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100_ Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil by iupon13


 olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil fruit taste, is produced from olives knows to the just point of
endured maturation . Taste and persistent intense scent, make that it is a valuable oil
of unmistakable quality. For its natural characteristic particular, it is advised to use
this oil in order to flavor to raw the main courses, meats braced, salad and vegetables.
Some drops added to warm soups , give off an intense aroma that exalt the flavours. It
is conserved in bottles of glass UVAG that, protect oil from the light, and assure the
best conservation of it .

Our bottles contain: 500-750-1000 ml

We want to promote our products on the foreign markets and we are looking for
buyers, distributors and importers to extend our business. For further information,
terms and conditions, please, contact us by email.

Yours faithful

Wonderumbria is based in Central Italy, immersed in the lush greenery of the area S
national parks and surrounded by mountains, woodland and lakes. Our mission is to
seek out local smes that specialize in making authentic food products and to support
them in promoting and selling their high-quality products overseas. Moreover, in
keeping with our intention to give a boost to anything that can proudly claim to be
made in umbria, we also offer locally produced artwork and craft products. Whatever
you need for your business in umbria I can help you. The wonderumbria business
model consists on building directly selected and qualified deals with many of umbrian

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