10 Common Leadership Mistakes

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					?Being a leader is challenging enough without having to deal with the potential
negative fallout associated with the 10 common leadership mistakes listed below.
Take a moment and ask yourself if you might be making one or more of these
mistakes. If so, identify some action steps that will help you avoid these mistakes in
the future.

Relate Well!
Todd E. Linaman, Ph.D.

1. Making yourself scarce

Workers appreciate a visible leader - someone who takes a personal interest in the
work that's being done by taking the time to get to know those who are doing it.

2. Allowing the vision to fade

Good leaders are able to keep the vision of the organization fresh and focused. The
consistent presence of a well-defined vision provides motivation, enthusiasm and
purpose for those responsible for carrying it out.

3. Creating a moving target

Change happens, but leaders who constantly modify or change key objectives fail to
maintain their team's trust, respect and confidence.

4. Correcting without affirming

Correction is most effective when preceded by affirmation. Employees who know
their positive qualities and accomplishments are appreciated are more open to
corrective feedback when it's needed.

5. Assigning responsibility without authority

When giving someone the responsibility to produce specific results, make sure they
also have the freedom and independence to make the decisions that will get the job

6. "Do as I say, not as I do."

When it comes to achieving results, there is no substitute for leadership by example.

7. Putting square pegs in round holes

The time it takes to properly assess an employee's strengths, knowledge and skills is
time well-invested because it helps to reduce costly turnover and improve
productivity and performance.

8. Inability to control anger

A leader who cannot bridle his anger is a leader who is feared rather than respected.

9. Focusing on "me" rather than "we"

The most effective leaders are those who are passionate about the achievement of the
whole team, not just of their own accomplishments.

10. Placing results ahead of people

Great leaders know that the best way to get the most favorable results is to make sure
they favor the people responsible for them.

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