2010 United States Minimum Wage

					?In January 2009, many states increased their minimum wage. But in 2010, only a
few states change their minimum wage and most of the states are keeping steady.

The state of Kansas increased its minimum wage from $2.65 per hour to 7.25 per hour
on January 1, 2010. This is the first time in recent twenty years that increased the
minimum wage. Now, Kansas is not the state with the lowest minimum wage. There
are five states have no minimum wage whatsoever, like Mississippi, Alabama,
Tennessee, Louisiana and South Carolina.

Different from other states, some state decreased its minimum wage. Colorado
decreased its minimum wage by 4 cents from $7.28 per hour to $7.24 per hour. The
employees who are covered by the federal minimum wage enjoy $7.25 per hour.
Those states increase the minimum wage in terms of the cost of living. The following
state don't increase the minimum wage this year, they are Ohio, Washington, Oregon,
Vermont, Nevada, Montana, Missouri and Arizona.

Totally speaking, except Georgia, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arkansas have a
minimum wage lower than the federal minimum wage, 14 states have minimum
wages higher than the federal rate of $7.25 per hour, while 26 states have a minimum
wage of $7.25. New York labor law poster, California labor law poster and Texas
labor law poster and other federal and state labor law poster are required to post on
the workplace.