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									               Cloth Diapering Information

   What Every Mom Should Know Before
                   She Buys Cloth Diapers
  When purchasing your stash of cloth diapers,
  here are some things to consider when choosing which brand to buy:

What kind of closures does the diaper utilize?                        Does the diaper offer a good fit for your baby’s
Look for snaps over Velcro-like closures. FuzziBunz uses snaps        unique shape and size?
to ensure the diapers look clean and last wash after wash.            FuzziBunz offer a variety of sizes
Other benefits of snaps: they are truly maintenance-free and          (small, medium and large) to ensure
wash well! Unlike Velcro-like closures that collect stickies and      your little one’s diaper “fits” properly
lint, fray, curl, scratch and snag your baby’s clothes, FuzziBunz     each and every time without added
offers a clean and durable closure time after time. See other         bulk. We also offer two rows of snaps
guide: The Truth About Velcro Closures for pictures and more          on each diaper – a row of leg and a
information on what kind of maintenance routine you can               row of waist snaps. This means you
expect with Velcro diapers.                                           can adjust the diapers to securely and comfortably fit your
                                                                      baby’s unique shape.
Does the company stand behind their diapers
with a good warranty?                                                 Are the diapers really dad-approved?
Some diapers claim to last 3+ years, yet many don’t stand             Someone can say their diapers are dad-approved, but how do
behind their diaper’s closures. Be sure to evaluate each              we know this for sure? Well, FuzziBunz are so easy to use that
diaper manufacturer’s warranty, paying close attention to the         they are the only diapers America’s Most Trusted Dad™, Armin
warranty offered on their closures (Velcro-like or snaps). At         Brott, recommends.
FuzziBunz, we stand behind our durable snap closures and
offer an extra long 18 month warranty on snaps.                       Are the diapers really pediatrician approved?
                                                                      Dr. Alan Greene, one of American’s most
Does the company pay attention to details?                            beloved “green” pediatricians, recommends
FuzziBunz include extra stitching around the top and leg cas-         FuzziBunz in his recent book, Raising Baby
ings of the diaper to ensure the diapers last after repeated use      Green. Now that’s a doctor you can trust!
and washing. You’ll notice that we never skimp on details, no
matter how small.

                             FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers           ®

                                Are Made To Last
                                     The Gold Standard in Cloth Diapering

                   FuzziBunz Diapers     500 Richland Ave., Lafayette, LA 70508   1-866-DRY-BABY

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