RHS Pro Elite Small Block Chevy CNC Ported Aluminum Cylinder Heads by sanmelody


									         RHS® Pro Elite™ 20-Degree CNC-Ported Cast Iron Cylinder Heads for SBF
Memphis, TN – RHS® introduces new cylinder heads that give Small Block Ford racers the benefits of professional
CNC-porting – straight from the factory.

Featuring CNC-ported intake and exhaust runners, Pro Elite™ 20-Degree Cast Iron Heads are engineered for Ford 289,
302 and 351W circle track and drag racing applications. The 62cc combustion chambers are CNC-ported to relieve valve
shrouding commonly found in “as cast” combustion chambers. To add up to 5 percent more flow right out of the box,
these Pro Elite™ heads also feature hardened multi-angle intake and radiused exhaust valve seats. And prior to CNC-
porting, the heads are built using RHS® exclusive Clean Cast Technology™ to provide smoother port-to-chamber
transitions. The thick deck surface allows angle milling and provides increased rigidity to improve head gasket retention
in boosted and nitrous applications. In addition, the refined water jacket of these heads reduces hot spots in both the
engine and the cylinder heads themselves. The Pro Elite™ SBF heads feature 221cc intake runners with 79cc exhaust
runners and 2.080″ intake/1.625″ exhaust valve diameters. All RHS® Pro Elite™ 20-Degree CNC-Ported Cast Iron
Cylinder Heads for SBF are designed from the latest in Ford-specific airflow technology for optimal volume, atomization
and velocity, giving you the power advantage at the track.
                                                                                         Quick Facts
                                                                   Product: RHS® Pro Elite™ 20-Degree CNC-Ported Cast
                                                                   Iron Cylinder Heads
                                                                   Part Number: #35325
                                                                   Street Price: $820.29 (per head)

                                                                   Social Media Pitch: RHS® Pro Elite™ 20-Degree CNC-
                                                                   Ported Cast Iron Heads for SBF give Ford racers the benefit
                                                                   of professional CNC-porting – right out of the box

                                                                   Features & Benefits:
                                                                    20-degree cast iron cylinder heads for SBF 289, 302 &
                                                                       351W drag & circle track racing applications
                                                                    CNC-ported combustion chamber moderates valve
                                                                       shrouding & improves airflow efficiency
                                                                    Multi-angle intake & radiused exhaust seats for
                                                                       superior flow & increased horsepower
                                                                    Refined water jacket reduces hot spots in both the
                                                                       engine & the cylinder heads themselves
                                                                    Thick deck surface allows angle milling & increased
                                                                       rigidity; improves head gasket retention
About RHS®
Founded in 1967, Racing Head Service® began exclusively as a manufacturer of racing cylinder heads. Over the years, RHS ® grew
into an integrated racing company, offering complete turn-key engines and race car parts via mail order. With innovative cylinder
head designs and porting techniques, the company became a performance icon in both circle track and drag racing. RHS ® is now a
proud member of the COMP Performance Group™ with the industry’s largest and most advanced airflow technology team that
produces both aftermarket cylinder heads and engine blocks. For more information about RHS® and its products, visit us online at
www.racingheadservice.com or call us at 1.877.776.4323. Also follow us on Facebook at facebook.racingheadservice.com or on
Twitter at twitter.com/RHSWins.

Media Contact: John Jamros, jjamros@compcams.com, 901.795.2400, ext. 664.

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