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                            125 East Buffalo Street P.O. Box 316
                                   Churchville, NY 14428
  2011                    (585) 293-3840       Fax# (585) 293-9350

 Spring begins March 20th                       New or Used Auto loans
                                                    Our rates are small
              Office Hours:                       to save you BIG!
           Monday— Thursday
                                      3.75%* APR up to 48 months
            9:00 am— 4:00 pm

                   Friday              4.25%* APR 49 months plus
             9:00 am— 5:00 pm

                                       Give us a call before you sign
                                            on the dotted line!

                                                             Make your home a
                                                             DREAM CASTLE
   Daylight Saving Time
          begins                                            With a Home Equity loan
       March 13th.
                                                                Rates are as low as
    Remember to turn your
       clocks ahead,
change your batteries in your                                    5.25%* APR
       smoke alarms
 carbon monoxide detectors.

              Attention!                               Looking for a
              Riga residents who are
                                                      Personal Loan?
               looking to hook up to
                  public water….              How about a rate you can’t resist?
              We have a loan for you.
                                                   Borrow up to $5,000 for
   Borrow up to $3,000 at
                                                     As low as 8.00%*APR
 a low rate of 6.00%* APR
         Be Aware of Tax Refund Scams                                   Puppy Saver Club
  Make sure that you sit down with your tax preparer.
                                                           Looking for a way to help your kids learn
   Watch them fill in the correct info and review your     the value of a dollar. Open a Puppy Saver
            tax return before you sign it.
                                                           account, where they earn prizes for each
                                                           deposit. After 10 deposits,
Savings Rate is .20% APY
                                                           they receive a special prize.
 Call for Certificate rates                                Then they can start saving
                                                           toward their next one.

           Excellent Loan Rates
                                                                     Tinseltown Movies
                     As low as
                                                           Classic             $6.25
Home Equity                    5.25%* APR
                                                           Platinum            $7.25
New Auto                       3.75%* APR up to 48

                                4.25%*APR 49
                                                months +                     Buckmans:

Used Auto                       3.75%*APR up to 48         Soft Touch            $6.00
                                                months     Protect & Shine       $8.00
                                                           The Works             $9.90
                                4.25%*APR 49
                                               months +

Personal Loans                  8.00%*APR up to

                                10.24%*APR                                   Delta Sonic:
                                          $5,001 and up
                                                           Basic                  $4.75
Share Secured                   3.75%*APR                  Super Kiss             $9.50
                                                           Deluxe Car/Van         $6.50
RV’s & Boats                    6.25%*APR
                                                     10 minute Interior cleaning/car            $5.50
* The rate you pay will be determined by your credit Super Interior cleaning/car                $6.50
history, term and vehicle age if applicable. Rates   Super Interior cleaning/truck              $7.50
and terms are subject to change. All Applications    15 minute Car Detail                       $19.50
for Westside Community FCU loans are subject to 15 minute Truck Detail                          $21.00
normal credit requirements and other restrictions          Super Kiss & Interior Cleaning/car   $14.50
may apply.
                                                           Oil Change                           $21.00

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