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					Published for the Members of Butler Armco Employees Credit Union                                                                                     Spring 2007

A Great Home Equity Rate!                                                                                      15
                                                                                                           Home E Year


                                                                                                        No Clos      APR
                                                                                                               ing Cos

                                                                                              What Can You Do With A
                                                                                              Home Equity Loan?
                                                                                                    •    Home improvements
                                                                                                    •    Bill consolidation
                                                                                                    •    Education financing
If you’re in need of a Home Equity Loan, look                                                       •    Refinance your mortgage
no further than Butler Armco Employees Credit                                                       •    Refinance your home equity
Union. We have the best rates, terms up to 15                                                            loan or line-of-credit
years, 100% financing, and NO CLOSING COSTS*.                                                  See our rates column on page 3 for all
It’s the best deal around!                                                                    of our Home Equity Loan rates.

Maximum term is 180 months. Approval subject to credit decision. Offer subject to withdrawal or modification without notice. Other terms and conditions may
apply. Contact the Credit Union for compete details. * The Credit Union will pay, on your behalf, closing costs ranging from $0-500. Loans closing within 36 months
may require reimbursement of fees paid. Loans exceeding $250,000 require lender’s title policy at borrower’s expense.

                                                           Also in this issue...

                                                        Straight Forward                                         1 Year Certificate

                                                                                                                                 $1,000 Minimum
                                                                                                                    *Annual Percentage Yield on Growth Certificate
        (see page 2 for details)                                                                                     Rate as of April 1, 2007. Call for current rate.
                                                                 (see page 4 for details)
PCTeller Security Upgrade With TrustedAccess
BAECU has made doing business                        together. You get to choose what                      Learn more about TrustedAccess,
with us even more safe and secure.                   they are. If both the image and                       at Click the
We already provide a secure                          the phrase are correct, then you                      TrustedAccess link for a list of
connection when you log in to our                    know immediately that your web                        Frequently Asked Questions. For
online banking service, PCTeller.                    connection is trusted and you may                     additional questions, please call
Now we’re giving you the added                       continue. Additionally, it uses a                     our friendly Account Servicing staff
assurance of actually being able                     randomly selected question that                       anytime during normal business
to see for yourself the security of                  you pre-set to verify you are who                     hours (see page 4 for our hours).
your online connection. Effective                    you say you are. When you set up
April 15th, we are implementing a                    your preferences, you choose three
new secure authentication process                    security questions and then supply
to your PCTeller login called                        the answers. One of these three
TrustedAccess.                                       questions will be displayed, and the
                                                     answer will be required in order to
TrustedAccess is an enhancement                      access your account. The three
that adds additional security when                   questions will be displayed randomly
you log in. It displays an image and                 when you log in.
a phrase that always must appear

            Term Life Coverage: Protecting Your Home
                              A Message from the MEMBERS Financial Services Program

Your life insurance proceeds can make your mortgage payments so your family will be able to stay in their home.
With MEMBERS Level Term Series Coverage, you guarantee your premium rates, your benefit amount, and the
level rates for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years, regardless of any changes in your health or employment. Even after the 10,
15, 20 or 30-year period, your policy will be renewed automatically to age 90 on an annual basis. After the 10, 15,
20 or 30-year period, renewal rates will increase annually.

                     Preferred rates (Male/Female), payable monthly, non-tobacco*
     Age                       $100,000                                      $250,000                                          $500,000
      25                   $11.16 / 10.38                                 $17.08 / 15.14                                    $25.52 / 21.63
      35                   $11.42 / 10.55                                 $17.73 / 15.57                                    $26.82 / 22.49
      45                   $17.65 / 14.71                                 $33.30 / 25.95                                    $57.96 / 43.25
      55                   $33.13 / 23.70                                 $72.01 / 48.44                                   $135.37 / 88.23
 * Not everyone qualifies for preferred rates. All rates are subject to underwriting and may be higher than the figures shown. Rates available for tobacco users.

Features and Benefits
   ● Benefit amounts range from $25,000 to $1 million or more.
   ● Non-tobacco users may qualify for a rate discount.
   ● Benefits are payable to age 90.
   ● Conversion privilege.
   ● Rates are guaranteed and will not increase during the specified time period.
For information about term life insurance – how it can protect your income, family, home, business and more –
contact Chuck Headley, MEMBERS Financial Services Representative, at the Credit Union, (724) 284-2020, x1030.
MEMBERS Term Insurance is term insurance with level premiums for 10 years and a level death benefit, payable to age 90. This coverage is underwritten
by CUNA Mutual Life Insurance Company, Waverly, IA. The rates listed above are Preferred-non tobacco. Your actual rate will be subject to underwriting.
Contact your representative for complete costs.
     Welcome To The Credit Union                                                                        LOAN RATES
                                                                                                                       Term (months) APR*
Butler County Postal Employees FCU                                                       Auto
Butler County Postal Employees Federal Credit Union officially merged with
                                                                                             2005-2007                     0   –   36        5.75%
BAECU on November 1, 2006. The merger was voted on and approved by                                                        37   –   60        6.00
the Board of Directors of both credit unions and subsequently approved by the                                             61   –   72        7.00
                                                                                             2004                          0   –   60        6.25
existing members of Butler County PEFCU. We are pleased to welcome the                                                    61   –   72        7.25
330 members of the Postal Employees family to your new Credit Union. The                     2003                          0   –   60        6.25
name may have changed but it’s still your Credit Union. Welcome aboard!                      2002                          0   –   54        6.50
                                                                                             2001                          0   –   48        6.75
New Sponsor Organizations                                                                    2000
                                                                                             1999 & older
We’ve recently added two new Sponsor Organizations, formerly known as
                                                                                         Home Equity Loan
Select Employer Groups, to our field of membership. We would like to take this
                                                                                             (0-85% LTV)                 0     – 60          6.00%
opportunity to welcome them to the BAECU family.                                                                        61     – 84          6.25
                                                                                                                        85     – 120         6.50
    Harmony Junction Auto Sales                        Butler Eagle                                                    121     – 180         6.50
                   Employees                              Employees
                                                                                             (85-100% LTV)                0 – 60         7.00
                    Harmony                                 Butler                                                      61 – 84          7.25
                                                                                                                        85 – 120         7.50
Tell your co-workers and family members about the great benefits of Credit                                              121 – 180         8.50
Union membership, and invite them to join BAECU.                                             Line-Of-Credit            Call for current rates
                                                                                         Mortgage                      Call for current rates
If you know of an organization that would like to offer Credit Union membership to its
employees or members, please contact us. We’re always looking for new groups!            Personal
                                                                                             Savings Secured                0 – 60          4.75
                                                                                             Signature                      0 – 42         11.00
                                                                                             Line-Of-Credit                                10.50
                                                                                             VISA                                          11.75
                                                                                         Recreational Vehicle
                                                                                             New                          0    – 60          8.50
   The Credit Union will be closed on the following days to
                                                                                                                         61    – 84          8.75
       observe holidays. The ATMs, PCTeller and                                                                          85    – 120         9.00
   Tele-R-Phone are always available for members’ use.                                       Used                         0    – 48          8.75
           Memorial Day              Independence Day                                                                    49    – 84          9.00
        Monday, May 28, 2007       Wednesday, July 4, 2007                                   Student                     Call for current rates

                                                                                                   DIVIDEND RATES
                                         Can I use Payroll Deduction to
                                         make my loan payment?                               Avg. Daily Balance                Rate          APY**

                                         Yes. Payroll Deduction is a very                Savings & IRA Savings                     1

                                         simple and easy way to make                              0.01 - 10,000                 1.25%       1.26%
                                                                                             10,000.01 - 25,000                 2.40        2.43
  Frequently Asked Questions             payments on all types of loans                      25,000.01 - 50,000                 3.25        3.30
                                         including: auto, home equity,                       50,000.01 - above                  3.40        3.45
                                         personal, and recreational vehicle.             Checking
  Can my family members join
  the Credit Union?                      Loan payments made by Payroll                            0.01 – 500                   0.10         0.10
                                                                                                500.01 – 7,500                 0.50         0.52
                                         Deduction can also reduce the total                  7,500.01 – above                 0.75         0.75
  If you are the BASE MEMBER             interest paid on your loan. Because
                                                                                         Christmas Club1
  – yes. A Base Member is any            loan interest is computed daily, and                       0.01 – above               1.25         1.26
  active employee, retiree,              most people are paid multiple times
                                                                                         Certificates2                  Call for current rates
                                         per month, a portion of your monthly
  un-remarried widow or                                                                  IRAs2
                                         loan payment is taken out of each                                             Call for current rates
  widower of any one of our 75+
                                         pay, which means you pay less                                     Rates as of April 1, 2007.
                                                                                                 All information subject to change at any time.
  Sponsor Organizations.                 interest over the term of your loan.            * Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
                                                                                         ** Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

  Also eligible to join are the
                                                                                          Dividend compounded monthly, credited monthly on average
                                         Do you have a question you’d like               end of day balance. No dividend paid on accounts closed
  Base Member’s parents,                 answered? Ask us. Chances are many
                                                                                         during the month, except Certificates and IRAs.
                                                                                           Certificate and IRA rates are subject to change up to the time
  siblings, grandparents,                other members are wondering the same            of purchase or renewal. Normal rate changes will be made on
                                                                                         Wednesdays. Certificates, IRAs, and Christmas Clubs subject
  children, grandchildren,               thing as you.                                   to penalty for early withdrawal.

  spouse, and spouse’s parents.          We look forward to hearing from you!
  Take The “Haggle” Out Of                                                             Visit
                                                                                          and click on the
  Your Next Mortgage                                                                      MFS link to take
  Banks, mortgage brokers, and                                                            your Retirement
  real estate companies are all
  competing for your mortgage.
                                                                                             Road Test.
  But if you’d like to eliminate the
  “haggle” that occurs with most
  mortgage lenders – call someone
  you can trust – your Credit Union.

  We Make It Simple
      •   Offering you our lowest
          rate up front
      •   No hidden fees
      •   No surprises
      •   100% financing

                  Best of all, our fast approvals, excellent service,
                  and low closing costs allow you to close quickly
                  and save money.

                  In the market for a mortgage? Call Shelley Wehr,
                  our Mortgage Adviser, and see how we compare.
                  We think you’ll be pleased.

                                      Newsletter Contest
To enter, simply answer the following questions, then detach the form and mail or drop it off at the
Credit Union office. Entries must be received by April 30, 2007. If your name is drawn from
among the correct ones received, you’ll win a $25 Gift Card to the Clearview Mall!
You must be a member to win.

1. PCTeller now has an improved security feature called __________________ .
2. BAECU’s Home Equity Loans are as low as ______% for 5 years.
3. The Credit Union offers a 5.40% Annual Percentage Yield on it’s ________________.

Name _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number_________________________ Account Number __________________________________________________
    Congratulations to the winners of our Winter 2007 newsletter contest: Chris Blank, Jennifer Daniels-Wells, & Toni
   McCormick. They each won a $25 Clearview Mall Gift Card. A special thanks to all who provided valuable feedback.

    Butler Armco Employees Credit Union                                                         Hours
             101 Hollywood Drive                   724-284-2020                   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
                P.O. Box 1589                                       9:00AM – 4:30PM
            Butler, PA 16003-1589                                                    Thursday 9:00AM – 6:00PM

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