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									                     Sophia M. Bayoda
                           • 3178 Dresden St. BF Home Paranaque, Philippines 1700 •
                                      • (02)825-2553 / (0917)834-0011•

Profile           Age: 21 years old                                       Civil Status: Single
                  Date of Birth: December 8, 1985                         Citizenship: Filipino

                        To hone and apply my knowledge and skills in the field of information technology.

                        To become an integral part of a company that shares my goals and aspirations.
Work experience
                   GLOBAL MOBILE TECH: J2ME Software Developer
                   178 Salcedo Street, Suites 73 and 83 Legaspi Suites Legaspi Village, Makati City

                  December 2006- Present
                      Develops/Ports mobile application for GMT in-house phones
                        Leads the mobile application Quality Assurance Group
                        Updates the OTA download page
                        Researches on mobile technologies which can be implemented for GMT’s applications

                   ANXA LIMITED: Java Mobile Phone Specialist(J2ME Programmer)
                   Unit 1201 – 1203 South Center Tower, Madrigal Business Park, Alabang ,
                   July 2005 – December 2006

                        Develops mobile games/application for Anxa’s master phones (Sexy Sudoku, IQ
                         Test and FHM basketball)
                        Ports variety of games like FHM football, basketball, rugby and quizzes like
                         COSMOPOLITAN E.Q. and I.Q. test to top rated phones like Sony Ericsson, Nokia,
                         Sharp, Panasonic, Siemens, Alcatel, LG, Motorola, Samsung etc.
                        Manages and supervises the delivery of the company’s java mobile products to
                         different operators in Europe, Asia, South Africa, etc., namely SFR, Qualimucho,
                         Orange UK, Orange France, Opera, Airgames, Stealth Net, Immimobile, AMS and
                         EMAP via FTP, email or using the partner’s online submission tool
                        Updates the Company Intranets for technical documentation, updates and minutes
                         of the meeting

                   AUTOSKILL: Math Tutor
                   2nd Floor Casa Susana Tower Alabang , Muntinlupa
                   June 2006 – September 2006
                      Tutors high school algebra
                      Prepares lesson plan
                      Provides brief and comprehensive tests/quizzes
DANIEL TUTORIAL CENTER: Math, Science, Music, History and English Tutor
Suite 7-F, Westgate Tower, Investment Drive, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
August 2005 – December 2005

    Tutors Hi-School Students from Brent International School
    Prepares lesson plan and power point presentation for the students
    Provides brief and comprehensive tests/quizzes for the students

NIIT(National Institute for IT): Student Assistant, Teacher
Joshua Center Mezzanine level, Taft, Manila(Fronting PGH)
November 2003 – February 2004

    Tutors SQL (Structured Query Language) in Post Graduate Programs Checks
     examination papers
    Assists on querying on Databases using SQL(Structured Query Language)
    Distributes flyers / brochures of the company
    Creates and designs posters and bulletin boards of the office
    Decorates the office depending on the occasion
    Administers on the coding of the grades of the students
    Teaches the fundamentals of computer, IT and programming
    E-mails class and examination schedule, and total number of calls and walk-ins to to
     the head office
    Entertains calls and walk-in customers

EXCEED (English Proficiency Program):
Receptionist and Marketing Staff
Joshua Center Mezzanine level, Taft, Manila (Fronting PGH)
April 2003 – July 2003

    Entertains calls and walk-in customers
    Manages the class schedule of the students
    Distributes flyers/ brochures of the company
    Contacts other companies for selling out English and technical courses
    Checks examination papers of the students
    Types the contents of the examination
    Accepts payments from the clients and issues receipts
    Prepares examination paraphernalia
    E-mails vital information of the students to the head office
    Works with the making and distribution of diplomas and certificate

SBN 21: Talent and Production Staff
Strata 2000, Ortigas, Pasig City
           November 2002 – April 2003

                Calls contact persons, talents and VIPs for production
                Cooks and prepares food for talents and VIPs
                Does video survey on streets, churches, offices and odd places
                Acts and plays short roles on TV programs
                Provides crucial videos, images, and materials for production
                Researches on some important topics to be discuss on the program
                Other tasks that help ensure the smooth daily operations of the production

         Web-Page Devellopment
         Web-Page Deve opment
                Data Interchange Development using Extensible Markup Language (XML),
                 and data validation using Document Type Definition (DTD) and XML
                Rendering XML Document using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and
                 Extensible Style Sheet Language (XSL).
                Three-tier web application using Microsoft ASP .NET
                Web Application using MySQL as data storage.
                Data validation using Java Script.

         Sofftware Engiineeriing
         So tware Eng neer ng

                Two-tier application and applet programming and development using
                 Java2 SDK as front-end and Microsoft SQL Server as data storage.
                GUI Development using Java Foundation Classes (Swing).
                Database Integration Using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).
                Relational Database Design and Management (RDBMS) using Microsoft
                 SQL 7. 0/2000
                Software Application Development Using Microsoft VB .Net and C#
                Mobile Application Development Using J2ME

         Enterpriise Applliicatiion Devellopment
         Enterpr se App cat on Deve opment

                Web Services Development Using Microsoft ASP .NET, implementing
                 SOAP, XML
                .NET Remoting on a TCP Channel or HTTP Channel, or C# ASP .NET
                 Web Service.

         Web-Page Renderiing and Enhancements
         Web-Page Render ng and Enhancements

                Basic HTML Visual Enhancements and interactivity using Macromedia Flash
                 MX action scripting.
                Basic Web Design Using Front Page, Photoshop and Flash MX
                Basic WAP for mobile browsing

         Operatiing Systems
         Operat ng Systems

                Operation, Implementation, and       Administration   on   Linux,   Windows
                 NT/2000 and Windows XP
                       Hardware, software,    and   procedural   troubleshooting   and   problem

                Documentatiion and Publliicatiion
                Documentat on and Pub cat on

                       Object-Oriented Analysis, Design, and Documentation Using Unified Modeling
                        Language (UML)

                       Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

experiences &          Designing and Programming a prototype online Toy Purchasing System
achievements            (Toy Universe) using JAVA2 Swing and Socket Programming and MS SQL Server
                       Designing and Programming a prototype Online Registration System
                        and Department Store (My Shopping Portal) using Servlets, JSP and MySQL
                       Designing and Programming a prototype Bus and Cab Passengers
                        Feedback System (Traveline Transit Services) using VB .NET, ASP .NET and
                        utilizing MS SQL Server as data repository
                       Design and Documentation for above Projects using UML
                Philippine Christian University
                Taft, Manila
                Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

                Phoenix 1(PX1) formerly (NIIT)
                Salustiana Tower, Paseo de Roxas corner Perea Makati City
                Professional Diploma in Information Technology

                HIGH SCHOOL::
                HIGH SCHOOL
                Binangonan Catholic College
                Binangonan Rizal
                March 2002

                Awards and Affiliations:
                Recipient of Leadership Award as a CAT Officer
                Champion in Lyrics Writing Contest
                Secretary of Student Council
                Member of Tae kwon do Team
                President of Arts and Crafts Club
                Vice President of Catechist Student Organization
                Sports Editor of HEY(Official School Paper of BCC)
                CAT Battalion Commander
Seminars and
               NIIT: Introduction to Windows Server 2003(8 hours)
Tranings       Taft Avenue, Philippines
Attended       August 11, 2003

               Sun Tech Days
               Push Your Development Further
               Shangri-la Hotel Makati
               November 4-5, 2004

               Topics discussed:
               Oracle Sessions: Web Services and Business Modeling by Raghu Kodali
               Advanced Wireless Application Development by Casey Chan
               NetBeans 4.0 and Sun Java Studio 7 Enterprise Edition: Maximize Developer Productivity
               by Sang Shin
               Rapid Portal Development Using Portlets by Sang Shin
               Java Game Development: See it, hear it and feel it. by Casey Chan
               J2SE and J2EE Performance: Learn how to write robust Java applications by Sridhar

Character      Darwin Panganiban
               (Anxa Mobile Application Manager)
               Email address:
               Mobile: 09192255959
               Home: 4000468
               Office: 80914002/06

               Charisma Regalado
               (Anxa Mobile Application Developer)
               Email address:
               Mobile: 09189671307

               Jana Lim
               (IBM Process Owner)
               Email address:
               Mobile: 09178823100

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