Building Web Pages by wuyunqing


									Building Web Pages

               With Microsoft Office

      This tutorial is for the beginning
      web builder. It utilizes software
      that you already have, Microsoft
      Office, to show what you can do
      with a simple webpage template.
Cypress Template
• You will use the
  Cypress web
  template to build
  your site.
• Word:Mac2000 and
  Word:Mac v.X have the
  Cypress template you
  need installed.
• Open Word
• In the Project Gallery
  under categories
  choose Web
• PC and other    • It will open a Word
  applications,     document using the
  download the      template.
  templatehere      – If it says Read Only
                      Save in the
                      templates folder or
                      as a document to get
                      a working document
Save Your Work
• Mac
  – Save as a Web
    Page, check the
    button save only
                           • PC
    display information      – Save as .html
    into html. This will
    allow more browsers
    to see your page.

• Select Main Title Goes Here and put in your
  own title.

• You can change the size, color, and
  placement of the title with the formatting
  menu, just like a Word Document.

• Save (as a web page or .html)
  – Look at the frame on the
    left of the page. Put in
    your subheadings here.

  – Select Subheading 1 and
    type your own

  – Repeat for #2 and #3.

  – Save
Add Text
• Go to the right side of
  the page. Put the same
  headings under
  Subheadings 1,2,and 3.
• Add your text under the
  Remember, you can
  change the font, size,
  and color just like you
  would in a word
• Save
• Insert a picture. Click on
  the picture in the
  template to select it.
  Choose Insert >
  Picture >Clip Art (or
  From File). Select the
  picture you want and
  click Insert.
• Add a caption by
  selecting Caption Goes
  Here and typing your
  own text.
• Save
More Graphics

• If you want to add additional pictures,
  place the cursor where you want them,
  and repeat the Insert > Picture >Clip
  Art (or From File) process.

• Save
You Are Done!
• You have web site ready to upload to a
• If you want to see what you just created, go to
  View>HTML Source. This is what html code
  looks like. You just created this! Close it by
  choosing View>Exit HTML Source.
• Exit the tutorial now or go on to learn about
  uploading and FTP.
FTP tutorial

               How to Upload your Web
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
 The final task in web building is to upload
  the website to a server.
 • Your school may have a server that you can
 • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may
   offer a small server space with your Internet
 • There are also commercial sites that offer
   web hosting for a fee.
 • “Free” web hosting is usually supported by
   advertising and may have inappropriate ads.
The information you need from
your website host will look
something like this:
• host name        • may also have:
• user id            directory path or
                     default path
• password
                     (sends it to your
                     specific folder)
• Open application (Fetch for Mac or
  WS_FTP for PC)
• Select New Connection
• Enter the hosting information
• Click OK and/or Connect.
• You should now see the server.
 • Find the folder for your website.
 • Find your files on your hard drive and Drag
   them into your folder or select Remote > Put
   Folders and Files>your file names here in
   the menu bar.
   – You need to upload all files atteched to your site.
     HTML pages, .GIF or .JPG images, any other
     linked files
PC • The left window shows your computer hard
         drive. The one on the right is the remote server.
     •   Navigate to the folder on your hard drive that
         holds the new website files
     •   Select all the web site files (HTML pages, .GIF
         or .JPG images, any other linked files).
     •   Make sure the "remote" side of the FTP
         software is open to your personal web server
     •   Click the "Put" or "Upload" arrow to move the
         files from the local directory to their remote
You are finished!
• Check the         • Use your web
  address of your     browser to find
  new website.        your new website!
• The upload is
  complete! Close
  your FTP

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