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									                                      DISCOVERY COURSES FACT SHEET 2009
              GENERAL                            CAREER                        COMPUTER
 Students learn to work in a manner
     different from the traditional
classroom setting by applying skills in     Goals are to explore
    the five occupational clusters:        careers in the sixteen          Goals are to provide
 Agriculture and Natural Resources,       career cluster areas; to    fundamental skills in computer
 Arts and Humanities, Business and      develop an understanding         education and computer
     Marketing, Engineering and            of personal aptitude,         applications. Computer
    Industrial, Health and Human          interests, and abilities;     Discovery is presented in a
     Services. Download each             and to learn in an active,      multimedia environment.
            curriculum from               hands-on environment.
 Persons with any valid Mississippi
  teaching license may be hired for
 Discovery courses. They must earn           996 Endorsement                997 Endorsement
the appropriate endorsement for the
          course(s) taught.

         LEA SUPPORT

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              GENERAL                            CAREER                         COMPUTER

Enrollment---All students enrolled in
 grades 7-9 are required to take the
 courses. Exceptions: 1) Special
                                                                      Students who transfer into the
   Education students who are not
                                                                      district too late to successfully
  eligible for inclusion in academic
                                         IEP required for inclusion    master course competencies
  classes. 2) Students who transfer
                                                 students.               should not be enrolled in
      into the district too late to
                                                                        Computer Discovery. IEP
    successfully complete course
                                                                      required for inclusion students.
competencies should not be enrolled
     in Computer or Technology
Discovery which carry Carnegie units.

  Balance enrollment---Furniture,
equipment, and supplies are planned
  to deal with only the maximum. If
                                          24 per class maximum                Lab sizes: 16-26
 equipment breaks down, students
 are off task. It is better to have at
     least one open workstation.

Scheduling---best to schedule these
  classes at the beginning or end of
                                                    N/A                             N/A
    lunch so that activities are not
interrupted and equipment is not lost.

                                                                      Eighth graders receive one (1)
                                                                      Carnegie Unit. Must master the
          Carnegie Units---                         N/A                curriculum competencies to
                                                                      receive one full unit. Half units
                                                                            are not permissible.

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              GENERAL                             CAREER                      COMPUTER

Repeaters---It is best if students who                                  District decision. However,
 fail their grade not repeat Discovery                                  Computer Discovery is for
                                          District decision. What is
  courses. Repeating students may                                     eighth graders only. Students
                                            best for the individual
 cause over-crowding and discipline                                  who fail Computer Discovery can
   problems. Students should be in                                   take Computer Applications and
  proper grade level for each course.                                   keyboarding in grades 9-12.

    Transfer Students---May be                                       Students transferring in during
  included if early in the course, or                                   the first 6-9 weeks must
  transferring from another school                                  demonstrate keyboarding skills.
                                               No Restrictions
   where they were enrolled in the                                  After that, it may not be possible
course. Student Competency Profiles                                     for them to successfully
   should transfer with the student.                                       complete the course.

                                           Teacher should keep up-
   Equipment, Inventory                                              Teacher should keep up-to-date
                                            to-date equipment and
Equipment is required for activities in                                 equipment and supplies
                                               supplies inventory
 the curriculum. Broken and missing                                   inventory information on file.
                                              information on file.
      items should be reported                                         Missing equipment must be
                                           Missing equipment must
    immediately to administration.                                       replaced by the school.
                                          be replaced by the school.

Equipment, Upkeep---Districts must
   maintain equipment in working
  condition to meet student needs.                                   The portable telephone allows
 Please discuss process for upkeep                                  the teacher to speak with vendor
 and repair with teachers to ensure                                  regarding equipment concerns.
 MDE expectation does not conflict
       with district procedure.

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             GENERAL                             CAREER                          COMPUTER
 Equipment, Warranties---Please                                        Teachers should be given copies
read all warranties carefully. Abuse                                    of specifications and warranty
           is not covered.                                                        information.

    Equipment, Repair---Warranty
   repair due to failure of equipment
    may be the responsibility of the
    vendor. Refer to warranties for
                                                                       LEA's should annually budget an
details of shipping, replacement loan
                                                                        estimated 15% of the value of
items, and time frames for response.
                                                                              the equipment for
 Equipment broken deliberately or by
     accident must be repaired or
     replaced at district expense,
       including shipping. Keep
         documentation on file.

Local District Responsibility Lists--
-These contain information for initial   Includes Internet Service       Includes phone for vendor
 course set-up, as well as ongoing         on a minimum of one            support. Includes Internet
  consumable budget information,            computer A-F sites.         Service for all labs, A-F sites.
   projected phone line costs, etc.

  Budgets---All programs are to be
  given budgets in writing to enable       Consumable supplies
                                                                         Consumable supplies were
  planning of consumable supplies,       were provided for the first
                                                                         provided for the first year of
     maintenance, and program             year of operation only.
                                                                       operation only. Thereafter, they
   improvement. Supply budgets           Thereafter, they must be
                                                                        must be replaced with district
 should be based on the number of          replaced with district
 students and materials required for               funds.

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               GENERAL                           CAREER                     COMPUTER
 Facilities---1) Dedicated labs. To be
 used for Discovery courses only. A
     teacher trained for a specific
                                          Career Discovery labs
  Discovery lab may use the lecture                                Computer Discovery labs must
                                         must be secure to prevent
   area of the lab to teach another                                be secure to prevent damage to
                                          damage to and theft of
 course. 2) Submit to MDE all plans                                    and theft of equipment.
to change existing Discovery Labs by
  relocating, renovating, or building
                new labs.
  Opportunities include follow-up        All teachers should attend   All teachers should attend
  sessions, summer institutes, and       professional development     professional development
        summer conferences.                       sessions.                    sessions.
 Teacher designed support sites are
provided. Blackboard ® websites are
available to all teachers. Contact Dr. Documents and activities
                                                                   Documents and activities to
           Marilyn Bowen at            to assist in implementing
                                                                    assist in implementing the
mdb7@ra.msstate.edu for account the revised curriculum are
                                                                 revised curriculum are available
        information. Log-on at              available on the
                                                                 on the Blackboard BRIDGE site.
http://rcu.blackboard.com/webapps Blackboard BRIDGE site.
 /portal/frameset.jsp ---Enter user
           id and password.

                                         Go to www.ms.bridges.com. Call 1-800-281-1168 and tell them who you are, what
         Choices Explorer
                                                         and your location. They will give you access information.

  For technical assistance contact:               Debbie Fougerousse, Program Supervisor - dfougerousse@mde.k12.ms.

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                                         Goals are to develop
                                     technological literacy, and
                                  develop independent learners.
                                 There are 15 instructional units.
                                  A balance of activities is critical.
                                     Large group and individual
                                 activities must take place, as well
                                     as module rotation in pairs.

                                         998 Endorsement

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  Students who transfer into the
  district too late to successfully
 complete course competencies
     should not be enrolled in
   Technology Discovery. IEP
 required for inclusion students.

       26 per lab maximum

    Inventory must be done at
 beginning and end of class. Mid-
 class lunch defeats the purpose.

   Ninth graders receive one (1)
  Carnegie Unit. Must master the
    curriculum competencies to
receive one full unit. Half units are
           not permissible.

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District decision. What is best for
the individual student? If required
by district for graduation, students
  who are not classified as ninth
   graders will need the course.
They should all be in one class to
         avoid losing salary

 There are 15 instructional units.
Students who transfer after three
    rotations are not likely to
     complete the required
competencies to earn a Carnegie

   Teachers must track & manage
  over 600 items per lab. Student
  inventory responsibility is part of
      lab management. Lab use
Contracts are required. Teachers
prepare contracts & should review
   them with administration before
 implementing contracts. Missing
   equipment must be replaced by
             the school.

  Teachers are to obtain service
  and repair that often requires
troubleshooting over the phone.
  Technical support is available
after warranties expire. Phones
 are required to access toll-free

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 Teachers should have copies of
   specifications and warranty
    information on file for new

LEA's should annually budget an
estimated 15% of the value of the
equipment for repair/replacement.
    All small items required for
activities must be maintained and

  Includes phone for technical
support. Internet access required
            for all labs.

 Consumable supply budgets are
 based on the cost of consumable
   materials in the original state
  contracts. Consumables were
supplied through the contracts for
    the first year of operation.
Thereafter, they must be replaced
  by the district. Estimated $2000
per lab. May be pro-rated for labs
that are not running the entire day.

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                                                      Technology Discovery labs must
                                                      be secure to prevent damage to
                                                          and theft of equipment.

                                                         All teachers should attend
                                                         professional development

                                                     Documents and activities to assist
                                                       in implementing the revised
                                                         curriculum are available.

to www.ms.bridges.com. Call 1-800-281-1168 and tell them who you are, what you teach
             and your location. They will give you access information.

    Debbie Fougerousse, Program Supervisor - dfougerousse@mde.k12.ms.us

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