10 Things to Look For Before Buying a Color Laser Printer

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					?Color laser printers are a better choice than inkjet printers since they lower the cost
of ownership. But when shopping for a color laser printer, what should you look for?
What things to consider?

Here are 10 things that you should consider before buying a color laser printer.

1) Workload: Know your workload requirements for the printer i.e. how many pages
are expected to print per month. Narrow your list depending upon your workload

2) Print Speed: Know the print speeds for both black and color prints. More the print
speed, faster is the printer. You would surely want to invest in a faster printer.

3) First Page Out: Be sure to check out the printer specifications to know how much
time a printer will take to print out the first page. More time it takes to print the first
page, more delay there is in printing. You need a printer that takes less time to print
the first page.

4) Print Quality/Resolution: You obviously need a printer that has excellent print
quality. Check out the resolution for the printer. It is determined by Dots Per Inch
(DPI) measured vertically and horizontally. Higher the DPI or resolution, higher will
be the print quality.

5) Printer Supplies/Toner Cartridges: Check out prices on printer supplies,
especially toner cartridges. You do not want to spend money buying expensive toners.
While you are checking prices on toner, also be aware of cost per page for each toner.
Low cost per page is what you are looking for. Also, check prices on other printer
supplies. Calculate the costs and buy one that does not empty your bank balance
buying printer supplies.

6) Networking: Is networking important to you? If yes, then buy a printer that has
networking/connectivity options. In case, your printer doesn't has networking options,
check for print servers.

7) Duplex Printing: Some printers do not support duplex printing i.e. printing on
both sides of a paper. You want to invest in one that supports duplex printing.

8) Paper Types: Do you need to print on variety of paper types like business cards,
marketing collateral etc? Be sure that your printer supports these paper type options.

9) Paper Tray/Size Options: Are you going to print a lot? Or are you going to use
this color laser printer in a networked environment? If yes, see if a printer has paper
tray options.
10) Printer Memory: Do you need to print large files with graphics? Make sure there
is ample amount of printer memory or you'll end up waiting hours for your prints to
come out.

11) Bonus Tip: Cost of a printer may be an important thing too. But before you
decide to buy a printer based on the price alone, be sure to go through the above
points or you'll end up buying a non-useful printer. After you narrow down your list
based on the above points, do some comparison shopping. Check out prices on few
stores and see where you can get a better deal.

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