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Bluetooth GPS Receiver (PDF)

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					                          Bluetooth GPS Receiver
                                      MODEL: BT-268
                     High Sensitivity & Individually outlook design
                        for your Wireless GPS Applications!!

                                                                20 satellites in parallel
                                                                Fashion outlook design.
                                                                SiRF Star III Chipset.
                                                                Smart Power Saving.
                                                                Small and Light design.

BT-268 integrates Bluetooth wireless with GPS positioning technology to remove the limitation range
from wired GPS receiver. Also, BT-268 is easy installation, small size and quick-time-to-market in GPS
receiver products. The chipset used for BT-268 is the SiRF Star III with build in flash based firmware. In
addition, two stages LNA, TCXO and RTC are also included. BT-268 has quick Cold Start/ fast TTFF
performance. Without any wiring requirement, BT-268 adds GPS positioning capability to any Bluetooth
enabled device. BT-268 may incorporate more features suitable for applications of vehicle/ employee
tracking, POI marking.

     Smart Power Saving                                      High performance and high sensitivity
     Bluetooth wireless technology                           With rechargeable, replaceable lithium-ion
     Compact design with internal passive                    battery.
      antenna                                                Suitable for wireless GPS applications

     Automotive                                              Location Based Services
     Fleet management / Asset tracking                       Sports and Recreation
     Personal / portable Navigation                          Geographic Surveying
      (PDA, Smart phone)
           Category                      Parameter                                      Description
General                             GPS Chipset                 SiRF Star III

                                    Frequency                   L1, 1575.42 MHz
                                    C/A Code                    1.023 MHz chip rate

                                    Channels                    20 channels all in view tracking
                                    Sensitivity                 -159 dBm tracking, superior urban
Receiver Accuracy                   Position                    2DRMS: approx. 10m

Acquisition Time                    Hot start                   1 sec, average
                                    Warm start                  38 sec, average
                                    Cold start                  42 sec, average

Limitations                         Acceleration Limit          <4G
                                    Altitude Limit              <18,000 meters

                                    Velocity Limit              <515 meters/sec.
Power                               Battery                     Removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
                                                                5V DC input charging circuit

                                    Operation Time              10 hours typical after full charge,
                                                                continuous mode, 25°
Physical Characteristics            Dimension                   72(L) mm x 40(W) mm x 22(H) mm

                                                                Power push button On/off Bluetooth GPS receiver
Button & Connectors                                             MMCX connect to internal antenna
                                                                Mini USB Connect to external power

                                    GPS Status                  The green LED will start flashing once per 2 seconds when
                                                                the GPS receiver is in acquisition mode, and will start
                                                                flashing once per 5 seconds when the GPS position is
                                                                fixed. (i.e., during tracking mode).

                                    Bluetooth                   The blue LED will start flashing once per 2 seconds when
                                                                the Bluetooth is in acquisition mode, and will start flashing
LED Indicator                                                   once per 5 seconds when it is in connection and off if the
                                                                Bluetooth connection between the host and the receiver is

                                    Battery status              The red LED will light to indicate the battery power level is
                                                                low. When on charging the battery, the green LED will turn
                                                                to orange LED, and turn to green if the battery is fully

Temperature                         Operating& Storage          -20° C to +60° C

                                    Humidity                    5% to 95% non-condensing

*This specification is subject to change without prior notice                                      Data Updated: Aug. 03, 2006
Hardware Description:

                        MMCX connect to internal antenna
                        Mini USB Connect to external power

                        If you would like to change the battery,
                        you may open the battery case by opening the plastic

                        Mini USB Cable
                        Cigar Charger
                        lithium-ion battery.

                        Power push button On/off Bluetooth GPS receiver