Resource Allocation Committee Meeting

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					Resource Allocation Subcommittee Meeting
      On August 25, 2005 in Taipei

        Kazuyoshi MATSUMOTO

            National Institute of
Information and Communications Technology
Meeting Agenda

1) Status Report

2) NICT’s Japan-China link

3) Network Demonstrations

4) TransPAC2 Inauguration Ceremony

5) TEIN2 Tokyo Meeting

6) APII Workshop 2005

7) A.O.B.
1) Allocation Status Report

Current Projects: 42 (+1 from Previous meeting)

APAN AIs : 65 Institutes (+0 from previous meeting)
APAN PIs : 23 Institutes (+0 from previous meeting)

   See for current projects
   and also for APAN AIs
New project title:
 Tele-conference experiment with Ruff Systems HDV
 (HDV IP transmission) between China and Japan

Abstract of project:
 Connecting between China (CNIC and/or Space Forecasting
 Center) and Japan (NICT) with bi-directional live HDV
 tele-conference application

Period of usage:
June 13 to Dec. 12 , 2005

Protocol: IPv4
                                                                   For                  Research
                                                                  Europe               organizatio
                                                                                          n etc.      Research
                                                                             Soul IX                 organizatio
                                                            For Asia                                    n etc.
                                                             and the        KOREN   Busan                          Tokyo
           2) NICT’s Japan-China link                       countries
                                                              in the
                                                                                      IX                             IX

                                                             Pacific                    Fukuoka                            For the
                                                             Ocean                      (Kyushu)                           US and
                                                                   KJCN                    IX                ...
                                                                                                      For Asia and         Europe
                                                                  1Gbps -                             the countries
                                                                                                      in the Pacific
                                            Rep. of Korea
C band                                                         Japan
                                                                C/Ku band hub earth stations

                                                      New Japan-China Link 2-Gbps

                                            Hong Kong XP for CERNET and CSTNET

                                        Philippines                     Ku band

                 Malaysia                                        APII: Asia-Pacific Information Infrastructure
 Sri   Lanka
                                                                 KJCN : Korea Japan Cable Network
                                                                 IX : Internet eXchange
                                   Indonesia                     KOREN : KOrea Advanced REsearch Network
•2-Gbps Link between Tokyo Ohtemachi and Hong Kong
•CERNET 1-Gbps and CSTNET 1-Gbps
•MoUs of Joint Research Activities with NICT
  1 CNIC, Chinese Academy of Science
  2 Tsinghua University

•Call for using the link.
 Contact to

•10-Gbps JGN2 International link between Japan and US has
 also been running since August 1, last year.
3) Network Demonstrations
Between Japan and China
From June 13, 2005, we started using this new link for a Tele-conference experiment with Ruff
Systems HDV (HDV IP transmission) between China (CNIC and/or Space Forecasting Center) and
Japan (NICT) in a bi-directional live HDV tele-conference application. This experiment will end on
Dec. 12, 2005. Using the HDV tele-conference system, we can discuss research subjects, such as
remote sensing and space weather, using detailed charts or images. We also plan to hold a joint
workshop between China (CAS) and Japan (NICT) this autumn.

Between Japan and Korea
•From the 16th to 21st of May 2005, a demonstration of Ruff Systems HDV (HDV IP transmission)
and IP control car at KOBA 2005/e-messe Kanazawa was held by NICT. In Kanazawa (e-messe
Kanazawa), we installed a HDV camera with a Ruff sender/receiver and an IP control car circuit. In
Okayama and Tokyo, we installed a HDV camera with a Ruff sender/receiver at each site. Then, from
Seoul (KOBA 2005), we showed that we can control the camera stage (panning and tilting) and select
HDV cameras. We also showed that we can race in Kanazawa and Seoul with IP control cars in
•On September 5, 2005, NICT will hold network demonstration using Polycom between a primary
school in Mitaka-city, Tokyo, Japan, which has been designated the “Intelligent Community of the
Year 2005” and a venue in Korea to conduct cultural exchange between Korea and Japan, where the
presenter will be Ms. Yumi NAKAYAMA, Journalist with Asahi Shimbun.
4) TransPAC2 Inauguration Ceremony
 Date: April 2, 2005
 Venue: ANA Tokyo HOTEL
 Video of 11 minutes will be played later in coffee break.

5) TEIN2 Meeting in Tokyo
  Date: July 20,21, 2005
  Venue: Tokyo Dome Hotel
  NII, MAFFIN and NICT will make
   a tight cooperation for links between
   TEIN2 network and TransPAC2.

                                        In front of KAMINARIMON in Asakusa
                                         near 21st APAN meeting venue
6) APII workshop 2005
  Date: Sept. 5 and 6, 2005
  Venue: Grand Intercontinental Hotel and COEX in Seoul
  This will be held during the period of the 32nd APECTELWG in Seoul.
7) A.O.B.