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Most people will agree that travelling by rail is a nice way to see the world.

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									Getting More Pleasure From A Train Journey

Most people will agree that travelling by rail is a nice way to see the

Kent, UK - March 25, 2011 -- Those who don't agree probably haven't been
on a train in a long time and should give it another try. It really is
very enjoyable to travel by train these days, but saying that, there are
still things that you can do to make it even more so. The following are
some of the things that could make your train journey even better.

* If you are travelling alone then don't be afraid to get into
conversation with a stranger. Sure there are some odd people out there
who you might be better off avoiding, but the train is also a great place
to meet lifelong friends as well. There have been many instances where
people have met the person they went on to marry just by speaking to the
person sitting next to them on a train and others have made very useful
business contacts.

* Take along a good book as this is still the most enjoyable form of
entertainment while travelling by train. The gentle rocking motion of a
train is a fantastic feeling as you start to get engrossed in a good

* Why not try your hand at writing. You will find that a long distance
train journey is a great place to begin writing a book if this is
something that you have always wanted to do. The scenery outside will
provide you with plenty of inspiration and you could even end up writing
a blockbuster.

* Take along some nice food. Most long distance trains will have buffet
carts but you might still find it more enjoyable if you take along your
own food. Taking things that you know you love will mean that you won't
have to buy something on the train or be stuck with things that you don't

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