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					                                                                 Ilfracombe, Combe Martin, Bratton Fleming
                                                                       working with neighbouring communities

                                                                                               March 2006

Neighbourhood News
 In this                  On-the-job training scheme is go!
 issue...                 The on-the-job pilot training scheme in the Osborne Hotel, put together by Transform’s
 On-the-job training 1
                          ‘Jobs and Training’ task group, is off to a flying start.
 New project         2    The scheme offers a completely
 The Kabin           2    new way of training for an NVQ in
 Home insulation     3    catering and hospitality. Trainees
 Mini bikes warning 3     undergo intensive 10-week on-
 Videoconferencing   3    the-job training at the Osborne
 Crossword puzzle    3    Hotel in Ilfracombe and, as it
 Life in Bratton     4    finishes in time for Easter, will be
 Community Alliance 5     helped to find a job at the end of
 News in brief       5    the course. The scheme is being
 Policing in the area 6   run by North Devon College, with
 Wardens’ report     7    input from other training providers
 Noticeboards        7    in the area. So how are the trainees
 Decent Homes        7    getting on?
 Community news      8        “They’re doing brilliantly. They
 Meetings times      8    have a really good attitude and
 Contact details     8    are already working together as
                          a really strong team,” said Rob
                          Barnes, North Devon College
                          catering lecturer.                                Nick Dollery-Webber (left) and Rob Barnes

                                                                        He added, “That’s something that will really
                                                                     set them up to work in the industry. They have
                                                                     worked to a professional level from day one.
                                                                     I’m looking for a good standard of food and
                                                                        The venue is ideal for the Ilfracombe-based
                                                                     trainees as it means they don’t have to travel
                                                                     to college, and the course is proving popular
                                                                     in other ways as well. Jackie Lemay-Smith (left)
                                                                     has worked in kitchens for years but wants to
                                                                     make a career in catering. “I want to work my
                                                                     way through to NVQ level 3,” she said. “This is
                                                                     an ideal kind of course to be on, because it’s
                                                                     hands-on right from the beginning.”
                                                                        During the first week, trainees were
                                                                     preparing food and eating it themselves, but
                                                                     soon they will be catering and serving dinners
                                                                     for various groups of people, culminating in a
                                                                     dinner for potential employers at the end of
                                                                     the course.

The Newsletter of the Neighbourhood Management Programme                                                            1
A new project and life in the Kabin

Power to the community!
 A new project called Empowering Communities will give local
people the power and know-how to get projects up and running
to improve the quality of life for everyone in the area.
    This is great news for anyone in the Transform area who has
an idea for a project, or who is part of a community organisation
struggling for funds. Empowering Communities gives local
people access to a diverse regeneration team who will provide
the expertise to help them to make things happen: a Community
Enterprise Worker; a Financial Inclusion Worker and a Community
Development Worker.
    Their support will be underpinned by a new Community
Grant Scheme, which will provide ‘seedcorn’ grants to community
groups so that they can attract match funding to get their
projects off the ground. The new grant will be launched in April
2006. The project also incorporates Transform’s Neighbourhood
Wardens, who will help to identify issues and encourage people
to take advantage of the expertise and funding available.
    The project brings £500,000 of new funding into the area,
with contributions from Objective 2 ERDF, Devon Renaissance,
Transform and North Devon Homes. The bid was written by the
North Devon and Exmoor Regeneration Company, who will also
manage the project, with support from Gary Smith.                 The new Empowering Communities team:
    The team is based in the Transform office at 51 High Street     (left to right) Claire Gulliver, Carolyn Angwin-
Ilfracombe, telephone 01271 879018.                               Thomson, and Teresa Patey

The Kabin: Bratton Fleming’s Youth Club
The Kabin has been open for over 6 months and has               At Christmas everyone was in the festive spirit
gone from strength to strength, with over 40 members        so we celebrated in style with a party. Our resident
regularly attending.                                        DJ Roy Grimes got everyone up there dancing and
   We are open Tuesday nights from 6.30 – 8pm for           entertained everyone with old and new Christmas hits.
year 5 and over, and Friday nights from 7.30 – 9.30pm           Later this year we will be having a karaoke night, an
for year 7 and over. The tuck shop is run by the            Irish night, a demonstration night from the local police
members themselves.                                         dog unit and a demonstration night from a team of
   Thanks to the use of Bratton Fleming Sports              judo experts. An ice-skating trip to Plymouth Pavilions
Club facilities and the recently acquired floodlights,       is going to be arranged for the Easter break and there
members are able to play football and other outdoor         is a two night camping trip planned for the summer
sports including skateboarding, even on these bitterly      holidays.
cold nights!                                                    We are happy to say that, because of the increasing
   Inside the clubhouse there is a pool table, television   attendance at the Kabin, all the trips and theme nights
with video and DVD player, stereo and an ever               are able to be subsidised by Club funds.
increasing number of CDs, plus a separate television            There is always a lovely atmosphere down at the
with Playstation 2, to keep the members entertained.        Kabin. The members are well behaved and enjoy
   Last October we arranged a trip to Butlins’ which        meeting up and being together, it’s a pleasure to be
was given the thumbs up by a coach load of members          there. We are very lucky to have this facility, thanks to
and volunteers. The Halloween Fancy Dress Party at          the continued support of the Sports Club and to the
the end of October was great fun with lots of games         helpers. Without them The Kabin would not be open.
and prizes, and a seriously scary walk which was the                                                       Suzie Wilson
highlight of the evening – the screams could be heard       PS The Kabin and its facilities is also available for
miles away!                                                 private hire and parties

2                              For more information about Transform go to
                                                    Updates and a puzzle to solve
Free Home Insulation                                                                  Mini bikes – Police warning
Healthier Homes North Devon, the energy efficiency scheme                               The police are warning mini bike owners
which provides access to free insulation, has received over 500                       that they will confiscate all mini bikes they
applications from Ilfracombe residents. Now over 50 installations                     see being driven in a public space or on the
have been carried out and nearly 200 are in the pipeline. One                         road. Mini bikes are not road legal and their
couple, Mr and Mrs Harris, seen here with their dog ‘Passion’,                        riders can also be prosecuted for various
who live in a detached 2 bed bungalow, have just had their wall                       traffic offences, as will the owner or parent
cavities filled. Mrs Harris said: “I can’t believe the difference it                    if the rider is a juvenile.
                                         has made; I even turned the
                                         heating off the other night                   Videoconferencing facility
                                         because we were too warm!”                   The world has opened out to children in
                                             Jeff Bolton, project                      Ilfracombe Junior School, thanks to a new
                                         coordinator says, “If you’re                 videoconferencing project. Already the
                                         still waiting please be patient              school has linked up with a school in the
                                         as we will get round to                      USA, with plans to link with a school in
                                         everyone as soon as we can.”                 India, and museums in the UK.
                                         Call Jeff on 01271 879490, or                     If any local organisation is interested in
                                         the Free phone number on                     using the facility please contact the school
                                         0800 512012.                                 on 01271 863463.

Crypkwyk Puzzle by Preposterous
Both puzzles use the same grid – but only use the grid for one puzzle at a time or you’ll be very frustrated!
Kwyk Clues
1    Backers (7)             8 Floor covering (6)             15   Kind of toffee (7)                   22 More docile (5)
2    Ship’s small boat (7)   9 Testing period (9)             16   Protected by tarpaulins (7)         23 To function (7)
3    Garden pest (5)         10 Landlord (7)                  17   Exactly so (5)                      24 Bomb hole (6)
4    Honesty (7)             11 Imagine (5)                   18   Run quickly (4)                     25 Withdraw from organisation (6)
5    Rate of progress (5)    12 Pleasant (4)                  19   Pile up (5)                         First correct set of answers for
6    Confound (5)            13 Roughly (5)                   20   Defile reputation (5)                each puzzle out of the hat at the
7    Strangers (6)           14 Dispute (7)                   21   Small hat (5)                       Transform office wins a prize.
Cryp clues
1 Sherrif’s search party get on ship and occupy (7)                     1        2           3                    4         5      6

2 Horse competition takes time out at nightfall (7)
                                                                        7                                    8
3 Examine penultimate letter in a bad mood (5)
4 Tear to bits offspring for betrayal (7)                                                                9
5 A Martini on ice owes much to Greek architecture (5)
                                                                        10                                        11
6 Slink away like unsavoury person (5)
7 Now I’ve been tumbled I’m exposed (2, 4)
8 Passion is more difficult we ‘ear (6)
9 Misrepresented Press tart is bridge-building nearby (4,5)             12                        13
10 A strain appropriately rearranged for vocalist (7)
                                                                                             14                             15     16
11 A bad return for being quick (5)
12 Despatched over the moon (4)                                                         17                             18
13 Fire raising cleric on the quiet (5)
14 Sick with Sunday opening at sea (7)                                  19       20                               21
15 Seating repositioning location (7)
                                                                        22                              23
16 Document defining rights to hire a vessel (7)
17 Last resort when ships fail to start (5)
18 Uneasy ache for everyone (4)
19 Short man in weighty grasp of claw (5)                               24                                   25

20 Spun sound. Appropriate for something that spins (5)
21 Prosecute after bridge opponents fall out (5)
22 A charge for a coral reef round a lagoon (5)
23 Pets run when sharp-witted joker’s loose (7)                        Initials in order refer to legendary North Devon ladies brazenly
24 Yearn after ex pupil creates a geometric figure (6)                  confronting the enemy deploying their... (10, 2, 1, 6, 6)
25 Subtle indication that pest is lost (6)

    No-one entered the crossword competition in the last issue, but for answers please call into the Transform office                     3
Speeding: a solution?

Life in Bratton Fleming: part two
    Following his last article in Neighbourhood News, Alfred Cotten visited the Highways Department at the
    Civic Centre in Barnstaple, to find out more about traffic calming in Bratton Fleming. We learned that the
    village led the way with a traffic calming campaign a few years ago and that the Parish Council has already
    done a great deal to slow traffic through the village. Changing local drivers’ attitudes to speed is the most
    effective method of traffic calming as it is local drivers who speed the most through our villages. Is it time
    to renew the traffic calming campaign? If so, Transform and the Highways Department are keen to support
    you. Contact Ray Bawden on 01598 710686 or Gary Smith at Transform if you think this is a good idea.

During my chat to Dave Netherway, whose Highways           in Bratton Fleming is
Department manages all of North Devon’s roads,             improving (the number of
I learnt invaluable facts to do with roads and             people speeding is staying
accessibility, and speeding.                               the same, the number of
                                                           accidents is decreasing and
The flashing speed sign in Bratton Fleming
                                                           is lower than in Barnstaple,
The speed sign was originally set to flash at speeds of
                                                           and 85% of people drive at
over 30 miles per hour (the speed limit in the village),
                                                           speeds of just less than 30
but Dave said that after a local demand this was
                                                           miles per hour), there are                          Oi!
reduced to 25 miles per hour. However, since the light
                                                           still flaws that if dealt with
appears to constantly flash the desired effect may be
                                                           would make the friendly
lost. Dave Netherway suggested that reverting the sign
                                                           village a better place. One
to its original limit could help draw more of drivers’
                                                           example is the average
attention to their speed, as the sign flashing would be
                                                           speed on the straight
somewhat less frequent and would be more of a shock.
                                                           section of road being 34
Other possible traffic-calming measures                      miles per hour.
Besides the flashing sign, there are other traffic-
calming possibilities but not all could be effective. For
                                                           In the past, efforts have
a start, car drivers in general hate speed bumps, which                                               Slow down!
                                                           been made to reduce
would also be too expensive to put down on the long
                                                           speeding in the village,
straight road through Bratton Fleming. This road is also
                                                           such as the speeding
too narrow for putting pavements on and not suitable
                                                           campaign involving the
for any other alterations and/or restrictions.
                                                           signing of a pledge and
   Away from roads, footpaths could be helpful for
                                                           road safety week a few
pedestrians, although are expensive, especially where
                                                           years ago, in addition
land must first be purchased. For example, a similar
                                                           to the Bratton Fleming
scheme in Braunton has recently required £250,000
                                                           Parish Council paying for
of expenditure. Although two new paths at the top
                                                           ‘gateways’ in the village
of Bratton Fleming would be good, footpaths at the                                                  That’s better
                                                           which tend to slow drivers
opposite end could be viewed as equally necessary.
                                                           and their vehicles. However, there are still many ways
Changing drivers’ attitudes                                in which one can get involved in helping to reduce
Engineering works like altering roads can be effective      the amount of speeding in Bratton Fleming and the
in certain areas but for a place like Bratton Fleming,     rest of North Devon. These include writing articles for
changing people’s attitudes seems to be of more            the Bratton News, bringing back the ‘stop speeding’
use and is also much cheaper. This method prevents         campaign via the Parish Council along with others, and
and reduces the extent of accidents, which can cost        could help towards improvements to Bratton Fleming
millions of pounds in reparation, and is most effective     and the surrounding communities.
when people in a ‘community action group’ work                 No one likes dangerous environments and helping
together in a campaign to get drivers to slow down.        to improve areas providing threat can make big
Although the statistics do show that the situation         differences to people’s lives.     Alfred Cotten, aged 15

4                              For more information about Transform go to
        Community Alliance and Transform updates

Community Alliance News                                               News in brief
It’s time for an update on the Ilfracombe and District Community      Youth Film
Alliance. A great deal has been happening since the Strategic         Andrew Kellaway (Neighbourhood
Action Plan was launched at the Brokering Event at the Landmark       Warden), and Jane Bartlett (youth worker)
in May 2005.                                                          visited Combe Martin Youth Club with Joel
Town Centre Plan                                                      and Leo Cooper to start planning the youth
The town centre of Ilfracombe was one of the three priorities         film at the end of February. They are now
identified by the Strategic Action Plan. The Community Alliance        working their way round the various youth
and North Devon District Council commissioned consultants             groups in the Transform area so if you’re
Terence O’Rourke to carry out a study of the town centre to           under 18 and want to be involved, you
address issues including parking, congestion and development.         should see them soon. If you’re not part of
This is now complete. Check out the town centre plans, including      a youth group or want to make sure that
possible designs for the harbour, at the Transform office, or online    you are involved anyway contact Andrew
at the Town Council website:                  at the Transform office: 01271 867131 or
Living Landmarks
                                                                      Slade and Burnside residents meet up
The Community Alliance has sent in an expression of interest
                                                                      Residents who played a key role in the
to the National Lottery Living Landmarks Awards for funding
                                                                      Slade and Burnside Community Action
to regenerate Ilfracombe. We have just heard that we have got
                                                                      Day will be meeting with Transform and
through to the next stage. This is where they visit the town to see
                                                                      North Devon Homes on 14 February to
if our projects have that ‘wow!’ factor. If they like what they see
                                                                      find out more about setting up a residents’
then we will get money to plan them properly. Fingers crossed.
                                                                      association. The former chair of the Queen’s
Becoming a Community Interest Company                                 Avenue Residents’ Association will give a
The Community Alliance is setting up as a Community Interest          talk on what can be achieved.
Company, so keep an eye out for adverts in the papers and the         Choosing Health
Town Council website for opportunities to become members and          Transform and the Primary Care Trust
appoint directors. Some time in the summer, probably June, we         are working together to host a Health
will be holding an open day so you can all see what we’ve done,       Conference in March. The conference will
have your say and get involved in future developments.                bring health professionals and service
                                                  Netti McLoughlin    providers together to address health
                                                                      inequalities in the Transform area. The
                                                                      theme is ‘Choosing Health – making
                                                                      healthy choices easier’. To find out
                                                                      more visit the website www.transform-
                                                                      Slade community centre
                                                                      Transform has helped the Slade Valley
                                                                      Community Centre Garden to obtain £1500
                                                                      from Ilfracombe Town Council and £500
                                                                      from North Devon Homes towards works
                                                                      and to secure the garden.
                                                                         The project, run by Jayne Sparks
                                                                      of Family Learning Adult Education,
                                                                      incorporates a numeracy and literacy
                                                                      course with work in the community
                                                                      garden, which now features a seated
                                                                      area, newly planted oak trees, vegetable
                                                                      patches, a brick barbeque, a tunnel, and a
                                                                      willow structure.

Transform’s Board meetings are open to all residents. Call for the time and place of the next meeting.           5
Transform Frequently Asked Questions Page

Shaun Kenneally: policing in the Transform area
Shaun Kenneally, the North Devon Coastal Sector            Call handling
Inspector and a member of Transform’s Management           Call handling is operated centrally from our Police
Board answers some questions on policing.                  H/Q and I know it can be frustrating at times using
Neighbourhood Beat Managers                                the system. All I can say is that it is improving and the
The Neighbourhood Beat Managers’ role is to provide        Chief Constable has made it a priority to ensure this
a visible presence in the area, working on the issues      happens. A patrol team responds to calls, wherever
affecting the community from crime enquiries to             they may be, across the Sector. Calls are graded as
dealing with anti-social behaviour. Beat Managers also     ‘Immediate’, ‘Prompt’ or ‘Routine’.
have to deal with arrest enquiries and interview/file            An Immediate call is a 999 call where there is a
preparation at Barnstaple custody centre, and this can     significant danger to persons or property. The Police
take them away from their beat. The Beat Managers for      are under an obligation to respond as quickly as
our area are:                                              possible so Officers will stop what they are doing, if
Combe Martin: Doug Penman                                  possible and ‘blue light it’ to the location.
Ilfracombe (East): Andy Sheed                                   As the patrols cover a large area, their response
Ilfracombe town centre area: Martin Nunn                   times will vary. If resources are stretched i.e. there are a
Ilfracombe West: Louisa Sarney                             number of immediate calls at the same time, we would
                                                           draft in Officers from other areas to respond. Thankfully
Bratton Fleming: Dawn Bailey
                                                           this is not required very often.
    Beat Managers hold regular surgeries where you
                                                                Prompt calls are the next grade down, where
can raise any issue that is worrying you, for example
                                                           it is necessary for an Officer/PCSO to attend. They
Dawn Bailey regularly meets residents before the
                                                           will attend as soon as possible, subject to other
Bratton Fleming Parish Council meeting. Beat
                                                           commitments that take priority for example,
Managers for Ilfracombe and Combe Martin can be
reached on 01271 868106 to discuss issues in the area.
                                                                Routine calls are ones that may require follow up
    Do contact us when you have any problems as this
                                                           calls or visits. These are normally dealt with by the
helps us to recognise the best times to patrol the area,
                                                           beat managers or PCSO when on their patches. For all
and who or what groups to concentrate on.
                                                           general enquiries the number to call is 08452 777444.
                                                           Car-parking and speeding
The Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) work
                                                           Tickets are regularly placed on vehicles by officers
closely with the beat managers. PCSO Ade Drury is
                                                           and traffic wardens but the parking problems remain
helping with policing in Combe Martin and Bratton
                                                           constant. I am getting additional support from traffic
Fleming. PCSO Katie Simpson is mainly working is
                                                           wardens in Barnstaple as I do recognise it is an issue,
Ilfracombe and Slade. One January weekend in Combe
                                                           but what that in effect will mean is more fines for more
Martin Doug and Ade seized over 30 bottles of alcohol
                                                           local residents, that’s what I am being asked to do
from young people around the sea front.
                                                           constantly... you have been warned! Speeding through
                                                           the villages is another issue, and there have been and
                                                           there will be regular speed checks.
                                                           Expectation levels are high, and some are too high for
                                                           us to meet. We do not always meet local expectations
                                                           or demands but I can assure you we are doing our
                                                           best by using our resources in the best way possible to
                                                           meet local needs.
                                                              Finally, your local Police service is committed
                                                           to detecting and reducing crime and reducing the
                                                           fear of crime. The Sector has one of the highest
                                                           detection rates in the Force, much of that is due to the
                                                           community and the support they provide in helping us
                                                           to achieve this.

6            Transform is helping local community groups access funding – call us to see how we can help you
                           Wardens’ report and project update

Neighbourhood Wardens’ report
Bratton Fleming                                            Ilfracombe
In Bratton Fleming we have been on patrol meeting          Whilst we have been in Ilfracombe we have had a lot
more of the local people of the village. We have made      of the public bringing the issue of dog fouling to our
ourselves high visible throughout the village so as        attention, which has been a particular problem. We are
people can stop us and have a chat about anything          hoping to plan an initiative in the near future so please
they like, and to see if we can help them in anyway        watch this space for details. We had a great time at the
possible. So if you see us wandering through your          family centre where we got involved in their indoor
street or close, please do stop us and have a chat.        sponsored cycle ride. We had a positive response to the
   We are now starting our youth film which will            road safety week, as well as the PCSOs, and we are still
be being run by young people from across our               monitoring the situation, visiting the schools regularly.
programme area of Ilfracombe, Combe Martin and             In December we organised a Christmas lunch for some
Bratton Fleming and are looking forward to hearing         of the senior citizens, which was a massive success,
the views of the young people.                             enjoyed by all involved.
Combe Martin                                                                       Andrew Kellaway and Helen Frisby
Once again we have been busy on patrol in the area.
One of the biggest issues raised by the public is about
the young people, so we have been making contact
with a lot of the different groups of young people,
from the youth club to groups of youngsters hanging
around on the street corner. We’ve been finding out
what their issues are and what they would like to see
in the area and what they’d like to do in the village.
Again I think that the youth film will be great as it
will highlight the topics and issues from the young
people’s point of view.
    We also went to the community lunch which was
really beneficial as we met a lot of people who do
voluntary work in the village.

Noticeboards arrive in Bratton Decent Homes
Bratton Fleming Parish Council approached Transform asking for help           Transform is set to appoint the
to buy two noticeboards for the village, after the Parish questionnaire       Housing Renewal Officer in May
revealed that residents want to be better informed about events in            2006. In the meantime, Jeff Bolton
                                                            the area.         will get the process started as an
                                                            Transform was     extension of his work with Healthier
                                                            able to help      Homes North Devon.
                                                            and the two           Jeff will be working with home-
                                                            noticeboards      owners whose houses are in poor
                                                            have now          condition, helping them to access
                                                            been installed.   funding from North Devon District
                                                            Ray Bawden        Council to bring their houses up to
                                                            (left) and        the ‘Decent Homes Standard’. The
                                                            George Tribe      Housing Renewal Worker will be
                                                            check out the     working with tenants and landlords
                                                            new board         to improve rental accommodation
                                                            next to the       and will investigate schemes to
                                                            school.           support tenants.

Calling service providers! If you think the wardens might help you deliver services better, give us a call.       7
Community Page                                              Call the Transform office if your community group
                                                            would like to put an article in the next newsletter.

Book your low-cost transport here                                                                  Contact
The new Community Transport booking               with disabled access, around Ilfracombe,         Transform
service is now available – here to meet the       to Barnstaple and along the coast to
transport needs of the elderly, the disabled,     Minehead. We provide door to door lifts as
the isolated and disadvantaged people of          you need them. We can also help if you are
Ilfracombe and the surrounding area.              part of a community or social group that
    Please call us if you find it difficult to use   would like to hire a minibus.
public transport and need door to door               Call us for your community transport
transport to get to the doctors, hospital,        needs 01271 855951. The phone line is
and social events or to go shopping.              open between 9-5 Monday to Friday, also
    We run weekly Ring And Ride Services,         with a 24 hour answer machine.
                                                                                                   Gary Smith
The hoodies are coming - hurray!                                                                   Neighbourhood
The 16 Peer Mentors and 16 Peer Supporters at Ilfracombe College have just received
their new ‘Teamworx’ hoodies. The new tops will make them easy to spot in and around
school and is just one of the methods being used by the college to raise the profile of its
successful Support Scheme within the college.
    The Peer Mentors’ role is to befriend students in years 7, 8 and 9; listen to their troubles
in a non-judgemental way and signpost them towards further help if it is needed. The
team of students are on duty during lunch and break, assist in lessons and are often
assigned a particular year 7 student to give them extra support.
    “I think the younger kids feel more able to talk to us than to an adult,” said Emily Beer,
one of the Peer Mentors. “Some of us had problems at school when we were younger so
we understand how they feel.” Rob Barnard, the Peer Mentor/Support Coordinator who                 Rory McDonald
runs the scheme said, “The key is for the Mentors to build good relationships with people          Deputy
and keep them going throughout the year. The mentors and supporters take time to                   Neighbourhood
listen, become their friend and provide a source of support and encouragement.”
    The Mentors have a
positive effect on student
behaviour. Ceri Whatley,
a Mentor in Year 13 said,
“The scheme gets kids of
different ages interacting
with one another. Our
role is not to tell students
off, but to talk, listen and
encourage them to work                                                                             Janine Whapham
with other students and                                                                            Project Support
teachers to help resolve                                                                           Officer
any problems.”

Transform’s office hours                           Transform Board Meetings                         Transform
Ilfracombe: 51 High Street                                                                         51 High Street
                                                  The Transform Board meets on the fourth
Monday: 9am – 12pm                                Wednesday of every month at 10am. These          North Devon
Tuesday: 2pm – 5pm                                are open meetings, and time is set aside for     EX34 9QB
Weds – Fri: 9am – 5pm                             residents to ask questions or raise issues.      t/f: 01271 867131
Combe Martin: Village Hall                        22 March: Slade Community Centre                 info@transform-
Tuesday: 10am – 1pm                               26 April: Combe Martin Parish Church Hall
Bratton Fleming: The White Hart                   24 May: Bratton Fleming Sports Club              www.transform-
Monday: 1pm – 4pm

8                               For more information about Transform go to