3 Benefits Of Being Your Own Boss

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					?While running your own business is fraught with uncertainty, it can also provide
several benefits. In fact, most people who leave the corporate world to enjoy running
their own show can't imagine going back to work in their previous environment. The
lack of security of a regular paycheque, the absence of a managed retirement account
and other benefits of regular employment pale when compared to the advantages of
running a small business. Here are 3 powerful benefits of being your own boss...

#1 - You Choose Your Schedule

When you run the show, you can work whenever you prefer. If you want to spend the
afternoon with your family, you can wake earlier to get the day's work completed. If
you'd like to sleep in one day, there's little preventing you from doing so. The day's
work can be finished later that evening. The flexibility of choosing your own work
schedule allows you to plan your work around your life (as opposed to the other way

#2 - Your Potential Income Is Unlimited

At a job, your salary is largely based upon limits set by management. If you excel at
your position, your performance is often not reflected in your compensation. When
you're operating your own business, the amount of money you make is dependent
upon your efforts. If you want to make more, do more. Sell more. Offer more value to
your clients. Your potential income as a small business owner is literally unlimited.

#3 - You Control Your Productivity

How many times have you attended meetings at your job and wished you were
elsewhere. The corporate machine practically stifles productivity. Some studies
suggest that the average worker in an office environment contributes only 90 minutes
of productive work for an 8-hour day. When you're the boss, you can eliminate the
wasted time and focus on those actions that grow your business and make more

Answering To Yourself

Operating a business isn't for everyone. Some people need others to manage them.
They need another person to direct them each day. They're willing to accept the
drawbacks of working for someone else in exchange for that direction. But, the
benefits of being your own boss can be intoxicating for the right person. If you're the
type of entrepreneur who can run with the ball and motivate yourself to take action on
a consistent basis, you likely have what it takes to run a successful business. Consider
being your own boss. You may find yourself wondering why you waited so long.
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