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  Volume 6-09                                                                                            February 11, 2009

        New Scrip Tuition Savings Program & Whole Foods Gives MWS 10%!
Now you can donate to the School and receive tuition savings by participating in the Scrip program! By conducting your
ordinary shopping in a conscious way (pre-planning and buying Scrip cards) you can help the School and reduce your tuition
at the same time.

As many of you know, we ran a pilot program in the fall to explore the community’s interest in a Scrip program to raise money
for MWS. Not only was there real interest and engagement, but also the community had a number of great ideas about how
such a program could be improved. This new program is directly inspired by your suggestions.
The Basics: When you sign up for the Scrip Tuition Savings Program, 60% of the proceeds generated by your family’s own
Scrip purchases will be applied to your family’s tuition bill. The remaining 40% will go toward funding the school’s operating
budget. In addition, you have the opportunity to extend the benefits of this program to your family and friends who can join in
to help you earn additional tuition savings.

Opt In: This is a free and optional program. There is a Tuition Savings Agreement attached to Wings and also available at the
office. If you choose not to enroll in the Scrip Tuition Savings Program, 100% of your Scrip proceeds will continue to directly
support Marin Waldorf School!

Whole Foods: Our top request during the pilot program was: “What about Whole Foods?” We are thrilled to announce that
Whole Foods is now a ‘charter partner’ and will donate 10% of all cards purchased through the program back to the school.
We are developing a partnership with Whole Foods San Rafael that will benefit the School for years to come. Whole Food
cards are available now at the front desk every day from 8:30-9:30 AM and on Wednesday mornings.*

Come Learn More: There are a number of important details that we need to share with anyone who is interested in
participating in this program. To that end, we are hosting two information meetings in February. Join us on Tuesday the 24th in
the Eurythmy Room at 8:30 a.m. or Friday the 27th at 2:30 p.m. in the Eurythmy Room. We’ll share all the details, tips and
tricks you’ll need to know to get going and start saving - just by using Scrip to do the shopping you’re already doing. If you
cannot attend but would like more information, please call Lori Sparrow at 479-8190 x106. We can set up a 10 min phone
call to get you started.

This is a wonderful example of our community coming together to work with the school on an idea that supports us all. In
these tough economic times, we’re inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness you all show.

Thank you!

Linda Spegar, Scrip Team Coordinator & Lori Sparrow, Development Director 479-8190 x106

*Because we are still setting up the tracking system, all Scrip and Whole Foods cards purchased before 2/14 will benefit the
school 100%. After 2/14, proceeds will be shared 60/40%.

      Marin Waldorf School | 755 Idylberry Road, San Rafael, CA 94903 | 415-479-8190 | 1
      “Understanding The Nine-Year                           Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day
        Change” by Karen Rivers
  Please join us for a daylong parent education seminar
                                                            Thursday, March 19th, 9am-11am for preschool
  this Saturday, February 28th, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. in
                                                            through eighth grade.
  the Gathering Room. Cost: $60. To reserve a space,
  please contact Karen at: 662-2147. For MWS families
  in need of childcare during this seminar please contact   Invitations have been sent out to grandparents
  Paula Sanders, Buttercup Assistant.                       and special friends who wish to visit their
                                                            children’s classes, meet the teacher and meet
                                                            their child’s friends.

       Gratitude Corner                                     Please RSVP by Friday, March 13th to Nick
                                                            Broad at 479-8190 ext. 102.
  This week we wish to thank:

  •    Stephen Steele, Mark Robinett, Patrick Gannon        Kelly Sutton, M.D. will give a public lecture in
       and their 5th grade sons, Rudy Robinett and
       Noah Gannon who built the platform to                the Eurythmy Room at 7 p.m. on Wednesday
       support the rainwater cistern and rolled the
       400 pound cistern into place on Sunday the 8th.      February 11th titled: “The Middle School Years
       After the gutters are installed, we can start
       collecting rainwater!                                – the Doorway from Childhood to Adolescence.”
  •    parents Linda Spegar and Diane Tompkins and
       our Development Director Lori Sparrow for
       working on the Scrip Tuition proposal. Their
       efforts helped craft a program that will allow       Dear MWS Community,
       community members to shop and earn savings
       towards their tuition at the same time!
                                                            After careful consideration I have decided not to
  •    the enthusiastic Raffle/Auction reps who came        return to Marin Waldorf School for the upcoming
       to the first meeting last Wednesday, February        2009-2010 school year. The direction of my life
       4th, and shared their ideas and inspiration.         is changing as I focus on my music career full

  The San Francisco Waldorf High School                     I want to extend my appreciation and gratitude for
  Eurythmy Troupe is performing on Saturday,                all my years at Marin Waldorf School. The
  February 14th at 8:00pm and February 15th at              experience has helped me grow both personally
  2:00pm at the Cowell Theater in Fort Mason.               and professionally. Marin Waldorf School will
  Don't miss this unique opportunity to see high            always hold a special place in my heart and the
  schoolers perform a fairytale, poems, verses and          lives of my family.
  more, both serious and humorous. Graduates
  from Marin Waldorf School are performing in               I wish the school and my colleagues well wishes
                                                            as they continue to take on the meaningful work of
  this world-renowned troupe. Bring your
                                                            educating young people.
  Valentine sweetie to see "The White Snake" and
  other stories. This performance is appropriate            Sincerely,
  for all ages. Tickets may be purchased through
  the Cowell Theater box office.                            Justin Ganz

Marin Waldorf School | 755 Idylberry Road, San Rafael, CA 94903 | 415-479-8190 | 2
    Planning for Summer Camp?                             Dear MWS Parents,

  Preschool and Kindergarten Day Camp:                    Re-enrollment contracts have been mailed to all
  Three two-week sessions                                 families who have not requested information on
  Ages: 3.7* years to 5.6 years old.                      Tuition Assistance. Once awards are granted,
  Activities: Outdoor play, storytelling, arts &          reenrollment contracts for these families will be
  crafts, water play.                                     sent out. If you do not receive your reenrollment
  Dates: June 22-July 3, July 6-17, July 20-31            contract by next week, and you do not intend to
                                                          apply for Tuition Assistance, please contact the
  Days: Monday-Friday. No partial weeks.
                                                          business office and we will send you a contract.
  Times: 8:30am-12:45pm, Extended day                     Early childhood assessments are still taking place
  option to 3:15pm.                                       regarding Kindergarten and First Grade readiness.
  Costs: $475 per two-week session. Extended              Please keep in mind that Kindergarten and First
  day option $20 day per day.                             Grade contracts are not final until these assessments
  Enrollment: Limited to sixteen students.                are complete. If you have questions regarding the
  For information call: Melinda Richard 479-              re-enrollment process, please don't hesitate to
  8190 ext. 144                                           contact the business office at 415-479-8190, ext.
        *Children must have previously attended           104. Sabrina and Heather are happy to answer
        preschool.                                        questions.

  Rising Grades 1 and 2 Day Camp:
  Two two-week sessions                                             Alumni Spotlight
  Ages: Entering first and second grades.
  Activities: Outdoor games, arts & crafts,               Genevieve Malkin attended MWS from
  swimming, hiking.                                       kindergarten through eighth grade and graduated
                                                          with our Class of 2006. She is now a Junior at
  Dates: TBD
                                                          Redwood High School in Larkspur.
  Days: Monday-Friday. No partial weeks.
  Times: 8:30am-3:15pm                                    Genny just returned from a four month City Term in
  Costs: $475 per two-week session.                       New York City, where she studied in an
  For information call: Nick Broad                        interdisciplinary program using New York City as a
  479-8190 ext. 102                                       learning tool. She was selected for this prestigious
                                                          program along with thirty other students from
                                                          across USA. In her application essay, she wrote
  Dear Parents,                                           about her Marin Waldorf School education. While
                                                          in New York she received a 4.2 GPA.
  Please invite your friends who might like to
  visit the school and are inquisitive about our          Her interest in drama sent her abroad last year just
  program to our morning Open Houses. This is             prior to the Beijing Olympics. She flew to China
  a great opportunity to visit the classes while          where she participated in a performance in the
  school is in session. The dates and times for           Great Hall of China before an audience of
  preschool through eighth grade tours are                thousands of Chinese citizens.
  Tuesdays, February 24th and March 3rd. The
  start time is 9:00am, with tours lasting about          Currently, Genny is in Shakespeare’s, Comedy of
  45 minutes. Your recommendations are our                Errors, taking two AP classes and is an intern with a
  best form of advertising. Please have                   program called ‘Be the Influence”, which focuses
  interested parents call to make a reservation.          on binge-drinking prevention. Genny hopes to
  Nick Broad 479-8190 ext. 102 or email                   continue her education after high school at                             Bowdoin College in Maine.

Marin Waldorf School | 755 Idylberry Road, San Rafael, CA 94903 | 415-479-8190 | 3
Dear MWS Parents,

On Thursday February 26th at 8:45am we will be having a meeting in the Gathering Room that will be
geared specifically towards networking our parent owned businesses. We have in our community so
many excellent resources for many of the services, and products that many of us are seeking every day,
yet we don’t know who or what they are. As members of the Marin Waldorf community we share at
least one common goal, an unswerving commitment to our children. We see the faces of other
committed parents every weekday morning and afternoon. The MWS Networking Group will be
working towards strengthening our community by getting to know these faces, what they do, and
supporting each other’s business. We’ve all not only read about, but may have also felt the sting of this
challenging economy. Let’s use the resources around us and help build a stronger school.

We have already heard many excellent ideas for future growth of the Networking Group to include a
potential Scrip component to be donated to the school. Others have mentioned the hope that we can
post resumes and full and part time employment availability. If there is sufficient support for the
program we will compile a binder of these parent owned businesses to be kept in the office and
eventually have a link on the MWS website with all of this information.

Anyone interested in attending the meeting must first sign up by sending an email to Mike Hecker at with a brief overview of your business, exactly what your product or service is, and
the name of your children & their grade. As with many of the programs at MWS, this program will be
supported entirely by volunteers. Volunteers will not only be appreciated, but absolutely necessary to
the success and vibrancy of the program. If you can offer some time or support please email Mike at the
above address.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 26th!


Mike Hecker, Parent and Board Member

Whole Foods Partners with MWS!                             Kindergarten Admissions Tours
                                                          If current preschool parents would like to
Now when you purchase Whole Food gift                     visit the kindergarten classrooms, please
cards from the School, we will receive                    contact me and arrange for an admissions
10%! Marin Waldorf is the first school                    tour. These tours are at 9:30am. See Nick
Whole Foods is partnering with and will be                Broad in the front office for more details.
their test school to see how this direct
partnership can work. Gift cards will be
available in $50 and $100 increments and                   Mr. Ganz is offering private and group
will be sold at the Scrip stand on                        lessons to middle school students in the
Wednesdays and at the Front Office. This                  areas of music and circus arts for
is a great way to give back to the School as              performing and personal interests. Please
you shop for groceries!                                   call 415-505-7623 or send an email to
                                                 for more info.

Marin Waldorf School | 755 Idylberry Road, San Rafael, CA 94903 | 415-479-8190 | 4
                                             Sowing the Seeds of Life ~ It’s Time!
The Sowing the Seeds of Life Raffle has gone live! Remember, our collective success with raising money for our children’s’ education
depends on everyone sharing responsibility and having fun! Our big celebration party is just around the corner on March 21st. Let’s all join
together to hit our goals and really give ourselves something to celebrate and feel proud of! This week, please watch for a full email sent to
your home with all the information you need on the Living Green Challenge and Raffle. Within the email, you’ll find:

     •    Review of the Living Green Challenge and Raffle program
     •    Link to the “Sowing the Seeds” web site that has been developed for your information, as well as to share with friends and family
          as we invite them to join in the fun (
     •    Copy of the Raffle Entry Form and Raffle Rules
     •    Sample communications you can use when emailing friends and family to introduce our Green Challenge and Raffle.

Also, beginning this week the Raffle Table will be up and being staffed by Lisa Hecker and Lori Wallace out in the breezeway Monday,
Wednesday and Friday mornings, as well as afternoons on Thursday near the upper grades pick up area. Tickets will be sold, questions
answered, Raffle Forms received, big thank yous offered and more. We are so excited for this spring! Check out this early success story
with the Raffle:

SUCCESS STORY (from Lori Wallace):
“My neighbor dropped by to check in on my dog who last week had TPLO surgery on his knee. As we chatted away, she asked me what I was up to
these days. I casually mentioned my role as the co-chair for MWS’s spring fundraiser that involved a Living Green commitment plus a $20,000 raffle.
She instantly asked to buy several tickets so I told her that they were $25 each or 5 for $100. She said, “I’m in for $100…I like these odds!”
Without even trying I sold $100 work of tickets and that felt good because my neighbor was also glad to be included.”

Please call or email Lori and Lisa with your success stories that we can share with everyone!

Thank you!

Your co-chairs,

Lori Wallace                                         Lisa Hecker                

   Marin Waldorf School | 755 Idylberry Road, San Rafael, CA 94903 | 415-479-8190 | 5
     MWS Calendar                                                  Community Announcements
Wednesday, February 11th                           Understanding The Nine-Year Change:           Very spacious (1250 sq. ft.) 2-bed/1-
- Kelly Sutton, “The Middle School Years:          Please join Karen Rivers for a daylong        bath flat for rent in historic downtown
The Doorway from Childhood to                      parent education seminar. Saturday            Point Richmond. Built in 1904, nicely
                                                   February 28th 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the         maintained and recently painted.
Adolescence”, 7pm, Eurythmy Room.                  Gathering Room. Cost: $60. To reserve a       High ceilings, built-in cabinetry, large
                                                   space, please contact Karen at: 662-2147.     living and dining rooms. Big kitchen
Thursday, February 12th                            For MWS families in need of childcare         with gas stove, dishwasher and
- 7th Grade Play, 7pm, St. Vincent’s               during this seminar please contact Paula      garbage disposal. Washer and dryer.
                                                   Sanders (Buttercup Asst).                     House on 1/2 acre of private property
Auditorium, Novato
                                                                                                 w/ lots of fruit trees, room to garden,
                                                   Gentle Beginnings: A Waldorf Approach         and even has a tree house! Kids
Friday, February 13th                              to Parenting During the 1st Year of Life.     welcome, pets negotiable, musicians
- Cygnet, 8am - 9:50am, Eurythmy Room              Saturdays, 9am-11am, Feb. 7, 21, 28 &         encouraged. Non-smokers only. We
- Craft Circle, 8:30am – 10am, Gathering           Mar. 4. East Bay Waldorf School, 3800         are a Waldorf family with a 7th grade
                                                   Clark Rd. El Sobrante, CA. To register        student, living in the top floor of the
Room                                               call 415-332-2133 or visit     duplex. Available Feb. 1. $1600/mo.
- 7th Grade Play, 7:30pm, St. Vincent’s            Fee: $210/6 sessions or $35/session.          Move-in cost is $3200, which
Auditorium, Novato (Pre-Play Dinner, 6:30)                                                       includes first month’s rent and a
                                                   NE Petaluma. Lovely, sunny, artistic,         $1600 security deposit. (Additional
Monday, February 16th - Friday,                    well-maintained 3-bedroom/2-bath home         deposit required for pets.) Length of
                                                   with 4th den/guest room on quiet cul-ce-      lease negotiable. Call Marc @
February 20th                                      sac in desirable neighborhood. 1,750 sq.      415.706.5590.
- No Classes                                       ft. Upstairs master bedroom and bath offer
                                                   nice privacy. This energy-efficient home      Whole Child Tutoring & Educational
Monday, February 23rd                              has good natural light, high ceilings,        Therapy for 5th – 8th Grades: Holistic
- Classes Resume                                   fireplace, modern kitchen, full bathrooms,    approach designed to meet each
                                                   W/D and all amenities. French doors open      student’s unique learning profile, with
                                                   to small, private backyard with               emphasis on reading fluency and
Tuesday, February 24th                             permaculture-inspired garden. Very low-       comprehension, creative and
- Scrip Tuition Savings Program, 8:30am –          maintenance front yard. Close to excellent    expository writing, expressive/
9:30am, Eurythmy Room                              schools, walking/bike paths, creek,           receptive oral and written language,
- 7th Grade Parent Meeting, 7pm                    shopping center, public transportation and    study skills and organization, learning
                                                   family gym (PVAC). Unique opportunity         style demystification and verbal
- 6th Grade Parent Evening                         for lease-to-own for caring, responsible      SSAT/SAT preparation. A trained
                                                   family. $1,975/mo. plus utilities. No         Waldorf teacher with 17 years
Wednesday, February 25th                           smoking, drugs, dogs, cats. Other small       combined classroom and tutoring
- Cygnet, 8am - 10am, Eurythmy Room                pets negotiable. Available April 2009.        experience, I combine Waldorf-style
                                                   For information please call: 707.217.3611.    imagination, artistry and play with
- Auction Meeting, 8:30am, Eurythmy
                                                                                                 research-based instructional methods.
Room                                               Waldorf Parenting Conference: “Educating      Trained in Lindamood-Bell,
- Scrip Sales, 8:15am - 9am, Breezeway             Our Children - Changing the Future” The       Slingerland, ALERT self-regulation,
- Future 1st Grade Readiness Parent                conference, organized by Rahima Dancy at      and Making Math Real approaches;
Evening                                            Informed Family Life, will be held April      MA, Special Education. Local
                                                   25-26 at Sacramento Waldorf School.           references. For more information
- 3rd Grade Parent Evening
                                                   There will be more than three dozen           contact Jane Waxman at 415-381-
                                                   workshops on social change, sustainability,   6183 or send an email to
Friday, February 27th                              parenting and Waldorf education, which
- Cygnet, 8am - 9:50am, Eurythmy Room              was founded out of an impulse for social
                                                   change and cultural renewal. For
- Scrip Tuition Savings Program, 2:30pm –
                                                   information call 303-546-0070 or go to                REMINDER!
3:15pm, Eurythmy Room                    

Saturday, February 28th                            Whole-Child Assessment and Tutoring.               The Tuition
- Karen Rivers, “Understanding the Nine-           Help your child develop self-mastery,
Year Change”, 10am – 4pm, Gathering                improve memory, attention, and focus.              Assistance
                                                   Available after school for private & group
Room                                               lessons. For more information please               Deadline is
                                                   contact Carol Aplert, MSEDReading,
                                                   Waldorf Teacher, Waldorf Remedial                Next Tuesday,
                                                   Teacher Certified, at 707 775-5073 or
                                                                                                    February 17th.

   Marin Waldorf School | 755 Idylberry Road, San Rafael, CA 94903 | 415-479-8190 | 6
               MWS Scrip for Tuition Savings Agreement

Family Name:



Scrip Account Number (Account Holder phone number):

Children (Name and grade):

Scrip for Tuition Savings is a program that allows families to accumulate savings toward their
tuition obligation at MWS. The income generated by the purchase of Scrip will be split 60% /
40%. 60% will be applied to a family’s tuition savings account and may be used for future
years’ tuition at MWS. MWS families will be called “Account Holders” for this program. 40%
will stay in the Scrip program for expenses and distribution to MWS. Savings earned from
February 14, 2009 – June 30, 2009 can be applied to 2009/10 tuition and savings earned from
July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010 can be applied to 2010/11 tuition.

Points of Understanding:

1. MWS will provide each family with a semi-annual (twice a year) account update (March 1st
   and August 1st).
2. The August 1st account update will be considered the year-end report and will include all
   transactions up to and including June 30th. The report will be sent to the Account Holder
   with a designation request. The balance of the account may be designated toward tuition for
   the upcoming school year or rolled over for future years. The account owner must make a
   designation by September 1st or the balance will be rolled over for future use.
3. Tuition savings will be allocated as follows:

         • Annual Payment Plan (tuition paid in full by June 1st of the previous school year) – a
           check will be issued for the accumulated Scrip tuition savings

MWS Scrip for Tuition Savings Agreement                                                     Page 1
       • Semi-Annual Plan – the accumulated Scrip tuition savings will be credited to the
         family’s tuition account, thereby reducing the 2nd of the semi-annual payments which
         is due on December 1st.

       • Monthly Plan – the accumulated Scrip tuition savings will be credited to the family’s
         tuition account, and the monthly payments will be reduced accordingly.
4. In the event a family accumulates more than their tuition obligation, they will be allowed to
   use only the amount necessary to satisfy their tuition obligation. If this happens to be their
   last child’s 8th grade year, the remainder of the accumulated tuition savings in the account
   will be credited toward the general Scrip program at MWS.
5. An account owner’s Scrip tuition savings account will NOT earn interest.
6. There is no minimum or maximum amount of savings an account owner can accumulate.
7. If an Account Holder’s child does not attend MWS (family moves, child attends a different
   school, etc.) the tuition savings earned goes back into the Scrip program. These funds are not
   transferrable to another family.
8. Scrip purchases made by MWS families must be designated to that family’s tuition savings
   account at the time of purchase. Otherwise, the savings will be applied 100% to MWS. If
   non-MWS participants (friends, grandparents, etc.) purchase Scrip, they may designate to
   their friend or family member’s tuition savings account. However, only the account owner
   (MWS family) may decide how the tuition savings is used (either donated back to the school,
   or credited to their own tuition account).
9. Extraordinary circumstances requiring interpretation of the plan guidelines will be decided
   by the Business Manager.
10. MWS has no control over participating Scrip companies or the savings rates they offer.
11. MWS is not responsible for lost or stolen Scrip cards.

Account Holder                                                                             Date

MWS Scrip Coordinator                                                                      Date

MWS Business Manager                                                                       Date

MWS Scrip for Tuition Savings Agreement                                                      Page 2
   Three One-Act Plays by
       Roberto Trostli

 Based on selections from Geoffrey
    Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Presented by the Marin Waldorf School 7th

          St. Vincent’s Auditorium, Novato

         Thursday, February 12th 7:00pm and
 Friday, February 13th 7:30pm with Dinner at 6:30pm
     Tickets: Adults $10, Children $5, Dinner $10
           Dr. Kelly Sutton at Marin Waldorf School
       Wednesday, February 11th
       •   Lecture - 7pm
             “The Middle School Years: The Doorway from Childhood to Adolescence”
       •   Office Visits - Available to MWS students from 8:30am-4:30pm.

       Thursday, April 23rd
       •   Lecture - 7pm
             “The Seven Year Change”
       •   Office Visits - Available to MWS students from 2:00pm-5:15pm.

       Friday, April 24th
       •   Office Visits - Available to MWS students from 8:30am-4:30pm.

       Wednesday, May 20th
       •   Office Visits - Available to MWS students from 8:30am-4:30pm.

About Kelly Sutton, MD: My family roots in Kansas City, MO gave me the opportunity
to attend the University of Missouri Medical School and obtain board certification in
Internal Medicine, and later in Anthroposophically-Extended Medicine. My interest in
Pediatrics resulted in my taking a partial residency. The foundation of my diagnoses are
based in conventional medicine. I expand treatment options to include nutrition, an-
throposophic remedies and therapies, as well as conventional treatments, seeking to use
the least toxic treatments first. There are times when I sound more like a grandmother
than a doctor in advising families how to be healthy: Dress warmly, eat a good break-
fast, get to bed early, let your body fight its own colds! But each of these advisories is
powerful, no matter how simple each sounds.

    To sign-up for an office visit appointment, please contact the MWS front office.
                                          A PARENTING WORKSHOP

                         Understanding the Nine-Year Change

                                                                          Saturday: February 28
                                                                           10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

                                                                          given by Karen Rivers
                                                        “In the ninth year the child really experiences a complete trans-
                                                        formation of its being, which indicates an important transforma-
                                                        tion of its soul-life and its bodily-physical experiences.”
                                                                                                     R. SteineR

                                                        The nine year old child experiences a significant
                                                        change in consciousness that marks the end of
                                                        early childhood and the transition to a new devel-
                                                        opmental phase. This time in a child’s life begets
                                                        loneliness. A nine-year old often feels himself or
                                                        herself growing apart from the world, becoming
                                                        separated, independent, and beginning to ques-
                                                        tion all that was previously taken for granted. A
                                                        new experience of self is arising which brings the
                                                        need for a new level of guidance.
                                Gallen, “Orphan Boy”.

MORNING: 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 noon                        AFTERNOON: 1:30 – 4:00 p.m.
•   Child development - the Nine-Year change            • Tools for parenting this watershed experience
•   A child’s inner experience during this time         • Communication with your children
•   New academic capacities                             • Activites that touch the child’s inner needs
•   Social dynamics during this time                    • The “ME” generation and the Nine-Year
•   Pedagogical insights to help meet the                   change
      needs of the children                             • Respect and consciousness through this
BREAK: 12:30 - 1:30    Bring your lunch                     precious time in your child’s life

                                         Workshop Fee: $60
                         Location: Marin Waldorf School, Gathering Room
                                 755 Idylberry Road, San Rafael, CA
          Registration: Call Karen Rivers 415-662-2147 or email: