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									    “The very best social media conference
     I’ve attended in the last year”

        Stacy DeBroff, CEO, Mom Central

   The West Coast
   Corporate Social Media Summit 2011

   Utilize the full power of social
   media to improve your marketing
   campaigns, enhance your reputation
   and boost your bottom line
    Two-day business conference, June 27–28 SF                
    Hotel Nikko, San Francisco                                                                                  #CSMSF

A practical and interactive business conference built for a corporate audience:                   Get exclusive insight
                                                                                                  from our senior
 Strategic development: How to embed                Return On Investment: Explore the             corporate speaker
 social media throughout your customer              true meaning of social media ROI – and        lineup including:
 touchpoints, stick to a coherent strategy and      how this impacts on your bottom line
 secure top-level buy-in – even from the skeptics

 Customer engagement best practice:                 Be prepared: Incorporating the latest
 How to win friends, retain them for life –         developments, including mobile and
 and make sure they pay                             location-based technology into your
                                                    social media activities – golden rules

Learn and share with an exclusively corporate community:

                                                     – of speakers are leading strategists from

                                                       multinational corporations
                                                     – of sessions are designed to enhance and
                                                       improve your corporate media strategy –
                                                       and success
                                                     – of topics have been requested by your
                                                       peers and deal with the major issues
                                                       affecting your company today – and

LOOK INSIDE to see our extensive array of top quality speakers and social media shaping agenda
Dear colleague
                                                                                                                       If social media is
Social media has revolutionised marketing and communications
– and now it’s going to change your business for good
                                                                                                                       important to your
                                                                                                                       business, then the
That’s why you need to join us at the                                                                                  Corporate Social
2011 Corporate Social Media Summit.                                                                                    Media Summit is
                                                                                                                       important to YOU
Never before has the term ‘theatre of public opinions’    business. And, as per usual, you need a well thought-        Here’s why:
been so applicable – with the growth of social media,     out strategy to get ahead in the game.
your company is constantly in the spotlight. Twitter,
Facebook and other platforms have changed the way
                                                          Your stakeholders now expect you to be utilising             1. An independent forum:
                                                          social media for far more than pushing out brand                This top-level event is the
that businesses communicate, market their brand
                                                          messages – it is an integral part on how modern                 product of primary research
messages and engage with their consumers.                                                                                 with leading social media
                                                          business is carried out.
As a marketing and communications professional, if                                                                        practitioners, rather than
                                                          Time to get better: How we can help                             something put together by
you are not using social media to its full potential
you run the risk of being left behind. By not only your   The Corporate Social Media Summit is the only                   vendors who are circling your
competitors, but by your customers – who are getting      conference that gives you practical insights and                budget. You’re assured of
used to interacting with socially aware companies         strategies on how to commercially harness the power             unbiased information – that’s
and will expect you to be as accessible as leaders like   of social media across your company. Bench mark from            also well-balanced, innovative
Best Buy, Whole Foods and eBay.                           the knowledge and experiences of senior corporate               and informative – so you can
                                                          practitioners. As an attendee, you’ll gain insights and         make better-informed business
• In the US the average person spends 25% of their                                                                        decisions for your company
                                                          best practices that you can take back to your own
  online time on social media sites
• 100% of US companies responding to a Useful
                                                          office and implement immediately.
                                                                                                                       2. Valuable market
  Social Media survey said that social media was
                                                          This conference has been put together from 3 months             intelligence: Best practice
                                                          primary research with your peers – the guys on the              examples and expert advice
  becoming a more important part of their marketing
                                                          front line experiencing this on a daily basis. We’ve            from 20+ major US corporates
                                                          created an agenda that is up-to-date, in-depth, and             whose social media is currently
• 88% of surveyed US companies say that their             addresses the practical problems that your peers are            leading the way
  budget will increase for social media in 2011           still experiencing.
• 79 out of the top 100 Fortune 500 are using social      If your company has a social media presence – or not –
                                                                                                                       3. Relevant and targeted:
                                                                                                                          The most important social
  media as major channel of their marketing and           this is the conference you need to attend.
                                                                                                                          media issues – topics that are
                                                          • There are four distinct themes to equip you with              at the forefront of your own
But there is still an awful lot to learn...                 the knowledge, skills, and best practices to ensure           professional agenda right now
                                                            your company’s social media strategy is a success
Case in point: It’s common to see brands with hundreds
of thousands of followers and friends – clearly the
                                                            for 2011 and beyond.                                       4. An opportunity to
                                                                                                                          measure your social
chance for interaction has never been greater. Yet in a   • Our speakers are seasoned social media                        media value: The tools you
recent Twitter survey, 53% of corporate accounts did        professionals from big business; eBay, Cisco,                 need to define and measure
not humanise their brand, 68% had less than 1,000           Dunkin’ Brands and many more. Listening to them               the effectiveness of your social
followers, with 15% inactive – hardly an example of         provides in-depth insight into what makes social              media policies – and examine
best practice!                                              media so successful in business.                              ways to make it even more
...And things just got more difficult.                    • The conference offers 12 sessions of dynamic and              valuable
Marketing doesn’t cut it anymore.                           interactive sessions across a range of formats that will
                                                            answer every key questions you’re struggling with.         5. Plenty of time for your
• 53.3% of your consumers are currently using social                                                                      questions: Every session
  media for customer service                              • With 12+ hours of networking you’re guaranteed                on the Agenda ends with
                                                            abundant time to share and learn from your peers              questions from you and
• 75% of US companies will use social media to do           and fill that contact book with like-minded folks!            your fellow delegates
  customer service in 2011                                  Last year, about 70% of our attendees were from
• 63% of US companies will use social for future            other big corporations.
  product development in 2011                             Do not miss this opportunity to get to the forefront
                                                                                                                       6. Boost your contacts:
                                                                                                                          Great meeting place for
• And another 63% will use it to engage their own         of corporate social media. Failure to attend could be
                                                                                                                          corporate social media
  employees further.                                      detrimental to the future of your business.
                                                                                                                          practitioners – last year’s
Social is embedding itself through-out business, and      I look forward to seeing you there!                             delegates included American
you need to start thinking about how it’s going to                                                                        Express, Hertz, Cadbury,
affect you. Gone are the days when ‘corporate social                                                                      Frito-Lay and many many others
media’ is all about marketing through Twitter and
If you’re going to get ahead in 2011, you need to                           Harry Rollason
think about how to integrate social media across your                       Useful Social Media
There are plenty of social media
conferences to choose from.
                                                                                                               “GREAT day at #CSM10 today!!”
But the Corporate
Social Media Summit                                                                                                  Radian 6

is different – and better.
A bold promise. But one that is made from a position of strength.
Too many events in this area are dominated by self-styled social
media ‘gurus’ who pontificate on ‘social media issues’ in broad
terms that are of little or no relevance to a corporate audience.
While others are thinly disguised vendor pitches. If you’re unlucky,
you’ll get a combination of both.

By contrast, the Corporate Social Media Summit is focused
on your day-to-day business concerns and nothing else.
Take a look at the agenda to see what we mean.


• Designed for you – the corporate.                                            • Thought-provoking discussion
    3 months of research to ensure every session speaks directly                     You’ll go back to the office armed with plenty of ideas
    to a corporate audience.                                                         about driving your social media projects forward, to keep
                                                                                     them current – and ahead of the curve.
• Unrivalled networking opportunities
    Last year Samsung, Air France KLM, Hertz and McDonalds were                • Proven track record of success
    some of the 170+ top firms represented at our East Coast Summit.                 No fewer than 95% of previous delegates confirm they
                                                                                     learned useful strategies and best practice at the Corporate
• Best practice from leading corporate peers:                                        Social Media Summit on the East Coast (and we’ve taken
    Our speaker faculty is drawn exclusively from senior people at big               the feedback of the other 5% firmly on board).
    corporates who’ve been tasked with delivering practical solutions
    & informed opinion and analysis, rather than empty classroom theory.

  20+ of the leading strategists in corporate social media – in one place
  AMD                                     Siemens                              eBay                                   Intuit
  David Kenyon                            Stefan Heeke                         Julie Haddon                           Ed Matlack
  Vice President of World Wide            Director of Interactive Marketing    Senior Director, Marketing             Group Marketing Manager
  Channel Marketing                                                            and Global Social Media
                                          The American Red Cross                                                      American Family Insurance
  Sony                                    Wendy Harman                         Qualcomm                               Troy Janisch
  Sukhjit Ghag                            Social Media Director                Liya Sharif                            Social Media Manager
  Blogger and Social Media Evangelist                                          Director of Digital Marketing
                                          Dunkin’ Brands                       and Communications                     SAP
  Adobe                                   Tyler Cyr                                                                   Brian Ellefritz
  Maria Poveromo                          Web Communications Manager           Make-A-Wish Foundation                 VP of Global Social Media
  Director of Social Media                                                     Petri Darby
                                          Cisco                                Director of Brand Marketing            PayPal
  General Motors                          Jeanette Gibson                      and Digital Strategy                   Sudha Janthe
  Connie Burke                            Director of Social Media Marketing                                          Social Media Strategist
  Communications Manager,                                                      Audi
  Social Media                            Hewlett-Packard                      Douglas Clark                          Hyundai Motor America
                                          Mia Dand                             General Manager Customer               Dan Bedore
  SunLife Financial                       Senior Social Media Manager          Strategy & Engagement                  National Manager, Social Media
  Steven Gangbar                                                                                                      and Public Relations
  Director of Social Media and Intranet
DAY ONE June 27 2011

Lay the foundations for future                                   CASE STUDY: Ambassadors or liabilities:                   The next steps: How to improve
business success: where should                                   How much power should you give                            engagement with your consumers
social fit in your business?                                     your employees?                                           to build long term – and beneficial
America’s largest companies are now rushing to                   The power of the employee as a brand ambassador           – relationships
embrace social media, with 79% of Fortune 100 firms              has never been greater. Equally, the potential for
using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or corporate blogs                                                                        Social media engagement between customers and
                                                                 disaster – with the wrong message being published
in some combination, and 96% of businesses reporting                                                                       brands has increased and in doing so, so has the
                                                                 in your name – has soared.
they have experimented with social media for marketing                                                                     challenge for brand marketers. With 79% of the Fortune
and communications in some form.                                 In this session, discover how American Family             100 companies using more than one engagement
                                                                 Insurance has created an active, social media-savvy       platform with the end consumer, it is becoming obvious
But it’s no longer just about marketing. A new survey            workforce in one of the most heavily regulated            that engagement is increasing in complexity.
from Useful Social Media reports that before the end             industries of them all. Learn from their experience how
of the year, most corporations will be rolling out social                                                                  The issue is changing in 2011. It is now just as
                                                                 to design and implement policies that create educated     important now to retain friends as it is to earn new
media for customer service and product development               workers who know how to use social media effectively
as well. And that requires more thought on your internal                                                                   ones. Remember that it costs three to five times
                                                                 and in tandem with your broader company goals:            as much to acquire a new customer as it does
structure of social media expertize.
                                                                 • How to take advantage of – and capitalize on –          to keep an existing one –client retention is the new
As your use of social develops, so too must your strategy          one of your prime assets while also mitigating the      engagement, and social media is uniquely placed
and your model of adoption. In this session discover the           dangers brought on by the advent of social media        to help you retain and further engage your audience
answers to your questions. Cisco and Hewlett-Packard
will demonstrate the best way to embed social media in           • Striking the right balance: Do you empower your         In this session you will learn from SunLife Financial,
your company – and explain why it must go further than             employees or keep them under on-going supervision       Sony Electronics and the Make A Wish Foundation
your communications department:                                                                                            – all of whom have created a large following kept
                                                                   and control?
                                                                                                                           them engaged and benefited from the rewards.
• Find your limits: Where to embed social media                  • Internal guidelines that work: Creating an engaged
  internally – and where to avoid it at all costs                                                                          • Effective engagement: Strategies and advice on how
                                                                   work force without prohibiting natural conversation
                                                                                                                             to have a conversation that delivers the results you want
• Deciding which social models will work best for you:           • Effective training: Ensuring people who are in direct
  Pros and cons of hub and spoke, centers of excellence,                                                                   • Create a personality: How to humanize your brand
                                                                   contact with your customers know the rules of the         and become a trusted friend
  and empowered employees across the board                         game
• The role of a Social Media manager: The essential                                                                        • How to retain friends and influence peoples: Keeping
                                                                 American Family Insurance Troy Janisch                      people interested and building a lasting relationship
  qualities your social media manager must possess               Social Media Manager
  in order to ensure prosperity                                                                                              that locks them tightly to your brand

• How to manage social media expertize across your               You can’t have one without the                            Make-A-Wish Foundation Petri Darby Director
  entire business: Creating a coherent internal social                                                                     of Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy
  media strategy that empowers your managers to
                                                                 other: How to create synergy with
                                                                                                                           Sunlife Finance Steven Gangbar Director of Social
  create cohesion                                                traditional marketing to truly boost                      Media and Intranet
eBay Julie Haddon Senior Director, Marketing and                 your impact                                               Sony Electronics Sukhjit Ghag Blogger and Social
Global Social Media                                                                                                        Media Evangelist
                                                                 C’mon. It’s 2011! Gone are the days when social media
Cisco Jeanette Gibson Director of Social Media Marketing         was the neglected son in the family. Social media’s
                                                                 the hottest marketing game-changer in town – and          The advent of social media for
Hewlett-Packard Mia Dand Senior Social Media Manager
                                                                 yet people who frankly ought to know better still see     customer service: Cut your costs,
                                                                 it in isolation, when it needs to be part of a broader
Getting to Yes: The secrets of                                   marketing and communication strategy.                     improve brand image and be
achieving genuine – and enthusiastic                             Keeping the two apart not only limits your social media   instantly accessible
– social media support from the top                              success... it also negatively impacts on your marketing   Social media for customer service is starting to happen
                                                                 initiatives and campaigns. To gain the full benefits,     big time across North America – and by the time we get
people in your organization                                      you must fully mesh your social media presence with       to Christmas, it’s likely to be the norm. A huge 75% of
It’s a frustrating fact of life that securing corporate buy-in   traditional marketing.                                    US-based companies plan on using social for customer
continues to be a problem for many of us, because there          In this session, Siemens will spell out precisely how     service over 2011.
are plenty of senior executives who still don’t understand       social media impacts on your traditional marketing
the value of a social media presence and/or remain too                                                                     Hardly surprising, when you consider the positive
                                                                 communications – and the necessary steps to integrate     sentiment generated by good customer service:
skeptical of its value to allocate any decent resources.
                                                                 and create synergy across your entire marketing           better brand reputation, increased customer retention,
So it is critical to get the people that matter on board.        program.                                                  competitive advantage and the opportunity to become
But to do so, you must speak to them on their terms                                                                        leader of your particular pack.
and in their language.                                           • Create the perfect marriage: Make sure your digital
                                                                   activities mesh with –and support – the rest of your    The potential to change your greatest critics into brand
How do you get the people that matter on board?                    marketing mix                                           advocates has never been greater, and if you want to
AMD and Hyundai know how, and will demonstrate                                                                             keep at the social media forefront, this is the moment
best practice techniques ( plus ‘magic tricks’) to move          • Singing from the same hymn sheet: Incorporating         to learn how to adapt your own social strategy and
your decision makers from lip service to full acceptance           the correct core messages into all your external        improve your customer service performance.
of the power of social. Discover how to unlock the                 communications
resources you need to create a successful social media                                                                     In this session, learn what needs to be done and how
                                                                 • Know the dangers: The risks you run by lacking a        fast you need to act – and benchmark against some
with 100% backing from the top:                                    truly integrated social/traditional media marketing     of the companies leading the way:
• Demonstrate the vital importance of social: Share                strategy
  the right information to ensure your get buy-in – and                                                                    • Prepare the ground: Find out what you need to
                                                                 Siemens Stefan Heeke Director of Interactive                do internally to set up your company for customer
  budget – for your plans                                        Marketing                                                   service delivery through social
• Is there any need? Show why a social strategy is business-     General Motors Connie Burke Communications
  critical – especially when everything else is going well                                                                 • What is the right way to engage through social
                                                                 Manager, Social Media                                       media: How to modify your customer service best
• Tactics and tips to combat skepticism, negativity,                                                                         practice to be relevant and appropriate for delivery
  antipathy and plain old-fashioned fear from the older                                                                      through social
  generation of senior management
                                                                                                                           • Is it right for you? Are there some businesses that
AMD David Kenyon Vice President of World Wide                                                                                needn’t bother with this aspect of social?
Channel Marketing
                                                                                                                           Audi Douglas Clark General Manager Customer
Hyundai Motor America Dan Bedore National                                                                                  Strategy & Engagement
Manager, Social Media and Public Relations

               The earlier you book, the less you pay: Register by the 15th April 2011 to SAVE $400!
DAY TWO June 28 2011

Time to make it pay:                                          What does success look like?                                The Elephant in the Room:
Strategies to move from followers                             Define a set of realistic KPI¹s to                          How to identify real Return on
to customers                                                  track progress that¹s vital for you                         Investment for your company
How do you get your friends to part with their hard           As your social media strategy matures, it becomes           Getting social media to deliver tangible financial value
earned cash? It’s a question that you’re going to find        increasingly important to track success against the right   is still easier said than done. But in searching for
yourself asking again and again over the coming year          metrics, and putting together core KPIs that speak not      financial ROI, are we simplifying the issues too much?
– and it’s just as awkward with Facebook friends              only to your social media campaign but also address         Are there better ROI metrics for your company’s aims?
as with off line ones! It’s a difficult beast to master!      your key corporate goals.                                   Or is the hard truth that social media success needs
                                                                                                                          to be measured in cold hard cash?
The challenge is finding the right balance between            So, what does success look like for social media?
being a recognised salesperson and a trusted friend           What is a reasonable target for your social media           In this session, Intuit will walk you through a variety of
(that isn’t making the company any money). And is it          policy? These are all questions you need to answer          popular ROI models – financial and non-financial – that
honestly possible to walk a tightrope between the two?        – and continue to assess and re-evaluate – before you       are being applied to justify and prove the effectiveness
The challenge lies in finding the right balance               get in over your head.                                      of social media:
This session will set out ways of finding equilibrium –       SAP and Qualcomm will show you how to set tailored          • What does ROI look like for you? Is a focus on $$$
and will also help you to find the real value of the ‘like’   social media objectives and goals:                            correct, or simplistic?
or the ‘re-tweet’. We will learn from Dunkin’ Brands
                                                              • Designing and implementing an Action Plan to your         • Find a clear route to ROI: Practical advice on what
an expert in conversation.
                                                                core business targets                                       – and how – to measure
• Finding the right balance: How to convert followers
                                                              • Step-by-step tips to ensure your social media feeds       • Examples from the best: Market intelligence
  to customers without alienating them through selling
                                                                into – and enhances – your future strategies                revealing the approach being taken by the leading
• What is the real value of a ‘like’ or a ‘re-tweet’:                                                                       figures in corporate social media
                                                              • Learn from the leaders: Discover what they’re
  Define the true value of people interacting with
                                                                doing – and about to do – and how to harness their        Intuit Ed Matlack Group Marketing Manager
  your brand
                                                                experience for your own success
• Discover practical strategies that changes your
                                                              SAP Brian Ellefritz VP of Global Social Media
                                                                                                                          The opportunities of mobile:
  followers into sales and increase revenue streams
                                                              Qualcomm Liya Sharif Director of Digital Marketing
                                                                                                                          Now or Later?
Dunkin’ Brands Tyler Cyr Web Communications
                                                              and Communications                                          It’s being reported that five billion mobile devices will
                                                                                                                          be used to access the internet this year. An opportunity,
Discover the gold: How to identify                            Crisis Management: How to                                   for sure. But mobile also presents a series of challenges
                                                                                                                          and difficulties.
– and take advantage of – your most                           avoid hot water – and know
                                                                                                                          The changing mode of consumption, plus the growing
profitable social media data                                  when the temperature’s about                                number of channels to contact you’re audience, add
Social media delivers a constantly onrushing river of
                                                              to hit boiling point                                        up to a significant additional social media engagement
data. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Your challenge is         Social media is often to blame for creating and
not to track, measure and notice everything, but to           amplifying public relations crises. But then again,         The opportunities are great, yet companies successfully
focus instead on the business-critical information – and      its ability to flag up – and mitigate – said PR disasters   exploiting mobile social are currently few and far
turn this unique market intelligence to your advantage.       is sometimes underplayed.                                   between. Many businesses have already written it off
                                                                                                                          as a fad… although Starbucks and McDonald’s think
Come and watch Adobe and PayPal demonstrate the               Use social correctly, you can most likely halt a threat     otherwise:
best ways to measure your social media strategy –             to your brand far earlier than before social media
and learn how to turn their wisdom into gold.                 came of age.                                                In this session learn:
• How to measure your social media strategy:                  Whilst it might be impossible to completely mitigate        • Preparing the ground: How to ensure your
  What’s effective? What’s a red herring and                  against risk, effective listening will enable you to get      company’s marketing is ready to embrace mobile
  can be safely ignored?                                      much better at spotting trouble, and making a positive
                                                                                                                          • Measuring the impact of your mobile social media
                                                              impact with your crisis response. Find out from The
• Turn what you find into lucrative business decisions:
                                                              American Red Cross how to keep your brand under             • Location-based social media: Exploiting its ability
  How do you incorporate the selected raw data into
                                                              friendly surveillance, and how to engage and not              to amplify conversations via other channels and
  strategic planning?
                                                              only protect your corporate responsibility but also           boosting overall interaction and engagement
• Bottom Line/Top Dollar: Assess and forecast the             to maintain competitive advantage.
                                                                                                                          Speaker to be confirmed
  long-term impact on brand and revenue – and
                                                              • How to assess escalating situations
  ensure you maximize the financial potential of your
  social media data                                           • When to step in: Assessing when a conversation
                                                                and community is ripe for engagement
Adobe Maria Poveromo Director of Social Media
                                                              • Eyes wide open: Making sure you don’t miss out on
PayPal Sudha Janthe Social Media Strategist
                                                                business opportunities that can arise from ‘disaster’
                                                              The American Red Cross Wendy Harman Social
                                                              Media Director

                                                                                                                              “I normally find social media
                                                                                                                               events frustrating - they don’t
                                                                  “Great day one of the Corporate                              provide content on my level. This
                                                                   Social Media Summit! Pumped                                 event was different. I learned
                                                                   for tomorrow – the schedule                                 new things... because of the real
                                                                   looks awesome”                                              world experience and expertise”

                                                                              Lisa D’Aromando,                                            Kelly Feller, Senior Social
                                                                              Social Media Manager, Sprint                                Media Strategist, Intel

                  The only social media conference designed exclusively for a corporate audience!
What do your peers think of the conference?
                                                                                          “I’ve definitely learned a lot from the
      “Great!”                                                                             amazing folks you had on board”

              Esteban Contreas, Social Media Manager, Samsung                                   Lisa D’Aromando, Social Media Manager, Sprint

       “Conf has ended. What great content for                                            “Exceeded my expectations,
        us Corp social media types. Thanks”                                                attendees were a wealth of info”

              Kelly Feller, Social Media Strategist, Intel                                      Chris Lorence, Chief Marketing Officer, ICBA

       “Great people sharing great information”                                           “Excellent opening remarks from
                                                                                           Citi and PepsiCo”

              Gulsah Boye, Social Media and Digital Strategist, Hertz                           Lincoln Wood, Southern Co

       “Day Two proving to be very insightful.                                            “Good stuff coming from Corporate Social
        Happy to be here”                                                                  Media Summit in NY: 20+ speakers”

              Stacy Parker, Manager – Community Outreach, Norfolk Southern                      Ellen Seebold, Founder, Seebold Marketing Communications

Who you’ll meet                                                      Type of Organisation Attending                       Seniority of Attendees
                                                                                                                   19%                CEOs      3%
                                                                   28%                                             Vice Presidents           Others
At the Corporate Social media summit you will have the             Service
unique opportunity to connect with unrivalled numbers              Providers
of peers from across large corporates in the US. It is a                                                       9%
forum for the best practitioners and strategists to share                                                      Senior
experience and learn from each other.                                                                          Managers
Extensive networking time and interactive forums                Other
mean you’ll be leaving with a multitude of new
contacts to bounce ideas off.                                                                     65%              24%                              41%
                                                                5% Journalists               Corporates            Directors                    Managers
Don’t take our word for it, have a look                         and Instituitions
at last year’s attendees:

Sony                          Intel                          Hertz                  Gulf Power Company      Desigual                  WhiteWave Foods
McDonald’s                    Mars                           Johnson & Johnson      SunLife Financial                Cabot Creamery
Samsung                       Virgin Mobile USA              Polo Ralph Lauren      Siemens                 US Bank                   AllState Insurance
Microsoft                     NASCAR                         Panasonic              Frito-Lay               BAE Systems               Canon
Sears                         Dunkin’ Brands                 Air France KLM         Nationwide              New York Life Insurance
Nokia                         General Motors                 Calvert Investments    Prudential Insurance    Sunny Delight Beverages
BASF                          Timberland                     Prudential Financial   Halliburton             AMD                       AND MANY MORE!

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                attendees before the event.                            First name:                                                Telephone:

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                                                                       Position/Title:                                            Address:
Solution and Service Providers – ever
find yourself asking these questions?                                  Company:
• Where can I find new customers for my social media                                                                              ZIP:
  analytics products and services?
• Which emerging challenges will offer my business lucrative
  opportunities going forward?
• Which partnerships will allow me to take my solutions into
  new markets and add significantly to my bottom line?
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Well ask no more! Secure a sponsorship or exhibition package at
the Corporate Social Media Summit and you’ll be guaranteed to
meet and do business with your focused and senior audience of
corporate executives with a responsibility for social media strategy            CALL US:                                           EMAIL US:
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The Corporate Social Media Summit offers an excellent range
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                                                                       TERMS & CONDITIONS Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations after 22nd April 2011
Contact or email Andrew Bold today:                                    incur an administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after 20th May 2011 we will be obliged
                                                                       to charge the full fee. Please note – you must notify Useful Social Media in writing of a cancellation, or we
Call 1 800 814 3459 ext 7188                                           will be obliged to charge the full fee. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the programme
or email                             without notice. All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated, but VAT will be charged,
                                                                       where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice.
                                                                       NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT
 “Terrific Corporate Social Media Summit!”

      Ashley Brown, Director of Digital Communications, Coca Cola

   The West Coast
   Corporate Social Media Summit 2011

   Utilize the full power of social
   media to improve your marketing
   campaigns, enhance your reputation
   and boost your bottom line
   Two-day business conference, June 27–28 SF                                    
   Hotel Nikko, San Francisco                                                                                                                        #CSMSF

A practical and interactive business conference built for a corporate audience:                                               5 reasons why you need
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      AMD                                             Dunkin’ Brands                         Intuit
      David Kenyon                                    Tyler Cyr                              Ed Matlack                       1 Unrivalled speak line-up:
      Vice President of World Wide                    Web Communications Manager             Group Marketing Manager
      Channel Marketing
                                                                                                                                Learn from 20+ senior social media
                                                                                                                                executives from Sony, General
      Sony                                            Cisco                                  American Family Insurance
                                                                                                                                Motors, Dunkin’ Brands, eBay,
      Sukhjit Ghag                                    Jeanette Gibson                        Troy Janisch
      Blogger and Social Media                        Director of Social Media Marketing     Social Media Manager               Hewlett-Packard and many more
                                                                                                                              2 Prepare for the future:
      Adobe                                           eBay                                   SAP
                                                                                                                                Great opportunity to update
      Maria Poveromo                                  Julie Haddon                           Brian Ellefritz
      Director of Social Media                        Senior Director, Marketing and         VP of Global Social Media          and refine your social media
                                                      Global Social Media                                                       strategies – and harness the
      General Motors                                  Qualcomm                               Hewlett-Packard                    latest business intelligence
      Connie Burke                                    Liya Sharif                            Mia Dand
      Communications Manager,                         Director of Digital Marketing and      Senior Social Media Manager      3 Fill your contact book:
      Social Media                                    Communications                                                            12+ hours of networking
      Siemens                                         Make-A-Wish Foundation                 PayPal                             opportunities with senior
      Stefan Heeke                                    Petri Darby                            Sudha Janthe                       social media professionals
      Director of Interactive Marketing               Director of Brand Marketing            Social Media Strategist
                                                      and Digital Strategy                                                    4 Find answers
      The American Red Cross                          SunLife Financial                      Hyundai Motor America              to your questions:
      Wendy Harman                                    Steven Gangbar                         Dan Bedore                         Unparalled opportunity
      Social Media Director                           Director of Social Media and           National Manager, Social Media
                                                      Intranet                               and Public Relations
                                                                                                                                to ask the burning questions
                                                                                                                                that matter to you
      Douglas Clark                                                                                                           5 Best practice
      General Manager Customer
      Strategy & Engagement
                                                                                                                                and benchmarks:
                                                                                                                                Practical know-how and
                                                                                                                                solutions from companies
Join the conversation! You can follow us at:                                                                                    that have already overcome
                                                                                                                                the challenges you face

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