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                                                                                                          Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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  At Salamander
   Holdings NV                   Radisson entertains Colombian
                                      travel professionals
  Holdings NV
  honors long-
                                                                                                                             Read Page B5

term associates
  Five & Ten Year
Anniversaries marked
   by celebration

already become a tradition
at Salamander Holdings
N.V. to honor associates
celebrating their 5 & 10 year
                     Page B3
                                Scott Ian Appears On Travel Channel’s      Paseo Herencia lights first
                                        ‘Aruba Poker Adventure’
Newlyweds Jason                                                            Christmas Tree of the year
 & Trisha Hearn                                                 Page B12

 enjoy paradise

                                                                           PALM BEACH – Aruba’s               Awards” for the best Holiday
                                                                           newest shopping Mecca lit up       decorations.
BUCUTI - Jason & Trisha                                                    their very first Christmas tree    MCs Ruben Garcia and
Hearn     of  Philadelphia,                                                this past weekend. This was        Cherryldine Muller presented
Pennsylvania were wed on                                                   the start of a holiday trend for   the countdown for the lighting
November 10, 2007 in their                                                 the stores located in the Paseo    of the tree centered in the
hometown church at Our Lady                                                Herencia Shopping Mall as          mall.
of Calvary.                                                                they will compete against each
                   Page B2                                                 other for the “People’s Choice           Continued on Page B7
  Tuesday, November 20, 2007
                              B2   LOCAL
 Newlyweds Jason & Trisha Hearn enjoy paradise

BUCUTI - Jason & Trisha       The wedding reception was       and in only nine months of          in paradise. Their honeymoon    sipping away on cocktails and
Hearn     of  Philadelphia,   held at Radisson Hotel in       dating he proposed.                 experience has included a       enjoying love.
Pennsylvania were wed on      Philadelphia with over 200      The newlyweds decided on            dinner sail on Red Sail’s       Congratulations from Bucuti
November 10, 2007 in their    invited guests.                 Aruba for their honeymoon. It       catamaran, a snorkeling trip    Resort & Aruba Today!!!
hometown church at Our Lady   Jason knew that Trisha was      is their first time on the island   aboard Palm Pleasure and of                 Photos by Angela
of Calvary.                   everything he was looking for   and they are absolutely in love     course                          Munzenhofer of Bella Aruba
                                                                                                  relaxing at the Bucuti Resort                   Photography
                                                                                                                LOCAL                B3
                                                                                                                                     Tuesday, November 20, 2007

At Salamander Holdings NV

Salamander Holdings NV honors long-term associates
Five & Ten Year Anniversaries marked by celebration
                                                                                                       year mark!                          service and handed them to the
                                                                                                       Recently, at a breakfast            devoted five, hugs, thank you
                                                                                                       gathering instead of just holding   notes and applause included.
                                                                                                       the enjoyable once-every-           The five celebrants were very
                                                                                                       seven-week       brainstorming      appreciative, and Jodi thanked
                                                                                                       session, the meeting this past      them from the bottom of her
                                                                                                       Saturday held a surprise for        heart for the enthusiasm and
                                                                                                       unsuspecting associates who         loyalty they bring to the job
                                                                                                       completed five and ten years        every day, surely an inspiration
                                                                                                       of employment in one of the         to all company colleagues.
                                                                                                       company’s fabulous stores.          Salamander Holding NV
                                                                                                       Among those celebrating were        operates T.H. Palm &
                                                                                                       Anchie Malmberg & Alma              Company, Playa Linda; the
                                                                                                       Tagorda, 10 years and Sharlin       Coconut Trading Company,
                                                                                                       Maduro, Yvonne Bomba and            Marriott Ocean Club; the
                                                                                                       Kathleen Marin, 5 years.            Juggling Fish, Aruba Beach
                                                                                                       Missing from the photo is           Club and the Mill Resort &
                                                                                                       Claudette Ligeon who also           Suites; and the Lazy Lizard
                                                                                                       celebrated 5 years.                 on De Palm Pier as well as the
                                                                                                       Managing       Director      Jodi   Mill Resort Mini Market.
                                                                                                       Tobman counted out $100             Pictured here, happy faces,
                                                                                                       dollars bills for each year of      happy people. 

PALM BEACH - It has               celebrating their 5 & 10 year      Resort & Suites in 1994, and
already become a tradition        anniversaries.                     while Salamander Holdings
at    Salamander Holdings         The first company store, the       associates enjoy job-longevity
N.V. to honor associates          mini market, opened at the Mill    no one has yet reached the 15

At the Playa Linda Beach Resort
Evert Eekhoff and Ferdinand Heemskerk
honored as Distinguished Guests

ORANJESTAD – Recently             years consecutively.               the Aruba Tourism Authority
Evert Eekhoff and Ferdinand       The excellent food, the friendly   in name of the Government
Heemskerk were honored as         people and the wonderful           of Aruba presided over the
Distinguished Guests at the       climate are the reasons for        ceremonial act of awarding
Playa Linda Beach Resort.         returning every year but           them a certificate.
Evert and Ferdinand live in       also the fact that they own a      Ivette Tromp of the Playa Linda
Monaco but have visited the       timeshare at the Playa Linda       Beach Resort was also present
island of Aruba for the past 15   Beach Resort. Castro Perez of      during the ceremony
Tuesday, November 20, 2007   LOCAL
        Happy Birthday Brian                                           At Grand Tropical Café
                                                                        Inspired by one simple
                                                                       beautiful evening of Jazz
                                                                       At the Seaport Renaissance Mall
                                                                       Our beautiful friends from USA....
                                                                       They come here every year, sometimes twice a year...for a
                                                                       month or so
                                                                       They shared with my husband and I...and we already know
                                                                       About a nice and cozy Café, where tourists and locals go...
                                                                       A nice place on my beautiful island in the sun
                                                                       A place they visit, where they can listen to some music,
                                                                        relax and where talking is fun....
                                                                       While drinking one of your favorite beer, mixed drink, coffee
                                     PALM BEACH – Brian Fingal         or rum
                                     who turned 20, celebrated         They enjoy “Café Grand Tropical” or “Tropical Grand Café”
                                     his birthday at Amazonia          Where it’s cozy and romantic during the week
                                     Churrascaria in the company
                                                                       Where you can dance the week-end nights away!
                                     of pretty girlfriend Stephany
                                                                       Or just enjoy a Tuesday evening of good jazz, no pressure, no
                                     The two lovebirds enjoyed
                                                                       A lot of inspiration with only the best....come and see...
                                     a quiet evening together
                                                                       My USA friends concern and wishes are
                                     until the restaurant’s army of
                                                                       For this unique and special place to stay
                                     carvers and waiters converged
                                                                       We told them, it’s an Aruban “heart print”
                                     on their table for an amazing
                                     rendition of Happy Birthday,      It is here already for 12 and a half year!!!
                                     clanking wine buckets, and        Taken good care of by a beautiful Dutch couple with warm
                                     shaking maracas, as the cake      Arubian blood
                                     arrived with a lit fire cracker   Where the service is the best, professional, fast and understood
                                     spewing sparkles all over the     With the warmth and loyalty of a good friend
                                     place.                            That’s why this poem was inspired, written and sent....
                                     It    was     a     memorable     To be read by more tourists and locals as well
                                     performance of Tico and the       To treasure “Grand Tropical Café”
                                     restaurant crew, one which        They’ve set a style in a very special way...
                                     Brian will never forget!         Of enjoying Aruba by night....the “Tropical way”
                                                                                                         Thanks to Evert and Bettie, for
                                                                                                         being such wonderful host and
                                                                                                         May God bless this cozy
                                                                                                         place....”Grand Tropical Café”
                                                                                                         And inspire you in many more
                                                                                                         You’ve reached levels of
                                                                                                         respect and love by tourists and
                                                                                                         People from Aruba, people
                                                                                                         from all over with your hard
                                                                                                         work and honesty
                                                                                                         Seaport Renaissance Mall is
                                                                                                         more special because of you!
                                                                                                         We hope they know and that
                                                                                                         they will treasure this too!
                                                                                                         Our congratulations and many,
                                                                                                         many more years to come...
                                                                                                         Because of you our USA
                                                                                                         friends Bob and Irene....this
                                                                                                         poem was formed...
                                                                                                         Thank you for your love and
                                                                                                         appreciation for our island...
                                                                                                         Thank you for making Aruba:”
                                                                                                         Your Home away from Home
                                                                                                         Thank God for all these
                                                                                                         blessings.....in our hearts....and
                                                                                                         in silence “
                                                                                                           Author: Ruthy “Lady Ruth”
                                                                                                             Aruba, November 2007
                                 LOCAL   B5
                                         Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Radisson entertains Colombian travel professionals

Palm Beach – A group of travel
and aviation professionals
from Colombia was invited
by the Ministry of Tourism to
visit Aruba. Staying at Tierra
del Sol at three gorgeous
custom homes, the group
members also enjoyed elegant
dinner at the Sunset Grille,
the Radisson Aruba Resort &
Casino AAA four-diamond
rated restaurant.
The group was welcomed by
Janith Agunbero on behalf of
Larimar Spa and the Radisson
Aruba Resort & Casino and
escorted by Jerusha Rasmijn
on behalf of the Aruba
Tourism Authority.
Pictured here warm welcomes
by restaurant manager Ronni
Maduro and Manager on Duty
Tasha Agana. The guests
enjoyed a special a la carte
selection of the restaurant’s
signature steak and seafood
  Tuesday, November 20, 2007
                                   B6   LOCAL
Try something new this December!
Magical holiday parties on the horizon at Windows on Aruba

EAGLE BEACH – The staff            late this past Spring, the ultra
and management of Windows          chic restaurant has become
on Aruba, the penthouse            a favorite of both locals and
flagship restaurant in the         tourists.
clubhouse of The Links at          The spectacular setting with
Divi, is excited to welcome        floor-to-ceiling     panoramic
the first holiday season for the   views of the golf course and
restaurant. Since its premier      the Caribbean Sea provides a
on the island’s dining scene       dynamic ambiance. Windows

                                                                      on Aruba just completed a      décor for the season, and also   tailored for group events
                                                                      tasteful and elegant holiday   announced special menus          suited for 20 to 100 persons
                                                                                                                                      for parties booked December
                                                                                                                                      1st through December 23rd.
                                                                                                                                      Multi-course meals from
                                                                                                                                      a team of European chefs
                                                                                                                                      capitalize on freshness of
                                                                                                                                      ingredients combined in
                                                                                                                                      cutting-edge flavor fusions,
                                                                                                                                      presentations with an artistic
                                                                                                                                      flair, and five-star service from
                                                                                                                                      a veteran staff.
                                                         LOCAL   B7
                                                                 Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Paseo Herencia lights first Christmas Tree of the year
                      Continued from Page B1
                      Hundreds of islanders and
                      locals joined in the celebration
                      and were invited to participate
                      in the “People’s Choice
                      Awards” by voting for the best
                      decorations in the mall while
                      shopping and enjoying the
                      unique ambiance of Aruba’s
                      newest shopping spot. As soon
                      as the tree was lit, Paranda Ta
                      Nos, a popular group of local
                      holiday musician entertained
                      the crowd.
                      The results of the Holiday
                      decorating          competition
                      will be aired live on TV on
                      December 23rd and word is
                      the Paseo Herencia store,
                      shops and restaurants will be
                      decorating in full force to win
                      the first ever “People’s Choice
                      Shoppers are invited to vote
                      7 days a week and also enjoy
                      a special Holiday liquid
                      fireworks show held three
                      times a night at 7pm, 8pm,
                      and 9pm.
                      Paseo Herencia Mall is located
                      across the street from the
                      high-rise hotels closest to
                      the Holiday Inn Sunspree
                      Resort. See you there!
Tuesday, November 20, 2007   LOCAL   LOCAL   B9
                                             Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Tuesday, November 20, 2007   ADVERTISEMENT
                                                           LOCAL   B11
                                                                   Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kianah Vrolijk celebrates 1st birthday

                          BRINGAMOSA- Last Friday
                          Kianah Vrolijk turned 1 which
                          she celebrated with family &
                          friends. Her proud parents
                          Nikita & Marvin organized a
                          pool party at a private home
                          in Bringamosa from 5 in the
                          afternoon for children and
                          friends of the parents.
                          Tradition in Aruba has it that
                          weekend birthday celebrations
                          come with lots of kids, food &
                          The first birthday for Kianah
                          was one with a Hawaiian luau
                          The piñata was the best filled
                          - with goodies for everyone.
                          Congratulations Kianah!
Tuesday, November 20, 2007   LOCAL
                                       Scott Ian Appears On
                                      Travel Channel’s ‘Aruba
                                         Poker Adventure’

                                     ORANJESTAD - “Your Travel Guide: Aruba Poker Adventure”
                                     is a one hour special in which Travel Guide and Host, Shane O
                                     takes viewers on an exciting and personalized tour of Aruba.
                                     Shane also takes part in the Aruba Classic Poker Tournament
                                     and with a little coaching from some experts tries his hand at
                                     Poker. Watch as Shane takes a break from traveling to participate
                                     with professional players from all over the globe in one of the
                                     biggest card games of the year. Does Shane have what it takes
                                     to compete? Tune in to find out!
                                     This episode will also be featuring a special guest appearance
                                     from none other then Anthrax guitarist, Scott Ian. Scott took
                                     part in the Aruba Classic Poker Tournament and had this to say
                                     about his time in Aruba, “The Aruba Classic was a blast!! What
                                     a place to spend a week playing Poker. Even if you get knocked
                                     out early you’ve got a week on the beach. It’s a win-win. I’ll be
                                     back next year!!”
                                     Shane will explore the Caribbean island from top to bottom and
                                     discover all of the things that make it unique. From the sights,
                                     to the beaches, the nightlife and the cuisine we’ll show you how
                                     to really experience Aruba and provide interesting and useful
                                     travel tips along the way.
                                     Make sure to catch Scott Ian on Your Travel Guide: Aruba Poker
                                     Adventure which premieres on Saturday, December 22nd on the
                                     Travel Channel. 
             Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Tuesday, November 20, 2007   ADVERTISEMENT
                                                                                                   ARUBA HOY B15                 Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gobernador exige a EEUU aclaración sobre Puerto Rico
SAN JUAN (AP) - El gobernador puertorriqueño             funcionarios estadounidenses de que la isla dejó de    ambos bajo la Constitución de los Estados Unidos y
Aníbal Acevedo Vilá solicitó a Estados Unidos que se     ser un territorio con el establecimiento del ELA.      de las leyes internacionales”, opinó Acevedo Vilá.
enmienden las conclusiones de un informe de la Casa      “Como resultado del insulto y la decepción del         El mandatario envía la misiva a Rice en momentos
Blanca sobre el estatus político de Puerto Rico, que     informe... no tendré más opción que retirar el         en que las autoridades estadounidenses están a
en 2005 concluyó que la isla está aún bajo la cláusula   apoyo tradicional que le hemos dado a los Estados      punto de concluir una investigación sobre supuestas
territorial de la constitución norteamericana.           Unidos ante las Naciones Unidas sobre este asunto”,    irregularidades en sus campañas políticas pasadas.
En una carta enviada el lunes a la secretaria de         advirtió.                                              La isla es un territorio de Estados Unidos desde 1898
Estado Condoleezza Rice, el gobernador indicó que        El PPD promueve un ELA con más poderes. La isla        y los nacidos en Puerto Rico ostentan la ciudadanía
de no enmendarse el informe, Estados Unidos debe         cuenta con otros dos partidos: el Nuevo Progresista,   estadounidense desde 1917. Tiene cierto grado de
notificar a la ONU que “mintió o ignoró la relación       que promueve la anexión total a Estados Unidos,        gobierno propio, pero mantiene una moneda, defensa
de Estado Libre Asociado (ELA) que fue instituida        y el Independentista Puertorriqueño, que apoya la      y comercio común con Estados Unidos.
en 1953”. Según Acevedo Vilá, es una “gran ironía”       soberanía política.                                    Además, muchas leyes federales aplican a Puerto
que cuando Cuba, Venezuela o Irán han planteado          “Existe apoyo histórico, legal e internacional para    Rico, aun cuando los boricuas no tienen derecho a
ante la ONU que la relación de Puerto Rico con           unas conclusiones diferentes. Existen suficientes       votar para elegir al presidente estadounidense.
los Estados Unidos es colonial, su Partido Popular       trabajos académicos que sostienen la validez de un     El país tiene un delegado en el congreso
Democrático (PPD) ha apoyado la posición de              ELA nuevo o enmendado como un status no territorial,   estadounidense que tiene voz, pero no voto.

 Ecuador:                                                                                              Gobernadores bolivianos
 Oficialismo confirma amplia                                                                           llaman a desobediencia civil

  mayoría en Constituyente
                                                                                                     LA PAZ (AP) - Los prefectos (gobernadores) de seis de los nueve
                                                                                                     departamentos de Bolivia aprobaron el lunes una resolución por
                                                                                                     la que convocan a la “desobediencia civil” contra un decreto del
                                                                                                     gobierno nacional que recorta sus ingresos para pagar una renta
 QUITO (AP) - El partido                                                                             a los mayores de 60 años.
 del presidente Rafael                                                                               Los prefectos de Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando, Tarija, Cochabamba
 Correa consiguió 80                                                                                 y Sucre, consejeros de esos departamentos, concejales de
 escaños de los 130 que                                                                              municipios y sus principales dirigentes cívicos firmaron esa
 integran la Asamblea                                                                                resolución en la oriental ciudad de Trinidad, tras dos días de
 Constituyente, informó el
                                                                                                     Rechazaron así un decreto del presidente Evo Morales que
 lunes el Tribunal Supremo                                                                           recorta hasta en un 70% los ingresos que percibían por la
 Electoral. El organismo                                                                             coparticipación de un impuesto directo a la producción de gas y
 publicó en su página de                                                                             petróleo (IDH), con el que el Ejecutivo se propone financiar el
 internet la lista completa                                                                          pago de una renta vitalicia para los mayores.
 de los asambleístas electos
 luego de un complejo
 proceso de escrutinios de
 las elecciones del 30 de
 El movimiento PAIS, de
 Correa, que participó en
 los comicios en alianzas
 con otros grupos políticos,
 confirmó la contundente
 victoria     que      habían
 anunciado los resultados
 extraoficiales y tendrá 80
 Le siguen de lejos,
 el    Partido       Sociedad
 Patriótica, del ex presidente   (ARCHIVO) El presidente de Ecuador Rafael Correa gesticula
 Lucio Gutiérrez, con 18         durante una conferencia de prensa en Espacio Riesco en Santiago
 asambleístas y el Partido       de Chile el 10 de noviembre de 2007. Foto:MARTIN BERNETTI/
 Renovador Institucional
 de Acción Nacional, del          con amplios poderes con          votos hace semanas pero
 magnate bananero Alvaro          la misión de redactar            en las de mayor población,
 Noboa, con ocho curules.         una nueva Constitución,          Guayas y Pichincha, se
 Otros grupos minoritarios        la vigésima de la época          complicó la asignación de
 se reparten el resto de          republicana, y reestructurar     escaños por pedidos de
 escaños. La Asamblea             el marco institucional           reconteo. Está previsto que
 Constituyente            debe    del estado. La mayoría           el lunes se oficialicen los
 instalarse a fines de             de provincias ya había           resultados para completar la
 noviembre y contará              terminado el conteo de           nómina de asambleístas
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