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					Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Market to 2020 - Sales Growth in Smart Phones, Digital
Cameras and Laptops will Sustain Demand

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market to drive DSP sales

Opportunities in the VoIP semiconductor market are expected to drive Digital Signal
Processor (DSP) growth. The market for VoIP semiconductor is growing with the
continual replacement of traditional switches with VoIP technology. This is a prominent
trend, particularly in Asia Pacific, where telecommunication companies prefer VoIP over
cable systems. VoIP over cable will need DSPs in every subscriber’s home.

VoIP has the potential to change the way we communicate by converging voice, text and
video in a cost effective manner. The growing market of VoIP communication platform is
expected to boost the demand for the Digital Signal Processors (DSP).

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The growth of the VoIP semiconductor market is shifting the revenue distribution in
favor of the Asia Pacific region. As can be seen in above figure, this region’s contribution
to the overall VoIP semiconductor market revenue was 54.3% in 2009 and it is expected
to reach 68% by 2012. Much of the growth is anticipated to be triggered by India and
China. Due to their low-cost, VoIP semiconductors are in demand in Asia Pacific.

The growth in the Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance market is expected to drive DSP
sales as the demand increases for new ICs with special functionalities (trigger automatic
response and threat detection) to power IP video surveillance cameras and IP servers. In
2009, revenues from IP video cameras nearly doubled and touched $3.9 billion in 2010.
In 2010, the global IP surveillance camera market grew larger than the conventional
‘Closed Circuit Television’ (CCTV) camera market. Meanwhile, the IP surveillance
server market expanded to $1.3 billion in 2010.

The fast-growing market for IP surveillance video servers and cameras will have a
positive impact on the demand for DSPs. Semiconductor technologies are incorporating
new features in IP video surveillance servers and cameras. IP cameras are transitioning to
digital, with companies manufacturing smarter cameras which include features such as
image tracking, alert system, image recognition, and response.

GBI Research, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research,
“Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Market to 2020 - Sales Growth in Smart Phones, Digital
Cameras and Laptops will Sustain Demand”, that provides an insight into the Global DSP
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Group, provides an in-depth analysis of the DSP market across the world and highlights
the various concerns, shifting trends and major players in the region. It provides forecasts
for the DSP sales revenue and volume, major DSP facilities and the emerging markets till
2020. The research also provides the business viability in different geographic regions.
The report provides analysis of the key trends in the DSP market across the world. An
analysis of the competitive scenario in different countries is also provided. The report is
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