10 Ways For ODesk Providers to Give Themselves a Raise

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					?The global economic downturn has everyone nervous. Being an oDesk provider
means that you've already extended your reach beyond your local market, and the
amount of business passing through oDesk's marketplace is growing exponentially.
More businesses are discovering the value of remote workers, and you're already here
on oDesk, building your reputation.

There's no better time than now to hone your competitive edge, both to increase your
volume of business, and to make yourself worth more money to your next buyer. Here
are 10 ways to boost your marketability - and your hourly rate - even in this economy:

  1. Round up your rate so the buyer sees a flat number (consider the buyer's markup:
If your rate is $20, the buyer is charged $22.22. Raise your rate to $20.70, and the
buyer sees $23).

 2. Request feedback comments and recommendations from past buyers-sometimes
happy buyers rush through the feedback process. Ask the buyers you've done the best
work with for a quick update.

 3. Study profiles of individuals who have similar skills to yours but charge higher
rates: What do they have that you don't, and how can you get it?

 4. Expand your skills based on those with the highest demand - consult the oDesk
Trends pages.

 5. Take our free skill tests and get top industry certifications through our
collaborators on the partners page.

 6. Add your rarest skills to your profile. We've got more than 10,000 jobs posted at
any time - you never know when someone is going to want your expertise at VAX
Mainframe programming, or your Arabic-English translation skills.

 7. Increase your visibility and reputation: Establish solid profiles not only on oDesk,
but on LinkedIn and your professional website. Link your expanded portfolio to your
oDesk profile, and link your oDesk profile back to your other sites.

 8. Improve your oDesk profile, especially if you haven't done so since you originally
wrote it. Now you know how buyers think, so give them what they're looking for.

 9. Step up your job search: scour listings for things you know you're qualified to do,
write a great cover letter for each application and be responsive when you get the call.

 10. Don't undersell yourself and compromise your rate. It's the buyer's job to try to
keep costs down, but it's your job to politely stand firm on the rate you know you
There will always be someone with a cheaper rate than yours, and there will always
be someone costlier. Buyers weigh costs against reputation, skill set, and experience.
Set a rate that reflects your talent and your feedback score, and do everything you can
to demonstrate you're worth a that rate in your profile, cover letters and portfolio.
Prove you're worth your premium rate and you'll keep busy even during difficult

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