TRX Suspension Training Course Outline

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TRX Suspension Training Course Outline

Purpose of the TRX® Suspension Training® Course (STC)

To equip fitness professionals with the knowledge and skills required to effectively use the
TRX® Suspension Trainer™ themselves, modify exercise intensity for clients at all levels of
fitness, and describe why Suspension Training is such a unique and powerful new form of

Desired Outcomes

      After completing this course, participants will be able to:

      Describe the origins and unique features of the TRX Suspension Trainer.

      Set-up and use the TRX Suspension Trainer in any setting.

      Adjust exercise resistance and stability levels to create appropriate challenges for anyone,

       at any fitness level.

      Use the TRX for an effective and efficient workout to achieve strength, flexibility and

       cardiovascular benefits.

      Practice a broad variety of TRX strength and flexibility exercises.

      Explain and apply key functional Suspension Training principles on the TRX.

      Train others to use the TRX.

Course Agenda and Timeline Duration:
Approximately 8 hours

  1. Introduction (15 min) 09:00-09:15

  2. TRX Suspension Training (15 min) 09:15-09:30

  3. TRX Basic Use (30 min) 09:30-10:00

  4. Adjusting Resistance and Stability (20 min) 10:00-10:20

  5. TRX Strength Workout (45 min) 10:20-11:05

  6. Break (5 min) 11:05-11:10

  7. Set-up and Anchoring (20 min) 11:10-11:30

  8. Lower Body Strength and Flexibility Exercises (45 min) 11:30-12:15

  9. How to Grow Your Training Business (20 min) 12:15-12:35

  10. Lunch (45 min) 12:35-01:20

  11. Upper Body Strength and Flexibility Exercises (75 min) 01:20-02:35

  12. Core Exercises (45 min) 02:35-03:20

  13. Program Design (30 min) 03:20-03:50

  14. Client Scenario Modeling (45 minutes) 03:50-04:35

  15. Key Points Review (15 min) 04:35-04:50

  16. What’s Next (10 min) 04:50-05:00 

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Description: Suspension is based on sustained improvement in musculoskeletal training for the purpose of correcting the mechanical changes in the spine, especially to strengthen the stability of the spine, the improvement of the cervical and lumbar problems with very significant results. In the process of suspension training, improved bone, joint, ligament blood circulation, increase metabolism, increase the organic component of bone, inorganic components reduced to the spine of the strength, toughness increases, slow degeneration of bone.