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					What is lumbar spinal stenosis?

How this disease is caused by?

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lumbar spinal stenosis (UK: Lumbar spinal stenosis syndrome, abbreviation:

lumbar spinal stenosis is defined as the primary or secondary factor in
causing structural abnormalities of the spinal canal, spinal canal narrowing
cavity, surface intermittent claudication primary characteristics of low back

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divided into the following categories according to the international
classification :

⑴ degeneration caused by spinal stenosis: a result of changes in the spine
and strain under the impact of old age, leaving the lamina thickening,
vertebral osteophyte proliferation, so that the volume of the spinal canal to
narrow birth place that may cause stenosis, facet joint hypertrophy and
ligamentum flavum hypertrophy, etc..

⑵ stenosis caused by multiple factors: congenital malformations exist of
acquired stenosis, disc herniation to the spinal canal smaller volume, or the
disc and mild spinal canal stenosis of the reason of the narrow complex

(3) spondylolisthesis (degenerative) disease and osteolysis caused by stenosis.

⑷ iatrogenic stenosis : There are after dissolution of bone proliferation and
hormone injections nucleus lead to the scarring of the proliferation of

⑸ destruction narrow: such as compression fractures and fracture dislocation.
( 6) Other: Paget Yan (Pagets disease) had spinal deformities, spinal canal
can be reduced; fluoride poisoning can also abnormal proliferation, resulting
in stenosis.

from the perspective of modern medicine, common causes of lumbar spinal
stenosis following categories:

⑴ developmental lumbar spinal stenosis: The spinal stenosis caused by
congenital abnormalities.

⑵ degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis: the main line if the withdrawal occurs
because the spine caused by venereal change.

(3) lumbar spinal stenosis spondylolisthesis : Because of lumbar spondylolysis
or degenerative spondylolisthesis occur, because the upper and lower spinal
canal before and after the shift, so that further narrowing of the spinal
canal, and spondylolisthesis, degenerative changes can improve, more emphasis
on spinal stenosis.

⑷ traumatic spinal canal stenosis: Spinal affected by trauma, severe trauma
leading out of line is a fracture or dislocation often results in spinal

⑸ iatrogenic spinal stenosis: surgical procedure except for out error, a
number of leading spine after spinal fusion because of ligament and yellow
ligament between the bone graft hypertrophy or thickening of the Department of
the lamina, especially after posterior laminectomy and fusion surgery in the
local line, the results of the spinal canal narrow cauda equina or nerve root
compression, resulting in lumbar spinal stenosis.

(6) Department of various inflammatory spine include: specific or non-specific
inflammation, spinal canal or the wall of the new biological Dengjun can lead
to spinal stenosis. a variety of deformities such as age Luo pan, scoliosis,
ankylosing spondylitis, skeletal fluorosis, Paget