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									Rome and the Rise of Christianity                    Chapter 5

Section 4: The Development of Christianity pages 169-174

Main ideas:
Jesus, a Jew from Palestine, began his public preaching.
Christianity spread throughout the empire and eventually became the state religion of Rome.

Background: Roman Religion
Official Roman religion focused on worship of a number of gods and goddesses
Beginning with Augustus, ____________ were often officially made _______ by Roman Senate
Priests follow proper rituals ensure peace and prosperity
Romans believed their ____________ in creating an empire meant they earned ____________
   of gods
____________ of other religions – allowed in empire
Religion promised followers an entry into higher world of reality and promise of ____________
   superior to present one.

The Jewish Background
____________ lands of old Jewish kingdom of Judah under direction of Roman official called a
Lots of unrest even among Jewish groups of Sadducees, Essenes, & Zealots
        ____________ – favored cooperation with ____________
        ____________ – like most other Jews – awaited a ____________ who would save Israel
             from oppression, usher in kingdom of God, and establish a true paradise on Earth
        ____________ – advocated violent ____________ of Roman Rule
           Revolt in 66 against Romans lasted 4 years, unsuccessful
           ____________ was destroyed

The Rise of Christianity
____________ of Nazareth began preaching during troubles in Judaea

      The Message of Jesus
       Said he didn’t plan to harm traditional religion – transformation of ____________
       Follow the ____________
       God’s command – ____________ God and one ____________
       Humility, charity, and love toward others
       Judaean authorities of Palestine thought Jesus a ____________ – might challenge Rome
              Denounced by Jewish court and turned over to procurator ____________

      The Spread of Christianity
       ____________ – fisherman and follower of Jesus
             Disciples taught that ____________ was the ____________, the Son of God,
       who had come to Earth to save all humans
       ____________ of Tarsus – highly educated Jewish Roman citizen preached the gospel
       to both Jews and ____________ (non Jews)
               Founded Christian communities throughout Asia Minor and along shores of
       After reports Jesus overcame death, Christianity spread rapidly
       Written letters, or ____________, outlining Christian beliefs
               Give record of Jesus’ life and teachings, form core of ____________, or second
                  part of Christian bible

      Roman Persecution
       Tolerated other religions unless they threaten public or public morals
       Viewed as ____________ because didn’t worship state gods and emperors
              Treason, punishable by death
       During Nero’s reign, Christians were ____________ (harassing to cause suffering)
              Emperor blamed ____________ for ____________ that destroyed a lot of Rome
       ____________ – Christian martyr

The Triumph of Christianity
____________ – ruled from 378 – 395 Romans adopted Christianity as ____________ religion
   of Roman Empire
Persecution forced Christians become more organized – only __________ follow outlawed faith
Christianity created new church structure
        ____________ -church leaders had duties separate from ____________ -regular church

Reasons Christianity spread:
1. message had much to offer Roman world – Rome’s religion existed for the good of Rome.
       Offered ________________________
2. Christianity seemed ____________ – sacrificial death of savior-god
3. Fulfilled human need to ____________ – formed communities bound to one another
4. Attractive to ____________, especially poor and powerless – eternal life promised to all
Diocletian, beginning of 4th century continued to persecute
____________ 1st Christian emperor
       Issued ____________ – proclaimed official tolerance of Christianity
Theodosius the Great - Romans adopted Christianity as official religion

1. Explain why the Romans persecuted Christians despite their general religious tolerance.

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