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					                        LAND OF THE RISING SUN
                       Friday, May 4 – Thursday, May 17

IMPORTANT: Bring Passports (and Visa’s if necessary)
           Bring ONE (1) piece of luggage – Yes, one-one-one
           Arrive at JFK airport two (2) hours prior to departure
           Bring one big smile

FRIDAY, MAY 4TH – Outbound – UNITED Flight 891 (50 passengers)
                       Departing JFK at 8:45 am, arriving Los Angeles 11:49 am
                                 Connecting to
                       UNITED Flight 891
                       Departing Los Angeles 12:34 pm, arriving
                                Narita, Japan 3:55 pm on May 5

FRIDAY, MAY 4th – Outbound - JAPAN AIRLINES Flight 005 (40 passengers)
                        Departing JFK 1:30 pm, arriving
                                 Narita, Japan 4:20 pm on Saturday, May 5

SATURDAY, MAY 5th - Rendezvous at Narita Airport upon arrival for official greeting
and board two motor coaches. (45 passengers in each coach.) The following 5 United
passengers will transfer to Japan Motor Coach: J. Kleiner, V, Miningham, B.
Miningham, B. Hwang and L. Hwang. Don’t worry about luggage.

Motor Coach transfer to hotel in Tokyo.
Check into the Shiba Park Hotel
       1-5-10 Shiba-Koen
       Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011
       Phone: 011-81-03-3433-4141
       Fax:    011-81-03-3433-4142

7:30 pm - Gather at the Rose Room as a guest for opening remarks and Friendship Dinner
       with Mr. & Mrs. Sadamitsu Nakazawa as the hosts.
       Emcee – August Nigro, Thornton-Donovan Board of Trustees, President
       Student Message – Jeb Hastings’06
       Introduction of the Nakazawa Family – Almira Bubesi-Host parent of Motohide
       Closing Comments – Doug Fleming, Thornton-Donovan Headmaster

Overnight at the Shiba Park Hotel

SUNDAY, MAY 6TH – 7:30 am – American breakfast at Shiba Park Hotel – buffet style
8:45 am – Assemble at the Ivy Room of the Shiba Park Hotel for special greeting and
        Emcee – Bennett Borko
         Introduction of Yasushi Akashi – A lifelong diplomat and instrument of peace
        under Former Under Secretary General of the United Nations.
        A one hour talk on the Japan of today and Japan of yesteryear.
        Highlights of T-D’s travel-trek
        Important courtesies and things to remember
        Japanese American Relations
        The Hiroshima Peace Institute
        Your speaker is a graduate of the University of Tokyo, a Fulbright Scholar from
        the University of Virginia and graduate of Tuft’s Fletcher School of Law

       A one hour question and answer period with Doug Fleming as moderator.

11:00 am –Bring your passport and board T-D’s two motor coaches, each with 45
        passengers and named Japan and United, after your airline.
        Depart for the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka
                  1-1-83 Shimorenjaku
                  Mitaka-shi, Tokyo
A strange building, elaborately designed exhibits, original short movies with animation as
its focus. Learn about Miyazaki and Takahata.
Receive your box lunch and eat on board motor coach as both busses travel to Tokyo’s
most venerable Shinto Shrine,
         Meiji Shrine
        1-1Kamizono-cho, Yoyogi
        It dates back to 1920. 2,000,000 people visit it on New Year’s Eve each year.

Depart from Meiji Shrine across Rainbow Bridge for
       Fuji Television Building
       2-4-8 Daiba, Minato-Ku
an architectural wonder. Watch programs being produced.
Perhaps even check out the 15th floor for a spectacular view of the bay.

Return to downtown Tokyo to the
       Tokyo International Forum
       3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku
Seating 5,012 enthusiasts, it is a post modern masterpiece by Architect Raphael Vinoly

7:15 pm – Receive your complimentary ticket to La Folle Journee au Japan and enjoy a
philharmonic orchestra presentation of Symphony poem op 28 (Finland), Peer Gynt No.1,
op 46 (Norway), Piano Concerto #2 in C Minor (Russia)

8:30 pm – Return to hotel for dinner at own expense and overnight.

MONDAY, MAY 7TH – 7:30 am – Buffet style American breakfast at Shiba Park Hotel
 8:30 AM – Board Japan and United buses for full day of sightseeing in Tokyo and
Begin your day with a super exclusive one hour tour of the Imperial Palace. You must
carry your passport and proper ID with you for entrance to the Palace. Home of the
Imperial family. Hibiya Dori Ave. Station built where Edo Castle once was.

Continue on your journey and board United and Japan buses from Imperial Plaza for
          The John Lennon Museum
          Saitama Super Arena
          8 Shintoshin, Chuo-Ku
          Saitama City 048-601-0010
 Opened on October 9, 2000, the 60th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth, the museum is
in partnership with Yoko Ono (John’s wife), now residing in New York City.
Much of the work in the museum is a salute to peace and John’s musical spirit.

Lunch at a local restaurant at your own expense

Proceed to Miraikan, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
           2-41-Aomi, Koto-ku
   Hands on exploration of the latest developments in cutting edge science and tech,
including interaction with robots, virtual reality rides, a planetarium of displays of future
non-invasive medical procedures and a green home. Touch screens in English.

Continue on to Roppongi Hills to an architectural delight
          The Mori Art Museum, 53rd Floor
          6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-Ku
          011-81-3-5777 8600

   Enjoy the Spiderman exhibition and a view of Tokyo from up high on the observatory
deck on the 53rd floor.

8:30 pm – Return to Shiba Park Hotel for dinner at own expense and overnight.

TUESDAY, MAY 8TH – 7:30 am - American breakfast at Shiba Park Hotel-buffet style
8:30 am – Full day of sightseeing after boarding United and Japan buses
Visit Toho Entertainment School for Voice Experience of Anime
          6-12-7 Nishi-Shinjuku
Perhaps you can learn how to fight like a samurai

Depart Toho Entertainment School for Asakusa Kannon Temple and Nakamise
ShoppingArcade one of the oldest areas in Japan for worship and for shopping.
          2-3-1 Asakusa, Tato-ku
See the Buddhist goddess of mercy

Continue on to the Edo Tokyo Museum
          1-4-1 Yokoami, Sumidaku
  History, art, disaster, science, culture and architecture of Tokyo

Lunch in a local restaurant before or after Edo visit

Return to United and Japan buses and travel to Akihabara and enjoy the electronics
district by exploring a bazaar of tiny shops. Check out the colorful shop fronts and neon

Dinner at your own expense in a local restaurant after we cross the Rainbow Bridge to
Daiba. Eat before, during or after your visit to
                1-6-1 Daiba Minato-Ku
A huge Sega center full of the latest electronic games.
Check out the restaurants on five different floors. You can play games till your fingers
become calloused. Everyone (all 90) will get a full passport for unlimited use valid at
over $30.00.

10:00 pm – Board United and Japan buses for return to Shiba Park Hotel for overnight.

***** You must pack your luggage and prepare an overnight bag for your stay in

WEDNESDAY, MAY 9TH – 7:15 am – Early morning American buffet breakfast and
hotel checkout.

8:15 am – Board United and Japan buses for Fuji and Hakone
 Enjoy a full day of sightseeing with a visit to the
        Fuji Visitor Center
Check out a 12 screen show of beauty and natural environment around Mount Fuji

Climb up Mount Fuji in motor coach to Fifth Station. The view is one of shock and awe.

Enjoy a box lunch on board your motor coach as we make our way to Hakone.

Relax on a short water cruise excursion of Lake Ashi followed by a cable car ride up the
Fuji Mountain by taking the Komagatake Ropeway

Return back to earth to the Hakone-en Aquarium for a short visit and tour. Count each of
its 32,000 fish and sea animals.

6:30 pm - Transfer to the Ryokan in Hakone
Your dinner is already paid for. You’ll eat and sleep Japanese style.
The overnight is in the Hakone Yumoto Hotel
                  256 Yumoto Chaya

THURSDAY, MAY 10TH – 7:30 am – Enjoy an American or Japanese breakfast at

8:30 am – Meet in hotel lobby for transfer by bus to Odawara Station

9:37 am – Leave Odawara for Nagoya by JR super express train, Kodama #535

11:46 am – Arrive at Nagoya Station and meet Yoshitaka Harada the most loveable of all
the lovable guides in all of Japan and also all of Asia. Begin with a half day tour in
Nagoya by coach.

Have lunch in a local restaurant at own expense.

Board buses for visit of the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and
      1-35 Noritake Shinmachi 4-Chome
       Nishi-ku, Nagoya
The museum was created to inspire the wonder of making things.

Return to train station at Nagoya

3:34 pm – Leave Nagoya for Kyoto by JR express super train #33 Nozomi

4:11 pm – Arrive in Kyoto and walk to hotel

Dinner in and around hotel at own expense.

Overnight in New Miyako Kyoto Hotel
       17, Nishikujo-Inmachi
        Minami-Ku Kyoto

FRIDAY, MAY 11TH – 7:45 am – American breakfast at New Miyako in Kyoto

8:45 am – Board United and Japan buses for full day Kyoto sightseeing tour

Begin your day by visiting
          Toei Kyoto Studio Park
          10 Higashi-Hachigaokacho Uzukasa
           075-864-7718 Ulko-Ku
 the birthplace of Japanese unique cinema where everyday samurai life is still kept alive.
 Movieland is a working studio with indoor and outdoor sets representing the Japan of

About one hour later you’ll be at the
          Kyoto Handicraft Center
          Heian Jingu Kita, Sakyo-ku
where all kinds of shopping are under one roof

Depart downtown Kyoto for a major moment – The Kiyomizu Temple – one of the
world’s new seven wonders. Founded in 778 this Temple gives a panoramic view of
Kyoto. The entire wooden structure which is massive was built without a nail.

Lunch at local restaurant at own expense.

Explore another sacred destination – the Golden Pavillion – built in 1393 the Temple is a
national treasure 075-551-1234

7:00 pm – Return to Kyoto proper for a look at the Gion area – narrow pathways lined
with traditional buildings and the geisha quarter of the world. The quarter was developed
from feudal times and has an international reputation for all that’s good in life.

8:30 pm - Return to Hotel for dinner at own expense and overnight

                 ****Get baggage ready and bring overnight bag****

SATURDAY, MAY 12TH – 8:00 am – American style buffet breakfast at New Makado
Transfer baggage by truck from Kyoto to Hiroshima skipping Kurashiki (overnight bag)

9:00 am – Walk to train station in Kyoto

9:21 am – Leave Kyoto for Okayama by JR super express train Hikari #361

10:46 am – arrive in Okayama Station

Change JR to local train for Kurashiki

Upon arrival in Kurashiki begin your walking tour of this ancient city – one of many
charms and numerous willow-fringed canals – a city like Bruge in Belgium. Much time
will be spent in the Bikan Historical area.

Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant at own expense

Visit and tour the Ohara Art Museum
          1-1-15 Chuo
Founded in 1930 the museum is the first in all of Japan to salute American and western
Art – Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Degas, Pollack, Klee, DeKonning and much more.

Dinner at own expense in or around Hotel Kurashiki Station
           2-8-1 Achi
           Kurashiki, Okayama

Overnight at hotel

SUNDAY, MAY 13TH – 7:30 am – American style breakfast at the Kurashiki Station

8:45 am – Board the United and Japan buses for Okayama Castle
                                                   2-3-1 Marunouchi
          Originally built in the 16th century, the Castle was destroyed in World War II.
          Try on a kimono and have someone snap a photo of you.

          Continue on for a lovely walk through the Koroku-en Garden, one of three
          most beautiful in all of Japan.           1-5 Korakeun

1:14 pm – Leave Okayama for Hiroshima by JR super express train #17

1:49 pm – Arrive at Hiroshima Station and transfer to Rihga Royal Hotel
                                                      6-78 Motomachi
                                                      Naka-ku Hiroshima
          Lunch and dinner in or around hotel at own expense

          Overnight at hotel. The indoor pool is open until 8:00 pm.

MONDAY, MAY 14TH – 7:30 am – Breakfast American style at the Rihga Royal Hotel
8:45 am – Full day of sightseeing in Hiroshima and Miyajima by bus and ferry.

          Miyajima – 30 minutes from the mainland, the island is a treasure off the
               mainland in Seto Island Sea. A walking tour of the island includes the
               Daisho-In Temple and the Itsukushima Shrine which was founded in

          Return back to the mainland with lunch at own expense en route.

          Afternoon visit of Hiroshima begins at Peace Memorial Park which lies in the
          center of the city. You’ll see the A-bomb Dome up close, the Children’s Peace
          Monument, the Rest House, the Cenotaph for Korean Victims, the Peace
          Flame, and other venues to numerous to incorporate here.

         After lunch you’ll visit and tour the Peace Memorial Museum which tells of
         Hiroshima before the bomb fell and what happened in the minutes, months and

         years thereafter.
       In between touring both the East and West building of the Peace Museum,
       Thornton-Donovan will be introduced to one of a very few atomic bomb
       survivors. Yoshi Harada will introduce the T-D family to Miyoko Matsubara
       and translate her peace lecture in Japanese into English for us.

       Three T-D students will present our peace crane creations to Miyoko Matsubara.

       Dominick Telesco will represent the lower school and offer a few words.

       Emma Portnoy will be the middle school representative and offer a message of

       Young-Jin Hwang will make the upper school presentation and express her peace
        thoughts in Korean and in English.

        Emily Collins will also read a literary piece on what peace means to her.

7:00 pm – Return to Rihga Royal Hotel for swimming, dinner at own expense and

TUESDAY, MAY 15TH - American style breakfast at Rihga Royal Hotel

         -   Full day on own to explore city and its sightseeing attractions. Perhaps a
             visit to the Hiroshima Castle with a panoramic view of the city, Hiroshima
             Museum of Art, adjacent to the hotel, Shukkei–en Garden, or the Hiroshima
             Perfectural Art Museum.

             Optional activities will be planned on the spot by the faculty and parents.

             Lunch and dinner at own expense in Hiroshima or its environs.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 16TH- 8:00 am - Breakfast in hotel in Hiroshima

10:00 am – Meet JTB representative in lobby and transfer to Hiroshima Station.

10:46 am – Leave Hiroshima for Shin-Osaka by JR super express train Hikari #454

12:20 pm – arrive at Shin-Osaka Station. Lunch at own expense at the train station.

Using public transporation the group will proceed to central Osaka and the Osaka Bay

Our group visit will be to the Suntory Museum designed by Tadao Ando. You’ll enjoy
a 30 minute tour and an I-MAX feature in 3-D. It is billed as the largest screen in the
world. Admission fees to Suntory and the I-MAX are included in your fees.

Then you can proceed at your own expense to the Aquarium, one of the largest in the
world, a marine world wonder or opt to board the Santa Maria with sea captain Eric
Griffin. You’ll cruise for 40 minutes on a ship twice the size of the one Columbus sailed
on in 1492. Admission for either or both is at your own expense.

Return on your own by public transportation or taxi.

Dinner at your own expense in and around our hotel for the night.
             Chisun Hotel Sin-Osaka
             6-2-19 Nishi Nakajima
             Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi
             Osaka 532-0011
             F 81-06-6305-0083
Prepare your luggage for return trip and early departure – baggage will go separately by
truck from hotel to Kansai Airport for Group #2.

THURSDAY, MAY 17 – Group #1- 6:00 am – Japan Bus travelers will meet in the
lobby and board bus where you will be served a boxed breakfast.
            9:45 am -Arrive Tokyo Narita Airport and connect to
            JL Flight #006 departing Narita Airport at 12:00 noon,
            Arrive JFK at 11:30 am, same day

         -   Group #2 – Breakfast at Chisun Hotel Sin-Osaka, board bus, and depart for
             Kansai Airport
             3:25 pm – Leave Osaka Kansai Airport on United Flight #886
             9:02 am – (same day) arrive San Francisco Airport and connect to
             United Flight #892, departing San Francisco at 11:00 am,
             Arrive JFK at 7:43 pm, same day

  Say Sayonara to the Land of the Rising Sun upon your Red,
                   White and Blue Return

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