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                                          State of Wisconsin                             Division of Juvenile Corrections

                                       Department of Corrections                         Eurial Jordan, Administrator

                              Administrator’s Memo Series for Counties
                                                                                       MEMO NO. 02-13
       Date:            March 25, 2011

       To:              County Departments of Human/Social Services Directors

       From:            Eurial K. Jordan, Administrator,
                        Division of Juvenile Corrections

       Subject:         Youth Aids Allocations for CY 2003

       This memorandum notifies counties of the initial calendar year 2003 Community Youth and Family
       Aids allocations and explains how the allocations were determined. The allocations were established
       under the provisions of the 2001-03 state budget, 2001 WI Act 16. A new state budget effective July
       1, 2003 may adjust any or all of the assumptions that the Department has made for the second half of
       your calendar year award. State service rates may change, overall funding available for the program
       may rise or fall, and the allocation methodology of funding may change. Any of these changes will
       impact your award, and you will be subject to any necessary adjustments to the contract required by
       the legislation. We are providing this allocation for CY 2003 using the funding, allocations, and
       rates in effect in current legislation.

       Changes to Youth Aids in CY 2003

            The Legislature appropriated $2,106,600 in new funding to counties ($530,000 increase from CY
             2002). [Caution: The legislature has provided only $44,145,100 in funding for the first half of
             CY 2003. The award assumes that at least that much will be provided in the second half of
             CY2003. Your contracts provide for, and will be adjusted to reflect, the actual funding made
             available by the legislature in the second half of calendar year 2003.]

            The budget act contains a revised formula to distribute the additional funds, based on the 3-factor
             formula (youth population, Part I juvenile arrests, and JCI placements) established in the prior
             biennium, and modified by an "override" that gives special weight to the JCI placement factor.

            Revenue from Division’s out of home placements exceeded expenses by more than the
             Division’s 2 percent reserve and are returned in CY 2003 to those counties who had state
             supervised youth in out of home placements in CY 2002. ($447,731)
Memo 02-13
March 25, 2011
Page 2

    Data from CY 1997 through CY 1999 Crime and Arrests in Wisconsin, the latest officially
     published data by the Office of Justice Assistance (available as of September 20, 2002), were
     used in the formula.

Contract Detail and Explanation

Attachment 1: The Youth Aids allocation schedule includes detail about the changes in your
county’s allocation between 2002 and 2003

Section 1: Calendar Year 2003 Contract:

1. Column 1, Attachment 1: Provides the county’s initial calendar year 2003 allocation
2. Column 2, Attachment 1: Identifies restricted funds for AODA services
3. Column 3, Attachment 1: Identifies unrestricted funding remaining in the contract
4. Column 4, Attachment 1: Provides an estimated distribution for the purchase of State juvenile
   correctional services [Rates for the second half of CY 2003 have not yet been established by the
   legislature, and are forecast at the now current rates]
5. Column 5, Attachment 1: Provides the county's estimated balance for community services

Section 2: Changes in Calendar Year 2003 Funding Compared to CY 02:

1.   Column 6, Attachment 1: Is the county’s initial 2002 allocation
2.   Column 7, Attachment 1: Is the county’s 2002 restricted AODA base allocation
3.   Column 8, Attachment 1: Is the unrestricted calendar year 2002 allocation
4.   Column 9, Attachment 1: Identifies the change in AODA funding from 2002
5.   Column 10, Attachment 1: Identifies the change in the remaining unrestricted funding
6.   Column 11, Attachment 1: Identifies the total change in the county’s allocation

Section 3: Where the Change in CY 2003 Basic Funding Developed:

1. Column 13, Attachment 1: Shows the change in each county’s allocation under the allocation
   formula applied to arrest supplemental funding updated for Office of Justice Assistance (OJA)
   data. (There is no change in the CY 2002 and CY 2003 allocations because the Division used the
   same CY 97 through CY 99 data published by OJA. OJA was unable to publish data for CY
   2000, and CY 2001 as of September 20, 2002.
2. Columns 15, Attachment 1: Shows the change in each county’s allocation because of the
   correctional services refund available from out of home placement costs
3. Column 17, Attachment 1: Shows the change in each county’s allocation under 301.26(7)(b)
   using population and arrest data provided by the Office of Justice Assistance, and placement data
   developed by the division
4. Column 19, Attachment 1: Shows the change in each county’s allocation under 301.26(7)(c)
   using updated population and arrest data provided by the Office of Justice Assistance and
   placement data developed by the division, providing no less than 93% and no more than 115% of
   the amount that would have been awarded on placement data only
Memo 02-13
March 25, 2011
Page 3

Funding for the CY 2003 contract increased $977,731 ($530,000 in net additional funding, plus
$447,731 in correctional refunds).

Corrective Sanctions funding will be allocated at year-end in calendar year 2003 as it was in 2002.

The method used to calculate each part of the county allocations is explained in Attachment 2 of this

The Youth Aids state-county contracts are being sent under a separate letter and may be expected
within a few weeks. The contract language is unchanged from 2002 except where updated for new
dates. Schedule 1 in the contract will use the allocations in Attachment 1 as your contract level. A
county may request changes in the distribution between its state and community allocation, by
writing the requested changes on Schedule 1 before signing and returning the contract.


Questions on the memo and attachments should be directed to David Dopp, DJC Youth Aids
Contracts Coordinator, at 608-240-5913, or Shelley Hagan, DJC Policy and Grants Coordinator, at

Attachments: (2)

cc:    Jon E. Litscher, Secretary, Department of Corrections
       Cindy O’Donnell, Deputy Secretary, DOC
       Jessica O’Donnell, Executive Assistant, DOC
       Susan Dreyfus, Administrator, Division of Children and Family Services, DHFS
       Patty Hammes, Bureau of Regulation and Licensing, DCFS, DHFS
       Diane Waller, Area Administration, OSF, DHFS
       OSF Area Administrators
       OSF Assistant Area Administrators for Children and Families
       Division of Juvenile Corrections management staff
       Jay Sandstrom, Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center
       County Youth Aids contacts
       Court-attached juvenile court intake offices