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                                          1306 Versailles Road, Suite 140, Lexington, KY 40504 (859) 258-3990
                                                                                                              January 2011

                                                                                             Take Advantage
Sweet Deals On Loans                                            One Low Rate
                                                                                               Of MECU’s
                                                                                           FREE Services
                                   Auto Loans                   Regardless                   MECU offers a variety of FREE,
                                                                                           convenient services to help you stay

                                                                Of Credit                  connected to your accounts. Take
                                                                                           advantage of these services today!
                      l                                                                    FREE Checking - Switch to a MECU
  Hurry, this specia                                                                       Checking Account and save. There
 rate is only availa
                     ble                                                %APR*              are no high rates and fees and you
      in February!                                                                         can easily access your funds at over
                                                                                           4,000 no-surcharge ATMs nation-
   You’ll love the special low rate we have for you in February.                           wide. Plus, you can use our conve-
If you are thinking about purchasing a new or used vehicle,                                nient MasterMoney Debit Card for
be sure to take advantage of the savings at MECU. You’ll save                              making purchases. It’s easy to take
money with our low rate.                                                                   advantage of E-Statements and Bill
   Plus, if you are paying a higher rate at another financial insti-                        Pay when you use our checking, too.
tution, refinancing at MECU may lower your monthly payment
                                                                                           Online Account Access - It’s easy
and save you hundreds of dollars in interest.
                                                                                           to check your balance, make a
*Annual Percentage Rate. Effective February 1-28, 2011, and subject to change. Available   transfer, and even more all from the
on loans of $5,000 or more. Not available on refinancing of existing MECU auto loans.       convenience of your PC anytime,
                                                                                           day or night.
Be sure to check                                                                           E-Statements - Go Green and get

out our other sweet,                                                                       your statement faster when you
                                                                                           sign up for E-Statements.

low rates on...                                                  From
                                                                 MEC U
                                                                                           Bill Pay - Arrange to have bills au-
                                                                                           tomatically paid each month from
                                                                                           your checking account. You’ll save
• VISA Credit Card                                                                         money on postage and you won’t
• Unsecured Loans                                                                          have to worry about writing a check
                                                                                           and getting the bill mailed in time.
• Home Equity Lines of Credit
                                                                                            If you need money to help pay
  Whether you are planning to remodel your home, or even need to                            Uncle Sam, be sure to make
consolidate debt, be sure to make MECU your first stop for financing!
                                                                                            MECU your first stop. We can
You’ll love our sweet deals!
                                                                                            help with a low-rate Tax Loan.
  Googoplex: New Youth Website                                                     Holiday Closings
                                                                                    Monday, January 17
  Attention parents: If your child is a member of the MECU Kids                   Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  Club, they will no longer be receiving a quarterly newsletter. How-
  ever, we invite you to visit Googoplex, our new interactive website                Monday, February 21
  for kids. It features interactive games, videos                                      Presidents’ Day
  and colorful stories dealing with money matters
  and life issues. Just go to our website                                      Funds from your
  www.metroemployeescu.org and click on the                                    Vacation Club
  Googoplex link.
                                                                               Account will be
                                                                               available April 1!

NEW Health Savings Account                                                      Start saving now for
  Watch for more information coming soon to MECU!                                the holidays with a
                                                                               Holiday Club Account!
    Get Your Finances In Shape                                                 MECU Financial Data
Create A Budget - Begin by tracking your spending for one month. Sepa-               as of November 30, 2010
rate your expenses from essentials and non-essentials to help you better        Assets            $17,259,990
see if there is anything you can cut. Then start by putting savings first.       Loans             $8,986,926
                                                                                Shares            $15,180,242
Pay Yourself First - When it comes to saving, it’s important to always set      Loan/Share Ratio 59.20%
                                                                                Capital Ratio     11.87%
aside a specific amount of money for yourself. If you do this before you
                                                                                Members           3,772
pay the mortgage, car payment, and visit the grocery, you’ll be more likely
to save on a regular basis. Saving is even easier when you take advantage
of payroll deduction.

Manage Your Debt - Think of debt as a tool. For most people, some debt is
practical for items you cannot afford to pay cash for such as a home and
college tuition. Getting into debt is easy, but getting out can be difficult.
                                                                               Metro Employees Credit Union
Don’t confuse what you can borrow with what you should borrow. Consider
consolidating debt in a low-rate home equity loan. Combining debts into one    1306 Versailles Road,
larger loan for a longer term can help reduce the monthly payments.            Suite 140 (Main Office)
                                                                               Lexington, Kentucky 40504
     Get Your Tax Return Faster                                                7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

   Be sure to take advantage of the convenience of direct deposit when         Phoenix Branch
doing your taxes. You’ll get your tax refund much faster than if you           101 E. Vine Street, Suite 180
were to get a check in the mail. Just be sure the MECU routing number          Lexington, Kentucky 40507
(242176051) and your account number (account number for savings,               Monday-Friday
or the number on the bottom of your check for checking accounts) is            9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
completed correctly on your tax form. It’s simple and your refund will be
deposited into your MECU account.                                              (859) 258-3990
                                                                               FAX (859) 258-3993
 Winter Weather Office Hours ...                                                www.metroemployeescu.org
                                                                               PhoneBranch - (800) 677-0183
   We never like to alter our office hours, but in the event of inclem-
 ent weather we may be forced to change our hours of operation for the         For your convenience use our envelope
                                                                               drop box at either office for making
 safety of our staff. If you are unsure if we are open, first check with the
                                                                               payments and deposits.
 local news or call us at (859) 258-3999 where we will post a special
 message regarding any changes to our office hours.                                                     EQUAL HOUSING

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