-Beware The Comfort Zone Trap- by iupon13


									?At midlife and mid-career, your home, career and lifestyle have
become part of your identity. A move to freedom means recognizing
the power of values and the temptation of routines.


Often we don't realize how deeply we have internalized our
values until we begin a search for a new life. After I left the
academic world, I realized how much I valued rigorous thinking
and I still wince when someone talks about "proving a

As an employee of a huge software company, Martin became
accustomed to a competent, organized workplace. When he
interviewed for jobs in the nonprofit sector, he was dismayed.

"They support my core values of serving mankind and protecting
the earth," he said, "but they are so disorganized! They waste so
much time and money! I hadn't realized how that 'being organized'
was so important to me."

When people fail to honor their values, moving to a new life can
seem like exchanging one trap for another.


We cling to routines because they're familiar and because they
make us feel competent. They often incorporate values we didn't
know we had: "Not making a fuss," "Being responsible," or even,
"Making time for leisure.

Routines can be traps. Adrienne knew her job would be gone in
six months. One day she called to cancel a lunch meeting. She had
to attend a week-long "training class," learning skills she'd
never use.

"Why not take some personal days to look for a new job? " her
friend suggested. "After all, you can do some serious
networking at this lunch."

"No," said Adrienne, " I'd rather go along with the program."
Alas, the program involved getting rid of Adrienne.

To blast out of a comfort zone is as hard as getting a space ship
past the earth's gravitational pull. You need rocket fuel when
you find yourself saying, "I can't look for a new job (or
consider a move to a new city or work on my goals) because I have
to work in the garden (or bake cookies or rewrite a report three

The secret of blasting out is to let ourselves be pulled rather
than pushed. Get hooked on a piece of the new life -- a new
source of gravity, from a new planet, that will pull you ever so
gently in the oppposite direction.

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., is an author, career coach and
speaker. She works with midlife, mid-career professionals
who want to get on the fast track to career freedom.
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