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????China Spinning Machine intense market competition, in the high-end products -
compact spinning technology, market, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan and other
countries of the spinning machine manufacturers are also competing in the race, but
has yet to become a monopoly of the Board. In this sense, the Chinese market, fierce
competition compact spinning machine can be said that fierce competition in the
world textile machinery market, the geographical extension of the situation.

????A direct impact on the quality of printing and dyeing yarn, knitting, yarn-dyed,
garment and other industries, thus improving spinning technological progress and
industrial upgrading for the development of the textile industry-wide significance.
Conventional ring-type spinning machine as the industry advances, can not fully meet
the needs of downstream processing quality, therefore, a higher-tech compact
spinning technology, emerged in 1999 in Paris ITMA show, Rieter (Rieter), the
German Green Ze (Zinser), Suessen (Sussen), etc. on display for the first time with
the compact spinning technology, spinning frame, marking the great market potential
of this innovative technology start of commercial operations.

????In Beijing CITME 2002 show, Rieter, Zinser, Xu Sen, Italy Marzoli (Marzoli),
Toyota (Toyota), etc. were exhibited in China, based on their compact spinning
technology, spinning frame, has become an overseas textile machinery and power
began to a positive start to enter the huge China market, spinning inklings of new
technology trends, the competitive situation in the burgeoning Chinese market.

????Suessen started from 1920, was founded in spinning technology research, by
2001 years later, has been sold in China alone, more than 200,000 children EliTe close
spindle, China has become its largest market.
????Rieter is the world's first R & D Compact Yarn Spinning Technology, one of the
vendors, but also the international launch of compact spinning spindles, one of the
largest two companies. It Suessen cooperation in the field in the compact spinning
continuously push forward the progress of the compact spinning technology, expand
the scope of application of compact spinning technology, has become the leading
compact spinning superposition in the traditional Ring Spinning an emerging
technology Another pioneer in technology trends.

???Application of Principles and advantages of compact spinning

????The so-called compact spinning technology was developed in the ring fine
spinning machine, a new device, in essence Textile Drafting System before the
addition of a fiber pool area, eliminating the front roller to the twisted spinning
triangle between points, thus eliminating the triangular area right into the yarn surface
structure (especially the hairiness), yarn strength and flexibility, spinning run
performance (breakage) and free flyings (environmental cleanliness), etc. effects.

????Specifically, before the roller is a spinning machine in front of the traditional
design called for a special-shaped straw, grid porous apron and output negative
pressure on the roller composed of condensed areas, effective control of fiber,
especially fiber edge fibers and planktonic production, thus eliminating the spinning
triangle, so that the fluff of cotton yarn has decreased significantly, nep reduced by
30%, 70% reduction in hairiness than the ring and improve the yarn strength of about
10%, and cotton seed, processing flyings less for the after-processing operations to
improve fabric quality and reduce the burden sizing, singeing and so created the
conditions for cancellation. The current global installed base has more than one
million, and technological advantages may be reflected in glimpse.
????In the same tight ring under the conditions of raw cotton yarn than conventional
ring yarn quality, high output, low twist, use a wide range of raw materials, producing
the same pure cotton yarn with cotton may be appropriate to reduce the levels and
production costs. For example, production of 30 English teams off the cotton combed
yarn can be reduced up to 20%, while the yarn quality and appearance are still intact.

???Technology Comparison

????Internationally renowned manufacturers to launch compact spinning of different
forms, of which Li Da, Xu Sen, Marzoli, Toyota and Zinser most representative.

????Lida pioneered an alternative to suction drum spinning under the roller drafting
device before the condensation of the system, the company developed compact
spinning brand - ComforSpin spinning (Com4, ComforSpin) the successful
occupation of compact spinning equipment market, able to spin out in the off Strong,
strong extension, such as yarn hairiness, and IPI indicators of the quality better
performance than conventional ring yarn in close fine yarn.

????Com4 compact spinning roller installed in the concentration of a helical
cylindrical rolling, mainly spinning yarn count for more than 60 English teams when
the selection; spinning less than 60 English teams, still using flat roller.

????To July 30, 2003, The People's Republic of China State Intellectual Property
Office issued the patent announcement, Rieter in the 203 patent applications, 26
projects involving ring-spun yarn spinning technology closely.

????Suessen EliTe compact spinning increased the ring spinning machine-assisted
anterior seam roller, and has opened a trough shaped hollow suction tube, above the
rotary movement can be covered with the skin with a pore volumes, when the fiber
bundle provided through Suessen drafting system immediately after the arrival EliTe
cluster part of the grooved seam negative pressure air through the straw covering the
shaped straw hole of the aprons, air to leave the front roller by the cluster of fiber
JAW controlled so that the "spinning triangle" reduced or eliminated, so that fibers
parallel to each other and finally spun yarn tightly.

????In ShanghaiTex 2003 show, demonstrated the use of compact spinning
technology to produce compact spinning strands EliTwist. The use of stock-line
technology, also developed a close Siro core-spinning equipment, namely, compact
spinning, siro spinning, core-spun yarn triple. According to reports, this is the
international advanced level of the host equipment, spinning, spinning yarn quality is
superior to various other forms.

????Toyota ShanghaiTex 2003 exhibition RX240NEW-EST compact spinning
spinning frame, which uses air flow cluster type, the front of the lower one for each 4
by the suction tank, and lead aprons under the porous roller composed of a
combination of pieces of The combination of pieces can be easily removable without
tools; with a roller gear under the former system of fuel through the gears without the
need to drive, porous aprons from under the front roller drive; suction pipe installed in
the Luo Laji Block upper part of the suction fan variable frequency drives, each
section 48.

????The scene in the textile JC40, spindle speed of 23,000 rev / min spindle using
18mm plate, 36mm steel collar, forming part of the use of servo motor.

????Marzoli display Olfil compact spinning device installed in the RST-1-type
spinning frame on the car spinning demonstration. The device is installed in the three
systems on the drawing three times before the department, the bottom one for each of
eight stainless steel tubes, (each spindle sets of holes along the aprons), in stainless
steel pipe has opened a suction slot; upper between the two leather roller by the
toothed belt drive; suction fan variable frequency drives, each 48 1.

????Zinser 700 AirComTex close compact spinning machine spinning device unique,
its concentration in the suction part of the upper section to be spinning, spinning to
three roller drafting, as amended, by the negative pressure airflow guide, be
concentrated to the Aprons surface of the upper punch. Aprons of the pitch due to a
smaller hole, so that should be the width of pre-twisting has been significantly

????In addition, gathering area and the concentration of drafting roller with changing
gears between the rollers, can choose among the different transmission gears,
processing a wide variety of fibers.

????The company emphasized retention 2mm below the hairiness, the coverage of the
textile end product capabilities and other performance is very important.

?????In addition, Ruishiluotuo Kraft (Rotorcraft) has introduced a cluster of compact
spinning mechanical prototype RoCoS, it is still using three roller drafting, the former
roller must be 27mm diameter, the original pre-roller and close on the anterior roller
with a plastic frame fixed together, the two former in between the upper roller, a
ceramic collector, ceramic collector openings for third gear change according to

?????Characterized by the transformation of convenience, domestic YJ2-142 series
cradle spinning frame can be modified, as long as for a front roller and the roller seat,
coupled with compact spinning device can be. Another advantage is that energy
conservation, it does not require external blower vacuum, and therefore energy
consumption and the general ring, the company has and Shanxi Best companies to
launch domestic spinning of the rehabilitation programs.

????Domestic Trends

????In the international application of compact spinning technology into the mature
period of time, some domestic textile machinery manufacturers and research
institutions are also optimistic about the application of strong prospects for yarn
spinning technology, invested R & D and learning, including large, medium, small
and private textile machinery manufacturers, research institutions, universities and
even some spinning science and technology personnel, are committed to this
professional field, in order to develop a compact spinning with independent
intellectual property rights program to work techniques, including Shanghai Jingwei
Textile Machinery, and two textile machinery has been made in the initial research
achievements, and through ShanghaiTex 2003 Exhibition, to the Chinese market has
matured a collective spooling device.

????Meanwhile, domestic manufacturers and international manufacturers to develop
the case is also endless. In recent years there have been Xinjiang Esquel, Shandong
Lutai, Wuxi, a cotton, the remaining companies and Anhui Huamao Yao Hualian
Textile Co., Ltd. and other enterprises closely spinning devices have been introduced.

????June 8 this year, Xu Sen Yu Jingwei Textile Machinery EliTe compact spinning
technology, the signing of the contract, Jingwei Textile Machinery Suessen to provide
spinning technology and licenses granted Jingwei Textile Machinery.

????Jingwei Textile Machinery will this device installed in short fiber on the ring
spinning machine, and the right to self-production to upgrade an existing ring
spinning machine and was named Elite ring spinning machine spinning weft, so that
the ring with Elite spindle spinning frame in the Chinese market there is a satisfactory
market share. At the same time, according to this contract, Suessen further technically
right Jingwei Textile Machinery to provide support to the latitude and longitude to
provide the latest developments, the Elite transformation of production of some

?????April 2 this year, representing the world's advanced level of Shandong spinning
Deyuan compact spinning mill 3 million project started construction in Jining
High-tech Zone. The project Ningbo Yunsheng Seiki Company, Hong Kong Gigabyte
International (Group) Co., Ltd., Banda International (Hong Kong) Limited joint
venture, with a total investment of around 10 billion Hong Kong dollars, after
completion by the end of 2008 all the world's largest close spinning production base,
is expected to be an annual sales income 120 billion yuan, profits and taxes 2 billion
yuan, plans by the end of December this year, will be completed the first phase of
factory production.

????Anhui Huamao shares of listed companies is also considering the implementation
of the compact spinning motion of technological transformation projects, intended to
introduce international advanced level compact spinning spinning frame and
supporting critical equipment, and use of domestic advanced equipment, complete
sets of spinning.

????50,340 million yuan in total investment. The project is put into production can be
expected to produce 14,342 tons of high-grade yarn, new sales income of 37,000 yuan,
total profit of 58.0416 million yuan.

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