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									                        CoUrse desCriPTions
Embry-Rddle Aeronautcal Unversty course offerngs are lsted n alphabetcal order,
accordng to the course desgnatons below. Courses that may be offered at specfc campus
locatons are notated as follows:
AAS    Appled Avaton        EC      Economcs                PS      Physcal Scence
       Scence                 EE      Electrcal Engneerng   PSY     Psychology
AE     Aerospace Engneerng   EGR     Engneerng              RS      Regonal Studes
AEL    Aerospace Electroncs   EL      Electroncs              SE      Software Engneerng
AF     Ar Force Aerospace     EP      Engneerng Physcs      SF      Safety Scence
                               ES      Engneerng Scence      SIM     Smulaton
AMS    Avaton Mantenance
       Scence                 FA      Flght-Academc          SIS     Global Securty and
                               HON     Honors                           Intellgence Studes
AS/ASC Aeronautcal Scence
                               HF      Human Factors            SP      Space Studes
AT     Ar Traffic Control
                               HS      Homeland Securty        SS      Socal Scences
AVT    Avoncs Technology
                               HU      Humantes               STG     Scence, Technology, &
BA     Busness                                                         Globalzaton
       Admnstraton          IT      Informaton
                                       Technology               UNIV    College Success
CE     Cooperatve Educaton
                               MA      Mathematcs              WX      Appled Meteorology
CEC    Computer Engneerng
CIV    Cvl Engneerng       MSL     Mltary Scence and
COM Communcaton
                               NSC     Naval Scence
CS     Computer Scence

Courses numbered 001–099 are basc sklls           Course numbers endng n 95 desgnate
courses and do not apply toward degree          tme-lmted offerngs, such as those taught
requrements. Courses numbered 100–299          by a vstng lecturer. Course numbers end-
are lower-dvson courses and are generally    ng n 96 or 97 dentfy specal sequental
taken n the freshman and sophomore years.      courses. Those endng n 98 provde stu-
Many lower-dvson courses serve as pre-       dents wth a unque, collectve program of
requstes for other coursework, so students    learnng actvtes supervsed by a profes-
are urged to plan ahead to meet necessary       sor. Courses endng n 99 denote ndvdual
prerequstes. Courses numbered 300–499 are     study between professor and student.
upper-dvson courses, reflectng advanced         Numbers n parentheses, mmedately
levels of techncal sklls and dscplnary     followng course ttles and numbers, nd-
knowledge. Upper-dvson work s gener-        cate lecture and laboratory hours that a class
ally taken n the junor and senor years.      meets each week. For example, (3,3) sgnfes
Only the dean of a college, or an apponted     that the course conssts of three lecture hours
desgnee, may wave corequste and prereq-     and three laboratory hours weekly.
uste requrements. The Unversty reserves        The followng courses are not necessarly
the rght to admnstratvely drop a student    offered every term, nor are they necessarly
from a course n whch prerequste requre-    offered at all campus locatons.
ments have not been met.

                                         — 209 —
Course Descriptions

Applied Aviation Science                                        waves. Isentropc duct flow and flow through a
                                                                nozzle. Statc performance and maneuvers n flght.
                                                                Propeller theory.
 AAS 101
                                                                Prerequisite: AE 301.
Appled Avaton Scence College Success Semnar
(1,0)                                                         AE 304
1 Credt
                                                             Arcraft Structures I (3,0)
   A course for ncomng freshmen majorng or
   plannng to major n Safety Scence, Ar Traffc          3 Credts
   Management, or Appled Meteorology n whch stu-             Space structures. Introducton to fuselage truss
   dents assess and develop the personal, nterpersonal,        analyss and wng structural analyss. Inerta force
   ntellectual, and socal sklls necessary to succeed         and load factor computaton for varous flyng and
   n college. Ths course s for freshmen only and s          landng condtons. Elastcty and combned stress
   Pass/Fal.                                                   analyss. Beam bendng. Area moment of nerta
                                                                tensor. Shear flow n thn-walled sectons. Materals
 AAS 199-499                                                    consderatons. Fnte-element modelng and com-
                                                                puter-aded analyss.
Specal Topcs n Appled Avaton Scence (1,0)                Prerequisite: ES 202.
1-6 Credts
   Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of              AE 313
   selected topcs n Appled Avaton Scence.
   Prerequste: consent of nstructor and the depart-       Space Mechancs (3,0)
   ment char. May be repeated wth a change of con-         3 Credts
   tent.                                                        Ths course presents the vector-based soluton of
                                                                the two-body problem and the soluton for the pos-
                                                                ton and tme problem (Kepler’s equatons). These
Aerospace Engineering                                           are used to analyze orbts, satellte launch, ground
                                                                tracks, orbt transfer, nterplanetary trajectores, and
A grade of C or better s requred n MA 241, MA 242,           ntercepton and rendezvous. Usng three-dmen-
and ether PS 150, PS 160 or PS 215, PS 216, PS 250 for         sonal vector dynamcs, the moton and stablty of
entry nto all AE courses. A passng grade n all               rgd and sem-rgd spacecraft are studed as are the
Prerequste courses or department consent s requred          means for controllng spacecraft orentaton.
for entry nto all AE courses.                                  Prerequisites: ES 204, MA 345.

 AE 301                                                       AE 314
Aerodynamcs I (3,0)                                         Expermental Aerodynamcs (1, 0)
3 Credts                                                    1 Credt
   The atmosphere. Incompressble and compressble              Ths course supports the Expermental
   one-dmensonal flow. Arspeed measurement. Two-             Aerodynamcs lab by provdng lectures based n
   dmensonal potental flow. Crculaton theory of lft.      practce and theory. Topcs nclude wnd tunnel
   Thn arfol theory. Vscous flow. Boundary layers.          desgn, nstrumentaton, scalng effects, tunnel wall
   Fnte wng theory. Drag n ncompressble flow.             correctons, and data acquston, and data reduc-
   Wng-body nteractons.                                      ton as well as good expermental practces. The
   Prerequstes: ES 204, ES 206, MA 243. Corequste:          Expermental Aerodynamcs Lab AE 315 must be
   ES 305.                                                      taken durng the same semester as AE 314.
                                                                Prerequisite: COM 221. Corequisite: AE 301.
 AE 302
Aerodynamcs II (3,0)                                         AE 315
3 Credts                                                    Expermental Aerodynamcs Laboratory (0,3)
   Lamnar and turbulent flows, transton pont,            1 credt
   determnaton of skn frcton drag on an arfol.            Ths laboratory conssts of a sequence of exper-
   Obtanng equatons for streamlne, for partcle              ments that demonstrate basc aerodynamc theory
   path, and for streaklne n a flow feld. Compressble        whle developng sklls n the use of classc and
   flow, shock waves, thermodynamcs of gas flow.                modern expermental apparatus, the practce of good
   Reversble and rreversble processes. Changes n             expermental technque, and the wrtng of exper-
   pressure, densty, and temperature across shock

                                                      — 210 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

   mental reports. Specfc experments depend on                  Prerequisites: AE 302, MA 441.
   apparatus avalablty and nstructor preference. The
   Expermental Aerodynamcs Lab, AE 315, must be                AE 404
   taken durng the same semester as AE 314.                    Arcraft Structures II (3,0)
   Prerequisite: COM 221. Corequisite: AE 301.                  3 Credts
                                                                   Deflecton analyss of structural systems by means of
 AE 325                                                            vrtual work prncples and ther energy counterparts.
Expermental Space Systems Engneerng (1,0)                       The Raylegh-Rtz method. Redundant truss, frame,
1 Credt                                                           and stffened web structures. Thermal loads. Shear
   Lecture-based course to support the Space Systems               lag. Load transfer at fuselage frames and wng rbs.
   Engneerng Laboratory. Course covers subsystems                Cutouts n wng and fuselage members. Shear flow n
   of spacecraft, expermental methods, data acqus-              multcell wng structures. Bucklng consderatons.
   ton, and data reducton. The Expermental Space                Prerequisite: AE 304.
   Systems Engneerng Lab, AE 326, must be taken
   durng the same semester as AE 325.                           AE 408
   Prerequisite: PS 250. Corequisite: EP 394.                   Turbne and Rocket Engnes (3,0)
                                                                3 Credts
 AE 326                                                            A study of the gas turbne and rocket engnes. Topcs
Expermental Space Systems Engneerng                             nclude control volumes, conservaton equatons,
Laboratory (0,3)                                                   combuston processes, effcences, fuel consumpton,
1 Credt                                                           nozzle flow, dffusers, deal and real ramjets, gas
   Laboratory for the fundamentals of spacecraft sys-              turbne engnes, performance of rocket vehcles, and
   tems. A lab coverng each of the major subsystems of            sold and lqud propellant rocket motors.
   spacecraft, whch may nclude propulson, atttude              Prerequisite: AE 302.
   control, power, telemetry and command, commu-
   ncatons, structures and vbratons, materals and           AE 409
   mechansms, thermal control, and mass propertes.            Arcraft Composte Structures (3,1.5)
   The Expermental Space Systems Engneerng Lab,              3 Credts
   AE 326, must be taken durng the same semester as               Introducton to renforced plastc composte struc-
   AE 325.                                                         tural materals and ther use n modern arcraft.
   Prerequisite: PS 220. Corequisite: EP 394.                      Dscusson of basc materal propertes, testng pro-
                                                                   cedures, desgn and analyss usng classcal lamna-
 AE 350                                                            ton theory, and fabrcaton technques, ncludng
Project Engneerng (3,0)                                          some hands-on demonstratons.
3 Credts                                                          Prerequisites: ES 202, ES 320.
   Role of the engneer n project management wth
   emphass on systematc evaluaton of the benefts             AE 411
   and costs of projects nvolvng engneerng desgn           Advanced Expermental Aerodynamcs (2,3)
   and analyss. Proposal preparaton and presentaton,         3 Credts
   engneerng contracts, negotaton technques. Value            Ths course conssts of a seres of advanced exper-
   engneerng.                                                    ments usng a wnd tunnel. Topcs nclude model
   Prerequisite: Junior class standing or consent of instruc-      desgn and constructon, testng procedures, control
   tor.                                                            surface testng, propeller testng, the use of wnd
                                                                   tunnel data, scale effects, complete model testng,
 AE 401                                                            and an ntroducton to supersonc testng.
Advanced Aerodynamcs I (3,0)                                      Prerequisite: AE 314.
3 Credts
   An advanced-level presentaton of the theory and              AE 413
   applcatons of ncompressble aerodynamcs.                 Arplane Stablty and Control (3,0)
   Knematcs and dynamcs of flud flow. Flow about            3 Credts
   a body. Shock tube flow. Thn arfol and fnte wng           Development of longtudnal, lateral, and drectonal
   theory. Approxmaton technques; numercal meth-               stablty and control equatons. Control surface
   ods. Introducton to compressble flow.

                                                         — 211 —
Course Descriptions

   desgn. Control effectveness and sze requrements.        presentaton. The Structures and Instrumentaton
   Dynamc control theory. Handlng characterstcs            Laboratory, AE 417, must be taken durng the same
   and maneuverng stablty of arcraft.                      semester as AE 416.
   Prerequisite: MA 345. Corequisite: AE 302.                  Prerequisites: COM 221, ES 202, EE 335.

 AE 414                                                      AE 420
Space Propulson (3,0)                                      Arcraft Prelmnary Desgn (3,3)
3 Credts                                                   4 Credts
   The course provdes the student wth an ntroduc-           Arplane conceptual desgn prncples are developed
   ton to the basc prncples of lqud and sold pro-       to meet modern aerodynamc, propulson, structural
   pulson systems. Flght performance parameters are          and performance specfcatons. A complete arplane
   presented for sngle and multstage vehcles. The           s desgned, resultng n a desgn package consstng
   thermo-chemstry of the combuston process wll             of specfcatons, aerodynamc calculatons, nboard
   also be dscussed. Performance enhancements of              profle drawng, weght and balance, general arrange-
   nuclear rockets and electrc propulson wll be cov-        ment drawng, aerodynamc drag analyss and com-
   ered.                                                       plete performance report.
   Prerequisites: AE 301 and ES 305.                           Prerequisites: AE 314, AE 413.

 AE 415                                                      AE 421
In-Flght Laboratory (3,1.5)                                Arcraft Detal Desgn (3,3)
3 Credts                                                   4 Credts
   Development of longtudnal and lateral-drectonal,        Prncples of arcraft detal and component part
   statc and dynamc stablty and excess power, rate of      desgn, manufacture, and producton are covered
   clmb, turn rate, and load factor performance theory,       along wth projects to gve actual experence n the
   wth laboratory concept valdatons.                        desgn of arcraft components. Carres the desgn of
   Prerequisite: AE 413.                                       an arplane from the general layout to the desgn of
                                                               ts detal parts and the desgn of necessary tools.
 AE 416                                                        Prerequisites: AE 404, AE 420.
Aerospace Structures and Instrumentaton (1,0)
1 Credt                                                     AE 425
   Lecture-based course to support the Structures and       Arcraft Acoustcs and Nose Control (3,0)
   Instrumentaton Laboratory. Course emphaszes            3 Credts
   aerospace vehcle testng through nstrumenta-              Sound wave characterstcs, levels, and drectvty.
   ton, data acquston, and data reducton. Test            Hearng and psychologcal effects of nose. Nose
   plans and desgn are utlzed. The Structures and           control crtera and regulatons. Instrumentaton.
   Instrumentaton Laboratory, AE 417, must be taken           Nose sources. Acoustcs of walls, barrers, and
   durng the same semester as AE 416.                         enclosures. Acoustcal materals and structures.
   Prerequisites: COM 221, ES 202, EE 335.                     Nose characterstcs of jet and propeller arcraft,
                                                               ncludng helcopters.
 AE 417                                                        Prerequisite: AE 301.
Aerospace Structures and Instrumentaton
Laboratory (0,3)                                             AE 426
1 Credt                                                    Spacecraft Atttude Dynamcs and Control (3,0)
   Prncples of modern aerospace vehcle testng and       3 Credts
   nstrumentaton. Basc electrcal measurements and          Fundamentals of spacecraft atttude dynamcs: three-
   devces such as stran gages, pezoelectrc sensors         dmensonal rgd-body knematcs, stablty and
   and thermocouples. Topc could nclude measure-             dynamcs of symmetrc and tr-nertal bodes, att-
   ment of flud pressure and flow; temperature;               tude, nutaton, and spn-control maneuvers for spn-
   thermal and transport propertes; stran; moton;           stablzed spacecraft, effects of energy dsspaton,
   vbraton; force and torque. Expermental statc and        momentum based spacecraft dynamcs and stabl-
   dynamc analyss of structures. Processng and ana-         ty, modelng and smulaton of spn-stablzed and
   lyzng expermental data; report wrtng and data           momentum-based arcraft, elements of three-axs

                                                       — 212 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

   stablzed spacecraft, effects of gravty gradent, solar
   radaton pressure, atmospherc drag and magnetc            AE 440
   torque on spacecraft atttude.                              Ar-Breathng Propulson Detal Desgn (3,3)
   Prerequisites: AE 313, MA 345.                              4 Credts
                                                                  Ths course s concerned wth the desgn of the var-
 AE 427                                                           ous components of an ar-breathng engne, startng
                                                                  wth the general layout. The students are grouped
Spacecraft Prelmnary Desgn (3,3)                               nto teams and each team s charged wth the desgn
4 Credts                                                         of a major component (nlet, fan, compressor, combus-
   Spacecraft prelmnary desgn prncples are devel-            tor, turbne, nozzle, support systems). The compo-
   oped to meet msson objectves. A complete space-             nents are then ntegrated to verfy that they functon
   craft s desgned, resultng n a desgn package               together.
   consstng of specfcatons; calculatons; CAD draw-
   ngs; weght and varous subsystem budgets; and a              Prerequisite: AE 435 or permission of the instructor.
   seres of trade studes, revews, and desgn reports.
   Prerequisites: AE 313, EP 394, or instructor consent.
                                                                AE 445
   Corequisite: AE 426 or instructor consent.                  Spacecraft Detal Desgn (3,3)
                                                               4 Credts
 AE 430                                                           Prncples of spacecraft detal and subsystem desgn,
                                                                  analyss, modelng, manufacture, and test are cov-
Control Systems Analyss and Desgn (3,0)                         ered and ncorporated nto projects to gve actual
3 Credts                                                         experence n the detal desgn and ntegraton of
   Modelng, analyss, and control of dynamcal systems           spacecraft subsystems and systems. Integraton of
   wth aerospace applcatons. Transfer functons, block         multple subsystems nto a sngle functonal model s
   dagram algebra. Routh Hurwtz stablty crtera.             a key component of the course.
   Introducton to system desgn usng root locus, Bode
   and Nyqust dagrams.                                          Prerequisites: AE 304, AE 426, AE 427, AE 430, or con-
                                                                  sent of instructor.
   Prerequisites: EE 335, MA 345.

 AE 433                                                         AE 299, 399, 499
                                                               Specal Topcs n Aerospace Engneerng
Aerodynamcs of the Helcopter (3,0)                           1-6 Credts
3 Credts                                                         Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of selected
   The development of rotatng-wng arcraft and the              topcs n aerospace engneerng.
   helcopter. Hoverng theory and vertcal flght per-
   formance analyss. Auto-rotaton, physcal concepts            Prerequisite: consent of instructor and the department
   of blade moton and control, aerodynamcs and per-             chair. May be repeated with a change of content.
   formance of forward flght. Blade stall, stablty, and
   vbraton problems. Desgn problems.
   Prerequisites: AE 302, MA 441.
                                                               Aerospace Electronics
 AE 435                                                         AEL 311
                                                               Arborne Pulse Systems (3,0)
Ar-Breathng Propulson Prelmnary Desgn (3,3)
                                                               3 Credts
4 Credts                                                         A techncal study of arborne pulse systems to
   Ths course s concerned wth the prelmnary desgn,          nclude dstance-measurng equpment and second-
   subject to specfcatons, of an ar-breathng engne          ary radar to nclude ther operaton and support.
   for arcraft propulson. A complete engne s desgned
   and presented wth proposed engne layout, cycle               Prerequisites: EL 301, EL 303, and EL 307. Corequisite:
   calculatons, nstalled performance and engne sz-            AEL 313.
   ng nformaton. Calculatons demonstratng that
   the proposed engne satsfes requrements are also          AEL 312
   presented. Corequste: AE 408 or permsson of the         Arborne Communcatons and Navgaton Systems
   nstructor.                                                 (3,0)
                                                               3 Credts
                                                                  A techncal study of communcatons and navgaton
                                                                  systems to nclude ther operaton and support.

                                                        — 213 —
Course Descriptions

   Prerequisites: EL 301, EL 303, and EL 307. Corequisite:
   AEL 313.                                                    AEL 322
                                                              Advanced Communcatons, Mcrowave, and
 AEL 313                                                      Control Systems Analyss Laboratory (0,3)
Arborne Electroncs Mantenance                              1 Credt
Operatons (0,6)                                                 The practcal applcaton of communcatons, mcro-
2 Credts                                                        wave, and control system theory usng applcable
   A practcal applcaton of theory to the test, evalua-        hardware and software. Corequstes: AEL 321, AEL
   ton, and support of arborne electroncs systems.            323, and AEL 324.
   Prerequisites: EL 301, EL 303, and EL 307. Corequisites:
   AEL 311 and AEL 312.
                                                               AEL 323
                                                              Appled Control System Analyss (2,0)
 AEL 315                                                      2 Credts
                                                                 An ntensve study of lnear feedback control sys-
Lnear Systems and Sgnals Analyss (3,0)
                                                                 tems usng establshed analytcal approaches. Topcs
3 Credts                                                        nclude system desgnaton, response, stablty, and
   An ntensve study of lnear electronc crcuts and          compensaton technques wth electronc and arcraft
   sgnals usng practcal, theoretcal, and mathemat-          applcatons.
   cal approaches. Topcs nclude tme and frequency
   doman analyss of dscrete and contnuous tme               Prerequisite: AEL 315. Corequisites: AEL 321, AEL 322,
   systems, and the use of the Fourer, Laplace, and Z-          and AEL 324.
   transforms to analyze and desgn these systems for
   communcatons and aerospace electroncs applca-           AEL 324
   tons.                                                     Mcrowave and Radar System Analyss (2,0)
   Prerequisites: EL 307, MA 245, and PS 250.                 2 Credts
                                                                 An advanced course n mcrowave theory and radar
 AEL 316                                                         wth applcaton to arborne systems.
Elements of Engneerng Desgn and Laboratory                    Prerequisite: AEL 315. Corequisites: AEL 321, AEL 322,
Procedures (2,3)                                                 and AEL 323.
3 Credts
   Ths course s ntended to famlarze the student          AEL 401
   wth varous theoretcal and emprcal desgn proce-       Arborne Survellance Systems (3,0)
   dures ncludng CAD/CAE to translate these desgns         3 Credts
   nto laboratory breadboard hardware and to observe            A techncal study of arborne survellance systems to
   and practce acceptable laboratory nvestgatve pro-         nclude ther operaton and support.
   cedures. The student wll be requred to provde and          Prerequisites: AEL 311 and AEL 312.
   use an engneerng laboratory notebook throughout
   ths course. Project documentaton wll nclude a           AEL 402
   fnal, scholarly, wrtten engneerng report.
                                                              Arborne Electroncs System Integraton (3,0)
   Prerequisite: EL 307. Corequisite: AEL 315.
                                                              3 Credts
                                                                 A techncal study of arborne system ntegraton to
 AEL 321                                                         nclude system operaton and support.
Advanced Communcatons Systems                                  Prerequisites: AEL 311 and AEL 312. Corequisite: AEL
Analyss (4,0)                                                   401.
4 Credts
   An advanced course n communcatons technques.            AEL 403
   Topcs nclude modulaton, flterng, dstorton, spec-
   tral densty and correlaton, dgtal codng, random
                                                              Advanced Space and Arborne Electroncs Systems
   processes, nose, and optmzaton wth aerospace          (3,0)
   applcatons.                                              3 Credts
   Prerequstes: AEL 315 and AEL 316. Corequstes:             A techncal study of space and arborne electronc
   AEL 322, AEL 323, and AEL 324.                                systems to nclude ther operaton and support.
                                                                 Prerequisites: AEL 311, AEL 312.

                                                       — 214 —
                                                                          Course Descriptions

                                                               ces nvolved n the desgn, lcensng, and standard-
 AEL 404                                                       zaton of aerospace systems, and manufacturer
Arborne Electroncs Mantenance Operatons II                 specfcatons.
(0,6)                                                          Prerequisites: AEL 411, AEL 412, and AEL 413.
2 Credts
   An advanced study of support operatons for ar-          AEL 422
   borne electroncs systems to nclude practce, nstal-   Integrated Logstcs Support (3,0)
   laton, regulaton, and mantenance technques.
                                                            3 Credts
   Prerequisite: AEL 313. Corequisites: AEL 401, AEL 402,      An ntensve study of logstcs engneerng n aero-
   and AEL 403.                                                space. Study to nclude relablty, mantanablty,
                                                               and product support engneerng.
 AEL 411                                                       Prerequisite: MA 412.
Communcaton and Navgaton Systems (3,0)
3 Credts                                                    AEL 423
   A comprehensve study of arborne electroncs com-       Test System Development Laboratory (0,3)
   muncatons and navgaton systems to nclude ther
                                                            1 Credt
   desgn and operaton.
                                                               A famlarzaton wth test and evaluaton system
   Prerequisites: AEL 321, AEL 323, and AEL 324.               development for arborne systems usng ndustry-
                                                               applcable generc test hardware and software.
 AEL 412                                                       Prerequisites: AEL 411, AEL 412, and AEL 414.
Survellance and Control Systems (3,0)                         Corequisite: AEL 421.
3 Credts
   A comprehensve study of arborne survellance and        AEL 424
   control systems to nclude ther desgn and opera-       Senor Project (2,2)
                                                            3 Credts
   Prerequisites: AEL 321, AEL 323, and AEL 324.               Capstone project that ncludes the use of theory and
                                                               practce learned to desgn and mplement a space or
 AEL 413                                                       arborne electronc system.
Satellte Communcatons and Navgaton Systems                Prerequisite or corequisites: AEL 421.
4 Credts
   A comprehensve study of satellte navgaton and        Air Force Aerospace Studies
   communcaton systems to nclude ther desgn,
   operaton, and applcaton.                               AF 101
   Prerequisite: AEL 321.                                   The Foundaton of the U.S. Ar Force (General
                                                            Mltary Course) (1,0)
 AEL 414                                                    1 Credt
System Test and Evaluaton Laboratory (0,3)                    A survey course desgned to ntroduce students to
1 Credt                                                       the U.S. Ar Force and Ar Force Reserve Offcer
   A famlarzaton wth state-of-the-art test systems        Tranng Corps. Featured topcs nclude msson and
   used n the evaluaton of arborne electronc compo-        organzaton of the Ar Force, offcershp and profes-
   nents and systems. Corequstes: AEL 411 and AEL            sonalsm, mltary customs and courteses, Ar Force
   412.                                                        offcer career opportuntes. Leadershp Laboratory
                                                               s mandatory for Ar Force ROTC cadets and com-
 AEL 421                                                       plements ths course by provdng cadets wth fol-
                                                               lowershp experences. Corequste: AF 101L.
Aerospace Electronc System Integraton and
Desgn (3,0)                                                 AF 102
3 Credts
   Desgn applcatons n aerospace electronc system       The Foundaton of the U.S. Ar Force (1,0)
   ntegraton n current arborne vehcles. Subjects       1 Credt
   nclude: package desgn, vehcle manframe effects          Contnuaton of AF 101. Topcs nclude Ar Force
   on desgn, FAA regulatons and certfcaton, agen-         core values, leadershp prncples, group leadershp

                                                     — 215 —
Course Descriptions

   dynamcs, and an ntroducton to communcaton
   sklls. A weekly Leadershp Laboratory s mandatory.      AF 301
   Corequste: AF 102L.                                    Ar Force Leadershp Studes (Professonal Offcer
                                                            Course) (3,0)
 AF 101L/AF 102L                                            3 Credts
Leadershp Laboratory (0,2)                                    A study of leadershp, management fundamen-
0 Credt                                                       tals, professonal knowledge, Ar Force personnel
   Conssts of Ar Force customs, courteses, leader-          evaluaton systems, leadershp ethcs, and the com-
   shp, teamwork, feld tranng orentaton, drll, and      muncaton sklls requred of an Ar Force junor
   ceremones. Includes a mandatory physcal ftness           offcer. Case studes are used to examne Ar Force
   program. These courses are graded Pass/Fal.                leadershp and management stuatons as a means
                                                               of demonstratng and exercsng practcal applca-
 AF 201                                                        tons of the concepts beng studed. A mandatory
                                                               Leadershp Laboratory complements ths course by
The Evoluton of USAF Ar and Space Power                      provdng advanced leadershp experence n offcer-
(General Mltary Course) (1,0)                                type actvtes, gvng students the opportunty to
1 Credt                                                       apply the leadershp and management prncples of
   The AF 201 course s desgned to examne the                ths course.
   aspects of ar and space power through a hstorcal
   perspectve. Usng ths perspectve, the course covers    AF 302
   a tme perod from the frst balloons and drgbles
   to the Ar and Space applcatons employed at the
                                                            Ar Force Leadershp Studes (Professonal Offcer
   begnnng of the Cold War. Hstorcal examples           Course) (3,0)
   are studed to extrapolate the fundamentals of ar       3 Credts
   power, ncludng the tenets of Ar and Space Power,         Contnuaton of AF 301. A weekly Leadershp
   Prncples of War, and Ar Force competences, func-        Laboratory s mandatory.
   tons, and doctrne. In addton, the students wll         Corequisite: AF 302L.
   contnue to dscuss the mportance of the Ar Force
   core values, through the use of operatonal examples      AF 301L/AF 302L
   and hstorcal Ar Force leaders, and wll contnue      Leadershp Laboratory (0,2)
   to develop ther communcaton sklls. Leadershp        0 Credt
   Laboratory s mandatory for AFROTC cadets and               Provdes advanced leadershp experence n off-
   complements ths course by provdng cadets wth            cer-type actvtes, gvng students the opportunty
   followershp experences.                                   to apply leadershp and management prncples.
                                                               Includes a mandatory physcal ftness program.
 AF 202                                                        These courses are graded Pass/Fal.
The Evoluton of USAF Ar and Space Power                      Prerequisites: completion of the General Military Course
(General Mltary Course) (1,0)                                or Two-Year Program selection and/or approval of the pro-
1 Credt                                                       fessor of Aerospace Studies.
   Contnuaton of AF 201. Ths course contnues
   to explore Ar Force hstory, begnnng wth the          AF 401
   Vetnam era and culmnatng wth the modern ar          Preparaton for Actve Duty (Professonal Offcer
   and space applcatons employed durng Operatons
   Iraq and Endurng Freedom. A weekly Leadershp          Course) (3,0)
   Laboratory s mandatory.                                 3 Credts
                                                               Examnes the natonal securty process, regonal
   Corequisite: AF 202L.                                       studes, advanced leadershp ethcs, and Ar Force
                                                               doctrne. Specal topcs of nterest focus on the
 AF 201L/AF 202L                                               mltary as a professon, offcershp, mltary jus-
Leadershp Laboratory (0,2)                                    tce, cvlan control of the mltary, preparaton for
0 Credt                                                       actve duty, and current ssues affectng mltary
   Conssts of Ar Force customs, courteses, leader-          professonalsm. Contnued emphass s gven to the
   shp, teamwork, drll, ceremones, and feld tranng       refnement of communcaton sklls. An addtonal
   orentaton. Includes a mandatory physcal ftness
   program. These courses are graded Pass/Fal.

                                                      — 216 —
                                                                            Course Descriptions

   Leadershp Laboratory complements ths course by
   provdng advanced leadershp management prn-               AMS 102
   cples.                                                     Arcraft Famlarzaton (10,0)
   Corequisite: AF 401L.                                       2 Credts
                                                                  Theory of aerodynamcs and corroson control
 AF 402                                                           nvolvng the physcal propertes necessary as well
                                                                  as the types of structures and arplanes they are
Preparaton for Actve Duty (Professonal Offcer                 found n s dscussed along wth the assocated
Course) (3,0)                                                     safety procedures and arcraft ground operatons
3 Credts                                                         found n today’s avaton professon.
   Contnuaton of AF 401. A weekly Leadershp
   Laboratory s mandatory. Corequste: AF 402L.               AMS 103
 AF 401L/AF 402L                                               Tools, Materals, and Processes (8,7)
                                                               2 Credts
Leadershp Laboratory (0,2)                                       The development of sklls n the use of basc
0 Credt                                                          mechanc’s hand tools, hardware, safety methods,
   Provdes advanced leadershp experences n off-              and the fabrcaton and nstallaton of flud lnes
   cer-type actvtes, gvng students the opportunty           and fttngs through the ntroducton of tools, hard-
   to apply leadershp and management prncples.                 ware, and materals used n arcraft mantenance
   Includes a mandatory physcal ftness program.                 and repar. Also, varous methods of nondestructve
   These courses are graded Pass/Fal.                            testng are studed and appled to varous practcal
   Prerequisites: completion of the General Military Course       stuatons.
   or Two-Year Program selection and/or approval of the pro-
   fessor of Aerospace Studies.                                 AMS 111
                                                               Regulatons, Documentaton, and Drawng (15,0)
 AF 403L/AF 404L                                               3 Credts
Leadershp Laboratory (0,2)                                       A presentaton of the prvleges and lmtatons of
0 Credt                                                          the FAA’s Federal Avaton Regulatons (FAR) Parts
   Mandatory. Provdes advanced leadershp exper-                43, 65, and 91 pertnent to arcraft mantenance
   ences n offcer-type actvtes. Includes a mandatory         and the assocated documents, publcatons, and
   physcal ftness program.                                      records applcable to the mantenance techncan.
   Prerequisites: completion of the POC. These courses are        Also ncluded s weght and balance for arcraft. Also
   graded Pass/Fail.                                              ntroduced s basc mechancal drawng and blue-
                                                                  prnt readng for the techncan.

Aviation Maintenance Science                                    AMS 112
                                                               Fundamentals of Electrcty (8,7)
   The Avaton Mantenance Scence courses are taught
                                                               3 Credts
   on an "A" and "B" term bass every semester of the
                                                                  An ntroducton to drect and alternatng current
   year. For ths reason, the hours shown for weekly
                                                                  electrcty, electrcal crcut desgn and measurng
   class and lab tme wll be notceably hgher than for
                                                                  devces, transformers, and electronc devces and
   other courses n ths catalog.
                                                                  applcatons. Emphass wll be on voltage, current,
                                                                  resstance, and mpedance relatonshps. Lectures are
 AMS 101                                                          renforced wth laboratory projects.
Mantenance Mathematcs and Physcs (10,0)
2 Credts                                                       AMS 121
   The fundamentals of mathematcs and physcs as              Electrcal Power Systems I (5,5)
   appled to an avaton format that ncludes techncal
                                                               2 Credts
   math (fractons, decmals, rato, geometry, formu-
                                                                  The theory behnd arcraft wrng, basc electr-
   lae, and proportons) and basc concepts of avaton
                                                                  cal lghtng n arframe systems, and DC electrcal
   appled physcs (atmospherc propertes, thermody-
                                                                  power systems, generators, and batteres s devel-
   namcs, flud power, heat, power, work, machnes,
                                                                  oped n depth through the use of laboratory projects
   and sound).
                                                                  and classroom materal.

                                                        — 217 —
Course Descriptions

   Prerequisite: AMS 112.
                                                               AMS 133
 AMS 122                                                      Arcraft Systems II (8,7)
Metallc Structures (10,10)                                   2 Credts
2 Credts                                                        Operatng prncples and basc troubleshootng tech-
   A study of arcraft metallc structures wth empha-           nques for hydraulc and pneumatc components and
   ss on alumnum sheet metal applcatons and ther            systems wll be dscussed n the class, wth practcal
   manufacture, repar, and nspecton. Through an               lab stuatons for renforcement. Component mante-
   ntensve lab project and n-depth theory dscussons,        nance, repar, and overhaul wll be emphaszed for
   the student wll come to understand metal-workng             landng gear, ant-skd, and brakng systems found
   processes and sklls necessary for arworthy manu-            n today’s turbne-powered arcraft.
   facture and repar.                                           Prerequisites: AMS 102, AMS 103, AMS 112.
   Prerequisitesº: AMS 101, AMS 102, AMS 103, AMS
   111.                                                        AMS 241
                                                              Classc Structures (4,3.5)
 AMS 123                                                      2 Credts
Instruments and Avoncs (8,2)                                   Wood structures, fabrc coverngs, welded repars,
2 Credts                                                        gas as well as electrc, and arcraft pantng are
   An overvew of current avaton electronc systems            dscussed n the classroom, supported by practcal
   (avoncs), electromechancal nstrumentaton, and            applcaton projects n the laboratory for support and
   antenna nstallaton practces. Addtonal theory of          better understandng by the student.
   today’s electronc nstruments and flght manage-             Prerequisites: AMS 103, AMS 111, AMS 112.
   ment systems, ncludng autoplot, wll also be ds-
   cussed.                                                     AMS 242
   Prerequisites: AMS 102, AMS 112.                           Arframe Mantenance Practces (6.5,6)
                                                              2 Credts
 AMS 131                                                         The applcaton of FAA type certfcate data sheets,
Composte Materals and Processes (6.5,6)                        arcraft records, mantenance publcatons, and
2 Credts                                                        Federal Regulatons pertnent to arframe nspectons
   The fabrcaton, repar, fnshng, and safety practces      that are requred by both general and commercal
   relatng to plastc and composte materals found             avaton arcraft are covered n theory and appled
   n current structural applcatons on arcraft. Labs          on Embry-Rddle flght lne arcraft. Ths ncludes
   nvolve the student wth the applcaton of plastc           rggng and assembly technques that are found n
   resn, adhesves, vacuum baggng, and nondestruc-             current general avaton and jet-type arcraft.
   tve nspecton of composte parts.                           Prerequisites: AMS 103, AMS 111, AMS 112.
   Prerequisites: AMS 102, AMS 103, AMS 111.
                                                               AMS 243
 AMS 132                                                      Electrcal Power Systems II (9,8.5)
Arcraft Systems I (6.5,6)                                    2 Credts
2 Credts                                                        The mantenance, repar, and overhaul of electrcal
   Classroom theory and practcal applcaton wll               power system components and advanced arcraft
   nvolve the operatng, servce, and lne mantenance          electrcal systems are addressed n the classroom and
   of heatng, coolng, pressurzaton, oxygen, fre             the laboratory. Jet-type arcraft systems found n cur-
   warnng, and varous fuel systems found n current            rent producton arcraft are covered through class-
   regonal jets.                                                room and computer-based nstructon.
   Prerequisites: AMS 101, AMS 102, AMS 103, AMS                 Prerequisites: AMS 103, AMS 111, AMS 121.
   111, AMS 112.
                                                               AMS 251
                                                              Introducton to Powerplants (8,7)
                                                              2 Credts
                                                                 Recprocatng engne dsassembly, nspecton, and
                                                                 reassembly procedures are practced n the lab. In
                                                                 the classroom the study of the theory of these pro-

                                                       — 218 —
                                                                        Course Descriptions

   cedures and technques for recprocatng arcraft
   engne components and ther operaton are dscussed      AMS 362
   wth emphass on the desgn, FAA regulatons, and       Propeller Systems (7.5,7.5)
   mechanc lmtatons found n the avaton ndustry.    3 Credts
   Prerequisites: AMS 101, AMS 102, AMS 103, AMS              Mantenance, repar, and overhaul theory and prac-
   111.                                                       tces on propellers and ther system components s
                                                              covered as t pertans to recprocatng and turboprop
 AMS 252                                                      engnes found n today’s regonal arcraft.
Fuel, Ar, and Exhaust Systems (5,5)                          Prerequisites: AMS 101, AMS 102, AMS 103, AMS
2 Credts                                                     111, AMS 121.
   Provdes an n-depth study of recprocatng engne
   fuel meterng and dstrbuton, superchargers, heat      AMS 371
   exchangers, and exhaust manfolds, whch are            Powerplant Inspecton and Lne
   appled to the mantenance, repar, and overhaul of     Mantenance (10,10)
   operatng recprocatng engne components. Fuel         3 Credts
   control unts and ther system operaton as t per-        Operatonal mantenance and troubleshootng proce-
   tans to jet arcraft are also covered.                    dures for recprocatng powerplants and powerplant
   Prerequisites: AMS 102, AMS 103, AMS 111.                  systems are studed n a “real” envronment usng
                                                              the 12 engne test stands found on the flght-lne.
 AMS 253                                                      Students get hands-on turboprop engne tme wth
Powerplant Electrcal Systems (6.5,6)                         the PT-6 and the Garrett 331 operatonal test stands
                                                              also found on the flght-lne.
2 Credts
   The operatng prncples of the powerplant gnton        Prerequisites: AMS 121, AMS 251, AMS 252, AMS
   system and components found on recprocatng               253, AMS 362.
   and turbne engne powered arcraft are covered.
   Included are varous powerplant electrcal systems:      AMS 372
   fre detecton and extngushng, DC twn generator     Engne Mantenance, Repar, and
   systems, and AC generator systems. Auxlary power      Overhaul (10,7.5)
   unts, ther operaton, and ther components are        3 Credts
   dscussed n depth, wth the emphass on systems           Under the auspces of the FAA Repar Staton orga-
   theory technology. Lab work covers the mantenance,        nzaton, the student wll fnd nvaluable the real
   repar, and overhaul of a magneto.                         learnng stuaton n ths lab. The practcal and
   Prerequisites: AMS 101, AMS 102, AMS 103, AMS              theoretcal sde s supported through classroom
   111, AMS 112, AMS 121.                                     nteracton and ncludes the study of the procedures
                                                              and acceptable technques used n engne dsassem-
 AMS 361                                                      bly, nspecton, repar, and reassembly. The use of
Turbne Engnes (10,12.5)                                     advanced technques of nondestructve testng and
3 Credts                                                     the recordng and return-to-servce procedures nec-
   A study of the constructon and desgn of modern           essary are covered.
   gas turbne engnes used n the current generaton         Prerequisites: AMS 251, AMS 253.
   of arplanes and helcopters. Turbne engne systems
   wll be studed, ncludng lubrcaton, fuel schedul-    AMS 380
   ng, startng, and gnton. Heavy emphass wll        Rado Communcaton Theory and Applcaton (2,0)
   be placed on mantenance, repar, nspecton, and       2 Credts
   troubleshootng technques.                                Ths course s desgned to ncrease prevously
   Prerequisites: AMS 251, AMS 253.                           learned electroncs theory obtaned durng the
                                                              course of study toward the A&P certfcate or formal
                                                              basc electronc theory classes. Upon completon of
                                                              ths course the student wll be able to pass the FCC
                                                              General Rado Telephone Examnaton (Elements 1
                                                              & 3).
                                                              Prerequisites: AMS 112, AMS 121, AMS 243, or A&P

                                                     — 219 —
Course Descriptions

 AMS 384                                                      AS 132
General Avaton Avoncs Systems Integraton                Basc Aeronautcs I (3,0)
4 Credts                                                    3 Credts
   Ths course s a study of avaton electronc equp-         Ths course examnes the bascs of plot certfcaton,
   ment wth hands-on wrng and system testng.                arcraft systems and nstrumentaton, aerodynamcs,
   Emphass wll be placed on avoncs system nstal-           arcraft performance, VFR cross-country navgaton
   laton and the block dagrams of ndvdual appl-           technques as they apply to sngle-engne opera-
   ances. Complete wrng of an Alled Sgnal Slver            tons, and weather reports and forecasts. Ths course
   Crown avoncs sute and a GPS unt s a requre-            ncludes the Federal Avaton Regulatons, the NTSB,
   ment of the class. Upon completon of ths course,           elements of resource management, hazardous att-
   the student wll be able to understand operaton,            tudes, and avaton physology.
   testng, and troubleshootng of general avaton av-
   oncs systems and wrng concepts.                         AS 133
   Prerequisites: AMS 112, AMS 121, AMS 243, or A&P          Basc Aeronautcs II (3,0)
   Certificate.                                              3 Credts
                                                                Ths course ncludes the Federal Avaton
 AMS 388                                                        Regulatons, the NTSB, elements of resource
Ar Transport Avoncs Systems Lne Mantenance                 management, hazardous atttudes, and avaton
6 Credts                                                       physology. Mult-engne operatons wll be covered,
   Ths course s an advanced course n arcraft wrng         ncludng aerodynamcs, performance, certfcaton,
   and ar transport avoncs systems wth hands-on             and emergency consderatons. At the completon of
   wrng and testng. Ths s the capstone course of the       ths course the student wll have receved the aero-
   AMS 380 to 388 seres and wll concentrate on cor-           nautcal knowledge necessary for certfcaton as a
   porate and arlne mantenance and troubleshootng.          prvate plot wth sngle-engne and mult-engne
   Included n ths effort wll be the use of advanced          land ratngs.
   ramp test equpment and wrng concepts.                     Prerequisite: AS 132.
   Prerequisites: AMS 112, AMS 121, AMS 243, or A&P
   Certificate.                                               AS 142
                                                             Prvate Helcopter Operatons (3,0)
                                                             3 Credts
Aeronautical Science                                            Durng ths course the student obtans the founda-
                                                                ton for all future helcopter avaton tranng. The
 AS 120                                                         student wll be ntroduced to helcopter fundamentals
Prncples of Aeronautcal Scence (3,0)                        of flght, and wll become famlar wth basc flght
3 Credts                                                       maneuvers and operatng procedures. Emphass wll
   An ntroductory course n Aeronautcal Scence               be placed on developng a safe and competent plot
   desgned to provde the student wth a broad-based           who s adequately prepared for solo, cross-country,
   avaton orentaton n flght-related areas appropr-       and nght operatons. The student wll receve tran-
   ate to all non-Aeronautcal Scence degree programs.         ng n safety awareness, crew resource management,
   Subjects nclude hstorcal developments n avaton         and aeronautcal decson-makng. By the end of the
   and the arlne ndustry, theory of flght, arport          course, the student wll have met the aeronautcal
   operatons, arcraft systems and performance, ele-           knowledge requrements to take the FAA Prvate
   ments of ar navgaton, basc meteorology theory,           Plot, Rotorcraft-Helcopter, Wrtten Knowledge Test.
   ar traffc prncples, flght physology, and avaton      Prerequisites: None.
   regulatons and safety. Not avalable to Aeronautcal
   Scence students or to students wth FAA flght cer-       AS 232
   tfcates.                                                Intermedate Aeronautcs (3,0)
                                                             3 Credts
                                                                Ths course wll examne nstrument flyng n the
                                                                Natonal Arspace System below 18,000 feet, Federal
                                                                Avaton Regulatons, sngle-engne complex and
                                                                lght mult-engne arcraft performance, nstrument

                                                      — 220 —
                                                                         Course Descriptions

   approach procedures, weather related to nstrument
   flyng, and the elements of resource management. The      AS 310
   student wll also receve preparaton to take the FAA    Arcraft Performance (3,0)
   Instrument Ratng wrtten test.                          3 Credts
   Prerequisite: AS 133.                                       Aerodynamc performance of arcraft powered by
                                                               recprocatng, turboprop, or jet turbne engnes.
 AS 242                                                        Stablty and control, weght and balance and operat-
                                                               ng data.
Commercal Helcopter Operatons (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      Prerequisite: AS 309. Corequisite: AS 311.
   The student wll develop an n-depth knowledge
   of helcopter components, functons, systems, aero-       AS 311
   dynamcs, and performance at the commercal plot        Arcraft Engnes-Turbne (3,0)
   level. The student wll also gan necessary knowl-       3 Credts
   edge on en route flght to nclude weather, navga-         A comprehensve study of arcraft gas turbne engne
   ton, and regulatons. By the end of the course, the        fundamentals and theory at the techncal level. Areas
   student wll have met the aeronautcal knowledge            of study nclude background, types, varatons, and
   requrements to take the FAA Commercal Plot,              applcatons; engne theory; constructon and desgn;
   Rotorcraft-Helcopter wrtten knowledge test.               systems and accessores; representatve engnes.
   Prerequisite: AS 142 or FAA Private Pilot Certificate       Corequste: PS 104.
   with Rotorcraft-Helicopter Rating.
                                                             AS 313
 AS 254                                                     Resource Management-An Instrument Plot
Avaton Legslaton (3,0)                                  Perspectve (1,0)
3 Credts                                                   1 Credt
   Ths course examnes the evoluton of federal cvl         A revew of the fundamentals of resource manage-
   avaton regulatons n the Unted States. It pro-          ment followed by applcaton to the sngle-plot IFR
   vdes an overvew of the past and present problems          envronment. Includes classroom exercses allowng
   promptng regulaton of the ndustry, the resultant         student demonstraton and practce of basc resource
   safety legslaton, arport development fundng legs-      management theory. Includes prevew/perspectve
   laton, and nternatonal avaton legslaton.             of future resource management tranng.
                                                               Prerequisites: AS 213, FA 251. Corequisite: FA 304.
 AS 272
Advanced Aeronautcs (2,0)                                   AS 320
2 Credts                                                   Commuter Avaton (3,0)
   Ths course examnes mult-engne flyng n the IFR      3 Credts
   envronment ncludng the hgh-alttude en route            Ths course acquants the student wth the develop-
   structure, turbo-charged pston twn-engne arplane        ment, admnstratve polces, and operatonal fac-
   and turbo-prop arplane performance, wnter fly-            tors pecular to commuter avaton, especally snce
   ng phenomena, mountan flyng, effectve resource          passage of the Arlne Deregulaton Act of 1978. The
   management, and safe flyng practces. The stu-             mpact of mergers and acqustons, profles of pas-
   dent wll also receve preparaton to take the FAA          senger and cargo carryng commuters, and analyss
   Commercal Plot wrtten test.                              of commuter successes and falures are dscussed.
   Prerequisite: AS 232.                                       Emphass s placed on the establshment of a new
                                                               commuter arlne, whch ncludes market and fnan-
 AS 309                                                        cal analyss, the company plan, arcraft selecton and
Aerodynamcs (3,0)                                             acquston, route structure and tmetable, marketng
                                                               strategy, and pertnent regulatory requrements. The
3 Credts
                                                               course culmnates n a formal proposal solctng for
   Incompressble flow arfol theory, wng theory.
                                                               venture captal to start a commuter arlne.
   Calculaton of stall speed, drag, and basc perfor-
   mance crtera. Confguraton changes, hgh and             Prerequisite: BA 201.
   low speed condtons. Specal flght condtons.
   Introducton to compressble flow. Corequste: PS

                                                     — 221 —
Course Descriptions

                                                                  requrements and typcal ar carrer Ops SPECS to
 AS 340                                                           plan domestc and transoceanc flghts. CBT smula-
Instructonal Desgn n Avaton (3,0)                            ton programs may be used as necessary to demon-
3 Credts                                                         strate actual flght scenaros. Hgh-alttude arspace,
   The applcaton of the method of scentfc nqury            navgaton, and approach procedure chart nterpreta-
   to the process of nstructon n avaton s presented.        ton wll be examned n detal. Students wll study
   Ths means the systematc desgn of nstructon,               and use the concepts of MNPS and RVSM arspace,
   based on knowledge of the learnng process, takng             dspatch procedures, ETOPS, ETP, drftdown, track
   nto account as many factors about the partcular              messages, LRN accuracy checks, Oceanc Ar Traffc
   stuaton as possble. Specal emphass wll be placed         Control clearances, nternatonal METARs and TAFs
   on examnng nstructonal problems and needs n               and emergences and contngences whle on oceanc
   avaton, settng a procedure for solvng them, and            tracks. Communcaton systems requrements and
   then evaluatng the results. Recommended                       methodology wll be examned to nclude satellte,
   Prerequste: Commercal Plot Certfcate wth                dgtal, and analog devces.
   Instrument Ratng.                                             Prerequisites: AS 310 and AS 232 or Instrument
 AS 342
Instrument Helcopter Operatons (3,0)                          AS 356
3 Credts                                                      Arcraft Systems and Components (3,0)
   Ths course wll examne helcopter nstrument fly-         3 Credts
   ng n the Natonal Arspace System below 18,000               A comprehensve study of arcraft systems and com-
   feet. Federal Avaton Regulatons, helcopter perfor-         ponents at the techncal level. Areas of study nclude
   mance for nstrument flght, nstrument approach               arcraft electrcal, hydraulc, fuel, propeller, and aux-
   procedures, weather related to nstrument flyng, en           lary systems ncludng theory of operaton, calcula-
   route navgaton, and the elements of resource man-            tons, and related Federal Avaton Regulatons.
   agement. By the end of the course, the student wll            Prerequisite: PS 104.
   have met the aeronautcal knowledge requrements
   to take the FAA Instrument, Rotorcraft-Helcopter            AS 357
   wrtten knowledge test.
   Prerequisite: AS 142 or FAA Private Pilot Certificate
                                                               Flght Physology (3,0)
   with Rotorcraft-Helicopter Rating.                          3 Credts
                                                                  Aeromedcal nformaton. Causes, symptoms, pre-
 AS 346                                                           venton, and treatment of flght envronment dsor-
                                                                  ders. Alttude effects, spatal dsorentaton, body
Advanced Navgaton (3,0)                                         heat mbalance, vsual anomales, and psychologcal
3 Credts                                                         factors are ncluded as they relate to plot perfor-
   Ths course contnues the flght plannng and nav-            mance and survval effectveness.
   gaton procedures started n AS 246. It brngs the stu-        Prerequisite: sophomore standing.
   dent nto long-range IFR operatons. Plannng, FAR
   Part 121 regulatons, routes, oceanc ar traffc control    AS 358
   procedures, nstrument approach procedures, and
   emergency consderatons are appled to U.S. and            Advanced Avoncs (3,0)
   nternatonal operatons. The student s ntroduced         3 Credts
   to ground-based radar survellance and the Global              The student wll be taught the electronc characters-
   Postonng System.                                            tcs of communcatons, navgaton, and survellance
                                                                  equpment both on the ground and n the arcraft.
   Prerequisites: AS 246, AS 310.                                 Ths wll nclude hstorcal nformaton leadng to
 AS 350                                                           the current systems. Systems and concepts taught
                                                                  wll nclude ADF, VOR, INS, IRS, GPS, ILS, VHF and
Domestc and Internatonal Navgaton (3,0)                       UHF communcatons, SATCOM, ACARS, TCAS,
3 Credts                                                         EGPWS, transponders (Mode A, C, and S), ADS and
   Ths course wll study FAR Part 121 domestc and               ADS-B, TLS, free flght and weather radar. Snce ths
   flag regulatons and evaluate ther mpact on long-            area s very dynamc, new systems wll be ntro-
   range domestc and nternatonal flghts. The student          duced as they are desgned and perfected.
   wll be able to use ICAO, JAA, and FAA operatonal             Prerequisites: PS 104 and AS 232 or Instrument Rating.

                                                       — 222 —
                                                                          Course Descriptions

                                                               operatng specfcatons, types of servces provded,
 AS 380                                                        tranng, passenger consderatons, decson makng,
Plot Career Plannng and Intervewng Technques              communcatons, and pertnent FARs.
1 Credt                                                     AS 405
   A course n whch students wll dscuss and develop      Avaton Law (3,0)
   short-term and long-term job and career goals, con-      3 Credts
   duct career research usng varous Unversty and           Ths course wll ntroduce the advanced student to
   ndustry resources, prepare a personal job search           the U.S. Consttuton as well as to federal, state, and
   portfolo, prepare resumes and letters of applcaton,      local statutes. The student wll become famlar wth
   and gan nsghts and profcency n ntervewng           case law and common law and develop an under-
   sklls so they are better prepared to enter the job         standng of the chronologcal development of these
   market upon graduaton. Students wll partcpate           laws and ther applcaton to avaton. The student
   n smulated ntervew scenaros, wll be expected to       wll be ntroduced to cvl law, ncludng tort, prod-
   correspond wth at least one company, and wll be           uct lablty, contract, sales, secured credt, property,
   nvolved n the evaluaton of letters, resumes, and         envronmental, and labor laws. Crmnal statutory
   ntervews. Ths course wll be graded pass/fal.           law and government, arman, and operator rghts
   Prerequisite: junior standing.                              and labltes wll also be studed, as well as nterna-
                                                               tonal laws and conferences.
 AS 387                                                        Prerequisite: junior standing.
Crew Resource Management (3,0)
3 Credts                                                    AS 408
   A capstone course desgned to develop a detaled         Flght Safety (3,0)
   understandng of the organzatonal behavor,            3 Credts
   nterpersonal relatonshps sklls, and other crtcal      A capstone course desgned to assst the student n
   behavoral dynamcs of professonal flght crews.           developng an atttude and phlosophy for accdent pre-
   The course bulds upon the knowledge of crew                venton. The course ncludes deal and practcal, per-
   resource management (CRM) acqured durng the               sonal and organzatonal safety procedures and goals;
   student’s prvate, nstrument, and commercal plot         safety phlosophes; arcraft accdent reports; human
   certfcaton tranng. The hstory of CRM, CRM             factors; prncples of accdent nvestgaton, accdent
   concepts of communcaton processes, problem solv-          preventon programs, and accdent statstcs; current
   ng, group dynamcs, workload management, and               events; and NTSB specal studes.
   stuatonal awareness wll be nvestgated. Arcraft
   ncdents and accdents related to the evoluton of         Prerequisite: senior standing.
   CRM tranng programs and FAA regulatons wll be
   analyzed. Intrapersonal and psycho-motor sklls wll      AS 410
   be addressed as they relate to safe, legal, and eff-    Arlne Dspatch Operatons (3,0)
   cent flght operatons.                                 3 Credts
   Prerequisites: AS 350 and PSY 220.                          Ths capstone course ncludes a revew of pertnent
                                                               Federal Avaton Regulatons, navgaton systems
 AS 402                                                        and procedures, manual flght plannng, emergency
Arlne Operatons (3,0)                                       and abnormal procedures, the general operatng
                                                               manual, arcraft systems and performance devel-
3 Credts                                                      opment, human factors, and practcal dspatchng
   A study of the scope and functon of a major ar car-       applcatons.
   rer’s organzatonal structure and the specfc rela-
   tonshps of the operatons department wth those of        Prerequisite: AS 310. Corequisites: AT 300, WX 352.
   marketng, mantenance, and safety are dscussed.           (AT 300 and WX 352 are only applicable for those stu-
   A study of corporate ssues ncludng the ndustry          dents in the Dispatcher Program.)
   n general, market structure, certfcaton, FAR Part
   121 Regulatons, economc ssues, mergers, corporate      AS 411
   culture, and nternatonal topcs wll be ncluded.      Jet Transport Systems (3,0)
   From an operatonal perspectve, topcs nclude          3 Credts
   flght operatons employment polces, domcles,           Ths course wll provde the student wth detaled
                                                               knowledge of jet transport category arcraft systems.

                                                     — 223 —
Course Descriptions

   The student wll learn how to operate typcal jet
   transport category arcraft systems n both normal        AS 435
   and emergency stuatons.                                Electronc Flght Management Systems (3,0)
   Prerequisite: AS 356.                                    3 Credts
                                                               Ths course teaches the theory and prncples gov-
 AS 412                                                        ernng flght wth autoplot and flght management
                                                               systems. Students wll apply theory and prncples
Corporate and Busness Avaton (3,0)                          by demonstratng good decsons and thought pro-
3 Credts                                                      cesses n autoplot and FMS/PC smulators.
   Operaton of a corporate flght department. Value of        Prerequisites: AS 358, AS 350.
   management moblty. Arcraft and equpment evalu-
   aton, mantenance, flght operatons, admnstraton,    AS 442
   fscal consderatons.
                                                            Flght Instructor Helcopter Operatons (3,0)
                                                            3 Credts
 AS 413                                                        The theory and proper technques of nstructon
Resource Management-The Crew Perspectve (1,0)                 and helcopter prvate and commercal plot knowl-
1 Credt                                                       edge wll be presented. The student wll develop,
   A bref hstorcal overvew of crew resource man-           plan, and gve practce nstructon on topcs for
   agement followed by a study of recent major and             prvate and commercal plot helcopter plots. By
   regonal carrer accdents and drect applcaton           the end of the course, the student wll have met the
   of crew resource management fundamentals that               aeronautcal knowledge requrements to take the
   were used or not used. Classroom team exercses             Fundamentals of Instructon and CFI-Helcopter
   allow student demonstraton and practce of basc           wrtten knowledge tests.
   resource management theory, specfcally appled to         Prerequisites: AS 242 or FAA Commercial Pilot
   the three-person crew of a Boeng 727. Addtonally,        Certificate and Rotorcraft-Helicopter Rating.
   students are challenged wth crew resource manage-
   ment theory applcatons by the major carrers today      AS 471
   and applcatons to each student’s prvate lves and     All-Atttude Flght and Upset Recovery
   careers.                                                 1 Credt
   Prerequisites: AS 313, FA 418. Corequisite: FA 420.         Introducton to all-atttude flght and upset recov-
                                                               ery usng flght smulaton software runnng on
 AS 420                                                        hgh-performance personal computers. Analyss of
Flght Technque Analyss (3,0)                                selected loss-of-control and controlled-collson-wth-
3 Credts                                                      ground accdents. Smulated tranng n nverted
   Applcaton of aerodynamc prncples to the devel-         flght, low-alttude steep bank and ptch maneuvers
   opment of optmal plot technques and procedures.          uprght and nverted, and aerobatcs n a hgh-
   Unform procedures applcable to all arplanes and          performance jet arplane. Study of upset tranng
   specal procedures for large, hgh-performance, and         technques n a transport-type arplane as taught n
   transport arcraft are analyzed, ncludng prncples       several major arlne/arcraft manufacturng compa-
   of flght deck resource management.                         nes. Smulated upset recovery tranng n a heavy
                                                               jet transport arcraft from nose-hgh and nose-low
   Prerequisite: AS 310.                                       atttudes at varous bank angles.
                                                               Prerequisites: AS 309, Pilot Certificate with Instrument
 AS 425                                                        Rating.
Autoplots and Flght Management Systems (3,0)
3 Credts                                                    AS 199, 299, 399, 499
   Prncples, systems analyss, operatons of flght       Specal Topcs n Aeronautcal Scence
   drectors wth mechancal, CRT, LCD, and head-up
   dsplays, autoplots, automatc flght control systems   1-3 Credts
   wth auto throttle, auto land, go-around functons,         Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of
   stablty augmentaton devces, and flght manage-          selected topcs n general avaton.
   ment systems.                                               Prerequisites: consent of instructor and approval of
   Prerequisites: AS 346, AS 358.                              department and program chairs. May be repeated with a
                                                               change of subject. Special topics courses involving flight

                                                     — 224 —
                                                                                Course Descriptions

   training are offered in selected areas for the purpose of         acqure basc knowledge about SIDs, STARs, en
   gaining proficiency in required pilot operations for various      route IFR charts, and nstrument approaches. Search
   certificates and ratings.                                         and rescue, specal operatons, NOTAMS, and team-
   Prerequisite: approval of chief flight instructor and             work n the ATC envronment are also studed n
   department chair.                                                 ths course.

 ASC 101                                                           AT 305
Aeronautcal Scence Student Success                              Ar Traffc Management III (3,0)
Semnar (1,0)                                                     3 Credts
1 Credt                                                             Ths course covers the basc ar traffc control (ATC)
   Aeronautcal Scence Student Success s a course n               procedures for nstrument flght rules (IFR) n the
   whch students assess and develop the personal,                   en route and termnal ATC facltes n the Natonal
   nterpersonal, ntellectual, and socal sklls neces-             Arspace System (NAS). Knowledge and skll
   sary to succeed n college. Tme management, study                requrements for ar traffc control specalsts (ATCS)
   sklls, goal clarfcaton, career concerns, and college          n the current ATC system are studed n the class-
   resources wll be ncluded. Ths course s avalable to           room and practced n a realstc, performance-based
   Aeronautcal Scence freshmen only.                               laboratory envronment. Dutes and responsbltes
                                                                     of the Tracon ar traffc controller are ntegrated
                                                                     nto an understandng of how the total ATC system
Air Traffic Control                                                  works. Classroom delvery s augmented by practcal
                                                                     laboratory problems usng an ar traffc control smu-
 AT 300                                                              laton of termnal radar operatons.
                                                                     Prerequisite: AT 300.
Ar Traffc Management I (3,0)
3 Credts
   AT 300 s the entry-level course n the Ar Traffc
                                                                   AT 315
   Management (ATM) degree sequence. It s also the               Ar Traffc Management-VFR Tower (2.5,1)
   frst of the courses requred n the FAA’s Collegate          3 Credts
   Tranng Intatve (CTI) program the FAA s usng                AT 315 s the ar traffc control VFR Tower seg-
   to meet ATC staffng requrements. Ths course pro-               ment n the Ar Traffc Management (ATM) degree
   vdes students wth a fundamental knowledge of the                sequence. It s one of the courses requred n the
   U.S. ar traffc control system and develops content              FAA’s Collegate Tranng Intatve (CTI) program
   knowledge n the followng areas: (a) the Federal                 the FAA s usng to meet ATC staffng requrements.
   Avaton Admnstraton, ts msson, organzaton,               Ths course provdes students wth a fundamental
   and operaton; (b) the ar traffc control career; (c)            knowledge of VFR Tower termnal operatons n the
   navgatonal ads, current and future; (d) arspace;              U.S. ar traffc control system and develops content
   (e) communcatons; (f) federal avaton regulatons;             knowledge n the followng areas: (a) control tower
   (g) ATC procedures; (h) control tower operatons;                 equpment and operatng postons; (b) the arport
   () nonradar operatons; (j) radar operatons; and (k)            traffc area; (c) navgaton ads; (d) arspace; (e) VFR
   future ar traffc control systems. The course also               traffc patterns; (f) controller/plot phraseology; (g)
   provdes essental nformaton that s useful for                 arcraft tax nstructons; (h) control of vehcle move-
   plots and other avaton professonals.                          ment; () nteragency communcatons and ntrafacl-
   Prerequisite: AS 120 or AS 132.                                   ty coordnaton; (j) federal avaton regulatons; (k)
                                                                     notfcaton and handlng of emergency arcraft; (l)
 AT 302                                                              flght progress strp markng; (m) arcraft recognton
                                                                     and characterstcs; (n) lmted weather observatons;
Ar Traffc Management II (3,0)                                      (o) arport lghtng systems; (p) wake turbulence and
3 Credts                                                            ts effects on arrvng/departng arcraft; (q) VFR
   Ar Traffc Management II provdes the student                    and IFR ATC procedures; (r) runway ncursons; (s)
   wth an ntroducton to the manuals, procedures,                  usng ATIS; (t) reportng RVR/RCR; (u) determn-
   maps, charts, and regulatons used by plots and ar              ng prevalng vsblty usng vsual reference; (v)
   traffc controllers n the Natonal Arspace System               NOTAMs; (w) and crtera for runway selecton. The
   (NAS). Included s an examnaton of FAA Orders,                  course also provdes essental nformaton that s
   the Aeronautcal Informaton Manual (AIM), and                    useful for plots and other avaton professonals.
   Federal Ar Regulatons (FARs). Students wll also

                                                          — 225 —
Course Descriptions

   Prerequisites: AT 300 and AT 305. Corequisite: AT
   315L.                                                      Avionics Technology
 AT 315L                                                       AVT 301
                                                              Introducton to Avoncs (3,0)
Ar Traffc Management VFR Tower Laboratory                   3 Credts
0 Credts                                                        A survey course desgned to provde a basc knowl-
   Ths laboratory s desgned to complement AT 315.             edge of electroncs wth applcaton to avoncs for
   Corequste: AT 315.                                          the nonavoncs major.
 AT 401                                                        AVT 330
Ar Traffc Management IV (2,3)                               Smulaton Mantenance Techncan (2,3)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Ths course ntegrates the knowledge of traffc con-          Ths course s an ntroducton to smulator types,
   trol ganed n prevous ar traffc control courses           FAA regulatons germane to smulators, and actual
   wth an opportunty to actually “work” n ar traffc         operaton of dfferent types of smulators. Types of
   control operatng postons. Usng a realstc ar traf-      dsplay devces, computer languages, support sys-
   fc control smulaton (TRACON/ProTM), students               tems, nspecton technques, and troubleshootng
   ssue nstructons to arcraft, make hand-offs, coord-       procedures wll be offered n the classroom and labo-
   nate wth other controllers, solve arcraft conflcton       ratory envronment. Corequste: AEL 311, AEL 312,
   problems, and do other controller tasks. The ablty          or permsson of the department char.
   to make “real-tme” decsons, determne strateges
   for controllng arcraft, and workng wth a dynamc
   scenaro are features unque to ths learnng exper-
   ence. Ths course combnes classroom dscusson and
                                                              Business Administration
   group and team coordnaton wth varous forms of          Standng s based on credt hours earned toward the
   evaluaton for course credt. Student competency n        student’s declared degree program.
   the performance phase of the course s determned
   by computer scorng.                                        BA 101
   Prerequisites: AT 300, AT 305.                             Introducton to Busness Programs
                                                              and Careers (3,0)
 AT 405                                                       1 Credt
Ar Traffc Management V (2,3)                                   The student wll assess and develop the personal
3 Credts                                                        and nterpersonal dynamcs and ntellectual and
   A capstone course n the ATC Mnor that expands on            socal demands necessary to succeed n college. Tme
   the sklls, knowledge, and abltes the student has          management, study sklls, goal clarfcaton, career
   acqured n prevous ATC classes. Ths course pres-           concerns, and college resources are ncluded n the
   ents more demandng and complex traffc scenaros             course. Dfferent aspects of careers and areas of con-
   requrng hgher-level performance and decson-              centraton n busness wll be dscussed n depth.
   makng sklls and prepares the student for ntal            Ths course s graded Pass/Fal and s avalable to
   tranng n any ATC specalzaton. Students wll             freshmen only.
   also gan an apprecaton for the challenges of mple-
   mentng large-scale changes n the Natonal Arspace        BA 105
   System. Upon successful completon of ths course,         Amercan Busness Enterprse (3,0)
   students wll demonstrate the knowledge and tech-          3 Credts
   ncal apttude requred for entry-level qualfcaton         The course examnes the ssues, foundatons, and
   as an ar-traffc control specalst.                         envronment of the busness enterprse system.
   Prerequisites: AT 300, AT 305, AT 401.                        Busness fnancng, producton, marketng, and
                                                                 employee relatons are stressed. Not avalable to
                                                                 Avaton Busness Admnstraton students.

                                                       — 226 —
                                                                         Course Descriptions

                                                               ton, the course provdes experence n locatng and
 BA 120                                                        retrevng graphcal and text-based nformaton from
Introducton to Computer-Based Systems (3,0)                   the Internet to support management actvtes.
3 Credts                                                      Prerequisite: computer skills.
   An overvew of computng n the busness envron-
   ment, and an ntroducton to the tools, technques,       BA 308
   and strateges of computer-based nformaton system
   development. The emphass s on developng com-
                                                            Publc Admnstraton (3,0)
   puter lteracy through the use of computers n the       3 Credts
   desgn and presentaton of busness communcatons          Characterstcs of organzaton and management n
   such as plans, proposals, spreadsheets, graphs, and         government; mpact of poltcal processes and publc
   charts.                                                     pressures on admnstraton acton; role of regula-
                                                               tory agences; governmental personnel and budget-
 BA 201                                                        ary procedures; unque qualfcatons of the publc
Prncples of Management (3,0)                                 Prerequisites: Management and sophomore standing.
3 Credts
   Provdes an overvew of relevant management               BA 311
   prncples and practces as appled n contemporary
   organzatons. Focuses on management theores, ph-      Marketng (3,0)
   losophes, and functons.                                3 Credts
                                                               Marketng theory; marketng management, sales
 BA 210                                                        management; market research. Publc and customer
                                                               relatons, advertsng, dstrbuton.
Fnancal Accountng (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      Prerequisite: sophomore standing.
   An ntroducton to accountng nformaton systems
   and fnancal reports, ncludng accountng concepts      BA 312
   and analyss and nterpretaton of fnancal reports     Manageral Accountng (3,0)
   wth an emphass on the operatng actvtes of ava-    3 Credts
   ton-related busnesses.                                    Emphaszes management’s use of cost nformaton n
                                                               nternal decson-makng. Decson-makng processes
 BA 212                                                        nclude cost analyss, control, allocaton, and plan-
Advanced Fnancal Accountng (3,0)                            nng. A varety of accountng technques applcable
3 Credts                                                      to avaton/aerospace companes are presented.
   An n-depth study of accountng nformaton sys-            Prerequisites: Financial Accounting and junior stand-
   tems and fnancal reports used n a management             ing.
   envronment, analyzng and nterpretng fnancal
   reports wth an emphass on the operatng, nvest-        BA 314
   ng, and fnancng actvtes of all types of orga-      Human Resource Management (3,0)
   nzatons, ncludng arlne and avaton related        3 Credts
   companes.                                                  Ths course wll examne the functons to be accom-
   Prerequisites: Financial Accounting and sophomore           plshed n effectvely managng human resources. An
   standing.                                                   n-depth study of the nterrelatonshp of managers,
                                                               organzatonal staff, and/or specalsts wll assst
 BA 221                                                        the student n understandng and applyng manage-
Advanced Computer-Based Systems (3,0)                          ment theores to real-world human resource plan-
3 Credts                                                      nng. Areas of concentraton nclude human resource
   Ths course s a contnuaton of BA 120. It covers          plannng; recrutment and selecton; tranng and
   advanced concepts of spreadsheet use, database              development; compensaton and benefts; safety and
   management systems, and presentaton graphcs.              health; and employee and labor relatons.
   Students perform macro and command language                 Prerequisites: Management and sophomore standing.
   programmng n applcatons packages. In add-

                                                        — 227 —
Course Descriptions

                                                              sm, structure of unons, legal envronment and the
 BA 317                                                       Ralway Labor Act, collectve barganng, publc sector
Organzatonal Behavor (3,0)                                 relatonshps, grevance procedures, and conflct resolu-
3 Credts                                                     ton.
   A basc course n the analyss of varous behavoral       Prerequisite: sophomore standing.
   concepts affectng human behavor n busness orga-
   nzatons, wth emphass on research, theory, and        BA 325
                                                           Socal Responsblty and Ethcs n
   Prerequisites: Management and sophomore standing.       Management (3,0)
                                                           3 Credts
 BA 320                                                       A comprehensve nqury nto the major components
Busness Informaton Systems (3,0)                            of socal responsblty ncludng economc, legal,
3 Credts                                                     poltcal, ethcal, and socetal ssues nvolvng the
   A management approach to understandng busness            nteracton of busness, government, and socety.
   nformaton systems. The general characterstcs,          Prerequisites: Management and sophomore standing.
   potental, and lmtatons of busness systems are
   covered. The major emphass s on understandng          BA 331
   the nputs, processng, and outputs of a varety of
   busness systems; the ways n whch busness sys-       Transportaton Prncples (3,0)
   tems are nterrelated and the nherent management       3 Credts
   problems nvolved n the mplementaton and con-           Basc prncples of the several modes of transporta-
   trol of such systems.                                      ton: ar, sea, ral, hghway, and ppelne ncludng
                                                              problems of competton, the mportance of each n
   Prerequisites: advanced computer skills and junior
                                                              the economy, and future developmental prospects.
                                                              Prerequisite: sophomore standing.
 BA 321
Avaton/Aerospace Systems Analyss Methods
                                                            BA 332
(3,0)                                                      Corporate Fnance I (3,0)
3 Credts                                                  3 Credts
   Overvew of the system development lfe cycle.             The fnance functon as used by management,
   Emphass on current system documentaton through           ncludng fnancal analyss and control fnancal
   the use of both classcal and structured tools/tech-       plannng; and short, ntermedate, and long-term
   nques for descrbng process flows, data flows, data      fnancng, usng the theory of cost of captal and
   structures, fle desgns, nput and output desgns,        leverage n plannng fnancal strateges. Avaton-
   and program specfcatons.                                related busnesses are emphaszed.
   Prerequisite: advanced computer skills.                    Prerequisites: Financial Accounting and junior stand-
 BA 322                                                     BA 333
Avaton Insurance (3,0)
3 Credts
                                                           Personal Fnancal Plannng (3,0)
   An ntroducton to the basc prncples of nsurance    3 Credts
   and rsk wth ts specal applcaton to the avaton      A study of the personal fnancal plannng process.
   ndustry. An n-depth revew of the avaton nsur-        Includes taxes, nvestments, purchase of housng/
   ance ndustry n the U.S. ncludng the market and         auto, nsurance needs and analyss, use of credt,
   types of avaton nsurers.                                and retrement and estate plannng. Student wll
                                                              develop a personal fnancal plan and wll nvest n a
   Prerequisite: sophomore standing.                          $500,000 portfolo of securtes.
 BA 324                                                       Prerequisite: junior standing.
Avaton Labor Relatons (3,0)
3 Credts
   An nvestgaton of labor-management relatons n the
   avaton ndustry. Examned are the hstory of unon-

                                                      — 228 —
                                                                         Course Descriptions

                                                               portfolo management, and portfolo performance
 BA 335                                                        evaluaton. The course s taught from the vewpont
Internatonal Busness (3,0)                                   of an ndvdual rather than an nsttutonal nvestor.
3 Credts                                                      The course uses current economc and captal mar-
   An analyss of economc development and nterna-            ket nformaton to make practcal applcaton of the
   tonal trade n modern tmes, wth an examnaton of        course materals.
   current U.S. relatons wth other natons. Attenton        Prerequisites: BA 332 and senior standing.
   wll be focused on the mpact of foregn trade on the
   avaton ndustry and the ndustry’s contrbuton to      BA 405
   economc development.
                                                            General Avaton Marketng (3,0)
   Prerequisite: sophomore standing.                        3 Credts
                                                               Marketng and management concepts applcable to
 BA 340                                                        FBOs and other general avaton enterprses. Travel
Internatonal Accountng (3,0)                                 analyss s performed to determne the need for a
3 Credts                                                      busness arcraft.
   Ths course ntroduces the student to accountng n         Prerequisite: junior standing.
   the global envronment The student wll learn about
   accountng systems and reportng practces around         BA 406
   the world. Efforts toward accountng harmonzaton
   and the mpact of Internatonal Fnancal Reportng
                                                            Strategc Management of Techncal
   Standards wll be dscussed. Specfc accountng top-    Operatons (3,0)
   cs, such as accountng for currency exchange rate       3 Credts
   changes, fnancal reportng and dsclosure ssues          Ths course presents an advanced study of strategc
   n a global context, and usng fnancal statements         management theory, techncal management, and
   across borders and n emergng captal markets wll         the management of technology n a global avaton
   be covered. Manageral ssues n an nternatonal           ndustry. Detaled coverage of the avaton techncal
   context wll also be dscussed.                             management feld s provded as well as that of the
                                                               workng avaton envronment and system ntegra-
   Prerequisites: Financial Accounting and junior stand-
                                                               ton where the effectve management of research,
                                                               desgn, producton, techncal sales, and servces
                                                               functons are employed.
 BA 390
                                                               Prerequisite: graduating senior standing.
Busness Law (3,0)
3 Credts                                                    BA 408
   A survey of the legal aspects of busness transac-
   tons. Areas covered nclude contracts, agency,          Arport Management (3,0)
   balment, negotable nstruments, partnershps, cor-     3 Credts
   poratons, consumer credt, and the government’s            An examnaton of the management of arports wth
   nfluence on busness law.                                  an emphass on the facltes that make up an arport
                                                               system, ncludng arspace, arfeld, and termnal and
   Prerequisite: sophomore standing.
                                                               ground access operatons.
 BA 400                                                        Prerequisites: Management and junior standing.
Investment Analyss (3,0)                                    BA 410
3 Credts
   Ths course s an ntroducton to the feld of nvest-   Management of Ar Cargo (3,0)
   ments. The course s desgned as a gude for people      3 Credts
   studyng the captal markets for the frst tme. The        Intensve study of the practces and problems of
   course provdes a survey of nvestments ncludng           management wth respect to ar cargo. Importance
   securty markets, nvestment vehcles, nvestment           of ar cargo servce to the economy, rate and tarff
   analyss, and portfolo management. Specfc top-           problems, termnal facltes, competton, and future
   cs nclude the concept of rsk and return, types of        prospects.
   fnancal nstruments, study of how they are bought         Prerequisite: junior standing.
   and sold, an ntroducton to allocaton for ndvdu-
   als, concept of effcent markets, equty and bond

                                                      — 229 —
Course Descriptions

 BA 411                                                         BA 419
Logstcs Management for Avaton/Aerospace (3,0)              Avaton Mantenance Management (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      3 Credts
   Ths course examnes ways to optmze the physcal             Comprehensve examnaton of organzatonal
   flow of goods and materals n a frm from acqus-            mantenance polces, programs, and procedures.
   ton through producton, and movement through                  Emphass on mantenance plannng; forecastng and
   channels of dstrbuton. It focuses on applyng               cost control; relablty and safety and flght schedule
   logstcs theory to avaton management problems               performance.
   n materals handlng, managng nventory, plan-               Prerequisites: Statistics and junior standing.
   nng capactes, and locatng dstrbuton centers. It
   ncludes case studes wth avaton/aerospace appl-         BA 420
   catons usng computer models.
                                                               Management of Producton and
   Prerequisite: junior standing.
                                                               Operatons (3,0)
                                                               3 Credts
 BA 412                                                           An ntensve study of management n all orga-
Arport Plannng and Desgn Standards (3,0)                       nzatons: servce orented and product orented.
3 Credts                                                         Schedulng, nventory control procurement, qualty
   The prncples of arport master plannng and system           control, and safety are nvestgated. Partcular atten-
   plannng are studed. Fundamental prncples of ar-           ton s gven to applcatons of avaton-orented
   port layout and desgn are covered, ncludng geo-             actvtes.
   metrc desgn, arport dranage, pavement desgn,              Prerequisites: Statistics and senior standing.
   passenger and cargo termnal layout, and capacty
   and delay effects.                                           BA 421
   Prerequisites: Airport Management and senior standing.
                                                               Small Busness Management (3,0)
                                                               3 Credts
 BA 415                                                           An analyss of the theoretcal and practcal knowl-
Arlne Management (3,0)                                          edge necessary to be successful n concevng, n-
3 Credts                                                         tatng, organzng, and operatng a small busness.
   An ntroducton to the admnstratve aspects of ar-          Specal focus wll be placed on small busnesses n
   lne operaton and management. Topcs nclude the              the avaton feld.
   annual proft plan, unform system of accounts and             Prerequisites: Financial Accounting and senior standing.
   reports, demand analyss, schedulng, the theory of
   prcng, fleet plannng, facltes plannng, and arlne    BA 422
                                                               Lfe Cycle Analyss for Systems and Programs n
   Prerequisites: Management and junior standing.
                                                               Avaton/Aerospace (3,0)
 BA 418                                                        3 Credts
                                                                  Ths course s a study of system theory and ts
Arport Admnstraton and Fnance (3,0)                          relatonshp to avaton/aerospace systems manage-
3 Credts                                                         ment. It covers a bref hstory of system theory and
   An advanced study of the organzatonal, poltcal,            system lfe cycle, and presents the major actvtes n
   and fnancal admnstraton of publc and prvate             each phase of a system’s lfe cycle. Also covered are
   cvl use arports. Areas of emphass nclude publc           specfc topcs related to system desgn and support,
   relatons management, safety and securty ssues,              ncludng relablty, mantanablty, avalablty,
   employee organzatonal structures, fnancal and              testng, qualty control, customer support, product
   accountng strateges, revenue and expense sources,            mprovement program analyss, and the role of data
   economc mpacts of arport operatons, arport                collecton and analyss n the operatonal phase.
   performance measurement standards, and current                 Related topcs covered are cost-effectveness analyss
   trends and ssues of drect concern to arport admn-          and project management. The course examnes appl-
   strators.                                                     catons and case studes specfc to avaton/aero-
   Prerequisites: Airport Management and senior standing.         space, ncludng mltary applcatons and computer
                                                                  smulaton models.
                                                                  Prerequste: senor standng.

                                                        — 230 —
                                                                           Course Descriptions

 BA 424                                                       BA 430
Project Management n Avaton Operatons (3,0)              Internatonal Trade and Regulatons (3,0)
3 Credts                                                    3 Credts
   Ths course ntroduces the student to the concept            Economc analyss of nternatonal trade, captal
   of project management n avaton operatons. It             flows, and labor mgraton wth partcular emphass
   addresses the three-dmensonal goals of every               on the laws governng these factors. Avaton appl-
   project: the accomplshment of work n accordance            catons nclude code-sharng and other nternatonal
   wth budget, schedule, and performance requre-              arlne agreements, the mpact of trade subsdes and
   ments. The procedures for plannng, managng, and            open skes treates.
   developng projects n an aeronautcal envronment           Prerequisites: Economics, Business Law, and junior
   are covered as well as the aspects of controllng            standing.
   project confguraton from ncepton to completon.
   Automated tools used to determne cost, schedule,          BA 434
   staffng, and resource allocaton are covered as well
   as the process of determnng the effectveness and       Corporate Fnance II (3,0)
   techncal valdty of avaton-related projects.          3 Credts
                                                                The objectve of ths course s to study the major
   Prerequisites: computer skills and senior standing.
                                                                decson-makng areas of manageral fnance and
                                                                some selected topcs n fnancal theory. The course
 BA 425                                                         revews the theory and emprcal evdence related
Trends and Current Problems n Ar Transportaton               to the nvestment and fnancng polces of the frm
(3,0)                                                           and attempts to develop decson-makng ablty n
3 Credts                                                       these areas. Ths course serves as a complement and
   Analyss of selected contemporary ssues, problems,          supplement to Corporate Fnance I. Topcs nclude
   and trends facng management n varous segments             leasng, dvdend polcy, mergers and acqustons,
   of the avaton ndustry ncludng general avaton          corporate reorganzatons, fnancal plannng, work-
   and the arlnes. Students apply prevously learned          ng captal management, and nternatonal fnance.
   concepts to practcal problems to develop ncreased          Avaton and aerospace related busnesses are
   understandng and demonstrate knowledge of the               emphaszed.
   subject.                                                     Prerequisites: Corporate Finance I and junior standing,
   Prerequisites: Management and senior standing.               or permission of the instructor.

 BA 426                                                       BA 436
Internatonal Avaton Management (3,0)                      Strategc Management (3,0)
3 Credts                                                    3 Credts
   An nvestgaton of nternatonal avaton manage-           Ths busness capstone course examnes strategc
   ment and ts three elements: the nature of nter-            management prncples nvolvng strategy, formula-
   natonal avaton busness, workng n a foregn             ton, mplementaton, evaluaton, and organzaton
   envronment, and managng n an nternatonal                analyss. Case analyss employng strategc manage-
   envronment.                                                 ment prncples s used to examne and solve organ-
   Prerequisites: International Business and senior stand-      zaton problems. Total qualty management concepts
   ing.                                                         are studed for mprovement of organzatonal effec-
 BA 427                                                         Prerequisite: graduating senior standing.
Management of the Multcultural Workforce (3,0)
3 Credts
                                                              BA 449
   An nvestgaton nto the management of the mult-        Strategc Marketng Management (3,0)
   cultural workforce. The elements of cultural anthro-      3 Credts
   pology and nternatonal busness, communcatng             Ths capstone marketng course focuses on strategc
   across cultures, contrastng cultural values, and            analyss and plannng by avaton marketng manag-
   managng and mantanng organzatonal culture              ers. Emphass wll be gven to corporate and market-
   are addressed n the context of nternatonal avaton       ng strategy, market analyss and targetng, strategc
   management.                                                  marketng programmng, and market control.
   Prerequisites: Management and junior standing.               Prerequisites: Marketing and senior standing.

                                                        — 231 —
Course Descriptions

 BA 450                                                        CE 496, 497, 498
Arlne/Arport Marketng (3,0)                               1-6 Credts
3 Credts                                                        Contnuaton of CE 396, 397.
   An nvestgaton of the role of marketng n the ava-
   ton/arport ndustres. Topcs to be covered nclude
   consumer segmentaton, database management, nte-          Computer Engineering
   grated marketng communcatons, publc relatons,
   vendor relatons, and retalng.                            CEC 220
   Prerequisites: Marketing and senior standing.              Dgtal Crcut Desgn (3,0)
                                                              3 Credts
 BA 299, 399, 499                                                Introducton to logc desgn and nterfacng dgtal
Specal Topcs n Management                                     crcuts. Boolean algebra, combnatoral logc crcuts,
1-4 Credts                                                      dgtal multplexers, crcut mnmzaton technques,
   Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of                 flp-flop storage elements, shft regsters, countng
   selected topcs n management.                                devces, and sequental logc crcuts. Corequste:
                                                                 CEC 222.
   Prerequisites: consent of the instructor and approval
   of the department chair. May be repeated with change of
                                                               CEC 222
                                                              Dgtal Crcut Laboratory (0,3)
                                                              1 Credt
Cooperative Education                                            Laboratory experments n the measurement and
                                                                 verfcaton of dgtal crcuts. Dscrete and ntegrated
 CE 396, 397, 398                                                logc crcut desgn analyss and measurements.
                                                                 Corequste: CEC 220.
1-6 Credts
   Aerospace Engneerng (AE), Aerospace Studes
   (AR), Aeronautcal Scence (AS), Arcraft Engneerng       CEC 300
   Technology (ET), Avaton Busness Admnstraton          Computng n Aerospace and Avaton (3,0)
   (ABA), Management of Techncal Operatons                  3 Credts
   (MTO), Avaton Management (AM), Avoncs (AV),               Ths course explores the computer engneerng
   Computer Engneerng (CEC), Computer Scence                  aspects of systems rangng from embedded sen-
   (CS), Electrcal Engneerng (EE), Flght (FL),               sor and actuator controllers to hgh-performance
   Global Securty and Intellgence Studes (GSIS),              computng systems used n ar traffc control and
   Mantenance Technology (MT), Space Studes (SP),              weather forecastng. The crtcal factors that mpact
   Scence, Technology, and Globalzaton (STG).                 the engneerng decsons nvolved, ncludng tech-
   Provdes practcal learnng experence n full-tme           nologcal, economc, socal, and professonal ssues,
   or part-tme employment related to the student’s              are dscussed. Key engneerng technques and prac-
   degree program and career goals. Course ttle and             tces, ncludng database, human-computer nterac-
   level are based on the work assgnment.                       ton, and networks of systems, are explored through
   Prerequisite: approval by the department chair and coop-      case studes and representatve examples from the
   erative education administrator.                              aerospace and avaton domans.
                                                                 Prerequisites: EGR 115 and junior standing.
NOTE: Cooperatve Educaton and nternshp exper-
ences are desgned as academcally based experental          CEC 315
educaton. A student enrolled n a unversty-approved        Sgnals and Systems (3,0)
co-op/nternshp professonal actvty and regstered         3 Credts
for 6 credt hours wll be consdered full-tme by all           Introducton to sgnal processng systems for both
unversty departments other than Fnancal Ad. The             dgtal and analog systems. Mathematcs of sgnal
Fnancal Ad Office wll consder a 6 hour co-op/n-            representaton and sgnal processng, ncludng
ternshp as half-tme enrollment and wll process                functonal descrptons of sgnals and of systems.
financal ad accordngly. They wll report enrollment           Implcatons of lnearty and tme-nvarance, and
to the outsde agences as half-tme, thus keepng them          nput-output behavor of lnear, tme-nvarant sys-
out of repayment on ther student loans.                         tems. Causalty and stablty. Zero-nput and zero-

                                                        — 232 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

   state responses. Z and Laplace Transforms. Fourer             analog and analog-to-dgtal converson hardware.
   Seres and Fourer Transforms for dscrete and                 DSP core archtectures and hardware nterrupts.
   contnuous systems. Extensve use of MATLAB and                Aspects of system-on-a-chp DSPs for data transfer,
   Smulnk.                                                      cache management, external memory reference, and
   Prerequisite: EGR 115. Corequisite: MA 345.                    co-processor nterface. Real-tme operatng systems
                                                                  for DSPs. Applcatons to modern communcaton
 CEC 320                                                          and control systems.
Mcroprocessor Systems (3,0)                                      Prerequisite: CEC 315. Corequisite: CEC 411.
3 Credts
   Study of dgtal computer organzatons.                     CEC 411
   Introducton to mcrocomputer systems usng a cur-          Dgtal Sgnal Processng Laboratory (0,3)
   rent mcroprocessor. Assembly language program-             1 Credt
   mng technques for mcrocomputers wll be used to             Laboratory companon course to CEC 410 featur-
   study dgtal computer operaton. Input and output             ng development of sgnal generaton, processng,
   technques, memory devces, RS 232, and other nter-           and analyss systems usng dgtal sgnal processng
   facng technques wll be studed. Hardware and                mcroprocessors (DSPs). DSP software development
   software relatonshps wll also be dscussed.                 and debuggng envronments. Chp- and board-sup-
   Prerequisites: CEC 220 and experience in programming           port lbrares. Use of algorthm lbrares for rapd
   in a high-level language. Corequisite: CEC 322.                system development. System development tools,
                                                                  ncludng automatc code generaton wth Smulnk.
 CEC 322                                                          Culmnates n development of stand-alone board-
                                                                  based DSP system. Corequste: CEC 410.
Mcroprocessor Systems Laboratory (0,3)
1 Credt
   Hands-on experence wth a mcroprocessor s pro-
                                                                CEC 420
   vded through weekly experments nvolvng hard-            Computer Systems Desgn I (2,3)
   ware and software technques. Corequste: CEC 320.         3 Credts
                                                                  Ths course ntroduces students to dscussng
 CEC 330                                                          ssues of management, plannng, task assgnment,
                                                                  resource allocaton, requrement collecton, and sys-
Dgtal Systems Desgn wth Aerospace                             tem specfcaton and desgn. The team workng n
Applcatons (3,3)                                                a dstrbuted envronment wll develop a base for
4 Credts                                                         mplementaton of a computer-centered system wth
   Ths s the contnuaton of Introducton to Dgtal            elements of both hardware and software.
   Crcut Desgn (CEC 220). Students n ths class use
                                                                  Prerequisites: Computer Engineering major, senior sta-
   tools such as FPGA (feld programmable gate array)
   to desgn and mplement dgtal crcut components
   and subsystems that are responsble for the control
   and operaton of an aerospace system. In addton,           CEC 421
   students wll be ntroduced to hgh-level desgn lan-       Computer Systems Desgn II (1,6)
   guages, such as VHDL (VHSIC hardware descrpton            3 Credts
   language), RTL (regster transfer language), and ther         Ths course contnues wth project development,
   applcaton to the desgn and development of dgtal           focusng on ssues of detaled desgn, modularza-
   crcuts.                                                      ton, component selecton, codng, assemblng, and
   Prerequisites: CEC 220 and CEC 222.                            testng. The team workng n a dstrbuted envron-
                                                                  ment wll mplement and test a computer-centered
 CEC 410                                                          system wth elements of both hardware and soft-
Dgtal Sgnal Processng (3,0)
                                                                  Prerequisite: EE 420 (Prerequisite for Prescott campus
3 Credts
   Specfcaton, desgn, and mplementaton of offlne
   sgnal processng systems on general-purpose
   computers and real-tme sgnal processng systems
   on specal-purpose dgtal sgnal processng mcro-
   processors (DSPs). Revew of samplng theory and
   dscrete-tme flterng. Flter desgn tools. Dgtal-to-

                                                         — 233 —
Course Descriptions

 CEC 440                                                       CEC 299, 399, 499
Autonomous Vehcle Desgn (3,0)                               Specal Topcs n Computer Engneerng
3 Credts                                                     1-6 Credts
   Ths course ntroduces students to the ssues                 Drected studes of selected topcs n computer eng-
   nvolved n the development of autonomous vehcles            neerng.
   as appled n aerospace and avaton. Ths multdsc-        Prerequisite: consent of instructor and department chair.
   plnary course s desgned to gve students a varety
   of basc concepts and hands-on experence n robot-
   cs and automaton. Topcs nclude control, sensng,
   vson, ntellgence, and mechancs. To gan hands-on
                                                              Civil Engineering
   experence, students wll partcpate n a project n       CIV 140
   whch they wll desgn and buld an autonomous
   vehcle that wll partcpate n an nternatonal robot-   Engneerng Measurements wth Laboratory (1,3)
   cs competton.                                           2 Credts
   Prerequisite: CEC 320.                                        Introducton to data collecton and analyss.
                                                                 Prncples of surveyng and mappng, wth emphass
                                                                 on modern methods. Laboratory methods.
 CEC 450
Real-Tme Systems (3,0)                                        CIV 304
3 Credts                                                     Structural Analyss (3,0)
   The course ntroduces the concepts of real-tme
                                                              3 Credts
   systems from the user and desgner vewpont. The
   requrements, desgn, mplementaton, and basc               Analyss of statcally determnate and ndetermnate
   propertes of real-tme applcaton software are              structures usng statcs, knematcs, vrtual work,
   descrbed wth an overvew of system software.                stran energy, force, and dsplacement methods.
   Related topcs such as nterrupts, concurrent task            Structural laboratory testng.
   synchronzaton, sharng resources, and software              Prerequisite: ES 202.
   relablty are dscussed. A team project on a real-
   tme prototype applcaton may be ncorporated n           CIV 307
   the course.                                                Cvl Engneerng Materals I (3,3)
   Prerequisites: CS 225, CEC 320. Corequisite: CS 420        4 Credts
                                                                 Propertes of engneerng materals: steel, concrete,
 CEC 460                                                         sol, asphalt, polymers, compostes. Relatonshp
Telecommuncatons Systems (3,0)                                 between structure and behavor. Standard methods
                                                                 of testng and nspectng. Laboratory methods.
3 Credts
   Technques and applcatons n telecommuncatons.
   Types of data communcaton versus lne dscplne          CIV 311
   methodology. Hardware requrements and con-                Introducton to Transportaton Engneerng (3,0)
   strants. Speed versus qualty. Securty and encodng      3 Credts
   algorthms.                                                   Fundamentals of transportaton engneerng nclud-
   Prerequisite: CEC 320 or permission of instructor.            ng plannng, desgn, constructon, mantenance,
                                                                 operaton, economcs, and the role of transportaton
 CEC 470                                                         facltes n socety. Concepts, underlyng theory, and
                                                                 desgn ssues are detaled.
Computer Archtecture (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      CIV 316
   Ths course descrbes n detal the Von Neuman
   computer archtecture whch ncludes processors,           Hydraulcs (3,0)
   memory, nput/ output, and transfer of nformaton;        3 Credts
   examples of machne language, assembly language,              Open channel and ppe flows. Hydraulc structures.
   mcroprogrammng and operatng system wll be                 Groundwater hydrology and stormwater manage-
   dscussed. Addtonal topcs n advanced computer             ment.
   archtecture and computer systems wll be covered.
   Prerequisite: CEC 320.

                                                      — 234 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

 CIV 320                                                        CIV 421
Sol Mechancs (3,3)                                           Geotechncal and Foundaton Engneerng (3,0)
4 Credts                                                      3 Credts
   Study of the engneerng behavor of sol: or-                Predcton of settlement, analyss of the stablty of
   gn, classfcaton, dentfcaton, and structure.            slopes, predcton of the bearng capacty of shallow
   Permeablty, seepage, consoldaton, settlement,              and deep foundatons, and determnaton of earth
   slope stablty, lateral pressures, bearng capacty.          pressures actng on retanng structures.
   Sol samplng and testng. Laboratory methods.                 Prerequisite: CIV 320.
 CIV 330                                                        CIV 422
Computer Applcatons n Transportaton (1,3)                  Desgn of Pavement Structures (3,0)
2 Credts                                                      3 Credts
   Applcaton of computer software for plannng and              Theory and practce n pavement desgn for hgh-
   desgn of transportaton systems. Emphass s placed           ways and arfelds, pavement performance, struc-
   on fndng solutons to current problems assocated            tural desgn of pavement layers, types of materals
   wth exstng arport and ntermodal transportaton            used n pavement layers, characterzaton of pave-
   systems.                                                       ment layer materals, ntroducton to pavement man-
   Prerequisite: CIV 311.                                         agement concepts.
                                                                  Prerequisite: CIV 320.
 CIV 340
Constructon Engneerng (3,0)                                  CIV 424
3 Credts                                                      Rehabltaton of Pavement Structures (3,0)
   Delvery of constructon projects. Introducton to          3 Credts
   constructon equpment, producton rates, construc-            Pavement dstresses and ther causes. Pavement
   ton methods for concrete, asphalt, steel, wood, and           evaluaton, roughness, frcton, dranage survey and
   masonry, plannng and schedulng, safety, and con-             evaluaton, structural evaluaton, materal character-
   structon economcs.                                           zaton, traffc loadng evaluaton, desgn of pave-
                                                                  ment rehabltaton alternatves, economc analyss,
 CIV 362                                                          and selecton of preferred alternatves.
Engneerng and Constructon Operatons n Space                  Prerequisite: CIV 320.
3 Credts                                                       CIV 431
   U.S. space exploraton polces n the 21st century.        Renforced Concrete Desgn (3,0)
   Constructon n zero- or low-weght envronments.           3 Credts
   Development of lunar and planetary resources.                  Propertes of concrete, ts consttuents, and renforce-
   Controlled ecologcal lfe support systems. Lunar              ment steels. Desgn of beams, columns, beam-col-
   concrete.                                                      umns, and slabs. Crackng and deteroraton. Torson
                                                                  and shear renforcement. Anchorage and bond
 CIV 370                                                          detalng. Applcaton of the concrete desgn code.
Computatonal Methods n Cvl Engneerng (3,0)                  Prerequisite: CIV 304.
3 Credts
   Numercal technques for solvng cvl engneerng           CIV 432
   problems. Applcatons of statstcal methods. Matrx       Structural Steel Desgn (3,0)
   operatons. Spreadsheet development.                        3 Credts
   Prerequisite: CS 223.                                          Steel and ts propertes. Desgn of tenson members,
                                                                  column members, torsonal members, plate grders.
                                                                  Welded and bolted connectons. Steel desgn specf-
                                                                  catons and buldng codes. Current phlosophes n
                                                                  steel desgn.
                                                                  Prerequisite: CIV 304.

                                                           — 235 —
Course Descriptions

 CIV 441                                                     CIV 499
Cvl Engneerng Materals II (3,1)                        Drected Desgn Project (Varable)
4 Credts                                                   1-3 Credts
   Physcal and mechancal propertes of constructon          Drected desgn project. Indvdual nvestgaton of
   materals, portland cement concrete, proportonng          current desgn problem. Offered by specal arrange-
   of concrete mxtures ncludng admxtures. Fber            ment only.
   renforced concrete desgn and evaluaton. Orgn,          Prerequisite: permission of Civil Engineering program
   producton, specfcatons, and tests of btumnous         coordinator.
   materals and pavng mxtures used n constructon
   and mantenance of roads and pavements, pavement          CIV 199, 299, 399
   surface propertes, pavement dstress, and correcton
   alternatves.                                            Specal Topcs n Cvl Engneerng (Varable)
                                                            1-3 Credts
   Prerequisite: CIV 307.
                                                               Drected studes of specal topcs n Cvl
                                                               Engneerng. Offered by arrangement only.
 CIV 447
                                                               Prerequisite: consent of instructor and Civil Engineering
Arport Desgn I (3,0)                                         program coordinator.
3 Credts
   Fundamental prncples of arport layout and pre-
   lmnary desgn. Arport ste selecton, runway
   length and orentaton, ar traffc control, capacty,
   and delay.                                                COM 008
   Prerequisite: CIV 311.                                   Academc Englsh for Non-Natve Speakers of
                                                            Englsh (4,0)
 CIV 457                                                    4 Credts
Arport Desgn II (3,0)                                        A developmental course desgned to help nterme-
3 Credts                                                      date-level non-natve speakers of Englsh develop
   Arport termnal passenger and vehcle processng           ther Englsh language profcency. The emphass
   systems. Lghtng and sgnng systems, pavement             s on wrtng and readng n academc settngs.
   markng, baggage handlng, communcaton sys-               Students cannot wthdraw from the course. The
   tems, and securty systems.                                 course must be passed wth a grade of C or better.
   Prerequisite: CIV 447.                                      (Credt not applcable to any degree.)

 CIV 460                                                     COM 018
Senor Desgn Project (3,0)                                 Advanced Academc Englsh for Non-Natve
3 Credts                                                   Speakers of Englsh (4,0)
   Detaled and complete desgn of a cvl engneer-        4 Credts
   ng faclty. Progress reports and presentaton.            A developmental course desgned to help advanced-
   Interdscplnary group cooperaton s emphaszed.          level non-natve speakers of Englsh develop ther
   Prerequisite: senior standing.                              Englsh language profcency. The emphass s on
                                                               wrtng and readng n an academc settng and on
 CIV 490                                                       preparaton for degree-credt bearng communca-
                                                               ton courses. (Credt not applcable to any degree.)
The Cvl Engneerng Professon (1,0)                         Students cannot wthdraw from the course. The
1 Credt                                                       course must be passed wth a grade of C or better.
   Current problems n engneerng, professonal dutes
   and responsbltes, opportuntes for professonal        Prerequisite: HU 008 or ESL Placement Test.
   development, ethcs, and professonalsm.
   Prerequisite: graduating senior status.
                                                             COM 020
                                                            Fundamentals of Communcaton (4,0)
                                                            4 Credts
                                                               Desgned to mprove the student’s readng and wrt-
                                                               ng abltes through focusng on crtcal thnkng.

                                                        — 236 —
                                                                           Course Descriptions

   All three sklls are approached as facets of each other      Prerequisite: Any course from the HU 140 series.
   and as processes that the student learns to control
   and take responsblty for. The fundamentals of           COM 225
   grammar, punctuaton, and sentence structure are          Scence and Technology Communcaton (3,0)
   strengthened when students wrte and revse multp-       3 Credts
   aragraph expostory essays. A grade of C s requred         Ths course ntroduces the practces of communcat-
   to pass ths course, and t may not be dropped.              ng news and ssues n scence and technology to a
   (Credt s not applcable to any degree.)                    varety of publcs through magazne-style wrtng
                                                                and publc speakng. Guest speakers wll present
 COM 122                                                        research questons, methodologes, and ssues wthn
Englsh Composton and Lterature (3,0)                        the scences. Coursework also ncludes readngs
3 Credts                                                       from successful scence and technology communca-
   Ths course focuses on prncples of wrtng n              tors, llustratng varous solutons to wrtng about
   response to readngs n the humantes, socal sc-          complex subjects. Specal topcs nclude dentfyng
   ences, and other nterdscplnary felds. Students          scence and technologcal stores, evaluatng sources
   develop ther communcatve, evaluatve, crtcal            and nformaton, and communcatng fndngs
   thnkng, and research wrtng abltes through the         clearly, comprehensbly, and accurately for publca-
   close examnaton of key texts across those dsc-           ton and speakng engagements.
   plnes.                                                      Prerequisite: COM 221.
   Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of basic skills
   requirements.                                              COM 260
                                                             Introducton to Meda (3,0)
 COM 219                                                     3 Credts
Speech (3,0)                                                    The structure of, professonal opportuntes n, and
3 Credts                                                       socal ssues arsng from meda ndustres. Requred
   A contnuaton of the study of communcaton and             of all Communcaton students. Must be taken
   communcaton theory wth emphass on overcom-               wthn the frst year of enterng the program.
   ng communcaton apprehenson, developng lsten-           Prerequisite: COM 122.
   ng sklls, masterng oral performance, and wrtng
   about communcaton. Indvdual sectons may focus         COM 265
   on publc speakng, group dscusson, oral nter-
   pretaton, or nterpersonal communcaton. Secton        Introducton to News Wrtng (3,0)
   emphass vares by nstructor and s lsted n the        3 Credts
   Schedule of Courses.                                         COM 265 offers Communcaton majors theory and
                                                                practce n the fundamentals of varous journalstc
   Prerequisite: COM 122.                                       genres: news reportng, features, ntervews, spot
                                                                news, page layout, nterpretve journalsm, and
 COM 221                                                        more. Ths course ntroduces students to use of the
Techncal Report Wrtng (3,0)                                  AP Stylebook, lbel law, and ethcal ssues n journal-
3 Credts                                                       sm.
   Preparaton of formal and nformal techncal reports,        Prerequisite: COM 122 or permission of instructor.
   abstracts, resumes, and busness correspondence.
   Major emphass placed on the long techncal paper          COM 320
   and the acquston of advanced wrtng sklls.
                                                             Mass Communcaton Law and Ethcs (3,0)
   Prerequisite: Any course from the HU 140 series.          3 Credts
                                                                Ths course s based on case studes ntroducng stu-
 COM 222                                                        dents to the legal and ethcal envronments under-
Busness Communcaton (3,0)                                    pnnng Frst Amendment rghts n the Unted States
3 Credts                                                       from the naton’s foundng to the present. Topcs n
   An ntroducton to effectve busness communca-             law nclude ntents of the framers, pror restrant,
   ton. Topcs n oral, wrtten, nonverbal, and ntercul-      lbel, prvacy, hate speech, freedom of nformaton
   tural communcaton are covered. Research methods,           laws, sheld laws, and copyrght. Topcs n ethcs
   effectve speakng, and the preparaton of letters,          concentrate on models for decson-makng n df-
   memoranda, and reports are emphaszed.                       fcult stuatons. Practces of journalsts, meda rela-

                                                      — 237 —
Course Descriptions

   tons practtoners, and Internet communcators wll          poltcal campagns, nterpersonal communcaton,
   be examned. Topcs n ethcs concentrate on models           socal movements, persuasve wrtng, or adverts-
   for decson-makng n dffcult stuatons.                  ng. Students are evaluated on ther ablty to recog-
   Prerequisite: COM 221.                                        nze, apply, and evaluate the communcaton theores
                                                                 used to desgn persuasve messages.
 COM 322                                                         Prerequisite: COM 219.
Avaton and Aerospace Communcaton (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      COM 364
   Ths course ntroduces the practces of communcat-        Vsual Desgn (3,0)
   ng news and ssues n avaton and aerospace to a         3 Credts
   varety of publcs through magazne-style wrtng             Ths course presents prncples of vsual desgn
   and publc speakng. Students wll learn how to               applyng to prnt and electronc publcatons, nclud-
   recognze the news value of contemporary avaton             ng unty, emphass, balance, lne, shape, value, color,
   ssues, to gan an understandng of those ssues              and texture. Specal topcs nclude ethcs, typogra-
   through research and ntervews wth experts, and to          phy, semotcs, and layout. Students analyze exstng
   wrte about and dscuss the ssues. Coursework also           graphcal artfacts and create prnt and electronc
   ncludes readngs from respected avaton wrters             projects focused on communcatng scence and tech-
   that llustrate avaton’s economc and socal mpact         nology, usng professonal desgn software.
   on socety. Specal topcs nclude safety, arport secu-      Prerequisites: COM 221, COM 222, or an equivalent
   rty and congeston, emergng legal ssues, and nter-        professional writing course; COM 265.
   natonal avaton trends.
   Prerequisite: COM 221.                                      COM 410
                                                              Advanced Professonal Wrtng (3,0)
 COM 350                                                      3 Credts
Envronmental Communcaton (3,0)                                A sophstcated process approach to strateges for
3 Credts                                                        effectve communcaton n the workplace. Balancng
   Ths course centers on natonal and regonal envron-         theory and practce n professonal communcaton,
   mental ssues, ncludng plannng, regulaton, and            students wll work sngly and n collaboratve teams
   crses. Topcs nclude responses to clmate change,           to ntegrate vsuals, layout and desgn, edtng and
   endangered speces, wetlands preservaton, coastal            revew systems, onlne documentaton, and electronc
   development and hazardous materals regulaton.               publshng. All assgnments carry wrtten components
   Feld trps and guest speakers wll be ncluded.              wth equal emphass placed on oral executon.
   Students learn how to research and wrte artcles and         Prerequisites: COM 219, COM 221, COM 265.
   stores for nature and envronmental magaznes as
   well as general-audence meda.                             COM 411
   Prerequisite: COM 221 or COM 225.                          Web Desgn Workshop (3,0)
                                                              3 Credts
 COM 351                                                         In addton to hghlghtng theores of communcaton
Journalsm (3,0)                                                 related to desgn and content, ths course serves as a
3 Credts                                                        practcal workshop n Web ste development, wth an
   Theory and practce of the technques of journalsm,          emphass on communcatng scence and technology
   famlarzng the student wth the functons, sklls,         n a professonal context. In close consultaton wth
   and responsbltes requred n wrtng, edtng, and        the professor, students desgn and produce Web stes
   producng news and techncal publcatons.                    for unversty programs, departments, non-proft
   Prerequisite: Any course from the HU 140 series.              organzatons, and busnesses. Experence wth Web
                                                                 development software s recommended.
 COM 360                                                         Prerequisites: COM 221, COM 222, or an equivalent
Meda Relatons I (3,0)                                          professional writing course.
3 Credts
   The course focuses on dfferent theores of persua-
   sve communcaton and the constructon of persua-
   sve messages. Indvdual nstructors may explore
   persuasve communcaton n publc servce and

                                                       — 238 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

 COM 412                                                       Computer Science
Advanced Techncal Wrtng (3,0)
3 Credts
                                                                CS 101
   Communcaton specfc to the techncal communca-          Introducton to Keyboard Operatons (1,0)
   ton professon s studed, and students prepare at least   1 Credt
   one formal project sutable for ncluson n a career          Fundamental sklls and technques n the operaton
   portfolo. The projects may nclude, but are not lmted       of the keyboard and the use of computers n word
   to, the followng: techncal manual, grant or busness         processng. Emphass s placed on the fundamentals
   proposal, product development and documentaton,               of word processng and the development of touch
   multmeda tranng or product presentaton, tranng          typng wth speed and accuracy.
   modules, and corporate reports. Projects may be n
   paper, electronc, or combnaton of multmeda for-         CS 111
   mats, dependng on trends n the professon and use of      Spreadsheet (1,0)
   technology. Professonal techncal communcators may        1 Credt
   serve as mentors or speakers.                                  An understandng of spreadsheet applcatons and
   Prerequisite: COM 221.                                         commands desgned to develop an ntermedate
                                                                  level of spreadsheet competency. An exploraton of
 COM 415                                                          practcal spreadsheet applcatons such as budgets,
Non-Verbal Communcaton (3,0)                                    ncome taxes, proft and loss statements, calculat-
3 Credts                                                         ng grades, among many others. Specfc commands
   Ths course entals the study of communcaton                 nclude creatng, edtng, savng, retrevng, and
   behavors and processes not nvolvng the expres-              prntng spreadsheets; usng statstcal data and
   son of wrtten or spoken words, whch contrbute              fnancal functons; depctng spreadsheet; nforma-
   nformaton to a message. Specal attenton s drected        ton graphcally n bar graphs, pe charts, and lne
   to the study of voce qualtes; facal expresson and         graphs; lnkng and ntegratng spreadsheets, and
   body language; space, personal dstance, and touch;            usng spreadsheet macros.
   the use of tme and objects; and personal appear-              Prerequisite: IT 109 or equivalent knowledge.
   ance. Study also nvolves non-verbal communcaton
   n appled settngs, as well as research strateges for      CS 114
   observng, measurng, and understandng non-verbal          Presentaton Graphcs (1,0)
   phenomena.                                                  1 Credt
   Prerequisites: COM 219, equivalent Speech                      An overvew of busness graphcs. Emphass s on
   Communications course. (Also offered as HU 415.                the desgn and creaton of professonal graphcs such
   Students receive either Communication or Humanities            as charts and short documents to be used to clarfy
   credit, but not both.)                                         nformaton n oral and wrtten presentatons. Specfc
                                                                  topcs nclude plannng and organzng charts and
 COM 440                                                          presentaton documents; creatng pe charts, bar
Senor Employment Practcum (1,0)                                 charts, lne charts, and presentaton documents; for-
1 Credt                                                          mattng, edtng, and prntng; usng text, symbols,
   Open only to Communcaton majors. Preparaton                 and graphcs; mportng artwork and creatng an
   and evaluaton of resumes, employment correspon-               automated presentaton of charts and documents.
   dence, portfolos, and mock employment ntervews.
   Must be taken the semester after completng 88 hours.        CS 116
   Prerequisite: COM 265.                                      Recent Trends n Applcaton Software (1,0)
                                                               1 Credt
 COM 460                                                          The content of the course s left to the specfc needs
Meda Relatons II (3,0)                                          of the student and new software.
3 Credts                                                         Prerequisite: IT 109 or equivalent knowledge.
   Mastery of wrtng and speakng genres n meda rela-
   tons wth an emphass on crss communcaton.
   Prerequisites: COM 265, COM 360.

                                                        — 239 —
Course Descriptions

                                                                data structures such as arrays and fles. Ths course
 CS 117                                                         emphaszes scentfc/engneerng programmng
Computer Confguratons (3,0)                                   technques and applcatons. Corequste: MA 112 or
3 Credts                                                       MA 241.
   Provdes the student wth an n-depth understand-
   ng of the techncal aspects of hardware and software      CS 222
   and a study of the current trends n computng. The       Introducton to Dscrete Structures (3,0)
   course wll nclude hardware and software nstalla-       3 Credts
   tons, troubleshootng, and a survey of resources n         An ntroducton to the fundamental algebrac, log-
   personal computng.                                          cal, and combnatoral concepts of mathematcs that
                                                                provde a foundaton for the study of computer sc-
 CS 118                                                         ence.
Fundamentals of Computer Programmng (3,0)                      Prerequisites: experience in programming in a high-level
3 Credts                                                       language, pre-Calculus mathematics.
   Introducton to basc concepts of structured pro-
   grammng wth applcatons n busness, technology,        CS 223
   and engneerng. Ths course s ntended for the stu-
   dent wth lttle or no experence n programmng.
                                                             Scentfc Programmng n C (3,0)
                                                             3 Credts
 CS 125                                                         Ths s a course n C programmng for scentsts and
                                                                engneers. Usng a problem-solvng approach for
Computer Scence I (3,3)                                        developng algorthms, the algorthms are mple-
4 Credts                                                       mented n C and nclude the followng topcs: data
   Introducton to problem-solvng methods, algorthm           types and related operatons, nput/output, control
   development, and software engneerng; software              structures, functons, array, fles, and strngs.
   development process, program desgn, codng,                 Prerequisite: MA 112 or MA 241 or permission of
   revew, testng, and documentaton; and program-             instructor.
   mng usng a modern programmng language that
   supports modular development. The course has               CS 225
   a closed laboratory that ncludes actvtes deal-
   ng wth the computng envronment, the software          Computer Scence II (3,3)
   development process, and programmng exercses.           4 Credts
   Prerequisite: experience in programming in a high-level      Ths course emphaszes program desgn, style,
   language, and proficiency in high school pre-Calculus        data abstracton, nformaton hdng, and testng;
   mathematics.                                                 advanced programmng features; and ntroducton to
                                                                object-orented concepts, bascs of algorthm analy-
 CS 207                                                         ss, excepton handlng, strng processng, recurson,
                                                                ponters, and smple data structures. The course
Network-Based Computng (3,0)                                   has a closed laboratory that ncludes actvtes deal-
3 Credts                                                       ng wth the computng envronment, the software
   Local area network nstallaton and operatons.              development process, and programmng exercses.
   Topcs covered nclude but are not lmted to LAN,           Prerequisite: CS 125 or EGR 115.
   WAN, termnology, protocols, topologes, mal sys-
   tems, network admnstraton functons, and hard-          CS 235
   Prerequstes: CS 117 and CS 118.                         Assembly Language Programmng (3,0)
                                                             3 Credts
 CS 210                                                         Introducton to computer archtecture; assembler con-
                                                                cepts and nstructon format; addressng technques;
Scentfc Programmng (3,0)                                    nterrupt processng, especally nput/output; segmen-
3 Credts                                                       taton, lnkage, and external procedures; programmng
   Introducton to problem-solvng methods, algorthm           projects to develop understandng of assembly lan-
   development, program desgn, codng, debuggng,              guage concepts.
   testng, use of subprograms and documentaton,
   and programmng n a block-structured hgh-level             Prerequisites: CS 220, CS 225.
   language coverng control structures and smple

                                                      — 240 —
                                                                           Course Descriptions

 CS 308                                                        CS 335
Practcum (3,0)                                               Introducton to Computer Graphcs (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Ths capstone project course s ndvdualzed to             Introducton to computer graphcs, algorthms,
   each student and uses most facets of ther pror              graphcs programmng, graphcs desgn, use of
   nstructon.                                                  graphc packages, and applcatons of computer
   Prerequisite: all other courses required in the computer      graphcs to avaton, busness, and scentfc prob-
   applications minor.                                           lems. A term project nvolvng a graphcs program-
                                                                 mng applcaton may be assgned.
 CS 315                                                          Prerequisites: MA 241 and a proficiency in implementa-
Data Structures and Analyss of Algorthms (3,0)                 tion language.
3 Credts
   Ths course emphaszes the desgn, mplementaton,          CS 344
   and analyss of algorthms dealng wth searchng,         C Programmng and UNIX (3,0)
   sortng, graphs, trees, and dsk fles.                    3 Credts
   Prerequisites: CS 222, CS 225.                                Ths course s an advanced course n the C pro-
                                                                 grammng language and the UNIX programmng
 CS 317                                                          envronment and provdes basc nformaton about
                                                                 the general prncples of operatng systems. It begns
Fles and Database Systems (3,0)                                 wth an ntroducton to the UNIX operatng system,
3 Credts                                                        followed by an n-depth study of the C program-
   Introducton to fle and database systems. The course         mng concepts and technques n the UNIX envron-
   wll cover the theory of database systems, varous            ment. In addton, topcs such as the functon and
   database models, and the desgn of a database sys-            structure of operatng systems, process management,
   tem. Course homework wll reflect real-lfe problems          memory management, concurrency, UNIX system
   requrng cooperaton, problem formulaton, and               programmng, and UNIX programmng tools wll be
   problem-solvng sklls. A team/group term project             covered.
   may be assgned.
                                                                 Prerequisite: CS 225 or equivalent experience in pro-
   Prerequisites: CS 222 and CS 225.                             gramming.
 CS 325                                                        CS 350
Programmng n ADA (3,0)                                      Computer Modelng and Smulaton (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Advanced systems concepts usng the ADA language              Introducton to the basc aspects of modelng and
   to mplement software engneerng, concurrent pro-            smulaton. Topcs nclude statstcal models, queu-
   grammng, and structured desgn technques.                   ng theory, random varate generaton, smulaton
   Prerequisites: CS 210, CS 225, or permission of the           languages, object-orented programmng, graphc
   instructor.                                                   output wth anmaton, desgn and analyss of exper-
                                                                 ments, and verfcaton and valdaton of smulaton
 CS 332                                                          models. A term project nvolvng the smulaton of
Organzaton of Programmng Languages (3,0)                      an element of avaton or aerospace may be assgned.
3 Credts                                                        Prerequisites: MA 222 or MA 412, a proficiency in com-
   A comparatve study of dfferent programmng                  puter programming, and junior/senior standing.
   paradgms. Students program n several languages
   chosen to llustrate the essental features of the para-    CS 375
   dgms studed. Formal language concepts are also           Algorthms (3,0)
   ntroduced.                                                3 Credts
   Prerequisites: CS 222, CS 225.                                Ths course covers strateges, mathematcs, mple-
                                                                 mentatons, and performance propertes of funda-
                                                                 mental algorthms employed n computer scence.
                                                                 Prerequisites: CS 315 and MA 242 or permission of

                                                         — 241 —
Course Descriptions

                                                               Students study and apply commercal tools to the
 CS 415                                                        development of knowledge-base systems n the aero-
Human-Computer Interfaces (3,0)                                space and avaton doman.
3 Credts                                                      Prerequisite: CS 222 or permission of instructor.
   Ths course ntroduces Computer Scence students to
   several mportant aspects of how humans use com-          CS 299, 399, 499
   puters and how software s desgned for usablty.
   Students are ntroduced to usablty ssues, graphcal
                                                            Specal Topcs n Computer Scence
   systems, and graphcal nterfaces.                       1-6 Credts
                                                               Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of
   Prerequisite: SE 320 or permission of the instructor.       selected topcs n computer scence.
 CS 420                                                        Prerequisites: consent of the instructor and the depart-
                                                               ment chair.
Operatng Systems (3,0)
3 Credts
   Development, structure, and functons of operatng
   systems; demand servce models; development of
   concurrent models.                                       Standng s based on credt hours earned toward the
   Prerequisite: CS 225 and junior standing.                student’s declared degree program.

 CS 425                                                      EC 200
Net-Centrc Computng (3,0)                                 An Economc Survey (3,0)
3 Credts                                                   3 Credts
   Ths course ntroduces Computer Scence students            An ntroducton to macro and mcroeconomc prn-
   and other engneerng majors to areas of software           cples, problems, and polces wth a vew to current
   and computer scence that pertan to networks and           economc problems.
   network-based computaton.
   Prerequisites: CEC 320 and CS 317 or permission of        EC 210
   instructor.                                              Mcroeconomcs (3,0)
                                                            3 Credts
 CS 445                                                        An ntroducton to the economc prncples of free
Interfacng (3,1)                                              enterprse supply and demand, prvate and socal
                                                               mplcatons of proft maxmzaton, market struc-
3 Credts
                                                               ture, and resource markets. Current mcroeconomc
   Introducton to mcrocomputers and mcrocon-
                                                               ssues n avaton (such as lablty reform, evoluton
   trollers, effect of the mcroprocessor on the system,
                                                               of arlne competton, etc.) are dscussed.
   memory, and mcrocomputer nput/output methods.
   The subject of nterface components and ther char-
   acterstcs, desgnng nterface components, nter-       EC 211
   facng to standard buses and perpherals. Interface      Macroeconomcs (3,0)
   layout and constructon. Interface software desgn       3 Credts
   and mplementaton.                                         An ntroductory analyss of employment, nflaton,
   Prerequisite: CS 320 or equivalent.                         recesson, GDP economc growth, and nternatonal
                                                               trade wth an emphass on practcal polcy alterna-
 CS 455                                                        tves. Macroeconomc avaton applcatons such as
                                                               the counter-cyclcal growth of start-up arlnes and
Artfcal Intellgence (3,0)                                  consderaton of ATC prvatzaton are ncorporated.
3 Credts
   Ths course ntroduces students to the basc concepts     EC 225
   of artfcal ntellgence wth emphass on knowledge
   engneerng. Students gan experence, through nd-     Engneerng Economcs (3,0)
   vdual and group exercses, n the varous phases of     3 Credts
   system development: plannng, requrements and              An ntroducton to mcroeconomc prncples, prob-
   specfcaton, desgn, mplementaton, and testng.         lems, and polces as well as basc fnancal prnc-
                                                               ples such as tme value of money, captal budgetng,

                                                      — 242 —
                                                                           Course Descriptions

   and cost of captal. The course wll provde the eng-
   neerng graduate wth the tools needed for success
                                                             Electrical Engineering
   n the workplace.
                                                              EE 120
 EC 310                                                      Introducton to Engneerng Management (3,0)
Labor Economcs (3,0)                                        1 Credt
                                                                Study of the tools engneers use to manage projects,
3 Credts
                                                                programs, and research.
   A survey of the economcs of the labor market to
   nclude wage determnaton and employment theory,
   labor organzaton, labor legslaton, and current         EE 200
   developments n labor relatons.                          Engneerng Software Tools (3,0)
   Prerequisites: Microeconomics and junior standing.        1 Credt
                                                                Study of software tools needed to solve engneerng
 EC 312                                                         problems. Topcs nclude but are not lmted to the
                                                                study of MATLAB, computer-aded desgn tools, and
Money and Bankng (3,0)                                         graphcal smulaton programs.
3 Credts
   A prelmnary nvestgaton of the fnancal nsttu-      EE 220
   tons of the U.S. and the relatonshp of monetary
   polcy to ncome and prce stablzaton. Some analy-     Dgtal Crcut Desgn (3,0)
   ss of nternatonal captal flows wll also be under-    3 Credts
   taken.                                                       Introducton to logc desgn and nterfacng dgtal
   Prerequisites: Microeconomics and junior standing.           crcuts. Boolean algebra, combnatoral logc crcuts,
                                                                dgtal multplexers, crcut mnmzaton technques,
                                                                flp-flop storage elements, shft regsters, countng
 EC 315                                                         devces, and sequental logc crcuts.
Manageral Economcs (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     EE 222
   An analytcal approach to the manager’s role n           Dgtal Crcut Laboratory (0,3)
   understandng prcng, costng, producton, and fore-
                                                             1 Credt
   castng. Concentrates on smple quanttatve models
   to explan the frm’s poston n the market and how         Laboratory experments n the measurement and
   the manager can react to and control ths nforma-           verfcaton of dgtal crcuts. Dscrete and ntegrated
   ton. Avaton topcs commonly dscussed nclude             logc crcut desgn analyss and measurements.
   arport prvatzaton and employee ownershp of              Corequste: EE 220.
   Prerequisites: Microeconomics and junior standing.
                                                              EE 223
                                                             Lnear Crcuts Analyss I (3,0)
 EC 420                                                      3 Credts
                                                                Volt-ampere characterstcs for passve crcut ele-
Economcs of Ar Transportaton (3,0)                           ments, resstve network crcut theory, and sm-
3 Credts                                                       plfcaton. Krchoff’s current and voltage laws.
   A study of the economc aspects of arlne servce           Introducton to lnear network theorems and trans-
   wth consderaton gven to the mpact of federal ad        formatons. Transent response of RC, RL, and RLC
   and regulaton, types of arcraft, arport problems,         crcuts. Steady state and mpedance crcut analyss
   consumer nterests, and compettve practces.               for snusodal sources.
   Prerequisites: Microeconomics and junior standing.           Prerequisite: PS 250. Corequisite: MA 345.
 EC 299, 399, 499                                             EE 224
Specal Topcs n Economcs                                  Electrcal Engneerng Laboratory I (0,3)
1-4 Credts                                                  1 Credt
   Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of comb-         Problem sessons, electrcal nstrumentaton and
   natons of selected topcs n economcs.                     measurement, verfcaton of theory presented n
   Prerequisite: consent of the instructor and the depart-      EE 223, workng knowledge of electronc test equp-
   ment chair.                                                  ment. Corequste: EE 223.

                                                      — 243 —
Course Descriptions

 EE 300                                                         EE 305
Lnear Crcut Analyss II (3,0)                               Electronc Devces and Crcuts II (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      3 Credts
   Contnuaton of EE 223. Study of the Laplace and               Study of the characterstcs of operatonal ampl-
   Fourer transforms, Fourer analyss, complex plane,           fers. Desgn of op amp crcuts used n a varety of
   resonance and coupled crcuts, Bode Dagrams, and             electronc sgnal condtonng applcatons. Analyss
   two-port networks.                                             and desgn of popular analog-to-dgtal and dgtal-
   Prerequisite: EE 223. Corequisite: MA 441 or permission        to-analog crcuts and ther system applcaton and
   of instructor.                                                 lmtatons. Further study of basc components found
                                                                  n nstrumentaton systems, such as sensors, sgnal
 EE 301                                                           condtonng crcutry, power supples, A/D and D/
                                                                  A crcutry, and other specal electronc devces. Fnal
Electrcal Engneerng Laboratory II (0,3)                        desgn project requres the desgn of a smple data
1 Credt                                                          acquston system.
   Problem sessons, analyss and smulaton of analog
                                                                  Prerequisites: EE 300, EE 302.
   and dgtal crcuts usng computer-aded desgn and
   analyss tools. Corequste: EE 300.
                                                                EE 306
 EE 302                                                        Introducton to Electrcal Systems (2,0)
Electronc Devces and Crcuts (3,0)                          2 Credts
                                                                  Drect Current electrcty; crcuts, resstance, DC
3 Credts
                                                                  machnery. AC current; transformers, three phase
   Introducton to basc semconductor theory and
                                                                  crcuts, AC machnery, commercal applcatons,
   semconductor devce characterstcs. Dode and
                                                                  buldng codes.
   transstor models used n the analyss and desgn of
   electronc crcuts. Basc amplfer crcuts. Sngle and
   mult-stage amplfer analyss, desgn, and frequency        EE 307
   response. Integrated crcut mplementaton of dffer-      Avoncs I (3,3)
   ental stages and operatonal amplfer crcuts.           4 Credts
   Prerequisite: EE 223 or permission of the instructor.          Provdes the frst part of a comprehensve and rg-
   Corequisite: EE 304.                                           orous study of avoncs systems. A laboratory s
                                                                  provded to gve the student the opportunty to gan
 EE 303                                                           hands-on experence. The course covers avoncs sys-
                                                                  tems from the basc physcs of avoncs to the latest
Sgnals and Flters (3,0)                                         technology.
3 Credts
                                                                  Prerequisites: EE 223, EE 224, MA 345, PS 250, PS
   Mathematcs for flterng and spectral analyss of
   contnuous and dscrete systems. Solutons to flter-
   ng approxmatons va Butterworth, Chebyshev,
   ellptc, and others. Introductons to Z-transforms          EE 308
   and dgtal flter desgn methods.                          Introducton to Electrcal Communcatons (3,0)
   Prerequisites: EE 300 and MA 441 or permission of           3 Credts
   instructor.                                                    Ths s an ntroductory course n communcatons
                                                                  and ncludes channels, networks, Shannon’s law,
 EE 304                                                           random processes, modulaton, and multplexng.
                                                                  Transmtters and recevers are covered as an appl-
Electronc Crcuts Laboratory (0,3)                              caton of the theory ntroduced n ths course. The
1 Credt                                                          Fourer transform s the major mathematcal tool
   Laboratory experments n the measurement of                   used n ths course. The subjects are the basc foun-
   electronc devce characterstcs. Desgn of basng           daton of both analog and dgtal communcatons,
   networks, small sgnal amplfers, and swtchng cr-          both wred and wreless.
   cuts. Corequste: EE 302.

                                                        — 244 —
                                                                           Course Descriptions

 EE 310                                                        EE 330
Avoncs II (3,0)                                             Measurements for Medcne and Physcal Scences
3 Credts                                                     from Spacecraft and Arcraft (3,0)
   Provdes the second part of a comprehensve and            3 Credts
   rgorous study of avoncs systems. Ths course               Ths course covers the unque problems assocated
   ncludes practcal laboratory examples. The course            wth makng measurements from arcraft and space-
   covers avoncs systems from the basc physcs of             craft. Ths ncludes problems assocated wth movng
   avoncs to the latest technology. Ths course s a con-      platforms ncludng mechancal acceleratons, hgh
   tnuaton of EE 307.                                          electrcal nose envronment, and unattended mea-
   Prerequisite: EE 307.                                         surng. For physologcal measurements partcular
                                                                 emphass s placed on safety and problems assoc-
 EE 320                                                          ated wth very low level sgnals. Modern computer-
                                                                 drven data acquston methods are dscussed.
Mcroprocessor Systems (3,0)
3 Credts
   Study of dgtal computer organzatons.
                                                               EE 335
   Introducton to mcrocomputer systems usng a cur-         Electrcal Engneerng I (2,0)
   rent mcroprocessor. Assembly language program-            2 Credts
   mng technques for mcrocomputers wll be used to            Introducton of the fundamentals of electrcal eng-
   study dgtal computer operaton. Input and output            neerng. Crcut theory and varables. Voltage-current
   technques, memory devces, RS 232, and other nter-          relatonshp for passve elements. Crcut analyss
   facng technques wll be studed. Hardware and               and network solutons. Phasors and frequency-
   software relatonshps wll also be dscussed.                doman analyss. Transent analyss of frst and sec-
   Prerequisites: EE 220 and experience in programming in        ond order systems. Equvalent crcuts and power.
   a high-level language.                                        The Electrcal Engneerng Lab, EE 336, must be
                                                                 taken durng the same semester as EE 335
 EE 322                                                          Prerequisites: COM 221, MA 345, PS 250, PS 253.
Mcroprocessor Systems Laboratory (0,3)
1 Credt
                                                               EE 336
   Hands-on experence wth a mcrocomputer s pro-           Electrcal Engneerng Laboratory I (0,3)
   vded through weekly experments nvolvng hard-           1 Credt
   ware and software technques. Corequste: EE 320.            Laboratory experments and technques n electrcal
                                                                 engneerng. The Electrcal Engneerng Lab EE 336,
 EE 325                                                          must be taken durng the same semester as EE 335.
Unmanned Aeral Vehcles (3,0)
3 Credts
                                                               EE 340
   Ths course provdes the student wth an overvew          Electrc and Magnetc Felds (3,0)
   of the engneerng requrements for unmanned aeral        3 Credts
   vehcles. Included are the understandng of the ms-          Electrostatcs and magnetostatcs. Study of mag-
   son requrements, such as survellance, tactcal,            netc and delectrc materal propertes; Maxwell’s
   hgh alttude, long endurance, and armed. The basc           equatons; energy and radaton of plane waves.
   fundamentals of machne control are revewed and              Introducton of electromagnetc waves, transmsson
   specfc applcatons of those fundamentals to aeral         lnes, the Smth chart, and radaton from antennas.
   vehcles. Methods of mnmzng detecton such as             Prerequisites: MA 441, PS 250.
   electromagnetc radaton, radar cross secton, and
   acoustc nose generaton. Partcular attenton s pad     EE 355
   to desgn for relablty and securty.
                                                              CNS, Communcatons, Navgaton Survellance,
                                                              Systems (3,0)
                                                              3 Credts
                                                                 The basc fundamentals of arborne communcatons,
                                                                 navgaton, and survellance systems are covered n
                                                                 ths course. Long-range and short-range commun-

                                                      — 245 —
Course Descriptions

   catons are dscussed, wth partcular emphass on
   data transmsson. En route and landng systems are        EE 407
   covered. Space base navgaton systems are covered        Dgtal Sgnal Processng Laboratory (3,0)
   wth emphass on the Global Postonng System.           1 Credt
   Survellance systems nclude prmary and secondary           Analog and dgtal flter desgn usng MATLAB
   radar as well as ground proxmty and terran warn-          Dgtal flter mplementaton wth C programmng
   ng systems.                                                 and assembly code. Input/output, flterng, and
                                                                waveform generaton wth a 32-bt floatng-pont
 EE 401                                                         DSP development system. Corequste: EE 406.
Control Systems Analyss and Desgn (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     EE 408
   Modelng, analyss, and desgn of analog and dg-        Data Communcatons (3,0)
   tal lnear control systems usng tme and frequency       3 Credts
   doman technques. Topcs nclude feedback control           Ths course s a contnuaton of EE 403 and covers
   system characterstcs performance analyss and sta-         the fundamentals of data communcatons. Subjects
   blty, Z-transforms and controller desgn.                  nclude basc modulaton, encodng, error detecton
   Prerequisites: EE 303, EE 320, or CEC 320.                   and error correcton.
                                                                Prerequisite: EE 403.
 EE 402
Control Systems Laboratory (0,3)                              EE 410
1 Credt                                                     Communcaton Systems (3,0)
   Laboratory experments nvolvng the prncples           3 Credts
   of operaton and desgn of lnear control systems.           Theory and applcaton of electronc communca-
   Experments to support theory ntroduced n EE 401.          ton systems; spectral analyss; modulaton and
   Corequste: EE 401.                                         demodulaton technques; transmttng and recevng
                                                                systems. Behavor of recevers and transmtters n
 EE 403                                                         the presence of nose. Study of avonc rado sys-
Avoncs Communcaton Systems (3,0)                            tems presently n use, such as NAV, COMM, DME,
3 Credts                                                       ATCRBS, ILS, and others.
   Ths course covers the fundamentals of communca-            Prerequisites: EE 303, EE 340.
   tons systems, both dgtal and analog. Ths course
   s n preparaton for other communcatons systems         EE 412
   courses.                                                  Communcaton Systems Laboratory (0,3)
   Prerequisites: EE 302, EE 303.                            1 Credt
                                                                Laboratory experments nvolvng desgn and analy-
 EE 406                                                         ss of electronc communcaton crcutry and mea-
Dgtal Sgnal Processng (3,0)                                 surng performance characterstcs and lmtatons
3 Credts                                                       of varous communcaton components and systems.
   Dscrete-tme descrpton of sgnals and systems.            Corequste: EE 410.
   D/A and A/D converson, samplng, and alasng.
   Fourer transform of dscrete sgnals, the dscrete        EE 415
   Fourer transform, and the Z-transform. Dgtal fl-      Satellte Communcatons Systems (3,0)
   ter structures, flter mplementaton, and synthess      3 Credts
   technques. Dgtzaton, quantzaton, and fnte pre-      Ths course covers all aspects of satellte commun-
   cson effects. Dscrete system smulaton and DSP           catons systems. Orbts are dscussed, such as GEO,
   applcatons.                                                MEO, and LEO, ncludng hghly ellptcal orbts.
   Prerequisite: EE 303. Corequisite: EE 407.                   The RF lnk for satelltes s dscussed wth specal
                                                                consderatons for varous types of orbts. Typcal
                                                                spacecraft and ground staton characterstcs are

                                                      — 246 —
                                                                           Course Descriptions

                                                                 theoretcal and real transmsson lnes. The smlar-
 EE 417                                                          tes of electrcal transmsson lnes and fber optc
Dgtal Communcatons (3,0)                                     transmsson are studed. Methods of establshng
3 Credts                                                        networks usng electrcal transmsson lnes are ds-
   Ths course covers dgtal codes, ncludng the               cussed and the mparments encountered by such
   understandng of the generaton of common codes               networks are dscussed. Fber optc networks are
   and the advantages and dsadvantages of the var-             ntroduced buldng on the foundaton set down by
   ous types of codes. Bandwdth consderatons are              the electrcal transmsson lne networks.
   ntroduced. Common dstorton and nterference
   phenomena are studed n terms of ntersymbol               EE 424
   nterference, bt error rates, and the tools for analyz-   Wreless Communcatons (3,0)
   ng these mparments, such as eye dagrams and            3 Credts
   constellaton dagrams. Technques for mprovng              Ths course studes the specal stuatons assocated
   dgtal communcatons, ncludng matched flters,            wth wreless communcatons, n partcular from
   error detecton, error compresson, and data com-             movng platforms. The basc physcs of rado wave
   presson, are dscussed.                                      propagaton are studed ncludng sgnals, antennas,
                                                                 and multpath problems. Spread spectrum tech-
 EE 420                                                          nques are dscussed along wth other modulaton
Avoncs Prelmnary Desgn (3,0)                                methods appled to moble rado ncludng space-
3 Credts                                                        based systems. Cellular technques are studed.
   Study of FAA requrements governng desgn of
   arborne electronc equpment. Study of component           EE 425
   and subsystem specfcaton and desgn practces.          Wreless Communcatons Lab (0,3)
   Applcaton of the above n the preparaton of a           1 Credt
   proposal/desgn plan for an arborne electrcal/elec-         Ths s the companon lab for EE 424. The lab pro-
   tronc subsystem. Integrate the knowledge ganed              vdes practcal experence through laboratory mea-
   throughout the currculum wth practcal aspects              surements and analyss n the subject areas covered
   of the practce of engneerng to enable the student          by EE 424.
   to comprehend engneerng as a pvotal aspect of
   the busness cycle and to responsbly partcpate n        EE 427
   socety by the practce of hs/her professon. The
   course wll ntroduce the combnaton of hardware          Prelmnary Desgn I (3,0)
   and software requrements and prelmnary desgn,          1 Credt
   preparaton of project, and testng plans followng           Study of organzatonal structure, qualty assurance,
   establshed ndustry standards.                               relablty, and system standards and specfcatons.
   Prerequisite: senior standing.                                Preparaton of senor desgn specfcatons.

 EE 421                                                        EE 428
Avoncs Detal Desgn (3,0)                                  Prelmnary Desgn II (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     1 Credt
   Contnuaton of EE 420 or EE 428. Senor-level proj-          Study of component and system testng. Preparaton
   ect. Students wll work as members of a team n the           of senor desgn proposal.
   executon of wnnng proposals from EE 420/428.               Prerequisite: EE 427.
   The course ncorporates the combnaton of hard-
   ware and software detaled desgn, mplementaton,          EE 450
   and testng followng establshed ndustry standards.      Elements of Power Systems (3,0)
   Prerequisite: EE 420 or EE 428.                            3 Credts
                                                                 Electrcal power converson and control. Use of elec-
 EE 422                                                          tronc devces as swtches. Power computatons for
Wred and Fber Optc Communcatons (3,0)                       lnear and nonlnear crcuts, sngle and three-phase
3 Credts                                                        power dstrbuton, and transformers. Controlled
   Ths course apples the foundatons lad down by              and uncontrolled rectfcaton. AC voltage control-
   EE 310 and EE 417 to wred and fber optc commu-             lers, DC-DC converters, DC power supples, DC-AC
   ncatons. The course dscusses the characterstcs of        nverters, and resonant converters.

                                                        — 247 —
Course Descriptions

   Prerequisite: Senior standing or permission from               neerng, cvl engneerng, and software engneer-
   instructor.                                                    ng are combned to produce results. Students are
                                                                  nvolved n an array of conceptual exercses, smple
 EE 452                                                           desgn actvtes, and projects dealng wth engneer-
Power Systems Laboratory (1,2)                                    ng n aerospace-related areas.
1 Credt
   Laboratory projects n power converson and control.         EGR 111
   Measurement technques of average and apparent              Engneerng Drawng (2,0)
   power, power factor, average and RMS voltage and            2 Credts
   current, and harmoncs. PWM control crcuts, power            Freehand pencl sketchng for graphcal commun-
   electronc crcut desgn, and thermal management              caton of engneerng desgns. Standard forms for
   technques. Corequste: EE 450.                               desgn graphc and vew layout, orthographc projec-
                                                                  ton, secton and auxlary vews, dmensonng, tol-
 EE 460                                                           erancng, ntroducton to shop processes. Ths course
Advanced Controls and System Integraton (3,0)                    s not equvalent to EGR 120.
3 Credts
   Contnuaton of EE 401. Study of modern control              EGR 115
   methods ncludng state varables, controllablty          Introducton to Computng for Engneers (3,0)
   and observablty, and modern desgn technques.            3 Credts
   Integraton of avoncs systems by dfferent avon-            Ths s an ntroductory course n programmng and
   cs bus protocols ncludng ARINC-429, ARINC-629,              computng for scentsts and engneers. The course
   Ml Std 1553, and RS-232. Study of avoncs systems            ntroduces students to the followng aspects of
   common to modern arcraft. Desgn project.                     software engneerng: specfcaton, requrements,
   Prerequisite: EE 401 or equivalent.                            desgn, code, and test. Ths course uses a problem-
                                                                  solvng approach for developng algorthms. The
 EE 475                                                           followng topcs wll be ncluded: data types and
                                                                  related operatons, loopng, decson, nput/output,
Senor Telecommuncatons Project (2,3)                           functons, arrays, fles, and plottng.
3 Credts
   The capstone course for the telecommuncatons                 Prerequisite: pre-Calculus or permission of the instruc-
   track. Ths course wll ental a desgn project nvolv-        tor.
   ng a broad spectrum of tasks ncludng system
   desgn, software, hardware, test, and evaluaton.            EGR 120
   The students wll plan the project usng the latest         Graphcal Communcatons (2,2)
   computer tools and montor the progress. Group and          3 Credts
   nterdscplnary efforts are encouraged.                      Freehand pencl sketchng and CAD as tools for
                                                                  graphcal communcaton of engneerng desgns.
 EE 299, EE 399, EE 499                                           Standard forms for desgn graphcs and vew layout,
Specal Topcs n Electrcal Engneerng                          orthographc projecton, secton and auxlary vews,
1-6 Credts
                                                                  dmensonng, tolerancng, ntroducton to shop pro-
   Drected studes of selected topcs n electrcal eng-        cesses.
   neerng.                                                       Prerequisite: enrollment in an engineering program.
   Prerequisite: consent of instructor and department chair.
                                                                EGR 200
                                                               Computer Aded Conceptual Desgn of Aerospace
Engineering                                                    Systems (2,3)
                                                               3 Credts
 EGR 101                                                          Applcaton and use of a hgh end computer aded
Introducton to Engneerng (1,2)                                 desgn (CAD) tool for graphcal communcaton of
2 Credts                                                         conceptual engneerng desgns. Includes defn-
   An ntroducton to the nterdscplnary aspects               ton of standards and conventons for generatng
   of the engneerng of aerospace systems. Ths s a             part and assembly drawngs as well as ntroductory
   project-based course demonstratng how aerospace               methods for creatng and documentng conceptual
   engneerng, electrcal engneerng, computer eng-            aerospace systems desgn. Applcaton of rapd

                                                        — 248 —
                                                                         Course Descriptions

   prototypng methods for constructng and ntegrat-
   ng aerospace models as well as conceptual arcraft       EL 204
   desgn.                                                  Mcroelectroncs Laboratory (0,3)
                                                            1 Credt
 EGR 305                                                       One three-hour laboratory sesson per week wth
3D-CADD and Engneerng Documentaton (3,0)                    experments parallelng the materal of EL 203.
3 Credts                                                      Corequste: EL 203.
   Applcaton and use of hgh-end computer asssted
   draftng, desgn, and analyss tool (CATIA) to            EL 212
   engneerng challenges. Applcatons of CATIA            Dgtal Crcut and Systems Analyss (4,0)
   workbenches: the product specfcaton tree, knowl-      4 Credts
   edgware, parametrc desgn, part and assembly               An ntroducton to dgtal fundamentals and ther
   desgn, modfcaton, document release and control,         applcatons to electronc and avoncs systems.
   fnal drawngs, and changes.                                Prerequisite: EL 107. Corequisite: EL 213.
   Prerequisites: EGR 120, ES 201, ES 204.
                                                             EL 213
Electronics                                                 Dgtal Crcut Laboratory (0,3)
                                                            1 Credt
                                                               One three-hour laboratory sesson per week wth
 EL 107                                                        experments parallelng the materal of EL 212.
Drect and Alternatng Current Fundamentals and                Corequste: EL 212.
Crcut Analyss (4,0)
4 Credts                                                    EL 301
   A detaled study of basc DC and AC theory and           Electronc Communcaton Systems (3,0)
   crcut concepts. Subject areas nclude the physcal     3 Credts
   nature of matter, Ohm’s Law, DC and AC compo-               Introducton to communcatons crcuts and
   nents, seres and parallel crcuts, reactance, reso-       systems. Subject areas nclude AM, FM, and SS
   nance, and transformer theory.                              modulaton and recevers, transmsson lnes, wave
   Prerequisite: MA 111 or MA 145. Corequisites: EL 108,       propagaton, antennas, wave gudes, mcrowave
   MA 112.                                                     devces, data, communcatons, and radar fundamen-
 EL 108                                                        Prerequisites: EL 203, EL 204, and MA 112 or MA 241.
Drect and Alternatng Current Laboratory (0,3)
1 Credt                                                     EL 302
   One three-hour laboratory sesson per week wth          Electronc Communcatons Laboratory (0,3)
   experments parallelng the materal of EL 107.          1 Credt
   Corequste: EL 107.                                        One three-hour laboratory sesson per week wth
                                                               experments parallelng the materal of EL 301.
 EL 203                                                        Corequste: EL 301.
Mcroelectroncs Fundamentals and Crcut
Analyss (4,0)                                               EL 303
4 Credts                                                   Pulse Components and Crcut Applcatons (2,0)
   An ntroductory course n sold-state fundamentals       2 Credts
   and crcut analyss. Subject areas nclude semcon-        An ntroducton to pulse fundamentals and crcuts
   ductor constructon, basng, small and large sgnal        and ther response n hgh frequency applcatons.
   amplfer analyss, actve devces, operatonal ampl-
   fers, oscllators, and frequency consderatons.           Prerequisites: EL 203, EL 212, and MA 112 or MA 241.
   Prerequisites: EL 107, EL 108. Corequisite: EL 204.

                                                       — 249 —
Course Descriptions

                                                               Prerequisites: EGR 115 and PS 303. Corequisites: MA
 EL 304                                                        345, PS 305.
Pulse Crcuts Laboratory (0,3)
1 Credt                                                     EP 340
   One three-hour laboratory sesson per week wth          Introducton to Space Systems Desgn (2,1.5)
   experments parallelng the materal of EL 303.          2 Credts
   Corequste: EL 303.                                        An ntroducton to space msson analyss and
                                                               desgn process, msson characterzaton, evaluaton,
 EL 307                                                        and requrements defnton. Introducton to com-
Mcroprocessor Systems (3,0)                                   puter-aded desgn (CAD). Numercal modelng and
3 Credts                                                      smulaton of engneerng systems, the fnte element
   An advanced course desgned to acquant the student         method, the fnte dfference method.
   wth mcroprocessor archtecture, software, and hard-       Prerequisite: ES 202.
   ware. Subject areas nclude mcroprocessor organza-
   ton, nstructon sets, memory mappng software and       EP 391
   hardware, mcroprocessor system desgn and nterfac-
                                                            Mcrocomputers and Electronc
   ng to buses, I/O devces, memores, regsters, and
   other dgtal devces.                                   Instrumentaton (2,3)
                                                            3 Credts
   Prerequisites: EL 212, EL 213, and CS 223 or CS elec-
                                                               Ths course wll provde students wth a background
                                                               n electroncs as t apples to the desgn of crcuts of
                                                               measurng nstruments and to nterface sensors and
 EL 308                                                        computers. The program of study wll concentrate
Mcroprocessor Systems Laboratory (3,0)                        on followng the form of the electrcal sgnal from
1 Credt                                                       lght, pressure, temperature, and other sensors as t
   One three-hour laboratory sesson per week wth             proceeds through sgnal condtonng crcuts and
   experments parallelng the materal of EL 307.             nto the mcrocomputer for further processng. In
   Corequste: EL 307.                                        the laboratory porton of the course the student wll
                                                               explore the desgn of pertnent regulated power
                                                               supples, amplfers, logc crcuts, flters, stepper
Engineering Physics                                            motors, servo motors, and A-to-D and D-to-A con-
                                                               verters. Ths work wll serve as the bass for desgn
A grade of C or better s requred n MA 241, MA 242,          project assgnments to produce one or two workng
PS 140, PS 141, PS 215, and PS 216 for entry nto all EP       nstruments that are nterfaced to a mcrocomputer.
and ES courses.                                                Prerequisites: EGR 115, PS 219, PS 220, or instructor’s
                                                               waiver. Corequisite: MA 345.
 EP 101
Current Topcs n Space Scences (1,0)                       EP 393
1 Credt                                                    Spaceflght Dynamcs (2,0)
   A survey semnar ntended to explore contemporary
                                                            2 Credts
   topcs encountered n the exploraton of the upper
                                                               Basc topcs n analytcal dynamcs, two body orbts
   atmosphere and near space envronment.
                                                               and the ntal value problem, the two body orbtal
                                                               boundary value problem, Earth coverage and space
 EP 320                                                        msson geometry, non-Kepleran effects, orbtal
Electro-Optcal Engneerng (3,0)                              maneuvers and rendezvous, and nterplanetary
3 Credts                                                      transfer. Fundamentals of ascent flght mechancs,
   Geometrcal optcs of mrrors, thn and thck lenses,       launch vehcle selecton, fundamentals of entry flght
   prsms, and systems. Ray tracng wth optcal CAD.          mechancs, and the assocated thermal control prob-
   Fber optcs applcatons. Physcal optcs ncludng        lem.
   nterference, dffracton, and polarzaton. Phaser         Prerequisite: ES 204.
   methods. Engneerng consderatons n choce of df-
   ferent types of detectors. Space systems applcatons.
   Image processng. Emphass on desgn.

                                                     — 250 —
                                                                            Course Descriptions

 EP 394                                                         EP 425
Space Systems Engneerng (3,0)                                Observatonal Astronomy (2,3)
3 Credts                                                      3 Credts
   Development of the fundamental prncples used n              Basc desgn and use of an optcal telescope, funda-
   the engneerng and desgn of space systems. Several           mentals of astronomcal optcs ncludng refractng
   major subsystems ncludng power, telemetry and                and reflectng systems, prncples and applcatons of
   command, communcatons, thermal control and                   optcal flters and adaptve optcs. Desgn optmza-
   gudance, navgaton, and control subsystems are               ton and trade-offs n an observng system. Telescope
   covered. Topcs on space envronmental control and             system calbraton and technques for enhancng
   lfe support systems, space system ntegraton and             trackng accuracy. Vsual observaton and analyss of
   testng and space system operatons are also ds-              mages of the sun, moon, planets, stars, nebulae, and
   cussed.                                                        galaxes. Electronc magng ncludng quantfcaton
   Prerequisite: AE 313 or EP 393 or consent of the               of radant energy, spectroscopy, and technques for
   instructor.                                                    reducng the effects of nose sources. Optcal and
                                                                  detector desgn trade-offs for measurement optm-
 EP 400                                                           zaton.
Thermodynamcs and Statstcal Mechancs (3,0)                    Prerequisites: PS 303, PS 305, and either PS 401 or PS
3 Credts
   Basc thermodynamcs, entropy, knetc theory, dstr-
   buton of molecular veloctes, Maxwell-Boltzmann            EP 440
   statstcs, Bose-Ensten statstcs, Ferm-Drac stats-   Engneerng Electrcty and Magnetsm (3,0)
   tcs, mcrocononcal ensemble, canoncal ensemble.          3 Credts
   Prerequisite: PS 303.                                          Solutons of electrostatcs problems usng Posson’s
                                                                  equaton and Laplace’s equaton, electrostatc energy,
 EP 410                                                           electrc current, magnetc feld, electromagnetc
                                                                  nducton, physcs of plasmas, Maxwell’s equatons,
Space Physcs (3,0)                                               and applcaton of Maxwell’s equatons (reflecton,
3 Credts                                                         refracton, wavegudes, antenna radaton). Students
   Orgn, evoluton, and structure of neutral and on-           wll wrte some smple computer programs.
   zed terrestral atmosphere. Effect of sun’s electromag-
                                                                  Prerequisites: EGR 115, MA 442, PS 303, PS 305,
   netc radaton on ozone sheld. Photoonzaton and
                                                                  PS 320, or instructor consent.
   thermal structure of the neutral atmosphere as well
   as the onosphere and magnetosphere. Solar dstur-
   bances and ther effects on satellte orbt decay and on     EP 455
   long-dstance communcaton. Studes of composton,        Quantum Physcs (3,0)
   thermodynamcs, and physcal processes of the near-         3 Credts
   earth space envronment. Rocket and satellte mon-            The Schrodnger equaton n one and three dmen-
   torng and remote sensng. Numercal and nstrument            sons and ts solutons for step potentals, the har-
   desgn projects.                                               monc oscllator, and the hydrogen atom. Operators
   Prerequisite: EP 320. Corequisite: EP 440.                     and ther matrx representatons: Drac bracket
                                                                  formalsm, angular momentum and spn, spn-orbt
 EP 420                                                           nteracton. Identcal partcles and exchange symme-
                                                                  tres. Tme-ndependent and tme-dependent pertur-
Planetary Scence (3,0)                                           baton theory and approxmaton methods: transton
3 Credts                                                         rates, Ferm’s rule, scatterng theory. Classcal and
   Study of the planetary system: orgn, evoluton,              quantum statstcal dstrbutons.
   composton, present confguraton, dynamcs, nte-
                                                                  Prerequisite: EP 440 or instructor consent.
   rors, surfaces, atmospheres, and magnetospheres
   of the planets and, where approprate, smlar
   aspects of the satelltes, asterods, and comets.
   Interpretatons of exstng data and defnton of
   future experments to ad n determnaton of the or-
   gn and evoluton of the solar system are stressed.
   Prerequisite: PS 303.

                                                       — 251 —
Course Descriptions

 EP 496                                                      ES 202
Space Systems Desgn I (1,3)                                Sold Mechancs (3,0)
2 Credts                                                   3 Credts
   A program of undergraduate research, supervsed by          The concepts of stress and stran and ther tensor
   physcs or engneerng faculty, leadng to the wrt-        propertes. Elastc stress-stran relatons. Analyss of
   ng of a techncal desgn report n an area of current      stress and deformaton n members subject to axal,
   nterest n engneerng physcs.                            torsonal, bendng, and combned loadng. Column
   Prerequisites: EP 340 and EP 394.                           stablty.
                                                               Prerequisite: ES 201.
 EP 497
Space Systems Desgn II (2,4)                                ES 204
3 Credts
   Ths s a requred course n the Engneerng Physcs
                                                            Dynamcs (3,0)
   program. It s the second of a two-semester sequence     3 Credts
   and completes senor desgn project requrements            A vector treatment of the knematcs and knetcs
   of ths program. Contnuaton and completon of EP          of partcles and rgd bodes. Acceleraton, work,
   496.                                                        energy, power, mpulse, and momentum.
   Prerequisite: EP496.                                        Prerequisite: ES 201. Corequisite: MA 345.

 EP 199, 299, 399, 499                                       ES 206
Specal Topcs n Engneerng Physcs                       Flud Mechancs (3,0)
1-4 Credts                                                 3 Credts
   Indvdual, ndependent, or drected study of top-          Physcal characterstcs of the flud state. Flud
   cs n the felds of appled physcs, space systems,        statcs. Knematcs of flud moton. Flow of an
   and alled engneerng dscplnes. Student desgn          ncompressble deal flud. The mpulse-momentum
   projects that nvolve sgnfcant engneerng desgn        prncples. Smltude and dmensonal analyss,
   such as mcrogravty experments and moon-buggy             flud measurements.
   desgn. May be consdered as an engneerng electve
                                                               Prerequisite: ES 201.
   wth approval of the program coordnator.
                                                             ES 207
Engineering Science                                         Fundamentals of Mechancs (3,0)
                                                            3 Credts
A grade of C or better s requred n MA 241, MA 242,
and ether PS 150 or PS 215 and PS 216 for entry nto          Vector analyss of forces and moments. Equlbrum
all ES courses. A passng grade n all                         analyss of statc systems. Center of gravty.
                                                               Knematcs, knetcs, work and energy, mpulse and
Prerequste courses or department consent s requred         momentum.
for entry nto all ES courses.                                 Prerequisite: PS 150.
 ES 201                                                      ES 305
Statcs (3,0)                                               Thermodynamcs (3,0)
3 Credts                                                   3 Credts
   A vector treatment of the concepts and characters-         A study of the concepts of heat and work and ther
   tcs of forces and couples. Dstrbuted forces. Center      transformaton as governed by the frst and sec-
   of mass, centrod. Equlbrum of partcles and rgd       ond laws of thermodynamcs. Propertes of pure
   bodes. Trusses and frames. Internal forces. Shear          substances. Ideal gas behavor and relatonshps.
   and moment dstrbuton n beams. Area moments              Reversble processes and temperature-entropy da-
   of nerta.                                                 grams. Conventonal power cycles. Propertes of
   Prerequisites: PS 150 or PS 215, EGR 120 or EGR 111,        deal gas mxtures. Combuston.
   or consent of the instructor. Corequisite: MA 243.          Prerequisites: ES 206 and PS 160 or PS 208 or consent
                                                               of the instructor.

                                                      — 252 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

 ES 306                                                         ES 321
Fber Optcs (2.5,.5)                                          Engneerng Materals Scence Laboratory (0,3)
3 Credts                                                      1 Credt
   An ntroductory course on optcal fber technology             Laboratory experments and technques n mater-
   and applcatons. Course covers optcal wavegude              als scence, compostes, and sold mechancs. The
   theory (mult-mode and sngle-mode), lght sources             Engneerng Materals Scence Lab must be taken
   (LEDs and lasers), lght detectors and how these               durng the same semester as ES 320.
   components work together to form an electro-optcal
   system. Applcatons to communcatons, sensors, and         ES 403
   avaton are studed. Some laboratory work, computer        Heat Transfer (3,0)
   desgn, and lterature research are requred to broaden
                                                               3 Credts
   student’s vewpont and to acheve 1 credt of eng-
                                                                  One- and two-dmensonal steady and unsteady
   neerng desgn.
                                                                  state conducton heat transfer ncludng an ntroduc-
   Prerequisites: MA 441, PS 160.                                 ton to fnte-dfference and fnte-element methods
                                                                  of analyss. Free and forced convecton heat transfer.
 ES 312                                                           Radaton heat transfer.
Energy Transfer Fundamentals (3,0)                                Prerequisites: ES 206 or permission of instructor, ES
3 Credts
                                                                  305, MA 345.
   Frst and Second Laws of Thermodynamcs for con-
   trol masses and control volumes. Fundamentals of             ES 405
   heat transfer: conducton, convecton, and radaton.       Electrcal Engneerng II (3,0)
   Applcaton of energy balances.                             3 Credts
   Prerequisite: PS 160.                                          Dode, transstor, and operatonal amplfer crcut
                                                                  analyss. System block dagrams, feedback, and
                                                                  transfer functons. Dgtal and analog computer prn-
 ES 315                                                           cples. Boolean algebra, logc gates, and mcroproces-
Space Envronment and Effects (3,0)                               sors. Rotatng electrcal machnes, transformers, and
3 Credts                                                         other electro-mechancal energy converson devces.
   Ths course studes the effects of the space env-             Prerequisite: EE 335.
   ronment on spacecraft and spacecraft desgn. The
   vacuum, neutral, plasma, radaton, and space debrs         ES 412
   envronments and ther effect on space mssons are
   examned. Specal emphass s placed on nvestgat-         Structural Dynamcs (3,0)
   ng the effects of radaton on the electrcal spacecraft   3 Credts
   subsystems and the space debrs envronment.                   Smple harmonc moton. Undamped and damped
                                                                  free vbraton and forced vbraton. Multple degrees of
   Prerequisites: PS 250, junior standing, or instructor          freedom. Mult-mass torsonal and transverse systems.
   consent.                                                       Equvalent torsonal systems. Balancng. Dynamc
                                                                  dampng. Computer analyss usng fnte element
 ES 320                                                           modelng.
Engneerng Materals Scence (2,0)                               Prerequisites: ES 202, ES 204, MA 345.
2 Credts
   Materals used n aeronautcal engneerng applca-          ES 413
   tons. Propertes of materals and ther measure-
   ments. Metals and ther structures. Characterstcs of      Engneerng Fundamentals Revew (1,2)
   metallc phases. Equlbrum dagrams. Processng           1 Credt
   of metals and alloys. Plastcs, ther structures, and          Ths course s a revew of fundamental engneer-
   characterstcs. Ceramcs and ther characterstcs.           ng prncples. Problem-solvng tutoral sessons
   Composte materals. Corroson. The Engneerng                help engneerng students prepare for the Natonal
   Materals Scence Lab ES 321 must be taken durng              Fundamental Engneerng or Engneerng-In-
   the same semester as ES 320.                                   Tranng Examnaton.
   Prerequisites: COM 221, ES 202, and PS 105 or PS 140           Prerequisite: senior status.
   or consent of the instructor.

                                                        — 253 —
Course Descriptions

 ES 299, 399, 499                                               FA 133
Specal Topcs n Engneerng Scence                          Commercal Plot Flght II
1-6 Credts                                                    1 Credt
   Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of                  The student wll receve addtonal tranng n safety
   selected topcs n engneerng scence.                        awareness, cross-country, and nght operatons, crew
   Prerequisites: consent of instructor and department            resource management, and aeronautcal decson
   chair. May be repeated with change of content.                 makng. At the successful completon of ths course,
                                                                  the student wll have met the requrements of the
                                                                  FAA Prvate Plot practcal test standards and ganed
Flight-Academic                                                   the aeronautcal experence necessary to apply for
                                                                  the FAA Prvate Plot Certfcate, Sngle and Mult-
 FA 109                                                           Engne Land Ratngs.
Intermedate Flght Transton and Procedural                     Prerequisites: FA 132 or FAA Private Pilot Certificate.
                                                                  Corequisite: AS 132 or AS 133. (NOTE FOR DAYTONA
Famlarzaton                                                   BEACH CAMPUS: the FAA requires AS 133 to be com-
3 Credts                                                         pleted at Embry-Riddle with a “C” or higher. Students
   A revew of elementary commercal plot flght                 who transfer credit for AS 133 will be required to com-
   operatons ncludng basc arcraft control, elemen-           plete additional ground training in FA 133 to meet the
   tary rado navgaton, ar traffc control procedure,          FAA requirement.)
   cross-country operatons, and solo flght. Assocated
   ground nstructon wll nclude a revew of knowl-           FA 208
   edge areas requred for Prvate Plot certfcaton.
   Ths course s specfcally desgned for students           Commercal Plot Flght Operatons II
   enterng Embry-Rddle’s Commercal Plot program            2 Credts
   wth a Prvate Plot certfcate and desrng advanced         Flght tranng n advanced VFR cross-country oper-
   standng.                                                      atons and mult-engne operatons and procedures.
   Prerequisite: FAA Private Pilot Certificate with Airplane      At the completon of ths course, the student wll
   Single-Engine Land Rating.                                     have fulflled the majorty of cross-country requre-
                                                                  ments for commercal certfcaton. In addton, the
 FA 132                                                           student wll have ganed the aeronautcal knowl-
                                                                  edge, skll, and experence to apply for an addtonal
Commercal Plot Flght I                                         mult-engne class ratng to hs/her exstng FAA
1 Credt                                                          Prvate Plot Certfcate.
   Durng ths course the student obtans the founda-             Prerequisite: FA 109 or FA 110.
   ton for all future avaton tranng. The student wll
   be ntroduced to the fundamentals of flght and              FA 215
   become profcent n basc maneuvers and operat-
   ng procedures requred for solo flght. Emphass           Upset Tranng
   wll be placed on developng a safe and competent           1 Credt
   student plot who s adequately prepared for solo,             Ths flght course s desgned to gve certfed plots
   cross-country, and nght operatons. The student wll          the experence and knowledge to mmedately recog-
   receve tranng n safety awareness, crew resource            nze arcraft upset stuatons and the sklls to safely
   management, and aeronautcal decson-mak-                     and precsely recover from such occurrences. Ths
   ng. Corequste: AS 132. (NOTE FOR DAYTONA                    course wll nclude flght recoveres from-nose hgh,
   BEACH CAMPUS: The FAA requres AS 132 to be                    nose-low, and nverted atttudes; spn entres and
   completed at Embry-Rddle wth a “C” or hgher.                recoveres; and basc aerobatc maneuvers.
   Students who transfer credt for AS 132 wll be
   requred to complete addtonal ground tranng n           FA 232
   FA 132 to meet the FAA requrement.)                        Commercal Plot Flght III
                                                               1 Credt
                                                                  The student wll receve tranng n the maneuvers
                                                                  and procedures necessary for hm/her to meet the
                                                                  standards contaned n the FAA nstrument ratng
                                                                  practcal test standards. Addtonally, the student
                                                                  wll receve tranng n cockpt resource management

                                                         — 254 —
                                                                           Course Descriptions

   and safe flyng practces. At the successful comple-
   ton of ths course the student wll have ganed the       FA 273
   aeronautcal experence necessary to apply for the        Commercal Sngle Engne Add-On
   addton of the FAA Instrument Arplane Ratng to         1 Credt
   hs/her Prvate Plot Certfcate.                           The student wll receve the flght tranng requred
   Prerequisites: AS 133 and FA 133 or FAA Private              to add a FAA Commercal Plot Sngle-Engne rat-
   Pilot Certificate Single-Engine/Multi-Engine Land.           ng to hs/her FAA Commercal Mult-Engne/
   Corequisite: AS 232. (NOTE FOR DAYTONA BEACH                 Instrument Plot Certfcate.
   CAMPUS: the FAA requires AS 232 to be completed              Prerequisite: FA 272 or FAA Commercial Multi-Engine/
   at Embry-Riddle with a “C” or higher. Students who           Instrument Certificate.
   transfer credit for AS 232 will be required to complete
   additional ground training in FA 232 to meet the FAA       FA 304
                                                             Commercal Plot Flght Operatons IV
                                                             2 Credts
 FA 251                                                         Flght and smulator tranng n nstrument approach
Commercal Plot Flght Operatons III                          procedures and assocated plot operatons ncludng
3 Credts                                                       nstrument cross-country operatons. At the success-
   Flght, ground, and smulator tranng n basc att-        ful completon of ths course the student wll have
   tude nstrument flght procedures and technques.            ganed the aeronautcal knowledge necessary for the
   The student wll be taught to maneuver the arplane          addton of an nstrument-arplane ratng to hs/her
   n actual or smulated nstrument condtons by              FAA Prvate Plot Certfcate.
   rado and radar navgaton whle complyng wth              Prerequisite: FA 251. (FAA Part 141 approved.)
   departure, en route, and arrval ATC procedures and
   clearances.                                                FA 325
   Prerequisite: FA 208. (FAA Part 141 approved.)
                                                             Commercal Plot Flght Operatons V
                                                             2 Credts
 FA 272                                                         Flght tranng n maxmum performance and pre-
Commercal Plot Flght IV                                      cson commercal flght maneuvers and a revew
1 Credt                                                        of the plot operatons requred of a commercal
   The student wll receve tranng n the maneuvers           plot. At the completon of ths course, the stu-
   and procedures necessary for hm/her to meet the             dent wll have ganed the aeronautcal knowledge,
   standards contaned n the commercal plot pract-          skll, and experence necessary to apply for the
   cal test standards. Addtonally, the student wll           FAA Commercal Plot Certfcate wth Instrument
   receve tranng n cockpt resource management and          Arplane Sngle- and Mult-Engne Land ratngs.
   safe flyng practces. At the successful completon          Prerequisite: FA 304. (FAA Part 141 approved.)
   of ths course the student wll have ganed the aero-
   nautcal experence necessary to apply for the FAA         FA 340
   Commercal Plot Ratng, Mult-Engne Land wth
   Instrument Ratng.                                        Mult-Engne Class Ratng
   Prerequstes: AS 232 and FA 232 or FAA Prvate           1 Credt
   Plot Sngle Engne Land/Mult-Engne Land                   Instructon and flght tranng to provde the aero-
   Certfcate wth Instrument Ratng. Corequste: AS          nautcal skll and knowledge to meet the requre-
   272. (NOTE FOR DAYTONA BEACH CAMPUS:                         ments for the addton of a Mult-Engne Land class
   the FAA requres AS 272 to be completed at Embry-            ratng wth nstrument prvleges to the student’s
   Rddle wth a “C” or hgher. Students who transfer           exstng FAA Commercal Plot Certfcate.
   credt for AS 272 wll be requred to complete add-         Prerequisite: FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with an
   tonal ground tranng n FA 272 to meet the FAA             Instrument rating. (FAA Part 141 approved.)

                                                       — 255 —
Course Descriptions

 FA 341                                                        FA 418
Advanced Commercal and Instrument Flght                     Arlne Transport Plot Profcency Development
Operatons and Procedural Famlarzaton                     1 Credt
2 Credts                                                        Certfed Commercal and Instrument rated mult-
   A revew of the plot operatons requred of a com-           engne plots are provded extensve detaled nstru-
   mercal plot ncludng maxmum performance and               ment-orented tranng to arlne transport plot
   precson commercal flght maneuvers as requred.            profcency standards. Emphass s placed on prec-
   A revew of nstrument plot operatons ncludng             son atttude flyng technques ncludng confgura-
   basc atttude nstrument flyng, holdng, prec-             ton change procedures, atttude and thrust settng
   son and nonprecson nstrument approaches, wth             determnaton, and velocty transtons; precse
   emphass placed on the plot-n-command nstru-               nstrument approach and departure procedures; and
   ment cross-country operatons. Assocated ground              ntegraton of applcable emergency procedures dur-
   nstructon wll nclude a revew of knowledge areas          ng all phases of nstrument flght.
   requred for the Commercal Certfcate wth an               Prerequisites: FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with
   Instrument ratng as requred. Ths course s specf-        Airplane Single- and Multi-Engine Land and Instrument-
   cally desgned for students enterng the Aeronautcal         Airplane ratings.
   Scence program wth a Commercal Certfcate
   wth Arplane Sngle-Engne Land and Instrument             FA 420
   Arplane ratngs.
                                                              Arlne Flght Crew Technques and Procedures
                                                              2 Credts
 FA 370                                                          Instructon n arlne flght crew operatons wth
Advanced Mult-Engne Instrument Flght                          emphass on the transton of the professonally
1 Credt                                                         qualfed plot nto a hghly sklled member of an ar
   Introducton to autoplot and flght drector opera-          carrer flght management team.
   tons to further develop nstrument plotng sklls to        Prerequisites: Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi-
   the ATP level. In addton, the student s ntroduced         Engine/Instrument Airplane rating, AS 387, AS 420, AS
   to advanced cross-country operatons, wth emphass           435.
   on precson flyng sklls and the use of automated
   flght management systems n an IFR envronment.            FA 460
   Prerequisites: AS 272 and a Commercial Pilot Certificate
   with a Multi-Engine class rating and Instrument
                                                              Mult-Engne Flght Instructor Ratng
   Airplane rating.                                           2 Credts
                                                                 The student wll receve tranng n the maneuvers
 FA 417                                                          and procedures necessary for hm/her to meet the
                                                                 FAA standards requred to add the Mult-Engne
Flght Instructor Ratng                                         Flght Instructor ratng to hs/her CFI/I ratng.
3 Credts                                                        Addtonal nstructon wll be provded n advanced
   The student wll receve tranng n the maneuvers            mult-engne flght crew tranng technques nclud-
   and procedures necessary for hm/her to meet the              ng cockpt resource management and safe flyng
   standards contaned n the Flght Instructor practcal        practces.
   test standards, Sngle-Engne Land wth Instrument            Prerequisites: FA 417 or FAA Commercial Pilot
   Arplane ratng. Addtonally, the student wll               Certificate with Airplane Multi-Engine Land and
   receve tranng n cockpt resource management               Instrument-Airplane ratings and a FAA Flight Instructor
   and safe flyng practces. Assocated ground nstruc-         Certificate with an Instrument Airplane rating.
   ton wll nclude completon of the Fundamentals of
   Instructon, the Flght Instructor Arplane, and the        FA 199, 299, 399, 499
   Flght Instructor Instrument wrtten test.
   Prerequisite: FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with
                                                              Specal Topcs n Flght
   Single-Engine and Instrument rating.                       0-2 Credts
                                                                 Flght tranng n selected areas for the purpose of
                                                                 ganng profcency n requred plot operatons for
                                                                 varous certfcates and ratngs.
                                                                 Prerequisites: approval of chief flight instructor and
                                                                 department chair.

                                                      — 256 —
                                                                          Course Descriptions

Honors                                                          wll emphasze student partcpaton n focused class
                                                                dscusson, and wll foster further development of
                                                                research, crtcal thnkng, and oral and wrtten com-
 HON 150                                                        muncaton abltes. Topcs vary by nstructor.
Honors Semnar I (3,0)
3 Credts
   Ths course s open only to freshmen enrolled n the      Human Factors
   Honors program, and wll satsfy the lower level
   Humantes requrement n general educaton. An            HF 300
   nterdscplnary Humantes course, t focuses on        Human Factors I: Prncples and Fundamentals (3,0)
   aesthetc, phlosophcal, and hstorcal aspects of
                                                             3 Credts
   a subject, makng use of text materals from sev-
                                                                Ths course s ntended to provde the student wth
   eral dscplnes and vared meda. The course also
                                                                an understandng of the basc prncples of Human
   emphaszes student partcpaton n a semnar ds-
                                                                Factors Psychology. We wll study the research, prn-
   cusson format and requres that students develop
                                                                cples, and methods that are benefcal (and essen-
   ther research, crtcal thnkng, and oral and wrtten
                                                                tal) n optmzng the nteracton between people
   communcaton abltes. Requrements wll nclude
                                                                and machne elements of a system, whle takng the
   (but wll not be lmted to) text and Web-based org-
                                                                envronment nto account.
   nal research, wrtten essays, oral presentatons, and
   partcpaton n group dscusson. Topcs may vary           Prerequisite: PSY 220.
   accordng to nstructor.
                                                              HF 302
 HON 250                                                     Human Factors II: Analytc Methods and
Honors Semnar II (3,0)                                      Technques (3,0)
3 Credts                                                    3 Credts
   Ths course s open only to students enrolled n the         Covers a varety of engneerng and behavoral ana-
   Honors program, and wll satsfy 3 credts of the            lytc methods and technques crtcal to the study of
   lower-level Socal Scences requrement n general           work performance. Provdes requred tools needed
   educaton. The course focuses on materal pertnent          to accomplsh workload analyss as a requste to a
   to one or more dscplnes wthn the broad arena            systems desgn or a redesgn of an exstng system.
   of the Socal Scences. Specfc emphases wll vary          Prerequisite: HF 300.
   by nstructor. The course also emphaszes student
   partcpaton n a semnar dscusson format and           HF 305
   requres that students develop ther research, crtcal
                                                             Human Factors III: Ergonomcs and Boengneerng
   thnkng, and oral and wrtten communcaton abl-
   tes. Requrements wll nclude (but wll not be lm-     (3,0)
   ted to) text and Web-based orgnal research, wrtten    3 Credts
   essays, oral presentatons, and partcpaton n group       Advanced applcatons from a varety of boeng-
   dscusson.                                                  neerng subfelds are dentfed and defned wth
                                                                respect to ther mportance n the practce of human
 HON 350                                                        factors. Quanttatve methods for the analyss of
                                                                human movement. Topcs nclude anthropom-
Honors Semnar III (3,0)                                        etry, knematcs, knetcs, work and power, muscle
   Honors Semnar III wll satsfy ether the Humantes        mechancs, and electromyography. Introduces stu-
   or Socal Scences upper-level electve requrement          dents to the applcaton of ergonomc prncples to
   n general educaton. Buldng on the prevous two           the ndustral envronment. Includes subject matter
   Honors semnars, t wll requre students to further         on ergonomc plannng and mplementaton, the
   develop ther ablty to locate and assess prmary           work envronment, NIOSHA work factors, and
   and secondary research materals, to present effec-          workstaton equpment and desgn.
   tve verbal and wrtten presentatons that dsplay
                                                                Prerequisite: HF 300.
   more sophstcated research and presentatonal sens-
   bltes, and to engage n dscusson that s rooted n
   close readng of assgned and unassgned materal.
   Whatever the specfc course topc, the semnar wll
   be an nterdscplnary exploraton of the subject,

                                                      — 257 —
Course Descriptions

 HF 310                                                        HF 330
Human-Computer Interacton (3,0)                              Human Factors n Space (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   The applcaton of cogntve prncples, ergonomcs,          Ths course s ntended to provde the student wth
   and human factors gudelnes and prncples to the            an understandng of the basc prncples and knowl-
   desgn and evaluaton of human-computer systems.              edge of aerospace human factors. Emphass wll be
   Topcs nclude dsplay technologes, human vsual             on the human factors ssues wth lvng and workng
   capactes, desgn of dsplay parameters, and mage           n space. In ths course the student wll study the
   qualty metrcs.                                              research, prncples, and methods that are benefcal
   Prerequisite: HF 302 or permission of the instructor.         (and essental) n optmzng the nteracton between
                                                                 people and machne elements of aerospace systems.
 HF 315                                                          Prerequisite: HF 300.
Automaton and Systems Issues n Avaton (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      HF 335
   Ths course wll nvolve analyzng and dscussng          Human Factors n Ar Traffc Control (3,0)
   the most current ssues relevant to the new genera-        3 Credts
   ton of avaton systems. Assumptons on whch cur-           A comprehensve examnaton of the applcaton
   rent systems are based wll be dentfed and alterna-        of human factors to ar traffc control systems. The
   tves examned.                                               course covers the full range of applcatons of human
   Prerequisite: HF 300.                                         factors.
                                                                 Prerequisite: HF 300.
 HF 320
Processes Underlyng Crew Resource Management                  HF 340
(3,0)                                                         Human Factors and Product Lablty (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Ths course wll examne the nterpersonal and ntra-         Ths course wll provde the student wth an under-
   personal psychologcal processes underlyng crew              standng of the legaltes and labltes of product
   resource management (CRM). Emphass wll be on                manufacturng. Topcs to be covered wll nclude:
   the foundatons of group dynamcs, socal nterac-            what s requred of a manufacturer when desgnng
   tons, and the theoretcal bass of CRM. Topcs such          a product for human use, what can go wrong, the
   as communcaton styles, supervsory styles, dec-            role of expert wtnesses n a product lablty case, a
   son-makng styles, accountablty, and role manage-          revew of specfc case studes, and a dscusson of
   ment wll be studed.                                         awards to plantffs.
   Prerequisite: HF 300.
                                                               HF 345
 HF 325                                                       Human Factors Issues n Lfespan Development
Human Factors and System Safety (3,0)                         (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Ths course emphaszes the ntegraton of human               Ths course presents the student wth fundamental
   factors n all phases of a system’s lfe-cycle. Accdent      knowledge of human development n the followng
   preventon, begnnng wth systems engneerng                areas: cogntve, physcal, emotonal, and socal.
   together wth sound management, are combned n               Once knowledge about development at all ages has
   ths course to enable the student to fully compre-            been establshed, we wll dscuss human factors
   hend the human’s vtal roles n preventng accdents.         prncples n the desgn of tools and machnes spe-
   The total program, from basc desgn concepts                 cfc to the partcular capabltes and lmtatons of
   through testng, mantenance/systems management,              each age group.
   and operatonal employment, s fully examned and
   evaluated.                                                  HF 400
   Prerequisite: HF 300.                                      Human Factors IV: System Desgn (3,0)
                                                              3 Credts
                                                                 Applcaton of human factors concepts to system
                                                                 desgn. Develops human factors nfluence on system

                                                       — 258 —
                                                                           Course Descriptions

   dynamcs, structure, and control as well as mpact
   on relablty and mantanablty. Emphaszes the         HF 420
   desgn of control-dsplay ntegraton, cockpt confg-    Advanced Topcs n Human-Computer
   uraton, mantanablty, and relablty. Emphaszes     Interacton (3,0)
   the sgnfcant human factors contrbutons to the        3 Credts
   desgn of state-of-the-art aerodynamc and space             Semnar exposng students to the theoretcal and
   systems.                                                     research ssues assocated wth human-computer
   Prerequisites: HF 302 and HF 305.                            nteracton (HCI) and cogntve-orented work from
                                                                a human factors standpont.
 HF 405                                                         Prerequisites: HF 300,
System Performance Modelng (3,0)                               HF 310.
3 Credts
   Studes quanttatve means of modelng, analyzng,         HF 425
   and predctng the performance of human-machne           Human Factors n Computer Systems Desgn (3,0)
   systems. Topcs nclude queung models, system            3 Credts
   smulaton, model valdaton, data collecton, quant-       Theoretcal paradgms n human-computer nterac-
   tatve analyss of system performance, system desgn         ton and ther applcaton to nterface desgn are
   evaluaton, estmaton theory, control theory, fuzzy         examned. Emphass s placed on advanced nterface
   set theory, nformaton theory, and knowledge-based          technologes such as multmodel nput/output,
   systems.                                                     hypertext, and knowledge-based systems.
   Prerequisites: HF 400, MA 241.                               Prerequisites: HF 300, HF 310.

 HF 410                                                       HF 430
Human Factors Engneerng: Crew Staton Desgn               Tests and Measurements (3,0)
(3,0)                                                        3 Credts
3 Credts                                                       Ths course wll cover the basc prncples of psy-
   In-depth treatment of human factors prncples               chometrc theory, ncludng test relablty and vald-
   applcable to desgn of crew command centers for             ty. Test and survey revson technques and tem
   aerodynamc, avaton/aerospace systems.                     analyss procedures wll also be covered. Logstcal
   Prerequisite: HF 300.                                        ssues surroundng test admnstraton, scorng, and
                                                                analyss wll be addressed. After the basc psycho-
 HF 415                                                         metrc prncples have been covered, data collecton
                                                                and analyss based on fght smulaton, eye-trackng
Human Factors n Smulaton Systems (3,0)                       equpment, and other common HF tools wll be pro-
3 Credts                                                       vded.
   Ths course provdes a comprehensve examna-
   ton of the human factors aspects of smulaton n         HF 490
   modern avaton/aerospace. Topcs wll nclude hs-
   tory, state-of-the-art smulaton systems, and current    Practcum n Human Factors Psychology (3,0)
   research and development. Dscusson focuses on           3 Credts
   the extent and mpact of human factors n smulator          Supervsed appled practcum experence. Ths
   tranng. Topcs from flght crew tranng, evaluaton,      requrement may be fulflled n several ways nclud-
   effectveness, and smulator sckness are examned           ng co-ops, nternshps, or workng on an on-campus
   n detal.                                                   research team. Practca provde opportuntes to
   Prerequisites: HF 300, PSY 310.                              gan practcal experence n real world-settngs. The
                                                                student completes a specfc project under the super-
                                                                vson of an organzatonal sponsor and/or a faculty
                                                                Prerequisites: approval of advisor and department chair.

                                                      — 259 —
Course Descriptions

 HF 299, 399, 499                                               HS 302
Specal Topcs n Human Factors Psychology (3,0)               Fundamentals of Occupatonal Securty
1-6 Credts                                                    3 Credts
   An area of study under the drect supervson of a             Ths course wll ntroduce the student to the funda-
   faculty member. The course requrements and area               mentals of securty and emergency plannng nclud-
   of study are negotated between the faculty member             ng the nature, scope, hstory, and essental elements
   and the student wth the approval of the department            of securty n the workplace, wth emphass on the
   char.                                                         transportaton ndustry. Specfc areas nclude the
   Prerequisites: approval of advisor and department chair.       operatonal aspects of securty strateges for dentfy-
                                                                  ng and controllng securty exposures, applcable
                                                                  legal ssues, personal protecton, property protecton,
Homeland Security                                                 role of ntellgence, and concepts of dsaster plannng
                                                                  and management.
 HS 201
Introducton to Homeland Securty
                                                                HS 306
3 Credts                                                      Legal and Investgatve Issues of Securty
   The prmary focus of ths course s on ssues deal-         3 Credts
   ng wth the securty of the ctzens and ndustres           Ths course s desgned to provde the student
   of the Unted States, wth emphass on the trans-              wth an understandng of the legal ssues nvolved
   portaton system and crtcal nfrastructure protec-           n the development, mplementaton, and opera-
   ton roles of the states, ctes, and muncpaltes.          tonal aspects of admnsterng a securty program.
   Specfc subjects ntroduced nclude the msson, the          Emphass s placed on the framework of the legal
   functons and responsbltes, and the legslatve            system n the Unted States, as well as the nterna-
   and regulatory framework governng the varous                 tonal legal system. Specfc subjects covered nclude
   agences of the Department of Homeland Securty,               the Patrot and Freedom of Informaton Acts, as
   crmnal acts aganst transportaton, emergency man-           well as other securty-related acts, conventons, and
   agement wthn the Unted States, the Intellgence             agreements to whch the Unted States s a party, the
   Communty and ts role n homeland securty, and               legal rghts of the travelng publc and those empow-
   ssues pertanng to ar, martme, surface, and cargo         ered to enforce securty regulatons, prvate securty
   securty.                                                      ssues, and the part federal agences play n support-
                                                                  ng local law enforcement personnel.
 HS 301
Fundamentals of Transportaton Securty
                                                                HS 307
3 Credts                                                      Law Enforcement n Securty
   The prmary focus of ths course s on securty n          3 credts
   all modes of publc transportaton. Students wll               Ths course s desgned to provde the student wth
   study the governmental organzatons responsble                an understandng of the objectves and tactcal ssues
   for the securty of people and property whle beng             and methods employed by those persons empow-
   transported by ar, ral, marne, or on the hghways,           ered to establsh and enforce securty programs.
   as well as the federal regulatons governng securty           Emphass s placed on the enforcement of requred
   n these modes of transportaton. Specfc subjects             securty programs nvolvng transportaton, nclud-
   dscussed nclude the federal regulatons governng             ng arports and ar carrers. Specfc subjects covered
   all modes of transportaton, the role of safety and             nclude the role of the law enforcement offcer n
   securty program managers, arport securty, ar car-           securty, and n emergency response, counter-terror-
   rer securty, foregn and ndrect ar carrer securty,       sm, and wtness ntervewng.
   cargo securty, transportaton of dangerous goods,
   and the role of securty-orented technology.                HS 401
   Prerequisite: HS 201                                        Emergency Plannng, Response, and Securty
                                                               3 Credts
                                                                  Ths course studes the varous elements nvolved
                                                                  wth plannng for and respondng to workplace,
                                                                  transportaton, and natural dsasters and emergen-

                                                         — 260 —
                                                                          Course Descriptions

   ces. Ths course wll adopt an all-hazards approach
   to the general and techncal aspects of dsaster plan-
                                                             The Humanities 140 Series
   nng and response ncludng the ncdent manage-
                                                                The HU 140 seres consttutes an ntegral component
   ment system, alarm, warnng, and communcatons
                                                                of the Unversty’s General Educaton Program.
   systems, evacuaton, medcal response, search and
                                                                Ths seres offers students a varety of choces, each
   rescue, meda and nformaton management, and
                                                                course fulfllng a lower-level requrement n the
   busness recovery. Case studes wll be examned
                                                                humantes. Courses n the HU 140 seres empha-
   through the exstng structures of government agen-
                                                                sze wrtng, readng, and apprecaton sklls and
   ces such as FEMA, EPA, OSHA, FAA, NTSB, as well
                                                                are desgned to expose students to the complexty
   as local frst responder organzatons.
                                                                of human emotons and experences. Students also
   Prerequisite: HS 302.                                        explore the framework of hstorcal and cultural con-
                                                                texts n whch artstc and creatve expressons have
 HS 402                                                         arsen.
Securty and Rsk Analyss                                         In selectng a course from the HU 140 seres, stu-
3 Credts                                                       dents have opportuntes to concentrate ther studes
   Ths course s desgned as a capstone course for the         on one form of cultural expresson, such as musc,
   Homeland Securty degree and wll focus on the               lterature, or the vsual arts. Others may opt for a
   fundamentals of rsk analyss: threat dentfcaton,        course that provdes a chronologcal examnaton of
   vulnerablty analyss, and the consequent measures          a cultural expresson or a thematc approach to sev-
   of rsk as appled to crtcal nfrastructures, wth an      eral dscplnes n the humantes.
   emphass on transportaton systems. Topcs nclude
   adversary characterzaton, crtcal asset dentfca-     HU 140
   ton, consequent analyss, vulnerablty analyss of      Western Humantes I: Antquty and the Mddle
   targets and faclty characterzaton, rsk rankng,      Ages (3,0)
   assessment of countermeasures, cost beneft and           3 Credts
   analyss, and securty audtng. A project dealng           A contnuaton of COM 122 wth an nterdscpln-
   wth the securng of a faclty s an ntegral part of       ary emphass. Traces the evoluton of the Western
   ths course.                                                 humanstc tradton from antquty to the Mddle
   Prerequisite: HS 401.                                        Ages usng examples from art, archtecture, musc,
                                                                phlosophy, and lterature. Emphaszes wrtng, read-
                                                                ng, and apprecaton sklls.
Humanities                                                      Prerequisite: COM 122.
 HU 125                                                       HU 141
Choral Unon (3,0)                                           Western Humantes II: Renassance to Postmodern
1 Credt                                                     (3,0)
   A sngng organzaton open to all members of the         3 Credts
   unversty communty. Tranng n choral technques,         A contnuaton of COM 122 wth nterdscpln-
   acquantance wth choral musc of all perods. (May          ary emphass. Traces the evoluton of the Western
   be elected up to eght tmes for open electve credt.)      humanstc tradton from the Renassance to the
                                                                Postmodern usng examples from art, archtecture,
 HU 130                                                         musc, phlosophy, and lterature. Emphaszes wrt-
Elementary Spansh I (3,0)                                      ng, readng, and apprecaton sklls.
3 Credts                                                       Prerequisite: COM 122.
   Basc grammar and readng. Introducton to conver-
   saton. Not open to students wth two or more years        HU 142
   of hgh school Spansh or the equvalent.
                                                             Studes n Lterature (3,0)
 HU 135                                                      3 Credts
                                                                A contnuaton of COM 122 wth emphass on a sur-
Elementary Spansh II (3,0)                                     vey of lterature. Readng materals nclude selected
3 Credts                                                       novels, poems, and plays. Emphaszes wrtng, read-
   A contnuaton of HU 130.                                    ng, and apprecaton sklls.
                                                                Prerequisite: COM 122.

                                                       — 261 —
Course Descriptions

 HU 143                                                       HU 152
Introducton to Rhetorc (3,0)                               French I (3,0)
3 Credts                                                    3 Credts
   A contnuaton of COM 122, HU 143 offers a broad             Elementary oral-aural ntroducton to French nclud-
   survey of rhetorcal theory and practce. Whether            ng such topcs as courtesy phrases, basc vocabulary,
   noble or base, rhetorc prmarly uses language to           and patterns for questons and answers. Not open
   acheve a desred end, usually persuason. Ths              to students wth two or more years of hgh school
   course employs prmary and secondary readngs as a           nstructon or the equvalent, or to natve speakers of
   means to examne how rhetorcal prncples manfest          the language.
   themselves n a varety of cultural texts and to under-
   stand the powers of persuason. Although nstruc-          HU 153
   tors may choose varous approaches to teachng ths       French II (3,0)
   course, students should expect some exposure to clas-
                                                             3 Credts
   scal rhetorcans.
                                                                A contnuaton of HU 152.
   Prerequisite: COM 122.
                                                                Prerequisite: HU 152 or permission of the instructor.
 HU 144                                                       HU 154
Studes n Art (3,0)                                         German I (3,0)
3 Credts
                                                             3 Credts
   A contnuaton of COM 122 wth an emphass on
                                                                Elementary oral-aural ntroducton to German nclud-
   art. Provdes a foundaton n the basc vocabulary,
                                                                ng such topcs as courtesy phrases, basc vocabulary,
   concept, processes, and hstory of art. Works of art,
                                                                and patterns for questons and answers. Not open
   sculpture, archtecture, and flm from varous cul-
                                                                to students wth two or more years of hgh school
   tures are analyzed. Emphaszes wrtng, readng, and
                                                                nstructon or the equvalent, or to natve speakers of
   apprecaton sklls.
                                                                the language.
   Prerequisite: COM 122.
                                                              HU 155
 HU 145                                                      German II (3,0)
Themes n the Humantes (3,0)                               3 Credts
3 Credts                                                       A contnuaton of HU 154.
   A contnuaton of COM 122 wth nterdscplnary
                                                                Prerequisite: HU 154 or permission of the instructor.
   emphass. Through close readng of prmary texts and
   analyss of vsual and performng arts, Themes n the
   Humantes explores deas central to the evoluton of      HU 160
   culture. The course s not restrcted by perod and s    Mandarn Chnese I (3,0)
   open to the full range of humanstc studes. Themes      3 Credts
   vary by nstructor and are lsted n the Schedule of         Introducton to Mandarn Chnese language, nclud-
   Courses. Emphaszes wrtng, readng, and appreca-          ng the pronuncaton system (pn yn), basc gram-
   ton sklls.                                                 mar, tradtonal character wrtng and readng,
   Prerequisite: COM 122.                                       speakng smple sentences, as well as cultural con-
                                                                texts nseparable from the language. Open only to
 HU 146                                                         those wthout pror knowledge of Mandarn Chnese
                                                                or wth consent of nstructor.
Musc Apprecaton and Crtcsm (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     HU 161
   A contnuaton of COM 122 wth an emphass on ls-
   tenng to and wrtng about musc. Elements of musc      Mandarn Chnese II (3,0)
   (rhythm, meter, tempo, ptch, and ptch relaton-         3 Credts
   shps), nstruments of musc, and muscal forms. The         A contnuaton of Mandarn Chnese I.
   course emphaszes Western classcal musc.                   Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Mandarin
   Prerequisite: COM 122.                                       Chinese I or consent of instructor.

                                                     — 262 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

 HU 250                                                         HU 305
Introducton to Logc (3,0)                                    Modern Lterature (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      3 Credts
   Prncples of vald thnkng; the nature of nductve          The manstreams of lterature of ths century. Course
   and deductve nferences and ther applcatons.               content vares by nstructor and s lsted n the
   Prerequisite: Any course from the HU 140 series.               Schedule of Courses.
                                                                  Prerequisite: Any course from the HU 140 series.
 HU 270
Mandarn Chnese III (3,0)                                      HU 310
3 Credts                                                      Amercan Lterature (3,0)
   A contnuaton of Mandarn Chnese II wth emphass         3 Credts
   on communcatve abltes n lstenng, speakng,             A survey of ntellectual backgrounds, major works,
   readng, and wrtng.                                          and lterary trends n Amercan lterature. Course
   Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Mandarin              content vares by nstructor and s lsted n the
   Chinese II or consent of instructor.                           Schedule of Courses.
                                                                  Prerequisite: Any course from the HU 140 series.
 HU 271
Mandarn Chnese IV (3,0)                                       HU 315
3 Credts                                                      Drama Semnar (3,0)
   A contnuaton of Mandarn Chnese III.                     3 Credts
   Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of Mandarin Chinese      Students are exposed to the theater arts and espe-
   III or consent of instructor.                                  cally to performance. They acqure actng skll
                                                                  through class exercses and performance assgnments.
 HU 300                                                           Dramatc lterature s studed wth specal attenton
                                                                  gven to ts stage applcatons. Students may partc-
World Lterature (3,0)                                            pate ether as actors or techncans n the theatrcal
3 Credts                                                         producton, whch entals out-of-class rehearsal.
   Major works and lterary trends n world lterature.
                                                                  Prerequisite: COM 219.
   Course content vares by nstructor and s lsted n
   the Schedule of Courses.
                                                                HU 319
   Prerequisite: Any course from the HU 140 series.
                                                               Advanced Speech (3,0)
 HU 302                                                        3 Credts
                                                                  Ths course contnues the study of oral communca-
Contemporary Issues n Scence (3,0)                              ton wth emphass on effectve publc speakng. It
3 Credts                                                         ncludes the analyss and practce of modern and
   Ths course brdges scence and the humantes,                tradtonal methods of persuason wthn and beyond
   examnng how dfferent dscplnes approach prob-             the classroom.
   lems of common nterest. Students study selected
                                                                  Prerequisite: COM 219.
   contemporary ssues such as stem cell use n
   medcne, evoluton vs. ntellgent desgn, mmnent
   worldwde crses, DNA engneerng, responses to cl-         HU 320
   mate change, and possble problems assocated wth          Aesthetcs of Vsual and Muscal Arts (3,0)
   autonomous machnes and artfcal ntellgence. As         3 Credts
   they examne ther own assumptons whle partcpat-           Provdes a survey of the major artstc monuments of
   ng n debates that encourage apprecaton of other            Western culture and dscusses the methods by whch
   vewponts, students demonstrate understandng of              artstc productons are analyzed.
   course topcs n class dscusson and formal papers.           Prerequisite: Any course from the HU 140 series.
   The course s team-taught by a Physcal Scences
   professor and a Communcaton professor, and wll
   nclude guest experts on selected topcs.
   Prerequisite: COM 221.

                                                       — 263 —
Course Descriptions

                                                                  and utltaransm, the nfluence of technology on the
 HU 321                                                           ecosphere, and the depcton of technology n mag-
Mythology (3,0)                                                   natve lterature.
3 Credts                                                         Prerequisite: any course from the HU 140 series.
   Ths course ntroduces the study of the myths of
   humanknd, both ancent and modern, usng perspec-           HU 338
   tves and methods from archeology, anthropology,
   psychology, lterature, and flm. It explores what
                                                               Traversng the Borders: Interdscplnary
   myths reveal about the human psyche and about hs-          Exploratons (3,0)
   torcal and modern cultures. It bulds faclty n sym-     3 Credts
   bolc thnkng and crtcal understandng of how ths          Ths course entals the study of dfferent approaches
   thnkng nfluences contemporary lterature, art, flm,        to gatherng, analyzng, and nterpretng nforma-
   communcaton, and poltcs.                                   ton. Specal attenton s drected to recognzng
                                                                  connectons between the boundares of tradtonal
   Prerequisite: any course from the HU 140 series.
                                                                  dscplnes. Study also nvolves n-depth research nto
                                                                  a sngle realty-alterng event. Investgaton focuses
 HU 325                                                           on how people traned n dfferent ways of thnkng
Explorng Flm (3,0)                                              partcpate n and contrbute to ther socety and the
3 Credts                                                         world by shapng new cultural meanngs.
   A survey of the art of the flm. Hstory of the cnema.
   Basc elements, photography, contnuty and rhythm,          HU 341
   movement, magng, musc and sound, scrpt wrtng,         World Phlosophy (3,0)
   drectng, edtng, actng, great flm artsts/drectors,
                                                               3 Credts
   cnematographers, actors, etc.
                                                                  Ths course focuses on an nvestgaton of some of
   Prerequisite: any course from the HU 140 series.               the central problems of phlosophcal nqury such as
                                                                  what we can know and what we cannot know, how
 HU 330                                                           we reason, who we are, why we are here, and what
Values and Ethcs (3,0)                                           we can hope for. Freedom, beauty, knowledge and
3 Credts                                                         logcal thnkng, mnd, moralty, god or gods, rel-
   Ths course focuses on the process of practcal ethcs         gon, truth, death, and exstence mght be explored
   as a way of resolvng moral conflct and of under-             usng a varety of sources, ncludng but not lmted
   standng professonal responsblty n a multcul-            to contemporary thnkers of the European and the
   turally dverse socety wthout devaluatng specfc           Anglo-Amercan tradtons. Ths course s desgned
   vewponts of ethcal or metaphyscal theory, deol-           to challenge assumptons and to help students deal
   ogy, or relgon. Students wll use proposals, value           wth contemporary phlosophcal ssues.
   judgments, observaton statements, assumptons,                Prerequisite: Any course from the HU 140 series.
   and alternate-world assumptons n argung contem-
   porary ssues of moral mportance. Wth ths basc           HU 345
   moral logc, students wll resolve ssues n terms of       Comparatve Relgons (3,0)
   rghts, responsbltes, and the communty of ratonal
                                                               3 Credts
   bengs n terms of consequences and contngences
                                                                  A survey of the major relgons of the world,
   and n terms of habtuated vrtues and character. Free
                                                                  ncludng Judasm, Chrstanty, Islam, Hndusm,
   and unrestrcted dscourse wll be encouraged to let
                                                                  Buddhsm, and Confucansm, as well as a bref
   students fnd common ground n dversty.
                                                                  examnaton of the development of relgon as a vtal
   Prerequisite: any course from the HU 140 series.               aspect of humanty’s experence n hstory.
                                                                  Prerequisite: Any course from the HU 140 series.
 HU 335
Technology and Modern Cvlzaton (3,0)                        HU 355
3 Credts                                                      Creatve Wrtng (3,0)
   A humanstc analyss of technology, wth specal
                                                               3 Credts
   attenton to ts nfluence on modern Amercan culture
                                                                  The course culmnates the nterpretve and expres-
   n a global context. Topcs nclude the hstory and
                                                                  sve elements of communcatons classes. The study,
   development of technology, the nfluence of technol-
   ogy on certan phlosophes such as determnsm

                                                       — 264 —
                                                                               Course Descriptions

   practce, and use of a personal style of creatve com-
   poston and examples of contemporary lterature and         HU 375
   submttal of publcatons are ncluded n ths course.      The Nature of Language (3,0)
   Prerequisite: any course from the HU 140 series.            3 Credts
                                                                  Ths course provdes a practcal nvestgaton nto how
 HU 361                                                           people use language functons as a system of meanng.
                                                                  The dversty, complexty, and ntrnsc fascnaton of
Interpersonal Communcaton n the Work Group                     ths most human of behavors s studed largely wth
(3,0)                                                             reference to the Englsh language. Topcs nclude pop-
3 Credts                                                         ular deas about language, language and dentty, lan-
   Examnaton of nterpersonal and small-group com-              guage structure and system, language meda, language
   muncaton topcs to focus on maxmzng decson              acquston and learnng, language and the bran, and
   makng n work groups. Students are assgned to sm-           world languages.
   ulated consensus-drven groups. Evaluaton s based
                                                                  Prerequisite: COM 221 or COM 222.
   on the qualty of the groups’ decson makng, exams,
   class partcpaton, and presentaton of the groups’
   fndngs n a publc settng.                                HU 415
   Prerequisite: COM 219.                                      Non-Verbal Communcaton (3,0)
                                                               3 Credts
 HU 362                                                           Ths course entals the study of communcaton behav-
                                                                  ors and processes, not nvolvng the expresson of
Communcaton and Organzatonal Culture (3,0)                    wrtten or spoken words, whch contrbute nforma-
3 Credts                                                         ton to a message. Specal attenton s drected to the
   Theory, survey, and applcaton of research methods            study of voce qualtes; facal expresson and body
   for the analyss of communcaton. Instructors may             language; space, personal dstance, and touch; the use
   choose to apply methods n a varety of contexts, such         of tme and objects; and personal appearance. Study
   as n-house publcatons, nternal communcaton,              also nvolves nonverbal communcaton n appled set-
   speeches, and ntervew communcaton.                         tngs, as well as research strateges for observng, mea-
   Prerequisites: COM 219 and COM 221.                            surng, and understandng non-verbal phenomena.
                                                                  Prerequisites: COM 219, equivalent Speech
 HU 363                                                           Communications course. (Also offered as COM 415.
Communcaton and Socety (3,0)                                   Students receive either Communication or Humanities
3 Credts                                                         credit, but not both.)
   An examnaton of human communcaton n a var-
   ety of cultural settngs. Topcs vary from semester to       HU 420
   semester. Communcaton behavor s vewed expan-           Appled Cross-Cultural Communcaton (3,0)
   svely to nclude verbal dscourse, symbolc magery,       3 Credts
   nonverbal communcaton, lterature, musc, and other          An examnaton of the challenges to communcat-
   art forms. Focus s on understandng communcaton             ng across the varety of subcultures present n work
   behavor as symbolc acton, as constructve of socal         envronments. Ethncty, natonalty, gender, physcal
   realty, and as a means for entry nto cultural and sub-       mparment, and sexualty are among the areas of
   cultural group experence.                                     dfference often present n busness and professonal
   Prerequisite: junior standing or permission of professor.      envronments that may nfluence the establshment
                                                                  of cooperatve workng relatonshps. Means for ana-
 HU 370                                                           lyzng and developng strateges to transcend and
Advanced Englsh Grammar (3,0)                                    make postve use of subcultural dfferences wll be
3 Credts                                                         consdered.
   Ths course ntroduces students to concepts of gram-           Prerequisites: COM 219, COM 221.
   matcal theory manly at the level of syntax. Avodng
   the ncetes of lngustc dstnctons, the course wll     HU 475
   ntroduce the student to useable concepts and terms         Senor Thess
   that are also echoed n contemporary style checkers.        3 Credts
   Prerequisite: junior standing.                                 As the culmnaton of the student’s experence n the
                                                                  nterdscplnary Aerospace Studes program, ths

                                                       — 265 —
Course Descriptions

   course requres the student to complete documented            A hands-on overvew of the most popular computer
   research under the gudance of a faculty advsor,             applcatons such as word processng, spreadsheet,
   nvolvng subject matter that s demonstrably ted to         database, electronc mal, and Internet s provded.
   at least two of the student’s three chosen mnor felds       Prerequisite: proficiency in college preparatory mathemat-
   of study. A seres of semnar dscussons or extended         ics.
   ndvdual consultatons wth the faculty advsor may
   accompany the guded wrtng of the thess.                 IT 210
 HU 480                                                       Web Page Authorng and Desgn (3,0)
                                                              3 Credts
Senor Thess Research (1,0)                                     Ths course wll address the organzaton of the
1 Credt                                                         Internet, addressng, routng, DNS, and use of
   Students wll select a thess commttee and research          Internet applcatons. It wll revew such applcatons
   problem, conduct approprate research, and wrte              as FTP, telnet, and advanced Web searchng method-
   and defend a thess proposal and a full sentence out-         ology. Ths course covers Web page authorng and
   lne. Course lectures wll be ntegrated wth faculty-        desgn technques usng both HTML and WYSIWYG
   guded workshops; topcs nclude an overvew of the           authorng software. Students wll study, create, and
   thess process, the development of a specfc and con-        refne Web pages onlne as well as create Web graph-
   tentous research problem, organzaton and format            cs. Lastly, legal and ethcal ssues related to the
   of the requred thess documents, ctaton standards,         Internet and emergng technologes are dscussed.
   and approprate academc language.                            Prerequisite: IT 109 or BA 120, or BA 221 or CS 223, or
   Prerequisite: COM 221 or COM 222.                             approval.
 HU 485                                                        IT 220
Senor Thess Wrtng                                         Introducton to Networkng (3,0)
2 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Students usng the work completed n HU 480, Senor           Introducton to networkng covers each of the
   Thess Research, wrte ther senor thess n a work-         seven layers of the OSI reference model, MAC and
   shop envronment, defendng the thess at the end of          IP addressng, dentfcaton of IP class addressng
   the semester. Topcs nclude problem-soluton organ-         schemes ncludng subnet masks, network wrng
   zaton, documentaton, argumentaton, and successful          standards, and TCP/IP network layer protocols.
   presentaton strateges.                                      Prerequisite: IT 109 or BA 120 or BA 221 or approval.
   Prerequisite: HU 480.
                                                               IT 310
 HU 299, 399, 499                                             Web Ste Management (3,0)
Specal Topcs n Humantes                                  3 Credts
1-6 Credts                                                      The course addresses effectve Web ste desgn
   Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of                 ncludng page layout, user nterface desgn, graphc
   selected topcs n the humantes.                            desgn, content flow, and ste structure. Addtonally,
   Prerequisites: consent of instructor and approval of the      students wll learn the optmal use of keywords and
   department chair.                                             search engne postonng to maxmze page expo-
                                                                 sure. Web ste management ncludng securty and
                                                                 Intranet management wll be dscussed. The use of
Information Technology                                           desgn standards and templates wll teach students
                                                                 to emphasze ste consstency. Students wll desgn
 IT 109                                                          and create a major Web ste wth multple pages and
Introducton to Computers and Applcatons (3,0)                 cross-lnked structure.
3 Credts                                                        Prerequisite: IT 210.
   Introducton to computers and an overvew of PC
   applcatons. Computer lteracy s presented through
   lectures on the computer process, the mpact of com-
   puters on socety, emergng technologes, and how to
   make hardware and software purchasng decsons.

                                                         — 266 —
                                                                         Course Descriptions

 IT 320                                                     MA 106
Network Confguratons (3,0)                               Basc Algebra and Trgonometry (3,0)
3 Credts                                                  3 Credts
   Introduces the four router elements, confguraton         A study of the basc laws of fractons, exponents,
   vehcles, user and prvleged mode commands, con-          radcals, nequaltes, quadratc equatons, complex
   fgurng IP addresses, and montorng/troubleshoot-        numbers, and the elements of trgonometry.
   ng of router functons. More advanced topcs nclude
   LAN swtchng theory, VLANs, LAN swtched                MA 111
   desgn, Novell IPX, and threaded case studes.          College Mathematcs for Avaton I (3,0)
   Prerequisite: IT 220.                                   3 Credts
                                                              A pre-calculus course desgned for the student of
 IT 330                                                       avaton. Revew of the fundamentals of algebra; ln-
Programmng for the Web (3,0)                                 ear equatons and nequaltes; quadratc equatons;
3 Credts                                                     varaton; polynomal, ratonal, exponental, logarth-
   Ths course ntroduces programmng the Common              mc, and trgonometrc functons; radan measure;
   Gateway Interface for Web pages usng scrptng            rght trangle solutons, vectors, and the laws of snes
   languages. The emphass s on the fundamentals             and cosnes.
   of programmng and creatng nterfaces to handle           Prerequisite: MA 006, MA 106, or placement.
   HTML form data. Students wll create basc scrptng
   programs wth Web nterfaces, learn to adapt exstng    MA 112
   code, and process data flows from onlne forms wth     College Mathematcs for Avaton II (3,0)
   basc database structures.
                                                           3 Credts
   Prerequisite: CS 118 or CS 223 or IT 210 or program-       Basc calculus desgned for the student of avaton.
   ming experience in a high-level language.                  Dfferentaton and ntegraton of algebrac functons;
                                                              applcatons to velocty, acceleraton, area, curve
 IT 340                                                       sketchng, and computaton of extreme values.
WAN Theory and Desgn (3,0)                                   Prerequisite: MA 111.
3 Credts
   WAN theory and desgn covers WAN technology,             MA 120
   PPP, frame relay, ISDN. It further dscusses network    Quanttatve Methods I (3,0)
   troubleshootng, natonal SCANS sklls, and threaded
                                                           3 Credts
   case studes.
                                                              An algebra methods course wth applcatons to bus-
   Prerequisite: IT 320.                                      ness and economcs. Operatons, relatons, functons,
                                                              modelng, and problem solvng; systems of lnear
                                                              equatons and nequaltes.
Mathematics                                                   Prerequisite: MA 006 or placement.
 MA 006                                                     MA 140
Intermedate Algebra (3,0)                                 College Algebra (3,0)
3 Credts                                                  3 Credts
   An ntermedate-level algebra course. Topcs nclude       Fundamentals of exponents, radcals, lnear, qua-
   fundamental concepts of algebra; lnear equatons          dratc, and absolute value equatons, nequaltes, and
   and nequaltes; polynomals; ratonal expressons;       complex numbers. Introducton to functons, curve
   exponents and radcals; quadratc equatons; func-         sketchng, elementary theory of equatons, sequences
   tons and graphng; systems of lnear equatons; and       and seres, matrx algebra and systems of equatons.
   nequaltes. (Credt not applcable to any degree.)
                                                              Prerequisite: MA 006, MA 106, or placement.

                                                   — 267 —
Course Descriptions

 MA 142                                                        MA 241
Trgonometry (3,0)                                            Calculus and Analytcal Geometry I (4,0)
3 Credts                                                     4 Credts
   Trgonometrc functons and ther graphs; denttes;         Graphs and functons; lmts and contnuty; dffer-
   radan measure wth applcatons; compound, half,             entaton and ntegraton of algebrac and elementary
   and double angle denttes; solvng elementary trgo-        trgonometrc functons; applcatons of frst and sec-
   nometrc equatons, rght and oblque trangles; law          ond dervatves.
   of snes and cosnes; exponental, logarthmc, and           Prerequisite: MA 140 or MA 145 or equivalent.
   nverse trgonometrc functons; vectors and trgono-         Corequisite: MA 142.
   metrc form of a complex number.
   Prerequisite: MA 006, MA 106, or placement.                 MA 242
   Corequisite: MA 140.                                       Calculus and Analytcal Geometry II (4,0)
                                                              4 Credts
 MA 145                                                          Dfferentaton and ntegraton of transcendental
College Algebra and Trgonometry (5,0)                           functons; specal ntegraton technques; polar coor-
5 Credts                                                        dnates; applcatons of the defnte ntegral; numer-
   Fundamentals of exponents, radcals, lnear and qua-          cal methods.
   dratc equatons, nequaltes, elementary theory of          Prerequisite: MA 241.
   equatons, sequences and seres, functons, exponen-
   tal, logarthmc, and trgonometrc functons, radan      MA 243
   measure, trgonometrc denttes and equatons,
   vectors, laws of snes, cosnes, solutons of rght tr-   Calculus and Analytc Geometry III (4,0)
   angles, and complex numbers.                               4 Credts
                                                                 Sold analytc geometry; vector functons n three
   Prerequisite: MA 006, MA 106, or placement.
                                                                 dmensons; elements of nfnte seres; partal df-
                                                                 ferentaton; drectonal dervatve and gradent; mul-
 MA 220                                                          tple ntegrals.
Quanttatve Methods II (3,0)                                    Prerequisite: MA 242.
3 Credts
   An ntroducton to the methods and concepts of cal-         MA 244
   culus wth applcatons to busness and economcs;
   margnal functons, graphng, extreme values, and          Combned Calculus (5,0)
   area problems. A bref ntroducton to descrptve         5 Credts
   statstcs.                                                   Covers all the topcs currently n MA 241 and MA
   Prerequisite: MA 111 or MA 120.
                                                                 Prerequisite: One year of calculus.
 MA 222
Busness Statstcs (3,0)
                                                               MA 245
3 Credts                                                     Appled Dfferental Equatons (3,0)
   Measures of central tendency and dsperson; hs-          3 Credts
   tograms; algebra of probablty; sample spaces;               Appled treatment of ordnary dfferental equatons;
   dependent events; Bayes’ Theorem wth applcatons;           Laplace transforms; matrx algebra and applca-
   bnomal, Posson, normal dstrbutons, and ther            tons; computer technques; numercal methods; least
   nterrelatonshps; samplng dstrbutons; hypothess        squares ft; normal dstrbuton and applcatons.
   testng; confdence ntervals.                                Prerequisites: CS 210, MA 242. (Not for Bachelor of
   Prerequisite: MA 111 or MA 140.                               Science degree in Aerospace Engineering credit.)

                                                       — 268 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

 MA 320                                                         MA 432
Decson Mathematcs (3,0)                                     Lnear Algebra (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      3 Credts
   The mathematcal concepts and applcatons n                  Revew of vector and matrx operatons nclud-
   mathematcal model buldng and problem solvng.               ng matrx nverses, egenvectors, and egenvalues.
   Included are mathematcal areas that are basc to              Equatons of lnes and planes, vector spaces ncludng
   decson theory.                                               bass and dmensons, lnear transformatons, change
   Prerequisite: MA 211 or MA 222. (Not open to engineer-         of bass, dagonalzaton of matrces, nner products
   ing students.)                                                 and orthonormal bases, applcatons.
                                                                  Prerequisite: MA 245 or MA 345.
 MA 345
Dfferental Equatons and Matrx Methods (4,0)                 MA 438
4 Credts                                                      Numercal Analyss I (3,0)
   Treatment of ordnary dfferental equatons to             3 Credts
   nclude prncpal types of frst and second order              Floatng pont arthmetc, error analyss, algorthms
   equatons; methods of substtuton on smple hgher            n nterpolaton, ntegraton, dfferentaton, matrx
   order equatons; lnear equatons and systems of               algebra, approxmaton and soluton of equatons, use
   lnear equatons wth constant coeffcents; methods           of numercal software packages.
   of undetermned coeffcents and varaton of param-           Prerequisites: CS 210 or CS 215, MA 245 or MA 345.
   eters; Laplace transforms; seres solutons; lnear alge-
   bra and matrx methods of solutons; applcatons to         MA 441
   physcs and engneerng.
                                                               Advanced Engneerng Mathematcs I (3,0)
   Prerequisite: MA 243.
                                                               3 Credts
                                                                  Lne and surface ntegrals; vector felds wth the
 MA 404                                                           study of Green, Gauss, and Stokes Theorems; applca-
Statstcs and Research Methods (3,0)                             tons of vector feld theory; Fourer seres.
3 Credts                                                         Prerequisite: MA 345.
   Elements of probablty theory ncludng fnte proba-
   blty spaces, condtonal probabltes, ndependence,      MA 442
   correlaton, Bayes’ Theorem, and Gaussan random
   varables. Statstcal methods ncludng contngency        Advanced Engneerng Mathematcs II (3,0)
   tables, regresson, hypothess testng. Expermental        3 Credts
   desgn. Ethcal consderatons n expermentaton.             The soluton of lnear dfferental equatons wth var-
   Nonquanttatve research methodologes. Numercal              able coeffcents; study of the dervaton, character-
   methods ncludng the ntroducton of at least one             stcs, and solutons of partal dfferental equatons;
   computer-based statstcs package.                             Fourer seres, Fourer transform, Laplace transform,
                                                                  and Green’s functon; applcatons n scence and
 MA 412                                                           engneerng.
Probablty and Statstcs (3,0)                                  Prerequisite: MA 441.
3 Credts
   Fnte sample spaces; condtonal probablty and
                                                                MA 443
   Bayes’ Theorem, dscrete and contnuous random              Complex Varables (3,0)
   varables and ther functons; expected value, var-        3 Credts
   ance, and standard devaton; systematc study of the          Algebra of complex numbers; complex functons,
   major dscrete and contnuous dstrbutons; moment            analytc functons; mappng by elementary functons;
   generatng functons; hypothess testng and estma-           conformal mappngs and ther applcatons; add-
   ton.                                                          tonal topcs may nclude complex ntegraton, power
   Prerequisite: MA 242.                                          seres expanson.
                                                                  Prerequisite: MA 441.

                                                       — 269 —
Course Descriptions

 MA 299, 399, 499                                              ME 303
Specal Topcs n Mathematcs                                 Hgh-Performance Vehcles (3,0)
1-6 Credts                                                   3 Credts
   Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of                 Ths course covers desgn consderatons for hgh-
   selected topcs n mathematcs.                               performance vehcles such as competton auto-
   Prerequisites: consent of instructor and approval of the      mobles and hgh-speed mass transt vehcles.
   department chair.                                             Consdered are propulson, aerodynamcs, stablty,
                                                                 down force enhancement systems, brakng and han-
                                                                 dlng. Engnes for varous vehcles are compared,
Mechanical Engineering                                           such as the conventonal nternal combuston engne,
                                                                 the rotary or Wankel, for competton applcatons
 ME 200                                                          and long lfe requrements such as tracton engnes
                                                                 for ral applcatons. Also nvestgated are crash safety
Machne Shop Laboratory (0,3)                                    ssues for both mass transt and competton. Guded
1 Credt                                                         vehcles such as mass transt trans and the Intellgent
   Introducton to machne shop technques to nclude            Transportaton System (ITS) are nvestgated. Future
   famlarzaton wth rvetng, sheet metal formng,           technologes such as magnetcally levtated and very
   weldng, and machnng.                                       hgh-speed mass transt systems are analyzed.
                                                                 Prerequisites: ES 202, ES 204, and ES 305, or consent of
 ME 300/L                                                        the instructor.
Machne Desgn wth Lab (4,1)
4 Credts                                                      ME 400
   The mechancal desgn process. Materals n mechan-
                                                              Vbraton & Acoustcs (3,0)
   cal desgn. Workng stresses and falure theores.
   Desgn of shafts, sprngs, screws, belts, clutches, and    3 Credts
   chans. Welded and rveted connectons. Desgn of             Basc concepts of vbraton; free and undamped
   power transmsson. Desgn of Spur, helcal, bevel,           vbraton; energy methods and Raylegh’s method
   and worm gears. Lubrcaton and desgn of bearngs.           for determnaton of natural frequences; vscously
                                                                 damped vbraton; varous dampng mechansms;
   Prerequisites: ES 202 and ES 204, or approval of the          torsonal vbraton; harmoncally excted vbraton;
   instructor.                                                   transent vbraton; mult degrees of freedom sys-
                                                                 tems; rotor dynamcs; basc prncpals of acoustcs
 ME 302                                                          and wave propagaton; electroacoustcs; transducers,
Introducton to Robotcs (3,0)                                   nose measurements; applcatons to land, arborne,
3 Credts                                                        and space vehcle acoustcs generated by a structure’s
   Ths course s an ntroducton to robotcs wth               vbraton or by aerodynamc sources.
   emphass on the mathematcal tools for knemat-               Prerequisites: MA 345, ES 202 and ES 204, or approval
   cs and dynamcs of robot arms. Topcs nclude the            of the instructor.
   geometry and mathematcal representaton of rgd
   body moton; forward and nverse knematcs of              ME 403
   artculated mechancal arms; trajectory generaton,
                                                              Thermal Power Systems (3,0)
   splnes, nterpolaton; manpulator dynamcs; pos-
   ton sensng and actuaton; and topcs n manpulator      3 Credts
   control. Coursework ncludes weekly problem sets              Avalablty and evaluaton of thermodynamc prop-
   and computatonal laboratores (usng the Matlab              ertes. The thermodynamcs of compressble flow.
   numercal programmng envronment), a md-term                Thermodynamc power and refrgeraton cycles and
   examnaton, and a fnal examnaton.                         systems; psychometrcs and envronmental control;
                                                                 mxtures of deal gases; ntroducton to combuston;
   Prerequisite: ES 204. Corequisites: AE 430, or EE             nternal combustons engnes, gas turbnes, fuel cells;
   401/402.                                                      and drect energy converson. Desgn and optm-
                                                                 zaton of power systems and clmate control wth
                                                                 applcatons to land vehcles, robotcs, arcraft, and
                                                                 Prerequisites: ES 305, MA 345.

                                                         — 270 —
                                                                              Course Descriptions

                                                                   from the general layout to the desgn of ts detal
 ME 406                                                            parts and the desgn of necessary tools. A topc s
Robotcs II (3,0)                                                  selected and approved n mechancal engneerng
3 Credts                                                          under the drecton of a faculty member n the ME
   Ths course studes the applcatons and desgn of              department. The student wll submt a fnal wrtten
   robotc systems. Partcular emphass s placed on               and oral report. For senor undergraduate students
   avaton and space applcatons of robotcs. Typcal            only.
   robotc moton s nvestgated and the requrements
   for control systems for the needed accuracy, repeat-          ME 415
   ablty, and stablty s nvestgated. Sensors such as      Modelng and Numercal Smulatons of Energy and
   poston, force, and acceleraton are explored and the       Envronmental Systems (3,0)
   sgnal condtonng crcuts and analog-to-dgtal con-
                                                                3 Credts
   verson requred nterfacng these sensors. Actvatng
                                                                   The course ntroduces students to the basc methods
   devces such as electrc motors, lnear actuators, and
                                                                   of numercal modelng for typcal physcal problems
   other moton devces are analyzed. Systems are mod-
                                                                   encountered n sold mechancs, thermal/flud sc-
   eled and control laws are developed. Software for
                                                                   ences, energy, and envronmental systems. Students
   computer-generated control laws are studed.
                                                                   wll learn how to formulate a model n terms of
   Prerequisite: ME 302.                                           algebrac or dfferental equaton. Problems that can
                                                                   be solved analytcally wll be chosen ntally and
 ME 409                                                            solutons wll be obtaned by approprate dscrete
Hgh-Performance Land Vehcles II (3,0)                            methods. Basc concepts n numercal methods,
3 Credts                                                          such as convergence, stablty, and accuracy, wll be
   Aerodynamc forces on land vehcles. Desgn requre-            ntroduced. Varous computatonal tools wll then be
   ments for lft, drag, stablty, and safety for passenger.      appled to more complex problems, wth emphass
   Cars, hgh-performance vehcles, commercal, and                on fnte element and fnte dfference methods, fnte
   motorcycles. Nose control, heatng, ventlaton, and           volume technques, boundary element methods, and
   ar condtonng. Engnes for varous vehcles are              grdless Lagrangan methods. Methods of modelng
   compared (such as the conventonal nternal combus-             convectve nonlnearates, such as upwnd dffer-
   ton engne, the rotary or Wankel), for competton             encng and the Smpler method, wll be ntroduced.
   applcatons and long lfe requrements such as trac-           Dscusson and structural mechancs, nternal and
   ton engnes for ral applcatons. Fuels and combus-           external flud flows, and conducton and convecton
   ton, exhaust flows, emsson and ar polluton, fuel           heat transfer. Steady state, transent, and egenvalue
   cells systems, hybrd vehcles. Ideas from aerospace            problems wll be addressed wth emphass on aero-
   technologes are mplemented, such as jet engnes               space power and envronmental systems.
   for powerng vehcles and the use of computatonal
   flud dynamcs codes to predct the aerodynamc per-          ME 421
   formance of such vehcles. Also, future technologes         Clean Energy Systems (3,0)
   such as magnetcally levtated and very hgh-speed           3 Credts
   mass transt systems are analyzed.                              Ths course wll emphasze energy systems for both
   Prerequisites: ES 201, ES 204, ES 206, ES 305.                  statonary and transportaton applcatons. General
                                                                   energy requrements wll be dscussed for ndustral-
 ME 412                                                            zed socetes and the effects of waste energy and
Mechancal Engneerng Senor Project (4,0)                        undesred byproducts. Clean energy process and
4 Credts
                                                                   mnmzng the envronmental effects. Examples of
   Mechancal conceptual desgn prncples for aero-               energy systems to be consdered are fuel cells, wnd
   space applcatons are developed to meet modern                 energy, wave energy, geothermal energy, and solar
   performance specfcatons. A complete system s                energy.
   desgned, resultng n a desgn package consstng of
   specfcatons, analyss calculatons, drawngs, and          ME 425
   complete performance report. Prncples of concep-           Mcro-Electrcal-Mechancal Systems (3,0)
   tual and detaled mechancal desgn and component            3 Credts
   desgn, manufacture, and producton are covered                 Scalng of mcro-mechancal devces. Mechancal
   along wth projects to gve actual experence n the            propertes of MEMs materals. Flow physcs. MEMs
   desgn of components. Carres the desgn of a system            fabrcaton. Inertal sensors. Surface mcro-mechancal

                                                        — 271 —
Course Descriptions

   mechansms. Mcro-robotcs. The focused areas wll             subjects. Practcal tranng exercses famlarze stu-
   nclude nano-structured materals (partcularly nano-          dents wth the feld envronment and feld survval
   compostes and multfunctonal nano-materals),                sklls. The Army Physcal Ftness Test (APFT) s
   nano-fabrcaton, nfrared and nght vson system,            admnstered to assess the state of physcal develop-
   and mcro-crafts.                                              ment.
   Prerequisites: senior standing in an engineering program.
                                                                MSL 102
 ME 428                                                        Basc Mltary Scence II (1,0)
Desgn for Manufacturng and Assembly (3,0)                    1 Credt
3 Credts                                                         Contnued emphass on physcal readness tranng.
   Manufacturng processes and lfe cycle desgn for the          Course ncludes lecture and laboratory. Feld tranng
   aerospace ndustry. Tolerances and materals proper-           exercses normally nclude M16-A1 rfle frng, rap-
   tes. Desgn for manufacturng and assocated costs            pellng tranng, and armoble helcopter operatons.
   for varous manufacturng processes (machnng,                Corequste: MY 104 Laboratory.
   castng, moldng, stampng, formng, forgng, and
   extruson) wth avaton-related case studes. Desgn        MSL 102L
   for product assembly and total assembly cost wth           Basc Mltary Scence II Laboratory (0,1.5)
   case studes. Selecton of materals and processes          0 Credt
   usng desgn for manufacturng gudelnes, stan-               Leadershp laboratory wth emphass on mltary
   dards, and tolerance fttngs. Smulatons usng com-          leadershp and small unt tactcs. Students develop
   puter graphcs software. Desgn for manufacturng              leadershp abltes through hands-on practcal expe-
   course project.                                                rences. Tranng contnues the leader development
   Prerequisites: ME 300, MA 345, MA 412, and junior or           process whle remanng ntroductory n scope and
   senior status.                                                 develops basc operatons and tactcs and land nav-
                                                                  gaton sklls acqured n MY 103 Laboratory. Practcal
                                                                  tranng exercses contnue cadet feld orentaton
Military Science Army ROTC                                        wth the focus on ndvdual tranng. Specal topcs,
                                                                  ncludng stream-crossng technques, feld survval
 MSL 101                                                          sklls, and bvouac technques, are covered. The Army
Basc Mltary Scence I (1,0)                                    Physcal Ftness Test (APFT) s admnstered to assess
                                                                  the state of physcal development.
1 Credt
   A study of the defense establshment and the orga-
   nzaton and development of the U.S. Army. A study           MSL 201
   of the roles the actve Army forces, the Army Reserve       Basc Mltary Leadershp I (1,0)
   Forces and the Army Natonal Guard play n our              2 Credts
   naton’s defense. A study of the mltary courtesy,            A revew of the customs and tradtons of the servce.
   customs, and tradtons of the servce. A hstorcal           The fundamentals of leadershp development and
   perspectve of the role of the dfferent branches of the       the mportance of understandng the prncples that
   U.S. Army and the role they have played n the free-           are mportant to effectve leadershp. Ths ncludes
   dom of our naton. An ntroducton to physcal read-          focus on goal settng, communcaton, problem
   ness tranng. Course ncludes lectures and laboratory.        solvng, decson makng, and group process. The
   Feld tranng exercses normally nclude M16-A1 rfle         course requres mandatory physcal tranng and
   frng, rappellng tranng, and armoble helcopter          ncludes lecture and laboratory. Corequste: MY 203
   operatons. Corequste: MY 103 Laboratory.                    Laboratory.

 MSL 101L                                                       MSL 201L
Basc Mltary Scence I Laboratory (0,1.5)                    Basc Mltary Leadershp I Laboratory (0,1.5)
0 Credt                                                       0 Credt
   Leadershp laboratory wth emphass on mltary                Leadershp laboratory wth emphass on mltary
   leadershp and small unt tactcs. Students develop            leadershp and small unt tactcs. Students develop
   leadershp abltes through hands-on practcal                leadershp abltes through hands-on practcal expe-
   experences. Tranng s ntroductory n scope and             rences. Tranng contnues the development of cadet
   ncludes operatons and tactcs and land navgaton            leadershp and crtcal sklls whle remanng basc
                                                                  n scope and ncludes operatons and tactcs, land

                                                       — 272 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

   navgaton, frst ad, and general mltary subjects.         Prerequisites: completed basic military science (or given
   Practcal tranng exercses stress development of            constructive credit) and be a contracted Army ROTC
   basc sklls wth the focus on solder-team develop-          cadet. Corequisite: MY 303 Laboratory.
   ment at the squad/team level. The Army Physcal
   Ftness Test (APFT) s admnstered to assess the state     MSL 301L
   of physcal development.                                   Offcershp I Laboratory (0,2.5)
                                                              0 Credt
 MSL 202                                                         Leadershp laboratory wth emphass on mltary
Basc Mltary Leadershp II (1,0)                               leadershp and small unt tactcs. Students develop
2 Credts                                                        leadershp abltes through hands-on practcal expe-
   The fundamentals of mltary geography and ther              rences. Tranng contnues development of cadet
   applcaton n the use of navgatonal ads for the           competences and confdence through ntermedate
   mltary forces. A study of preventve medcne coun-         leadershp and techncal/tactcal nstructon. Practcal
   termeasures and frst-ad technques that every leader        tranng exercses are supplementary n scope and
   must know. The course requres mandatory physcal             nclude operatons and tactcs, land navgaton, and
   tranng and ncludes both lecture and leadershp             weapons tranng. Specal topcs ncludng tactcal
   laboratory. Two weekend tranng exercses normally           bvouac technques, ndvdual tactcal technques,
   nclude M16-A1 rfle frng, rappellng tranng, and         tactcal foot march technques, squad tactcs, and
   armoble helcopter operatons. Corequste: MY 204          small unt patrollng are covered. The Army Physcal
   Laboratory.                                                   Ftness Test (APFT) s admnstered to assess the state
                                                                 of physcal development.
 MSL 202L
Basc Mltary Leadershp II Laboratory (0.1.5)                MSL 302
0 Credt                                                      Offcershp II (3,0)
   Leadershp laboratory wth emphass on mltary
                                                              3 Credts
   leadershp and small unt tactcs. Students develop
                                                                 A contnung development of the processes that dstn-
   leadershp abltes through hands-on practcal expe-
                                                                 gush commssoned mltary servce from other profes-
   rences, strong focus on ethcs, communcaton sklls,
                                                                 sonal endeavors. The man emphass of ths class wll
   tme management, and leadershp values. Tranng
                                                                 be the preparaton of cadets for the sx-week advanced
   contnues basc sklls acqured n MY 203 Laboratory
                                                                 camp they normally attend at the end of the junor year.
   and ncludes operatons and tactcs and land navga-
                                                                 Here ther capablty to conceptualze, nnovate, synthe-
   ton. Practcal tranng exercses contnue develop-
                                                                 sze nformaton, and make sound decsons whle under
   ment of basc sklls wth the focus on solder-team
                                                                 stress wll be evaluated. Ths course ncludes lecture,
   development at the squad/team level. The Army
                                                                 advanced leadershp laboratory, enhanced physcal tran-
   Physcal Ftness Test (APFT) s admnstered to assess
                                                                 ng, and practcal feld tranng exercses.
   the state of physcal development.
                                                                 Prerequisite: MY 303. Corequisite: MY 304 Laboratory.
 MSL 301
Offcershp I (3,0)                                            MSL 302L
3 Credts                                                     Offcershp II Laboratory (0,2.5)
   Ths course examnes the foundatons of offcershp,       0 Credt
   and the character, responsbltes, and status of beng      Leadershp laboratory wth emphass on mltary
   a commssoned offcer. It s dynamc, challengng,           leadershp and small unt tactcs. Students develop
   and stressful, for t s the course that emphaszes the       leadershp abltes through hands-on practcal expe-
   warror ethc. The course covers a wde spectrum              rences. Tranng contnues development of nter-
   of subjects, from tranng n common mltary sklls          medate leader and crtcal sklls n preparaton for
   to fosterng a value system that emphaszes servce           Advanced Camp. Practcal tranng exercses focus
   to the naton, readness to persevere n the face of          on solder-team development at squad/patrol level.
   obstacles, and wllngness to make personal sacrfces        Tranng s supplementary and ncludes tactcs, land
   n pursut of the greater good. Ths course ncludes          navgaton, and weapons subjects. Specal topcs
   lecture, advanced leadershp laboratory, physcal             nclude tactcal bvouac technques, small unt patrol-
   tranng, and practcal feld tranng exercses.             lng, a mn-STRAC exercse, and drownproofng. The
                                                                 Army Physcal Ftness Test (APFT) s admnstered to
                                                                 assess the state of physcal development.

                                                      — 273 —
Course Descriptions

                                                                 sklls emphaszng the transton from cadet to sec-
 MSL 401                                                         ond leutenant. Expands the frame of reference and
Advanced Mltary Leadershp I (3,0)                             gradually shfts t to orent on future assgnments as
3 Credts                                                        an offcer. Tranng s supplementary and ncludes
   A study of mltary professonalsm wth emphass             operatons and tactcs, land navgaton, and rado
   on command and staff relatonshps, organzatonal            wre communcaton subjects. Students perform as
   functons, and dutes of varous staff offcers who           subject matter experts and are responsble for con-
   assst n the leadershp of the organzaton. A study         ductng and evaluatng tranng. The Army Physcal
   of personnel and logstcal systems and the role they         Ftness Test (APFT) s admnstered to assess the state
   play n helpng the organzaton optmze operatons          of physcal development.
   and mprove lfe n the Army communty. Tranng n
   staff brefngs wll be used as an ntroducton to ml-    MSL 199-499
   tary procedures. Ths course ncludes lecture, labora-     Specal Topcs n Mltary Scence (3,0)
   tory, and physcal readness tranng. Corequste: MY     1-3 Credts
   403 Laboratory.                                               Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of
                                                                 selected topcs n general mltary scence.
 MSL 401L                                                        Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and approval of pro-
Advanced Mltary Leadershp I Laboratory (0,2.5)                fessor of military science.
0 Credt
   Leadershp laboratory wth emphass on mltary
   leadershp and small unt tactcs. Students develop
   leadershp abltes through hands-on practcal expe-
                                                              Naval Science
   rences. Tranng culmnates the leader development         NSC 100
   process at the pre-commssonng level. Tranng s
   supplementary and ncludes operatons and tactcs,         Naval Scence Lab
   land navgaton, and rado wre communcaton sub-         0 Credt
   jects. Students perform as subject matter experts and         Mltary drll, cruse preparaton, customs, tradtons
   are responsble for conductng and evaluatng tran-          and specal areas of knowledge requred of com-
   ng. The Army Physcal Ftness Test (APFT) s admn-          mssoned offcers n the Navy and Marne Corps.
   stered to assess the state of physcal development.          Requred for all mdshpmen.

 MSL 402                                                       NSC 101
Advanced Mltary Leadershp II (3,0)                         Introducton to Naval Scence (2,0)
3 Credts                                                     2 Credts
   A study of ethcs and professonalsm n the mltary         Introducton to the naval servce wth emphass on
   and the role they play n carryng out the defense            the msson, organzaton, regulatons, and com-
   polcy of the Unted States. The fundamentals of              ponents of the Navy and Marne Corps. Must be
   mltary law, ts mpact on the Amercan mltary             completed durng the freshman year. Requred for all
   socety, and ts place n the jursdctonal system. A        mdshpmen.
   hstory of the mltary courts martal as t relates to
   the jursdctonal process of Amercan socety. A study     NSC 102
   of the Law of Land Warfare and ts relatonshp to the     Seapower and Martme Affars (3,0)
   conduct of solders n combat. Ths course ncludes        3 Credts
   lecture, laboratory, and physcal readness tranng.         Ths course provdes an understandng of the sg-
   Corequste: MY 404 Laboratory.                               nfcance of sea power throughout hstory from the
                                                                 Phoencans to the post-Cold War era and the War
 MSL 402L                                                        on Terrorsm. Included s dscusson of how naval
Advanced Mltary Leadershp II                                  forces consttute a vtal component n promotng
Laboratory (0,2.5)                                               the natonal nterests, polces, and overall mltary
0 Credt                                                         strategy of the Unted States Mdshpmen wth the
   Leadershp laboratory wth emphass on mltary               excepton of Nurse Corps optons are requred to take
   leadershp and small unt tactcs. Students develop           ths course n the sprng of the frst year. Nurse Corps
   leadershp abltes through hands-on practcal expe-         opton mdshpmen may take the course durng ther
   rences. Tranng culmnates development of leader            second year.

                                                      — 274 —
                                                                            Course Descriptions

                                                                 ordnance. Requred for all Navy opton mdshpmen.
 NSC 201                                                         Not requred for Nurse Corps or Marne opton md-
Prncples of Naval Leadershp and                               shpmen.
   Management (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      NSC 310
   Theory and prncples of management, focusng on           Evoluton of Warfare (3,0)
   the offcer-manager as an organzatonal decson          3 Credts
   maker. Includes nterpersonal sklls behavor factors,        Survey of mltary hstory emphaszng prncples of
   and group dynamcs. Requred for all mdshpmen.              warfare, strategy and tactcs, and sgnfcant mltary
   Prerequisite: NSC 100.                                        leaders and organzatons. May be taken n the soph-
                                                                 omore or junor year. Requred for all Marne Corps
 NSC 202                                                         opton mdshpmen. Not requred for Navy opton or
Navgaton (3,0)                                                 Nurse Corps mdshpmen.
3 Credts
   Ths course provdes a comprehensve study of               NSC 311
   shp navgaton theory, prncples, and procedures.        Amphbous Warfare (3,0)
   Included s coverage of the nternatonal and nland       3 Credts
   rules for navgaton, celestal and electronc navga-        The hstory of amphbous warfare emphaszng doc-
   ton, plotng, dead reckonng, tdes, weather, and use       trne and technques. May be taken n the junor or
   of navgatonal equpment, publcatons, and charts.          senor year. Requred for all Marne Corps mdshp-
   Mdshpmen wth the excepton of Nurse Corps and              men.
   Marne Corps optons are requred to take ths course.
   Corequste: NSC 202L.                                      NSC 401
                                                              Naval Operatons & Seamanshp (3,0)
 NSC 202L                                                     3 Credts
Navgaton Laboratory                                            Ths course provdes an understandng of organza-
1 Credt                                                         tonal nterrelatonshps between authorty, respon-
   Laboratory work n plotng and celestal navga-             sblty, and accountablty, the concept of naval
   ton to complement Naval Scence 202. One hour per            command and control, and concepts and phlosophes
   week. Requred for all Navy opton mdshpmen. Not            of jont operatons. Included s the study of shp han-
   requred for Nurse Corps and Marne opton md-               dlng, relatve moton, basc forms of naval commu-
   shpmen. (Fall term only.)                                    ncatons, and U.S. and adversaral weapons systems
                                                                 and platforms. Mdshpmen wth the excepton of
 NSC 301                                                         Nurse Corps and Marne Corps optons are requred
Naval Engneerng (3,0)                                          to take ths course. (Sprng term only.) Corequste:
3 Credts                                                        NSC 401L
   Naval shp systems to nclude hydrodynamc forces,
   stablty, compartmentalzaton, electrcal, and aux-       NSC 401L
   lary systems. Theory and desgn of steam, gas tur-       Naval Operatons and Seamanshp Laboratory
   bne, and nuclear propulson. Shpboard safety and         1 Credt
   frefghtng.                                                 Laboratory work n maneuverng board (vector anal-
   Prerequisites: MA 111 or higher and PS 103. Required          yss) and communcatons, and conflct resoluton to
   for Navy option midshipmen; not required for Nurse Corps      complement NSC 401. One hour per week. Requred
   and Marine option midshipmen.                                 for all Navy opton mdshpmen. Not requred for
                                                                 Nurse Corps and Marne opton mdshpmen.
 NSC 302
Naval Weapons Systems (3,0)                                    NSC 402
3 Credts                                                     Prncples of Naval Management II/ Leadershp and
   An ntroducton to the theory of weapons systems           Ethcs (3,0)
   through the study of the fundamental prncples            3 Credts
   of sensor, trackng, computatonal, and weapons               Integraton of professonal competences and qualtes
   delvery subsystems. Explosves, fusng, and naval            of effectve leadershp wth emphass on moral and

                                                      — 275 —
Course Descriptions

   ethcal responsbltes, accountablty, communca-
   tons, and mltary law for the junor offcer. Requred    PS 103L
   for all mdshpmen.                                        Techncal Physcs I Laboratory (0,1)
                                                              0 Credt
                                                                 Technques for data analyss and laboratory methods
Physical Science                                                 n the context of experments dealng wth Newton’s
                                                                 laws, energy, and rotatonal moton. Ths laboratory s
 PS 101                                                          desgned to complement PS 103. Corequste: PS 103.
Basc Chemstry (3,1.5)
3 Credts                                                      PS 104
   Elementary chemcal theory. Covers basc atomc the-       Techncal Physcs II (3,0)
   ory, elements, compounds, and mxtures, calculaton        3 Credts
   of weght and weght volume relatonshps, and basc          Applcaton of basc physcs prncples dscussed n
   descrptve chemstry. One 1.5-hour laboratory ses-           PS 103. Other areas wll nclude fluds, propertes of
   son per week. (Cannot be used for credt n chemstry        matter, thermodynamcs, wave moton, sound, smple
   toward a degree n Aerospace Engneerng.) Passng            harmonc moton, knetc theory, basc electromag-
   grade requred for Lab. Students who take PS 108 may          netc theory, and elementary crcuts. (Cannot be used
   not also take PS 101.                                         for credt n physcs toward degrees n Computer
   Prerequisite: MA 111 or corequisite: MA 140.                  Scence, Engneerng Physcs, Cvl, Aerospace, or
                                                                 Electrcal Engneerng.)
 PS 102                                                          Prerequisites: PS 103, MA 112, or MA 241. Corequisite:
Exploratons n Physcs (3,0)                                    PS 104L.
3 Credts
   Survey course n elementary physcs. Stress wll be         PS 104L
   placed on basc concepts, prncples, and hstory of the   Techncal Physcs II Laboratory (0,1)
   development of physcs. Presentatons wll nclude         0 Credt
   selected topcs n mechancs, heat, lght, sound,             Technques for data analyss and laboratory methods
   electrcty and magnetsm, and modern physcs.                n the context of experments dealng wth oscllatory
   (Cannot be used for credt n physcs toward degrees          moton, sound, heat, fluds, and electrcty. Ths labo-
   n Computer Scence, Engneerng Physcs, Cvl,              ratory s desgned to complement PS 104. Corequste:
   Aerospace, or Electrcal Engneerng, or Aeronautcal         PS 104.
   Prerequisite: MA 111.                                       PS 105
                                                              General Chemstry I (3,3)
 PS 103                                                       4 Credts
Techncal Physcs I (3,0)                                        Fundamental prncples of chemstry that nclude
3 Credts                                                        nomenclature, stochometry, atomc structure, per-
   A course n elementary physcs. Stress wll be placed         odc relatonshps, chemcal bondng, geometry
   on basc physcs prncples. Problem solvng and              of molecules, propertes of gases, solutons, and
   problem-solvng logc wll be an mportant, ntegral          an ntroducton to organc chemstry. Laboratory
   part of ths course. Topcs wll nclude Newton’s             ncludes both descrptve and quanttatve work.
   Laws, projectle moton, crcular moton, work,               Prerequisites: One year of high school chemistry or PS
   energy, conservaton laws, momentum. (Cannot                  101, and MA 140 or its equivalent.
   be used for credt n physcs toward degrees n
   Computer Scence, Engneerng Physcs, Cvl,               PS 106
   Aerospace, or Electrcal Engneerng.)                     General Chemstry II (3,3)
   Prerequisite: MA 111 or MA 140. Corequisite: MA 112 or     4 Credts
   MA 241. Corequisite: PS 103L.                                 Chemcal prncples that nclude thermodynamcs,
                                                                 acds and bases, rates of reacton, electrochemstry,
                                                                 organc chemstry, synthetc materals.
                                                                 Prerequisite: PS 105.

                                                      — 276 —
                                                                           Course Descriptions

 PS 107                                                      PS 141
Elements of Bologcal Scence (3,0)                        Chemstry for Engneers Laboratory (0,3)
3 Credts                                                   1 Credt
   A physcal scence course wth emphass on anatomy          One three-hour laboratory sesson per week, wth
   and physology of man ncludng chemcal and cellu-         experments parallelng the materal of PS 140.
   lar bass of lfe, bology of organsms, and ecology.       Corequste: PS 140.

 PS 108                                                      PS 142
Contemporary Chemstry (3,1)                                Introducton to Envronmental Scence (3,0)
3 Credts                                                   3 Credts
   Elementary chemcal theory. The orgns and devel-          An ntroductory course that stresses the nterrelatons
   opment of chemstry wth an overvew of the present         of all aspects of the lvng and the nonlvng world.
   applcatons of chemstry and ts future potental n       Introduces the student to key concepts and prncples
   human affars. Applcatons to scentfc decson-         that govern how nature works and the applcaton of
   makng n the busness and ndustral envronment.          these concepts and prncples to possble solutons to
   One one-hour laboratory sesson per week. Students          envronmental and resource problems.
   who take PS 108 may not also take PS 101.
                                                             PS 150
 PS 111                                                     Physcs for Engneers I (3,0)
Plant Bology (3,3)                                         3 Credts
4 Credts                                                      Vectors and scalar quanttes, geometrcal optcs,
   Ths course wll study prncples and processes asso-       knematcs, Newton’s Laws of Moton, work,
   cated wth the bology of plants, ncludng survey of      work-energy, conservaton of energy, conserva-
   fung, green protsta, and plants. Major emphass on        ton of momentum, center of mass and ts moton.
   vascular plants, evolutonary orgns, and ecologcal       Corequste: MA 241.
   adaptatons. One three-hour laboratory sesson per
   week.                                                     PS 160
                                                            Physcs for Engneers II (3,0)
 PS 112                                                     3 Credts
Anmal Bology (3,3)                                           Specal theory of relatvty, rotatonal moton, smple
4 Credts                                                      harmonc moton, waves, fluds, heat, knetc theory,
   Ths course wll study prncples and processes found       thermodynamcs.
   n the anmal kngdom, ncludng survey of the              Prerequisite: PS 150. Corequisite: MA 242.
   major anmal groups. Major emphass on structure,
   dversty, phylogeny, and ecologcal adaptatons. One     PS 208
   three-hour laboratory sesson per week.                  Physcs II (3,0)
                                                            3 Credts
 PS 140                                                        Fluds, temperature, heat, frst and second laws of
Chemstry for Engneers (4,0)                                  thermodynamcs, wave moton, acoustcs.
4 Credts                                                      Prerequisites: MA 242, PS 215, PS 216. Corequisite: MA
   Chemcal stochometry, states of matter, solutons,        243.
   thermodynamcs, rate of reacton, equlbrum, oxda-
   ton-reducton, corroson, organc compounds, and         PS 210
                                                            Physcs II Laboratory (0,3)
   Prerequisites: High school chemistry or PS 101.          1 Credt
   Corequisite: PS 141.                                        One three-hour laboratory sesson per week wth
                                                               experments chosen prmarly from wave moton,
                                                               transverse and longtudnal waves, superposton of
                                                               waves, travelng waves, and standng waves.

                                                     — 277 —
Course Descriptions

 PS 215                                                         PS 253
Physcs I (3,0)                                                Physcs Laboratory for Engneers (0,3)
3 Credts                                                      1 Credt
   Estmatons, order of magntude analyss, Newton’s             One three-hour sesson per week. Experments wll
   Law, gravtaton, knematcs, work and energy,                 vary from semester to semester, but wll be chosen
   momentum, rotaton, harmonc moton.                           from laboratory report wrtng workshop, error anal-
   Prerequisite: MA 241. Corequisites: MA 242, PS 216.            yss, damped harmonc oscllatons, spectrometers,
                                                                  optcs, fber optcs, atomc physcs, thermodynamcs,
 PS 216                                                           and R-C crcut theory. Corequste: PS 250.
Physcs I Laboratory (0,3)                                      PS 290
1 Credt
   One three-hour laboratory sesson per week, wth            Physcs Laboratory Practcum (0,1)
   experments chosen prmarly from mechancs.                0 Credt
   Corequste: PS 215.                                           Requred, noncredt course. Requres the student
                                                                  to drect the operaton of a basc laboratory for one
 PS 219                                                           semester. Includes laboratory preparaton, laboratory
                                                                  dscusson, and gradng of laboratory reports.
Physcs III (3,0)
                                                                  Prerequisite: COM 219.
3 Credts
   Statc electrcty, Gauss’s Law, potental, Ohm’s Law,
   drect current crcuts, magnetc felds, nduced elec-      PS 301
   tromotve force, nductance, EM waves, the nature of        Astronomy (3,0)
   lght, mages formed by mrrors and lenses and opt-        3 Credts
   cal nstruments.                                               A descrptve course dealng wth the structure and
   Prerequstes: MA 243, PS 208. Corequste: PS 220.            evoluton of the physcal unverse. Topcs nclude the
                                                                  solar system (Earth, Moon, Sun, and planets), stars,
 PS 220                                                           black holes, galaxes, quasars, cosmology, and exob-
Physcs III Laboratory (0,3)                                      ology. Planetarum trps and nght observng sessons
1 Credt
   One three-hour laboratory sesson per week wth                Prerequisite: PS 102 or PS 103 or PS 150 or PS 215.
   experments chosen prmarly from thermodynamcs,
   electrcty and magnetsm, and geometrc optcs.             PS 302
   Prerequisites: MA 243 and PS 208. Corequisite: PS 219.      Evoluton of Scentfc Thought (3,0)
                                                               3 Credts
 PS 240                                                           Traces the development of scence from the earlest
Natural Hstory of the Regon (3,3)                               tmes through the modern perod, wth partcular
                                                                  emphass gven to our changng concepts of nature
4 Credts
                                                                  and of scence tself. (Also offered as SS 302. Students
   Ths course focuses on the geology, paleohstory,
                                                                  receve ether Socal Scences electve credt or
   flora, fauna, and ecosystems of the regon. The course
                                                                  Physcal Scences electve credt, but not both.)
   covers such topcs as the relatonshp between slope,
   elevaton, topography, and plant communtes.                  Prerequisites: Either HU 140 or HU 141 or HU 142 and
                                                                  either PS 101 or PS 102 or PS 103 or PS 150 or PS 215.
 PS 250
Physcs III for Engneers (3,0)
                                                                PS 303
3 Credts                                                      Modern Physcs (3,0)
   Gravtatonal felds, electrc felds and magnetc          3 Credts
   felds, Gauss’s law, electrc potental, lnear accelera-      Modern concepts n physcs ncludng optcs. Topcs
   tors, cyclotrons, capactors, Ohm’s law, Krchoff’s            nclude refracton, dffracton, and scatterng of elec-
   laws, Ampere’s law, Faraday’s law, Lenz’s law,                 tromagnetc radaton, specal relatvty, wave-partcle
   Maxwell equatons, selected topcs from modern                 dualty, the uncertanty prncple, quantum theory of
   physcs.                                                       atomc structure, X-rays, lasers, and nuclear reactons.
   Prerequisites: MA 242, PS 160.                                 Prerequisites: PS 219 and PS 220.

                                                        — 278 —
                                                                            Course Descriptions

                                                                 parameters. Experence n collectng and dentfyng
 PS 304                                                          plants and anmals n the dfferent ecosystems wll be
Envronmental Scence (3,0)                                      developed by feld and laboratory work.
3 Credts                                                        Prerequisites: PS 107, PS 108, or equivalent (PS 101 or
   A survey course n the envronmental problems ars-           PS 140), and PS 142, or permission of instructor.
   ng from man’s use and abuse of hs envronment.
   Ecologcal, economc, socologc, and technologc           PS 310
   prncples wll be appled to the management control
   of polluton of the atmosphere and water sources of
                                                              Ar Qualty and Sound Polluton (3,0)
   the Earth.                                                 3 Credts
                                                                 The examnaton of the fundamental prncples that
   Prerequisites: PS 101 or PS 140 and PS 141.                   govern ar qualty, ts polluton, and ts management.
                                                                 Also the fundamental prncples assocated wth
 PS 305                                                          sound polluton and ts management.
Modern Physcs Laboratory (0,3)                                  Prerequisites: PS 105, PS 106, PS 142, and WX 201.
1 Credt
   Experments n atomc and nuclear physcs, ncludng        PS 311
   spectroscopy, nuclear partcle analyss, X-ray analyss,
   and laser applcatons. Corequste: PS 303.
                                                              Water Qualty (3,0)
                                                              3 Credts
 PS 306                                                          The hydrologc cycle, wth emphass on atmospherc,
                                                                 land surface, shallow subsurface, and groundwater
Consumer and Hazardous Waste (3,0)                               processes. Examnaton of physcal, chemcal, and
3 Credts                                                        bologcal propertes of these aquatc systems and the
   Introducton to sources, characterstcs, and concerns        effects of common pollutants. Development of env-
   of hazardous materals n envronmental systems.              ronmental lteracy s emphaszed.
   Examnaton of general approaches toward ste                 Prerequisites: PS 105, PS 106, and PS 142.
   assessment, rsk analyss, ste remedaton, and other
   ssues pertnent to hazardous waste management.             PS 312
   Development of envronmental lteracy s empha-
   szed.                                                     Plant Identfcaton (2,3)
   Prerequisite: One year of high school chemistry or con-    3 Credts
   current enrollment in PS 105 or PS 106.                       Ths course s desgned to provde practcal expe-
                                                                 rence n dentfcaton of local flowerng plants
 PS 308                                                          through the use of regonal floras and recognton
                                                                 of common plant famles. Elements of plant collec-
Atmospherc Envronmental Studes (3,0)                          ton, dentfcaton, and herbarum technques wll be
3 Credts                                                        taught through classroom lectures and feld and lab
   Overvew of atmospherc envronmental topcs on               work. Students wll be requred to prepare ther own
   local and regonal ssues as well as global change            plant collecton.
   ssues. Introducton to the chemstry of atmospherc          Prerequisite: PS 111.
   polluton. Examnaton of sources of ar polluton
   especally from the aerospace ndustres. Includes          PS 313
   dscusson of montorng, regulaton, and control of
   ar polluton.                                             Rparan Ecology (2,3)
   Prerequisites: PS 108 or equivalent, PS 142, or permis-    3 Credts
   sion of instructor.                                           The analyss of the structure, functon, and classfca-
                                                                 ton of rparan habtats wth specal emphass on
 PS 309                                                          Southwestern waterways. Evaluaton of lmnologcal,
                                                                 floral, and geomorphc resources that create specfc
Prncples of Ecology (2,3)                                      rparan habtats wll be covered.
3 Credts
   Ths course s desgned to provde practcal exper-
   ence n the scentfc measurement of envronmental

                                                       — 279 —
Course Descriptions

 PS 320                                                        PS 405
Classcal Mechancs (3,0)                                     Atomc/Nuclear Physcs (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Fundamentals of mechancs, oscllatory moton,                Mult-electron atoms, X-rays and gamma rays, rada-
   systems of partcles, varyng mass, moton under              tve transtons n the atom and the nucleus. Basc
   central forces, moton n three dmensons, gyroscopc        propertes of nucle, systematcs of nuclear stablty,
   moton, generalzed coordnates, normal coordnates,          dynamcs of nuclear reactons, nuclear models, and
   Lagrangan and Hamltonan formulatons. Students             nuclear forces. Introducton to partcle physcs and
   wll wrte some smple computer programs.                     ts applcatons to cosmc rays, stellar energy, and the
   Prerequisites: ES 204, MA 345, PS 219. Corequisite: PS        formaton of the elements.
   303.                                                          Prerequisite: EP 455.

 PS 400                                                        PS 408
Senor Physcs Laboratory I (2,3)                             Astrophyscs II (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Study of geometrcal and physcal optcs ncludng            Radatve transfer n astrophyscal envronments; stel-
   plane waves, mrrors, lenses, emsson and absorp-            lar atmospheres, stellar nterors, and gaseous nebu-
   ton lne spectroscopy, dffracton gratngs, lasers and      lae. Emsson and absorpton processes. Interacton of
   nterferometers.                                              radaton wth matter.
   Prerequisite: PS 305.                                         Prerequisites: MA 345, PS 401.

 PS 401                                                        PS 410
Astrophyscs (3,0)                                            Senor Physcs Laboratory IIa (2,3)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Study of the basc physcal processes operatng n            Bnary stars, spectroscopc bnares, proper moton,
   the astronomcal envronment, stellar structure and           galaxy rotaton curves, mage processng.
   evoluton, the nterstellar medum, galaxes, and cos-        Prerequisites: PS 400, PS 401.
   mology. Astrophyscal concepts are emphaszed, thus
   underlnng the common features operatng n many           PS 412
   astronomcal systems.                                      Partcle Physcs and Cosmology (3,0)
   Prerequisites: MA 345, PS 303.                             3 Credts
                                                                 Study of the evoluton of the unverse ncludng
 PS 402                                                          large-scale structure, Bg-Bang cosmology, general
Envronmental Qualty Laboratory (0,3)                           relatvty, and the search for dark matter.
1 Credt                                                         Prerequisites: MA 441, PS 405.
   A laboratory course usng feld technques and equp-
   ment commonly found n envronmental workplace.             PS 414
   Projects and demonstratons wll use local flght-lne     Senor Physcs Laboratory IIb (2,3)
   and arport muncpaltes as examples.                    3 Credts
   Prerequisites: PS 306 and PS 310.                             Measurements of nuclear and partcle systems usng
                                                                 hgh-precson detectors and hgh-speed data acqus-
 PS 403                                                          ton.
Wldlfe and Arports (3,0)                                      Prerequisites: PS 303, PS 305, PS 400.
3 Credts
   An examnaton of the problems and solutons assoc-        PS 199, 299, 399, 499
   ated wth wldlfe and ther mpact on arport safety.     Specal Topcs n Physcal Scence
   Specal emphass on problems correlated wth brds.        1-4 Credts
   Prerequste: PS 309.                                         Indvdual ndependent or drected study of topcs n
                                                                 the felds of the physcal scences mpngng on aero-
                                                                 space development or practces that are of current or
                                                                 antcpated nterest.

                                                       — 280 —
                                                                            Course Descriptions

   Prerequisites: consent of instructor and approval of the      samplng technques, generalzaton, construct and
   department chair.                                             content valdty, relablty, ssues n confoundng and
                                                                 counterbalancng measures, restrcton n range prob-
                                                                 lems, practce effects, order effects, nter-rater and
Psychology                                                       ntra-rater relablty, error varance, samplng error,
                                                                 pre-test/post-test desgns, and ethcal concerns form
 PSY 220                                                         the bass of the course. Corequste: PSY 225.
Introducton to Psychology (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      PSY 305
   A survey of the bopsychosocal contnuum and the          Expermental Psychology (2,1)
   ntrapsychc, nterpersonal, and organzatonal fac-       3 Credts
   tors affectng human behavor. A prmary feature of           An advanced research desgn course focusng on the
   the course s ts focus on the scentfc method as the       expermental and quanttatve methods used by psy-
   route to psychologcal knowledge. Students study the          chologsts to acqure knowledge and to determne the
   ratonalst, emprcst, and expermental foundatons         relablty and valdty of research data. The course
   of the scentfc method and how these foundatons            ncorporates drect experence n the laboratory wth
   can be crtqued. Topcs nclude sensaton, percep-           the methods of data collecton and analyss and the
   ton, learnng, memory, personalty, psychopathol-            descrpton of research fndngs.
   ogy, physologcal psychology, and socal processes.          Prerequisite: PSY 300.
   Emphass s placed on the applcaton of the basc
   prncples of psychology to engneerng, avaton,          PSY 310
   publc polcy, and busness.
                                                              Sensaton and Percepton (2,1)
 PSY 225                                                      3 Credts
                                                                 How organsms sense and perceve the envronment.
Research Analyss n Psychology (3,2)                            Topcs dscussed nclude types of stmul affectng the
4 Credts                                                        sensory receptors, the anatomy and physology of the
   Ths course s an elementary program n data analyss         sensory systems respondng to those stmul, and cur-
   and statstcs. The focus s on basc statstcal con-        rent knowledge and theores about perceptual abl-
   cepts for the socal scences. Although computer data         tes. Laboratory/research experence s ncluded. The
   analyss s a component of the course, t s secondary        laboratory wll nclude expermental nvestgatons
   to statstcal theory and computatonal procedures.           and demonstratons of sensory and perceptual phe-
   The body of the course covers parametrc procedures           nomena. Vson, audton, taste, smell, the skn senses,
   ncludng t-tests, analyss of varance, corelatonal         and balance wll be ncluded.
   technques, descrptve statstcs, and frequency ds-
   trbutons. Some attenton s devoted to nonparamet-          Prerequisite: PSY 220.
   rc analyss. The emphass s on decsons to choose
   the approprate statstcal technque and computa-          PSY 315
   tonal work. Statstcal computatons usng computer       Cogntve Psychology (3,0)
   software wll be covered. Data setup and analyss, as      3 Credts
   well as graph generaton and statstcal output nter-        Contemporary theores of human nformaton pro-
   pretaton wll be focused on.                                 cessng. Major topcs nclude attenton, mental repre-
   Prerequisites: MA 111 or MA 140, PSY 220.                     sentatons, categorzaton, short-term and long-term
                                                                 memory, psycholngustcs, reasonng, problem-solv-
                                                                 ng, judgment, and decson makng.
 PSY 300
                                                                 Prerequisite: PSY 220.
Research Desgn n Psychology (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      PSY 320
   Ths course s an elementary program n research
   desgn. The course focuses on the development of           Avaton Psychology (3,0)
   research desgns, surveys, scalng technques, feld       3 Credts
   studes, case study data desgns, and technques com-         A study of the complextes of human factors research
   monly used n the socal scences and human factors.          n avaton. Drawng extensvely on such dverse
   Consderable attenton s devoted to desgnng exper-         areas as human physology, basc learnng theory,
   ments. Concepts n controllng, manpulatng, and
   measurng dependent and ndependent varables,

                                                         — 281 —
Course Descriptions

   avaton safety, and plot tranng. The course surveys
   the study of human behavor as t relates to the ava-        PSY 345
   tor’s adapton to the flght envronment.                    Tranng and Development (3,0)
   Prerequisite: PSY 220.                                       3 Credts
                                                                   A revew of the prncples and technques applcable
 PSY 325                                                           to tranng and tranng development.
Group Structure and Process (3,0)                                  Prerequisite: PSY 220.
3 Credts
   An examnaton, at an advanced level, of stuatonal          PSY 350
   and ndvdual determnants of socal structure and          Socal Psychology (3,0)
   nteracton n face-to-face groups. Varous theores of      3 Credts
   exchange, equty, power, and leadershp are consd-             Ths course examnes the nteractonal forces between
   ered.                                                           groups and the ndvdual n socety. Snce the major
   Prerequisite: PSY 220.                                          focus of the course s on socal nteractons, such
                                                                   dverse topcs as group dynamcs, nterpersonal rela-
 PSY 330                                                           tonshps, prejudce, dscrmnaton, and antsocal
                                                                   behavor wll be consdered. Specal attenton s gven
Learnng and Motvaton (3,0)                                      to the topc of stress n the avaton envronment.
3 Credts
   Ths course explores elementary learnng processes              Prerequisite: PSY 220.
   and how they combne wth complex cogntve, mot-
   vatonal, and socal factors to nfluence what organ-         PSY 365
   sms do.                                                     Abnormal Psychology (3,0)
   Prerequisite: PSY 220.                                       3 Credts
                                                                   Ths course s ntended to famlarze students wth
 PSY 335                                                           the theory and research on the bologcal, cogntve-
                                                                   behavoral, and socal-famly perspectves and nter-
Physologcal Psychology (2,1)                                     ventons of psychologcal dsorders as problems that
3 Credts                                                          affect nearly everyone. Its emphass on the research
   A study of the neural and bochemcal bases of                  process, famly ssues, and the lne between normal
   behavor wth specal emphass on sensory process-              and abnormal behavor s ntended to encourage
   ng, motvaton, emoton, learnng, and memory. Both            students to thnk crtcally about socal and personal
   expermental analyss and clncal mplcatons are             ssues, and to understand the strateges, methodolo-
   consdered. Actvtes are conducted on the anatomy             ges, and the applcablty of research n abnormal
   and physology of the nervous system, and on the                psychology.
   development, evoluton, and functon of behavor.
                                                                   Prerequisite: PSY 350.
   Prerequisite: PSY 220.

 PSY 340                                                         PSY 400
                                                                Introducton to Cogntve Scence (3,0)
Industral-Organzatonal Psychology (3,0)                      3 Credts
3 Credts                                                          An ntroducton to the scence of the mnd from
   A survey of major topcs n ndustral-organzatonal           the perspectve of cogntve psychology, lngustcs,
   psychology, wth emphass on organzatonal and                 neuroscence, phlosophy, and artfcal ntellgence.
   personnel psychology appled to busness, ndustry,             The focus s on the smlartes and dfferences n the
   and government. An examnaton and crtcal revew              approach taken by researchers n these dfferent felds
   of theores and research n selected areas of organza-         n ther study of cogntve mechansms. Issues to be
   tonal behavor. Emphass s on ntrapersonal behav-            addressed: What does t mean to be able to thnk?
   or, such as motvaton, job stress, and job satsfacton.      What knd of computatonal archtecture(s) s most
   Prerequisite: PSY 220.                                          approprate to descrbe cogntve mechansms? Is the
                                                                   mnd an emergent property of the bran? What knd
                                                                   of hardware s requred for thnkng to occur? Can a
                                                                   computer have a mnd?
                                                                   Prerequisite: PSY 315.

                                                        — 282 —
                                                                           Course Descriptions

Regional Studies                                             Software Engineering
 RS 200                                                       SE 300
Modern Asa (3,0)                                            Software Engneerng Practces (3,3)
3 Credts                                                    4 Credts
   A survey course of the major poltcal, economc,            Ths course ntroduces students to the fundamental
   cultural, and hstorcal changes n Asa snce the 19th      prncples and methodologes of large-scale software
   century. A regonal and/or thematc focus may be             development. Students learn about the theory and
   created dependng on the nstructor’s expertse. For         practce of software engneerng and work as part
   example, an nstructor may focus on East rather than         of a team on a full lfe-cycle software project that
   South Asa, on hstory rather than economy.                  ncludes plannng, software specfcaton, software
   Prerequisites: HU 14X and sophomore standing or con-         desgn, codng, nspectons, and testng. The course
   sent of instructor.                                          has a closed laboratory that ncludes actvtes that
                                                                gude project teams through a software development
 RS 300                                                         process and support team project actvtes such as
                                                                team buldng, plannng, requrements analyss and
Observng Asan Cultures (3,0)                                  specfcaton, desgn, testng, and the use of tools.
3 Credts
                                                                Prerequisite: CS 225.
   An nterdscplnary course that takes an anthropo-
   logcal, phlosophcal, and geographcal approach
   to travelng n Asa. Topcs nclude geographcal          SE 310
   changes n Asa, phlosophcal ssues of travel, and      Analyss and Desgn of Software Systems (3,0)
   the theory and methodology of studyng other              3 Credts
   cultures and socetes. The course culnates n an           Ths course focuses on the fundamental methods
   optonal yet strongly recommended feld trp to an           employed n the analyss and desgn of software
   Asan country.                                               systems. Analyss s the process of determnng a
   Prerequisite: sophomore standing or consent of the           complete and consstent set of system requrements.
   instructor.                                                  Desgn s the process of producng a system arch-
                                                                tecture, both logcal and physcal, and determnng
 RS 305                                                         an approprate way to construct the software. The
                                                                result of these processes s a documented model of
Asan Lterature (3,0)                                          the desred system. The student wll learn and prac-
3 Credts                                                       tce methods approprate for both object-orented and
   Asan lterature n translaton. Representatve read-        procedural systems.
   ngs are chosen from ancent tmes to the present,
                                                                Prerequisites: CS 315, SE 300.
   from poetry to prose, from female wrters to male
   wrters, from South to East Asa. Synthess of major
   lterary themes and development, as well as the cul-       SE 320
   tural contexts for lterature, s an mportant part of    Software Constructon (3,0)
   the course. The course uses both books and flms as       3 Credts
   study materal. A regonal and/or thematc focus may         Ths course provdes the student wth advanced
   be created dependng on the nstructor’s expertse.          nstructon n programmng wth an object-orented
   For example, an nstructor may focus on East rather          programmng language. The course objectve s pro-
   than South Asa, on prose rather than drama.                 fcency n use of a language wdely used for general
   Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or consent of the           purpose software development. In addton, the stu-
   instructor.                                                  dent wll be ntroduced to tools and processes appro-
                                                                prate for employng ths language n a sgnfcant
                                                                software development envronment. Students attend-
                                                                ng ths course must already be profcent n the
                                                                use of one major programmng language and have
                                                                knowledge of basc software engneerng practces.
                                                                Prerequisites: CS 315, SE 300.

                                                      — 283 —
Course Descriptions

 SE 410                                                        SE 451
Software Modelng (3,0)                                       Software Team Project II (1,6)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Ths course focuses on the study of formal concepts           Ths s the second course n the senor project
   and technques used to model and analyze software             sequence (SE 450 and SE 451). Ths s the contnua-
   artfacts (requrements, desgn, and code). The course        ton of SE 450. Ths course provdes for addtonal
   ncludes a survey of mathematcal modelng tech-              student actvtes wth the management, analyss,
   nques used n software engneerng. Course actvtes        desgn, mplementaton, and testng of a software
   nclude readng, dscusson, and exercses concerned          system. Students work n teams and use a defned
   wth the use of formal mathematcal models n soft-           software process to develop or modfy a software
   ware engneerng (for example, work on a formal               product. Project work s assessed usng ndustral
   specfcaton project, study of concepts and technol-         software standards and revew technques. The senor
   ogy of formal model checkng, use of a formal model-          project sequence s consdered the capstone course for
   ng tool, and presentatons on artcles about recent          undergraduate students n software engneerng. The
   work n applcaton and research n formal methods).          second course n ths sequence (SE 451) emphaszes
   Prerequisites: CS 222, SE 300.                                the later stages of the software development lfe cycle
                                                                 (desgn, mplementaton, testng, and mantenance).
 SE 420                                                          The artfacts developed durng the frst course (SE
                                                                 450) wll be used as the foundaton for further devel-
Software Qualty Assurance (3,0)                                 opment durng ths course (SE 451).
3 Credts
                                                                 Prerequisites: SE 410 and SE 450. Corequisite: SE 420.
   Ths course exposes the student to the key concepts
   and practces n software testng and qualty assur-
   ance. The objectve of ths course s to ntroduce          SE 299, 399, 499
   students to the concepts of Software Qualty through       Specal Topcs n Software Engneerng
   testng, nspecton, and walkthrough. The process of       1-6 Credts
   software testng and dfferent testng technques and         Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of
   methodologes wll be covered. Ths course also cov-          selected topcs n software engneerng.
   ers topcs related to the management of a testng proj-       Prerequisite: consent of the instructor and the department
   ect. Fnally, dfferent software testng tools and ther      chair.
   advantages and dsadvantages wll be dscussed.
   Prerequisites: SE 310 and SE 320.
                                                              Safety Science
 SE 450
Software Team Project I (2,3)                                  SF 201
3 Credts                                                     Introducton to Health, Occupatonal, and
   Ths s the frst course n the sequence of a two-         Transportaton Safety
   course senor project (SE 450 and SE 451). The senor      3 Credts
   project sequence of courses s the contnuaton of SE         Ths course ntroduces the student to the basc health
   300. They provde for addtonal student actvtes           and safety concepts assocated wth ndustry and
   wth the management, analyss, desgn, mplemen-              transportaton. Included are a comprehensve health
   taton, and testng of a software system. Students            and safety overvew, a hstorcal study of the legs-
   work n teams and use a defned software process to           latve development and enactment of approprate
   develop or modfy a software product. Project work            statutes, regulatons, and laws, the defnton of safety
   s assessed usng ndustral software standards and           terms, and a dscusson of the ethcs and professon-
   revew technques. The senor project sequence s             alsm requred by the health and safety professon.
   consdered the capstone course for undergraduate              Ths course also provdes an ntroducton to hazard
   students n software engneerng. The frst course n         recognton and reportng, evaluaton, and control
   ths sequence (SE 450) emphaszes the early stages of         concepts used n rsk management, accdent nvest-
   the software development lfe cycle (requrements,            gaton, ergonomcs, and accdent preventon manage-
   analyss, and desgn). The artfacts developed dur-           ment. Ths course nvolves three hours of lecture per
   ng ths course wll be used as the foundaton for            week, wth no laboratory or
   further development durng the second course n the           Prerequisites required.
   sequence (SE 451).
   Prerequisite: senior standing, SE 310, SE 320.

                                                      — 284 —
                                                                               Course Descriptions

 SF 210                                                           SF 320
Introducton to Aerospace Safety (3,0)                           Human Factors n Avaton Safety (3,0)
3 Credts                                                        3 Credts
   An ntroducton and overvew of the theores, con-               An examnaton of the major human causatve agent
   cepts, applcatons, and practces of the feld of aero-         n arcraft accdents: the human beng. Emphass s
   space safety. The course s desgned for the begnnng           placed on the psychology and physologc factors that
   avaton safety student and s a                                 enhance accdent probablty. Included s a detaled
   Prerequisite for most of the higher-level safety courses.        analyss of ergonomcs (human engneerng) and ts
   Material presented covers the major specialty areas such as      nfluence.
   human factors, mechanical factors, accident investigation,
   safety programs, and safety statistics.                        SF 330
                                                                 Arcraft Accdent Investgaton (3,0)
 SF 311                                                          3 Credts
Industral Securty (3,0)                                           A detaled evaluaton of methods and procedures
3 Credts                                                           nvolved n arcraft accdent nvestgaton. The
   Ths course revews the fundamentals of securty and             organzaton, dutes, and procedures of the Arcraft
   emergency plannng and management. The nature,                   Accdent Board are analyzed. The student explores
   scope, and essental elements of securty n the                 procedures for determnng accdent causes through
   workplace are dscussed wth emphass on personal                analyss for such elements as the functon and tech-
   protecton and to a lmted extent property protec-              nques employed by the traned accdent nvestgator
   ton. The workplace ncludes selected avaton and               and the role of the specalzed laboratory. Analyses
   ndustral settngs. Students develop and/or evaluate            are also made of reportng procedures and the all-
   securty programs for selected ndustres.                       mportant followup work desgned to avod smlar
                                                                    or related arcraft accdents.
 SF 315                                                             Prerequisite: SF 201 or SF 210 or approval.
Envronmental Complance and Safety                                 Recommended: AS 120 or AS 131 or knowledge at the
                                                                    private level.
3 Credts
   Ths course examnes matters assocated wth health
   and safety relatng to the envronment ncludng ar           SF 335
   and water qualty and santaton. The course concen-          Mechancal and Structural Factors n Avaton Safety
   trates on hazardous materals, ther storage, handlng,       (3.0)
   and transportaton by ar, ral, marne, and hghway.         3 Credts
   Addtonal study ncludes waste management and                   Examnaton of desgn, manufacturng, metallurgy,
   cleanup as well as a detaled study of envronmen-               and mantenance as to the nfluence each has on
   tal laws, regulatons, and the protecton of workers             arcraft accdents. A detaled analyss of the falure
   nvolved n actvtes assocated wth hazardous                 process wll be conducted. Addtonal topcs nclude
   materal actvtes.                                             stress and desgn loadng, fatgue, corroson, and the
                                                                    envelope of operaton.
 SF 316                                                             Prerequisite: SF 330. Recommended: AS 309.
Workers’ Compensaton, Insurance, and Rsk
Management (3,0)                                                  SF 345
3 Credts                                                        Safety Program Management (3,0)
   Loss control actvtes related to workers’ compensa-         3 Credts
   ton and njury preventon practced by major nsur-             A study of the prncples of the development and
   ance companes are studed. Concepts of measurng,               management of an effectve safety program. The
   evaluatng, and ensurng safety and health hazard                phlosophy and hstorcal development of major
   rsks are addressed. Bascs of workers’ compensaton             concepts are examned wth partcular emphass on
   are covered together wth evaluatng, quantfyng,               areas of specal concern n organzatonal accdent
   and managng rsk due to safety and health hazards.              preventon. Students analyze the nfluence of morale,
                                                                    educaton, and tranng, the role of the supervsor,
                                                                    and other substantal program elements of value to
                                                                    the safety manager.
                                                                    Prerequisite: SF 201 or SF 210 or approval.

                                                         — 285 —
Course Descriptions

                                                                Prerequisite: SF 330.
 SF 350
Arcraft Crash and Emergency Management (3,0)                 SF 380
3 Credts                                                    Internshp I (3,0)
   Theory, practces, and technques used n the             3 Credts
   response phase of arcraft crashes and emergences.          Ths nternshp s desgned to gve students hands-
   Desgned as a real-world ntroducton to the feld of        on experence n the feld of safety, health, and the
   emergency response at the CFR agency level, the ar-         envronment. Students apply concepts and theores
   port response and admnstraton levels, and related         learned n the program to real-world ndustral
   and assocated enttes nvolved n arcraft mshaps.        settngs. Students develop nspecton and audt-
   Prerequisite: SF 201 or SF 210 or approval.                  ng procedures, conduct on-ste measurements and
                                                                evaluatons of hazards, and formulate comprehensve
 SF 355                                                         reports detalng fndngs and recommendatons.
Industral Hygene and Toxcology (3,0)                         Prerequisites: SF 201, SF 315, SF 355, SF 410, or
3 Credts                                                       approval.
   Ths course examnes prncples assocated wth
   ndustral hygene. Topcs nclude recognton, evalu-     SF 405
   aton, and control of hazards related to nose, vbra-    Applcatons n Industral Hygene (3,0)
   ton, onzng and nononzng radaton, thermal         3 Credts
   condtons, pressure, chemcals, arborne contam-           Ths course advances and expands on the concepts
   nants, and bologcal substances. These subjects wll        dscussed n SF 355 and emphaszes measurement
   be dscussed n relaton to all regulatory requrements      and evaluaton of workplace health hazards. Desgn
   usng engneerng and nonengneerng controls for            and regulatory complance of envronments n the
   reducng or elmnatng health hazards n the work-          offce settngs and the manufacturng envronments
   place.                                                       are addressed. Students develop and/or evaluate
   Prerequisite: SF 201 or approval.                            ndustral hygene programs for selected ndustres.
                                                                Prerequisite: SF 355 or approval.
 SF 365
Fre Protecton (3,0)                                         SF 410
3 Credts                                                    Desgn of Engneerng Hazard Controls (3,0)
   Ths course ntroduces the bascs of fre and fre pro-   3 Credts
   tecton. Students wll study the physcs, chemstry,         Ths course addresses the applcaton of scentfc
   characterstcs, and behavor of fre, fre hazards of       and engneerng prncples and methods to acheve
   materal, fre suppresson systems, extngushng            optmum safety and health through the analyss and
   agents, and detecton and alarm systems. Prmary             desgn of processes, equpment, products, facltes,
   emphass wll be on transportaton-related fre haz-         operatons, and envronments. Subjects wll nclude
   ards and the regulatory requrements assocated wth         product desgn, plant layout, constructon mante-
   ar, ral, marne, and hghway modes of transporta-          nance, pressure vessels, and transportaton vehcles
   ton.                                                        and systems. These subjects wll be dscussed n rela-
                                                                ton to all regulatory requrements.
 SF 375                                                         Prerequisite: SF 201 or approval.
Propulson Plant Investgaton (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     SF 435
   A techncal course n arcraft recprocatng and tur-
                                                             Arcraft Crash Survval Analyss and Desgn (3,0)
   bne engne fundamentals and relevant accdent
   nvestgatve procedures. Areas of study nclude          3 Credts
   basc constructon and desgn wth emphass on               An n-depth analyss of the accdent envronment
   major sectons, components, and ther mechancal             wth partcular emphass on the protecton of the
   relatonshps. Power plant systems and system ms-           occupants. The njury mechansms and causes wll be
   hap nvestgaton s also covered and ncludes fuel,         analyzed, as wll the physcs and knematcs of the
   lubrcaton, gnton, and start systems. A study of         mpact sequence. The ntent of the course s to faml-
   propeller bascs and nvestgatve technques s also        arze the student wth what can be done to mnmze
   ncluded. On-ste feld nvestgaton as well as engne      the effects of an accdent.
   teardown/dsassembly procedures are presented.               Prerequisite: SF 335 or approval.

                                                      — 286 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

                                                                 bodes and assocatons that are tasked wth settng
 SF 440                                                          the legal standards by whch the ndustry must oper-
Desgn of Engneerng Hazard Controls II (3,0)                   ate, ncludng the scope and level of ther authorty.
3 Credts
   Ths course covers all relevant standards and regula-       SF 299, 399, 499
   tons related to constructon together wth the devel-     Specal Topcs n Avaton Safety
   opment and mplementaton of constructon safety           1-3 Credts
   programs. OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1926 and work                 Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of
   methods desgn wll serve as a bass for ths course.         selected topcs n avaton safety.
   Prerequisite: SF 201 or approval.                             Prerequisites: consent of instructor, approval of depart-
                                                                 ment and program chairs, and 12 hours of SF courses.
 SF 445
System Safety n Avaton (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     Simulation
   Ths course entals specalzed ntegraton of sklls
   and resources n all phases of the lfe cycle of a gven    SIM 200
   system n furtherance of accdent preventon. Its her-    Avaton Smulaton Systems (3,0)
   tage s systems engneerng and management theory          3 Credts
   but t s amplfed to nclude modern safety practces        Ths course emphaszes the mportance of buldng
   derved from numerous dscplnes. Accordngly, ths          a smulaton system that delvers a flght experence
   course revews the development and mplementaton             that s realstc to the plot. The student wll develop a
   of system safety technology n avaton, both cvl and       thorough understandng of the relatonshps between
   mltary. Students wll acqure an understandng of           fdelty, FAA crtera for smulaton approval, and
   how accdent preventon s desgned nto an arcraft          plot modal nteracton wth the smulaton regardng
   under development, evaluated and enhanced durng              senses ncludng: proproceptve, vsual, tactle, and
   flght test, and assured or otherwse controlled dur-         aural. Students wll conduct an analyss of the need
   ng operatonal use. Ths learnng s juxtaposed wth         for moton and moton cueng to gan nferences on
   other elements of the total avaton system.                  the assocated affects on fdelty.
 SF 450                                                        SIM 300
Internshp II (3,0)                                           Flght Dynamcs Algorthms
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Ths nternshp s desgned to gve students hands-           Ths course wll derve the equatons of moton of
   on experence n the feld of safety, health, and the         a 6 DOF aerospace vehcle. Stablty dervatve wll
   envronment. Students apply concepts and theores             be defned mathematcally. The equatons for statc
   learned n the program to real-world ndustral               and dynamc stablty of the longtudnal and lateral
   settngs. Students develop nspecton and audt-              drectonal moton wll be derved. Numercal nte-
   ng procedures, conduct on-ste measurements and              graton methods n a sutable computer language
   evaluatons of hazards, and formulate comprehensve           wll be used to solve these equatons. Physcal under-
   reports detalng fndngs and recommendatons.               standng of stablty dervates wll be dscussed at
   Prerequisite: SF 380.                                         length.
                                                                 Prerequisite: MA 345 or equivalent.
 SF 462
Health, Safety, and Avaton Law (3,0)                         SIM 400
3 Credts                                                     Instrumentaton for Flght Test (3,0)
   Ths course ntroduces the student to the legal ssues     3 Credts
   and concerns confrontng the health and safety ndus-         Advanced nstrumentaton setups for arcraft flght
   try. Included s an overvew of the hstorcal legal          testng. The followng arcraft qualty transducers wll
   precedence establshed for the avaton ndustry, as          be dscussed theoretcally: accelerometers, rate gyros,
   well as a comprehensve examnaton of laws, regu-            strapdown gyro packages, dgtal pressure transduc-
   latons, and legslaton that govern the actons and          ers, thermocouples, lnear dsplacement transducers,
   authorty of the health and safety professonal. Ths         load cells, and RPM transducers. Installaton of the
   course also provdes an ntroducton to the governng         above nstruments wll be dscussed. Calbraton and

                                                      — 287 —
Course Descriptions

   errors wll be nvestgated. Ths course ncludes a lab       (transmsson control protocol/nternet protocol)
   for nstallaton and calbraton of transducers on an         transmsson meda, network topologes, network
   arcraft. Pre/corequstes: SIM 300 and MA 345.               protocols, and network performance.
                                                                 Prerequisite: IT 220 or equivalent.
 SIM 402
Introducton to Flght Testng (3,0)                           SIM 410
3 Credts                                                     Flght Test and Smulaton
   An overvew of the role and functon of flght testng     3 Credts
   n the aerospace ndustry. Major topcs wll nclude          An nterdscplnary, capstone course n flght-testng
   past, present, and future of flght test, FAA and DOD         and smulaton. Ths course wll rely on nterdsc-
   certfcaton processes, rsk management, test plan-          plnary groups to perform flght tests and smulaton
   nng and reportng, and an overvew of the prncpal          matchng for typcal FAA certfcaton of arcraft and
   flght test methods and procedures for arcraft and           smulators. Lab fee requred.
   engne performance, stablty and control, handlng           Prerequisite: SIM 300 or AS 340.
   qualtes, avoncs systems performance and ntegra-
   ton, human factors evaluaton, producton and man-
   tenance flght test, homebult flght test, and DOD
   operatonal flght test. Fnal project wll nvolve team
                                                              Global Security and
   evaluaton of an arcraft usng Embry-Rddle smula-
   tors, ncludng test plannng and reportng. Lab fee
                                                              Intelligence Studies
   requred.                                                   SIS 100
   Prerequisites: AS 309 or equivalent and SIM 200.           Introducton to Global Securty and Intellgence
                                                              Studes (3,0)
 SIM 404                                                      3 Credts
Fly-By-Wre Arcraft Smulaton and Desgn (3,0)                 SIS 100 s the ntroductory course for the Global
3 Credts                                                        Securty and Intellgence Studes program. It ds-
   Ths course addresses recent advances n automated            cusses the whole range of contemporary nternatonal
   flght control systems. Fly-by-wre arcraft archtec-        ssues, from questons of realsm versus dealsm
   ture wll be dscussed. Arcraft smulatons wll be          n foregn affars, to changes n the naton-state, the
   used to enhance and stablze arcraft stablty and          mplcatons of clmate change, the prolferaton of
   handlng qualtes. Strateges such as theta control, c-      weapons of mass destructon, nternatonal devel-
   star, and flght path angle control wll be addressed.        opment, the rse of Chna, and nternatonal publc
   Prerequisite: SIM 300.                                        health. The course requres the student to closely
                                                                 follow breakng nternatonal developments and
 SIM 406                                                         learn to dscuss these objectvely and analytcally. An
Avaton Smulaton Systems Integraton (3,0)                    mportant emphass throughout the course s for the
                                                                 student to learn and demonstrate crtcal thnkng
3 Credts
                                                                 and magnaton.
   Ths course addresses recent advances and new
   applcatons n the expandng feld of telecommunca-
   tons and computer networks and ther relatonshp
                                                               SIS 200
   wth computer-based smulatons. Students learn            Introducton to the Amercan Legal System (3,0)
   the prncples for creatng a dstrbuted nteractve      3 Credts
   smulaton (DIS) envronment that realzes a common           Ths course wll provde a general overvew of the
   operatonal envronment among the systems. The                legal system n the Unted States. It s a core course
   course addresses creaton of a DIS envronment that           for the GSIS program, desgned to gve the student
   s coherent n tme and space. Students learn aspects         a foundaton n legal theory and phlosophy, the
   of networkng necessary to create real-tme seamless          sources of law, the place of the judcal system n the
   smulated flght envronments. Topcs nclude: ATM            Unted States, the structure of the courts, orgnal
   (asynchronous transfer mode), SONET/SDH (syn-                 through appellate jursdcton, judcal revew, the
   chronous optcal network/synchronous dgtal herar-          role of the legal professon, the structure of cvl and
   chy), ggabt ethernet, 10 ggabt ethernet, OSI (open        crmnal cases, the adversaral process, consttutonal
   systems nterconnecton) reference model, TCP/IP              law and protectons, and the applcaton of law to
                                                                 securty and ntellgence ssues.

                                                       — 288 —
                                                                              Course Descriptions

   Prerequisite: college-level history or permission of the       unconventonal wars, ncludng asymmetrcal wars.
   instructor.                                                    Socal and economc trends that shape more evolu-
                                                                  tonary poltcal change are also studed. All forms of
 SIS 312                                                          change n the nternatonal system are of mportance
Global Crme and Internatonal Justce Systems (3,0)              to the ntellgence analyst, who must warn the polcy
3 Credts
                                                                  communty of antcpated developments of mpor-
   Ths course presents the current status and future             tance to the government and, subsequently, explan
   trends n global crme and crmnal justce systemc           the mplcatons of what has occurred. The course
   approaches to combatng global crme. Frst, the               wll enable the student to understand predctve anal-
   course descrbes the rse of novel crmnal actvtes         yss and modelng and provde analytcal tools wth
   n the context of globalzaton as well as the nfluence       whch to deal wth changng events.
   of globalzaton on pre-exstng crmnal actvtes.          Prerequisites: SS 110 and 235; SIS 315; or permission of
   Second, the course descrbes globalzaton’s effects           the instructor.
   on the structure, functon, and process of crmnal
   justce systems. Thrd, the course explores the recpro-     SIS 320
   cal nteractve and contextual relatonshps between        Topcs n Global Hstory, Poltcs, and Culture (3,0)
   global crme and crmnal justce systems. The course       3 Credts
   emphaszes global, multcultural, and world hs-               Ths course provdes the student wth an opportunty
   torcal perspectves of crme to professonally and            to focus more deeply on a regon of the world, a par-
   personally prepare students for the challenge of 21st          tcular culture or perod n hstory, or a specfc nter-
   century lfe.                                                  natonal problem. The topc covered by the course n
   Prerequisites: SS 204, SS 235, SS 310; and SIS 200 or          a partcular semester wll vary accordng to student
   permission of the instructor.                                  and program needs. The regons to be covered on an
                                                                  as-needed bass wll nclude Europe, Latn Amerca,
 SIS 315                                                          the Mddle East, Afrca, and Asa. Alternatvely, the
Studes n Global Intellgence I (3,0)                            course could focus on a topc such as Islam n the
3 Credts
                                                                  contemporary world, the weaponzaton of space, the
   Ths course wll examne the uses of strategc ntel-          mplcatons of world mgratory patterns, changng
   lgence by world leaders n shapng polcy and the             ssues n nternatonal development, or the spread
   effects of strategc ntellgence on world events. Issues      and mplcatons of pandemcs. Students may repeat
   to be covered nclude theoretcal models of strate-            the course n order to study another regon or topcal
   gc ntellgence; ntellgence collecton, evaluaton,         area.
   analyss, producton, and dssemnaton; ntellgence          Prerequisites: SS 110 and 235; or permission of the
   oversght; covert and clandestne operatons; ntell-         instructor.
   gence bureaucraces; ethcal and moral ssues n ntel-
   lgence; counterntellgence. The course emphaszes          SIS 323
   strategc ntellgence n the busness, poltcal, ml-    Intellgence and Technology (3,0)
   tary, scentfc, and technologcal domans.                3 Credts
   Prerequisites: junior standing or permission of the            Ths course wll examne the whole arena of ntell-
   instructor.                                                    gence and technology, begnnng wth the World War
                                                                  II perod, when scence and technology came to play
 SIS 317                                                          a crtcal role n ntellgence. The course wll cover
Poltcal Change, Revoluton, and War (3,0)                       techncal ntellgence collecton methodologes and
3 Credts
                                                                  systems, the use of arcraft and space-based vehcles
   Ths course s desgned to famlarze the ntellgence        as collecton platforms for photo-optcal and dgtal
   professonal wth how major events and systemc                magery, radar magng, nfrared and mult-spectral
   changes occur n the nternatonal system through              magery, sgnals ntellgence, etc. The course wll pro-
   wars and revolutons. It also examnes poltcal               vde a techncal understandng of these methodolo-
   changes that occur n a slower, more evolutonary              ges, as well as an analyss of ther place n all-source
   way. In both cases, the approach s through a study            collecton. The course wll also examne the current
   of hstorcal and contemporary examples. The sgnals           development and mplcatons of ntellgence tech-
   that poltcal systems gve off as they approach major         nologes, such as the emergent UAV systems.
   structural change are examned n some detal, as are          Prerequisite: SIS 315 or permission of the instructor.
   the structures of revolutons and conventonal and

                                                          — 289 —
Course Descriptions

                                                                 throughout the course wll be on the avaton and
 SIS 325                                                         aerospace ndustres: polces and operatons, safety,
Hstory of Terrorsm (3,0)                                       and securty. Ths course wll emphasze scence,
3 Credts                                                        technology, and globalzaton as the envronment n
   Ths course wll ntroduce the student to the hstory         whch concepts of nternatonal securty evolve and
   of terrorsm, from the 19th century up to the pres-           as mpacted by nternatonal securty phenomena.
   ent day. It wll evaluate the causes of terrorsm, the        Prerequisites: college-level psychology and college-level
   capabltes and lmtatons of terrorst groups, the         history or permission of instructor.
   requstes of effectve counterterrorsm responses, and
   the future prospects of terrorsm. It wll address the      SIS 405
   mplcatons of terrorsm and asymmetrcal warfare
   for U.S. natonal securty, ncludng the possble use
                                                              Envronment and Securty (3,0)
   of weapons of mass destructon. The consttutonal         3 Credts
   and legal mplcatons of counterterrorst strateges         Ths course s desgned to ntroduce students to the
   wll also be dscussed. It wll examne the organza-         contngences and conflcts posed by the ntersecton
   ton, objectves, and methodologes of key terrorst          of securty and envronmental ssues, ncludng ds-
   groups operatng n the 21st century, partcularly            putes over ground water rghts, nternatonal rvers,
   those showng deologcal hardenng, relgous revv-         scarce energy resources, manpulaton of crop gene
   alsm, and ethnc mltancy.                                  pools, genetcally modfed crops, global mgraton,
                                                                 nternatonal treates and conventons on envron-
   Prerequisites: SS 110 and SS235.                              mental ssues, and global clmate change. Students
                                                                 wll be ntroduced to envronmental ssues that pose
 SIS 328                                                         sgnfcant securty rsks to a naton, affect a naton’s
Intellgence Analyss, Wrtng, and Brefng (3,0)               economc wellbeng and/or mltary preparedness,
3 Credts                                                        and pose challenges to those laws governng the
   Ths course s desgned to strengthen the student’s           protecton of the natural envronment. Ethcal ssues
   analytcal and communcatons sklls, preparatory to          wll also be addressed, partcularly as these relate to
   a career n ntellgence and corporate securty arenas.       polcy makng on ssues that span both envronmen-
   The course wll enable the student to understand              tal and securty concerns.
   predctve analyss and modelng and wll provde             Prerequisite: SIS 315 or permission of the instructor.
   analytcal tools wth whch to deal wth changng
   events. Included among the latter are computer-based        SIS 410
   analytcal programs currently used ntensvely n the
   ntellgence communty, as well as famlarty wth
                                                              Busness Securty and Compettve Intellgence (3,0)
   ntellgence and warnng matrces and lnk analyss.       3 Credts
   The student also s traned to wrte ntellgence brefs      Ths course wll focus on the securty requrements of
   and requred to practce ths style and format under          corporatons, both n the domestc and nternatonal
   short deadlnes. The student also wll wrte a longer         arenas. Among the topcs addressed are personnel
   ntellgence assessment and then bref that to the            securty, due dlgence n hrng, physcal securty and
   class.                                                        access controls, government classfcaton systems
                                                                 and requrements, poltcal and securty rsk analyss,
 SIS 400                                                         and corporate crss and emergency plannng and
                                                                 management. Included n the nternatonal sphere
Internatonal Securty and Globalzaton (3,0)                   wll be stakeholder analyss; the mplcatons of cul-
3 Credts                                                        tural factors, legal systems, and nternatonal crmnal
   An analyss of 21st-century nternatonal securty            threats; emergency extracton methodologes and
   ssues related to scentfc and technologcal change.        actors; and kdnap and rescue. In addton, the course
   Topcs nclude the nature of securty-economc,               wll develop approaches to compettve ntellgence.
   sococultural, and mltary; poltcal leadershp/fol-        Ths s the use of methods n the legal doman and
   lowershp, decson makng, and conflct resoluton;          usng open source nformaton to seek out and ana-
   poltcal volence, especally terrorsm and ethnc           lyze the strategc plans of one’s compettors, of ther
   conflct; ntellgence and counterntellgence analyss       ntended actons and nvestments, methods of opera-
   and operatons; weapons prolferaton; nformaton            ton, and corporate fnancal poston.
   warfare; the poltcs of nternatonal organzed crme;       Prerequisites: SIS 312 and 315; or permission of the
   bureaucratc evl; nternal dslocaton and mmgra-          instructor.
   ton; and the poltcs of publc health. A specal focus

                                                       — 290 —
                                                                            Course Descriptions

                                                                 presence of radcal elements n the Unted States, the
 SIS 415                                                         statutory and regulatory structure, and the nsttu-
Studes n Global Intellgence II (3,0)                          tons and agences responsble for homeland securty
3 Credts                                                        at the federal, state, and local levels. Legal and eth-
   Ths course provdes an ntensve, semester-long              cal ssues also wll be examned, as these relate to
   smulaton for teams of students assumng the roles           natonal securty and prvacy.
   of poltcal, mltary, economc, or scentfc and           Prerequisite: SIS 315 or permission of the instructor.
   technologcal ntellgence case offcers. Through the
   semester-long mmerson wth an ntellgence taskng,       SIS 425
   students wll be expected to demonstrate sophstca-
   ton wth case offcer-agent relatonshps; staffng
                                                              Personnel Securty (3,0)
   and coordnaton nvolvng the varous combnatons        3 Credts
   n one’s ntellgence staton, among statons, and            Ths course wll focus on how one mnmzes vola-
   between one’s staton and regonal and central head-          tons of trust n the professonal world. It does ths
   quarters; ntellgence brefngs, executve summares,        through a detaled analyss of the selecton, orenta-
   and estmates; credblty and rsk analyss, both of         ton, management, tranng, resgnaton, termnaton,
   sources and of recommendatons concernng specfc            and retrement of personnel n securty, ntellgence,
   covert acton, esponage, and counterntellgence             busness, and government organzatons. The scope
   operatons; operatons/physcal/communcatons/               of ths course embraces relevant materal from the
   personnel securtes; and the ntellgence opportun-         behavoral and socal scences, phlosophy, hstory,
   tes, lmtatons, and threats presented by today’s era       computer scence, engneerng dscplnes, and per-
   of globalzaton.                                             sonnel securty case hstores. Of specal relevance
                                                                 are the constructs of personalty, morals and ethcs,
   Prerequisite: SIS 315 or permission of the instructor.        decepton, genetc epstemology, corrupton, coercon,
                                                                 proflng, and prvate and publc self-conscousness.
 SIS 420                                                         Prerequisite: SIS 315 or permission of the instructor.
Avaton Securty and Technology (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      SIS 199, 299, 399, 499
   Ths course wll concentrate on the dscplnes of
   securty and ntellgence as appled to avaton.
                                                              Specal Topcs n Global Securty and Intellgence
   Students wll learn to apply the four core securty        Studes
   dscplnes: communcatons securty, operatons           1-3 Credts
   securty, physcal securty, and personnel securty. Of       Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of
   prme concern n ths course s arport/avaton read-       selected topcs n Global Securty and Intellgence
   ness to prevent and respond to the followng threats:         Studes related topcs.
   hjackngs, CBRN attacks, bombngs, mssles, and             Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and approval of
   shootngs as perpetrated by terrorsts and/or varous         department or program chair. May be repeated with a
   nonpoltcal hjackers. Other topcs nclude arport          change of subject.
   famlarzaton and safety; post 9/11 responses by
   the publc, ndustry, and the government; arport
   hardenng; securty screenng; frst responder roles       Space Studies
   and needs; the off-arport nterface and multmodal
   nfrastructure; cargo and general avaton ssues;          SP 110
   nternatonal securty; bometrcs and other emergng      Introducton to Space Flght (3,0)
   technologes; and arlne securty ssues.
                                                              3 Credts
   Prerequisites: SIS 312 and SIS 315; or permission of the      A survey of the major aspects of space flght. Topcs
   instructor.                                                   covered nclude the hstory of space flght, space
                                                                 shuttle operatons, and present and future commer-
 SIS 422                                                         cal, ndustral, and mltary applcatons n space.
Homeland Securty and Technology (3,0)
3 Credts                                                      SP 200
   Ths course wll examne the whole range of ssues         Planetary and Space Exploraton (3,0)
   relevant to the defense and securty of the U.S.           3 Credts
   homeland. These wll nclude transportaton securty,         Ths s a survey course of U.S. and nternatonal space
   mmgraton and border securty, cargo securty, the          programs. The student wll be ntroduced to the Earth

                                                      — 291 —
Course Descriptions
   and ts space envronment, to methods of scentfc
   exploraton, and to spacecraft and payload crtera at      SP 400
   the ntroductory physcs level.                            Introducton to Space Navgaton (3,0)
                                                              3 Credts
 SP 210                                                          Ths course wll ntroduce the student to basc ele-
Space Transportaton System (3,0)                                ments of space navgaton at the ntroductory physcs
3 Credts                                                        level. The consequences of Newton’s law of gravta-
   A survey course of the space transportaton system            ton and central force moton, ncludng Kepler’s
   (STS) at the ntroductory physcs level. Included are         three laws of planetary moton, are explaned. The
   manned space flght operatons, supportng systems,           physcal characterstcs of the solar system and the
   and the space shuttle msson, both present and               Earth/Moon system are revewed. The basc methods
   future. A revew of space shuttle flght profles, gud-      and technques of navgatng n near-Earth orbt and
   ance and navgaton control, proxmty operatons             the Moon and planets are descrbed.
   and rendezvous, and a bref revew of hypersonc              Prerequisites: MA 112 and PS 103 or equivalent.
   orbter aerodynamcs are ncluded. Also covered are
   future STS applcatons to space staton logstcal         SP 425
   operatons, commercal applcatons, and Department        Selected Topcs n Space and Aerospace (3,0)
   of Defense operatons.                                     3 Credts
                                                                 Ths course ntroduces students to problems n space
 SP 215                                                          operatons, space flght, or other space-related topcs
Space Staton Systems and Operatons (3,0)                       that can be crtcally addressed from a knowledge
3 Credts                                                        base of elementary calculus, elementary physcs, and
   Ths course s desgned to provde a bref study of           the subject matter of any two space studes courses.
   the space staton flght operatons, ts supportng ele-      The specfc topcs wll be selected by the course
   ments, and planned systems. The survey study wll             montor and nstructor and publshed n the Schedule
   nclude commercal applcatons, logstcal support,          of Courses n the precedng semester. Ths s a
   and mantenance and servcng desgn concepts at the          requred course for the Space Studes mnor.
   ntroductory level.                                           Prerequisites: PS 104 and any two SP courses or equiva-
 SP 220
Lfe Support Systems (3,0)                                     SP 299, 399, 499
3 Credts                                                     Specal Topcs n Space Studes
   Ths course s a survey at the elementary physcs          1-3 Credts
   level of the requrements and desgn consderatons           Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of
   for lfe support systems n space and on other plan-          selected topcs n space studes related topcs.
   ets. Included are an ntroducton to basc human              Prerequisites: consent of instructor and approval of
   physology, a descrpton of the space envronment            department or program chair. May be repeated with a
   and a survey of hstorcal lfe support systems, and          change of subject.
   a presentaton of spacecraft lmtatons and requre-
   Prerequisite: PS 102 or PS 103.                            Social Sciences
 SP 300                                                        SS 110
Satellte and Spacecraft Systems (3,0)                        World Hstory (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Orbtal satelltes and spacecraft are dscussed accord-       Desgned prmarly as a survey of the development
   ng to ther applcaton, desgn, and envronment. The        and evoluton of Western cvlzaton from l500 to the
   power system, sheldng, and communcaton sys-               present. Emphass s placed on the effect of Western
   tems are revewed along wth ther mssons, space            nfluence on the world.
   envronment, and lmtatons.
   Prerequisite: MA 112 or equivalent.

                                                      — 292 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

 SS 120                                                        SS 310
Amercan Hstory (3,0)                                        Personalty Development (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   From 1865 to the present. Reconstructon, the age of          A survey of selected theores of human nature and
   bg busness, the U.S. as a world power. World War I,         functonng from the begnnngs of modern psychol-
   World War II, the Great Depresson and ts aftermath.         ogy to present developments, ncludng psychody-
                                                                 namc, cogntve, behavoral, bologcal, humanstc,
 SS 130                                                          and other types. Varous concepts of personalty and
Hstory of Avaton n Amerca (3,0)                             the assocated methodologes for gatherng and val-
                                                                 datng knowledge are explored. Theores are appled
3 Credts
                                                                 to normal ssues n personal, professonal, and rela-
   A survey of the hstory of Amerca n the 20th cen-
                                                                 tonal lfe, and theory-related sklls are taught for
   tury, emphaszng the explosve growth of avaton
                                                                 self-awareness, problem-solvng, habt change, and
   as a major nfluence on the economc, mltary, and
                                                                 emotonal and nterpersonal competence.
   socetal development of the Unted States.

 SS 204                                                        SS 311
Introducton to Geography (3,0)                               U.S. Mltary Hstory 1775-1900 (3,0)
                                                              3 Credts
3 Credts
                                                                 Mltary hstory wth emphass on mltary polcy,
   A survey course desgned to acquant the student
                                                                 organzaton and technology as they relate to U.S.
   wth types of maps, map readng and use, as well as
                                                                 poltcal, socal, and economc developments from
   to show relatonshps between geography and eco-
                                                                 1775 to 1900.
   nomcs, culture, and geopoltcs. Humans and ther
   use of ther envronment are stressed, along wth
   the usual emphass on places, names, and locatons.         SS 320
   Ancllary topcs wll nclude clmate, demography,         Amercan Natonal Government (3,0)
   and transportaton.                                        3 Credts
                                                                 Basc ssues of Amercan democracy, consttutonal
 SS 210                                                          prncples, and the executve, legslatve, and judcal
Introducton to Socology (3,0)                                  branches of government.
3 Credts                                                        Prerequisite: college-level history or permission from the
   Integrated survey of the fundamental concepts of              instructor.
   culture, forms of collectve behavor, communty
   and socal organzaton, socal nteracton, and socal     SS 321
   change. The socal effects of avaton and the mpact      U.S. Mltary Hstory 1900-Present (3,0)
   of scence on the socal order lvng n an ar age wll   3 Credts
   also be nvestgated.                                         Mltary hstory wth emphass on mltary polcy,
                                                                 organzaton, and technology as they relate to U.S.
 SS 302                                                          poltcal, socal, and economc developments from
Evoluton of Scentfc Thought (3,0)                            1900 to the present.
3 Credts
   Traces the development of scence from the earlest         SS 325
   tmes through the modern perod, wth partcular           Internatonal Studes (3,0)
   emphass gven to our changng concepts of nature          3 Credts
   and of scence tself. (Also offered as PS 302. Students      An overvew of the land, the people, the culture, and
   receve ether Socal Scences electve credt or             the hstory of one regon of the world, wth emphass
   Physcal Scences electve credt, but not both.)             on current events and polces on the world scene.
   Prerequisites: Any course from the HU 140 series and          Specfc content vares from year to year.
   either PS 101 or PS 102 or PS 103 or PS 150 and PS 215.       Prerequisite: college-level history or permission from the

                                                       — 293 —
Course Descriptions

 SS 326                                                           SS 336
Russan-Amercan Relatons (3,0)                                 The Modern Mddle East n World Affars (3,0)
3 Credts                                                        3 Credts
   Ths course explores the development of Russan-                 A hstorcal examnaton of the land, socetes, cul-
   Amercan economc and poltcal relatons, emphasz-             tures, economcs, and poltcs of the Mddle East from
   ng the era of the 20th century.                                 World War I to the present n relaton to recent and
   Prerequisite: college-level history or permission from the       current world events and polces.
   instructor.                                                      Prerequisite: college-level history or permission from pro-
 SS 331
Current Issues n Amerca (3,0)                                   SS 340
3 Credts                                                        Amercan Foregn Polcy (3,0)
   A course n selected poltcal-economc ssues of             3 Credts
   natonal and nternatonal mportance. Extensve use             A survey of the evoluton of present Amercan for-
   of journals, magaznes, and newspapers to supple-                egn polcy, stressng the factors that affect and shape
   ment lectures and dscussons.                                   ths polcy. Attenton s gven to current governmen-
   Prerequisite: college-level history or permission from the       tal offces, agences, and departments and the role
   instructor.                                                      each plays n polcy formulaton. Emphass s on the
                                                                    perod snce World War II.
 SS 332                                                             Prerequisite: college-level history or permission from the
Gender, Ethncty, and Class n 19th and 20th                       instructor.
Century Global Hstory (3,0)
3 Credts
                                                                  SS 350
   The socal and cultural conceptualzaton of gender,          Psychology of Relatonshps (3,0)
   ethncty, and class, and ther sgnfcance and role n      3 Credts
   global hstory durng the 19th and 20th centures.               Emprcal, theoretcal, and practcal knowledge of
                                                                    the components of ntmate relatonshps, nvolvng
 SS 333                                                             frendshp, romance, marrage, dvorce, and non-
                                                                    tradtonal relatonshps, and embedded n lfespan
U.S.-Asan Relatons (3,0)
                                                                    development. Dscplnes nclude socal, behavoral,
3 Credts                                                           clncal, famly, and bologcal psychology, as well as
   Ths course explores the development of U.S.-Asan               socology, anthropology, socobology and neurosc-
   poltcal, cultural, and economc relatons, from ther          ence. Consderaton of how relatonshp knowledge
   begnnngs n the 19th century to the present. The               s gathered and nterpreted, along wth the socal
   course wll examne Amerca’s domestc motvatons               and poltcal consequences of such knowledge for
   for expandng nto the Pacfc, the varous mpacts              relatonshp descrptons, prescrptons, and power.
   that the Unted States has had on Asan natons,                 Development of self-awareness and nterpersonal
   and Asa’s collaboraton wth and resstance to the              sklls through wrtng, experental exercsed, mpro-
   Amercan presence.                                               vsatonal drama and communcaton games.
   Prerequisite: lower developmental history course or junior
   standing.                                                      SS 351
                                                                 Relatonshp Sklls Laboratory (0,3)
 SS 334                                                          1 Credt
Contemporary Afrca and the World (3,0)                             Ths laboratory provdes small group practce of prn-
3 Credts                                                           cples taught n SS 350, Psychology of Relatonshps.
   A hstorcal examnaton of Afrca’s land, socetes,            Methods of practce nclude ndvdual mental,
   and cultures wth a focus on the poltcal and eco-              emotonal, and magnal awareness technques, par-
   nomc changes and challenges that have marked the                nteractonal exercses nterspersed wth ndvdual
   contnent’s relatons wth major world powers durng             wrtng and reflecton, role playng, and group ds-
   and after the Cold War.                                          cusson. Co/prerequste: Open to students who are
   Prerequisite: college-level history or permission from pro-      takng or have completed SS 350.

                                                         — 294 —
                                                                               Course Descriptions

 SS 360                                                         Science, Technology, and
Envronmental Law (3,0)
3 Credts
   Provdes a general ntroducton to the feld of plan-         STG 205
   nng, and examnes the procedural approaches shared
   by practtoners workng n all areas of contemporary        Global Economcs (3,0)
   plannng. Introduces legal concepts and doctrnes            3 Credts
   relevant to polluton control, assessment of envron-           The purpose of ths ntroductory course s to present
   mental mpacts, and land use.                                   the theory of comparatve advantage and understand
                                                                   protectonsm, dstnctons n developed compared
   Prerequisite: PS 142 or permission of instructor.
                                                                   to developng countres, and trade polcy. Regonal
                                                                   and global trade agreements as well as multnatonal
 SS 361                                                            enterprses wll be studed.
Labor and Technology (3,0)
3 Credts                                                        STG 210
   Ths course examnes the relatonshp between labor          Global Problem Solvng (3,0)
   and technology from hstorcal and cultural perspec-
                                                                3 Credts
   tves. Ths examnaton ranges from the ndustral
                                                                   A practcal ntroducton to problem solvng by learn-
   revolutons of the 18th and 19th centures to the pres-
                                                                   ng to assess, develop, and contrbute one’s expertse
   ent wth extrapolatons nto the future of ndustry,
                                                                   to the soluton of problems that organzatons face n
   labor, and socety. Partcular emphass wll be placed
                                                                   a global envronment. Emphass s gven to problem
   on analyzng the change from mass producton (ford-
                                                                   recognton, defnton, and soluton. Varous types
   sm) to flexble producton (post fordsm), and the
                                                                   of nonmathematcal problem-solvng strateges are
   relatonshp between the moblty of labor and captal
                                                                   explored, such as consultng, strategc plannng
   wth the globalzaton of technology. Ths course wll
                                                                   and management, organzatonal change, conflct
   look at case studes from avaton/aerospace telecom-
                                                                   resoluton, and facltaton. Concepts presented are
   muncaton, and automoble ndustres n the Unted
                                                                   applcable to all felds, such as avaton, engneerng,
   States, Pacfc Rm, European Communty, and Latn
                                                                   computer scence, envronmental studes, securty,
                                                                   and technology polcy and management.
   Prerequisite: college-level history or permission from the
                                                                   Prerequisite: PSY 220 or SS 120 or permission from
 SS 363                                                          STG 305
Inter-Amercan Relatons (3,0)                                  Global Polcy Studes (3,0)
3 Credts
                                                                3 Credts
   Ths course explores the development of U.S. poltcal
                                                                   A crossnatonal survey and analyss of the processes
   and economc relatons wth Latn Amerca from ther
                                                                   of polcy makng for scence and technology, envron-
   begnnngs n the 19th century to the present.
                                                                   ment, and securty. Emphass on how local, natonal,
   Prerequisite: SS 110 or SS 120 or SS 130 or junior stand-       nternatonal, and global polcy makng are related n
   ing.                                                            these three areas of global change.
                                                                   Prerequisites: two Social Sciences courses and one
 SS 299, 399, 499                                                  History course or permission of instructor.
Specal Topcs n the Socal Scences
1-6 Credts                                                      STG 318
   Indvdual ndependent or drected study of selected         Scence and Relgon (3,0)
   topcs n the areas of hstory, socology, psychology,
                                                                3 Credts
   and human culture n general.
                                                                   Ths course explores the relatonshp between scence
   Prerequisites: consent of instructor and approval of the        and relgon through an examnaton of essays and
   department chair.                                               segments of texts n the areas of modern scence and
                                                                   modern theology wth an eye toward understandng
                                                                   the basc assumptons, the new theores and models,
                                                                   and the language of both. Such understandng wll
                                                                   then allow for an nformed debate as to whether

                                                        — 295 —
Course Descriptions

   these two felds must stand n nevtable conflct or
   whether they can move n the drecton of coexs-           STG 402
   tence, dalogue, or even ntegraton.                      Global Technoscences (3,0)
   Prerequisite: junior standing.                             3 Credts
                                                                 Ths course provdes an n-depth analyss of global-
 STG 325                                                         zaton of producton, dssemnaton, transfer, and
                                                                 practce of scence and technology. Socal and cultural
Engneerng Cultures (3,0)                                       theores of globalzaton wll be appled to emergng
3 Credts                                                        transnatonal nfrastructures (for example, Internet,
   Ths course seeks to mprove students’ abltes to           NASA hypersonc flght project, Internatonal Space
   understand and assess engneerng practces and               Staton, Human Genome Project) and to transnatonal
   knowledge from humanstc and global perspectves.            scentsts and engneers (for example, European
   Ths course encourages students to step back, crt-          Ingeneur, corporate research scentsts and eng-
   cally assess, and ntervene n technologcal problems         neers).
   that they encounter (and wll encounter) as future
   engneers or colleagues of engneers. The course com-         Prerequisite: college-level sociology or college-level inter-
   pares the cultures of engneerng at dfferent tmes          national studies or permission of instructor.
   and places and explores how forms of engneerng
   have contrbuted to everyday cultural lfe.                 STG 405
   Prerequisite: SS 210 or SS 220 or permission from          Consultng Feld Casework (3,0)
   instructor.                                                3 Credts
                                                                 Teams of students–generally n advanced stages of
 STG 330                                                         ther program of study–are assgned to work wth
Envronmental Consultng (3,0)                                   selected busness organzatons. The team’s purpose
3 Credts                                                        s to provde the clent organzaton wth consultng
   Today’s ndustres, ncludng the avaton ndus-             advce n the areas of strategc management, organ-
   try, are under the umbrella of federal and state              zatonal desgn, human resource use, and operatons
   regulatons dealng wth a varety of envronmen-             productvty. Work takes place both n the classroom
   tal ssues. One aspect of these regulatons s an EA          and at the clent’s work locaton. Ths course wll
   (Envronmental Assessment), whch s part of the              equp students to contrbute ther educaton and
   NEPA (Natonal Envronmental Protecton Act) regu-            expertse n stuatons where they must rely on nflu-
   latons. Ths process wll be examned and used to            ence, rather than manageral control, to mpact an
   analyze local and regonal projects.                          organzaton. Ther ablty to recognze and defne
                                                                 problems and present workable solutons as members
                                                                 of nterdscplnary teams wll be developed as they
 STG 401                                                         respond to varous case stuatons. Ther wrtten/oral
Envronment and Culture (3,0)                                    presentatons and teamwork sklls wll be rased to
3 Credts                                                        professonal standards. Ths course takes students
   Ths course provdes an overvew of the varous               beyond textbooks and case studes n the real world.
   ways nature has been used n hstorcal and cultural          Students wll be challenged to defne and help solve
   contexts. It wll examne Chrstan, Natve Amercan,         complex problems n a changng envronment. They
   Scandnavan, and Eastern magery of the earth as             wll work wth clents who are real people wth a
   well as scentfc wrtngs on nature. In addton, the       personal nvestment n the project and a show-me
   course wll examne the relatonshp between what s          atttude. Success s measured by the students’ ablty
   consdered natural and socal polcy. The course wll         to fnd workable solutons to the clent’s real or per-
   also examne the poltcs of envronmental and eco-           ceved problems, and get them mplemented. Unlke
   nomc polces. At least one sgnfcant pece of nature      a co-op, students do not take drecton from nor have
   wrtng (fcton or nonfcton) wll be ncluded each         a drect reportng relatonshp wth the clent com-
   tme the course s offered.                                   pany. Ther drect report s the nstructor of the class,
   Prerequisites: HU 143 and PS 142 or permission of             who acts as overall project manager. The student
   instructor.                                                   teams’ relatonshp wth the company or organzaton
                                                                 s consultant-clent.
                                                                 Prerequisites: BA 201, BA 311, BA 332, STG 210, and
                                                                 BA 436 or permission from instructor.

                                                      — 296 —
                                                                            Course Descriptions

 STG 406                                                       SYS 303
Envronmental Management (3,0)                                Optmzaton n Systems Engneerng (3,0)
3 Credts                                                     3 Credts
   Ths course focuses on the development of an env-            Ths course emphaszes that the optmzaton of
   ronmental management plan. Today much of the                  some subsystems may be detrmental to others and
   envronmental work n corporatons, ncludng the             hence to overall system performance or cost. Topcs
   avaton ndustry, s carred out n projects. The man-       nclude tradtonal optmzaton methods, such as
   agement of these projects starts wth the development         classcal parameter optmzaton lnear programmng,
   of proposals, fundng sources, tasks, and tmelne.           dynamc programmng, numercal methods (for
   Employees at a varety of levels are requred to help         example, perturbaton and gradent technques), and
   manage projects, so terms and organzatonal con-             genetc algorthms. In addton, technques such as
   tents wll be covered.                                        Pareto or mult-objectve optmzaton are examned
                                                                 wth the am of achevng a suffcent balance among
                                                                 subsystem performance and cost, ultmately to obtan
Systems Engineering                                              an overall optmal system.
                                                                 Prerequisite: SYS 301.
 SYS 301
Introducton to Systems Engneerng (3,0)                      SYS 304
3 Credts                                                     Systems Engneerng n Management, Rsk, and
   Provdes an overvew of systems engneerng n the         Decson Makng (3,0)
   development of large systems, ncludng geness and        3 Credts
   need, characterstcs of systems and system engneers,        An understandng of the decson-makng process
   the system lfe cycle (from brth to death), desgn for       usually requres smplfcaton of the complexty
   operatonal feasblty, project management, structure,       facng the systems engneer and assocated dec-
   and system control, statstcal/probablstc models n       son-makng. Ths course examnes methods such
   dealng wth rsk nherent n large, complex systems.         as modelng and smulaton (M&S) for dentfyng/
   Emphass on the mportance of system requrements             generatng alternatves, evaluatng ther outcomes
   regardng total system performance, nterfaces, cost,         n terms of rsk and beneft, and ultmately provd-
   schedule, optmzaton, and trades.                           ng management authorty wth optons and recom-
   Prerequisites MA 243.                                         mendatons on such alternatves to support effectve
                                                                 decson-makng. Topcs nclude both techncal and
 SYS 302 System Engneerng                                      economc evaluaton models and methods. The
Desgn Consderatons (3,0)                                      course also emphaszes the mportance of program
3 Credts                                                        controls (for example, PERT) and system confgura-
   Ths course examnes the consderatons n develop-           ton control.
   ng systems that meet specfed system performance            Prerequisites: SYS 301, EC 225.
   requrements whle also achevng necessary levels of
   relablty, mantanablty, and supportablty conss-    SYS 403
   tent wth the operatonal requrements. In addton,       Systems Engneerng Lfe Cycle Costng (3,0)
   consderaton s gven to ssues assocated wth pro-      3 Credts
   ducblty and dsposablty. Mathematcal methods            Current trends n system development ndcate that,
   assocated wth relablty, mantanablty, and sup-        n general, complexty s ncreasng, and many sys-
   portablty are dscussed and appled. Lberal use of         tems n use today are not meetng the needs of cus-
   examples s ncorporated to llustrate the nteractons       tomers. These trends, combned wth past practces,
   and relatonshps of these metrcs, and how they are          have tended to create an mbalance between cost and
   used to measure and trade off among these elements.           effectveness. Ths course addresses ths mportant
   The ntent s to senstze the systems engneer to the        aspect of systems engneerng by examnng cost and
   need for techncal, schedule, and cost trade-offs to          economc factors under the general theme of desgn
   acheve desred yet safe and affordable system perfor-        for affordablty. An ntroducton to lfe-cycle costng
   mance.                                                        s followed by a focus on costs as they occur through-
   Prerequisite: SYS 301.                                        out the system lfe cycle. Types of contracts (for
                                                                 example, fxed prce, cost-plus) are studed. The steps

                                                      — 297 —
Course Descriptions

   n the lfe-cycle cost analyss process are examned
   through the use of examples, and the applcatons
                                                             College Success
   and benefts of lfe-cycle costng are summarzed.
   Prerequisite: SYS 304.                                     UNIV 101
                                                             College Success (2,0)
 SYS 405                                                     1 Credt
Aerospace Systems Gudance and Control (3,0)                    A course n whch students assess and develop the
3 Credts                                                       personal, nterpersonal, ntellectual, and socal sklls
   Provdes a second, advanced course n control                necessary to succeed n college. Tme management,
   systems, wth emphass on the multdmensonal               study sklls, goal clarfcaton, career nformaton, and
   state-space approach. Applcaton of dgtal control         college resources are ncluded. Ths course s aval-
   systems n aerospace nstrumentaton, sensors, gud-         able to freshmen only.
   ance, and navgaton. Addresses optmal control
   systems, ncludng mult-objectve control, and ntro-     UNIV 102
   ducton to advanced methods such as fuzzy systems         Self-Assessment and Portfolo Preparaton (2,0)
   control, neural networks, and genetc algorthms.         1 Credt
   Prerequisite: EE 401 or equivalent control systems           Ths course s requred of all adult undergraduate
   course.                                                      students seekng an assessment of ther pror expe-
                                                                rental learnng by portfolo. Students wll assess
 SYS 410                                                        ther pror learnng experences n lght of career and
Space Systems and Msson Analyss (3,0)                        educatonal goals. The dstance learnng course s
                                                                desgned to assst students n lfe and career plan-
3 Credts
                                                                nng, goal clarfcaton, career concerns, portfolo
   Ths course provdes an arena for applyng many
                                                                preparaton, and the development of college success
   of the mportant technques n systems engneerng
                                                                sklls. The focus s on methods of self-assessment
   through the development of a deep space explora-
                                                                of pror learnng work/educaton/tranng exper-
   ton msson, from msson defnton through system
                                                                ences and procedures for assemblng a portfolo
   concept and desgn. Consderatons wll be gven
                                                                to document learnng experences. Ths course s
   to all aspects of msson development and opera-
                                                                graded Satsfactory/Unsatsfactory and s requred
   tons ncludng spacecraft desgn, communcatons,
                                                                for students who seek pror learnng portfolo evalu-
   navgaton, payload data handlng, personnel, and
                                                                aton. Students must regster for UNIV 102 wthn sx
   cost. Students wll be assgned to dscplne teams,
                                                                months of course regstraton.
   workng together n a systems engneerng context to
   produce project documents (concept of operatons,
   project plans, schedules, budgets, msson operatons      UNIV 400
   plans, and system desgn documents).                      Career Development (1,0)
   Prerequisite: SYS 403 or permission of the instructor.    1 Credt
                                                                Introduces students to varous elements nvolved
 SYS 417                                                        n obtanng a poston n ther chosen felds. Topcs
                                                                ncluded are self-assessment, research and selecton
Senor Systems Engneerng Project (3,0)                        of a career path, sources of jobs, job-search tech-
3 Credts                                                       nques, resumes and letters of applcaton, references,
   Ths s the capstone course for the systems engneer-        ntervewng sklls, busness etquette, and profes-
   ng track. The project wll nvolve settng system           sonal mage. Each student wll develop a career port-
   characterstcs, specfcatons, nterfaces, and so on,      folo ncludng personal and professonal nformaton
   and plannng and schedulng the desgn process.              related to career goals.
   Complete analyss s requred from performance,
   costs, and relablty. Although an electrcal compo-
   nent s domnant, other dscplnes such as software,
   mechancal, and flud wll be nvolved. The course
   requres the completon of a detaled project docu-
   ment package.
   Prerequisite: SYS 403 or permission of the instructor.

                                                      — 298 —
                                                                             Course Descriptions

Applied Meteorology                                               specfcatons. Lectures wll emphasze fundamental
                                                                  prncples of GIS whle computer-based exercses wll
                                                                  emphasze tranng.
 WX 201
Meteorology I (3,0)                                             WX 211
3 Credts                                                      Introducton to Weather Observatons (1,0)
   A survey course n atmospherc scence that ncludes        1 Credt
   applcatons to flght. Included s a systematc devel-        Ths course provdes an n-depth examnaton of
   opment of the followng: thermal patterns, atmo-               the currently used avaton routne weather report
   spherc mosture, horzontal and vertcal pressure             (METAR). Varous methodologes of modern mea-
   patterns, clouds, atmospherc crculaton, local wnds,        surement technques, ncludng the use of remote
   stablty, ar masses, fronts, fog, cng, thunderstorms,      sensng, are examned n detal. The mpacts of con-
   jet streams, and turbulence. Students wll study and           vertng from a human-based observaton system to
   make use of surface weather observatons, surface              an automated, machne-based system are presented
   maps, and constant pressure maps.                              and dscussed. In-stu measurements wll be taken
   Prerequisite: MA 006 or equivalent.                            and feld measurement stes that provde observa-
                                                                  tonal support to the avaton/aerospace ndustry wll
 WX 202                                                           be vsted.
Current Weather Dscusson (1,0)                                  Prerequisite: WX 201.
1 Credt
   Ths course takes advantage of real-tme weather data        WX 215
   to ntroduce, revew, and apply varous topcs that are     Weatherng and Landforms (3,0)
   developed n other courses wthn our program. Two,         3 Credts
   three, and four-dmensonal analyss technques are            Students wll acqure a thorough comprehenson of
   used to examne the evoluton of prevous, current,            varous physcal and chemcal forces that sculpt the
   and forecast weather condtons. Subject matter wll           landscape. From alluval fans and dstnct dune for-
   vary from semester to semester. The course s repeat-          matons of the ard and sem-ard west to the karst
   able for a total of three credts.                             terran of the humd east, these features reveal a rch
   Prerequisite: WX 201.                                          hstory of clmatologcal condtons. A greater under-
                                                                  standng of weatherng processes and the resultant
 WX 205                                                           landforms should lead to a heghtened apprecaton
                                                                  of geophyscal propertes and products. No
Readng the Clouds (1,0)
                                                                  Prerequisites are required.
1 Credt
   Ths course focuses on vsually dentfyng clouds
   and cloud formatons to nterpret ther underlyng           WX 261
   meteorologcal meanng. Formatons assocated wth          Appled Clmatology (3,0)
   wnd shear, turbulence, stable and unstable atmo-           3 Credts
   spheres, and severe weather wll be dscussed.                 An n-depth survey of the vared clmates of the
   Prerequisite: WX 201.                                          world, the weather systems that contrbute n the
                                                                  aggregate to those clmates, and ther cumulatve
 WX 210                                                           nfluence on arcraft system performance and the
                                                                  Natonal Ar Space over very small to global space
Introducton to Geographc Informaton Systems                    and tme scales. Included s a hstorcal perspectve
(3,0)                                                             on how our clmate s changng and the atmospherc
3 Credts                                                         processes nvolved n the global change process.
   Geographc Informaton Systems (GIS) encompass                 Emphass s placed on developng a broad-based
   all aspects of spatal data analyss from data acqus-        workng knowledge of the mpacts of present-day cl-
   ton and manpulaton through problem solvng to               mate and ts varablty on avaton-related practces,
   the graphc presentaton of results. Ths course sur-          procedures, and operatons.
   veys GIS theory and applcatons as students learn             Prerequisite: WX 201.
   to store, retreve, manpulate, analyze, and dsplay
   spatal data accordng to a varety of user-defned

                                                       — 299 —
Course Descriptions

                                                                  emphaszng common hazards to avaton such as
 WX 270                                                           thunderstorms, strong wnds, fog, cng, and turbu-
Weather Informaton Systems (3,0)                                 lence. An ntroducton to weather forecastng con-
3 Credts                                                         cepts wll be presented.
   An ntroducton to the varous states of weather sens-         Prerequisite: WX 201.
   ng equpment modernzaton and the systems that
   delver weather nformaton to varous users. The            WX 353
   development of varous sensng devces are explored
   and the current technology explaned.
                                                               Advanced Meteorology I (3,0)
                                                               3 Credts
   Prerequisite: WX 201.                                          A course for those requrng an n-depth under-
                                                                  standng of the physcal processes governng the
 WX 310                                                           atmosphere. Includes dscusson and quanttatve
Advanced Geographc Informaton Systems                           treatment of meteorologcal conventons, atmospherc
   3 Credts                                                      state and structure, radaton, heat/energy transfer,
   Advanced GIS s desgned to further develop the con-           boundary layer structure and fluxes, mosture, stabl-
   cepts and prncples learned n WX 210, Introducton           ty, cloud formaton, and precptaton.
   to GIS. Lectures wll focus on current theores and            Prerequisites: PS 104 (or PS 208, or PS 160), WX 352.
   technology trends n geographc nformaton scences
   ntegratng theoretcal knowledge wth hands-on              WX 354
   techncal tranng n the computer classroom. Weekly
   dscusson of the latest developments n GIS wll           Advanced Meteorology II (3,0)
   renforce these experences whle fosterng an appre-       3 Credts
   caton of GIS as an effectve analytcal tool for under-      A course for those requrng an n-depth under-
   standng complex processes. The course culmnates n           standng of the dynamc processes governng the
   a class project nvolvng scholarly research by teams          atmosphere. Includes dscusson and quanttatve
   of students based on GIS applcatons.                         treatment of atmospherc forces, the equatons of
                                                                  moton, local and global wnds, ar masses and fronts,
   Prerequisite: WX 210.
                                                                  mddle lattude cyclones, quas-geostrophc theory,
                                                                  thunderstorms, and hurrcanes.
 WX 320
                                                                  Prerequisites: PS 104 (or PS 208, or PS 160), WX 353.
Atmospherc Thermodynamcs (3,0)
3 Credts                                                       WX 355
   Ths course provdes an applcaton of physcs and
   calculus to the study of atmospherc thermodynam-           Weather Analyss (5,0)
   cs. The course covers such topcs as hydrostatcs,         5 Credts
   conservaton of energy, the Ideal Gas Law, tempera-            Ths course presents conceptual models of synop-
   ture relatonshp to knetc energy, specfc heats,           tc weather features and apples them to analyss
   enthalpy, and entropy. Addtonally, water and ts             of meteorologcal data felds. Meteorologcal codes
   transformatons, the thermodynamcs of dry, most,             for surface and upper ar data are surveyed and the
   and saturated ar, and thermodynamc dagrams are              basc conventons of surface and upper ar charts are
   covered.                                                       ntroduced. Labs cover the standard tools of weather
                                                                  analyss and gve students practce constructng and
   Prerequisites: PS 208, (PS 104 or PS 160), WX 353, MA
                                                                  usng sopleths of pressure, temperature, dew pont,
                                                                  and geopotental heght. The horzontal and vert-
                                                                  cal structure of fronts s examned through pattern
 WX 352                                                           recognton of standard meteorologcal varables,
Meteorology II (3,0)                                              atmospherc thckness, and cross-secton analyses.
3 Credts                                                         Methods for analyzng wnd felds, such as stream-
   An expanson of Meteorology I, ncludng the fol-              lnes, ar parcel trajectores, and jet stream dentfca-
   lowng theoretcal concepts: hydrostatc nstablty,          ton, are presented. Students practce conceptually
   baroclnc nstablty, thermal wnd, and knematc            ntegratng satellte and radar data to verfy and
   felds. These wll be ntegrated nto real-tme weather        refne ther analyses n accordance wth dynamcal
   analyss of synoptc patterns nvolvng md-lattude           prncples. Ths course covers both manual (hand-
   cyclones, advecton, frontal systems, and jet streams.         drawn) weather map technques and computer mete-
   Practcal applcaton wll be acheved through pre-            orologcal analyss software packages.
   sentaton of current and hstorcal weather data               Prerequisite: WX 353. Corequisite: WX 354.

                                                       — 300 —
                                                                           Course Descriptions

                                                               and water vapor channels and ther meteorolog-
 WX 363                                                        cal applcatons, are examned. Real-tme satellte
Thunderstorms (3,0)                                            dentfcaton of meteorologcal phenomena wll be
3 Credts                                                      emphaszed, ncludng mountan waves, mdlattude
   Ths course provdes tools for analyzng and forecast-      cyclones‚ fronts, jet streams, troughs, rdges, vortcty‚
   ng thunderstorms and ther assocated hazards. Key         cloud types, fog, precptaton, ordnary and severe
   characterstcs of the thunderstorm and ts envron-        thunderstorms‚ tropcal waves, and hurrcanes.
   ment are explored usng both case studes and real-         Surface and upper-ar weather maps wll be used
   tme weather data. Students examne atmospherc             to enhance the students’ understandng of satellte
   soundngs to determne the lkelhood of storm              mage sgnatures.
   development and the amount of energy avalable for          Prerequisite: WX 352.
   thunderstorms. Vertcal wnd shear s analyzed for
   clues about storm organzaton and severty. Other        WX 370
   nformaton, such as weather charts, computer mod-
   els, satellte magery, and Doppler radar magery, s
                                                            Planetary Atmospheres (3,0)
   used to observe the characterstcs of thunderstorms     3 Credts
   and the weather patterns that favor them. Students          The knowledge of mechansms and forces that cause
   gan a basc scentfc understandng of thunderstorm       the Earth’s atmosphere to move wll be appled to
   behavor as well as practcal experence observng          the other planets. Solar effects on space travel wll
   and predctng them.                                        be studed. Emphass wll be placed on the weather
                                                               of the planets that wll most lkely be vsted n the
   Prerequisite: WX 352.                                       early 21st century. Students wll present a project that
                                                               examnes the solar and atmospherc effects of travel
 WX 364                                                        to ther favorte planet. Ths course can be used to
Weather for Arcrews (3,0)                                     satsfy a requrement n the Mnor n Space Studes.
3 Credts                                                      Prerequisite: WX 352.
   Makng use of the Weather Center and the Internet,
   students collect and study weather data from around       WX 390
   the world. Emphass s placed on decodng nforma-
   ton contaned n the remarks secton of weather
                                                            Atmospherc Physcs (3,0)
   observatons and on the dfferences between North        3 Credts
   Amercan weather charts and those produced n other         Topcs covered nclude elements of Earth-Sun geom-
   parts of the world. Students nvestgate the flyng         etry, radatve transfer, photochemstry, and remote
   condtons and avaton envronment over the seven          sensng of the atmosphere. Addtonally, propertes
   contnents. The proper operaton of arborne weather        of aerosols and clouds, cloud nucleaton, precpta-
   radar s studed. Students dentfy weather hazards         ton processes, and atmospherc electrcty wll be
   by usng ground-based weather radar and satellte           dscussed.
   magery. At the Daytona Beach campus, ths s the           Prerequisites: MA 242, WX 353.
   capstone course for the Avaton Weather Mnor.
   Prerequisite: WX 352.                                     WX 401
                                                            Meteorology of Arcraft Mshaps (3,0)
 WX 365                                                     3 Credts
Satellte and Radar Weather Interpretaton (3,0)               WX 401 nvestgates the role weather plays n the
3 Credts                                                      chan of causalty of an arcraft mshap, payng spe-
   A practcal ntroducton to meteorologcal nterpre-        cal attenton to the acquston and applcaton of
   taton of satellte and weather radar magery. Ths         atmospherc wtness-data obtaned from conventonal
   course surveys the basc physcs of electromagnetc         and/or remote-sensor sources. The lmtatons and
   (EM) radaton and shows how characterstcs of the         accuracy envelope of both human observers and
   EM spectrum are exploted n passve (satellte) and        automated meteorologcal systems (AWOS/ASOS)
   actve (radar) remote sensng to create dgtal mages      are explored and developed. The weather types
   of geophyscal nformaton. The theory of radar             that are a part of the accdent chan of causalty are
   sgnal propagaton and precptaton estmaton s          examned n detal relatve to specfc case hstores as
   appled to the meteorologcal nterpretaton of radar       recorded n selected Natonal Transportaton Safety
   magery and supplemented wth practcal analyss            Board (NTSB) reports.
   of varous radar product types. Weather satellte           Prerequisite: WX 352.
   mage types, ncludng vsble, conventonal nfrared,

                                                     — 301 —
Course Descriptions

 WX 427                                                       WX 490
Forecastng Technques (3,0)                                 Dynamc Meteorology I (3,0)
3 Credts                                                    3 Credts
   Ths course provdes an ntroducton to the world            Ths frst course n atmospherc dynamcs uses phys-
   of weather prognostcaton. Topcs nclude the tra-          cs and calculus. The nstructon ncludes such topcs
   dtonal forecast methods based on weather analyss          as equaton of moton on a rotatng Earth, balanced
   technques, up through the latest computer-generated         flow, knematcs, crculaton theorem, conservaton of
   weather predcton models. The student s exposed            absolute angular momentum, mass contnuty, vortc-
   to technques for forecastng tomorrow’s weather as          ty equaton, and wnd-pressure mbalance.
   well as seasonal weather trends.                             Prerequisites: MA 243, WX 354, and WX 320.
   Prerequisite: WX 353, WX 354, WX 355, WX 363, and
   WX 365. Corequisite: WX 202.                               WX 491
                                                             Dynamc Meteorology II (3,0)
 WX 429                                                      3 Credts
Severe Weather Semnar (2,0)                                    Ths s the second course n atmospherc dynamcs,
2 Credts                                                       whch uses vectors. It ncludes such topcs as Rossby
   Investgatons nto recent severe weather outbreaks.         waves, quas-geostrophc theory, and synoptc-scale
   Students wll collect and analyze data usng the latest      nstablty theory.
   technques to document and explan large-scale con-          Prerequisite: WX 490.
   vectve systems. Radar and satellte data are assessed
   and case studes are publshed.                            WX 299, 399, 499
   Prerequisite: WX 363.                                     Specal Topcs n Meteorology
                                                             1-6 Credts
 WX 457                                                         Indvdual ndependent or drected studes of
Weather Operatons Semnar (3,0)                                selected topcs n appled meteorology.
3 Credts                                                       Prerequisites: consent of instructor and approval of the
   Ths course smulates a number of ndustry/agency            program coordinator.
   operatonal weather envronments. The student
   wll acqure and evaluate the sgnfcance weather
   mpact varables have on all phases of the operatonal
   envronment. Real-tme as well as preprogrammed
   scenaros are used to provde the student the oppor-
   tunty to become knowledgeable n the methodolo-
   ges employed by decson-makers n flght and
   marne plannng/operatons, multmeda produc-
   tons, and agrbusness operatons.
   Prerequisite: WX 355.

                                                     — 302 —

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