; 4 Critical Cashier Duties when Opening a Dollar Store
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4 Critical Cashier Duties when Opening a Dollar Store


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									?If you are opening a dollar store you are about to discover just how important the
cashiers working for your business are to your success. For most of us the cashier is
the very first person a customer entering the store sees. Your cashiers are also the last
person every customer likely sees as they leave the store. Certainly the most valuable
customers interact with your cashiers as they make their purchases. With so much of
your success riding on these employees, it's important to clearly understand exactly
the tasks cashiers are to perform. It's also critical to clearly and consistently
communicate those tasks and the associated job expectations. Next you must provide
quality training to guarantee every cashier is prepared to perform all of the tasks
associated with the job. In this article I present 4 critical cashier duties when opening
a dollar store.

1) Promptly provide service to customers who are ready to make their purchases. One
of the most frustrating things for a shopper who is prepared to pay for their selections
is to be at the cash register area and not be promptly helped. It doesn't matter whether
the cashier is standing there and not helping, or the cashier is just plain nowhere to be
found. Cashiers must provide instant support to customers as they approach checkout.
In fact, they should be trained to greet shoppers as they approach the checkout area.

2) Role model outstanding customer service. While the job title is cashier, the focal
point of the job is providing outstanding customer service to every single person who
enters your store. Be sure to include customer service competency as a part of your
interviewing and hiring process. Train every cashier in customer service. Reward
those who provide outstanding customer service to reinforce exactly how important
this is to not only their success, but also the success of your business. It doesn't matter
whether they are dealing with existing customers, first time shoppers, vendors, or
others coming into your store. Outstanding customer service needs to be the signature
of your business. Your cashiers are your frontline workers in making that happen.

3) Accurately perform cash handling duties. If you are opening a dollar store both you
and your shoppers must be able to depend on your cashiers to provide fast and
accurate cashiering. They need to clearly know how to use all associated equipment.
That includes cash registers, check approval machines, credit card machines,
telephone systems, and everything else you use in that area of the store. They must be
able to make change quickly and accurately. There should never be a question in
anyone's mind about the accuracy and honesty of their work.
4) Be self motivated and trained to perform other functions throughout the store.
Since cashiers are so important to the very success of your business, why not train
them to perform tasks across the business. Train them and schedule them to handle
merchandise receiving, stock work, store walk-throughs, and other tasks. Not only
does this provide variety in their job, but it also keeps them informed about what is
happening throughout the store. They will work with and know about new products,
the location of existing products, and any changes that are occurring. This also puts
your top customer service employees out with your shoppers. If you are opening a
dollar store that is exactly where you want customer service to start in your store.

To your dollar store business success!

Find out how you can open your own dollar store business.

Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.

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