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Several locksmiths offer or specialize in 24-hour locksmith services, including

Modern Locksmith Services:

Encinitas Locksmith company offers services and technologies well beyond
conventional lock-picking and replacement. Electronic and magnetic locks are
becoming more accessible and affordable to homeowners. Comprehensive companies
offer a combination of locksmith services, carpet cleaning and home security systems,
including home safes, intercoms, secure doors, windows, and gates with the latest
technologies such as fingerprint readers. Of course, no home security system is
impenetrable, but you can get pretty close. The casual burglar won't be able to get in,
and the experienced burglar is probably going to pass over your home. That is why it
is important to call your local Encinitas Locksmith, so our technicians can help you
keep the burglars out!

Key Duplication services

One of the common reasons people order our encinitas locksmith services is Key
Duplication. In order to duplicate a key you need a functional copy of your key. If you
dont have a functional copy of the key, you need a re key service. Duplicating a key is
relatively a simple process, however; some car keys that have transponders need also
to be programmed, which makes the process of duplication much more complicated
and raises the cost.

Encinitas Locksmith can duplicate Do Not Duplicate keys with written consent of the
owner or the person who has the authority to authorize key duplication. If you need an
extra key because you have lost your key, you should consider re keying all of your
locks to prevent unauthorized entry. For your security, always track copies of your
keys. There are different kinds of keys that Encinitas Locksmith can duplicate. Here
are some of the key duplication services we offer: car key duplication and
programming, office key duplication, residential key duplication, transponder key
duplication, mailbox keys duplication, filing cabinet key duplication, Do Not
Duplicate copies of the original key, special key designs and much more. Please call
us for free estimate and consultation about key duplication. All our locksmith services
are mobile services in the Encinitas area. We dont have a store front.

New Locks Installation

As the technology advances there is always an increase in the security standards and
needs. Average lifetime of a lock is about thirty years and all depends on the type of
usage it gets each day. Locks wear during the time as well as their security. It is very
important to keep your house locks updated ; business locks up to date with the
modern standards in order to prevent burglary and unauthorized entry. It is very
important to consider lock replacement of your current locks with the more advanced
and highly secured locks. Encinitas Locksmith provides consultation, planning, sale,
installation, keying, rekey, repair, and lockout for variety of lock brands. Please call us
for free estimate, consultation about new lock installation and lock replacement

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