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January 2010

Husqvarna launches new deep cutter
 — the K 760 Cut-n-Break cuts deep at a lower cost
Now it’s even easier to make deep cuts at a low cost. Husqvarna launches a new power
cutter with the Cut-n-Break function; a unique method for making deep cuts in concrete.
With a more powerful engine, better ergonomics and reduced emissions, the K 760 Cut-n-
Break has all the requirements to be a hit with cutting and drilling contractors.
A versatile all-round machine for cutting and drilling contractors who sometimes need to make deep
cuts. That is one way to sum up the K 760 Cut-n-Break; Husqvarna’s new power cutter which can handle
cuts of up to 400 mm, with a lower tool cost than a diamond chain saw. The K 760 Cut-n-Break is the
follow-up on the popular K 650 Cut-n-Break, Husqvarna’s first machine with the revolutionary techni-

The technique and performance are signi-
ficantly enhanced with the new cutter. The
biggest innovation is an entirely new engine
body – the K 760 Cut-n-Break is equipped with
Husqvarna’s low emission X-Torq® engine
which makes the machine more powerful while
being better on the environment at the same
time. More power, 3.7 kW, means that the blade
cuts through the concrete with more resilience
and consistency. An improved ergonomic
design is noticeable, among other things, in the
form of a more robust front handle, making
the grip more comfortable. An effective vibra-
tion dampening system and sound-damping
makes the machine more comfortable to use.

The K 760 Cut-n-Break diamond blades boast
a new construction too, with a higher strength,
which means they are more resistant to ther-
mal strain. The double, specially developed
230 mm blades grant higher cutting speed and
power. The areas of application for the K 760
Cut-n-Break are window, door, and ventilation
openings where overcutting is to be avoided,
grooves for cabling and crack renovation.
  Husqvarna K 760 Cut-n-Break will be avai-
lable on the market from the spring.               Efficient. With the new Husqvarna deep cutter, you easily cut
                                                   in stages through walls of up to 400 mm thick. .

             More facts about the Husqvarna K 760 Cut-n-Break

             • Air-cooled two stroke engine                                      efficient air filtration systems on the market, which
             • Power: 3.7 kW                                                     increases filter working-life up to about one year of
             • Diamond blades: 230 mm                                            operational time on dry cutting.
             • Cutting depth: 400 mm                                           • Easy to start thanks to Air Purge and decompression
             • Weight: 11.3 kg including blades                                   valve.
             • DuraStarter, dust and slurry protected starter and the          • Effective vibration dampening system, less than or equal
               durable starter cord reduce the risk of down-time,                 to 3.0 m/s2, and sound-dampening make the machine
               which means increased reliability and service life.               comfortable to use.
             • SmartCarb, built-in automatic filter compensation,              • Easy view fuel indicator displays the level of fuel in the
               maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.                  tank.
             • The new Active Air Filtration™, one of the most

                                                                                With the Cut-n-Break method you cut in sta-
                                                                                ges through walls of up to 400 mm thick.
                                                                                1. Each cut can be made to a maximum depth of 65 mm.
                                                                                2. As the cutter is equipped with twin blades, a core is
                                                                                  formed in the saw cut.
                                                                                3. The core can easily be broken off, using the accompa-
                                                                                   nying breaking tool.
                                                                                4. When the core has been broken off, the cutting is
                                                                                   repeated until the desired cutting depth is reached;
                                                                                   400 mm maximum.



             For further information, contact:
             Håkan Aldén, Product manager, power cutters, Husqvarna Construction Products
             Tel: +46 31-94 10 19, +46 70-535 43 67

Husqvarna Construction Products is part of Husqvarna AB and market leader in machinery and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries.
The product range includes power cutters, diamond tools, drill motors and drill stands, wall and wire saws, floor saws, table saws as well as machines for
surface preparation and demolition. Husqvarna Construction Products accounted for 25% of Husqvarna’s sales of products for professional use in 2008.
Construction Products has 2,300 employees, ten large factories around the world and is represented in more than 70 countries. Husqvarna is a registered
trademark owned by Husqvarna AB (publ).

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