3 Common Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid in Postcard Design by iupon13


									?Today, anyone can make a postcard. Just go online, look for a printing company that
offers postcards design, a little click here and there, and voila! You've created your
very own postcard. However as easy as it is to create postcards, one that possesses
both quality and flawless design is another matter.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid when creating your own postcards:

Having too many images

? When designing your own postcards, it is very hard to resist the temptation of
overdoing the design. Many design software offer you with a lot of options to add
different images and do outlandish designs. Also, printing companies online provide
you with unlimited options to add as many pictures as you want in the design.

? Having too many images in the design may interfere with how your message is
going come across to your audience. Sometimes having less is more. It is advisable
that you stick with one image in your design so as to get your desired effect.

? If, however, you are creating an original composition from scratch, take a mental
note of the progression of your pictures and images and what each one contributes. In
this way, you can assess whether a picture is truly essential to the whole theme and
message you are going for.

Putting huge blocks of text

? Some postcard makers use too much text in their design. Having huge chunks of
text may intimidate your readers causing them to discard your postcard all together.

? To use text effectively, you should have headlines that are clear and concise. You
should be direct to the point and address the specific needs of your audience. You
should grab their attention with the first line of your postcard or risk losing their

? After capturing their attention, you should retain it with a couple of lines or so
that will explain what your offer is. A two paragraph-length text is really more than

Not providing the next step

? Too many times you see postcards design that grab the audience's attention yet do
not produce any results. Why is this so, you ask. Either the postcard did not provide
the necessary steps for clients to avail the promotions or needed services or the steps
were too complicated and they decided it wasn't worth all that trouble.
? No matter how interested you or your readers are in the postcard, a gap is
instantly created when no contact information, motivation and instructions are placed
on it. Why would your readers go through the trouble of researching about your
contact information, for instance, when they should have had it in the first place? The
drive is lost and the impetuousness dies down.

? Always remember that as important as a good design is to your postcards, you
also need to include an easy way for your customers to reach you. Do not make it a
chore for your readers or clients to get the information they want, to participate in the
promotion you are announcing and so on. Be practical and check these kinds of
details on your concept and copy before truly deciding your postcards are ready for

Avoiding these three simple mistakes will make you have a solid postcards design.
Keep in mind that in the world full of cluttered design and muddled marketing
campaigns, you can stand out by being clear and simple.

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