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					 Customizing Our Students’
College, Career, and Financial
   Aid Internet Experience
Why Do We need to Customize?

  In the past, we as counselors, possessed the
  One of our main challenges was to distribute
   the information efficiently.
  Now all the information is available on the
  Our main challenge has shifted to protecting
   our students from information overload.
  We must respond by helping students filter out
   the noise and focus on what is relevant, helpful,
   and valid.

 Is it the right kind of information?
 Does the information apply to the student in
 These seem like simple questions, but there is a
  lot of generalized information on the internet.

 Is the website user friendly?
 Is the information easy to find?
 There are usually many choices to get the same
 You can save your students time and
  frustration by directing them to the most
  efficient site.
 Follow-up is more efficient if you are familiar
  with the format of the site where the student got
  the information.

 Customizing can help protect your students
  from being taken in by scams.
 There are many opinions on the internet
  disguised as facts.
 There is a lot of out of date information on the
   How Can We Customize?
 There are many ways we can help customize
  our students’ internet experience.
 The techniques range from very low tech to
  very high tech.
 We can do everything from handing out a list of
  websites to using a site like to creating our own
  website for our students.
 We can use our collaboration and resource
  brokering skills to enlist the help of others
  around us.
 We can tap into local resources that are already
Look What Happened to My Site

  For the most part, I am just the messenger.
  Most of the credit for this site belongs to Judy
   Cromartie, District Counseling Supervisor,
   and Joni Shook, District Level Counselor.
  I have one small marketing suggestion.
      The Strongest Links

 If there is already something good up on the
  web, whenever possible, just link to it.
 We don’t have time to reinvent the wheel.
 For instance, many of the links on my site link
  to specific pages on
 I’ve been called worse things than a Bob
  Turba want-to-be.
You Can Make Your Own
    Website Today
       What Exactly is the Internet?

                                      The Internet

                       (Powerful computers running "server" software)

                   Computer Network

                 Computer on a Network
                       T1 or T2

Computer with Cable Modem    Computer with Telephone Modem              Computer with DSL
How Does the Internet Work?

  HTML files are posted on internet servers.
  Hyper Text Markup Language (i.e. glorified
   text files.)
  URLs are linked to IP addresses by specialized
   servers. ( =
  These IP addresses tell your browser where to
   find the right HTML file.
  Your browser downloads the file, reads it, and
   then displays it on your computer.
 How Do You Create an
     HTML File?

 Write the code from scratch.
 “Borrow” the code from other websites.
 Use a WYSIWYG web page editor.
  (What You See Is What You Get)
 All of the above.
    Writing HTML Files

 Glorified text files.
 Tags determine the placement and look of the
  text, links, and pictures on your page.
 Tags include punctuation marks and
  predetermined words or abbreviations.
  <title>My Excite</title>
    Using WYSIWYG Editors

 You position the text and pictures and then the
  program writes the code automatically.
 As easy to use as Microsoft Word.
 Programs run from more sophisticated (Dream
  Weaver, Front Page) to very basic and free.
 Free Webpage Creation Software (WYSIWYG)
Basic Principals of
 Website Design

    Simplicity
    Usability
    Accessibility
   How Do You Get Your HTML
     Files up to the Server?

 Most ISPs and many school        (Powerful computers running "server" software)
  districts provide space on
  their servers for their users.
 Follow your ISP’s or Tech
  Department’s instructions on
  how to upload the files.                   Your Computer
 Most likely you will use your
  browser or ftp software.
If You Can Use Microsoft Word,
    You Can Make a Website
If You Can Use Microsoft Word,
    You Can Make a Website
If You Can Use Microsoft Word,
    You Can Make a Website
If You Can Use Microsoft Word,
    You Can Make a Website
If You Can Use Microsoft Word,
    You Can Make a Website

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