IC Engine Group by nikeborome


									  Internal Combustion
  Engine Senior Design Group
Supervising Professor   Presenters:
Dr. Dunn-Rankin         Daniel Carpio
                        Bert Salazar
                        Marc Worrell
                        Rick Chavez-Oropeza
                        David Perales
                        Ernesto Villasenor
The Goal
     Design and build a working internal combustion engine
     laboratory. The engine is to be controlled by the user to
        run tests and analysis for different load and engine
                         parameter cases.

    The steps in the process include the following:
   The engine’s electronics will be rewired to eliminate any unnecessary
    electrical connections.
   The IC engine’s original factory computer will be bypassed with a newly
    reconfigured chip.
   A throttle position device will be designed to the control the throttle
   A dynamometer will be installed to run load tests on the engine.
  Time Line of Events
      This table illustrates the time it will take to perform each step.

           October                            November                         December                          January

                            Rewire Engine
                            EECU and                           Troubleshooting engine                   Engine Running
                            ignition system                    wiring harness and                       with its own computer
                                                               ignition system                          and wiring harness

                                                                                                            Attempt Lean Burn
                                                                                                            Condition with
                                                                                                            Hydrogen injection

                 February                            March                           April                              May

viability                                                    Troubleshooting
between                                                      closed loop
OPTO22 vs. Our                                               control system                  IC Engine
own algorithm                                                                                Presentation
                                               Closed Loop
                            PD Throttle        PC Control
                            position           initiated
Basic Components

Engine Stand

                        Wiring Harness
Basic Components (cont..)

Radiator and Fan

                   Fuel Tank Housing
Throttle Position Control
   An adapter plate will be
    designed and fabricated to
    change the position of the
    throttle body on the engine.
   The plate will enable the
    fitting of an electric motor to
    control the position of the
   An electric circuit will be       Original Throttle Plate
    designed to control the
    motor, thus controlling the
    throttle position.
Throttle Position Control (cont.)

                                 Original Shaft

                              Fabricated Shaft

                        Where throttle
                        shaft is inserted         Throttle Shaft
       Throttle Body

   The throttle plate will attach the throttle body to the
    original surface on the engine.
   The throttle shaft will have the exact dimensions of the
    original except for at the top, where a motor will be
    attached to the end of it.
Throttle Position Control (cont.)




         3-D Rendering of Entire Position Control
Wiring Panel

                                    Rewire original wire harness
                                     removing unnecessary wiring.
                                    Replace prototype wire board
                                     with a new, easier one to use.
Original Wiring Harness             Provide a separation point in
                                     wiring to facilitate a quick
                                     change of control devices.

                     Unused Wiring
 Wiring Panel (cont.)



Original On-board
Computer                                                Ignition Switch
                      Wiring Board (prototype)

     This board will be replaced with a new encased metal
      switch panel.
Control Chip Progress
   It has been determined that OPTO-22 was inadequate for our control
   Controllers with required speed and flexibility have been researched.
   The input and output required by the engine has been identified and the
    general operating scheme by which the existing factory controller
    functions has been determined.
   The controller board search has been narrowed to four potential
    candidates. All of the controllers are available through Tern.
   The current and voltage requirements of the inputs and outputs must
    now be found so that one controller may be chosen.
   Unit has been purchased.
    Delivery is expected
    during the fifth week of
   A stand will be built for
    the installation of the
                                Actual Dynamometer Unit
   The Dynamometer will be
    used to provide
    performance and power
    curves for various engine
    test parameters.

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