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                    Can't Refinance Your Home And Now You Need To Sell Your House

       By Donte Mazyck
       Dated: Mar 02, 2009

       There are a lot of homeowners that need to refinance their home before it's too late as a clause in their
       mortgage. If you don't have enough equity to refinance or have been behind on payments then there is an
       investor buyer to purchase your house.

       "Has a failed Refinance put you in a tough situation where you have no choice but to sell your house?"

        Homeowners enter loans all the time where they have a clause in their mortgage when they have to
       refinance their home after so long because of a balloon payment or their introductory interest rate is about
       to rise. With economic tough times and job loss across the country, it's no wonder why some homeowners
       can't refinance their house since they have probably been behind on payments a few times.

        With added foreclosures in the current housing market home values are dropping and no equity also makes
       it hard to refinance their home. During times like these homeowners are put behind the eight ball are
       sometimes forced to sell their house. Whether they have been behind on payments or have litte equity with
       a balloon, those types of problems can make it really tough to refinance a home.

        Vernon Crawford of BofC says "homeowners face all types of problems such as a few time they may have
       been behind on payments of the mortgage, little equity or a job loss can make it hard for owners to
       refinance and in times like those sometimes the only thing to do is to sell their house", Vernon continued
       with "we have bought houses from owners that ran out of options and they were so excited to avoid
       foreclosure and not have to pay realtor fees and closing cost".

        When homeowners can't refinance their home because they have been behind on payments, have a balloon
       payments or whatever they can contact BofC to see if their house qualifies for a fast purchase. It's better to
       sell your house in order to control your housing situation rather than let your lender foreclose on your house
       and explain to your family why you are being kicked out of your house and friends why you might need to
       borrow money.


       Donte Mazyck is the acquistions manager for BofC which is a web based company that buys houses from
       homeowners with little equity and need to sell fast. BofC isn't a realty company or a real estate agency but
       is a company that buys houses. Homeowners that need to sell their house fast since they can't refinance can
       go to and now BofC is buying homes in other parts of the
       country Owners can also call toll free at

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