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									                                      January 2009
                                                                                   Harry Houdini was a
                                                     From The Big Moo,                 lousy magician
                                                     Edited by Seth Godin

                                                     Historians of magic          Harry Houdini invented       first he hesitated, but,
                                                     are in total agreement       an entirely different sort   motivated by the cry of
                                                     about this: Houdini did      of vaudeville attraction.    the public, he accepted
                                                     hackneyed mechanical         He was not a magician at     the challenge.
                                                     tricks, showed little evi-   all, but an escape artist.
                                                                                  Crowds didn’t line up to     After half an hour in a
                                                     dence of talent and had
                                                                                  watch him cut a lady in      tiny, isolated chamber
                                                     almost none of the suave
                                                                                  half. Instead, they were     onstage, Houdini came
                                                     charisma that the great
                                                                                                               back before the audience

                                                     magicians of his era had.    fascinated by his taunting
                                                                                  of death, by the way he      and asked that the cuffs
                                                     And yet when I ask you to    used himself as the most     be removed so that he
                                                     name a famous magician,      important prop in the act.   could take off his heavy
                                                     odds are you’ll say,                                      wool coat (he was
                                                     “Houdini!”                   One of his breakthrough      sweating from the heat)
                                                                                  performances took place      and then replaced. The
                                                     So, how did he do it?        in England. Houdini was      crowd angrily refused-
                                                     How did a lousy magician     challenged (by a re-         Houdini would not be
                                                     become such a spectacular    nowned locksmith-            permitted to trick them.
                                                     success?                     something you don’t see      Unflappable as always,
                                                                                  often) to free himself       Houdini used his teeth to
                                                     Simple. He wasn’t a magi-
                                                                                  from a new kind of es-
                                                     cian.                                                                (Continued on page 2)
                                                                                  cape-proof hand cuffs. At

                                                             The very existence of flamethrowers proves that
                                                            sometime, somewhere, someone said to himself,
                                                            “You know, I want to set those people over there
                                                            on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the
                                                                                job done.”

                                                                                                   ~George Carlin
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                                                   World of Concrete
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                                                                     The Rental Show - ARA
                                                                                 ~See you there!

                                                                                            Eric & Sherry

(Continued from page 1)                Who could have imagined that        Sometimes, making an original
                                       Houdini would succeed by            choice when there seems to be
extract a razor from his coat, which   spending more than an hour and      no choice at all is daunting.
he then dramatically shredded to       a half doing just one trick, in a   But this is often how the brave
pieces in front of the crowd. With a   closed room, out of sight of the    succeed while the masses are
grimace, he returned to his cham-      audience? Where is it written in    consigned to failure.
ber. An hour later, he emerged tri-    the magician’s manual that the
umphant, holding the opened hand-      best way to become famous is        The Big Moo is a gathering of
cuffs over his head.                   to fake not only the outcome but    bestselling authors and business
                                       the event itself (Houdini made      superstars like Malcolm Gladwell,
When Houdini made the decision to      those handcuffs himself and
                                                                           Tom Peters, Mark Cuban, Guy
focus on escapes instead of magic                                          Kawasaki and Jackie Huba who
                                       paid the locksmith to challenge
tricks, it was considered profes-                                          together they distilled their best
                                       him in the first place—it only      secrets for creating sustainable and
sional suicide. There wasn’t a mar-    took him a minute to open them
ket for escape acts. There wasn’t a                                        shared remarkability. Seth Godin
                                       when the time came.)?               (editor) is the internationally best-
demand for it. It had never been
                                                                           selling author of All Marketers Are
done before. No one knew what it
                                                                           Liars, Free Prize Inside!, Purple
was worth and now one could tell                                           Cow, and Permission Marketing,
him how long or how demanding                                              among several others.
his act should be.                                                                  www.sethgodin.com

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                             Have a great and prosperous 2009!
                             Keep pushing forward,

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