3 Gift Ideas For Twin Baby Boys by iupon13


									?Looking for the perfect gift for twin baby boys? You should never run out of ideas.
There are plenty of gifts you can find in baby shops and online stores that the twins
(and their parents) will adore. But if you need some hints, here are some of our gift

1. Diaper cakes

No, these aren't gifts you buy for twin baby boys with a sweet tooth. Diaper cakes are
exactly that: a gift set made with diapers and arranged to look like a cake. These gifts
are perfect for twin baby boys because they don't only contain a lot of much-needed
diapers, many gift shops who make them even throw in some really great extras.
Many of these cakes look so lovely when done that it's almost difficult to take them

Depending on the size you order, a diaper cake can have as many as 70 or a hundred
diapers in one pack, which are probably enough to make a 3- to 4-tier diaper cake.
There are enough diapers in these cakes to make changing twin baby boys easy, fun
and convenient. Diaper cakes may also include baby booties, small stuffed toys,
matching twin caps, pacifiers and coordinating blankets for the twins.

2. Twins baby gift basket

Want to give everything to twin baby boys in one go? Baby gift baskets for twins are
the best choice because they have two of every in-demand gift. Twin baby gift baskets
are ideal as shower gifts, first birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or any special occasion

You'll also like the fact that twin baby gift baskets are theme and color-coordinated,
making your choice a lot easier. A baby bath kit, for example, will have a pair of
matching washcloths, a bottle of shampoo, other bath products, two rubber ducks and
some Q-tips. A twin baby bedtime kit, on the other hand, will include a pair of pillows,
blankets, matching caps and mittens and probably a bedtime story book.

3. Reading time

Twin baby boys are always twice the fun, so why not give them some fun reading
materials for their bedtime? Some titles you might want to take a look at: Twin to
Twin and Early Reader Books' Twin Series.

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