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              FACULTY OF

Bd. Mihai Viteazul, Nr. 1
300222 – Timişoara, Romania
Tel: +40-256-403521                 E-mail:
Fax: +40-256-403523                 Web:
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                         165


                                                                Image acquisition and processing in order
The Centre for Modelling the Prosthetic                      to correct congenital or accidental defects of
Appliances and Surgical Operations on Human                  human skeleton;
Skeleton is structured as a Multiple User Research
                                                                Research on prosthetic appliances and
Centre (MURC). The MURC connections in
                                                             implants optimization depending on skeleton
Timişoara are: “Politehnica” University, University
of Medicine and Pharmacy, Municipal Hospital of
Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Departmental Hospital               Complex data basis for different categories
of Traumathology and Orthopaedy.                             of skeleton defects and repairing surgical
The centre also supports the Medical Engineering
                                                                Conceiving of new surgical techniques;
specialization within the framework of the Faculty
                                                                New technologies to manufacture surgical
of Mechanical Engineering, in order to provide the
                                                             implants and prosthetic devices;
training of engineers to design: prosthesis, implants,
                                                                New testing methods designed for various
correcting equipment and specialized software for
                                                             materials but focused on implants and
medical applications.
                                                             prosthetic devices.
The Multiple User Research Centre Centre for
                                                         Medical imaging, implant, prosthesis, mandibular
Modelling the Prosthetic Appliances and Surgical
                                                         distracter, surgical technique, biocompatible
Operations on Human Skeleton CMPICSU has
                                                         material, biological structure modelling, 3D
been created in order to integrate the scientific
research results from different universities and
hospitals from our country in fields like: acquisition
and image processing, biomechanics, implant
designing and manufacturing, repairing surgical                 Image processing and interpretation in
techniques. Thus, the CMPICSU MURC represents                order to correct congenital or accidental defects
a     connecting      factor,    oriented     towards        of the human skeleton;
interdisciplinary research and education. Also,
                                                                Prosthetic appliances and implants
CMPICSU centre offers medical imaging
investigations for regular patients. The CMPICSU’s           optimization as function of skeleton defects;
extensions are two laboratories: LOPIFO for                     Complex data basis for different categories
implants and prosthetic devices manufacturing and            of skeleton defects and the repairing surgical
CIDUCOS for control the quality of materials                 techniques;
(metals, plastic and ceramics, etc) generally bio
compatibles, focused on implants and prosthetic                New surgical techniques to improve the
devices. The last one is under way to be accredited          skeleton structure and the sustaining demo
conformably to SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005 norm.                operations;
The most recent extension of the CMPICSU                        Development of appropriate technologies
MURC is the Platform of implantology, intelligent            to realize implants and prosthesis using
prosthetics and biomechanical rehabilitation. The            biocompatible materials.
platform is destinated to be a union place for
research-production and education destinated                     Manufacturing of implants and external
both to interdisciplinary formation of specialists           distractors for maxilla-facial surgery, using
in Medical Engineering and to release integrated             biocompatible materials, in the LOPIFO
solution of diagnosis, prosthetization and                   Laboratory;
mobility and functional rehabilitation.                        Development        of   the   production
                                                             capacity in the Platform laboratories;
              RESEARCH FIELDS
                                                                Certification of new prototypes of
      Fundamental and applied research in                   implants and prosthesis;
166                                                     FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

          Mobility rehabilitation based on gait            distribution measurement,     body band
      analysis for patiens under recovery and also          massage device, upright bike, treadmill, and
      for the high performance sportsmen;                   kit for measuring of human physiological
        Implementation of quality system in the
      CIDUCOS Testing Laboratory;
                                                                  RESEARCH CONTRACTS
         Promoting collaboration in related fields
                                                       1.    Contract A1/GR181/19.05.2006, CNCSIS
      with universities and research institutes;
                                                            code 655, type A, Director prof. dr. eng. Doina
         Promoting the Medical Engineering                 Drăgulescu, Autonomous prehension system to
      Specialization including master degree studies        support handicapped persons and access in
      in Politehnica University of Timisoara .              dangerous areas Beneficiary: Ministry of
                                                            Education and Research, value for 2006 year:
          Development of PhD programms in the
                                                            30,000 RON.
      field of Medical Engineering, for engineers
      and other specialists in the medical area of     2.    Contract CEEX-RENAR no.28/7.09.2005,
      rehabilitation and motion recovery                    Director prof. dr. eng. Doina Drăgulescu,
                                                            Extension and development of CIDUCOS
              RESEARCH RESULTS                              laboratory capacity under way to be
                                                            accreditated by RENAR conformably to
      Biological structures reconstruction based on
                                                            conform SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2001-
      computed tomography;
                                                            EDCL_CIDUCOS Beneficiary: Ministry of
      FE analysis of human mandible, teeth,                Education and Research, total value: 778,500
      femur/tibia and spine;                                RON, value for 2006 year: 103,500 RON.
     FE analysis of facial implants;                  3.    Contract CEEX-Medical Sciences Academy
                                                            no.45/2005, Director prof. dr. eng. Doina
      Certified set of maxilo-facial implants and          Drăgulescu, Development of innovative
      external distracter;                                  therapies for osteoarticular reconstruction
      Implants for orthopaedics surgery, both for          CELL-ART. Beneficiary: Ministry of Education
      human patients and animals;                           and Research, total value: 200,000 RON, value
                                                            for 2006 year: 11,000 RON
      Gait analysis of patients having different
      locomotors deficiencies.                         4.    Contract CEEX-Medical Sciences Academy
                                                            no.70/2006, Director prof. dr. eng. Doina
          CMPICSU LABORATORIES                              Drăgulescu, Bio-orthopedy innovative methods
                                                            for osteoarticular reconstruction BIOART.
1.    Laboratory      of    structures   modelling:         Beneficiary: Ministry of Education and
      professional software for design of both              Research, total value: 250,000 RON, value for
      prosthetic devices, implants and surgical             2006 year: 38,000 RON
2.    Motion planning laboratory: 5 mobile robot       5.    Platform code CNCSIS 43, Contract MEC no
      systems;                                              05/15.09.2006, Platform of implantology,
3.    Medical Imaging Laboratory: computer                  intelligent prosthetics and biomechanical
      tomography system, ortho-panoramic X-ray              rehabilitation, Director prof. dr. eng. Doina
      apparatus and bio resonant equipment both for         Drăgulescu, total value 8,380,800 RON, value
      diagnosis and therapy;                                for 2006 year: 180,000 RON
4.    Manufacturing Laboratory for implant             6.    Contract 58/GR/19.05.2006, CNCSIS code 95,
      devices, ortheses and prosthetic devices              type TD, Director PhD student Dan Ioan Stoia,
      LOPIFO: equipments to manufacturing                   Research oriented to improvement of modeling
      prosthetic devices as prototyping and electro         and technological techniques for spine implant
      erosion equipments;                                   Beneficiary: Ministry of Education and
5.    Testing Laboratory CIDUCOS in the final               Research, value for 2006 year: 19,000 RON
      stage of accreditation conformably to SR EN      7.    Contract 58/GR/19.05.2006, CNCSIS code 93,
      ISO/CEI 17025:2005 standard: corrosion test,          type TD, Director PhD student Karoly
      hardnes test, mass and density determination,         Menyhardt,      Research,      drawing    and
      metalographic analyses, mechanical tests,             manufacturing of intelligent system for upper
      spectrometry test;                                    limb prosthesis, Beneficiary: Ministry of
6.    Manufacturing laboratories of Platform of             Education and Research, value for 2006:
      implantology, intelligent prosthetics and             18,000 RON
      biomechanical rehabilitation;                    8.    Contract CNCSIS type BD, CNCSIS code
7.    Motion analysis Laboratory: systems for               178, Director PhD student Lucian Rusu,
      stance and gait analysis with integrated force
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                           167

   Precertification studies and research of                 2,880 RON.
   implants and prosthesis, value for 2006 year:


                            Computer tomography system Somatom Plus 4 Power, Printer AGFA

                                              Bio resonant equipment DDFAO

for motion

                                  Treadmill, upright bike and body band massage device

                                    Kit for measuring of human physiological parameters
168                                                   FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

                 Systems for stance and gait analysis with integrated force distribution measurement

for implants
and prosthetic

                            Certified set of maxilo-facial implants and external distracter

                                       Modelling of implant and distracter use

                 Prototyping and electro erosion equipments. Implant during manufacturing process

                        Implant manufactured using electro erosion equipment and analysed
                                          using Finite Element Method
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                      169

for control the
quality of

                               Microscop Olympus BX51M. Stereomicroscop Olympus SZ7X

                                               Metallographic analyses results

                  Automatic precision cut-off machine for sectioning materialographic and ceramic specimens
                                                       Minitom ISOTO
                      ARL QuantoDesk optical emission spectrometer for metals analysis, based on CCD
170                                                                                                       FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

                                            Multi Test 5-i Computer-controlled system.
                                           Vortex (-i) Computer-controlled torque system



                                               Forta [N]




                                                                 1   15 29 43 57 71 85 99 113 127 141 155 169 183 197 211 225 239 253 267 281 295 309 323 337 351 365 379 393 407 421 435

                                                             Extension test results for an implant

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FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                    171

    movement, Valenciennes, France, June 28-30,           hand prehension function, 12th Proceedings of
    2006, Proceedings on CD, paper no.62                  International Symposium for design and
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10. A.Albu, D.Drăgulescu, L.Ungureanu, Decision            the appropriate technology for spinal
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11. A.Stanciu, D.Drăgulescu, L.Ungureanu, A
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172                                                   FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

•     Albu Adriana Nicoleta: About expert systems      Extention of testing methods for medical
      for the diagnose of liver diseases                devices;
                                                       Further research in the field of            3D
•     Cărăbaş Ionică: Biomechanical study of
                                                        reconstruction of human body elements.
      characteristic motions in running during
      athletic proofs and handball
                                                                   RESEARCH TEAM
•     Şimon Andreea Anca: Contributions to the              Prof. dr. eng. Doina Drăgulescu – Director
      conceiving of a virtual mannequin to model            Prof. dr. eng. Mirela Toth-Taşcău
      fashion clothes                                       Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Mircea Dreucean
•     Gherghel Daniela: Contribution to prosthetic          Lect. dr. eng. Vlad Morcovescu
      replacing of mechanical functions of human            Assist. eng. Cosmina Vigaru, PhD student
      upper limb                                            Assist. dr.eng. Lucian Rusu
                                                            Eng. Camelia Demian, PhD student
•     Bianu Arcadie: Biomechanical studies for
                                                            Eng. Adrian Voicu, PhD student
      improving physical performances of sport-
                                                            Eng. Karoly Menyhardt, PhD student
                                                            Eng. Ioan Dan Stoia, PhD student
•     Ştefan Vigaru Cosmina: Theoretical and                CMPICSU         partners   in   Timişoara,
      experimental studies about vibration sources        Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova
      and levels produced by some types of looms
• Ungureanu Loredana: Models of human hand
      rebuilding and its functions                    Prof.dr.eng. Doina DRĂGULESCU
                                                      CMPICSU Research Centre Director
                                                      Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
                 PERSPECTIVES                         Bul. Mihai Viteazu, nr. 1
                                                      300222, Timişoara, Romania
 Manufacturing new implants models and
  prosthetic devices in order to be certified         E-mail:
  conformably to European standards;                
 Motion analyzes for lower and upper limb as         Tel:    +40-256-403637
  well as the global static posture of the human      Fax:    +40-256-403637


          GENERAL PRESENTATION                        Multiple User Research Centre. Its research team
                                                      joins professors and researchers from the
The Hydraulic Machinery Division within the
                                                      “Politehnica” University of Timişoara, Hydraulic
Mechanical Engineering School of the Politehnica
                                                      Machinery Division, and Romanian Academy –
University of Timisoara, has been established in
                                                      Timişoara Branch. NCESCF coordinates a
1948, although courses on Hydraulics and
                                                      nationwide    research    consortium    including
Hydroelectric Power Plants have been taught since
                                                      Politehnica University of Bucharest, Technical
1922. For the past half century, the Hydraulic
                                                      University of Civil Engineering From Bucharest,
Machinery Division has become an internationally
                                                      and University “Dunarea de Jos” Galati, Technical
recognized engineering school in turbo machinery
                                                      University from Cluj-Napoca, University “Eftimie
hydrodynamics and cavitation, as well as in
                                                      Murgu” Resita, and Technical University “Gh.
hydraulic and pneumatic power systems. Moreover,
                                                      Asachi” Iasi. At international level, NCESCF is
for the past three decades, a research group led by
                                                      actively engaged in academic and research
Acad.Prof.dr.doc.eng. Ioan Anton has developed
                                                      agreements with Ecole Polytechnique Federale de
new magnetic liquids and various technical
                                                      Lausanne, Switzerland, University of Stuttgart,
                                                      Germany, Luleå University of Technology,
The National Centre for Engineering of Systems        Sweden, Laval University, Canada, University of
with Complex Fluids (NCESCF) is structured as a       Porto, Portugal. The NCESCF also supports
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                       173

educational activities for master and PhD programs
in mechanical engineering and computer science, as                   RESEARCH FIELDS
well as the Microsoft Academic Program within the
                                                          Mathematical and numerical modelling of
“Politehnica” University of Timişoara.
                                                           complex fluid hydrodynamics, including fluids
      BRIEF HISTORY                                        with complex rheology, two-phase cavitating
                                                           flows, turbulent 3D flows in complex
       In 1997 was started the first pilot program
    financed by WORLD BANK (25000 USD) to
                                                          Mathematical and numerical modelling of turbo
    set up the basic centre infrastructure;
                                                           machinery swirling flows as well as
       The main grant (317000USD) was finished
                                                           development and testing of novel flow control
    in 2002, with the set up of the research
                                                           methodologies     using     magnetorheological
    infrastructure for the three main laboratories:
    magnetometry, rheology, and numerical
                                                          Development of research and professional
                                                           software for parallel computing with
       A partnership with Microsoft Company
                                                           applications in engineering hydrodynamics,
    allowed the continuous development and
                                                           turbo     machineries,     hydro     mechanical
    upgrade of the software infrastructure
                                                          Analysis and optimization of hydraulic turbo
                                                           machines, in order to improve both efficiency
                                                           and cavitating behaviour;
                                                          Flow properties of magnetic nanofluids and
                                                           composites,      magnetorheological       fluids,
                                                           polymeric melts, emulsions, gels;
                                                           Magnetic and magnetorheological properties
                                                           of magnetizable complex fluids;
                                                          Specially tailored magnetic fluids as cooling
                                                           agents: nucleate boiling heat transfer under the
                                                           influence of a magnetic field;
                                                          Magnetic and rheological characterization of
                                                           bio-compatible/bioactive magnetizable fluids,
In January 2006 we have started the evaluation
                                                           ointments, composites for applications in plant
procedure for NCESCF, resulting in the formal
                                                           biology and veterinary medicine;
recognition as a national research centre by the
                                                           Magnetizable nanocomposite polymers with
National University Research Council (CNCSIS).
                                                           micrometric reinforcement elements;
The NCESCF joins now the staff from the
                                                          Engineering applications: rotating seals for
Hydraulic Machinery Division and the research
                                                           high vacuum and moderate pressures, inductive
team from the Magnetic Liquids Laboratory, in a
                                                           sensors, MRF dampers;
coordinated scientific research effort.
                    MISSION                            Numerical hydrodynamics, cavitation, hydraulic
                                                       turbines and pumps, hydraulic drives, parallel
The National Centre for Engineering of Systems
                                                       computing, complex fluids, magnetic nanofluids,
with Complex Fluids (NCESF) main goal is to
                                                       magnetorheological     fluids,     magnetizable
support high level research and education in the
                                                       nanocomposites, magnetic properties, rheological
domain of complex fluids characterization,
production, and application developments. Our
three decades experience in producing magnetic
liquids and developing engineering applications, as
well as in cavitating flow theoretical and                 Numerical Simulation in hydrodynamics of
applicative studies, allows us to coordinate and           turbo machinery and hydraulic equipment and
support research programs in magnetometry,                 development of software bases for intelligent
rheology and magnetorheology of multiphase                 machines and installations
fluids, nano-fluids, various polymers, as well as on        Development of numerical methods to
complex hydrodynamic problems in hydraulic                 simulate the flow in turbo machines, cascades
machines, hydromechanics equipments, and                   and development of complex models to
biomedical applications. Our experimental and              determine the universal characteristics of
computational capabilities are able to support top         cascades and turbo machines
level PhD research programs, as well as                    Constructive solutions for turbines and micro-
international scientific cooperations.                     turbines and research and design of turbo
174                                                           FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

      Optimization of hydraulic machinery using               Parallel computing algorithms, development
      modern numerical methods                                 and implementation;
      Cavitation in turbo machinery with application         Technical solutions for micro-hydro turbines
      to Francis and Kaplan turbines, cavitation               and development of design methods for
      erosion of materials used for hydraulic                  hydraulic turbo machinery design;
      machines.                                               Static and dynamic identification and study of
      Design of hydraulic drive systems for several           transients in pumps and turbines;
      industrial applications, modular optimization of        Hydrodynamics of cavitation with applications
      the structures and elements of hydraulic drives          to Kaplan and Francis turbines;
      systems                                                 Cavitation erosion studies for materials used in
      Experimental tests on standard and                      hydraulic turbines;
      proportional hydraulic equipment, using                 Experimental investigations for hydraulic
      automated acquisition of experimental data               proportional equipment;
       Complex characterization of magnetic                  Simulation and analytical modelling of flows
      nanofluids             and          composites,          in hydraulic poppet valves;
      magnetorheological fluids, polymeric melts,             Advanced characterization methods of the
      emulsions, gels: oscillatory and rotational              flow and magnetic behaviour of complex fluids
      rheometry, magnetometry;                                 and nanocomposites;
      Research and production of new magnetic                High performance multifunctional materials
      nano-fluids, magnetorheological fluids;                  for magnetically controlled heat transfer
      Application development using magnetic                  processes;
      fluids, in aerospace and bio-medical projects;          Rotating seals, sensors, semi active dampers;
      Numerical simulation of flows with complex             Biomedical applications.
      rheology      and/or     complex     geometries,
      cavitating flows, applications for turbo                     RESEARCH CONTRACTS
      machinery analysis and optimizations.                  1.   SCOPES Joint Research Project IB7320-
      Software development customized for special                110942, Turbomachinery Swirling Flow
      engineering applications;                                   Optimization and Control with Technology of
      Educational      activities  in     mechanical             Magnetorheological Fluid Systems, in
      engineering and computer science, including                 partnership with Ecole Polytechnique Federale
      master and PhD programs.                                    de Lausanne, 23,600 CHF / 2006, Director:
              RESEARCH RESULTS                           Romeo Susan-Resiga
      Numerical analysis and stability analysis of          2.   Consortium Grant CNCSIS 33/2006, Contract
      decelerated swirling flows in hydraulic turbine             A1/GR181, Vortex Hydrodynamics and
      draft tube; development of novel flow control               Applications, Coordinator UPT, 38,000 RON
      techniques for Francis turbines operated at                 /2006, Director: Romeo Susan-
      partial discharge.                                          Resiga.
      Full three-dimensional flow simulation and
      analysis in Kaplan and Francis hydraulic

    Jet control of the swirling flow downstream a Francis turbine runner and reduction in pressure fluctuations
                                         downstream in the draft tube cone.
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                             175

 Vortex rope mitigation in the draft tube cone of a Francis turbine operating at partial discharge using the jet
                                               control technique.

       Graph partitioning for minimizing the
    interprocessor communication for parallel
                    computing                          Numerical simulation of flow in poppet valves and
                                                       analytical vortex modelling

   Magnetic field induced non-Newtonian flow                              Surface instabilities
 behaviour of a strongly polar magnetic nanofluid

Magnetometry Laboratory
       VSM 880 magnetometer
       the DMS Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
  (VSM) is a computer-controlled measurement system
  capable of characterizing a wide variety of magnetic
   The VSM supports all known magnetic
  measurements such as Hysteresis and Minor Loops,
  IRM and DCD Remanence Loops, SFD, Delta M and
  Henkel Plots, and Angular and AC Remanence Loops.
  Any series of measurements can be run without user
  intervention, using the flexible EasyVSM software.
176                                                          FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

Rheology Laboratory
The PHYSICA MCR 300 rheometer performs a wide
range of steady and dynamic tests in both CSS and CSR
mode. It covers a wide range of applications, from
generating simple flow curves to the dynamic analysis of
complex fluids, melts, and co-polymers:
Shear stress (CSS), Creep and recovery, Normal force,
Stress relaxation, Linear tensile and compression,
Amplitude sweep, Frequency sweep, Temperature sweep,
Time sweep, Multiwave, Oscillation with superimposed
rotation or any combination of the above. Our rheometer
has additional magnetorheological capabilities, as well as
a wide range of temperature settings (up to 300 Celsius).
Numerical Simulation and Parallel Computing
Hardware infrastructure:
 14 workstations computer cluster, PIII, 1 GHz, 1 GB
 IBM X225 Windows server
 Dual PIII, 2GB RAM Linux server
 5 workstations, DUAL INTEL XEON 3 GHz, 4 GB
Software infrastructure
 FLUENT/FIDAP/POLYFLOW suite for a wide range
    of numerical flow simulations; available for parallel                              large scale    parallel
    computing                                                                          computing
 TECPLOT for advanced data post-processing                                            applications
 Software for developing parallel computing

3.    CNCSIS grant 154, theme 5, Contract                        Diagnosis, Surgical Treatment and Prognosis
      27238/05.05.2006,        Investigations     upon           of Cardiovascular Diseases, 38,000 RON /
      deformations and cracks produced as a result               2006, Director: Prof.dr. Eng. Romeo Susan-
      of cavitation erosion to the austenitic stainless          Resiga.
      steel used for casting hydraulic turbines              8. CEEX Contract X2C05/3 (TEHNOMED),
      blades, 20,000 RON/2006, Director: Assoc.                  Subcontract        UPT        9159/21.07.2006,
      prof. dr. eng. Ilare Bordeaşu.                             Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in bubble
4.    CNCSIS grant 145, theme 4, Contract 27238/                 columns with applications in advanced
      05.05.2006, Theoretical and experimental                   environment technologies, 16,500 RON /
      investigations      regarding      the    hydro-           2006, Director: Prof.dr. Eng. Romeo Susan-
      mechanical equipments for driving and power                Resiga.
      system. 27,450 RON, Director: Prof. Dr. eng.           9. CEEX Contract 51/03.10.2005 (SACOS),
      Victor Bălăşoiu.                                           Subcontract       UPT        11755/09.10.2005,
5.    CNCSIS 2738/19.05.2006, Theoretical and                    Autonomous Advanced Systems for Structure
      experimental       research     regarding     the          Oscillation Control, 100,000 RON /2006,
      turbomachineries function with biphasic                    Director Dr.fiz. Ladislau Vékás.
      medium applications to turbotransmision                10. CEEX F2C8/03.10.2005 (FeMANANOF),
      hydrodynamics, 40,000 RON/2006, Director:                  Subcontract       UPT        11711/05.10.2005,
      Prof. Dr. eng. Mircea Bărglăzan.                           Nanoparticles from Iron and Oron Oxides for
6.    CEEX-M1-C2-1185                 (iSMART-flow),             Magnetic         Nanofluids:      Preparation,
      Contract        64/2006        MATNANTECH,                 Characterization and Applications, 34,000
      Subcontract         UPT        9226/24.07.2006,            RON/ 2006, Director Fiz. Oana Marinică.
      Integration of Special Magnetorheological              11. PNCDI      –      AEROSPAŢIAL         Contract
      Technologies and Advanced Flow Control in                  114/02.11.2004 (HIPOUV), Subcontract UPT
      Industrial Applications, 130,000 RON / 2006,               13512/01.11.2004, Researches on the genetic
      Director: Prof.dr. Eng. Romeo Susan-Resiga.                and epigenetic activity procariote and
7.    CEEX-M1-C2-1180              (CARDIOCOMP),                 eucariote biological systems in simulated
      Contract 81/2006 VIASAN, Subcontract UPT                   hypogravity conditions, in the presence of
      9229/24.07.2006,        Computer       Optimized           magnetic nanoparticles and UV radiation,
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                       177

      3,143 RON / 2006, Director Fiz. Oana                    Applications, 2nd edition, (in Romanian)
      Marinică.                                               Editura PROMUN, Arad, 2006, 220 pages,
12.   PNCDI -           AEROSPAŢIAL Contract                  ISBN (10) 973-87353-8-6, ISBN (13) 978-973-
      173/01.11.2004 (TRAMAG), Subcontract                    87353-8-5.
      UPT       15062/29.11.2004,      Magnetically      5.    Bernad, S., Muntean, S., Susan-Resiga, R.,
      controllable transporters of medical/active             (Editors), Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on
      substances, 13,000 RON/2006, Director Fiz.              Vortex Dominated Flows. Achievements and
      Oana Marinică.                                          Open Problems, Scientific Bulletin of the
13.   PNCDI      –     AEROSPAŢIAL,         Contract          Politehnica    University     of   Timisoara,
      111/01.10.2004 (OALM), Researches on the                Transactions on Mechanics, Tom 51(65), Fasc.
      construction of       adaptive mirrors with             3, Special Issue, 2006, ISSN 1224-6077, 162
      magnetizable complex fluids, with application           pages.
      to space telescopes, Subcontract UPT                        JOURNAL PAPERS
      111.2/01.10.2004, 18,000 RON / 2006,
                                                         1.   Susan-Resiga R., Ciocan G.D., Anton I.,
      Director Fiz. Oana Marinică.
                                                              Avellan F., Analysis of the Swirling Flow
14.   PNCDI – CERES, Contract 4-186/2004                      Downstream a Francis Turbine Runner,
      (AREFIN), Absorbtion of electromagnetic                 Journal of Fluids Engineering, Vol. 128, pp.
      radiation in nanofluids with applications in            177-189, 2006, ISSN 0098-2202.
      cancer        thermotherapy,       Subcontract
                                                         2.   Susan-Resiga R., Muntean S., Bernad S.,
      14269/12/11/2004, 3,500 RON/2006, Director
                                                              Frunza T., Balint D., Thin Hydrofoil Cascade
      Dr.fiz. Ladislau Vékás.
                                                              Design and Numerical Flow Analysis. Part I –
15.   Contract UPT 462/2006, Numerical Simulation             Design, Proceedings of the Romanian
      and Analysis of the Flow with Heat                      Academy, Series A, Vol. 7, No. 2/2006, ISSN
      Convection and Radiation for Four Versions              1454-9069, pp. 117-126.
      of the Heating Element of an Electrical Drying
                                                         3.   Susan-Resiga R., Muntean S., Bernad S.,
      System, 17,500 RON/2006, Director Dr.eng.
                                                              Frunza T., Balint D., Thin Hydrofoil Cascade
      Sandor Bernad.
                                                              Design and Numerical Flow Analysis. Part II
16.   Contract UPT 380/20.12.2005, Numerical                  – Analysis, Proceedings of the Romanian
      Simulation of Water Flow Through the                    Academy, Series A, Vol. 7, No. 3/2006, ISSN
      Refurbished Kaplan Turbine from Iron Gates I            1454-9069, pp. 161-172.
      Hydro Power Plant, 15,000 RON/2006,
                                                         4.   Milos Th., The optimization of Kaplan Turbine
      Director Prof.dr.eng. Romeo Susan-Resiga.
                                                              Blade Surface using CAD Programs and
17.   Contract 572/2006, Numerical Simulation and             Analytical Methods, Scientific Bulletin of the
      Analysis of Air Flow with Heat Convection               “Politehnica” University of Timisoara,
      and Radiation for an Electrical Heating                 Transaction on Mechanics, Tom 51 (65),
      System, 5,000 RON, Director Assist.Prof.                Fascicola 2, 2006, ISSN 1224-6077, pp. 125-
      Adrian Stuparu.                                         130.
                  PUBLICATIONS                           5.   Susan-Resiga R., Muntean S., Bernad S.,
                                                              Hasmatuchi V., Anton I., Avellan F., Inviscid
                                                              Vortex Breakdown in Decelerated Swirling
1.     Bordeasu I., - Cavitation Erosion of Materials,        Flows and Flow Control Methods, Scientific
      (in    Romanian)         Editura    Politehnica,        Bulletin of the Politehnica University of
      Timisoara/2006, 208 pages, ISBN: (10)973-               Timisoara, Transactions on Mechanics, 2006,
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2.     Bărglăzan, M., Velescu., - The Couplings, the          1224-6077, pp. 15-22.
      Transformers and the Hydrodynamic Brakes,          6.   Milos T., Muntean S., Stuparu A., Baya A.,
      (in    Romanian)         Editura    Politehnica,        Susan-Resiga R., Automated Procedure for
      Timisoara/2006, 190 pages, ISBN 973-625-                Design and 3D Numerical Analysis of the
      287-6.                                                  Flow Through Impellers, Scientific Bulletin
3.     Manea,      A.S.,     -     Complements      of        of the Politehnica University of Timisoara,
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      ISBN (10) 973-661-907-9; ISBN (13) 978-                 Baya A., Numerical Investigation of the
      973-661-907-6                                           Influence of the Suction Elbow Over the Flow
4.     Pădurean, I., Fluid Mechanics, Machines and            Field of a Storage Pump Impeller, Scientific
      Hydraulic Power Systems. Theory and                     Bulletin of the Politehnica University of
178                                                      FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

      Timisoara, Transactions on Mechanics, 2006,             2006, paper 211 (on CD-ROM, ISBN 4-8190-
      Tom 51(65), Fasc. 3, Special Issue, ISSN                1809-4).
      1224-6077, pp. 31-36.                              3.   Balint D., Susan-Resiga R., Muntean S., Anton
8.    Manea A., S., - Transition zone in the                  I., Numerical Simulation and Analysis of the
      boundary layer and flow separation,                     Two-Phase Cavitating Flow in Kaplan
      HIDRAULICA, July 2006/nr. 1-2, ISSN:                    Turbines, Proceedings of the 23rd IAHR
      1453-7303, p. 55-58.                                    Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and
9.    Bordeaşu I., Popoviciu M., Balaşoiu V., The             Systems, Yokohama, Japan, 2006, paper 216
      analysis of Cavitation eroded regions for the           (on CD-ROM, ISBN 4-8190-1809-4).
      Standard Steel 40Cr10, Machine-building and        4.   Susan-Resiga R., Muntean S., Anton I.,
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      Bulgaria, ISSN 0025-455X, pp. 3-6.                      Decelerated Turbulent Swirling Flow in
10.   Balaşoiu V., Popoviciu M., Bordeaşu I.,                 Francis      Turbine    Draft      Tube    Cone,
      Hydraulic Driving Systems for Asphalt                   Proceedings of the IAHR International
      Pouring Equipments, Machine-building and                Meeting of the Workgroup on Cavitation and
      Electro-technique,     Nr.10, 2006, Sofia               Dynamic Problems in Hydraulic Machinery
                                                              and Systems, Barcelona, 2006, p. 1-24, on CD-
      Bulgaria, ISSN 0025-455X, pp. 46-49.
                                                              ROM, ISBN 4-8190-1809-4.
11.   Baciu I.D., Bordeasu I.,- Considerations About
                                                         5.   Susan-Resiga R., Muntean S., Bernad S.,
      Increase Performance of Wind Turbines with
                                                              Anton I., Numerical Simulation and Analysis
      Horiyontal      Axis,     Scientific    Bulletin
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      “Politehnica” University of Timisoara,
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      Modeling, Journal FMF Transactions Faculty
                                                              Phenomenon in Hydraulic Turbines, in Lajos
      of Mechanical Engineering, vol.34 Nr.1/2006,
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13.   Mitelea I., Bordeasu I., Hadar A., The Effect of        ISBN 963-06-0382-9, pp. 980-987.
      Nickel Content Upon Cavitation Erosion for
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      Stainless Steels with 13% Chromium and less
                                                              L.E., Numerical Analysis of the Three-
      than 0,1% Carbon, Chem.Abs. RCBUAU
                                                              Dimensional Unsteady Free Convection and
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14.   Hadar A., Bordeasu I., Mitelea I., Vlasceanu            Proceedings of the 13th International
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      (2006), ISSN 0025-5289, pp.70-73.
                                                              Grigoriu, M.,-Remote pumped-storage system
                                                              back-to-back variable speed operated, World
          INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES                           Energy Systems Conference WESC 2006
1.    Susan-Resiga R., Vu T.C., Muntean S., Ciocan            Torino, ITALY ed. G.Chicco, Section A.9,
      G.D., Nennemann B., Jet Control of the Draft            Article 9.4, ISBN 10-88-87380-51-1, ISBN
      Tube Vortex Rope in Francis Turbines at                 13- 978-88-87380-51-1, pp. 340-344.
      Partial Discharge, Proceedings of the 23rd
                                                         9.   Bordeaşu I., Sporea I., Popoviciu M., Balaşoiu
      IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery
                                                              V.,- Effect of the Hardening Heat Treatment
      and Systems, Yokohama, Japan, 2006, paper
                                                              by Precipitation of Aluminum Alloys Used in
      192 (on CD-ROM, ISBN 4-8190-1809-4).
                                                              Casting Pistons for Internal Combustion
2.    Susan-Resiga R., Ciocan G.D., Muntean S.,               Engine, The 4-th Intrenational Symposium
      Anton I., Avellan F., Numerical Simulation              “KOD 2006”, Shape, Mechanical and
      and Analysis of Swirling Flow in the Draft              Industrial Design of productions in mechanical
      Tube Cone of a Francis Turbine, Proceedings             Engineering 30-31.05.2006, Palić, Serbia &
      of the 23rd IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic                 Montenegro, ISBN: 86-85211-92-1, pp.337-
      Machinery and Systems, Yokohama, Japan,                 340.
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                   179

10. Popoviciu M., Bordeaşu I., Balaşoiu V.,- The         Mechanic properties of Alloy ATSi5Cu7Mg
    Chalange of New European Trends in                   used to cast the Thermic Motor Pistons,
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    Magnetic Nanocomposites Obtained Using
    High Vapor Pressure Magnetic Nanofluids,                 Development of new nano-fluid materials
    Proceedings of the 4-th International                 and magneto-rheological suspensions, with
    Symposium         on      Nanomanufacturing,          aerospace and bio-medical applications;
    ISNM2006, Cambridge, November 1 - 3,                     Development of new numerical simulation
    2006, MA USA, pp. 70 – 75.                            techniques for complex 3D cavitating flows.
                                                                    RESEARCH TEAM
                                                          Prof.dr.eng.     Romeo      SUSAN-RESIGA,
1.   Stuparu A., Muntean S., Balint D., Anton L.E.,
     Baya A., 3D Numerical Investigation of the
                                                          Dr.phys. Ladislau VEKAS, Scientific Director,
     Flow in a Centrifugal Pump, Proceedings of
                                                          head of the Rheology Laboratory
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                                                          Dr.eng. Sandor BERNAD, Executive Director
     Sinaia, 2006, pp. 43-49, ISBN 9737184432 (on
                                                          Dr.eng. Sebastian MUNTEAN, head of the
     CD-ROM, ISBN 9789737184436).
                                                          Numerical Simulation Laboratory
2.   Balint D., Muntean S., Susan-Resiga R.,           Floriana STOIAN, head of
     Advanced CFD Analysis of the Cascade Flow            the Magnetometry Laboratory
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     FLUENT Users Group Meeting, Sinaia, 2006             the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
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3.   Bărglăzan, M., Dobândă, E., Miloş, Th.,-             Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Theodor MILOŞ,
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4.   Bărglăzan, M., Velescu, C., Manea, A.,-              the Power Systems Laboratory
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                                                          Prof. dr. eng. Mircea BĂRGLĂZAN
5.   Catanase, A., Bărglăzan, M., - Dynamic               Lect. dr. eng. Adriana Sida MANEA
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6.   Baciu, I.,D., Bărglăzan, M., - About finite          Lect. dr. eng. Dorin GALERIU
     cascade of profiles with reversible operation,       Assist. Prof. Ionel BACIU
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7.   Sporea I., Bordeasu I., Olariu M., Cicala E.,        Assist. Prof. Daniel BALINT
     Sporea M., Uibar E., Dîrlea A.,- Contribution        Assist. Prof. Adrian STUPARU
     to the Study of the Time and Temperature             Phys. Oana MARINICĂ
     Influences of Thermic treatment upon the             George GIULA
180                                                    FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

     Florica BALANEAN                                     Assist.Prof. Ionel BACIU, Reversible,
     Mariana TODIRUŢĂ                                     Axial Hydrodynamic Profile Cascades
     Ioan POTORAC                                         Applied to Turbo machinery Design,
     Delia BOLOJAN                                        scientific advisor Prof.dr.eng. Mircea
     Angela VATAU                                         BARGLAZAN
     Pavel POBEGA                                         Eng.    Walter   SWOBODA       (Germany),
     Petru IGNEA                                          Contribution to the Design and Operation
                                                           Optimisation of the Silica-Chip Wafers
                 PhD STUDENTS
                                                           Cleaning Equipment used in Semiconductor
      Lecturer Mircea IVANOIU, Analysis and               Technology, scientific advisor Prof.dr.eng.
      Optimisation of Hydrofoil Cascades for               Mircea BARGLAZAN.
      Efficiency and Cavitation, scientific advisor        Eng. Ilie Florin SILION, Aerosol Particle
      Acad.Prof.dr.doc.eng. Ioan ANTON.                    Dynamics Applied to the Design of Noxa
      Assist. Prof. Daniel BALINT, Numerical              Washing Machine from Ventilated Air,
      Computing Methods for Three-Dimensional              scientific advisor Prof.dr.eng. Mircea
      Flows in the Distributor and Runner of               BARGLAZAN.
      Kaplan      Turbine,    scientific    advisor        Eng.     Maria   PERNEVAN,       Dynamic
      Acad.Prof.dr.doc.eng. Ioan ANTON.                    Identification and Optimisation of the
     Assist. Prof. Adrian STUPARU, Numerical              Hydraulic Dampers, scientific advisor
      and Experimental Investigation of the Flow in        Prof.dr.eng. Mircea BARGLAZAN.
      Centrifugal Pumps, scientific         advisor        Eng      Catalin    STROITA,     Dynamic
      Acad.Prof.dr.doc.eng. Ioan ANTON.                    Identification of Cross-Flow Hydraulic
         Inf. Teodora FRUNZA, Methods of the              Turbines, scientific advisor Prof.dr.eng.
      Real Flow Simulation in Hydrofoil                    Mircea BARGLAZAN.
      Cascades, scientific advisor Acad. Prof. dr.
      doc. eng. Ioan ANTON
     Assist.Prof.       Rodica        BADARAU,        Prof. Dr. Eng. Romeo SUSAN-RESIGA,
      Contributions to the Study of Axial Turbo        Director NCESCF
      machines, scientific advisor Prof.dr.eng.        Tel/Fax: +40-256-403692
      Francisc GYULAI.                                 E-mail:;
     Eng. Adrian SIMEDRU, Optimisation of an         
      Axial     Hydraulic   Turbine      Operation,   
      scientific advisor Prof.dr.eng. Mircea
                                                       Prof.dr.eng. Ilare BORDEIASU
                                                       Scientific Secretary Hydraulic Machinery Div.
     Assist.Prof.      Adriana      CATANASE,
                                                       Tel: +40-256-403680
      Dynamic Identification of a Tangential
      Hydraulic Turbine of Pelton Type, scientific
      advisor Prof.dr.eng. Mircea BARGLAZAN.

                  RESEARCH CENTRE FOR
          GENERAL PRESENTATION                         VIBRATIONS. It has to be underlined that the
                                                       research in the field of the vibroimpacts is done,
Because of the existing tradition due to the results
                                                       with priority, by the collective from this centre.
obtained in research, the premises appeared for
funding a centre of scientific excellence with         The director of the Centre is PhD. Prof. Eng.
preoccupations in the field of vibroimpacts and        Adrian Chiriac, from the Department of
mechanical vibrations. As consequence of the           Mechanics and Vibrations of the Faculty of
competitions organized by CNCSIS, concerning the       Mechanical Engineering.
identification and evaluation of the research
centers, the developed activity was specially
appreciated, so the research centre was recognized.    The main mission of the centre is to realize specific
By the certificate no. 15/CC-B from 11/05/2001, it     activities of continue training, research, technical
has been recognized as a research centre, type B:      assistance, documentation and expertise. In order to
VIBROIMPACTS             AND       MECHANICAL          realize its mission, the centre has as objectives:
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                       181

    promotion of works of fundamental and             4.   CNCSIS Project 58/19.05.2006, theme 1,
     applied research in the field of vibroimpacts,         Noises investigation and reduction in urban
     vibrations and technical acoustics;                    environment with application at Timisoara
    expertise and consulting in specialty;                 city. Director: Prof. dr. Vasile Bacria, Value:
    promotion of the field, selected from the              17.000 RON
     themes of the specialty as a high field, and
                                                       5.   S.C. Coca Cola S.R.L. Timisoara Project
     realization of cooperation programs with other
                                                            459/2006, Noises measurements in the S.C.
     research institutes in this field;
                                                            Coca Cola HBC Romania S.R.L. Timisoara
              RESEARCH FIELDS                               enclosure. Director: Prof. dr. Vasile Bacria,
                                                            Value: 3.500 RON
The main fields of the research are:
                                                       6.   CNCSIS         Project       2739/19.05.2006,
    vibroimpacting interactions and vibroimpacts
                                                            Experimental studies concerning dynamic
    mechanical vibrations
                                                            effects that appear in multiphase fluids
    technical acoustics
                                                            transportation through pipeline networks,
    vibrations of nonlinear systems
                                                            Director: PhD stud. Eng. Alexandru Tocarciuc,
                                                            Value: 11.700 RON
Vibration, vibroimpact, noise, impact, spectrum,
auto-spectrum, prediction, diagnosis, homotopy
variational method; stability, weakly nonlinearity              PUBLISHED PAPERS
                  ACTIVITIES                           1.   Marinca V., Herişanu N., Application of
                                                            Modified Homolopy Perturbation Method to
 Dynamics of vibroimpact systems. Theoretical
                                                            nonlinear Oscillations, Archives of Mechanics,
  and experimental methods for the study of
                                                            58, 2006, ISSN 0373-2029, pp:241-246
  stable vibroimpact motions;
 Modeling of work of vibroimpact mechanisms,          2.   Marinca V., Herişanu N., A Modified Iteration
  calculus and optimization algorithms;                     Perturbation Method for Some Nonlinear
 Methods of study for the vibrations of                    Oscillation Problems” Acta Mechanica, 184,
  mechanical systems, with applications in                  2006, ISSN 0001-5970, pp:231-242
  engineering. Diagnosis by vibrations of
                                                       3.   Marinca V., Herişanu N., An Approximate
  defections at machines and equipment;
                                                            Solution for Modified Van der Pol Oscillator,
 Theoretical      and     experimental    studies,
                                                            Proceed     2-nd     WSEAS      International
  concerning the elaboration of new methods and
                                                            Conference on Dynamical Systems and
  equipment for the decreasing of levels of
                                                            Control, 2006, ISBN 960-8457-548, pp:59-63
  vibrations and noises;
 Expertise of capacity of isolation at airy noise     4.   Marinca V., Herişanu N., An iteration
  of building elements. Determination of noise              procedure for some non-linear oscillations,
  levels at civil buildings;                                Journal   „Facta    Universitatis”  Series
 Application of the Homotopy method to the                 Mechanics, Automatic Control and Robotics,
  study of stability of nonlinear oscillation with          ISSN 0354-2009, vol.5, no.1, 2006, Serbia,
  cubic elastic restoring force                             pp.71-78
            RESEARCH PROJECTS                          5.   Herişanu N., On the study of some
                                                            nonlinearities in composite metal-rubber
1.   CNCSIS Project 32940/2004, addendum 2006
                                                            structures subjected to vibration, International
     theme 6, Dynamics and optimization of work of
     roto-percussive and percussive drilling                Conference ″Advanced Composite Materials
     equipment, Director: Prof. dr. eng. Adrian             Engineering″ 18 – 20 October 2006, Brasov,
     Chiriac, Value: 15.000 RON                             ISBN 973-635-821-8, page. 116-120

2.   CNCSIS Project 2738/19.05.2006, theme 18,         6.   Herisanu N., Bacria V., Toader M., Popa
     Nonlinearity effects in the study of continue          Radovan S., Investigation of noise pollution in
     media vibrations, Director: Prof. dr. Vasile           an urban area, WSEAS Transaction System,
     Marinca, Value: 22.500 RON                             Issue 7, Volume 5, July 2006, ISSN 1109-2777
                                                            pp 1647-1653
3.   CNCSIS Project 27688/14.03.2005, addendum
     2006 theme 4, Researches concerning               7.   Herişanu N., Toader M.., A method for analysis
     vibrations of vehicle equipped with semi-active        of flexible steel-rubber structures subjected to
     dampers with magnetorheological fluids.                vibration, Machine building and Electrical
     Director: Prof. dr. eng. Liviu Bereteu, Value:         Engineering, The Journal of Engineering
     10.000 RON                                             Industries in Bulgaria, ISSN 0025-455X, nr.7-8,
                                                            2006, pp.65-68
182                                                    FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

8.    Herişanu N., Bacria V., Toader M., Popa                   PhD THESIS
      Radovan S., Investigation and reduction of
                                                       Stavrat Laurenţiu, Study of sonorous pollutions of
      ambient noise in an urban area, 7th WSEAS
                                                       urbane centers, 12 January, 2006, PhD coordinator:
      Int. Conf. on Acoustics Theory & Applications
                                                       Brîndeu Liviu
      (AMTA '06), Cavtat, Croatia, ISBN 960-8457-
      46-7, June 13-15, 2006, pp.48-53                 Costea Gabriela, Researches concerning the
                                                       collision of mechanical systems taking into account
9.    Becheru, G., Babeu, T., Chiriac, A., On the
                                                       the local contact deformations, 20 February, 2006,
      Power Circulation in Longitudinal Plan at a
                                                       PhD coordinator: Cioară Titus
      Four Wheel Drive Vehicle, Annals of the Univ.
      of Oradea, Fasc. Manag. and Techn. Engine.,      Hule Hora Voichiţa, Dynamic systems with
      Vol.V(XV), 2006, p.237-240, ISSN 1583-0691       percussive interaction in the hypothesis of local
                                                       contact deformations, 28 Sept 2006, PhD
10. Becheru, G., Chiriac, A., Dinamica mişcării în
                                                       coordinator: Cioară Titus
    viraj a unui vehicul rutier de tip 4X4, Lucr.
    celei de a VI-a Conf. Naţ. Multidisc. – cu                  PhD THEMES
    participare intern. – «Ştiinţă şi Inginerie»,
    Vol.10, Sebeş, 2006, p.313-318, ISBN 973-          Scientific supervisor:    Prof.   dr.   eng.   Doina
    8130-82-4                                          Drăgulescu

11. Becheru, G., Chiriac, A., Babeu, T., On Special    1.   Nagy Ramona, Researches concerning the
    Transversal Differential Gears for Off Road             nonlinear behavior of some mechanical
    Vehicles, Annals of the Univ. of Oradea, Fasc.          systems with discontinuities due to impacts
    Manag. and Techn. Engin., Vol.V(XV), 2006,         Scientific supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. Titus Cioară
    p.231-236, ISSN 1583-0691
                                                       1.   Anghelescu Rodica Delia, Optimizing methods
12. Lupu, I., Chiriac, A., Sur le Calcule                   in the study of vibrations and vibroimpacts
    Dynamique du Mécanisme d’Actionnement des
    Interrupteurs d’Haute Tension, à Ressort de        2.   Birceanu Dănuţ, Study of noise generated by
    Déclanchement, Annals of the Univ. of Oradea,           the elastic collision of two bodies
    Fasc. Manag. and Techn. Engin., Vol.V(XV),         3.   Boltoşi Alexandru, Vibration attenuators
    2006, p.265-268, ISSN 1583-0691                         realized with magnetorheological composites
13. Lupu, I., Chiriac, A., Sur la Dynamique du         4.   Căplescu Cristiana, Methods and processing
    Mécanisme de Commande à Contact et Piston,              algorithms for the vibration signals
    des Interrupteurs d’Haute Tension, Annals of
    the Univ. of Oradea, Fasc. Manag. and Techn.       5.   Fântână Nicolae Eugen, Measures of noise and
    Engin., Vol.V(XV), 2006, p.269-272, ISSN                vibration reduction in order to assure the
    1583-0691                                               environment comfort at heating systems with
                                                            radiant panels, respectively, radiant floors
14. Marinca V., Dănoiu A. The Study of Stability in
    the Dynamics of the Separation Process on          6.   Lupu Ioan, Vibrations and vibroimpacts at
    Plane Vibrating Sieves, XX Conference with              electromechanical systems
    International Participation Noise and Vibration,   7.   Nicolae Ionel Valentin, Internet monitoring
    Tara, Serbia, CD edition, 2006, ID 20-14                and wireless solutions for the mechanical
15. Chiriac, A., Frână cu fluid magneto-reologic,           parameters
    Studia Universitatis “Vasile Goldiş”, Arad,        8.   Opriţescu Cristina, Numerical simulation for
    2006, p.142-146, ISSN 1842-0508                         the motions with mechanical constraints and
          BOOKS                                             collisions

1.    Luca Gh, Vigaru Cosmina, Dynamics.               9.   Palincaş    Gabor     Romeo,   Researches
      Vibrations. „Politehnica” Publishing House,           concerning the work of attachment -
      ISBN (10) 973-625-311-2; ISBN (13) 978-973-           detachment device of an airbag
      625-311-9, 2006, 344 pages                       10. Roşoga Daniela Lucia, Mathematical models
2.    Bereteu L., Smicală I., Tocarciuc Al.,               in the study of cylindrical sieves.
      Mechanics and vibrations – problems,             11. Simoiu Dorin, Theoretical and experimental
      „Politehnica” Publishing House, ISBN (10)            studies concerning the loads, induced by the
      973-625-345-7; ISBN (13) 978-973-625-345-4,          wind on a mechanical structure. Applications
      2006, 336 pages                                      to a structure of parabolic aerial
3.    Marinca V., Herişanu N., Mechanics.
      Dynamics. Vol II, „Politehnica” Publishing
      House, ISBN 973-625-199-3, 2006, 336 pages
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                  183

12. Ţîrdea Amalia, Methods and equipment for             Assoc. prof. dr. Pantele CHELU
    vibration isolation for the mechanical pressing      Assoc. prof.dr. Gheorghe DRĂGĂNESCU
    machines                                             Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Nicolae HERIŞANU
                                                         Lect. dr. Valeriu ANGHELESCU
13. Tocarciuc Alexandru, Theoretical and
                                                         Lect. dr. eng. Alexandru DĂNOIU
    experimental studies concerning the dynamic
                                                         Lect. eng. Nicolae FÂNTÂNĂ
    effects that appear in the poly-phase fluid
                                                         Lect. dr. eng. Gheorghe LUCA
    transport by pipe networks
                                                         Lect. dr. eng. Smaranda POPA–RADOVAN
                PERSPECTIVES                             Assist. eng. Ramona NAGY
                                                         Eng. Adriana BALTĂ, PhD student
The results obtained by the collective will be
                                                         Eng. Cristina BASARABĂ–OPRIŢESCU,
developed in a few priority directions, concerning
                                                          PhD student
the elaboration of general methods for the study of
                                                         Econ. Dănuţ BIRCEANU, PhD student
vibroimpact motions, modeling of work of
                                                         Phys. Alexandru BOLTOSI, PhD student
mechanisms (calculus algorithm and optimization),
                                                         Eng. Gabor Romeo PALINCAŞ, PhD student
studies concerning the attenuation of sonorous
                                                         Eng. Alexandru TOCARCIUC, PhD student
sources and elaboration of methods and equipment
for the decreasing of vibration levels.                                 CONTACT
              RESEARCH TEAM                           Prof. Dr. eng. Adrian CHIRIAC, Director of the
   Prof. dr. eng. Liviu BRÎNDEU                      Department of Mechanics and Vibrations
   Prof. dr. Vasile BACRIA                           Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
   Prof. dr. eng. Liviu BERETEU                      Bul. Mihai Viteazu, no. 1
   Prof. dr. eng. Adrian CHIRIAC                     300222, Timişoara
   Prof. dr. eng. Titus CIOARĂ                       E-mail:
   Prof. dr. Vasile MARINCA                          Tel.:    +40-256-403627
   Prof. dr. eng. Ioan SMICALĂ
   Prof. dr. Mihai TOADER

                         I. E. R. C.
GENERAL PRESENTATION AND MISSION                       Products and manufacturing devices new
                                                        models design;
The Integrated Engineering Research Centre
                                                       Integrated Design of products, manufacturing
(IERC) is organized within the Department of
                                                        processes and systems;
Manufacturing Engineering (TCM), the Department
                                                       Integrated control of the manufacturing
of Mechanical Technology (TM) and the
                                                        processes and systems;
Department of Welding Equipment and Technology
                                                       New products and manufacturing equipment;
(UTS). IERC is organized as a research unit and
                                                       Welding processes modeling;
transfer of technology of the “Politehnica”
                                                       Advanced materials joining
University of Timişoara. IERC is accredited by the
                                                       Welding technology optimisation using
National Scientific Research Council for Higher
Education (CNCSIS - Romania) with the certificate
                                                       Limiting methods for stress and distortion in
CNCSIS no. 103 / CC-C in May 11, 2001.
                                                        welded structures;
IERC mission is to coordinate teams of researchers
                                                       Defectology of welded structures
from different departments of the Faculty of
                                                       The development of the equipments and
Mechanical Engineering, who are developing
                                                        technologies         for       non-conventional
programs in the integrated engineering field of
                                                        technological processes
                                                       Studies referring to the optimization of laser
             RESEARCH FIELDS                            materials processing
                                                       Studies referring to the development of modern
     The main fields of research are:
                                                        constructive solutions for making of
 Products, processes and manufacturing systems
                                                        technological equipment from the processional
  integrated design;
                                                        and food industry
 Processes     and    manufacturing    systems
                                                       The creation and the making of piezoceramic
  integrated management;
                                                        traducers for the usage in the construction of
                                                        technological equipment
184                                                      FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

 Studies referring to the degradation of the                     according to EN 288-3 and AD-Mblt.
  materials used in technologies equipment and                    HPO, welders’ certification, according to
  the calculation of the remaining durability of                  TÜV requirements, technical supervision
  exploitation                                                    of the pressure vessels, tanks and complete
 Optimizing metallic flexible pipes processing                   projects according to TÜV requirements.
                                                                 IERC members are part of the following
                                                                  professional bodies and associations:
Integrated engineering, Concurrent engineering,                AGIR – The General Association of the
Manufacturing engineering, Materials advanced                  Engineers in Romania
welding, Manufacturing processes management,                   AUIF     –    Academic      Association  of
Plasturgy, Rapid prototyping and three-dimensional             Manufacturing Engineering in Romania
measurements, Cold forming, Non-traditional                    ARTN – Romanian Association of
machining processes, Welding processes, Welding                Nonconventional Technologies
equipment, Defectology, Quality assurance,                     ASR – Romanian Welding Society
Equipment and technologies for non-conventional                ACM-V – Association for Multidisciplinary
technological processes, Laser materials processing,           Research West Zone
Plan and equipment for food industry, Piezoceramic             AWS – American Welding Society
traductors, Degradation of materials, remaining                ISL-FD – International          Society of
durability of exploitation.                                    Lyophilization- Freeze Drying
                                                               B.EN.A – Balkan Environmental Association
                                                                  RESEARCH CONTRACTS
         IERC assure the co-ordination and
      harmonization of the training programs through     1.   Contract     NMP2-CT-2004-507487  FP6,
      scientifically research (PhD. programs, post-           Virtual Research Lab for a Knowledge
      graduated programs) for the researchers or              Community in Production, Network of
      research teams of different departments. The            Excellence, Director: Professor George
      post-graduate program developed by IERC is:             Drăghici, Value for 2006: 28476€
      Integrated Engineering. The PhD. programs
                                                         2.    Contract CEEX 243/2006, National Research
      coordinated by IERC are in the field of
                                                              Network for Integrated Product and Process
      Industrial Engineering.
                                                              Engineering, Director: Professor George
         The research teams from IERC develop:               Drăghici, Value for 2006: 102000 RON
      fundamental and applicative research activities;
                                                         3.    Contract CEEX 238/2006, Research Network
      products and technology design activities;
                                                              for a New Production Process based for on-
      technological development and technology
                                                              line Failures Prediction in Integrated
      transfer all attending the present industrial
                                                              Maintenance and Reliability, Director:
                                                              Professor George Drăghici, Value for 2006:
         IERC is involved in national and                    25600 RON
      international research programs, is member of
                                                         4.    CNCSIS 34/638/2006, New approach on
      different professional and scientifically
                                                              decreasing noises and vibrations level from
      organizations and organizes different scientific
                                                              main functioning of machine tools and
      meetings (seminars, conferences etc.).
                                                              machineries, Director: Professor Petru Suru,
         Participation to the EC Sixth Framework             Value: 19360 RON
          Program (FP6) as a partner to a network of
                                                         5.    Contract C463/2006 ARIS S.A. Arad,
          excellence project: Virtual Research Lab
                                                              Researches upon decreasing of noises and
          for a Knowledge Community in
                                                              vibrations level of in lather transmission
          Production (VRL-KCiP), contract no. FP6-
                                                              drives, Director: Professor Petru Suru, Value:
                                                              10000 RON
         Participation to grant competitions through
                                                         6.    CNCSIS      A1/GR     181,    T7/19.05.2006,
          CNCSIS, national programs CEEX,
                                                              Researches about systemic approach and
          RELANSIN,         AMTRANS,        INFRAS,
                                                              mathematical modeling of the will’s cylinders
          MATNANTECH etc.
                                                              overhaul through inductive preheating turning,
         Developing      of     fundamental     and          Director: Conf.dr.eng. Cicală Eugen Florin,
          applicative       research      activities,         Value: 7450 RON
          technological development for the present
                                                         7.    CNCSIS nr.70 GR, T4/17.05.2006, New
          industrial demands, welders’ education
                                                              technologies in oral implantology based on
          and qualification according to EN 287,
          welding      procedures      qualification
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                     185

     animal        osteo-integration, Coordinator      3.   HAN, A., Tribologic behaviour of polymeric
     prof.dr.eng. Ghiţă Mihai, Value: 10000 RON             surfaces treated with LASER, Politehnica
                                                            Publishing House, Timisoara, 2006, 64 p
8.    Contract CEEX nr.2052/2006, Fundamental
     and applied researces on water jet and            4.   Fleser, T., Inspection and maintenance of
     abrasive   particles    magnetic     activated         industrial    technical  systems,  Sudura
     manufacturing – elmajet, Director: Conf.dr.eng         Publishing House, Timişoara, 2006, ISBN
     Mircea Vasilescu, Value: 1,5 mil RON                   (10)973-8359-45-7, ISBN (13)978-973-8359-
                                                            45-7, pp.490.
9.    CEEX contract 282 / 2006, Optimizing the
     recovery of energy potential of wastes in order   5.   Tucu, D., Rotarescu, V., Enterprise’s
     to optain clean pover energy in Romania –              economy, Orizonturi Universitare Publishing
     OVAPED, Director UTS: Prof.dr.eng Livius               House, ISBN 973-638-236-2, Timisoara,
     Milos, Value: 5000 RON                                 2006, pp.134
10. Contract INCERC Timisoara, 394/2006,               6.   Milos, L., Welding processes (published in
    Research for the certification of arc drawn             Romanian), Politehnica Publishing House,
    welding procedure on compouse structure                 Timişoara, 2006, ISBN 973-625-275-2, 284
    steel-concrete, Director: prof.dr.eng. Gheorghe         pages
    GLITA, Value: 7936 RON
                                                       7.   Milos, L., Burcă, M., MAG Welding –
11. Contract     ASTRA Vagoane          S.A.Arad,           practical guide, (published in Romanian),
    529/2006: The determination of arc welding              Politehnica Publishing House, Timişoara,
    technologie for the truck edgewise wall SSDT,           2006, ISBN 978-973625-406-2, 98 pages
    Director: lecturer.dr.eng. Mircea BURCA,
                                                       8.   Safta, V.I, Safta, V.I., Technological and
    Value: 1400 RON
                                                            resistance testing of welded or brazed joints,
12. Contract Sudexpert Timisoara 564/2006,                  (published in Romanian), Welding Publishing
    Technical documentation for the welding                 House, Timişoara, 2006, ISBN 973-8359-38-
    column CRC3 and the rolling block BR 10,                4, 280 pages
    Director: Mihaela Popescu,
    Value: 2000 RON                                            PUBLISHED PAPERS
13. CNCSIS 744/2006 Studies and researches for         1.   Anghel V., Drăghici G., Simulation,
    optimizing the design of removable partial              Modelling and Optimization for Operative
    dentures by informatic systems for analysis and         Maintenance, The 5th WSEAS International
    interpretation in order to implement new                Conference on Computational Intelligence,
    technologies, Director: prof.dr.eng. Livius             Man-Machine Systems and Cybernetics
    Milos, Value: 5000 RON                                  (CIMMACS '06), Venice, Italy, November
         Prospective:                                       20-22, 2006, ISSN 539-474, pp. 328-332
        Participation to the    EC          Seven     2.   Cupşa E., Drăghici G., Use of SPC in the
         Framework Program (FP7)                            Quality Assurance of Plastic Closures
                                                            Manufacture,     Academic     Journal    of
        Participation to grant competitions through        Manufacturing Engineering, Volume 4,
         CNCSIS, national programs CEEX,                    Number 2/2006, Politehnica Publishing
         RELANSIN,         AMTRANS,        INFRAS,          House, Timişoara, ISSN 1583-7904, pp.44-49
         MATNANTECH etc.
                                                       3.   Drăghici G., Drăghici A., Pămîntaş E., Turc
                PUBLICATIONS                                C., National Research Network for Integrated
                                                            Product and Process Engineering (Invited
         BOOKS                                              Paper), Proceedings of the International
1.   Grozav I., Work holding in machine building,           Conference on Manufacturing Systems
     (published   in   Romanian),     Politehnica           ICMaS, 26-27 October 2006, Bucharest,
     Publishing House, Timişoara, 2006, ISBN                Romanian Academy Publishing House, ISSN
     (10) 973-625-378-3, (13) 978-973-625-378-2,            1842-3183, pp.49-54
     284 pages                                         4.   Drăghici G., National Research Network for
2.   Herman, R., Olariu, M., Crainic,N.,                    Integrated Product and Process Engineering,
     Reviczky,A., Tulcan, L., Mălaimare, G, Han,            Research of Excellence Conference, 22-24
     A., Experimental investigation in material             October, Braşov, 2006, Vol. II, L4-12,
     technology, Politehnica Publishing House, 137          Printech Publishing House, Bucharest, ISBN
     page, ISBN (10) 973-625-338-4, ISBN (13)               (10) 973-718-552-8, ISBN (13) 978-973-718-
     978-973-625-338-6.                                     552-5, pp.1-9
186                                                    FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

5.    Grozav, I., Turc, C., Tolerance Design for            nano/micro     magnetizable     composits,
      Non-dimensional Values, Proceedings of the            Proceedings 5th National Seminar of
      8th International Conference on The Modern            nonoscience and nanotechnology, Bucharest,
      Information Technology in the Innovation              2006, p.70-75
      Processes of the Industrial Enterprises, MITIP
                                                       14. Crainic, N., Bica, D., Vekas, L., Torres
      2006, 11-12 September, 2006, Budapest,
                                                           Marques, A.,     Popa, N.C., Correia, N.,
      Hungary, ISBN 963 86586 5 7, pp.505-511
                                                           Marinica, O., Novoa, P., Pinto Moreira de
6.    Turc, C., Grozav, I., Fuzzy Logic Using for          Sa,C., Magnetic Nanocomposites Obtained
      Products Early Design Stage, Proceedings of          Using High Evaporation Rate Magnetic
      the 8th International Conference on The              Nanofluids, Proceedings 4th International
      Modern Information Technology in the                 Symposium       on     Nanomanufacturing,
      Innovation Processes of the Industrial               Cambridge MA, USA, 2006, p.p.70-75
      Enterprises, MITIP 2006, 11-12 September,
                                                       15. Cristophidou, A.,Bica, D., Crainic, N., Vekas,
      2006, Budapest, Hungary, ISBN 963 86586 5
                                                           L., Doumanidis, C., Structural and Dynamic
      7, pp. 493-498
                                                           Mechanical      Analysis     of      Magnetic
7.    Turc, C., Fuzzy Logic Based Algorithm in             Nanocomposites by Polymer Ultrasonic
      Choosing of the Work Pieces in Early Design          Welding, Proceedings of the 4th International
      Stage, Proceedings of the International              Symposium        on       Nanomanufacturing,
      Conference on Manufacturing Systems                  Cambridge MA, USA, 2006, p.p.76-79
      ICMaS, 26-27 October 2006, Bucharest,
                                                       16. Han, A., Pillon, G., Nichici, A., Vannes, B.,
      Romanian Academy Publishing House, ISSN
                                                           Grevey, D., Study and evaluation of fretting
      1842-3183, pp. 489-492
                                                           critical slip conditions by applying the design
8.    Suru P, Soşdean D., Dume A., The silent              of experiments method. Elsevier, Wear 261,
      molding of bearings function, Scientific             pages 1080–1086, 2006
      Bulletin of the “Politehnica” University of
                                                       17. Han, A., Pillon, G., Nichici, A., Vannes B.,
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FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                      187

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188                                                     FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

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FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                   189

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190                                                   FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

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FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                  191

7.   Adrian Oriţa, Functional Design for Product,        Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Dănuţ Şosdean
     Thesis supervisor: Prof. George Drăghici            Lect. dr. eng. Adrian But
     (2005)                                              Lect. dr. eng. Cristian-Gheorghe Turc
                                                         Assist. Eng. Felicia Banciu
8.   Milenco-Sava    Mânzat,    Product     Data
                                                         Assist. Eng. Lidia Dejeu
     Management      and   Product      Lifecycle
                                                         Eng. Alin Schmidt, PhD student
     Management, Thesis supervisor: Prof. George
                                                         Prof. dr. eng. Voicu Safta, Academic of
     Drăghici (2006)
                                                          European Science and Arts, Academic of
                                                          Technical Science from Romania
               RESEARCH TEAM                             Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Mihaela Popes
IERC consists of research teams with common              Lect. Dr.eng. Dan Mălai
research    projects,   in    three departments:         Lect. dr. eng. Doru Dumbravă
Manufacturing         Engineering,   Mechanical          Lect. dr. eng. Mircea Burcă
Technology and Welding Equipments and                    Lect. Dr.eng. Daniel Ţunea
Technology. The human resources consist of               Assist.eng. Aurelian Magda
researchers which are doctor degree graduates or         Eng. Eduard Berger – PhD student
which leads post-graduates programs. Also, in the        Prof. dr. eng. Aurel Mărcuşanu
team are working post-graduates and master               Prof. dr. eng. Mihai Ghiţă
students.                                                Prof. dr. eng. Vasile Popovici
                                                         Prof. dr. eng. Titus Slavici
The IERC management is assured by the director           Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Nicolae Crainic
and the Scientific Council, which is composed of         Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Mircea Olariu
professors or associate professors that have been        Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Eugen Cicală
recognized for their research activity and results.      Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Antoniu-Levay Reviczky
The Scientific Council is composed of the research       Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Mircea Vasilescu
team leaders.                                            Lect. dr. eng. Traian Botea
                                                         Lect. dr. eng. Ioan Groza
The members of the research team are:                    Assist. dr. eng. Sorin Ignat
                                                         Eng. Alina Simoiu, PhD student
     Prof. dr. eng. George Drăghici – IERC
                                                         Eng. Nicoleta Popescu, PhD student
                                                         Eng. Adelina Han, PhD student
     Prof. dr. eng. Livius Milos – team leader
                                                         Eng. Simona Achim, PhD student
     Prof. dr. eng. Gheorghe Gliţă – team leader
     Prof. dr. eng. Traian Fleşer – team leader                        CONTACT
     Prof.dr.eng. Richard Herman – team leader
     Prof.dr.eng. Dumitru Mnerie – team leader       Prof.dr.eng. George DRĂGHICI – IERC Director
     Prof. dr. eng. Dumitru Ţucu – team leader       Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
     Prof. dr. eng. Petru Suru                       Bul. Mihai Viteazu, nr. 1
     Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Ion Grozav                300223, Timişoara, Romania
     Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Eugen Pămîntaş            Tel/fax: +40-256-403610
     Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Viorel Putz               Fax:     +40-256-403523
     Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Florin Grosu              Web:
     Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Ioan Pircea               E-mail:
192                                                     FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING


          MAIN RESEARRCH FIELDS                         technology and corresponding facilities for
                                                        amorphous ribbons and powders.
Examinations and thermal analysis, design and
                                                        The properties of the obtained ribbons and powders
elaboration of advanced materials and improvement
                                                        were studied by X-ray analysis, in order to observe
of the processing technologies, thermo-mechanical
                                                        the materials amorphous change. The researchers
processes for improving materials characteristics,
                                                        aim is to obtain magnetic materials with
training and consulting for specialists from the
                                                        outstanding properties.
industry in the field of investigations, technology
and designing of materials.
                                                                 SHAPE MEMORY ALLOYS
      Studies and investigations on metallic glasses
      Fe-Ni-P and Fe-Cr-P                               FIELD DESCRIPTION
      Keywords: amorphous alloy, liquid quenching,
                                                        The shape memory alloys are materials with a large
      ribbons, powders, thermo-stability, magnetic
                                                        number of interesting properties as: shape memory
                                                        effect, pseudo elastic behaviour and high dumping
      Studies and researches on behaviour of           capacity.
      materials during welding and weldability of
      materials                                         ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS
      Keywords: weldability, welding, micro
                                                        Researches on Fe-Ni-P and Fe-Cr-P amorphous
      structural    investigations, mathematical
                                                        alloys allowed designing of an elaboration
                                                        technology and corresponding facilities for
      Manufacturing and characterization of            amorphous ribbons and powders.
      advanced materials                                The properties of the obtained ribbons and powders
      Keywords: amorphous, metallic matrix              were studied by X-ray analysis, in order to observe
      composites, stainless steels, micro-alloyed       the materials amorphous change. The researchers
      steels                                            aim is to obtain magnetic materials with
                                                        outstanding properties.
      Increasing fiability of machine parts by mean
      of surface treatments and use of advanced
      materials                                                METAL MATRIX COMPOSITES
      Keywords: plasma nitriding, gas carbonising,
      surface inductive treatment                       FIELDS DESCRIPTION
      Modern investigation of materials structure      Particle reinforced metal matrix composites are
      and properties, image acquisition and             relatively new class of materials witch combine
      processing in optic and electronic microscopy     high mechanical properties with cost that are
      Keywords: digital photo camera, computer          significant lower in comparison with long fibber
      aided image processing, image archive             reinforced composites.

                                                        A new class of particle reinforced composites based
             AND Fe-Cr-P
                                                        on a hardenable Al-Cu-Si-Mg reinforced with SiC
                                                        particles (10 µm average dimension) has been
                                                        produced via a powder metallurgy technique.
Metallic glasses are a new class of materials used in
                                                        Significant progresses have been made in
applications that require high saturation magnetic
                                                        technological optimisation, as well as the
induction and low magnetic loss, in high strength
                                                        characterization of some important mechanical
fibres and for magnetic shielding.
                                                        properties and the structural changes during heat
                                                        treatment or thermo-mechanical processing of the
Researches on Fe-Ni-P and Fe-Cr-P amorphous
alloys allowed designing of an elaboration
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                     193

  TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT FOR                         investigations results (image quality, measurements
      INDUCTION HARDENING                              precision).

FIELD DESCRIPTION                                                  MAIN PUBLICATIONS
Surface treatments are important in order to
improve exploitation characteristics of wear
stressed machine parts. Induction hardening is the     1. V.A.Şerban, A.Răduţă, Material science and
proper treatment for cylindrical parts and plane          engineering , Ed. Politehnica Timişoara, ISBN
surfaces, applied in serial manufacturing.                (13) 978-973-625-322-5, p. 448, 2006
                                                       2. L. Udrescu, Metallic materials and thermical
ACTIVITES AND RESULTS                                     volume treatments , Ed. Politehnica Timişoara,
                                                          ISBN: (10) 973-625-323-6; (13) 978-973-625-
The research team developed and optimized surface
                                                          323-2; p. 346, 2006
hardening technologies by inductive treatment of
different machine parts as: camshaft, guide conduit,   3. I. Mitelea, Materials Science –I, Ed.
inner cylindrical surfaces. A significant reduction       Politehnica Timişoara, ISBN: (10) 973-625-
of heating time and improve of exploitation               302-3; p. 279, 2006
characteristics of stud and railway switches was
                                                       4. I. Mitelea, Metalography of welded joints Ed.
                                                          Vest Timişoara, ISBN (10) 973-36-0433;
                                                          ISMN (13)-973-36-0433-4, p. 166, 2006
                                                               PUBLISHED PAPERS
FIELD DESCRIPTION                                      1.          ǎu,
                                                            V. Bud S. Duma The analysis of joints,
Modern technology requires high quality machine             welded from seringe needles of stainless
parts with improved mechanical properties and               austenitical  steel;   The    international
reduced specific weight. Surface treatment as               conference “ The structural integrity of
plasma nitriding and gas carburising on medium              welded constructions” 08-09 november 2006
and high alloyed steels are meant to improve wear           ISSN 1842 – 5518, pp.25-33
and fatigue strength, together with good behaviour
in presence of dynamic stresses.                       2.   I. Mitelea, I. Bordeasu, A. Hadar, Cavitation
                                                            Erosion Characteristics of Stainless Steels
ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS                                      with Controlled Transformation, Revista de
Advanced researches on plasma nitriding, gas                chimie, Bucureşti, ISSN 0034 – 7752, Vol 57,
carburising on medium and high alloyed steels,              2006, pp. 215-220
surface inductive treatment offer ready-to-use         3.   I. Mitelea, I. Bordeasu, A. Moşilǎ, Researches
treatment technologies at industrial scale for high         regarding the influence of the carbon and
quality machine parts.                                      nitrogen upon the welding by friction of the
                                                            steel, Revista de chimie, Bucureşti, ISSN 0034
     MODERN INVESTIGATION OF                                – 7752, Vol 57 Nr.10, 2006, pp. 1068-1072
 PROPERTIES, IMAGE ACQUISITION AND                     4.   Şerban, V.A., Codrean, C., Vodă, M., 2006,
    PROCESSING IN OPTICAL AND                               Nanomatériaux ferromagnétiques, Ecole
     ELECTRONIC MICROSCOPY                                  d’été: Ingénierie assistée par ordinateur et
                                                            nouveaux matériaux, 28 août-3 septembre,
FIELD DESCRIPTION                                           2006,Timişoara, Roumanie, ISBN (10) 973-
                                                            638-266-4, pp. 105-138
Optical     and   electronic    microscopies    are
investigation methods that provide complete            5.   M. Liţǎ, C.F. Opris, L.R. Cucuruz
information concerning the structure of materials.          Quantitative     Analysis   of     Austenite
Computer aided acquisition and processing of                Transformation in a Stainless Steel Syringe
images aloud the increase of the above methods’             Cannule      Weld    MP    Materialprufung-
efficiency, for quantitative as well as qualitative         Werkstoffe und Bauteile,Technologien und
measurements.                                               Anwendungen. Jahrg.48 (2006) 10, I.S.I.,
                                                            ISSN 0025-5300 pp. 504-509
ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS                                 6.   Dehelean, D., Oancă, O., Budău, V., Şerban,
The improvement of the investigation equipment              V., Codrean, C., Crăciunescu, M., Ultrasonic
and the image acquisition and processing methods            Welding of Advanced Biocompatible and
lead to the increase of the metallographic                  Shape Memory Alloys, The 1st South-East
194                                                  FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

      European Welding Congress – Welding and             Materials Testing (ISIM) Timisoara, Romania,
      joining technologies for a sustainable              edited by CENTA-ISIM, ISSN 1842-5518, pp.
      development and environment, Timisoara,             75-84
      Romania, 2006 May 24-26, ISBN (10) 973-
                                                     14. A. R ǎduţǎ, C. Demian, Nouvelle tendance
      8359-40-6, pp.255-262.
                                                         dans les utilisations et la fabrication des
7.    C.Crăciunescu,      V.Budău,    V.A.Serban,        matériaux biocompatible (New Tendances in
      C.Codrean, S.Duma, , Shape Memory Effect in        the Use and Fabrication of Biocompatible
      Cu – based Ribbons Produced by Melt-               Materials) Ingénierie assistée par ordinateur
      Spinning, Scientific Bulletin of the               et nouveaux matériaux, Ecole d’été, 28 aout –
      “Politehnica” University of Timisoara ,            3 septembre 2006, Timisoara – Roumanie, Ed.
      Transaction on mechanics Tom 51(65)                Orizonturi Universitare, Timisoara, ISBN:
      Fascicola 4, 2006, ISSN 1224-6077 pp. 69-74        (10) 937-638-266-4; (13) 978-973-638-266-6,
                                                         pp. 139-159
8.    C.Crăciunescu,     V.Budău,   V.A.Serban,
      C.Codrean, S.Duma , Micro structural                                              A.
                                                     15. C. Demian, R. Rosu, M.ǎ, Liţ Rǎduţǎ
      Observations of Copper -Based Shape                Experimental Determination of Stresses
      Memory Alloys Produced by Melt – Spinning,         During Plastic Deformation of Titan
      Scientific Bulletin of the “Politehnica”           International conference Structural Integrity of
      University of Timisoara , Transaction on           Welded Constructions, 8 - 9 November 2006,
      mechanics Tom 51(65) Fascicola 4, 2006,            Institute of Welding and Materials Testing
      ISSN 1224-6077 pp. 63-68                           (ISIM) Timisoara, Romania, edited by
                                                         CENTA-ISIM, ISSN 1842-5518, pp. 68-74
9.    C.Codrean, V.A.Serban, I.Mitelea, Specific
      Problems in Vacuum Brazing Austenitic          16. D. Dr ǎgulescu, C Demian, I.Vida Simiti, A.
      Stainless Steels Using Amorphous Alloys,           Rǎduţǎ, R. Prejbeanu Some Defects in an
      Proceedings of 4 th International Conference       Orthopedic Implant International Conference
      on Materials and manufacturing Technologies        on Biomaterials & Medical Devices,
      „MATEHN’06”, Cluj-Napoca , 2006, ISBN              BimMed’2006,      Conference     proceeding,
      973-751-300-2, p.117 (Poster).                     Abstract Volume, November, 9-11th, 2006,
                                                         Iasi, Romania, ISBN 973-718-566-8; 987-
10. C.Codrean, I.Mitelea, V.A.Serban, The
                                                         973-718-566-2, pp. 177-187
    Morphology of Formation and Transformation
    of Structure in Vacuum Oven Brazed Joints        17. I. Mitelea, A. Moşilă, B. Radu The Role of
    with Amorphous Alloys, Proceedings of 4 th           axial pressure for friction welding of QT heat
    International Conference on Materials and            treated components, Annals of the Oradea
    Manufacturing Technologies „MATEHN’06”,              University, Fascicle of Management and
    Cluj-Napoca, 2006, ISBN 973-751-300-2,               Technological Engineering, 2006, ISSN 1583-
    p.118 (Poster).                                      0691, CNCSIS accredited, pp. 1049-1056
11. M. Nicoar ǎ,     Les Mousses Métalliques         18. I. Mitelea, Gh. Găvănescu EDX and X-Ray
    (Metallic Foams) Ingénierie assistée par             diffraction investigations on deposited metal
    ordinateur et nouveaux matériaux, Ecole              with SAW 2 wires TWIN-ARC Annals of the
    d’été, 28 aout – 3 septembre 2006, Timisoara         Oradea University, Fascicle of Management
    – Roumanie, Ed. Orizonturi Universitare,             and Technological Engineering, 2006, ISSN
    Timisoara, ISBN: (10) 937-638-266-4; (13)            1583-0691, CNCSIS accredited, pp. 1057-
    978-973-638-266-6, pp. 159-175                       1066
12. A. R ǎduţǎ, C. De mian, C. Locovei, M.                   PhD THESIS – oncoming
    Nicoarǎ,    R.    Cucuruz    Inter-crystalline
                                                     1.   Spornic Luminita Studies upon structures in
    Cracking in Tubes Fabricated from Aluminum
                                                          the binding area and upon materials’
    Alloys International conference Structural
                                                          mechanical properties electrically welded by
    Integrity of Welded Constructions, 8 - 9
                                                          pressure on which thermo-mechanical
    November 2006, Institute of Welding and
                                                          treatments are imposed, scientific supervisor:
    Materials Testing (ISIM) Timisoara, Romania,
                                                          prof. dr. eng. Ioan Carţiş
    edited by CENTA-ISIM, ISSN 1842-5518, pp.
    48-54                                            2.   Firu Carmen, Methods of improving the
                                                          characteristics of composites with a metalloc
13. C. Locovei, C. Demian, ǎduţǎ, M.
                                A. R
                                                          matrix, scientific supervisor: prof. dr. eng.
    Nicoarǎ Increasing the Fatigue Resistance of
                                                          Ioan Carţiş
    Some Casting Parts Belonging to Railway
    Chassis International conference Structural      3.   Popa Dorel, Methods of improving the
    Integrity of Welded Constructions, 8 - 9              characteristics and fiability of railway
    November 2006, Institute of Welding and
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                    195

     springs., scientific supervisor: prof. dr. eng.         „Aluminum-Based Metallic Foams Fabricated
     Ioan Carţiş                                             by Mean of Powder Metallurgy – Processing
                                                             and Characterization” Director: Assoc.
4.   Igret Sorin, Methods of increasing the fiability
                                                             prof. dr. eng. Mircea Nicoară, Value:
     of components used for cars, scientific
                                                             12,000 RON
     supervisor: prof. dr. eng. Ioan Carţiş
                                                         8. Contract No. 63 16PS546/2005 - Agency
5.   Roşu Radu, Methods of acquiring and
                                                            universitaire de la Francophonie, Project of
     processing of biomatreials for human
                                                            inter-universities   scientific  cooperation
     prosthesis, scientific supervisor: prof. dr. eng.
                                                            between      POLITEHNICA University of
     Ioan Carţiş
                                                            Timisoara, University of Reims Champagne-
6.   Popescu Diana – Carmen, The prediction of              Ardenne and University of Québec at Trois-
     structural and mechanical properties of                Rivières, 2005-2006 Study of Phase
     concentrated energy treated steels, scientific         Transformation in Non-Ferrous Parts
     supervisor: prof. dr. eng. M. Trusculescu              Fabricated by Mean of Rapid Prototyping in
                                                            Order to Increase the Mechanical Properties
                                                            Director: Assoc. prof. dr. eng. R
         RESEARCH CONTRACTS                                 Aurel, Value(2006): 15,000 EURO
1. Contract No. 255(408) / 2004, Matnantech,
   Microsensors and actuators for micro-opto-            9. Contract No. 507 /2006 – S.C. A&D
   electro-mechanical systems manufactured by               Technologies SRL Activities of Consulting,
   shape    memory      ally  nanoengineering,              Technical Expertise and Services Regarding
   Consortium director: Assoc. prof. dr. eng.               Materials and Parts Used for Current
   Marius Crăciunescu, UPT director assoc, prof.            Production at A&D Technologies Director:
   dr. eng. Viorel Şerban Value (2006): 25,000              Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Mircea Nicoară,
   RON                                                      Value: 706 RON
2. Contract No. no. 470/ 12.06.2006 – S.C.               10. Contract No. 400/ 17.02.2006 - Zoppas
   ContiTech Romania S.R.L. Analysis and                     Industries Romania SRL Technical Tests and
   Testing Activities Regarding the Materials                Interpretation Reports Regarding the Results
   Quality Used in Current Production of                     of Metallographic Analyses, Hardness
   ContiTech Romania Director: Assoc. prof.                  Measurements       and Determinations of
   dr. eng. Mircea Nicoară, Value: 3,400                     Composition for Parts Belonging to Current
   EURO                                                      Production of Zoppas Industries Romania
                                                             Director: Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Aurel
3. Contract No. 425/ 2006 - S.C. Promes S.A.                 Rǎduţǎ, Value: 2,080 EURO
   Design of the Technology for Superficial
   Hardening of Railway Bogies Director:                 11. Contract No. 465/ 25.05.2006 - S.C. MEVA
   Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Mircea Nicoară,                     S:A. Technical Tests and Interpretation
   Value: 10,948 RON                                         Reports    Regarding    the Technological
                                                             Optimizations and Quality Control of Product
4. Contract No. 480 /2006 - S.C. Solectron                   Belonging to MEVA Comp. Director: Assoc.
   Romania S.R.L. Technical Assistance and                                       ǎduţǎ, Value: 4 ,661
                                                             prof. dr. eng. Aurel R
   Consulting for Flow of Materials Used in                  RON
   Current Production of S.C. Solectron
   Romania S.R.L. Director: Assoc. prof. dr.             12. Contract No. 506/ 21.08.2006, Lives
   eng. Mircea Nicoară, Value: 2,150 RON                     International, France, Characterization of
                                                             Materials Used for Fabrication of Data
5. Contract No. 421 /2006 – S.C. Zoppas                      Logger Probes. 1st Phase: Studies and
   Industries Romania SRL Consulting Activities              Experimentations on Thermal Insulations type
   Regarding the Design of Heating Elements                  Silica Aerogel Director: Assoc. prof. dr.
   Currently Produced at Zoppas Industries                   eng. Aurel R ǎduţǎ, Value: 1 ,500 EURO
   Romania Director: Assoc. prof. dr. eng.
   Mircea Nicoară, Value: 26,941 RON                     13. Contract No. 408/ 06.03.2006 – S.C. ICPV
                                                             SA Arad Technical Tests and Interpretation
6. Contract No. 224 /2005 – 2006 S.C. Arsat KN               Reports Regarding the Quality of Materials
   SRL Studies and Experimental Researches                   Used for Fabrication of Railways Tanks.
   Regarding the Technology of Inductive                     Director: Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Aurel
   Hardening for Parts Currently Produced at                 Rǎduţǎ, Value: 1,410 RON
   S.C. Arsat KN SRL Director: Assoc. prof. dr.
   eng. Mircea Nicoară, Value: 22,765 RON                14. Contract Code CEEX MEC 1285/2006-2008
                                                             Optimization of Dento-Parodontal Treatments
7. Contract CNCSIS 32940/2004, theme no. 16,                 Using      the    Laser    Technology     –
   code CNCSIS 182, 3rd phase, 2006                          Multidisciplinary Tests - OTDP-LAS-TEST
196                                                  FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

      Director: Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Aurel                       RESEARCH TEAM
      Rǎduţǎ, Value: 570,000 RON
                                                            Prof. dr. eng. Ioan CARŢIŞ – Director
15. Contract No. 486/2006 The chemical                      Prof. dr. eng. Marin TRUŞCULESCU
    composition, metalographic analysis and                 Prof. dr. eng. Ion MITELEA
    hardness measurings HV5. Director: Assoc.               Prof. dr. eng. Victor BUDĂU
    prof. dr. eng. Liţ Marin, Value: 1,600 RON              Prof.dr.eng. Roland Laurenţiu CUCURUZ
16. SCOPES Project IB 7420-110981/1 –(2005-                 Prof. dr. eng. Viorel Aurel ŞERBAN
    2008), Southern Nanoengineering Network                 Prof. dr. eng. Livius UDRESCU
    (international partnership ), Director: Assoc.          Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Aurel RĂDUŢĂ
    prof. dr. eng. Marius Crăciunescu, Value:               Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Mircea NICOARĂ
    31,950 CHF                                              Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Bogdan RADU
                                                            Assoc. prof. dr. eng. M. CRĂCIUNESCU
17. Contract CEEX No. 7/2005, Nanocontrol and               Lecturer dr. fiz. Marin LIŢĂ
    Multifunctionality  in   Shape      Memory
                                                            Assist. dr. eng. Sebastian Titus DUMA
    Materials, Microlayers and Architectures,
                                                            Assist. Dr.eng. Cosmin CODREAN
    Consortium director: Assoc. prof. dr. eng.
                                                            Assist. eng. Carmen OPRIŞ
    Marius Crăciunescu, UPT director assoc. prof.
    dr. ing Budau Victor Value (2006): 73,000               Assist. eng. Cosmin LOCOVEI
    RON                                                     Dr. eng. Dragoş UŢU
                                                            Drd. eng. Diana Carmen POPESCU
18. Contract No. 27668/2005, Grant CNCSIS, The              Drd. eng. Radu Alexandru ROŞU
    production     and     characterization     of          Eng. Angela ZIMCEA
    ferromagnetic nanostructural alloys out of the          Eng. Miron GAVRILONI
    Fe-Cr-(Nb, Mo)-P-Si-B family, Director:
    prof. dr. eng. Viorel Aurel Şerban, Value for                        Contact
    2006: 11,000 RON
                                                     Dr. eng. Sebastian Titus DUMA
19. Contract CEEX No. 221/2006 New materials         Email:
    with amorphous structure for brazing meant       Tel:     +40-256-403751
    for    special    industrial   applications-
    NOVABRAZ Director: prof. dr. eng.. Viorel
    Aurel Şerban, Value: 40,000 RON

         GENERAL PRESENTATION                           Mechanisms;
                                                        Machine design and parts for precision
The research centre was founded in 11.05.2001 by
                                                         mechanics and mechatronics;
the teaching staff of the Mechanisms and Machine
                                                        Tribology;
Parts’ Department.       The research centre was
                                                        Instrumentation and metrology;
recognized by CNCSIS as a C type centre with
                                                        Optical and opto-electronical apparatus;
certificate number 71/CC-C/11.05.2001. From
                                                        Biomedical apparatus (medical robotics and
2002, the research centre belongs to the
                                                         medical investigation);
Mechatronics’ Department from „Politehnica”
                                                        Robotics;
University of Timisoara.
                                                        Mechatronics;
The head of the research centre is Prof.dr.eng.         Simulation and artificial intelligence;
Inocenţiu Maniu                                         Finite element analysis;
E-mail:                      Internet teleoperation;
                                                        Domestic robots;
The major research domains are:                         Prosthesis;
 Mechanical Transmission;
                                                        Sensors and Actuating systems;
 Precision Mechanics;
                                                        Computer Aided Design;
 Mechatronics and Robotics
                                                        Virtual reality;
The main research topics are:                           Computer Aided Quality, Quality Assurance,
                                                         Quality Management.
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                      197

The research centre was founded in order to:
 coordinate the scientific fundamental studies:
 mechanisms and mechanical transmission;
 robotics,        precision    mechanics     and
 biomedical techniques; instrumentation and
 develop applied studies in different research
    projects for economical societies.
The research team disseminates the results in
various publications: books, papers presented at
national and international symposia, congresses etc.
                                                       ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS
          MAIN RESEARCH FIELDS                         • Collective competence used in computer aided
                                                       design for general purpose or special mechanical
    Theoretical and experimental research of
                                                       drives (gears, belts, synchronic - belts etc.)
     mechanisms and mechanical drives.
                                                       • Software for gears, cams and linkages design
Keywords: gears, belts, linkages, cams, aviators,
tribology, finite element method.                      • Improvement of mechanisms and machine
                                                       elements standardization. Studies for service life
 Robotics                                             increase and reducing of wear
Keywords: robots, flexible fabrication systems,
CIM systems, modelling/simulation and artificial       RESEARCH TEAM
intelligence.                                           Prof.dr.eng. Dan PERJU
                                                        Prof.dr.eng. Francisc KOVACS
                                                        Prof.dr.eng. Octavian GLIGOR
                                                        Prof.dr.eng. Lucian MĂDĂRAS
                                                        Prof.dr.eng. Voicu MESAROŞ-ANGHEL
                                                        Prof.dr.eng. Inocenţiu MANIU
                                                        Prof.dr.eng. Adjani DAVIDESCU
                                                        Francisc IOANOVICI
                                                        Stefan VARGA
                                                        Erwin-Christian LOVASZ
                                                        Iosif CĂRĂBAŞ
                                                        Mircea DREUCEAN
                                                        Veronica ARGEŞANU
                                                        Carmen STICLARU
                                                        Assist.eng. Ioan COŢA
                                                        Lect. Dr.eng. Angela DREUCEAN
                                                        Lect. Dr.eng. Dan MĂRGINEANU
   Studies and researches in the precision
                                                        Lect. Dr.eng. Andreea DOBRA
    mechanics field and mechatronics.
                                                        Lect. Dr.eng. Rodica MILITARU,
 Keywords: measuring devices, transducers,
                                                        Lect. Dr.eng. Mihaela JULA,
    metrology, quality assurance and optical
                                                        Assist.eng. Adriana TEODORESCU.
 CAD, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.    RESEARCH OFFERS
Keywords: 3D modeling, virtual reality, finite          Computer aided design of special purpose
element method.                                           mechanisms and mechanical drives
                                                        Automatic equipment, reducers and gears
                                                        Design and testing of cam and linkages
      Researches in MECHANISMS AND
                                                        Studies with finite element method.
FIELD DESCRIPTION                                               Researches in ROBOTICS AND
• theoretical study, design and tests of special                      MECHATRONICS
purpose mechanisms and mechanical drives, cams         FIELD DESCRIPTION
and linkages, mechanical variators, behavior of        Fundamental and applied research in the field of the
machine elements and mechanisms                        automation of flexible manufacturing processes, of
• tribological behavior of machine elements and        computer aided design, as well as related to the
mechanisms                                             component equipment’s and techniques of flexible
                                                       manufacturing systems.
198                                                   FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

                                                         Prof.dr.eng. Valeria VĂCĂRESCU
                                                         Prof.dr.eng. Voicu MESAROŞ-ANGHEL
ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS                                   Prof. dr. eng. Inocenţiu MANIU
• Fundamental, oriented and applied research           Ştefan VARGA
aiming realization and industrial implementation of    Mircea DREUCEAN
computer integrated manufacturing systems.             Nicolae DEHELEAN
                                                         Lect. Dr.eng. Sanda GRIGORESCU
                                                         Lect. Dr.eng. Anca POPA
                                                         Lect. Dr.eng. Aurel DIACONU
                                                         Lect. Dr.eng. Milenco LUCHIN
                                                         Lect. Dr.eng. Marius MATEAŞ
                                                         Assist.eng. Adrian RADU.

                                                      RESEARCH OFFERS
                                                       On- and off-line diagnosis of flexible
                                                         manufacturing systems components.
                                                       Factory transports flexibility. Conception and
                                                         industrial   implementation     of     flexible
• Conception of flexible manufacturing modules,          manufacturing systems.
machining of medium – size parts (axles, bushings      Conception and different types of sensors.
and prismatic parts).                                    Modernizing      methodologies      of     NC
• Flexible systems for manufacturing processes.          equipment’s.
                                                       Methodologies for integration of equipment
                                                         purchased from heterogeneous manufacturer in
                                                         unitary production systems.
                                                          Researches in PRECISION MECHANICS
                                                      FIELD DESCRIPTION
                                                      The research in the field of precision mechanics
                                                      deals with the improvement of the measurement
                                                      techniques, apparatus and precision mechanics
                                                      equipment’s, as well as quality assurance in
                                                      ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS
                                                      • The analysis, synthesis and testing of apparatus
RESEARCH BENEFICIARES                                 and precision mechanics equipment’s
Ministry of Education, Ministry of Research and       • modern laboratory techniques and quality
Technology, Fraunhofer Institute IPA Stuttgart,       assurance
Germany, Technical University of Dresden              • CAQ.
RESEARCH TEAM                                         RESEARCH BENEFICIARES
 Prof.dr.eng. Francisc KOVACS                        Direcţia Sanitară Judeţeană Timiş, S.C. Optica
 Prof.dr.eng. George SAVII                           Timişoara, INCDMF Bucureşti, Ministry of
 Prof.dr.eng. Corneliu RĂDULESCU                     National    Education     (CNCSIS),    Siemens
 Prof.dr.eng. Valer DOLGA                            Automotive VDO.
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                      199

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RESEARCH OFFERS                                          26-28, 2006, ISBN: 973-648-572-3): pp 57-59
 Modern techniques for metrological testing.         4. Cioi D. - Comparison of 3D Stereoscopic
   Measuring instruments and equipment’s for             Visualization     Devices,    Proceedings      of
   quality control.                                      COMEFIM'8, the 8th International Conference
                                                         on Mechatronics and Precision Engineering
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                PUBLICATIONS                             Design Proceedings of COMEFIM'8, 8th
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200                                                     FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

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FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                        201

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34.   Endre I.      The artificial blood a solution in          Getriebebibliothek DMG-Lib Proceedings of
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38.   Hufenbach W., Modler Karl-Heinz, Täger O.,                Interface for Pocket PC Based Mobile
202                                                      FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

    Telephony 4th WSEAS Int. Conference on                    prof. dr. eng. Dreucean Mircea, Value for
    Applied Electromagnetics, Wireless and                    2006: 45.000 RON;
    Optical Communications (Electroscience `06),
                                                         9.   Virtual Reality Colaborative Environment for
    Italy; 2006; ISBN 960-8457-56-4, pp.257-262.
                                                              orthopedical preoperatory planificatoin CEEX
47. Radu A. G. A Case Study Of Reverse
                                                              114 / 15.09.2006 assist. prof. dr. eng. Dreucean
    Engineering Through Rapid Prototyping
                                                              Mircea, - responsabil partener UPT Value for
    Proceedings of COMEFIM'8, The 8th
                                                              2006: 73017 RON
    International Conference on Mechatronics and
    Precision Engineering (Cluj-Napoca June 8-10,        10. Development      and    implementation     of
    2006, ISSN: 1221-5872), pp.611-616                       performant rehabilitation and investigation
48. Radu A. G Analysis Of A Rotary Table                     systems for human spine deformation at school
    Positioning Device As a Mechatronic System               aged people and sedentary professional CEEX
    Proceedings of COMEFIM'8, The 8th                        1612 Director Assist. prof. dr. eng. Lovasz
    International Conference on Mechatronics and             Erwin Value for 2006: 200.000;
    Precision Engineering (Cluj-Napoca June 8-10,
    2006, ISSN: 1221-5872) pp. 391-396                   11. Advanced pneumatic systems for precise in
49. Diaconu A., Radu A. G., Maniu I., Joni N.                robotics in other industrial applications, based
    Research and Training in Robotized Welding               on the development of new types of
    Roboti Industriali, Buletinul Inst. Politeh. Iaşi,       proportional     servo    -    distributors   in
    tom LII, fasc. 7A, Constr. de Maşini, ISSN               mechatronic conception (SPASERVODIST)
    1011-2855, p.195-200, 2006                               CEEX Director Partner: prof. dr. eng. Maniu
                                                             Inocenţiu, Value for 2006: 8.000 RON;
      GRANTS / RESEARCH PROGRAMS                         12. Development of an informatic platform for
1.    Researches on using the robotic systems for the        potential characterization of fine mechanics,
      enhancement of the technical and economical            Mechatronics and automation branches,
      competitiveness in Romanian industry, 21               regarding the increase of competitiveness and
      CEEX I 03 / 07.10.2005, Director: Prof.dr.eng.         optimization    of   specific    activities –
      Maniu Inocenţiu, Value for 2006: 630.000               development of a collaborative environment
      RON;                                                   IPCPMMA CEEX Director Partner: prof. dr.
                                                             eng. Maniu Inocenţiu, Value for 2006: none
2.    Nanomaterials with controlled porosity and
      magnetic & optical properties, obtained by sol-    13. Virtual reality laboratory setup UPT – own
      gel and sono-synthesis method, with potential          founds Director Partner: prof. dr. eng. Maniu
      applications in environment protection, biology        Inocenţiu, Value for 2006: 55.000.
      and medicine, CEEX P-CD/98-9-11750/2005,
      Director: Prof.dr.eng. Savi George, Value for                         PhD THESIS
      2006: 70.000 RON                                   1.   Ostoia Daniel Studies about forming of
3.    Skill-based Inspection and Assembly for                 mixture and afterburning control upon
      Reconfigurable Automation Systems, FP6 /                working behaviour in burning chamber in
      NMP2-CT-2005/017146, Director: Prof.dr.eng.             correlation with emission controlled engine
      Savi George, Value for 2006: 80.000 EUR;                regime for Diesel motor, scientific supervisor:
                                                              prof. dr. eng. Lucian Mădăras;
4.    Virtual Reality For Computer Aided Design
      CNCSIS 2739 / 19.05.2006 Director: dr. Eng.        2.   Costache Marius Contributions on optimal
      Cioi Daniel, Value for 2006: 7500 RON;                  synthesis of lenticular systems, scientific
                                                              supervisor: prof. dr. eng. Ioan Nicoară;
5.    Simulation, Control and Testing Platform with
      applications in mechatronics (ConMec) 112          3.   Dumache Constantin Contributions on finding
      CEEX II 03 / 2006 _P2 Director: Prof.dr.eng.            position of infrared radiation source based on
      Dolga Valer, Value for 2006: 25.000 RON;                incident radiant flux, scientific supervisor:
                                                              prof. dr. eng. Ioan Nicoară;
6.    Mechatronics & Robotics Laboratory MEC
      Director: Prof.dr.eng. Dolga Valer, Value for      4.   Ardelean Flavius Contributions on geard
      2006: 500.000 RON;                                      harmonic drives used in airtight placement,
7.    Intelligent CAD Methods used for customized             scientific supervisor: prof. dr. eng. Ioan
      design of bone system deficiency corrections            Nicoară;
      CNCSIS 2739 /19.05.2006       Director prof.
      dr. eng. Davidescu Arjana Value for 2006:                           PhD STUDENTS
      21.800;                                            1.   Craciun Mihaela Daciana: Information System
8.    Objective analyse system for locomotory                 for Credit Soliciting Companies Evaluation,
      handicap CNCSIS cod 656 Director assist.                scientific supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. George Savi
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                      203

2.   Şerban Sorina Gabriela: Computer Aided                 locomotive articulate bogie, prof. dr. eng.
     Education in Chemistry, scientific supervisor:         Lucian Mădăras
     Prof.dr.eng. George Savii
                                                        15. Rusu Octav, Studies about performance of
3.   Alba Claudio: Information System for Remote            railway apparatus for high speed trains, prof.
     Operation     and     Monitoring,     scientific       dr. eng. Lucian Mădăras;
     supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. George Savii
                                                        16. Dungan Luiza, Contributions at study and
4.   Visa Mircea: Computer Aided Design of                  research upon flexi coil spring from electrical
     Composite Materials, scientific supervisor:            locomotive CFR 060-EA 5100 kW, prof. dr.
     Prof.dr.eng. George Savii                              eng. Lucian Mădăras;
5.   Cioi Daniel: Virtual Reality for Computer          17. Vela Daniel Gheorghe, Contributions at
     Aided Design, scientific supervisor: prof.dr.          functional and constructional development of
     eng. George Savii                                      harmonic drive, prof. dr. eng. Lucian Mădăras;
6.   Uruioc Constantin: Information System for          18. Olaru Mihai, Contributions concerning risk
     Efficient Knowledge Transfer, scientific               improvement stabilization in traffic safety,
     supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. George Savii                  prof. dr. eng. Lucian Mădăras;
7.   Penteliuc-Cotosman Dumitru: Information            19. Marinca Petru, Contributions concerning
     System for Distance Learning, scientific               functional and constructional development of
     supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. George Savii                  direction and brake mechanisms for vehicles,
                                                            prof. dr. eng. Lucian Mădăras;
8.   Mioc Mirella: Medical Applications Oriented
     Knowledge Bases, scientific supervisor: prof.      20. Hotea Adriana, Contributions to optimal
     Dr.eng. George Savii                                   synthesis of cams mechanisms, prof. dr. eng.
                                                            Dan Perju;
9.   Hoanca Radu: Information System for
     Integrated Production Management, scientific       21. Zăbavă Eugen Sever, Contributions to
     supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. George Savii                  synthesis of cam mechanisms with tangential
                                                            follower, prof. dr. eng. Dan Perju;
10. Gyiman Carmen: Expert System for
    Production Management, scientific supervisor:       22. Moldovan Cristian, Study of centroidal type
    Prof.dr.eng. George Savii                               mechanisms, prof. dr. eng. Dan Perju;
11. Alba Lavinia: Teleoperated service robot over       23. Ciorogar Ciprian Alin, Contributions to
    Internet, scientific supervisor: prof.mhc.dr.           improving the quality of the measuring
    eng. Francisc Kovacs                                    instruments/apparatus of register type, prof.
                                                            dr. eng. Dan Perju;
12. Vatau      Steliana:    Optimizing    functional
    construction of quadruped walking robot,            24. Lupa Florin Sebastian, Contributions to
    scientific      supervisor:     prof.mhc.dr.eng.        optimum synthesis of linkage and cam
    Francisc Kovacs                                         mechanisms, prof. dr. eng. Dan Perju;
13. Dragotoiu Oana: Optimal solution to finance         25. Raicov Radoslav, Study of laser cutting
    robotics flexible manufacturing systems                 processes for improving their quality and of
    investments, scientific supervisor: prof.mhc.dr.        the products, prof. dr. eng. Dan Perju;
    eng. Francisc Kovacs
                                                        26. Pop Ioan Adrian, Special mechanical
14. Ursu Gabriel Vasile, Contributions at elastic           transmissions, prof. dr. eng. Dan Perju;
    joint parameters optimization and the
                                                        27. Herbai Alexandru Modelling techniques for
    influence of elastic joint upon turn running of
                                                            automatic reconfiguration of production
                                                            systems, Prof.dr.eng. George Savii.
204                                                  FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

                     RESEARCH CENTRE

           GENERAL PRESENTATION                                          MISSION
This research centre was founded in 2001              To promote its main expertise fields, by means
(CNCSIS Certificate 70/CC/C/2001) and re-              of research projects & university curricula, by
approved in 2006 (CNCSIS Certificate                   fundamental & applied, industrial, lab scaled &
14/12.IX.2006) by the National Council for             numerical simulations research, by offering
University Research (CNCSIS), being recognized         expertize & consultancy, by performing
for the following main research fields:                educational activities at undergraduate &
                                                       graduate level, doctoral training, and post-
     Thermal machines and equipment
                                                       university or expert training;
     Environmental protection
                                                      To develop a self-financement budget by
     Transport vehicles
                                                       applying for research fundings, completion of
The research team include the members of the           basic equipment and additional activities
founding chairs:                                       (conferences, publications);
 Chair of Thermodynamics, Thermal Machines           To organize workshops, conferences, summer
    and Road Vehicles                                  schools and other training modalities.
 Chair of Transportation Engineering,                To penetrate in the european research network
as well as associated researchers and PhD & master     and establish/apply/receive dissemination of
students.                                              high level curricula and R&D fields.
                                                      To enlarge the thematic offer and activities.
Category      Under 35    Between    Over 46
               years      35 and 45    years
                                                         Researches in INTERNAL COMBUSTION
                             years                         ENGINES (ICEs) AND FUEL CELLS
              Fem   Male Fem Male Fem Male           Keywords: spark-ignition engine, diesel engine,
Total          3     9     3      12 3      20       heat flow, carburettor hot spot, compression rate,
PhD title      0     3     2       8 3      19
                                                     heat exchanger, mixture formation, combustion
                                                     process, numerical evaluation of pollutants, fuel
PhD            3    7     1     3       -     1
students                                             cell, energy use reduction, emission reduction
Teaching       1    1     2     11      3     8       Activities:
(full-time)                                             experimental     researches     regarding   the
Research      2/-   8/-   1/-   1/-     -/-   1/-        operation, the level of pollution and energetic
personnel                                                performance of ICEs using gaseous fuels
from RO/                                                experimental    researches      regarding   the
from abroad                                              endurance and reliability qualities of ICEs
                                                        experimental researches regarding the thermo-
                                                         mechanical stresses in the ICEs sub-units
                                                        numerical evaluation of the mixture formation
Director: Prof. Dr. eng. habil Ioana IONEL
                                                         and the combustion process, based on the fuel
Address:         1, Bv. Mihai Viteazu                    drops evolution (Diesel engines)
                 300222 Timişoara
                                                        numerical evaluation of pollutants
Tel.    +40-256-403670
Fax:    +40-256-403669                                  calculation of the energetic and ecological
E-mail:                           performances for ICEs using gaseous fuels
                                                        studies regarding the use of fuel cells to reduce
Web page:
                                                         energy use and emissions for transportation and
                                                         stationary power applications
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                      205

            RESEARCH PROJECTS                             Universitatea din Oradea, Annals of the
                                                          Oradea University, Fascicle of Management
1.   CEEX grant AMTRANS, Contr. No. X1CO1 /
                                                          and Technological engineering, Vol.V (XV)
     2006, The possibilities and limitations of the
                                                          2006, ISSN 1583-0691, pp.407-412
     ecologisation of urban traffic by using fuels
     obtained from vegetable oils, Director UPT        5. Negrea V.D., Blaga, V., The variation of the
     (Partner): Liviu Mihon,           effective power, moment of the couple, hour
     Value: 27,000 RON                                    and specific consumption with the speed and
                                                          the temperature of the environment, The 1st
                                                          International Conference Motor Vehicle and
         BOOKS                                            Transportation - MVT2006-01, Timişoara,
                                                          Nov. 15-17, 2006, “Orizonturi Universitare”
1.   Liviu Mihon, Ioana Ionel, Gheorghe Pop,              Publishing House, ISBN (10) 973-638-284-2,
     Virgiliu Dan Negrea, Measurements of the             ISBN (13) 978-973-638-284-0, pp.77-82
     nonoelectrical quantities (published in
     Romanian),      “Orizonturi    Universitare”                            ǎ,
                                                       6. Negrea V.D., Drug F., Reduction of exhaust
     Publishing House, Timişoara, ISBN (10) 973-          gas emissions of a 10 liter volume diesel
     638-258-3; ISBN (13) 978-973-638-258-1,              engine, The 1st International Conference Motor
     2006, 210 pages                                      Vehicle and Transportation - MVT2006-01,
                                                          Timişoara, Nov. 15-17, 2006, “Orizonturi
2.   Gelu Padure, Road Vehicles. Design and               Universitare” Publishing House, ISBN (10)
     Computation (published in Romanian), Vol.1           973-638-284-2, ISBN (13) 978-973-638-284-0,
     (second edition), ISBN 973-625-136-5,                pp.95-100
     „Politehnica” Publishing House, Timişoara,
                                                       7. Negrea V.D., Blaga, V., The mathematical
     2006, 250 pages (20 new pages)                       modelling at engines with spark ignition
3.   Dǎnilǎ Iorga, Gelu Padure, Daniel Ostoia,            electronic injection, The 1st International
     Internal Combustion Engines – Fuel Systems &         Conference Motor Vehicle and Transportation
     Control – (practical works), Solness Publishing      - MVT2006-01, Timişoara, Nov. 15-17, 2006,
     House, Timişoara, 2006, ISBN 973-729-085-2,          “Orizonturi Universitare” Publishing House,
     118 pages                                            ISBN (10) 973-638-284-2, ISBN (13) 978-973-
                                                          638-284-0, pp.131-138
                                                       8. Negrea V.D., Blaga, F., Dragomir, G.,
1. Negrea, V.D., Forţofoi, M.D., Rafan, L.I.,             Research     concerning   the    performance
   Negrea, I., Sixth environment action                   evolution of a normal admission diesel engine,
   programme Environment 2010: Our future,                by means of fuzzy functions, International
   Our choice, Environmental Engineering and              Congress MVM-06, Kragujevac (Serbia),
   Management,        International     Conference        Oct.4-6, 2006, ISBN 86-80581-95-X, Paper
   ICEEM/2,      Iasi,     May      24-26,   2006,        MVM 20060031, Sect. A, pp.1-5
   Environmental Engineering and Management
   Journal, ISSN 1582-9596, pp.1379-1386               9. Iorga, D., Mihon, L., Padure, G., Vrabie, I.,
                                                          Henriot, M., Recherche concernant les
2. Negrea, V.D., Dragomir, G., Blaga, L.,                 modifications des performances d'un moteur
   Georgescu, L., Studii si cercetari privind             Diesel à injection directe par la variation de la
   evaluarea termogazodinamica a unui motor               viscosité du combustible à l'aide d'une aiguille
   diesel cu admisiune normala în corelatie cu            rotative, COFRET’06, Timişoara, June 15-17,
   Interpretarea datelor prin functii fuzzy –             2006, Special Issue of the Sci. Bull. UPT,
   partea I, Annals of the Oradea University,             Transactions in Mechanics, ISSN 1224-6077,
   Fascicle of Management and Technological               Tom 51(65), No.1, pp.165-170
   engineering, Vol.V (XV) 2006, ISSN 1583-
   0691, pp.511-516                                    10. Mihon, L., Modelling elements for the
                                                           auxiliary systems which work on road vehicles,
3. Negrea V.D., Bocce, D., Gombos, D., Durgau,             Proceedings of the 11th Symposium of
   M., Danciu, B., Aspecte economice privind               Mathematics and its Applications, Timisoara
   modernizarea Punctului termic de la                     2006, Scientific Bull. UPT, Transactions on
   Universitatea din Oradea, Annals of the                 Mathematics and Physics, Tom 52(66), Fasc.2,
   Oradea University, Fascicle of Management               2006, ISSN 1224-6069, pp.85-92
   and Technological engineering, Vol.V (XV)
   2006, ISSN 1583-0691, pp.403-406                    11. Iorga, D., Vrabie, I., Padure, G., Mihon, L.,
                                                           Influence on the direct injection diesel engine
4. Negrea V.D., Bococi, D., Gombos, D., Durgau,            performances of the spraying characteristics
   M., Danciu, B., Analiza posibilitǎţilor de              by modifying the injection pressure, The 1st
   modernizare a Punctului termic de la                    International Conference Motor Vehicle and
206                                                   FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

      Transportation     MVT2006,      “Orizonturi    18. Negoiţescu, A.S., Ostoia, D., Nagi, M., The
      Universitare” Publishing House, Nov. 15-17,         determination of the criterial equation in
      2006, ISBN (10) 973-638-284-2, ISBN (13)            graphic form for fluid flow perpendicular on a
      978-973-638-284-0, pp. 91-94                        staggered bank of tubes of ALCO 18 m3 oil
                                                          cooler, COFRET’06, Timişoara, June 15-17,
12. Iorga, D., Vrabie, I., Padure, G., Mihon, L.,
                                                          2006, Special Issue of the Sci. Bull. UPT,
    The influence of spraying characteristics by
                                                          Transactions in Mechanics, ISSN 1224-6077,
    modification of injection nozzle holes number
                                                          Tom 51(65), No.1, pp.71-74
    on direct injection diesel engine performances,
    The 1st International Conference Motor Vehicle    19. Ostoia, D., Negoiţescu, A.S., Modellation
    and Transportation MVT2006, “Orizonturi               possibility of losses through diesel engine
    Universitare” Publishing House, Nov. 15-17,           piston rings leakiness, COFRET’06, Timişoara,
    2006, ISBN (10) 973-638-284-2, ISBN (13)              June 15-17, 2006, Special Issue of the Sci.
    978-973-638-284-0, pp. 129-134                        Bull. UPT, Transactions in Mechanics, ISSN
                                                          1224-6077, Tom 51(65), No.1, pp.151-154
13. Mihon, D., Pap, P., Mihon, L., Advanced
    public transport systems for reducing             20. Fillip, A., Negrea, V.D., Evaluation through
    environmental pollution, The 1st International        calculation using the method of the real cycle
    Conference Motor Vehicle and Transportation           of functioning of diesel engine for the evolution
    MVT2006,        “Orizonturi     Universitare”         of the gases temperature in its cylinder,
    Publishing House, Nov. 15-17, 2006, ISBN              COFRET’06, Timişoara, June 15-17, 2006,
    (10) 973-638-284-2, ISBN (13) 978-973-638-            Special Issue of the Sci. Bull. UPT,
    284-0, pp. 235-238                                    Transactions in Mechanics, ISSN 1224-6077,
                                                          Tom 51(65), No.1, pp.145-150
14. Mihon, L., Ostoia, D., Studies concerning the
    dynamics of the vehicle equipped with ABS,        21. Grigore, L., Negrea, V.D., Mihon L.,
    The 1st International Conference Motor Vehicle        Modellation of the fuel pipe-injector assembly
    and Transportation MVT2006, “Orizonturi               with finite element method, International
    Universitare” Publishing House, Nov. 15-17,           Conference ACME-02, May 16-17, 2006,
    2006, ISBN (10) 973-638-284-2, ISBN (13)              Sci.Bull. of Technical University of Iaşi, Vol.L
    978-973-638-284-0, pp.53-62                           (LIV), No.6, ISSN 1011-2855, pp.35-43
15. Negrea V.D., Mihon, L., Holotescu, S.,            22. Grigore, L., Negrea, V.D., Padure, G., Analysis
    Determinarea prin calcul a pierderilor pentru         of the diesel injection pump elements with finite
    traseele de admisiune ale motoarelor cu ardere        element method, International Conference
    interna        in      vederea        evaluarii       ACME-02, May 16-17, 2006, Sci.Bull. of
    termogazodinamicii        acestor       masini,       Technical University of Iaşi, Vol.L (LIV),
    Symposium “„30 de ani de existenţă a                  No.6, ISSN 1011-2855, pp.43-49
    Institutului de Motoare Termice – Master S.A.
                                                      23. Fillip, A., Negrea, V.D., Materials obtained
    – Tendinţe actuale şi strategii de cercetare în
                                                          through sinterisation of nanometric powders
    domeniul motoarelor termice”, Bucharest,
                                                          used at components and sub-assemblies for
    „Printech” Publishing House, Bucharest, 2006,
                                                          Internal combustion engines, Annals of the
    ISBN(10) 973-718-493-9, ISBN(13) 978-973-
                                                          Oradea University, Fascicle of Management
    718-493-1, pp.58-63
                                                          and Technological engineering, Vol.V (XV)
16. Negrea V.D., Padure, G., Negrea, I., Cu privire       2006, ISSN 1583-0691, pp.7-14
    la stabilirea coeficienţilor de debit pentru
                                                      24. Dragomir, G., Negrea, V.D., Georgescu, L.,
    tubulatura de evacuare a motoarelor cu ardere
                                                          Blaga,    L., Case      study reladed to
    internă, Symposium „30 de ani de existenţă a
                                                          thermogasdinamics for a diesel engine with
    Institutului de Motoare Termice – Master S.A.
                                                          normal admission in correlation with data
    – Tendinţe actuale şi strategii de cercetare în
                                                          processing by fuzzy functions - part II, Annals
    domeniul motoarelor termice”, „Printech”
                                                          of the Oradea University, Fascicle of
    Publishing House, ISBN(10) 973-718-493-9,
                                                          Management and Technological engineering,
    ISBN(13) 978-973-718-493-1, Bucharest,
                                                          Vol.V (XV) 2006, ISSN 1583-0691, pp.205-
    2006, pp.64-72
17. Holotescu, S., Stoian, F.D., Analysis methods
                                                      25. Fillip, A., Negrea, V.D., Experimental methods
    of the real compression process for a diesel
                                                          achieved in order to establish the structural
    engine, COFRET’06, Timişoara, June 15-17,
                                                          characteristics and the physical properties of
    2006, Special Issue of the Sci. Bull. UPT,
                                                          the materials for the internal combustion
    Transactions in Mechanics, ISSN 1224-6077,
                                                          engines, obtained by sintering from atomic
    Tom 51(65), No.1, pp.159-164
                                                          clusters, The 1st International Conference
                                                          Motor Vehicle and Transportation - MVT2006-
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                         207

     01, Timişoara, Nov. 15-17, 2006, “Orizonturi             parameters for electronically controlled spark-
     Universitare” Publishing House, ISBN (10)                ignition engines
     973-638-284-2, ISBN (13) 978-973-638-284-0,
                                                         7.   Eng. Cristian Dumitru BOZAN: Researches
                                                              regarding the performance control level for a
26. Vrabie, I., Iorga, D., Padure, G., Cercetări              supercharged     diesel     engine   by      the
    experimentale         privind      îmbunătăţirea          improvement      of     intermediate     cooler
    caracteristicilor pulverizării la un motor diesel         constructive and operational characteristics
    cu injecţie directă de mare putere prin mărirea
                                                         8.   Eng. Virgil STOICA: Studies regarding the
    numărului        orificiilor     pulverizatorului,
                                                              vaporization of hydrocarbons
    corespunzător cu micşorarea diametrului
    acestora, Symposium „30 de ani de existenţă a        9.   Eng. Adela FILIP: Studies and researches
    Institutului de Motoare Termice – Master S.A.             regarding the improvement of thermo-
    – Tendinţe actuale şi strategii de cercetare în           mechanical performances of components made
    domeniul motoarelor termice”, „Printech”                  by sinterization from atomic clusters with
    Publishing House, ISBN(10) 973-718-493-9,                 application to internal combustion engines
    ISBN(13) 978-973-718-493-1, Bucharest,
                                                         10. Eng.    Radu     THUMA        BRANZEAZU:
    2006, pp. 82-91
                                                             Contributions regarding the pollutants control
         PhD THESIS                                          for very high pressure direct injection diesel
1.   Eng. Dan GOMBOS: Studies and researches
     regarding the use of waste heat of geothermal       11. Eng. Radu MARIAN: Researches regarding
     water, PhD superviser: Prof.dr.eng. Virgiliu            the low power diesel engines performances
     Dan Negrea                                              with the use of double injection
2.   Eng. Lăcrămioara Suzana PETRUŢESC-                  12. Eng. Ferencz VOLLONCS: Researches
     BOARU: Studies and researches regarding the             regarding the effects of the fittings made
     pollutants control for an internal combustion           between technical inspections on the technical
     engine in interaction with the automobile               and operational performances and the level of
     which is equipped with it, PhD superviser:              pollutants of urban road vehicles
     Prof.dr.eng. Virgiliu Dan Negrea
                                                         13. Eng. Narcis Petru URICANU: Studies and
3.   Eng.     Florean     DRUGA:      Contributions          researches regarding the level of pollutants
     regarding the constructive and operational              measured at the cars technical inspection, as a
     optimisation of medium and large power                  function of their type, duration and conditions
     engines for road vehicles, PhD superviser:              of operation
     Prof.dr.eng. Virgiliu Dan Negrea
                                                         14. Eng. Radu Iuliu COVACI: Researches
4.   Eng. Ion VRABIE: Contributions regarding                regarding the constructive and operational
     the improvement of the energetic performances           optimisation of a diesel engine from the point
     and pollution limitation for a medium-high              of view of the energetic and pollution
     power direct injection diesel engine, through           performances
     the improvement of the injection quality, PhD
     superviser: Prof.dr.eng. Dǎnilǎ Iorga               15. Eng. Florian Călin NEGRUTIU: Contributions
                                                             regarding the pollutants evaluation in
                                                             connection with the conditions of operation for
                                                             heavy vehicles equipped with high pressure
Development of the Laboratory for Processes in               direct injection diesel engines
Internal Combustion Engines
                                                         16. Eng. Adriana TOKAR: Researches regarding
Development of the Multifunctional Lab for Road              the interaction between the automobile
Vehicles                                                     equipped with internal combustion engine and
                                                             the environment
                PhD STUDENTS
                                                         17. Mariana Dora FORTOFOI: Researches
PhD Superviser: Prof.dr.eng. Virgiliu Dan Negrea
                                                             regarding the systemic-cybernetic approach of
5.   Eng. Sandu IONESCU: Studies and researches              the traffic on public roads, in correlation with
     regarding the heat transfer enhancement in              the civil, criminal and administrative
     heat exchangers with discontinuous fins                 responsibility
6.   Eng. Liviu Mircea POINARIU: Studies and             18. Alexandra Ana GARBONI: Researches
     researches regarding the conditions and                 regarding the implications of harmful factors
     accuracy of measurement of the performance              on the environment quality in the western part
                                                             of Romania
208                                                       FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

19. Lucian Ioan RAFAN: The phenomenon                                   CONTACT PERSONS
    accident in correlation with the environment
                                                          Prof. dr.eng. Virgiliu Dan NEGREA(
                                                          Prof.dr.eng. Daniel IORGA (
20. Eng. Silviu Vasile PONORAN: Road traffic     Liviu MIHON (
    and environmental pollution                           Lect.dr.eng. Gelu PĂDURE (
                                                          Lect. Dr.eng. Sorin HOLOTESCU (
21. Eng. George DRAGOMIR: Researches
    regarding the constructive and operational            Address: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    improvement of a road vehicle internal                         1 Mihai Viteazul Bv., Timişoara, 300222
    combustion engine, in correlation with the            Tel.:    +40-256-403661, 403666
    process of construction and the adjustment to         Fax:     +40-256-403520, +40-256-403669
    the road conditions and pollution control
                                                            Researches in COMBUSTION PROCESS &
PhD Supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. Daniel IORGA                  COMBUSTION FACILITIES FOR CLASSIC
                                                             AND RENEWABLE FUEL SOURCES,,
1.    Cristian NEGHINA: Contributions regarding
                                                          TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE REDUCTION OF
      the optimisation of the methods and techniques
                                                           POLLUTING IMPACT OF THE THERMAL
      used to raise the quality level in the
                                                             MACHINES AND VEHICLES ON THE
      criminological activities through the thermo-
                                                                ENVIRONMENT, AIR QUALITY
      mechanical control of ballistics
2.     Eng. Radu HORATIU: Studies and researches
                                                          Keywords: classic and renewable fuels, waste,
      regarding the conditions for mixture formation
                                                          biomass, burners, boilers, combustion efficiency
      through injection in the valve port of a spark-
                                                          and control, pollutant emissions, air quality,
      ignition engine, related to the engine
                                                          thermal and environmental balances.
      performances and the level of stresses
3.    Eng. Călin MOLDOVEANU: Researches                                      ACTIVITIES
      regarding the energetic performances and the
                                                             Environmental on line measurements, with
      pollution reduction for a direct injection diesel
                                                              attested methods (emissions and air quality), in
      engine using a system of high pressure
                                                              real time data acquisition for CO, SO2, NOx,
      injection pressure
                                                              CmHn,     combustion      quality,   including
4.    Eng. Daniel PICIOREA: Contributions to the              meteorological data
      adjustment of an injection system to use
                                                             Hg measurements
      unconventional liquid fuels for a direct
      injection diesel engine                                Waste management (combustion) and flue gas
5.    Eng. Ludovic BAKOS: Contributions to the
      analysis of the causes and effects of the road         Optical & classical methods for air quality
      accidents from Arad county and methods of               investigation
      limiting it
                                                             Optimization of energy production &
6.    Eng.   Adrian      IRIMESCU:        Mechanical          transmission (power plats), using fossil and
      Engineering                                             renewable fuels
                RESEARCH TEAM                                Numerical simulation of the pollutant
                                                              dispersion, using various statistical methods,
     Prof.dr.eng. Virgiliu Dan NEGREA
                                                              regarding      the      stationary     combustion
     Prof.dr.eng. Daniel IORGA
                                                              installations (boilers, furnaces etc.) and mobile
     Prof.dr.eng. Traian RAICA
                                                              combustion installations (vehicles equipped
 Liviu MIHON
                                                              with ICEs: ISC3 View, Caline 3, Emisfac,
     Lect.dr.eng. Andrei FERENCZ
     Lect.dr.eng. Gelu PADURE
     Lect.dr.eng. Sorin HOLOTESCU                           Numerical     experiments     regarding   the
     Lect. Dr.eng. Gheorghe POP                              optimization of combustion installations by
     Lect. Dr.eng. Arina Speranţa NEGOIŢESCU                 modelling of the velocity, temperature and
     Assist. eng. Virgil STOICA, PhD student                 concentration fields in the furnaces of boiler
     Assist.eng. Daniel OSTOIA, PhD student                  using the FLUENT program package
     Eng. Lăcrămioara Suzana PETRUTESC-
                                                             The ecological evaluation (with attestation of
      BOARU, PhD student
                                                              ISCIR, the Romanian Authority for Safety of
     Eng. Adriana TOKAR, PhD student
                                                              Boilers and Pressurized Installations) of the
     Eng. Ileana NEGREA, PhD student
                                                              stationary and mobile combustion sources
     Eng. Adrian IRIMESCU, PhD student
                                                              (burners, heaters, furnaces, ICEs) by
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                       209

     experimental and theoretical researches, taking    9.   CEEX Program, Contract No. 12233 /
     into consideration their toxicological effects;         12.10.2005, Development of clean technologies
                                                             to produce energy based on coal- TECEBAC,
    Energetic and ecological optimization of low
                                                             Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana Ionel, value
     quality coal, heavy oils and alternative fuels
                                                             for 2006: 115,000 RON
     (such as domestic waste, biomass etc.)
     combustion process by experiments;                 10. CEEX Program, Contract No. 12232/2005,
                                                            Researches regarding the control systems and
    Experimental     researches    regarding    the
                                                            evaluation of emission level in naval
     performance indicators, safety and pollution
                                                            transportation     -   EMSHIPS,       Director:
     level for small boilers (for individual heating
                                                            Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana Ionel, value for 2006:
                                                            27,720 RON
    Thermal balances for simple or complex
                                                        11. CEEX Program, Contract No.9064/20.07.2006,
     thermal installations, with proposals for
                                                            Optical teledetection in the integrated study of
                                                            the pollution in the urban planetary boundary
                    RESULTS                                 layer - TOP, Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana
                                                            Ionel, value for 2006: 22,000 RON
                                                        12. CEEX          Program,        Contract      No.
1.   Contract No. P137 Experts in Balkan region -
                                                            10247/05.09.2006, Optimisation of waste
     CETEOR, Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana
                                                            energetic potential utilization to obtain clean
     Ionel, Value for 2006: 1, 200 USD
                                                            energy in Romanian industrial installations –
2.   Contract No. COLL CT 2005 012566, 2005-                OVAPED, Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana
     2007, GREENENERGY (Energy optimisation                 Ionel, value for 2006: 32,000 RON
     in    European       greenhouses),     Director:
                                                        13. Contr. No.2/2006 with BENA (BALKAN
     Prof.dr.eng. habil Ioana Ionel, Value for 2006:
                                                            ENVIRONMENTAL               ASSOCIATION),
     21, 000 EUR
                                                            Technology to esterifies animal and vegetable
3.   Contract-No. CT SES6-CT-020007 2005-2006,              waste fats with high free fatty acid content.
     NETBIOCOF (Network of biomass co firing),              Pilot installation for Bio diesel production,
     Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana Ionel, Value         Director: Assist. dr. eng. Francisc Popescu,
     for 2006: 16,000 EUR                                   Value for 2006: 3,000 RON
4.   CNCSIS Research Fellowship no. 176/2003-           14. CEEX Program, M2, 1427 / 24.03.2006, 2006-
     2006, Contributions to the determination of the        2008, Theoretical and experimental study
     combustion quality of waste and methods of             regarding the fabrication of a semi-automatic
     reduction     the      pollutant     emissions         installation for producing Biodiesel from waste
     concentrations, Eng. Claudiu Gruescu, PhD              grease, of animal and vegetal origin, Director:
     Student, Value: 246 RON/month                          Assist. dr. eng. Francisc Popescu, Value for
                                                            2006: 38,600 RON
5.   National Research Program MENER, Contract
     No. 410 / 20.09.2004 (continued in 2006),          15. CNCSIS grant, CNCSIS Code 54, Simulation
     Researches      regarding     the    combined          in FLUENT Code of the temperature and
     combustion of urban waste or biomass with              velocity fields in a furnace for simultaneous
     coal and flue gas cleaning, Director: Prof.dr.         burning of the wastes and powder coal,
     eng. habil Ioana Ionel, Value for 2006: 34,000         Director: Eng. Vasile GRUESCU, PhD
     RON                                                    Student, Value for 2006: 9,580 RON
6.   National Research Program MENER, Contract          16. Contract No. 1207/2003, AD no.5/2006, with
     No. 461/20.09.2004, New technology of the              Halanga Power Plant, Determination of
     valorification of biomass by combustion in             gaseous and solid emissions at the two smoke
     fluidized bed, Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana       channels of the 420 t/h boilers, no. 1,2, and 3,
     Ionel, Value for 2006: 12,500 RON                      from Halanga Power Plant, Director: Prof.dr.
                                                            eng. habil Ioana Ionel, Value for 2006: 17,280
7.   National Research Program CORINT, Contract             USD
     No.89, Energy optimization in European
     Greenhouses, Director: Prof.dr. eng. habil         17. Contract No. 1215/2003, AD 2/2006, with
     Ioana Ionel, Value for 2006: 13,871 EUR                Arad      Power      Plant,    Thermotechnic
                                                            measurements regarding the exhaust gases
8.   National Research Program CORINT, Contract             analysis at the 420 t/h boiler working on
     No.90, European integrated network for                 lignite, Director: Prof.dr. eng. habil Ioana
     biomass incineration, Director: Prof.dr.eng.           Ionel, Value for 2006: 2,400 EUR
     habil Ioana Ionel, Value for 2006: 13,871 EUR
210                                                     FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

18. Contract No. 278/15.06 2005 with Detergenti         28. 1227/13.06.2006      with    DUNAV
    S.A. Procter&Gamble Timisoara, 2005-2006,               International      construct      Sa      Lugoj,
    Measurement of pollutant emissions at 4                 Thermotechnic measurements of emissions and
    installations and 10 points and evaluation of           imissions, in view of obtaining the environment
    dispersion, Director: Prof.dr.eng. Corneliu             authorisation, Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana
    Ungureanu, value 490,81 RON                             Ionel, Value 500 EUR
19. Contract No. 1217 / 2005-2006 with                  29. Contr. nr.1225/08.06.2006 with COCA COLA
    SOLECTRON, Measurement of emissions in                  HBC Romania SRL, Timişoara, Thermotechnic
    order to evaluate the impact on the                     measurements of emissions and imissions, in
    environment, Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana          view    of     obtaining    the     environment
    Ionel, Value for 2006: 250 EUR                          authorisation, Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana
                                                            Ionel, Value 1000 EUR
20. BC 462-31.03.06,           with SC ALCOA-
    FUJIKURA SRL, Flue gas measurements -               30. Com. BC 454 -12.05.06 with AEM
    CO2, CO, NOx, SOx and other thermodynamic               TIMISOARA, Thermotechnic measurements of
    parameters needed to analyse the results for            emissions and imissions, in view of obtaining
    different installations (boilers and blowers), as       the environment authorisation, Director:
    follows: 15 stacks at Nădab, Arad county and            Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana Ionel, Value 600 EUR
    12     stacks     at    Caransebes,     Director:
    Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana Ionel, Value for 2006:                BOOKS
    1080 EUR
                                                         1.   Ioana Ionel, Corneliu Ungureanu, Daniel
21. Contract No. 4883/19.04.06, with Timişoara                Bisorca,    Thermoenergetics     and    the
    City Hall, Online measurements for air quality            environment (revised version, published in
    and traffic. Main characteristics of the state of         Romanian), “Politehnica” Publishing House,
    the environment in the city. Trends and                   Timişoara, ISBN (10) 073 625 387 2, ISBN
    perspectives, Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana           (13) 978 973 625 387-4, 2006, 280 pages
    Ionel, Value for 2006: 10,000 RON
                                                         2.   Corneliu Ungureanu, Nicolae Panoiu, Vasile
22. Com. BC 1222/02.03.2006 with UCM Resita,                  Zupcu, Ioana Ionel, Fuels, Burning
    Thermotechnic measurements to determine the               Installations, Steam Boilers (published in
    pollutants and particles emissions at the test            Romanian), “Politehnica” Publishing House,
    benches for diesel engines, Director: Assist.             Timişoara, 2006, ISBN 973 9389 21 0, 500
    dr. eng. Francisc Popescu, Value: 973.44 RON              pages
23. Com. BC 1220/28.02.2006, with MASCHIO                3.   Corneliu Ungureanu, Ioana Ionel, Paul Dan
    GASPARDO, Performing flue gas and                         Oprisa-Stanescu, Vasile Gruescu, Integrated
    powders analyses at the production unit in                administration of the municipal waste
    Chisinau Cris, Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil                (published in Romanian), “Politehnica”
    Ioana Ionel, Value 1253.3 RON                             Publishing House, Timişoara, 2006, ISBN
                                                              (10) 973 625 386 4, (13) 978 973 625 386 7,
24. Com.       BC       1221/28.02.2006      with
                                                              280 pages
    Tehnoinstrument, Gravimetric determination of
    powders emissions at boiler no.3 from                       PUBLISHED PAPERS
    Timisoara Sud Power Plant, Director:
                                                         1.   Girjoaba, M. Ionel, I., Dita, A., Hoara, M.,
    Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana Ionel, Value 876.45
                                                              Tenchea,A.,      Gruescu, V., Scateie, I.,
                                                              Parvulescu, I., Modernization of a thermal
25. Com. BC 1223-15.05.06 with SC Sorocam                     power plant by switching to biomass coal co-
    SRL, Study of powders dispersion and                      combustion, Scientific Bulletin. of UPT,
    determination of emissions for environment                Transactions on Mechanical Engineering,
    Balance, level 2, Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil             Vol. 51(65), Fasc. 2, 2006, ISSN 1224 6077,
    Ioana Ionel, Value 600 EUR                                “Politehnica” Publishing House, Timişoara,
                                                              Editors: V. Bǎlǎşoiu, Ioana Ionel, pp.309 -
26. Com. BC 1224-30.5.06 with SC AZUR
    Timisoara, Flue gas analysis, 3 points,
    Director: Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana Ionel, Value       2.   Ionel, I., Trif Tordai, G., Gruescu, S.,
    240 EUR                                                   Tenchea, A., Biomass utilisation in Romania,
                                                              Scientific Bulletin. of UPT, Transactions on
27. Contract BC 1228-20.06.06, with Refraceram
                                                              Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 51(65), Fasc.
    SRL BARU Hunedoara, Thermotechnic
                                                              2, 2006, ISSN 1224 6077, “Politehnica”
    measurements, in view of obtaining the
                                                              Publishing House, Timişoara, Editors:
    environment        authorisation,      Director:
                                                              V.Bǎlǎşoiu, Ioana Ionel, pp.371-376
    Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana Ionel, Value 480 EUR
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                          211

 3.   Ionel, I., Popescu, Fr., Ungureanu, C., Trif             municipale,     Nat.      Conference      with
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      UPT,       Transactions   on     Mechanical              Edition,        April     2006,    Timisoara,
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                                                               Conclusion versus best practice of optical and
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      incinerator de deşeuri la un cazan de abur
                                                               instruments under traffic conditions, The 1st
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                                                               International Conference Motor Vehicle and
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                                                               in a Romanian Fluidized Bed Combustion
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     P.D., Gruescu, V., Gruescu, Cl., O noua                   The Sixth World Energy System Conference
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212                                                      FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

       Chicco, July 10-12, 2006 ISBN (10): 88-                energetic units using the combined cycle
       87380-51-1 and ISBN (13): 978-88-87380-                steam-gas with parallel disposition
       51-4, pp. 759-763
                                                              9. Eng. Marian DOBRIN: Contributions
 18. Ionel, I., Savu, A., Tenchea, A., Ungureanu,             regarding the elaboration of a methodology of
     C., Trif-Tordai, G., Lontiş, N., Experimental            evaluation of technical and economic efficiency
     achievements concerning the biomass co-                  of energetic projects in the view of promoting
     combustion in an experimental test facility,             the funding
     The Sixth World Energy System Conference
                                                              10. Eng. Ina Liliana VODISLAV (BLIDEA):
     (WESC 2006), Torino, Italy, Editor G.
                                                              Contributions regarding the ecological
     Chicco, July 10-12, 2006 ISBN (10): 88-
                                                              utilization of the rubber waste
     87380-51-1 and ISBN (13): 978-88-87380-
     51-4, pp.753-758
                                                         PhD supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. habil Ioana Ionel
          PhD THESIS
                                                         1.   Eng. Adrian MAGDA: Thermal and
1.    Eng. Aurel MATEI: Contributions to the                  gasodynamic optimization study for the
      reduction of pollutant emissions as a result of         processes in the steam boilers, in view of
      the operation of Timisoara Power Plant,                 reduction the fuel consumption and the level of
      Prof.dr.eng. Corneliu Ungureanu                         pollutants
2.    Eng. Claudiu GRUESCU, Contribution to              2.   Eng. Lucia VARGA: Studies and researches
      reduction of the mercury concentration’s                regarding the air quality in Bihor county
      emissions emitted by municipal solid waste
                                                         3.   Eng. Aristica BABUCEA: Studies and
      incineration, PhD supervisor: Prof.dr.eng.habil
                                                              researches regarding the evaluation of
      Ioana Ionel
                                                              dispersion of pollutant resulted from the
                                                              combustion process in industrial thermal
          PhD STUDENTS
                                                              installations existing in Gorj county
PhD supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. Corneliu Ungureanu
                                                         4.   Eng. Florin IACOBESCU: Theoretical and
      1. Eng. Alexandru Anghel C. GHENEA:                     experimental studies regarding the reduction of
      Contributions to the study of efficiency                pollutants    concentration     for    internal
      measures regarding the durable development              combustion engines and the study of the effects
      of Işalniţa Power Plant                                 on air by applying novel technologies
      2. Eng. Lelia DOBJANSCHI: Contributions            5.   Eng. Adrian GOANŢĂ: Theoretical and
      regarding the share of ROMAG-TERMO Turnu                experimental researches regarding the thermal
      Severin coal Power Plant to the zonal pollution         and gasodynamic processes from the
      and measures for reducing it                            combustion chambers
      3. Eng. Florica TUDOR: Contributions               6.   Eng. Adina CÎRTOG: Heat transport device
      regarding the diminution of environmental               with phase change, using one way parallel
      pollution due to the ash produced at the lignite        tubes
      combustion at Turceni Power Plant
                                                         7.    Eng.       Carmencita        CONSTANTIN:
      4. Eng. Marius MARIN: Contributions                     Contributions to the elaboration of a technical
      regarding the diminution of environmental               and economic strategy regarding the durable
      pollution due to gaseous pollutants produced            development of the urban heat generation
      due to the lignite combustion at Turceni Power          sector
                                                         8.   Eng. Gavrilă TRIF-TORDAI: Researches
      5. Eng. Vasile GRUESCU: Contributions                   regarding    the   combined      burning of
      regarding the energo-technology of domestic             combustible wastes with low quality coal
      and street waste
                                                         9.   Eng. Nicolae GIORGI: Theoretical and
      6. Eng.      Adrian     Iulian    TENCHEA:              experimental researches regarding the
      Contributions regarding the research of the             elaboration of the environment surveys for Tg.
      biomass combustion in fluidized bed                     Jiu city
      7. Eng. Victor EBETIUC: Studies and                10. Eng. Nicolae Stelian LONTIŞ: Mechanical
      researches regarding the efficient production          Engineering (Researches regarding the
      and distribution of thermal energy in Turnu            biodiesel as renewable fuel for small energy
      Severin city                                           groups)
      8. Marian Gabriel MILI: Contributions              11. Eng. Dan Simion STEPAN: Mechanical
      regarding the modernization of existing                Engineering (Researches regarding the
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                       213

    reduction of vibrations, noise in transportation   equipment cooling, thermal network, heat
    /railway vehicles)                                 exchangers, refrigerating machines, heat pumps,
                                                       thermal phenomena
12. Eng. Diana SILAGHI: Researches regarding
    the utilization of solar energy                                       ACTIVITIES
                                                           researches regarding the optimisation of heat
              RESEARCH TEAM
   Prof.dr.eng. Corneliu UNGUREANU
                                                           theoretical studies concerning the heat transfer
   Prof.dr.eng.habil Ioana IONEL
                                                            enhancement by means of numerical
   Lect. Dr.eng. Dorin LELEA
   Assist. dr. eng. Francisc POPESCU                      researches regarding the mechanism of multi-
   Eng. Daniel BISORCA, PhD student                        phase heat transfer control by applying a
   Eng. Adrian GOANTA, PhD student                         magnetic field to a magnetizable nanofluid
   Eng. Lucia VARGA, PhD student
   Eng. Aristică BABUCEA, PhD student                     theoretical studies concerning the behaviour
   Eng. Claudiu GRUESCU, PhD student                       thermodynamic      systems    by   molecular
                                                            dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations
   Eng. Vasile GRUESCU, PhD student
   Eng. Florin IACOBESCU, PhD student                     electronic equipment cooling
   Eng. Adrian MAGDA, PhD student
   Eng. Adrian ŢENCHEA, PhD student                       optimisation of urban thermal networks
   Eng. Gavrilă TRIF-TORDAI, PhD student                                  RESULTS
   Eng. Lelia DOBJANSCHI, PhD student
   Eng. Aurel MATEI, PhD Student                               RESEARCH CONTRACTS
   Eng. Florica TUDOR, PhD Student                    1.   Contract No. 319/09.09.2005, AD 2006, with
   Eng. Alexandru Anghel C. GHENEA, PhD                    S.C. RAAL Bistriţa, Researches regarding the
    Student                                                 performances of shell type heat exchangers
   Eng. Marius MARIN, PhD Student                          realised by S.C. RAAL Bistrita, and Director:
   Eng. Victor EBETIUC, PhD Student                        Prof. Dr.eng. Mihai Nagi, value: 8,000 RON
   Eng. Marian Gabriel MILI, PhD Student
   Eng. Marian DOBRIN, PhD Student                    2.   Contract No. A1/GR181/19.05.06, Theme 33,
   Eng. Ina Liliana VODISLAV (BLIDEA), PhD                 CNCSIS Code 665, Researches regarding the
    Student                                                 utilization of magnetizable nanofluids as
   Eng. Adina CÎRTOG, PhD Student                          thermal fluid, Director:
   Eng. Carmencita CONSTANTIN, PhD Student                 Floriana D. Stoian, value: 18,500 RON
   Eng. Nicolae GIORGI, PhD Student                            BOOKS
   Eng. Nicolae Stelian LONTIŞ, PhD Student
   Eng. Casian Petru BULZU, PhD Student               1.   Mihai Jădăneanţ, Paul Dan Oprişa-Stănescu,
   Eng. Dan Simion STEPAN, PhD Student                     Ioan Laza, Ioana Ionel, Floriana D. Stoian,
   Eng. Diana SILAGHI, PhD Student                         Dorin Lelea, Mihai Nagi, Liviu Mihon,
   Techn. Gavril BRATEANU                                  Calculation and analysis of thermo energetic
                                                            balances (published in Romanian), Orizonturi
                   CONTACT                                  Universitare Publishing House, Timişoara, 2006,
                                                            ISBN (10) 973-638-259-1, 207 pages
Prof. Dr. eng. habil Ioana IONEL
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering                      2.   Mihai Jădăneanţ, Mihai Nagi, Floriana D.
1 Mihai Viteazul Bv.                                        Stoian, Ioana Ionel, Ioan Laza, Dorin Lelea,
Timişoara, RO-300222, Romania                               Liviu Mihon, Paul Dan Oprişa-Stănescu, Basic
Tel.: +40-256-403670, Fax: +40-256-403669                   thermoenergetics (published in Romanian),
E-mail:                             Orizonturi Universitare Publishing House,                                   Timişoara, 2006, ISBN (10) 973-638-257-5, 293

   Researches in ENHANCEMENT AND                                       ǎ
                                                       3. Mihai Nagi, Dnilǎ Iorga, Ioan Laza, Liviu
        CONTROL OF HEAT AND                               Mihon, Daniel Ostoia, Heat exchangers
    MASS TRANSFER FOR THERMAL                             (published in Romanian), Mirton Publishing
EQUIPMENTS AND ELECTRONIC COOLING,                        House, 2006, ISBN (10) 973-52-0000-7, 307
         THERMAL NETWORKS                                 pages

Keywords: heat transfer enhancement, heat                       PUBLISHED PAPERS
transfer  control,  magnetizable   nanofluids,          1. Jădăneanţ, M., Poluarea termică a mediului
nanoscale systems, bubble dynamics, electronic             ambiant, “Ştiinţă şi inginerie”, AGIR
214                                                   FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

      Publishing House, 2006, vol. X, ISBN 973-       9. Alexandru,     D.,   Nagi,   M.,   Critical
      8130-82-4, ISBN 973-720-030-6, pp.7-12             consideration regarding the fuelling of
                                                         automobiles with auto gas, The 1st
 2. Jădăneanţ, M., Thermodynamics and human
                                                         International Conference Motor Vehicle and
    society, COFRET’06, Scientific Bulletin. of
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    Timişoara, Editors: V. Bǎlǎşoiu, I. Ionel, pp.
                                                      10. Ilies, P., Martian, V., Nagi, M., Experimental
 3. Călin, L., Jădăneanţ, M., Consideration upon
                                                          research on shell construction oil coolers, The
    the cooling preservation method of grains
                                                          1st International Conference Motor Vehicle
    storage, COFRET’06, Scientific Bulletin. of
                                                          and Transportation - MVT2006-01, Timişoara,
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    Timişoara, Editors: V. Bǎlǎşoiu, I. Ionel, pp.
                                                      11. Ilies, P., Martian, V., Nagi, M., Circular
 4. Moşteoru, L.D., Jădăneanţ, M., Moşteoru, Fl.,
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    Sterilization of medical supplies by dry heat,
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    theory and practice, COFRET’06, Scientific
                                                          Timişoara, Nov. 15-17, 2006, “Orizonturi
    Bulletin. of UPT, Transactions on Mechanical
                                                          Universitare” Publishing House, ISBN (10)
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    Timişoara, Editors: V. ǎlǎşoiu, I. Ionel,
    pp.303-306                                        12. Martian, V., Ilies, P., Nagi, M., Boldor,G.
                                                          Experimental researches regarding transient
 5. Oancea, Fl., Jădăneanţ, M., Despre
    reabilitarea termică a blocurilor de locuinţe,        heat rejection of aluminium heat exchangers,
    Nat.     Conference       with    international       1st International Conference Motor Vehicle
    participation “Installations for buildings and        and Transportation - MVT2006-01, Timişoara,
    ambiental comfort”, 15th Edition, April 2006,         Nov. 15-17, 2006, “Orizonturi Universitare”
    Timisoara, “Politehnica” Publishing House,            Publishing House, ISBN (10) 973-638-284-2,
    ISBN (10) 973 625 305 8, (13) 978 973 625             ISBN      (13)   978-973-638-284-0,   Paper
    305 8, pp. 44-51                                      MVT20061030

 6. Moşteoru, L.D., Jădăneanţ, M., Moşteoru, Fl.,     13. Ferencz, A., Laza, I., Compresoare ALUP
    Studiul privind indicele energetic al                 soluţie pentru mărirea eficienţei energetice,
    aparatelor de sterilizat instru mentarul              National Confererence of Installations of
    medical, Nat. Conference with international           Buildings and ambient Comfort, Ed. XV,
    participation “Installations for buildings and        Politehnica Publishing House, Timişoara, 6-7-
    ambiental comfort”, 15th Edition, April 2006,         April 2006, ISBN (10)973-625-305-8, pp.
    Timisoara, “Politehnica” Publishing House,            186-195
    ISBN (10) 973 625 305 8, (13) 978 973 625         14. Laza, I., Ferencz, A., Compresoare ALUP
    305 8, pp. 158-163                                    produse,     concepte,      solutii,   National
 7. Călin, L., Jădăneanţ, M., Sisteme integrate de        Confererence of Installations of Buildings and
    epurare a apelor uzate provenite din industria        ambient Comfort, Ed. XV, Politehnica Publishing
    berii, Nat. Conference with international             House, Timişoara, 6-7-April 2006, ISBN
    participation “Installations for buildings and        (10)973-625-305-8, pp. 196-205
    ambiental comfort”, 15th Edition, April 2006,     15. Laza, I., Ferencz, A., Prepararea aerului
    Timisoara, “Politehnica” Publishing House,            comprimat     cu     accesorii    oferite    de
    ISBN (10) 973 625 305 8, (13) 978 973 625             ALUPKOMPRESSOREN,                      National
    305 8, pp.438-450                                     Confererence of Installations of Buildings and
 8. Sporea, I., Nagi, M., David, I., Studii privind       ambient Comfort, Ed. XV, Politehnica Publishing
    eliminarea zidariei din cosul cubiloului,             House, Timişoara, 6-7-April 2006, ISBN
    Scientific    Meeting    with     international       (10)973-625-305-8, pp. 206-214
    participation    TERRA DACICA, Braşov,            16. Laza, I., Ferencz, A. Compresoare ALUP, The
    May 5-6, 2006, 137-142                                41-th National Confererence of Installations,
                                                          Sinaia, 19-21-October 2006, MATRIX ROM
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                         215

     Publishing House, ISBN (10)973-755-096-X,                 in compression ignition engine with direct
     pp. 195-201                                               injection
 17. Laza, I., Ferencz, A. Accesorii oferite de           6.   Eng. Paul ILIES: Constructive and operational
     ALUP KOMPRESSOREN pentru prepararea                       optimization of the aluminum heat exchangers
     aerului comprimat, The 41-th National                     manufactured at S.C. RAAL S.A. Bistrita
     Confererence of Installations, Sinaia, 19-21-
                                                          7.   Eng. Francisc SZIKSZAI: The control and
     October 2006, MATRIX ROM Publishing
                                                               enhancement of heat transfer in magnetizable
     House, ISBN (10)973-755-096-X, pp. 202-208
 18. Laza, I., Ferencz, A. Soluţii pentru marirea
                                                          8.   Eng. Mariela Augusta SPOREA: Studies and
     eficienţei energetice cu compresoarele ALUP,
                                                               researches regarding the recovery of exhaust
     The 41-th National Confererence of Installations,
                                                               gases from the cupola furnace
     Sinaia, 19-21-October 2006, MATRIX ROM
     Publishing House, ISBN (10)973-755-096-X,            9.   Jurist Alexandru JǍDǍNEANŢ, Mechanical
     pp. 209-215                                               Engineering
 19. Laza, I., Lelea, D., The key to increase the         PhD supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. Mihai JĂDĂNEANŢ
     compressors energy efficency , The 19-th
                                                          1.   Eng.       Liliana   Daniela     MOSTEORU:
     Confererence of Industrial Proceses, Paragon
                                                               Contributions to the improvement of thermal
     Publishing House, Belgrad, 14-16-June 2006,
                                                               performances and ecologisation of the
     pp. 55
                                                               sterilisation equipment for medical instruments
 20. Lelea, D., Laza, I., Popescu, F., The
     posibilities of laptop chip cooling , The 19-th      2.   Eng. Cristian DAMIAN: Contributions to the
     Confererence of Industrial Proceses, Paragon              thermal study of the axle boxes with rolling
                                                               bearing at high speed trains
     Publishing House, Belgrad, 14-16-June 2006,
     pp. 30                                               3.   Eng. Sorin RUSU: Contributions to the
                                                               optimisation of the railroad traction diesel
 21. F.D. Stoian, S. Holotescu, Theoretical
     analysis of volume fraction variations on the             engines operation
     thermal     properties    of  water     based        4.   Eng. Gh.-Florin OANCEA: Theoretical and
     magnetizable      nanofluids,   COFRET’06,                experimental contributions regarding the
     Scientific Bulletin. of UPT, Transactions on              thermal rehabilitation of the buildings from a
     Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 51(65), Fasc. 2,             headquarter in Timişoara city
     2006, ISSN 1224 6077, “Politehnica”
     Publishing House, Timişoara, Editors: V.             5.   Eng. Doina MIHON: Theoretical and
     Bǎlǎşoiu, I. Ionel, pp.57-62                              experimental contributions regarding the
                                                               optimisation of the transportation fluxes in
                 PhD STUDENTS                                  view of reducing the pollutants produced by the
PhD supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. Mihai NAGI                        vehicles driven by internal combustion engines

1.   Eng. Catalin BOJAN: Researches regarding             6.   Eng. Gh. Marcel MOCUTA: Theoretical and
     the use of shell type tubes for the construction          experimental contributions regarding the
     of compact heat exchangers                                combustion and the hea exchange in the hot air
                                                               generators used on road vehicles
2.   Eng. Ovidiu SAFOIU: Studies and researches
     regarding the optimisation of the main steam         7.   Eng. Constantin STROIE: Contributions to the
     condenser operation for the 350 MW steam                  study of the impact of railroad transportation
     turbine, in the conditions of the variation of the        on the environment and the railroad
     cooling fluid parameters                                  infrastructure

3.   Eng. Ciprian CAIA: Studies and researches            8.   Eng.   Laurenţiu          CĂLIN,     Industrial
     regarding the correlation between the intake              Engineering
     air in a direct injection compression ignition       9.   Eng. Florin MĂRCUŢ, Industrial Engineering
     engine, the engine performances and the
     pollution level                                      PhD superviser: Prof.dr.eng. Gavril CREŢA

4.   Eng.    Tiberius    STANCIU:         Researches      1.   Eng. Ion Cornel LUPUT: Researches
     regarding the use of shell type of tubes for the          regarding the possibility of reduction the fuel
     construction of compact heat exchangers                   consumption in large cities around the country,
                                                               with reference to Timisoara city
5.   Eng. Mihaela BUCULEI, Studies and
     researches regarding the installations of                           RESEARCH TEAM
     unconventional liquid fuel preparation for use           Prof.dr.eng. Mihai NAGI
216                                                             FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

     Prof.dr.eng. Mihai JĂDĂNEANŢ                                    such as: profile of wheel and rail, constructive
     Prof.dr.eng. Gavril CREŢA                                       and functional characteristics of locomotives
 Floriana D. STOIAN                           and wagons, train driving type and others
 Liviu MIHON
                                                                 Design of railway parts: bogies, wheel sets,
 Ioan LAZA
                                                                  dampers, rolling equipment
     Lect. Dr.eng. Gheorghe POP
     Lect. Dr.eng. Dorin LELEA                                  Elaboration the solving methodology for
     Lect. Dr.eng. Arina NEGOIŢESCU                              train’s movement equation by using Runge-
     Assist.eng. Virgil STOICA                                   Kutta integration method
     Eng. Paul ILIEŞ, PhD Student
                                                                 Elaboration of a computer code for traction
     Eng. Vlad MARŢIAN, PhD Student
                                                                  calculation,  combustible   and     energy
     Eng. D. ALEXANDRU, PhD Student
     Eng. Mariela SPOREA, PhD Student
     Eng. Francisc SZIKSZAI, PhD Student                            Multimodal transport: RO - LA transport,
     Eng. Cătălin BOJAN, PhD Student                                 FERRY - BOAT and containers special train
     Eng. Ovidiu SAFTOIU, PhD Student                               Analysis of the transport types with respect to
     Eng. Ciprian CAIA, PhD Student                                  conveyance of material, quantity, periods of
     Eng. Tiberiu STANCIU, PhD Student                               time, transports relations
     Eng. Mihaela BUCULEI, PhD Student
     Eng. Liliana MOSTEORU, PhD Student                                              RESULTS
     Eng. Cristian DAMIAN, PhD Student                                    BOOKS
     Eng. Sorin RUSU, PhD Student
     Eng. Gh.-Florin OANCEA, PhD Student                             1.   Eugen Ghita, Gheorghe Turos, Dynamics
     Eng. Doina MIHON, PhD Student                                        of railway vehicles (published in
     Eng. Gh.-Marcel MOCUŢA, PhD Student                                  Romanian), “Eurostampa” Publishing
     Eng. Constantin STROIE, PhD Student                                  House, Timişoara, ISBN (10) 973-687-
     Eng. Laurenţiu CĂLIN, PhD Student                                    400-1, (13) 978-973-687-400-0, 2006, 204
     Eng. Florin MĂRCUŢ, PhD Student                                      pages
     Eng. Ion Cornel LUPUT, PhD Student
                                                                      2.   Eugen Ghita, Gheorghe Turos, Dynamics
     Jurist Alexandru JǍDǍNEANŢ, PhD Student
                                                                           of railway vehicles (published in
                      CONTACT                                              Romanian), “Politehnica” Publishing
Prof.dr.eng. Mihai Nagi (                                  House, Timişoara, ISBN (10) 973-625-
Prof.dr.eng. Mihai Jădăneanţ (                           354-6, (13) 978-973-625-354-6, 2006, 170 F. D.Stoian (               pages Ioan Laza (                        3.   Gabriel V. Ursu-Neamt, Gheorghe Turos,
Lect. Dr.eng. Dorin Lelea (                              Electric locomotives and trains-DC
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering                                          vehicles-Design work-book, (published in
1 Mihai Viteazul Bv.                                                       Romanian),      “Politehnica” Publishing
Timişoara, RO-300222, Romania                                              House, Timişoara, ISBN (10) 973-625-
Tel.: +40-256-403661, Fax: +40-256-403520                                  312-0,(13)       978-973-625-312-6,2006,
                                                                           2006, 120 pages
Web Page:
                                                                           PUBLISHED PAPERS
     Researches in RAILWAY DESIGN,                             1. Stud. Zetil, G., Toth, I., Coord. Ghita, E.,
 ESTIMATION OF ENERGY CONSUMPTION                                 Proiect de modificare a unei macarale tip
    OF TRAINS, RAILWAY TRANSPORT                                  Pioneer, Sesiune de comunicări ştiinţifice
                 SYSTEMS                                          studenţeşti HD-36-STUD,Hunedoara,CD-rom
                                                                  Proceedings, 2006, 5pp.(varianta CD)
Keywords: railway traction, traction estimation,               2.     Stud. Zetil, G., Toth, I., Coord. Ghita, E.,
combustible and electric energy consumption,                           Aspecte privind eficienţa catalizatorilor în
energy saving, pollution, multimodal transport,                        reducerea     poluării    la      funcţionarea
freight terminals, RO – LA transport, FERRY –                          vehiculelor cu motoare termice, Buletinul
BOAT, containers special train, railway                                Sesiunii de comunicări stiinţifice studenţeşti,
conveyance of material.                                                ISSN 1583-6088, CD-rom Proceedings , Alba-
                                                                       Iulia, 2006
                                                               3.     Drăgănescu, O., Ghita, E., Aspecte ale stadiului
  Estimation of combustible and electric energy
                                                                       actual în estimarea fotoelastică a stărilor de
   consumption and the influences of parameters
                                                                       tensiuni în probleme de contact local, Vol.
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                      217

      Conferinţei Internaţionale” Dorin Pavel –         11. Mocuta, G. E., Railways as interfering element
      Fondatorul                   Hidroenergeticii          in goods trains traction, Third edition of the
      româneşti”Editura     Fundaţiei    Ştiinţifice         French-Romanian colloquium energy -
      Europene, ISBN 973-8130-82-4, Sebeş,                   environment - economy and thermodynamics
      2006,pp.615-620, republicată în Buletinul              COFRET™06, under the auspices of the
      AGIR Nr.1/2006                                         France-PECO and Balkan Environmental
                                                             Association B.EN.A, 15-17 June 2006,
4.   Ghita, E., Ursu, G., Stepan,D., Theoretical and
                                                             Timisoara, Scientific Bulletin of the
      Experimental Aspects Concerning the Wheel-
                                                             POLITEHNICA University of Timisoara,
      Rail Contact Analysis in the Railway
                                                             Romania, Transactions on MECHANICS,
      Transport, Buletin ştiinţific al Universităţii
                                                             Tom 51(65), Fascicola 2, 2006, ISSN 1224-
      ”Politehnica” Timişoara, Seria Mecanică,
                                                             6077, Editura Politehnica, pp. 107-112.
      Tom 50(64), Fasc. 2, 2006, ISSN 1224-6077,
      pp.95-100                                         12. Mocuţa, G. E.,” Study of the optimum way in
                                                             the working space that equips a flexible
5.   Ghita, E., Goia, I., Stepan, D., A Computational
                                                             fabrication cell for the carrying structure
      Analysis of a Railway Wheel set, First South-
                                                             components of a railway vehicle”, Third
      East European Conference on Computational
                                                             edition of the French-Romanian colloquium
      Mechanics,          ISBN         86-81037-13-7,
                                                             energy environment - economy and
      Kragujevac,        Serbia,     SEECCM       06,
                                                             thermodynamics COFRET™06, under the
                                                             auspices of the France-PECO and Balkan
6.   Goia, I., Ghita, E., Researches about the               Environmental Association B.EN.A, 15-17
      evolution of the wheel profiles and materials          June 2006, Timişoara, Scientific Bulletin of
      for the city railway transportation, The 10-th         the POLITEHNICA University of Timişoara,
      Conference on “Vehicle System Dynamics,                Romania, Transactions on MECHANICS,
      Identification and Anomalies”, Budapesta,              Tom 51(65), fascicola 2, 2006, ISSN 1224-
      november, 2006                                         6077, Politehnica Publishing House, pp. 113-
7.   Goia, I., Ghita, E., Technological aspects
     regarding the geometry and materials of the        13. Dungan L.I., Pap P., Catrina M. “Simulation
     elastic tram wheel and urban rail, The 10-th            assiste par l`ordinateur de mecanisme de
     Conference on “Vehicle System Dynamics,                 protection contre le choc entre 2 voies
     Identification and Anomalies”, Budapesta,               ferroviares”, COFRET 06, Third edition
     november, 2006                                          french-roumanian     colloquium     Energy-
                                                             Emvironment-Economy        Thermodinamics,
8.   Mocuţa, G.E., Ostoia, D., Câneparu, P.,
                                                             Timisoara,      17-17.06.2006,”Politehnica”
      “Quality management system in a transport
                                                             Publishing House, ISSN 1224-6077, pp.101-
      organisation and its place in the logistic
      chain” Proceedings of the 1st International
      Conference      on   motor     vehicle    and     14. Pap P.Dungan L.I. “Modelling braking regime
      transportation, MVT 2006, November 15-17th,           of the high speed goods train”, COFRET
      2006, Timisoara, Romania, Section 3,                  06,Third edition french-roumanian colloquium
      MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES, 2006                      Energy-Emvironment-Economy
      Editura ORIZONTURI UNIVERSITARE                       Thermodinamics       ,Timisoara,17-17.06.2006,
      Timisoara, ISBN - 10: 973 - 638 - 284 2,              ”Politehnica” publishing house, ISSN 1224-
      ISBN - 13: 978 - 973 - 638 - 284 0, pp. 93-98         6077,pp.117-120.
9.   Herman ,M., Herman ,R.-“Analiza factorilor de                     RESEARCH TEAM
      risc proprii executantului in sectoare ale         Eugen GHITA
      transportului feroviar”, Proc. of the 1-th         Georgeta Emilia MOCUŢA
      International Conference “Systems for Health              Lect. Dr.eng. Petru PAP
      and Work Security”, Young workers-“Start                  Lect. Dr.eng. Mihaela HERMAN
      safe”,2006,Timisoara,ISBN (10) 973-638-                   Assist.eng. Gabriel URSU-NEAMT, PhD
      274-5,(13) 973-638-274-1,pp.55-59                      student
                                                                Assist.eng. Luiza-Izabel DUNGAN
10. 10.Herman ,M., Herman ,R.- Consideratii
                                                             Ph.D.student Dan STEPAN
     privind optimizarea activitatii de prevenire a
                                                                Cătălin TROI, graduate student
     accidentelor de munca si imbolnavirilor
     profesionale in sistemul feroviar, Proc. of the                       CONTACT
     1-th International Conference “Systems for
                                                        Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Eugen Ghita
     Health and Work Security”, Young workers-
     “Start safe”,2006,Timisoara,ISBN (10) 973-
     638-274-5,(13) 973-638-274-,pp.59-62               Tel.:    +40-256-403725
218                                                    FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

  Researches in URBAN TRANPORTATION,                  3.    Cipleu A, Vandici I, Regards on spur gear
 ROAD TRAFFIC SAFETY, ROAD TRAFFIC                          behaviour under dynamic loads, Bulletin
   CONTROL, INTELIGENT TRANSPORT                            Scientific al UPT Tom 51(65) 2006, ISSN
    SYSTEMS AND ENVIRONMENTAL                               1224-6077, pp.120-126
                                                      4.    Cipleu A, On the study of tire-hard pavement
Keywords: planning, design, road traffic, control,          static interaction (I), theoretical approach,
monitoring, simulation                                      Proceeding of the 1st Inter-national Conference
                                                            on Motor Vehicle and Transportation MVT
                                                            2006, 15-17 Nov.2006 Timisoara, Romania,
 Road traffic management                                   ISBN -10: 973-638-284-2; ISBN-13: 978-638-
                                                            284-2, Sec.1, pp. 19-26;
 Planning, design, and optimization of road
  freight and passengers transport;                   5.    Cipleu A, Minca Cr, Vandici I, Draghici A, On
                                                            the study of tire-hard pavement static
 Road safety an environment impact studies
                                                            interaction (II), experimental and modelling
 Usage and maintenance of supervision,                     approach, Proceeding of the 1st Inter-national
  control, monitoring, automation equipment and             Conference      on    Motor    Vehicle     and
  of road traffic directing, means                          Transportation MVT 2006, 15-17 Nov.2006
                                                            Timisoara, Romania, ISBN -10: 973-638-284-
 Intelligent Transport Systems                             2; ISBN-13: 978-638-284-2, Sec.1, pp 27-36;
                    RESULTS                           6.    Minca Cr, Cipleu A, Vandici I, Draghici A,
     RESEARCH CONTRACTS                                     Regards on dynamic steady-state tire-
CEEX Nr. X2C25/5 din 11.09.2006, P-CD (                     pavement interaction, Proceeding of the 1st
AMTRANS) 2006 Advanced information and route                Inter-national Conference on Motor Vehicle
quidance system for vehicle drivers and travellers          and Transportation MVT 2006, 15-17
using digital maps –SAIGHID,             Director,          Nov.2006 Timisoara, Romania, ISBN -10: Dumitru IANCULUI, total value            973-638-284-2; ISBN-13: 978-638-284-2,
2006-2008: 130,778 RON (Phase 1, 12,588).                   Sec.1, pp 37-44;
                                                      7.    Stefanescu W, Road activity and the Risk
    BOOKS                                                   Factors, Bul. St. UPT, Tom 51(65) 2006,
1.Ionel Vandici, Road Safety (published in                  Fasc.1,2 , ISSN 1224-6050, pp.18-24
Romanian), Eurobit Publishing House, Timisoara        8.    Stefanescu W, Pugna A, Stefanescu P, The
2006 ISBN(10) 973-673-055-2 , 136 pages                     Road Transport and the Environment, Bul. St.
2.Ionel Vandici, Road Vehicles, Eurobit Publishing          UPT, Tom 51(65) 2006, Fasc.1,2 , ISSN 1224-
House, Timisoara 2006, ISBN(11) 978-973-673-                6050, pp.104-117
066-5, 84 pages
                                                               PhD THESIS
3.Ionel Vandici, The vehicles driving technique,
Eurobit Publishing House, Timisoara 2006, ISBN        Caba Ioan Ladislau - Contributions regarding the
973-8181-56-9, 56 pages                               improvement of the designing and working
                                                      parameters of the machine parts belonging to the
4.Adrian Cipleu, Shock Behaviour of Surface           gathering and transportation fibers fodder
treated Steels, Eurobit Publishing House, Timisoara   machines, PhD Supervisor Prof.dr.eng. Ioan
2006, ISBN(10) 973-620-229-1, ISBN(13) 978-           DANILA
973-620-229-2, 201 pages
                                                               PhD STUDENTS
                                                      PhD Supervisor Prof.dr.eng. Ioan DANILA
1.    Gonczi A, Iancului D, 006. Romania at the
      Gates of the EU – a Road Safety Policy          1.    Eng.Cristian MINCA: Studies on tyre – road
      Assessment, 2In “On Safe Roads in the XXth           interaction in particular motion conditions
      Century”. 25-27 October, 2006. Budapest         2.    Eng. Lucian IRIMIE: Contributions to the
2.    Gonczi A, Iancului D, An Assessment of the           improvement of vehicle manoeuvrability
      Road Safety Policies in Romania, Proceeding     3.    Eng. Alin PEIA: Research on technical
      of the 1st Inter-national Conference on Motor        analysis of road accidents
      Vehicle and Transportation MVT 2006, 15-17
      Nov.2006 Timisoara, Romania, ISBN -10:          4.    Werner BIRCHAM: Contribution to the
      973-638-284-2; ISBN-13: 978-638-284-2,               improvement of the fodder plant harvesters
      Sec.4, pp 19-24;
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                           219

PhD Supervisor Prof.dr.eng. Constantin STEFAN             Attila GONCZI
                                                            Lect.dr.eng. Werner STEFANESCU
1.   Eng. Marius BUZEREA, Research on                       Assit.dr.eng. Ionel VANDICI
     automation of fruit and vegetable primary              Assist. dr.eng. Adrian CIPLEU
     processing                                             Assist.eng. Petre PADUCEL
2.   Eng. Radu TARCAET, Research on pre-                    Assist. eng. Remus URSULESCU
     cleaning and pre-drying of cereal grains with          Eng. Lucian IRIMIE
     normal temperature air
3.   Eng. Ioan INDRE, Research on factors which
     influence the capacity of the transversal fan
4.   Ion ON Research on the usage of solar energy        Lect. dr. eng. Werner STEFANESCU
     for hay drying;                           
5.   Florin PAVEL, Implementing the transversal
                                                         Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
     fan in hay drying using normal temperature air
                                                         1 Mihai Viteazu Bv.
                                                         Timişoara, RO-300222, Romania
                RESEARCH TEAM
                                                         Tel.:    +40-256-403720
    Prof.dr.eng. Ioan DANILA-                 Fax:     +40-256-403520
    Prof.dr.eng. Constantin STEFAN-
 Dumitru IANCULUI

               RESEARCH AREAS
     Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
      Behaviour of composite materials at static
     loading and fatigue, cracking mechanism, plates
     behaviour at dynamic loading
      Life-time prolongation of steels at high
     Accuracy of solutions involved in the stress
     calculus of curved specimens
      Physical properties of aluminium, steel-
     aluminium and steel conductors                                         KEYWORDS

     Wire and wire ropes and round steel chains         Wohler’s curve, fatigue crack propagation, crack
                                                         closure, displacement at crack opening, computer
      High temperature behaviour of steels, stability   tests, life – time, fracture tenacity, stress intensity
     and creep of long vertical pipes, curved beams      coefficient KIC, J – integral, fatigue at variable
     stress analysis                                     deformation, cumulative degradation at variable
      Analysis and tests about behaviour of             loading, macroscopically aspects at fatigue fracture,
     materials belonging of heavy devices being out      dynamic fatigue, safety and risk, probabilistical
     of working life-time                                aspects of fatigue and fracture mechanics, defects
                                                         toleration, conductors, stress, strain, modulus of
      Numerical analysis and simulation of stress       elasticity, creep, ambient temperature, thermal
     response of different structures                    properties, term elasticity, thermal fatigue, fracture,
                                                         pipes under pressure, composite materials, fatigue,
                                                         dynamical, loads, composite plots.
220                                                     FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

             FIELD DESCRIPTION                                         RESEARCH TEAM
Endurance of Steel wire ropes and round steel               Prof.dr.eng. Nicolae NEGUŢ
chains, service and fatigue life, stress - strain,          Prof.dr.eng. Ion DUMITRU
bending, ropes and chains for cranes and other              Prof.dr.eng. Nicolae FAUR
hoisting or transporting machines.                          Prof.dr.eng. Pavel TRIPA
Stress - Strain Test. Curves` equations for initial         Prof.dr.eng. Josif HAJDU
composite, steel and aluminium, final composite,            Prof.dr.eng. Tiberiu BABEU
steel and aluminium.                                        Prof.dr.eng. Constantin CRISTUINEA
                                                         Dana SILAGHI PERJU
Studies concerning the life-time prolongation of
                                                         Liviu MARŞAVINA
steels at high temperatures, studies about the
                                                            Lect.dr.eng. Marcela SAVA
accuracy of solutions involved in the stress calculus
                                                            Lect.dr.eng. Mihai HLUŞCU
of curved specimens. Researches can be used by
                                                            Lect.dr.eng. Nicolaie CIOBOTARU
electro technical materials industry and distributing
                                                            Assist.eng. Iuliu SISAK
electrical energy units. There are also useful in
                                                            Assist.eng. Radu NEGRU
order to participate to international auctions.
                                                            Eng. Herman SEGAL
Studies concerning the behaviour of composite               Eng. Laurentiu CULEA
materials at static loading and fatigue, cracking           Eng. Claudia SECRIERU
mechanism, plate’s behaviour at dynamic loading.            Eng. Maria SECHEI
There is analysed the influence of working life-time             RESEARCH OFFERS
of different types of steel belonging, of minning
                                                        Bending endurance testing, Tensile fatigue testing,
equipments being out of working life-time. There
                                                        Experimental stress analysis, Fatigue prediction,
were performed some researches regarding the
                                                        Research on wires, Standards (ISO-TC 85), Stress-
behaviour at variable loads, impacts and also
                                                        strain, Breaking test, Creep at ambient temperature
fracture mechanics analysis.
                                                        test for 6 month, 1 year, 10 years creep;
Creep at ambient temperature tests of aluminium
                                                        Study – test for composite materials, Stress
and steel-aluminium conductors in order to certify
                                                        concentration and fatigue, Composite materials
their quality. The loading and unloading behaviours
                                                        structures computation;
are described by typical diagrams and equations of
curves have been estimated. Experimental                Expert study of equipment for heavy machines with
researches were performed at ambiental and results      expired life-time, Fracture mechanics testing,
were extra poled beginning 100 or 1000 hours to         Fatigue with impact, Non-destructive testing;
10000 hours.
                                                        High Temperature Study of Creep Properties,
                  ACTIVITIES                            Theoretical Analysis and Creep Computation for
                                                        pipes Stability and Creep for vertical long pipes
     The life – time estimation of some strength
      elements (wire ropes, links, springs, etc) at                RESEARCH CONTRACTS
      imposed loading levels
     The strength at fatigue estimation of some        1.   PNCDI       CEEX       nr.147/1.08.2006,    The
      steel and welded elements                              participation and integration promotion of the
     The analysis of the influence of simulated             Romanian Scientific Research at the 7th main
      defects about the fatigue strength at welded           programme concerning the mechanisation of
      elements                                               the agricultural works, production and durable
     The estimation of KIC and JIC for some                 management of the resources of agricultural
      machine parts steels                                   soil, Project Manager: Faur Nicolae, Value:
     The estimation of the dynamic tenacity                 25,000 RON
      coefficients KIdc and JIdc                        2.   PNCDI       CEEX       nr.128/1.08.2006,    The
     The analysis of crack propagation at cyclic            participation and integration promotion the 7th
      loading and under repeated shocks                      main programme and development of the
     Estimation of mechanical characteristics               National Network of Excellency in the field of
      obtained at variable loads                             surety and the security in transport; Project
     Computer programme analysis for durability             Manager: Faur Nicolae, Value: 25,000 RON
      of a bar belonging to a heavy minning             3.   PNCDI       CEEX       nr.228/1.08.2006,    The
      machine, by using fracture mechanics theory            development and promotion of Excellency
     Design devices for hanging cracking pipes              Romanian Research for surface traffic and the
     Theoretical and experimental studies of                safety of traffic by connecting at the European
      vertical long specimens under compressive              programs (pc7), Project Manager: Faur Nicolae,
      loading also into account thermal effects.             Value: 25,000 RON
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                         221

4.   GRANT CNCSIS COD 372/2006, The                                   DOCTORAL STUDIES
     modelling studies of the rolling way –
                                                             PhD THESIS
     environment of the urban traffic for passengers,
                                                        1.        Branzan Ovidiu, Extension durability
     Project Manager: Neguţ Nicolae, Value:
                                                             study of the pipe lines used in petroleum
     280,000 RON
                                                             products transportation, PhD coordinator: Iosif
5.   CEEX      Nr.153/2006,      Technology      and
                                                             Hajdu, 28.11.2006,
     ecological installation for stress-relieving of
                                                        2.        Sisak Iuliu, Creep study contributions
     casted, forged or welded steels assemblies,
                                                             concerning aerial high voltage steel-aluminium
     Project Manager: Pavel Tripa, Value: 5,000
                                                             electrical cables, PhD coordinator: Hajdu Iosif,
6.   CNCSIS 177 Tema 23 Tip A, 2006,
     Implementation of probabilistic methods in                  PhD THEMES
     fracture mechanics for durability estimation,
                                                        Scientific supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. Ion Dumitru:
     Project Manager: Liviu Marsavina, Value:
                                                        1.        Cernescu Anghel Vasile, Studies about
     15,800 RON
                                                             expert systems use for evaluating integrity
7.   PNCDI–CEEX AMCSIT Nr.202/20.07.2006,                    structures,
     Modelling and simulation of the composite          2.        Branzei Nelu Florin, Some research
     materials from aeronautic industry at complex           regarding the durability of a coupling system
     loads, Project Manager: Liviu Marsavina,                for railway wagons,
     Value: 10,000 RON                                  3.        Cornea Gheorhe, Some research regarding
                                                             the stiffness of a test machine for cables and
8.   PNCDI–CEEX RELANSIN Nr.255/11.09.06,
                                                             conductors with lengths over 10 m,
     Technological platform of electrochemical
                                                        4.        Secrieru Claudia, Applications of Fractal
     surface engineering for advanced materials:
                                                             Analysis in the case of dynamic fracture,
     with applications in structural integrity and
                                                        5.        Sechei Ramona Maria, Technical and
     reliability evaluation of structures, Project
                                                             experimental research regarding dynamic
     Manager: Liviu Marsavina, Value: 5,000 RON
                                                             toughness KId , JId
9.  PNCDI–CEEX AMCSIT Nr.262/12.09.2006,
                                                        Scientific supervisor: Prof.dr.eng. Iosif Hajdu:
    Hybrid assemblies with adhesives and bolts for
                                                        6.        Culea Laurentiu, Crack initialization in
    composite materials and aluminium alloys,
                                                             copper based blades used in electrical motors
    Project Manager: Liviu Marsavina, Value:
                                                             collector parts,
    20,650 RON
                                                        7.        Negru     Radu,     Studies     of    stress
10. 497/26.07.2006, Tests on alluminium and steel
                                                             concentrations in biaxial stress and strain
    conductors with round wires, cabled in
    concentrics layers, in concordance with IEC
    61089 and EN 50182, Project Manager:                                 PUBLICATIONS
    Dumitru Ion, Beneficiary: SC. PRYSMIAN,
    Slatina, Value: 5,600 RON
                                                        1.    Faur, N., Mechanics of Materials, (in
11. 562/29.11.2006, Measure the remanent
                                                              Romanian), Politehnica Publishing House,
    deformations at compression static test with
                                                              Timisoara, ISBN 973-625-011-3, 300 pages
    Fmax = 2000N, on hinge mark, Project Manager:
    Dumitru Ion, Beneficiary: S.C. FRIGOGLAS            2.    Tripa, P., Hluşcu, M., Strength of Materials.
    SRL Moravita, Value: 1,600 RON                            Basic Concepts and Applications, (in
12. BC 548/02.11.2006, Tensometric measures and               Romanian), Vol.1, Ed.Mirton, Timişoara,
    principal    deformationd     measures      for           ISBN(10) 973-661-934-6, 395 pages
    passengers scale tractable and manageable s-
                                                        3. Marşavina, L., Experimental methods for
    ro1, concordant with point 3.15 chapter 3 in
    testing programm, Project Manager: Faur                determining the fracture toughness, (in
    Nicolae, Beneficiary: SC SAERO SRL,                    Romanian), Ed.Politehnica, ISBN 973-625-934-
    Timişoara, Value: 9,600 RON                            6, pages 205
13. 48c/2006, Compresion test on packing bins           4. Neguţ,N., Automotive Bodies with Frames, (in
    perfusabile solutions, Project Manager: Faur           Romanian), Ed. Politehnica, ISBN: 973-625-
    Nicolae,      Beneficiary:       HELVETICA             334-1, pages 210
    PROFARM SA, Timişoara, Value: 3,600 RON
14. 432/2006, Study of stress and strain state in a              PAPERS
    plate for sustaining a cooling aggregate,           1.   Dumitru,I.,Marsavina,L., Faur, N., Researches
    Project Manager: Liviu Marşavina, Timişoara,             Regarding Impact Fatique, Journal of Sound
    Value: 350 RON
222                                                     FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

      and Vibration Nr.12 ISSN : 0022-460X 2006,            bars,    Proceedings of the XII National
      pag.13-37                                             Symposium of Mechanical Fracture, 3-4
                                                            November 2006, Targoviste, ISBN (10) 973-
2.    Dumitru,I., Some consideration on SINTAP
                                                            7616-48-0 ISSN (13) 978-973-716-48-7,
      PROGRAMME, Revue of Fracture Mechanics,
      Nr.1/2006, ISSN (10) 973-7616-48-0, ISBN
      (13) 978-973-7616-48-7, pag.13-20,                12. Negruţiu, M., Sinescu, C., Negru, R., Românu,
                                                            M., Haiduc, C., Bone degradation due to the
3.    Dumitru,I., Cipleu,A., Some Consideration on
                                                            tensions generated by fixed partial prosthesis.
      Dynamic Fracture, Revista de Mecanica
                                                            A three-dimensional photo elastic approach,
      Ruperii Nr.1/2006, ISSN (10) 973-7616-48-0,
                                                            12_th Swiss Conference on Biomaterials, SSB
      ISBN (13) 978-973-7616-48-7, pag.27-32
                                                            10 May 2006, European Cells and Materials
4.    Secrieru, C., Dumitru, I., Some Consideration         Vol.11, Suppl.2, 2006, ISSN 1473-2262,
      Regarding the Application on Fractal Analysis         pag.24-29
      in the Study on Materials Fracture, Buletinul
                                                        13. Hluscu,M., Mechanical characteristics of a
      stiintific  si   Tehnic      al   Universitatii
                                                            ferritic steel utilized in central heating-and-
      “Politehnica”   Timisoara       Tom    51(65)
                                                            power plants, with temperature and the
      Fas.4/2006, ISSN 1224-6077, pag.7-14
                                                            operating time, Conference of Energetical
5.    Dumitru, I., Faur, N., Cipleu, A., Impact             Engineering CIE Oradea 2006, ISSN 1583-
      Fatique Research for Futher Development,              0691, pag.189-194
      Proceedings of the 5th International Congress
                                                        14. Sinescu, C., Hluşcu, M., Negruţiu, M.,
      of Croatian Society of Mechanics Trogir,
                                                            Românu, M., Teeth preparations degradation
      Croatir, sept. 21-23/2006, ISBN 953-96243-8-
                                                            due to the tensions generated by adhesive fixed
      9, pag.1-8                                            partial prosthesis on the prosthetic field. A
6.    Dumitru, I., Faur, N., Characteristics                numerical simulation approach, 12_th Swiss
      Regarding the Durability Assessment at Impact         Conference on Biomaterials SSB 10 May 2006,
      Fatique Tests pI-II, 11th International               European Cells and Materials Vol.11, Suppl.2,
      Symposium on Expert. Stress Analysis, and             2006, ISSN 1473-2262, pag.30-35
      Testing Material, Bacau, 2006, MOCM 12            15. Sinescu, C., Hluşcu, M., Negruţiu,M.,
      Volume 3-Romanian Technical Sciences                  Românu, M., Numerical investigation of the
      Academy 2006 ISSN 1224-7480, pag.77- 84               strength behaviour for a adhesive fixed partial
                                                            prosthesis, Revue “Tehnica Dentară”, anul V,
7.    Faur, N., Dumitru, I., Marsavina, L.,
                                                            Nr.20, 2006, ISSN 1583-2937, pag.34-39
      Researches Regarding the Behaviour under
      Compression of the Boxes Made of a Single         16. Tripa, P., Creep influence on the life-time of a
      Cornugated    Board,    11th    International         cracked steam pipe, Conference of Energetical
      Symposium on Expert. Stress Analysis, and             Engineering CIE Oradea 2006, ISSN 1583-
      Testing Material, Bacau, 2006, MOCM 12                0691, pag.183-188
      Vol.3 ISSN 1224-7480, pag.85-88
                                                        17. Hluşcu, M., Tripa,P., Mechanical tests to
8.    Sandu, L., N., Faur, Bortun, C., Three                estimate the behaviour of A42C steel function
      dimensional finite element analysis on                of temperature, ŞTIINŢĂ şi INGINERIE, Sebeş
      preferable cast circumferential claps arms            2006, Vol. 9, ISBN-10 973-8130-82-4, page.
      design, Quitessenz Zahntech 32, nr.4, 2006,           553-558
      ISSN 0340-4641, pg. 372-381
                                                        18. Secrieru, C., Dumitru, I., Considerations
9.    Dumitru, I., Faur, N., Characteristics                concerning the application of the fractals in
      regarding the durability assessment at impact         fracture mechanics, Revue of Fracture
      fatigue tests, 11th International Symposium on        Mechanics, Nr.1/2006, ISSN (10) 973-7616-
      Expert. Stress Analysis, and Testing Material,        48-0, ISNB (13) 978-973-7616-48-7, pag.49-
      Bacau, 2006, MOCM 12 Vol.3 ISSN 1224-                 57,
      7480, pag.77-80
                                                        19. Tripa,P., Hluşcu, M., Assessment procedure of
10. Sava,   M.,    Analysis,  evaluation  and               life-time on the basis of creep crack growth,
    implementation of an associative model for              ŞTIINŢĂ şi INGINERIE, Sebeş 2006, Vol. 9,
    metal powders, Buletinul Stiintific Seria               ISBN-10 973-8130-82-4, page. 559-564
    Mecanică al Universitatii “Politehnica”
    Timisoara, Tom 51(65) Fas.4/2006, ISSN              20. Glevitykz, M., Silaghi-Perju, D, Perju, D.,
    1224-6077, pag.1-6                                      Mathematical modelling of carbon dioxide
                                                            variation regarding the main parameters which
11. Marsavina, L., Faur, N., Culea, L., Study of the        ensure the quality of cola- type soft drinks,
    cracks initiation in the copper commutator
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                       223

    Analele Univ. Ovidius, vol. XVII, 2006, ISSN       A special attention will be granted to new materials,
    1223-7221, pag.168-173                             and also to traditional materials with unknown
                                                       mechanical characteristics regarding the fatigue
The researches in the fields of fatigue and fracture
mechanics present a topical interest. The
implementation of new equipments in the                Prof.dr.eng. Nicolae FAUR
laboratory of fatigue and fracture mechanics and       Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
the inclusion of the laboratory as a part of the       Bul. Mihai Viteazu, nr. 1, 300223 Timişoara
National Research Centre in Construction and
                                                       Tel:    +40-256-403577
Fatigue, BCUM, code CNCSIS 19, will allow the
                                                       Fax:    +40-256-403572
extension of the researches to new directions and
will offer the opportunity to solve any request in
this field.

 GENERAL PRESENTATION AND MISSION                          Study of the manufacturing techniques, rapid
     The     Research      Group      in    Plastics       prototyping and reverse engineering of the
Manufacturing (R.G.P.M) is organized in the                corresponding moulds
Department of Manufacturing Engineering (TCM)              Study of the flexible cells for plastics
as a research unit and transfer of technology of the       manufacturing
“Politehnica” University of Timişoara.                     Study of the quality systems and maintenance
     R.G.P.M mission is to coordinate teams of             in plastics manufacturing
researchers from the Department of Manufacturing
Engineering (TCM), Faculty of Mechanical                                 KEYWORDS
Engineering, who are developing programs in the
                                                       Plasturgy, Manufacturing engineering, rapid
plastic injection, rapid prototyping, three-
                                                       prototyping and three-dimensional measurements,
dimensional measurements, reverse engineering
                                                       Reverse engineering, cold forming, Non-traditional
and ultrasonic activation of plastic parts
                                                       machining processes, Equipment and technologies
                                                       for non-conventional technological processes,
                                                       Piezoceramic traductors, Quality assurance.
              RESEARCH FIELDS
The main fields of research are:
                                                          R.G.P.M assure the co-ordination and
    Computer aided design and manufacturing of            development of scientifically research (PhD.
    plastic parts (CAD / CAM)                              programs, post-graduated programs) and the
    Computer aided design and manufacturing of            training programs. The PhD. programs
    injection moulds for plastic materials                 coordinated by R.G.P.M are in the field of
    Ultrasonic activation of plastic and composite        Industrial Engineering.
    materials processing
224                                                      FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

     The research teams from R.G.P.M. develop:          19. CNCSIS TD58GR/19.05.2006, Theme 5, code
      fundamental and applicative research activities;       CNCSIS 85 - An experimental study on
      products and technology design activities;             improving the quality of products from
      technological development and technology               polymeric materials using de reverse
      transfer all attending the present industrial          engineering process, Director: Assist. Eng.
      demands.                                               Cristian Cosma, Value:18.000 lei
     R.G.P.M. is involved in national and
      international research programs and organizes                      PUBLICATIONS
      different scientific meetings (seminars,
      conferences etc.).
                                                         9.   Iclănzan T., Stan D., Valuation of patented
     Participation to grant competitions through
                                                              invention    (published   in    Romanian),
      CNCSIS,      national   programes    CEEX,
                                                              Politehnica Publishing House, Timişoara,
      RELANSIN,          AMTRANS,        INFRAS,
                                                              2006, ISBN: 973-625-203-5, 250 pages
      MATNANTECH etc.
                                                         10. Iclănzan T., Manufacturing technology for
     Developing of fundamental and applicative
                                                             plastic and composite materials (published in
      research activities, technological development
                                                             Romanian), Politehnica Publishing House,
      for the present industrial demands,
                                                             Timişoara, 2006, ISBN:(10)973-625-372-4
     P. T. R. G. members are part of the following          (13)973-625-372-0, 352 pages
      professional bodies and associations:
                                                         11. Tulcan A., Iclănzan T., Tulcan L., Control
       AGIR – The General Association of the
                                                             systems (published in Romanian), Politehnica
       Engineers in Romania
                                                             Publishing House, Timişoara, 2006, ISBN:
       AUIF – Academic Association of
                                                             (10)973-625-373-2, (13)978-973-625-373-7,
       Manufacturing Engineering in Romania
                                                             323 pages
       ARTN – Romanian Association of
       Nonconventional Technologies
                                                                  PUBLISHED PAPERS
            RESEARCH CONTRACTS                           81. Tulcan A, Seiculescu V., Iclănzan T., Stan D.,
14. Contract CEEX 41/2005 – IMAN – Innovative                Bernath A., Virtual simulation of a coordinate
    Manufacturing Network, Director Professor                measuring machine behaviour for high-speed
    Tudor Iclanzan.Value: 135.000 RON                        measurement, The 5-th             International
                                                             Conference FOCOMP´06, Krakow, Poland,
15. Contract CEEX 265/2006 – ULTRATECH                       22-24 Nov, 2006, Published by AGH
    Virtual research center for integrated                   University of     Science and Technology,
    technologies with applications of the electro-           Krakow, ISBN 83-88309-41-2, pp.167-175
    acoustic energy in the advanced materials
    engineering. Director: Professor Tudor               82. Dume, A. I., Stan, D., Cosma, C., Faur, N.,
    Iclanzan . Value: 206.300 RON                            The contact scanning application for dental
                                                             prosthesis,    Academic       Journal      of
16. Contract CEEX 130/2006 – MATEPROF                        Manufacturing Engineering, vol. 4, no. 2/2006
    Materials, technologies and equipment for 2D             ISSN 1583-7904, pp. 29-35
    and 3D cold forming. Director: Professor
    Tudor Iclanzan. Value: 340.000 RON                   83. Dume, A. I., Cosma, C., Stan, D., Iclanzan, T.
                                                             The study of the rapid prototyping technique
17. Contracts nr. 434/2006/ ESSER, nr. 435/2006/             on the MODELA MDX 15 machine, Academic
    ELBA, nr. 436/2006/ SOLPLUS, nr. 437/2006/               Journal of Manufacturing Engineering, vol. 4,
    SALOMON, nr. 493/2006/ LEMAN, nr.                        no. 3/2006, ISSN 1583-7904, pp. 32-38
    552/2006/ YAZAKI, Technical assistance for
    master level training in the field of polymeric      84. Stan D., Iclănzan T., Abadie J.H. – L’effet
    and composite materials products re-                     thermo – peliculaire de surface de l’activation
    engineering.    Director    Professor     Tudor          ultrasonique des polymeres fondus sous
    Iclanzan. Value: 36.000 RON (cumulated)                  pression – CAE and new materials – Summer
                                                             school, 2006 Timişoara – Romanie. Ed.
18. CNCSIS A1/GR181/2006, The reverse                        Orizonturi Universitare, ISBN (10)973-638-
    engineering concept by using    the rapid                266-4, pp. 175-194
    prototyping technologies with the three-
    dimensional      measurements  techniques,           85. Groza B., Iclănzan T., Dumitrescu C., Tăroată
    Director: Lecturer dr. eng. Aurel Tulcan,                A. – Neural network framework for
    Value:10.000 lei                                         optimization of enterprise resource planning
                                                             – IEEE Canada, Canadian Conference on
                                                             Electrical and Computer Engineering,
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                       225

     CCEGE+CCGEI Ottawa 2006, ISBN (13)                      electronic guns, Thesis supervisor: Prof.
     978-973-638-266-6, pp. 66-73                            Tudor Iclănzan
86. Tamas M.I., Iclănzan T. – New Methods in            6.   Cosma Cristian, Quality amelioration study of
    Rapid Prototyping Using Open Source –                    products from polymeric materials in injection
    Academic     Journal    of    Manufacturing              processes, Thesis supervisor: Prof. Tudor
    Engineering, vol. 4, no. 4/2006, ISSN 1583-              Iclănzan
    7904, pp.52-62.
                                                        7.   Dume     Adrian-Ilie,     Rapid    prototyping
87. Cosma C., Iclănzan T., Dume A.I., Tulcan A.,             techniques optimizations using the milling
    Rapid prototyping for reverse engineering,               process in the case of the removal module,
    Academic      Journal   of   Manufacturing               Thesis supervisor: Prof. Tudor Iclănzan
    Engineering, vol.4, no2/2006, ISSN 1583-
    7904, pp. 17-22                                                   RESEARCH TEAM
88. Cosma C., Dume A., Pamintas E., Iclanzan T.,             R.G.P.M. consists of research teams with
    Machining improvement of milling rapid              common research projects, in the Department of
    prototyping processes, Proceedings of the           Manufacturing Engineering. The human resources
    International Conference on Manufacturing           consist of researchers which are doctor degree
    Systems ICMaS, 26-27 October 2006,                  graduates or which leads post-graduates programs.
    Bucharest, Romanian Academy Publishing              Also, in the team are working post-graduates and
    House, ISSN 1842-3183, pp. 255-260                  master students. The management is assured by the
         PhD THESIS                                     team leader and the scientific board.

2.   Chirilă Valentin, Researches regarding the         The members of the research team are:
     properties improvement of the injection             Prof. dr. eng. Tudor Iclănzan – team leader
     composites from polypropylene with VGCNF3,          Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Valentin Seiculescu
     Thesis supervisor: Prof. Tudor Iclănzan             Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Daniel Stan
                                                         Lect. dr. eng. Aurel Tulcan
3.   Laţcu Petru, Theoretical and experimental           Assist. Eng. Florin Ferician
     research on the pin-tool used in the                Assist. Eng. Cristian Cosma
     autofrettage process of the artillery barrels,      Assist. Eng. Adrian Dume
     Thesis supervisor: Prof. Tudor Iclănzan             Eng. Alin Sirbu, PhD student
         In course PhD THEMES                                              CONTACT
4.   Groza Bogdan Gruia, Optimization of the            Prof.dr.eng. Tudor ICLĂNZAN – team leader
     management integrated systems in industrial        Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
     engineering, Thesis supervisor: Prof. Tudor        Bul. Mihai Viteazu, nr. 1
     Iclănzan                                           300222, Timişoara, Romania
5.   Ferician Florin Cornel, Researches on the          Tel :    +40-256-403611
     technological possibilities of using the plasma    Fax:     +40-256-403523

                        RESEARCH GROUP IN ROBOTICS

              RESEARCH FIELDS
Trajectory generation and motion planning are major
                                                        Robot, modeling, path planning, motion generation,
problems in the creation of autonomous robots. These
                                                        trajectory, workspace
problems interact with other important problems,
including geometric, kinematic and dynamic                               ACTIVITIES
modelling, real-time motion control, sensing and task
                                                        Robot’s mechanics, dynamic modeling, robot path
planning. Workspace modelling offers knowledge
                                                        planning, robot motion generation, workspace
about the environment where the robot has to
                                                        modeling, robot-workspace complex system
accomplish its task.
226                                                      FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

                    PROJECTS                                 Section I Virtual Engineering. Automation.
                                                             Management and engineering, Volume 5/88
Contract A1/GR181/19.05.06, Theme 37, CNCSIS
                                                             September 2006, ISSN 1310-3946, pp. 68-70
code 198, Knowledge based system for developing
of assisted learning technology, Value for 2006:                         PERSPECTIVES
20100 RON
                                                         Modelling of a vehicle-workspace system, in order
                  PUBLICATIONS                           to optimize the typical activities, will allow
                                                         experiments using virtual spaces, created by the
1.    Drăgulescu D., Stoicănescu C., Toth-Taşcău
                                                         user, available for any application, reducing the
      M., Dreucean M., Path planning of a mobile
                                                         cost price and allowing an assisted learning both in
      robot in a virtual laboratory, 6th International
                                                         education and healthcare.
      Conference Research and Development in
      Mechanical Industry RaDMI 2006, Papers                           RESEARCH TEAM
      from Sessions A, B, C, D, E, Budva,
                                                                 Prof.dr.eng. Doina Drăgulescu,
      Muntenegro, 13-17 September 2006, ISBN 86-
                                                                 Prof.dr.eng. Mirela Toth-Taşcău,
      83803-21-X (HTMS), pp. 1-6
                                                          Mircea Dreucean,
2.    Drăgulescu D., Stoicănescu C., Toth-Taşcău
                                                                 Asist.dr.eng. Lucian Rusu
      M., Dreucean M., Stoia I., Mobile Robot
      Motion Simulation In A Virtual Laboratory,                            CONTACT
      Mechanical Engineering Technologies`06, V
                                                         Prof.dr.eng. Doina DRĂGULESCU
      International Congress, 20-23.09.2006 Varna,
                                                         Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
      BULGARIA, Section I Virtual Engineering.
      Automation. Management and engineering,            Mechanics and Vibrations Department
      Volume 5/88 September 2006, ISSN 1310-             Bul. Mihai Viteazu, no. 1, 300222 Timişoara
      3946, pp. 71-74                                    E-mail:
3.    Toth-Taşcău M., Drăgulescu D., Dreucean M.,        Tel:    +40-256-403637
      Improving the Path Planning Simulation Based       Fax:    +40-256-403637
      on Visibility Graph Method, Mechanical           
      Engineering Technologies`06, V International
      Congress, 20-23.09.2006 Varna, BULGARIA,

               RESEARCH FIELDS                                           PUBLICATIONS
  Study of acoustic field (noise level, frequency
                                                             1.   Balta, A., Balta, H., Chiriac, A.,
   spectra) of weaving machines
                                                                  Determination of Error Probability
  Study of dynamics of motion of knitting
                                                                  Concerning the Study of Vibration of the
                                                                  Rotary Knitting Machine with two
                    KEYWORDS                                      Cylinders, of MATEC Type, Scientific
                                                                  Bull. Of the “Politehnica” Univ. of
Vibrations, weaving machine, knitting machine
                                                                  Timişoara, Transact. on Electronics and
                    ACTIVITIES                                    Communications, Tom 51(65), Fasc.1,
                                                                  2006, p.74-78, ISSN 1583-3380
  Experimental determinations of vibration and              2.   Balta, A., Chiriac, A., Balta, H., Study on
   noise level                                                    the Vibrations of the Matec-Silver Rotary
  Modelling of mechanisms of weaving                             Knitting Machine, Proceed. Of Papers of
   machines                                                       the 20th Intern. Conf. on Noise and
  Study of dynamics of rotary knitting machines                  Vibration, Tara, Serbia and Montenegro,
                     RESULTS                                      2006, p.1-6, ISBN ID 20-43
                                                             3.   Chiriac, A., Luca, G., Vigaru, C., Sur
      Determination of resonance angular vibrations              l’Équation de Mouvement d’une Machine
      of rotary knitting machines                                 à Tricoter Circulaire Spéciale, Studia
      Determination of acoustic field of weaving-mils            Universitatis “Vasile Goldiş”, Arad, 2006,
      and elaboration of methods of reduction of the              p.164-171, ISSN 1842-0508
      noxious effects

    4.   Luca, G., Vigaru, C., Chiriac, A.,                Lect. dr. eng. Gheorghe Luca
         Experimental         and       Theoretical        Assist. eng. Cosmina Vigaru, PhD. student
         Contributions Concerning the Critical             Eng. Adriana Baltă, PhD. student
         Number of Rotations of Spindles at                Assoc. prof. dr. eng. Nicolae Herişanu
         Spinning Machines, Studia Universitatis
         “Vasile Goldis”, Arad, 2006, p.147-152,                       PERSPECTIVES
         ISSN 1842-0508
                                                         Study of vibrations and noises at knitting
    5.   Vigaru, C., Luca, G., Chiriac, A., Study of
                                                          rotary machines
         Vibration at the Launching Mechanism of
                                                         Experimental determinations concerning the
         the Sulzer Weaving Machine, Studia
                                                          level of vibrations at classical weaving
         Universitatis “Vasile Goldis”, Arad, 2006,
                                                          machines and new generations of weaving
         p.172-178, ISSN 1842-0508
         PhD THESIS
Baltă Adriana Elena, Working improvement of
                                                       Prof. Dr. eng. Adrian CHIRIAC
system of knitting machines by realizing of
mechanisms that eliminate the shocks and               Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
vibrations and, also, by optimizing the commands,      Bd. Mihai Viteazu, nr.1
28 Sept 2006, PhD coordinator: Cioară Titus            300222 TIMIŞOARA
               RESEARCH TEAM
                                                       Tel:     +40-256-403627
    Prof. dr. eng. Adrian Chiriac

    Researches in THE PARAMETRIC
                                                       ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS
 STANDARDS "STEP" AND "PLIB" USED                         The parametric and feature-based modelling it
    FOR MODEL DESCRIPTION AND                              is the main subject of the discipline “The ISO
    EXCHANGE OF PRODUCT DATA                               modelling of the advanced mechanical
                                                           systems”, taught to the students of the master
KEYWORDS: ISO standardization, products                    specialization Computer Aided Design of the
                                                           Advanced       Mechanical      Systems.    The
FIELD DESCRIPTION                                          applications were realized in the MDT and
                                                           Inventor and CATIA design environments.
The research theme will develop the necessary
knowledge base and create appropriate conditions          A special chapter regarding the STEP and
for the implementation in the Romanian industry of         PLIB standards was created within the course.
the current ISO elements regarding a unitary,
standardized description and exchange of the              The problem regarding the importance of ISO
product model data, starting from the design stage,        standards was broadly developed at the
and continuing all along the product life cycle. The       disciplines taught by the team members.
research team aims to aware the Romanian                  A debate about the STEP and STEP-NC
economical environment about the necessity of a            standards was organized with the master
continuous adjustment to the world market and the          students in CAD specialization. A master
concurrence requirements in manufacturing and              dissertation including appropriate STEP
selling industrial products. The team cooperates           subjects was sustained in 2006.
with the Romanian National Standardizing
Authority in adopting and applying the "STEP" and       Researches in E-LEARNING IN COMPUTER
"PLIB" ISO standards.                                                 AIDED DESIGN
RESEARCH TEAM                                          KEYWORDS
                                                       Interactive educational instruments, CAD technique
   Prof.dr.eng. Lia DOLGA
   Assist.eng. Mihai REVENCU                          FIELD DESCRIPTION
   Lect. Dr.eng. Doina SAFTENCU                       The main goal of this program consists in creating
   Eng. Gheorghe PASCA, master student                and developing more adaptive and flexible
228                                                       FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

educational instruments. New interactive learning         ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS
and teaching methods were studied and
                                                              XI-th student professional contest “Student
experimented. Based on the integration of the
                                                               CAD” was organized in May, oriented on the
individual instructional methods and the group
                                                               2D AutoCAD graphics and on the 3D
training procedures, more software packages were
                                                               Modelling and Parametric Design in Inventor
developed to help students of different ages in
                                                               Environment and CATIA Environment
learning CAD techniques.
                                                              A initiation presentation 3D Modelling for the
                                                               Mechanic Engineering profile was organized in
     Prof.dr.eng. Lia DOLGA                                   co-operation with Autodesk Centre assignee
     Assist.eng. Mihai REVENCU                                from the UST Lille during the month of
     Eng. Gheorghe PASCA, master student                      November 2006
ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS                                    Researches in THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE
                                                          PARAMETRIC MODELS IN RELIABILITY OF
     The electronic support was developed for the
                                                                  MECANIC COMPONENTS
      CAD disciplines taught by the team members
      to be used in the Intranet and Internet networks    FIELD DESCRIPTION
     Some team members graduated a training              The main goal of this program consists in modeling
      course organized by SIVECO and became AEL           of the mechanical parameters dependence in
      instructors, within the SEI project regarding the   comportment of machines during the exploitation
      Development of the Romanian Education               using the CAD and FEM techniques to develop the
      System.                                             specific software packages in this field.
Researches in NEW METHODS, PROCEDURES                     KEYWORDS
                                                          Modeling software, CAD, FEM
                                                          RESEARCH TEAM
                                                           Mircea VODA
Descriptive geometry, 3D vision, technical
                                                              Prof.dr.eng. Viorel A.SERBAN
                                                              Assist.eng. Marian DǍNǍIAŢǍ
FIELD DESCRIPTION                                             Assist.eng. Hannelore FILIPESCU
                                                              Eng. Adriana BACILA, PhD student
Beginning from the first study year, the
preoccupation to develop the 3-dimensional vision         ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS
holds a principal function, because of its
                                                              The co-operation agreement with the Mechanic
importance in training many other engineering
                                                               Laboratory of Lille, France, in the field of
disciplines. The education of the student's 3D vision
                                                               Study and modeling fatigue was pursued.
is a complex and long-standing process and needs
                                                              Financing for PhD study was obtained from
many exercises, diversified methods, ample
                                                               ALSTOM and LML France, for eng. Adriana
teaching experience. The activity uses descriptive
                                                               Bacila, having as a subject the Crack
geometry methods and representations to develop
                                                               simulations system for am metallic elements
the space vision and the ability to imagine and
                                                               under a charge. The PhD thesis will be stand in
understand three-dimensional objects. New
methods were developed to test students' abilities in
                                                              A poster was presented in the International
imaging and representing different technical parts.
                                                               Congress on Fatigue Damage of Structural
RESEARCH TEAM                                                  Materials VI, Hyannis, USA, and September
                                                               17 – 22, 2006 by Bacila, Voda, Serban, and
     Prof.dr.eng. Iulia VOIA
     Prof.dr.eng. Lia DOLGA
 Mircea VODA                                      PUBLICATIONS
     Lect.dr.eng. Mihaela CRETU-NICA
                                                                   PUBLISHED PAPERS
     Lect. Dr.eng. Doina SAFTENCU
     Lect. Dr.eng. Arseniu PECICAN                       1.   Ilie, M., Kneip, J-C., Mattei, S., Nichici, A.,
     Assist.eng. Ileana MLADIN                                Through-transmission welding of polymers:
     Assist.eng. Petrica M. DANAIATA                          Effects of particles on laser beam scattering,
     Assist.eng. Silviu DUMITRAS                              25th International Congress on Applications of
     Assist.eng. Mariana ILIE                                 Lasers & Electro-Optics,30 octomber-2
     Assist. eng. Mihai REVENCU                               November 2006, Scottsdale, AZ USA, LIA
     Assist. eng. Ladislau WALKOVSZKY                         Pub:599, ISBN 0-912035-85-4, Vol. 99, pp
                                                               355-361 (CD-ROM)
FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING                                                                      229

2.    Ilie, M., Speka, M., Kneip, J-C., Mattei, S.,         the steel and aluminum structures used in
      Nichici, A., Soudage laser par transparence des       transports, in the case of the random charges ,
      thermoplastiques: Effets des charges sur le           grant CNCSIS – A – theme 6, code 359, nr.
      procédé, Matériaux 2006, 13-17 november,              GR226/14.09.2006, Director: Assist.Prof. dr.
      Dijon, France, ISBN 978-2-9528-1400-3,                eng. Mircea Voda, Value for 2006: 25.000
      pp210-217 (CD-ROM)                                    RON
3.     Voia, I., The professor’s role in the Rumanian                      CONTACT
      education reform. The VI th multidisciplinary
                                                        Prof.dr.eng. Iulia VOIA, Head of Department
      conference – Professor Dorin Pavel – founder
                                                        Bul. Republicii, Nr. 9
      of Rumanian hydro energetic, Sebes 2006
                                                        Timişoara, Romania
      AGIR Publishing House, ISBN 973-720-029-2,
                                                        Tel:     +40-256- 403811
      pp 95-101
     GRANTS / RESEARCH PROGRAMS                         Web:
14. Study and modeling of the fatigue behaviors for

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