Winter Fitness Schedule 2011

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					SHOCK Conditioning Fitness Solutions Inc.                                  WINTER FITNESS SCHEDULE
Tel (902) 843-4150 Email:

Schedule Starts February 7, 2011
       Monday                   Tuesday                Wednesday                Thursday                    Friday                 Saturday                    Sunday
   Main        Studio       Main      Studio         Main     Studio         Main      Studio          Main       Studio        Main      Studio           Main     Studio
  5:30am                   5:30am                    5:30am                5:30am                     5:30am                   8:00am                                 9:00am
 Bootcamp                 Bootcamp                  Bootcamp              Bootcamp                   Bootcamp                   Core                                   Yoga
  6:30am                   6:30am                    6:30am                6:30am                     6:30am                                  *9:15am
 Bootcamp                 Bootcamp                  Bootcamp              Bootcamp                   Bootcamp                                  Interval
              9:00am      *9:15am                              9:00am      *9:15am                     9:00am
              Zumba         TRX                                Zumba         TRX                     TRX Combo
                          Bodyweb                              Fusion      Bodyweb
  10:00am                             10:30am        10:00am                            10:30am       10:00am
 Bootcamp                              Silverfit    Bootcamp                             Silverfit   Bootcamp
             *12:00pm                  12:00pm                 *12:00pm
             RIDE 101                 Kick to the              RIDE 101
  12:30pm                  12:30pm                   12:30pm               12:30pm                    12:30pm                TRX Suspension Training
 Bootcamp                 Bootcamp                  Bootcamp               Bootcamp                  Bootcamp                 will change the way your
                                                                                                                               workout and perform.
  *5:15pm                                           *5:15pm                *5:15pm                                5:15pm
    TRX                                               TRX                    TRX                                  Interval      Make your body your
  Bodyweb                                           Bodyweb                Bodyweb                                 RIDE              machine!

  6:00pm                   6:00pm                    6:00pm                6:00pm                     6:00pm                     DID YOU KNOW?
 Bootcamp                 Bootcamp                  Bootcamp              Bootcamp                   Bootcamp                An hour of Zumba can burn
                                                                                                                               over 800 calories and
              *6:15pm                  5:10pm                  *6:15pm                                                        equals more then 5,000
               Interval               Turbokick                 Spin ‘N                                                                 steps!
                RIDE                                            Sculpt
                                       6:00pm                  7:10pm                                                         Burn fat, tone muscle, and
                                        Yoga                   Zumba                                                            blast fat with ZUMBA

                                                                Group Fitness Guidelines and Etiquette
 Annual Group Fitness Memberships only $49/Month!
                                                                ~ Bring indoor footwear, water, and a towel to class
 3 Month & 6 Month Trial Memberships Available
                                                                ~ Arrive 10 mins prior to the start of class to allow time for equipment set up ad to avoid disrupting the class
 Group Fitness Punch Passes:                                    ~ Advanced sign up is required to secure your spot in TRX & Cycling classes (“no show’s will be charged $5)
 10 Class Punch Card $120                                       ~ Please let the instructor know if you are new to class so we can assist you where needed
 15 Class Punch Card $165                                       ~ Bring a positive attitude and lots of energy!
 20 Class Punch Card $195
                                                                Book your FREE CONSULTATION today and let our fitness experts customize a program for you!

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Description: Suspension is based on sustained improvement in musculoskeletal training for the purpose of correcting the mechanical changes in the spine, especially to strengthen the stability of the spine, the improvement of the cervical and lumbar problems with very significant results. In the process of suspension training, improved bone, joint, ligament blood circulation, increase metabolism, increase the organic component of bone, inorganic components reduced to the spine of the strength, toughness increases, slow degeneration of bone.