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Whitens teeth professionally within seven days

Brighten teeth gently

The way our teeth and mouth are perceived in everyday life depends not only on the tooth
position, but mainly on the colour of our teeth. Bright white teeth make our face look
younger and more vital. Thanks to sophisticated methods and active ingredients it is possible
nowadays to remove discolouration. Mirawhite® pro fulfils that desire and whitens teeth
for up to four shades within only seven days.

Mirawhite®pro is a professional bleaching gel that whitens teeth with discolouration
caused by
 natural aging of dental enamel
 irregular mineralization
 cracked fissures
 mechanic damage.

Only natural teeth can be whitened; the appearance of crowns, bridges, veneers and filling
materials cannot be changed. The combination of active ingredients contained in
Mirawhite® pro is safe and also used by dentists for bleaching. In case of gingival
problems and/or hypersensitivity against one of the ingredients (see reverse side) we
discourage the use of Mirawhite® pro. We also recommend consulting a dentist before the
first use of Mirawhite® pro.

Mirawhite® pro is a medical product and exclusively available at dental practices and

Mirawhite® pro
Easy to handle and gentle on dental enamel

Propylene glycols, polyglycols, carbamide peroxide, water

mira dent – available only at dental practices and pharmacies.

Important additional information

 Mirawhite® pro should not be used two weeks before and after a dental treatment.
 A hygienic disinfection of the brush is automatically ensured by antibacterial additives in
  the gel.
 In case of gingival problems and/or hypersensitivity against one of the ingredients (see
  reverse side) we discourage from using the product.
 Pregnant and lactating women should use the product only after consulting a physician.
 Mirawhite® pro is not suitable for children and should be stored out of their reach.
 Avoid any contact of the product with eyes/mucous membranes and textiles.
 Persons having allergies against any of the material's ingredients should not use the
 Store Mirawhite® pro protected from heat at room temperature, the tip of the brush
  pointing upwards.
 The most frequent cause for discolouration is the consumption of tobacco, coffee, tea, and
  red wine. If teeth are permanently exposed to those stimulants the degree of bleaching
  may turn out lower.
 The combination of active ingredients is safe and also used by dentists for bleaching.

  Mirawhite® pro
  Professionally whitens
  discolouration caused by
   natural aging of dental
   irregular mineralization
   cracked fissures
   mechanic damage.

Mirawhite® pro
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630067                 1.75 g

Professional bleaching is the answer to the
increased demands of customers and patients.

What types of bleaching are there?
A thorough professional cleaning in the dental practice removes most superficial
discolouration caused by food or tobacco.

The use of so-called whitening tooth pastes can also help to reduce superficial discolouration
between two visits to the dentist. But discolouration that exists since years most likely
requires professional bleaching to remove stubborn discolouration. Internal discolouration
can be removed by either bleaching the teeth, or by covering the visible areas with ceramic
veneers to change their colour. All those methods are safe and effective. Your dentist will
provide advice about which treatment is best for you depending on the given situation and
the results you want to achieve. In order to do that your dentist will take into consideration:
type and extension of the discolouration, how much tooth structure is still present (does the
tooth have a filling? Must the shape of the tooth be changed or is a change desired?).

Bleaching at home
The bleaching of teeth at home is the preferred method nowadays. Your dentist takes an
impression of your teeth and produces a customised bleaching tray that you fill with
bleaching material and wear for up to two hours - day or night - over a period of two weeks.
Many bleaching materials that are prescribed by the dentist contain 10 – 15 % carbamide
peroxide. Home bleaching is very successful it monitored by a dentist.

Bleaching in the dental practice
This method is not used as often and is more expensive. It takes between 30 minutes and
one hour per visit, and you will probably have to visit the practice several times until the
desired whitening effect of your teeth is achieved. In order to protect your mouth a gel-like
substance will be applied to your gums and a "rubber shield" attached to the necks of your
teeth. Then the oxidisation agent (the bleaching solution) will be applied to your teeth.
Sometimes a special lamp, which activates the bleaching agent, is used at intervals of 5
Frequently asked questions

How does the Mirawhite® pro bleaching gel work?
After it is applied the gel releases active oxygen which removes accretion and deeper seated
discolouration in the enamel.

How long does one application take?
The gel can be applied in less than one minute and starts to work immediately. After 8-10
minutes is has developed its full effectiveness. Rinse your mouth afterwards, ready! Do not
eat, drink or smoke while the gel is applied and for approx. 15 minutes afterwards.

How quick can I expect results after the application?
The first results should be visible after the third day of use, but the individual success
depends on the natural tooth colour and the degree of discolouration. The final result of the
treatment becomes evident after seven days.

Does Mirawhite® pro also whiten the technical dental parts?
Only natural teeth can be whitened (but crowns, bridges, veneers and filling materials not).
However, the gel will not harm technical parts.

What happens if I accidentally swallow some gel?
The product is safe when used in the normally allotted amount and in accordance with the
instructions of use. Swallowing a small amount of gel is harmless. Consult a physician in case
a larger quantity is swallowed.

What happens if some gel gets in my eyes?
If gel gets in the eye, the eye should be rinsed thoroughly with cold water. In case of
persisting symptoms a physician should be seen.

• Brush
  For an easy and precise application
• Pen
  Convenient, slender design facilitates safe use in the oral area
• Gel chamber
  Contains the all-in-one gel and an applicator – no leakage, no drying out
• Dosage wheel
  Allows for an easy and safe dispensing of the gel

Instructions for use

1. Apply Mirawhite® pro once a day, if possible in the evening. The teeth should be
   professionally cleaned with a tooth brush and paste and if necessary the interdental
   spaces should be flossed or cleaned with an interdental brush. This will remove most
   accretions from the tooth surface.

2. Hold the test colour chart against your teeth to determine the colour closest to your own
   shade. Mark the colour chart so that you can compare it with the colour after bleaching.

3. Take the cap off the pen and turn the dosage wheel at the rear end clockwise until a
   little gel flows from the gel chamber onto the brush.

4.   Use even brush strokes to apply a thin layer of Mirawhite® pro to each tooth. Do not
     apply the gel to gums and mucosa.

5. Leave the gel on the teeth for maximally 8-10 minutes. Then simply rinse your mouth,

6.     Do not eat, drink or smoke while the gel is applied and for approx. 15 minutes

7. Carefully close the Mirawhite® pro pen after each use and store it with the brush
   pointing upwards

The period of use should not exceed seven days if the product is regularly applied. If
necessary the bleaching can be repeated after six month. The contents of the pen suffice for
two treatments.

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