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									Lifting Electromagnet

General Description

AMT&C Lifting Electromagnet currently operates from the largest production lines to the
smallest job shops and provides the same safety, high performance, and low operating cost for
each user. For cast ingots, steel balls and various kinds of steel scraps, our product is all

Work Theory

Here we take scrap steel for example. A Lifting electromagnet can be used for moving scrap
steel from one place to another. In a scrapyard, a crane has a large iron disc that is not a
permanent magnet. The crane operator lowers the electromagnet into a pile of scrap steel and
then switches on the electricity. This causes the steel disc to become a powerful magnet.
Scrap steel is attracted to the disc. When the operator switches off the electricity, the scrap
steel falls off the disc. In this way, large amounts of scrap steel can be moved easily from one
place to another.


1. Lifting Electromagnet adopts a special design magnetic circuit which has large air space
and magnetism density. It is made of aluminum wire and the coil protection plate is made of
the rolled high Mn steel plate that has good performance of wear-resistance & heat-proof. It
also has the characteristics of light weight, low power consumption, high lifting capacity and
long serving life. 2.Lifting Electromagnet has fine insulation structure.The insulation treatments
adopt the vacuum trying&glue filling,which has improved the electrical and mechanical
performance of the coils. 3. Lifting Electromagnet generally adopts the control mode of
constant voltage. It can further improve the lifting capacity if changing to adopt the control
model of over excitation.
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