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									58   Aquatics

                                      Share the joy
                                       of swimming!

                                          7-level program for children 4 months to 5 years of age

                                                    Starfish          An introductory class for babies and their
                                                    4 to 18 months    parent or caregiver. To enter this level, babies
                                                                      must be able to hold their head up. The goal of
                                                                      this orientation to water class is to experience
                                                                      buoyancy, movement, entries, and songs and
                                                                      play in the water.

                                                    Duck              For toddlers or older babies with a parent or
                                                    18 to 30 months   caregiver. Toddlers build confidence while
                                                                      enjoying the water through games, songs and
     During Starfish and                                               active water play.
     Duck levels, the parent
       During Starfish and
        caregiver will
     orDuck levels, the
     participate caregiver                          Sea Turtle
                                                    Sea Turtle        A transitional level for preschoolers and their
       parent or in the classes                     30 to 36 months   parents. Parents can gradually transfer the
                                                    3 to 5 years
       will participate in child.
     together with theirthe                         (parented)
                                                    (unparented)      preschoolers to the care of the Instructor, or,
       classes together with                                          for children 3-5 years old who have not
       their child.                                                   previously taken swimming lessons, Sea Turtle
     Progression for these                          3 to 5 years
                                                    (unparented)      is where they will enter the program. This level
     lower levels is based on                                         develops skills in swimming, glides, and
       Sea Turtle and (30
     participation level age.                                         floating and builds awareness of deep water
       to 36 months) can
       provide a transition                                           and safe entries.
     Sea Turtle,
       where parents can
     Salamander, Sunfish,
       gradually leave their                        Salamander        Preschoolers actively learn new swimming
     Crocodile and Whale
       preschooler with the                         3 to 5 years      skills including assisted floats and glides
     levels are unparented                                            through games and songs. The fun includes
                                                                      learning to jump into chest deep water.
     - the children will be
     with the instructor at all
       Progression for
     times. lower levels is                         Sunfish           Assisted by an Instructor, preschoolers work on
      based on
      participation and                             3 to 5 years      stroke and skills progressions. Learning also
     Progression for
      age.                                                            focuses on good judgement in, on and around
     preschoolers aged 3 to                                           the water, and entries and floats in deep water.
       move through 5
     5 Sea Turtle (3 tolevels
       years), skill evaluation
     based onSalamander,
      Sunfish, Crocodile,                           Crocodile         Preschoolers start independent glides and
                                                    3 to 5 years      kicking in deep water. Endurance is built
      and Whale levels
            New Level
      can be unparented –                                             through increasing distance for front and back
     Coming This Summer
      the children will be                                            swims. Swimmers learn about the dolphin kick
      with the Instructor at                                          and try synchro skills in the water.
      all times.
                     Sea Otter
       Progression for                              Whale             In Whale, children will learn to swim
       those 5 upper levels:                        3 to 5 years      independently and participate in team games.
       preschoolers aged 3                                            Preschoolers will increase their distance and
       to 5 move through                                              improve skills in front and back swims.
       levels Red Cross research,
      Based onbased on skill                                          Swimmers also learn about throwing assists to
      created to improve transition
       evaluation.                                                    help another person in the water.
        through early unparented
                                                                                     1.877.356.3226 ~

                                         Swim with the best

                                 Achieve your best
                                  with every stroke

                                                     10-level program for children age 6 years and up

                                                  LEVEL 10           Further re¿nement of strokes, with an introduction to butterÀy and
                                                                     scissor kick as a warm-up/cool down stroke for ¿tness. Children learn
                                                                     about sun safety, rescue of others from the ice, and head-¿rst and feet-
                                                                     ¿rst surface dives. Endurance is built using dolphin kick and butterÀy
                                                                     drills and a 500-metre swim.
                                               LEVEL 9         Front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke and breaststroke continue to be
                                                               re¿ned. In this level children are encouraged to try combining different strokes and
Placement in the program                                       kicks for ¿tness. They also work on head-¿rst surface dives and standing dives and
                                                               learn about wise choices, peer inÀuences, and self-rescue from ice. Endurance is
depends on age, skill                                          built through a 400-metre swim.
proficiency, previous
                                          LEVEL 8
experience, and readiness.                                Level 8 provides an introduction to the breaststroke, foot ¿rst surface dives, and
                                                          rescue entries. Children learn about the dangers of open water, hypothermia,
                                                          and the performance of rescue breathing on children and adults. Endurance is
Progression is based on                                   built on the dolphin kick and 300-metre swim.
skill evaluation.
                                     LEVEL 7          Level 7 continues to build skills and endurance for front crawl, back crawl and
                                                      elementary back stroke and introduces whip kick on the front. Children learn
                                                      about airway and breathing obstructions, and participate in timed treading water
                                                      for increasing endurance. Endurance is built through timed treading water and a
                                                      150-metre swim.
                                LEVEL 6
                                                  Front and back crawl continue to be re¿ned as the elementary backstroke is newly
                                                  introduced. Children are also introduced to safety on ice, elementary rescue of others
                                                  with throwing assists, treading water and the front dive. Endurance is built through a
                                                  75-metre swim.
                          LEVEL 5
                                            Back crawl is introduced, along with sculling skills and whip kick on the back. Children try
                                            stride dives, receive an introduction to safe boating skills. Endurance is developed through
                                            dolphin kick and a 50-metre swim.

                     LEVEL 4
                                       The front crawl, back glide and shoulder roll for back crawl are further developed. Children work
                                       on kneeling dives, surface support and developing a greater sense of self-safety by
                                       understanding their own limits. Endurance is built through a 25-metre swim.

                  LEVEL 3
                                   This level provides an introduction to front crawl as well the foundation for making wise choices on
                                   where and when to swim. Diving is introduced and children will work on Àoats and changing
                                   direction. Endurance is achieved by building strength in Àutter kick and a 15-metre swim.

              LEVEL 2
                             This level helps the child build skills in front and back swims. Children are introduced to deep water
                             activities and proper use of a Personal Flotation Device (PFD). Endurance is built on Àutter kicking
                             with assisted glides.

          LEVEL 1
                       This is an entry level for children ready to move in shallow water. This level provides an orientation to the
                       water and the pool area and introduces Àoats and glides with kicks. Children build their endurance by
                       improving distance.


                                              Swim with the best
60   Aquatics
                                          Swim Lesson Dates and Fees
                                                         (subject to change)
     Spring 2011
           Days             Location             Dates            Weeks   No. of Classes                 Alert
           M/W             CGP/WSP           Mar 28 - Apr 20        4           8
           T/R             CGP/WSP           Mar 29 - Apr 21        4           8
            Fri               CGP            Apr 1 - May 20         8           7                 No class Fri, Apr 22
            Fri              WSP             Apr 1 - May 20         8           7                 No class Fri, Apr 22
           Sat                CGP            Apr 2 - May 21         8           7                 No class Sat, Apr 9
           Sat               WSP             Apr 2 - May 21         8           7                 No class Sat, May 7
           Sun                CGP            Apr 3 - May 22         8           7                No class Sun, Apr 10
           M/W             CGP/WSP          Apr 27 - May 18         4           7               Class starts Wed, Apr 27
           T/R             CGP/WSP          Apr 26 - May 19         4           8
           M/W             CGP/WSP          May 30 - Jun 29         5          10
           T/R             CGP/WSP          May 31 - Jun 30         5          10

                           Lesson Fees
     Fees below based on ten classes; fees pro-rated for lesson
     sets with fewer classes.                                                                Private Swimming
     Preschool                $48   Swim Kids (60 min)      $50                                   Lessons
     Swim Kids (30 min)       $40   Adult (30 min)          $40
     Swim Kids (45 min)       $45   Private Lesson (30 min) $18                        Private lessons are a great
                                                                                       alternative to group swim lessons
         Looking to book the pool, call 250-828-3600 for                               for ages 3 years and up. We offer
                          information                                                  three formats to suit your needs.

                                                                                       Full Lesson Set:
                   +E@Oa 4NE=PDHKJ 4N=EJEJC                                            • Seven to ten sessions, 30 minute
                      Learn the Fundamentals of Triathlon                              • Promotes consistency and continuity.
                                                                                       • Ideal for swim level advancement,
              Sundays: May 29 - June 19 at Brocklehurst Outdoor Pool
                                                                                         stroke enrichment or ¿tness training.
       Kids will learn the fundamental skills for triathlon, with a focus on
                                                                                       Half Lesson Set:
       safety. The last session will consist of a mini run-through of the              • Three to six sessions, 30 minute
       triathlon.                                                                        duration.
                                                                                       • Ideal for developing speci¿c skill or
                                                                                         stroke technique.

                                                                                       Single Session:
                                                                                       (Westsyde Only)
                                                                                       • One session, 30 minute duration.
                                                                                       • Ideal for comprehensive assessment
                                                                                         or to create training plan.

                                                                                                 Call 250-828-3500
                                                                                                to inquire or register
                                                                                                for a private lesson.
       Don’t forget to register for the
       9th annual Kids of Steel race               City of Kamloops
       on June 26, 2011.

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