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									       A Metalworking & Fabricating magazine from SMTCL Canada.Vol. 2 • Issue 2
                                                  January 2011 |

                                                 February 2011 | Vol. 2 • Issue 1

Industry News
The World’s Largest
Machine Tool Builder


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              INdUSTRY NEwS

         Profit                                          Industry News

                                                           Sialon grade provides increased
                                                           opportunities in machining of heat
                                                           resistant super alloys
                                                           Sandvik Coromant is extending its Sialon
                                                           grade CC6060 range to support the turning
                                                           and milling of heat resistant super alloys.
                                                                                                                             New Mastercam X
    New CoroMill 325 ensures                               These latest introductions available from Oc-                     Mastercam X just took cadcam
    faster and more accurate                               tober 1st include inserts for semi-finish to fin-                 software into the 21st century with
    thread whirling                                        ish machining. Sialon grade CC6060 is opti-                       a multitude of new powerful tools
                                                           mized for productivity benefits when it comes
    The growing use of special thread forms for            to larger diameter components and longer                          Smart Hybrid Finishing blends two efficient
    medical bone screws, implants and other mi-            lengths of cut. With its excellent notch wear                     cutting techniques (Constant Z cutting & con-
    cro components creates an increased need for           resistance, this grade also provides the confi-                   stant Scallop machining) in a single tool path.
    techniques that produce threads fast and at            dence to machine at higher depths of cut than                     The result is a dramatically finer finish with
    high tolerances.                                       other ceramic grades and is able to cope with                     less work. New OptiRough Toolpath is a new
                                                           higher feed rates and longer continuous cuts.                     technique designed to remove large amounts
    Thread whirling is a fast and accurate way to                                                                            of material quickly using its successful dynam-
    thread long, slender components in difficult to        For more information, contact Sandvik                             ic milling motion. Large, aggressive cuts are
    machine materials. By combining the speed              Coromat at www.coromant.sandvik.com/ca                            followed by fast, smaller up-cuts, safely deliv-
    of thread whirling with the rigidity of a sliding                                                                        ering a fully roughed part faster than ever. New
    head machine, complete threads are produced                                                                              dynamic milling constantly adjusts the tool-
    accurately and in a single pass, without the                                                                             path to ensure the most efficient cut possible
    need for special supports.                                                                                               and allows use of the entire tool flute length,
                                                                                                                             often eliminating the need for multiple depth
    The new Sandvik Coromant CoroMill 325                                                                                    cuts. New dynamic milling techniques include
    thread whirling inserts and holders can produce                                                                          Dynamic Rest Mill and Dynamic Contour.
    a wide range of high precision screws and im-
    plants from rough stock at high speeds and fit
    a large number of sliding head machine types.
                                                           Machine Tool Solutions introduces                                 Easier Multiaxis Machining suite offers new
                                                           magnetic workholding modules                                      machining techniques and a new, easy, work-
    All without the need for a dedicated thread                                                                              flow – oriented interface. Mastercam lets you
    whirling machine.                                      for milling                                                       choose the basic type of work you’re doing us-
                                                           • Magnetic flexibility                                            ing realistic illustrations, and then gives you
    For more information, contact Sandvik                  • 5-sides clear for machining, uniform,                           a clear, step-by-step process for defining how
    Coromat at www.coromant.sandvik.com/ca                   powerful grip, clamp-free cutting zone                          you’ll cut the part. Machine simulation is a safe
                                                           • Electro-permanent technology                                    and cost effective way of proving out multiaxis
                                                           • Stable, safe, FMS system’s pallet                               toolpaths. It lets you build your machine’s vir-
                                                             and tombstone compatible
    RETRACTION:                                            • An advanced work-holding system
                                                                                                                             tual replica on your computer screen and you
    In the October 2010 premier issue of Manufac-                                                                            can simulate the cutting process to make sure
                                                           • Rapid, consistent grip and hold, fast change                    you have created the most effective cut, avoid-
    turing for Profit magazine, the magazine said            over, high efficiency machine tools running,
    Valley Blades manufactures quality products and                                                                          ing obstructions from fixtures, tools or machine
                                                             reduced consumption of tools                                    components. Mastercam X also comes with a
    provides reliable service to its customers. We         • Electro-Permanent circuit
    incorrectly said the products are manufactured                                                                           host of Design Enhancements like surface and
                                                           • Electrically switched, permanent, magnetic circuit              solid analysis tools.
    in Canada for industry-leading manufacturers –           only uses power during the switching process
    instead, it should have said “for industry-leading
    machinery such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, John           For more information, Machine Tool Solutions                      For more information, contact In-House
    Deere, Case, Terex, Volvo, and more.                   Ltd. at www.machinetoolsolutions.ca                               Solutions at www.inhousesolutions.com

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            A Metalworking & Fabricating
             magazine from SMTCL Canada                                         All content is published with the written permission from SMTCL Canada, Inc.

2     www.SMTCL.ca          FEBRUARY 2011
                                                                                                                          wORLd NEwS

China: The World’s Largest
Machine Tool Producer
      hina, for years the world’s largest
      consumer of machine tools, in
      2009 also became the number-
one producer. As China’s manufactur-
ing output increased in 2009, output
from other major producing countries
fell by double digits. Last years total
world output declined one-third, to

On average, machine-tool output by the
28 leading countries during 2009 fell
32% from the year before. Those indus-
tries were able to post $55.2-billion in
shipments, compared to the $81.3 bil-
lion they sent to customers in 2008.
The machine-tool builders’ organiza-
tion in Beijing, however, estimates that
China’s production actually increased
7%, moving it for the first time into
the number-one spot among builders
worldwide. With output of other major
producing nations declining, China’s
estimated $15-billion in shipments,
both internal and external, boosts its
share of last year’s total world output to
a remarkable 27%.                                SMTCL, an ISO-certified manufacturer, is by far the largest, producing more than 5000 units
                                                  a month. Of these, approximately 40 percent are CNC, and the rest conventional. Overall,
While China’s internal demand helps                  less than 10 percent of unit production is exported. Quality and features improve
it maintain its position of the leading           constantly, in keeping with the company philosophy of continuous product development.
importer of machine tools in the world
(it’s led every year since 2002), its ratio of imports to consumption      distribution facilities in China, with the view to tapping into what is
has been steadily declining, and domestic manufacturing has been           evolving as one of the largest ‘new’ marketplaces on the planet.
developing in response to the demand. Most builders are easily ca-         China has participated in significant world events, like the Beijing
pable of selling their entire output into the domestic market, but they    Olympic games, and has thus raised its stature with respect to the
are becoming more competitive in the global marketplace as well, as        developed world, and has become, as we all know, a country of
users in other countries begin to recognize the value that can be real-    primary importance on the international stage.
ized in the purchase of modern, higher quality Chinese equipment.
                                                                           Still, there is much to be accomplished domestically within China,
Chinese manufacturers are now more aware of the needs of western           from additional infrastructure projects like dams, roads, airports,
users, and are therefore building equipment to suit those needs. West-     railways, and wind farms to health care, municipal services, and edu-
ern technical standards are being adopted, and quality standards are       cation, to all of which the government has pledged it’s utmost effort.
constantly improving, for both international and domestic business.
                                                                           The history of China is not measured in centuries, but in millennia. It
China is currently experiencing an unparalleled internal growth and        is referred to, by name, as the “Center Country”, whose traditions are
development. Huge sums are being expended by the government on             most anciently rooted, and all of its citizens understand this concept
infrastructure projects like railways and power generation projects,       intrinsically. These long-standing traditions are part of everyday life in
and at the same time, developing a healthy competitive market              the most populous country in the world.
system for consumer goods and services. Many world-renowned
manufacturers from other countries have set up manufacturing and                                               Statistics from Gardner Publications.

                                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2011     www.SMTCL.ca        3

4   www.SMTCL.ca   FEBRUARY 2011
                                                                                                                       COVER STORY

       isitors witnessed a new era of Chinese technology at SMTCL Can-     the efficiency of the machine’s capabilities by setting up post proces-
       ada’s open house on November 22. The event lasted all week          sors on each of the machines to maximize the configuration of the
       and guests walked in amazement at the level of technology and       machine and the efficiency of the CAD-CAM software. Some machine
variety of machine tools on display. “We had a good cross-section of       shop operations are tempted to buy entry-level CAD-CAM programs
our machine tool product line on display”, comments Johnny Zhang,          without technical support, only to learn they never realize the true
General Manager of SMTCL Canada. “Visitors were introduced to our          potential of the software. In-House Solutions not only offer the most
latest technology and to our support staff, who would continue to          advanced CAD-CAM software, they also offer local support to the
support our products after the sale”.                                      buyer to help them maximize the capabilities of the software and the
                                                                           machine tool. Local training to support the software dramatically
                                                                           reduces the learning curve for the machine operator.”

                                                                           Sandvik Coromant also had a full display on their product line, as well
                                                                           as several turning and milling demonstrations in concert with Master-
                                                                           Cam software and the SMTCL product line. “Application support for
                                                                           cutting tool selection is paramount,” says John Benedetti of Sandvik
                                                                           Coromant. “That is why we partner with manufacturers like SMTCL to
                                                                           offer a closed-loop, efficient manufacturing solution.”

                                                                           Workholding is often an area over-looked because it is often deemed
                                                                           an unnecessary investment towards manufacturing a specific part
                                                                           efficiently. Lino Libertella of Machine Tool Solutions introduced and
                                                                           demonstrated a number of work-holding solutions which completed
                                                                           the system design for manufacturing a particular part for the open
   Johnny Zhang (standing, facing the camera) and Merry Na                 house demonstrations. “Today’s solutions are far more problem-solving
   talk to a customer during the Open House.                               in nature, thanks to some major advancement in work-holding technol-
                                                                           ogy.” Machine Tool Solutions offers a wide variety of work-holding
A new, fully carpeted demonstration room housed ten machines, some
of which operated under power, demonstrating the capabilities of each        SMTCL demonstrated contour
machine tool. Included in the line were:                                     machining on their horizontal
                                                                             machining center.
• HMC50 –horizontal machining center
• HTC 2050 – slant bed lathe
• STC 34100D – pipe threading lathe
• VMC 0850B – vertical machining center
• VMC 700B – vertical machining center
• CAK 63285D – CNC lathe
• CW 6180C/3000 - lathe
• CA 6250B/1500 - lathe
• CA 6250B/1500 - lathe
• Z 3050X 16/II - radial arm drill
• Z 3032X 10/I – radial arm drill

What made this open house particularly rewarding to visitors were
the SMTCL technology partners who also had exhibits at the event –
In-House Solutions, representing MasterCam software, Sandvik
Coromant, and Machine Tool Solutions Workholding.                          solutions including magnetic & vacuum chucks, low profile clamps,
                                                                           rotary pallet systems, precision index tables, automated clamping
Maximizing efficiency in every aspect of production in today’s ma-         systems, and much more.
chine shops is the ultimate goal of every large and small manufacturer.
In addition to demonstrating their leadership in machine tool              SMTCL awarded visitors with over $1500 in door prizes and significant
manufacturing, SMTCL also wanted to stress the importance of hav-          discounts on machine tools. Visit their website often to discover ongo-
ing a closed-loop manufacturing system with every machine tool they        ing specials on various machine tool models from SMTCL. General
sell. This is why they carefully picked partners for the open house that   Manager Johnny Zhang summarized the success of the open house
could demonstrate some forward thinking in cutting tool selection and      by saying, “several customers and machine tool distributors were very
applications; CAD-CAM software and machine tool programming; and           surprised to discover the depth and quality of the SMTCL product
work holding solutions.                                                    line. The SMTCL open house introduced a new perspective of Chinese
                                                                           technology and it reaffirmed SMTCL’s leadership, as the largest
“Our role,” said Kevin Hesch, of In-House Solutions, “was to maximize      machine tool builder in the world.

                                                                                                              FEBRUARY 2011     www.SMTCL.ca     5

    Machine Foundations
    The Basis for Accurate Part Manufacturing
    by Brad Hall from Hall Construction Inc. | www.hallconstruction.ca

      he foundation of a machine is a structure that serves as a base for      in failures and shutdowns exceeding many times the cost of the capital
      its installation and provides consistent conditions for the opera-       investment required for properly designed and built foundations.”
      tion of the machine. The foundation should withstand all applied
loads, both static and dynamic, and act together with the machine or           After the foundation has been installed, the machine/equipment
equipment and the supporting soil or structure to meet the deflection          should be accurately leveled and anchored to the foundation to make
limits specified by the equipment manufacturer. Vibrations and inter-          a structurally sound connection that meets the rigidity and support
nal loads and stresses should be limited, including those that might           requirements of the machine/equipment. Grouting strengthens the
be transmitted to other areas around the machine where other                   attachment between the machine and the foundation, and epoxy
vibration-sensitive equipment may be installed, or operators might             sealant will prevent contamination and weakening of the foundation.
be working nearby, or where damage to the surrounding structures
may occur.                                                                     The Machine Foundation serves the following functions:
                                                                               •   Supports Machine Weight
The foundation should withstand all applied loads, both static and             •   Absorbs and minimizes vibration
dynamic and should act in unison with the machine/equipment and                •   Isolates effects of vibration locally
supporting soil or structure to meet the deflection limits specified by        •   Provides ergonomic working height
the equipment owner or machinery manufacturer.                                 •   Maintains alignment
                                                                               •   Provides stable working conditions
The main purposes of the foundation system with respect to dynamic
loads include limiting vibrations, internal loads, and stresses within         Three Principles of a Machine Foundation:
the machine/equipment. The foundation system also limits vibrations            • It must operate as long as possible without repair.
in the areas around the equipment where other vibration-sensitive              • The machine should operate consistent with the
equipment may be installed, operators working nearby, or damage to               manufacturers’ specifications.
the surrounding structures may occur.                                          • It must ensure quality of the finished part and good productivity.

Poorly designed and installed foundations may increase vibration or            Factors to Consider:
worse, the foundation may settle unevenly and/or sink. The load bearing        1.  Size of the machine.
capacity of the soil is a key factor in determining the foundation’s size      2.  Anticipated loads, during erection, and in all modes of use.
and construction. Cracks or separations can indicate that the founda-          3.  Forces exerted by the machine, both static and dynamic.
tion can no longer render its function.                                        4.  Type of motion and speed of the machine –
                                                                                   heavy momentum stresses.
Vibrations can cause personal discomfort near working areas or offices,        5. Horsepower to be transmitted to/from the machine.
and can result in the failure of controls, gauges, switches, alignment of      6. Proper height of the machine for the operator to work.
machine/equipment nearby, or structural damage. . This is especially           7. Alignment with adjacent equipment for efficient process.
true in plants with multiple continuous process lines, such as in ma-          8. Proper size of foundation bolts.
chine tool operations, fabricating production lines or metal stamping          9. Load bearing capacity of the soil beneath the foundation
operations. Proper machinery installation is fundamental to high equip-            and type of the soil.
ment reliability and low life cycle cost. Poor foundation installations will   10. Materials to be used for the construction of the foundation.
become a chronic source of downtime, poor product quality, reduced             11. Drainage, if needed for the machine.
capacity and high cost. An incorrectly designed foundation is extremely        12. Maintenance requirements such as crane access.
difficult to correct once installed.                                           13. Environmental issues such as coatings and containment for fluids
                                                                               14. An engineer should be involved in design the foundation,
“The cost of the machine foundation is but a small fraction of that of the         e.g. for reinforcement.
machine/equipment, and inadequately constructed foundations may result         15. Permission from landlord in leased or rented premises.

6    www.SMTCL.ca        FEBRUARY 2011
                                                                                                               TECHNOLOGY TOdAY

Affordability helps
the Entrepreneurial
spirit thrive at
         eeting Brian Rice of Division Machine for the first time would
         make you wonder how a guy in his late twenties could pos-
         sibly own a CNC machine shop. You might be surprised to
learn Rice began working for a machine builder part-time at only 13
years of age. By the time he was 15, Rice had three jobs working
part-time, one of which was in a machine shop in the Windsor area.
As soon as he graduated from high school, Rice entered the appren-
ticeship program, and at the tender age of 18, he established his first
machine shop with a partner. The partnership didn’t work out as well
as expected so Rice left the partnership and opened Division Machine

                                                                          The Company specializes in contour machining; cutting dies, moulds
                                                                          and fixtures, and uses the latest version of Work NC CAD CAM soft-
                                                                          ware for its programming. “We also do quite a bit of electrode build-
                                                                          ing”, says Rice. “My first company was also an EDM shop, so we are
                                                                          very familiar with all aspects of EDM manufacturing. In fact, it is our
                                                                          intention to get back into EDM work after we receive our next larger
                                                                          VMC.” Division Machine is also working on its ISO certification.

                                                                          Just a few years ago, Rice travelled to Taiwan with Jerry Bas of WMTi,
                                                                          to evaluate some larger vertical machining centers. He paid a de-
                                                                          posit on a machine, only to find out later, the manufacturer went into
                                                                          receivership. Although Rice had his doubts buying another Taiwan-
                                                                          ese or Chinese-built machine tool, Bas assured him that his new
                                                                          SMTCL machines were the real deal. “In fact, SMTCL”, said Bas, “is
                                                                          now the largest machine tool builder in the world and believe custom-
at the age of 21 in 2004. In 2008, an employee left an EDM ma-            er and product support are paramount to their success.” WMTi is an
chine running all night which caught fire. By the time Rice reached       SMTCL distributor and is preparing the SMTCL 1600B VMC for delivery
the shop, it had been totally consumed by the fire. Devastated by the     to Division Machine.
loss, Rice decided to close shop, but after a few months of working for
others, re-opened Division Machine in 2009.                               “I felt much more confident to buy this machine,” said Rice,
                                                                          “because the smaller VMC I purchased from SMTCL two years ago
Today, Division Machine (DM), located on Division Road in Windsor,        is probably the best machine I have purchased in terms of value. It
has six vertical machining centers, all of which are capable of running   was priced very competitively and to my surprise, it has delivered very
fully automated, lights out production. The VMCs have tool carousels      well in terms of running without service issues and maintaining its
ranging from 20 to 30 tools and, for work holding efficiency; DM is       accuracy. The product support has been excellent and I am confident
equipped with the System 3R work holding system.                          this larger machine will give me the same results.”

                                                                                                              FEBRUARY 2011    www.SMTCL.ca     7
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                                   • 1250 mm (49”) Swing Over Bed      Table Dimensions                • 850 x 560 x 650 mm
• 19” x 19” Table Dimensions       • 4900 mm (193”) Maximum          • 5000 kg (11000 lb) Maximum        (33.4 x 22 x 25.6”)
• Double Pallets                     Work-piece Length                 Work-piece Weight                 X,Y,Z Travels
• 1,102 lbs. Table Load Capacity   • 820 mm (32.28”)                 • 18.5 kW (25 HP) Spindle Motor   • 500 x 1000 mm ( 19” x 49”)
• X=23”, Y=25”, Z=27” Travels        Swing Over Carriage             • CAT 50 32-Position                Table Dimensions
• CAT-50 40-Position ATC           • Sauter 8-Position                 Tool Changer                    • 10000 RPM Spindle
• 20 - 5000 RPM Spindle              Horizontal-Axis Turret          • 40 - 6000 RPM                   • 24-Position Arm-Type
• Fanuc Oi MC CNC Control          • 5 - 500 RPM                     • 2 Range ZF Gearbox                CAT 40 Tool Changer
                                   • Fanuc Oi TC Control             • Fanuc Oi-MC                     • Fanuc Oi MD

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