past President
                                                                                                            Pam Ginsbach

                             I am very pleased to be the Club's new Manager and look forward to             Governors
                             meeting the members and working with the Board of Governors.                   Anne Ganz
                             My professional background is in marketing strategy and event                  Pamela Sorensen
                             planning, but I have also worked as a professional dancer with                            
                             contemporary dance companies in Chicago, San Francisco, and New                Jean White
                             York City.                                                                            

                             I relocated from Chicago to DC in August to attend George Washington
                             University. I am a Master of Public Health candidate focusing on               Credits
    Janna Van Hoven          Communication, Marketing and Evidence-Based Medicine.
                            My office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-5pm so              Shop Talk Editors
feel free to call (202.332.6770.) The best way to reach me outside of those hours is via email:
                                                                                                            Meredith Carlson Daly                                                                                     Priyanka Matanhelia

                                                                 Page 2 - October 2010
                                            SHOP            TALK

You're invited to celebrate the newly 90 Helen Thomas. . .

You're invited to celebrate the newly 90 Helen Thomas: Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010 - 5-8 pm
   Showcasing the one-time only: "Helen's Happy Hour & Piano Bar" featuring Susan Merritt Nelsen on the Steinway.

   Special appearances by "Mrs. FoggyBottom" also known as Joan Cushing; Austin Kiplinger welcomes Helen to
   Ninetydom and friends from the National Press Club "Silver Owls" - always a hoot!

   Songs, stories, humor & Hennessey.
   Fellowship, Friendship, Frivolity & Fun.
   Lights spirits, light hearts and heavy hors d'oeuvres
   Please RSVP to Janna Van Hoven, Club Manager by Nov. 3 at 202-332-6770 or to
   $30 check or credit card at the door

   Helen's Piano Barfly friends: Ginny Daly, Meredith Carlson Daly, Pam Ginsbach
   Special thanks to Patricia Raine, Illustration/Design

                                               Page 3 - October 2010
                                                        SHOP             TALK

News of the News Women                                                  Emily Heppen
Warm Welcome New Members                                                I am a recent graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University, and I majored in
                                                                        English-Non-fiction writing and minored in Sociology-
Isabel Swift                                                            Anthropology.
I am delighted to become a member of                                    I am a native Washingtonian, and
the American News Women’s Club, and                                     following interning in the media relations
warmly endorse its 78-year mission to                                   department of the Washington
support women in the media. Having                                      Metropolitan Area Transit Authority after
worked in a very female-focused field,                                  my sophomore year of college, knew that
I’m a strong believer in the power and                                  I wanted to return to DC to do PR/media
impact of women supporting each other.                                  relations.                                       Emily Heppen
And now I can include myself in the
                                           Isabel Swift                 I joined ANWC because I am interested
family of the ANWC members with my
                                                                        in joining a network of women with similar professions who could
talented sister-in-law, Claire Sanders
                                                                        provide advice and guidance related to the news, media, and PR
Swift as well as one of “Murrow’s boys”—my great aunt Marvin
Breckenridge Patterson!
                                                                        I also would like to help carry and support the missions of the club,
An English major and reader, my 30-year career with Harlequin
                                                                        especially raising awareness about women's contributions in media
Enterprises, Ltd, one of the world’s leading publishers, has been a
                                                                        and journalism, and supporting local and community activities with
work of passion. As VP of editorial, I was charged with developing,
                                                                        other non-profits.
branding and global strategic positioning for Harlequin’s unique
editorial—working with authors, editors, agents and industry
executives—and responsible for delivering over 1,000 titles a year in
numerous formats to multiple distribution channels: overseas, direct,

                                                                        ANWC Members Collaborate on
retail, and digital. We created and launched many innovative
publishing programs, built author’s careers, and harnessed evolving

                                                                        Aphabet Kids Book Series
publishing and media trends, responding to the changing technology
landscape. It was inspiring to work with a remarkable group of
creative people to grow a company dedicated to fiction “by, for and
about” women.                                                           ANWC Members Jingyi Liu and Patrice
This year, I moved to Washington, D.C. with my husband and am a         Samara celebrated the Alphabet Kids
literary consultant at Swift Global Media                               Multicultural Book Series at an October 6
( with special focus in                 launch party held at Cranford House.
developing editorial content and author growth strategies. I look
forward to getting to know other ANWC members.                          Special guests included Japanese
                                                                        Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki and                      Jingy Liu
                                                                        Ambassador Julia Chang Block,
                                                                        president of the U.S.-China Education
                                                                        Trust. Both praised the multi-cultural book series that follow the
Meredith Carlson Daly is a freelance writer and media relations
                                                                        adventures of characters named Allegra, Elena, Isaac, Oni, Umar,
manager for The Children’s Inn at NIH. Her work has appeared in
                                                                        and Yang as they learn about different cultures.
Bethesda Magazine, The Washington Post, and the well-known Soft
Doll Magazine. In her day job, Meredith
                                                                        Jingyi and Patrice are co-authors of “Yang’s New Dance,” the story
promotes the important mission of The
                                                                        of a Chinese-American boy who learns to share his ideas on how to
Children’s Inn, “a place like home” for
                                                                        have fun through the traditional Chinese practice of Tai Chi. Jingyi
seriously ill children and their families
                                                                        is a cross-cultural communications expert and television producer.
participating in groundbreaking research
                                                                        Patrice is a co-author of all six
at NIH. She recently joined the club and
                                                                        Alphabet Kids books and an
serves     as     vice   president     of
                                                                        Emmy-Award winning producer,
communications, following a long line of
                                              Meredith C. Daly          journalist and United Nations
Daly women, including her aunts Ginny
                                                                        NGO representative.
Daly, who served as Club President in the
                                                                        For more information on the
1980s, Mary Daly Gorman and Markie McKaig. Her husband’s late
                                                                        book series, go to:
grandmother, Mary Tinley Daly, was a founding member of the
                                                                                  Jingyi Liu, Ambassador Block,
club. Meredith lives in Silver Spring with her husband, Matthew, a
reporter for the Associated Press, and their two budding writer                                                        Patrice Samara
daughters, Madeleine and Miranda Rose.

                                 The American News Women’s Club
                                 1607 22nd Street, NW • Washington, DC                              20008
                                                            Page 4 - October 2010
                                                            SHOP             TALK

Focus on Membership                                                          ANWC Programs
More reasons to join, renew                                                  Meet Kristie Miller on November 8
By Deirdre Channing - Vice President, Membership                             (Continued from 1)

                                                                             Ellen Axson, Wilson’s first wife, died
If you have not yet renewed your membership or recruited friends and
                                                                             during his first term. Although she is little
colleagues to join, then now is the time to act. The 2010-2011 club year
                                                                             remembered, she influenced not only
is under way and with it comes a host of exciting new initiatives to make
                                                                             Wilson, but also Eleanor Roosevelt.
ANWC membership more attractive and useful.
                                                                             During Wilson’s second term, his second
                                                                             wife, the flamboyant Edith Bolling, gained
Among the many new benefits being
                                                                             critical notoriety, because some felt she
considered and developed are: cooperative
                                                                             overstepped her role during the president’s
affiliations with other organizations; making
                                                                             serious illness when she assumed many of
the club house more available; offering
                                                                             the executive functions after he suffered a
regularly scheduled networking
                                                                             stroke. The book looks at how these first
opportunities; developing a series of
                                                                             ladies dealt with their private and public
professional skills workshops to be called
                                                                             involvements during this pivotal moment in
Professional Pursuits; restarting a Job Bank;
                                                                             our history.
and providing incentives to serve on
standing club committees and/or those for
special events.                                                              Miller will tell us how she came to write the
                                                                             book, and how both women played a major
Cooperative affiliations being sought with other organizations would         role around the time of the First World War.
allow for discounted attendance at programs and potential joint              Miller also is the author of: "A Volume of
sponsorship of major events.                                                 Friendship: The Letters of Eleanor
                                                                             Roosevelt and Isabella Greenway, 1904-
Currently club members may rent Cranford House, our beautiful                1953" and "We Have Come to Stay:
home, for parties or business events at a special discounted rate. Now       American Women and Political Parties:
plans are being developed to make the club accessible to members --          1880-1960."
without charge -- on weekdays, so they can spend time at the club
before appointments, or use it as a spot to meet friends.                    Miller’s introduction to biographies came with her first job, at 17,
                                                                             writing obituaries for the Montgomery County Sentinel in Rockville,
Our first Professional Pursuits is scheduled for Monday, November 29.        Md. From 1969 to 1984 she taught English on four continents while
Nonmembers who attend and join the club will have the cost of the            living with her husband, and American diplomat. In 1977 she earned
evening put toward their memberships dues. Members who successfully          a master’s degree from Georgetown University while studying
recruit two new members will receive a certificate to attend a general       linguistics to teach English as a second language.
meeting at no cost.

Additional information about these and other potential perks will be         From 1981 to 2001 she was a director of the The Tribune Co.
announced shortly. To take advantage of them, a member’s 2010/11             Beginning in 1984 to 2009, she wrote a weekly column on women,
dues must be paid.                                                           history and current events for her hometown paper, the News Tribune
                                                                             of La Salle, Illinois.
If you have a comment or suggestion about potential new benefits for
members, or you have a contact with an organization that might be an         Miller has two grown children and a grandchild. She and her husband,
appropriate ANWC affiliate, please contact us at                             T.L. Hawkins, live in McLean, VA.

Reminder notices have been sent to those who have not yet paid their         This program, following November’s Election, should provide some
dues. Confirmation letters, including a record of your tax-deductible        fascinating insights into the pressures of politics on those who govern
membership and any additional gift to the club, will be mailed shortly.      us.
If you a question about your membership status, or dues level, please do
not wait; contact us now at                                                  Reservations are required by Friday, Nov. 5, and can be made by                                                    phoning the club at 202-332-6770, or by e-mail:
                                                                    The fee is $25 for members, $30 for
                                                                             nonmembers and guests, $10 students, and includes a light dinner
                                                                             beginning at 6:30 p.m. Failure to cancel a reservation prior to the
                                                                             meeting will result a charge for the event.

                                    The American News Women’s Club
Founded in 1932                     1607 22nd Street, NW • Washington, DC                                 20008
                                                               Page 5 - October 2010
                                                                SHOP              TALK

A NWC l a un c h e s P ro f e s s io n a l P ur s ui t s s e r i e s            I n M e mo r i a m : A d el e N u s b a u m
(continued from page 1)
                                                                                It is with great sadness that ANWC has
                                                                                learned of the passing of long-time
Bagel began her writing career as an award-winning advertising                  member and friend Adele Nusbaum.
copywriter for print and broadcast. She is credited with the ability to get     She died on May 2 at the age of 92.
inside the minds, hearts and styles of her notable clients, including
David Hyde Pierce, Candy Crowley, Jean Smart, Joan Cusack,
Richard Roundtree, Linda Ellerbee, Lamman Rucker, James Earl                    Adele retired in 1991 from her public
Jones, Kathleen Turner, Chris Matthews, Willard Scott, and Ed                   relations position with the National
McMahon.                                                                        Cancer Institute. Prior to serving in that
                                                                                post, she worked in a public relations
The author of several plays, she also wrote the Bagel Bible, a funny, clever
                                                                                position for B’nai B’rith International in
series of books devoted to bagel history, lore and recipes. She promises
                                                                                Washington, D.C.
to share writing tips and strategies.
Reservations should be made by contacting the club at 202-332-6770 or
by e-mail at The evening will include light food           Adele earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester
and beverages. The cost is $10 for members and students, $20 for                and a Master’s in Public Law and Government from Columbia
nonmembers and guests. Any nonmembers who join the club will have               University.
the cost of the evening put toward their dues.
                                                                                Graveside services were held in Britton Road Cemetery in her
                                                                                hometown of Rochester, New York

Save the Date
Annual ANWC Holiday Party - Tuesday Dec. 14th
(continued from page 1)
                                                                                Editor’s Note: We would like to hear from you. If you have
                      Matthews, an author and founder of two                    information or thoughts to share with members, contact Meredith
                      communications companies in DC and Maryland,              Carlson Daly or Priyanka Matanhelia Shop Talk editors at
                      has been involved with the Inn since it opened in
                      The Children’s Inn serves up to 59 families each
                      night from across the country and around the
                      world. Families stay free of charge while their
                      children participate in groundbreaking medical
treatment at the National Institutes of Health. The primary mission
of The Inn, located in Bethesda, on the campus of NIH, is to keep
families together so they may support each other during the most
trying times.

The tough economic climate has harshly affected families at The Inn,
many of whom have exhausted all savings on their child’s illness before
reaching NIH. In the past year, The Inn has seen an increase in the
families' basic needs for food. Staff have responded by distributing
$30,000 in food gift cards to local supermarkets, the Giant and
Shoppers Food Warehouse.

We are asking each ANWC member to bring a gift card for Giant or
Shoppers Food Warehouse in the amount of $15, $20 or $25 to the
holiday party. Or members can donate a check or cash, which The Inn
will convert into grocery food gift cards. These small gifts go a long
way in making sure a family has food to eat during their stay.
For more information about The Inn visit                 Planning a party? Need the perfect space for a business meeting
                                                                               or training session? Consider Cranford House. ANWC members
                   Look for your weekly e-Dispatch for updates and
                   more specifics about the holiday party.                     receive a special discount. Call us at: (202) 332-6770

                                      The American News Women’s Club
Founded in 1932                       1607 22nd Street, NW • Washington, DC                                  20008
                                                                  Page 6 - October 2010

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