10 things to do when bored at work by iupon13


									?So you're sitting in the office, bored to death as usual. Don't worry, here's a list of
things you can do to put that smile back on your face. Just be careful, don't let your
boss catch you!

1. Draw a picture
All you need is a pen and a paper. You can draw funny pictures of your boss or a
co-worker and tape your drawings all over the office.

2. Join a forum
Find an online forum of a random topic and join it. Now do everything you can
possibly think of to make everyone mad. Sounds kinda silly, I know, but still funnier
than working.

3. Watch Youtube
Go to Youtube and watch some funny videos. A great time killer, indeed. To spice it
up a little you can turn the volume up to max, pick some inappropriate video and then
blame it on your co-worker.

4. Play Sudoku
It can be pretty fun once you get a hold of it, and it can be quite addictive actually. A
good way to pass the time if you don't find anything else to do.

5. Make your work a game
Imagine that you're a CIA agent spying on your co-workers. Find out their secret
plans and stop them from completing them. Make up missions that you must complete.
Avoid revealing your true identity.

6. Sleep
Everyone needs to sleep. Why not do it at work? Come on, I know you're tired.

7. Play online games
To play online games is a great way to make the time fly away. Find some cool games
and spend your days trying to beat your old records.

8. Workout
Do some pushups, crunches, squats or dips. If you look around you, you will find a lot
of stuff that you can use to workout. For instance, you can put your feet on the table
and do dips on your chair. Just make sure your chair doesn't roll away.

9. Prank your boss
Search the web for inspiration. Pranking your boss will give you a good laugh, that's
for sure. Plan every prank carefully and make sure you have someone else to blame if
someone suspects you.
10. Go crazy
If none of the above works and you're so bored you feel like you're about to go crazy,
let it out. Go crazy. Start running around screaming while you're doing whatever crazy
stuff you can think of. It will feel great for the moment.

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