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Gout is a metabolic disorder of the purine uric acid causes tissue damage
caused by the increase of a group of diseases. Lesions often violated hub
moment and kidney, age at onset and more than 40, prevalence increases with
age, male to female ratio was 50:1, the majority of postmenopausal women
venereal disease man-woman woman, often in the spring and autumn, disease hair.
Common symptoms:

1, asymptomatic: there is no clinical symptoms of hyperuricemia. 2, hub   moment
gouty inflammation, 3, gout nodules, common and pivotal juncture in the   helix
around the drop was divergent from the size of vegetation, may apply to   the
skin, ulceration, discharge white urate crystals. 4, kidney disease, 5,   a
small number of fever, headache and other symptoms.

clinical symptoms of gout and related disorders

Conceiving the main symptoms of acute gouty inflammation pivotal moments,
pivotal moment of chronic gouty inflammation, gout, renal disease and urinary
tract stones. Clinically asymptomatic patients can be divided into several
stages, such as hyperuricemia, acute gout and chronic gout among remission.

1 asymptomatic hyperuricemia: the liquid is too high concentration of uric
acid, but no clinical symptoms. Such conditions can lead to acute gout or
subsequent urinary calculi, and uric acid were more likely to cause more
easily, but a few symptoms may be lifelong. Often see patients in outpatient
hub for the moment or of all soft tissue symptoms, attributed to high uric
acid, in fact, many patients are asymptomatic their hyperuricemia

2 acute gout: urate deposition due to phagocytosis by white blood cells caused
by inflammation. Easily violated middle-aged men and postmenopausal skirt Chai,
early moment when the lower limbs are more vulnerable to violations of hub (a
small number of patients with upper limb may be violations of the hub moment),
and more around the juncture of the more vulnerable to violations of the hub.
Junichi disease hub of the early moments of violating the main (hub next
moment you may have several violations.) Hub moment of inflammation and
symptoms often occur at night and have an extremely fast, patients often wake
in their sleep by the pain. Acute gout may be due to trauma, alcohol, drugs,
surgery or acute medical illness induced.

3 intermediate remission: refers to the secondary symptoms of acute gout
during the middle of the patient in the first and second interval between
onset of acute gout differences ranging up to more than ten years can be as
short as few months, but we have the asymptomatic period may be shorter.

4 chronic gout: gout, without proper treatment may become chronic gout, then
the patient pivotal juncture in addition to chronic pain, but also often
pivotal juncture tophi deposition in or on soft tissue. Hub moment by the
crush and chronic inflammation often leads to deformation of hub moment.

5 gouty nephropathy: urate deposition in the kidney may be caused by kidney
disease. Gout patients may be due to increasing age, hypertension, urinary
tract stones, renal pelvis caused by renal disease other factors go far.

6 Urolithiasis: occurrence of gout patients are urinary tract stones, and the
opportunity with the urinary excretion of uric acid increased more.

7 other related diseases: gout is often associated with hypertension, diabetes,
arteriosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.


(a) of the diet: in fact the general diet in the treatment of gout of the role
is not very important. About diet decreased serum uric acid can only make
about 1-2 mg / dl or so, so as to avoid serious impact on quality of life by
putting up down uric acid in the blood may be taking drugs to achieve. But the
diet for gout is often associated with diseases such as hypertension, diabetes,
high cholesterol, obesity is very important. Of course, \Other, the patient
drink more water in order to promote uric acid excretion.

(b) drug treatment: the different stages of gout, the treatment pattern is
also different style, asymptomatic hyperuricemia is no drug treatment. Often
used in acute gout colchicine and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, if
necessary, can be oral or injectable corticosteroids. Chronic Gout addition to
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, often associated with uric acid
lowering drugs (Conceiving promote uric acid excretion of uric acid production
and inhibition of two categories, depending on different conditions using
different drugs.) Of course, these drugs may cause side effects, caution
should be used. Other, if necessary, combined use of drugs to make urine
alkaline to prevent the deposition of uric acid crystals in the kidney.

according to the social dilemma of classification of diseases, gout is \The
cold, wet evil as the cause, disease location in the meridians, drugs, evil
invasion compared with the end of the alpine thermal, Yun heat into sputum,
leading to abnormal blood flow, poly drug from the skin Cou, sudden swelling,
heat, pain and for, taking note of its pivotal moment, the pain is very hot
show, if a tiger bite, touch not touch, so there is a white tiger called the
calendar section. Differential Treatment in accordance with the principles of
Confucian Medicine, hub moment indulge in the wind inflammation, expelling
wind-based. Those who indulge in the cold, and cold-based. Dampness partial
winner, dampness based. Heat winners evil side, heat-based. Gout patients
should be based hub moment characteristics and symptoms of inflammation of
acute exacerbation of such decisions is the nature of arthralgia,
musculoskeletal winds are, as usual paralysis of rheumatic fever, with or
without phlegm Blockage card, and then prescribe the right medicine. For
example, those available are wind musculoskeletal Coix Decoction Decoction or
anti-FFD; rheumatic fever are available white tiger Bi Gui Zhi Tang or four
wonderful Pill; in the case of Phlegm Blockage of cards can be used pink drink

Confucian principles of medicine for gout is heat dampness, promoting blood
circulation network for the law, together with Sinopharm some biological
components contained in promoting excretion of uric acid. Acute Syndrome is
damp and Zhiyi heat dampness based; in remission for the blood stasis syndrome,
Expelling huoxuetongluo based. In the clinical symptoms can also play a role
is definitely mitigation. Many herbs can also be pivotal juncture for the
treatment of gouty inflammation, especially acute inflammation pivotal moment
is the effect of absolute, such as fresh Ranunculus, Clematis Root, Polygonum
root, half-sticks of lotus, half lotus, habitat, Shenjin grass, blue, Wujiapi,
Chong Wei and so on.

Taiwan gout recipe

recipe child recipe: (due to personal physical difference, the effect varies.
The following recipe is for reference only)

eight white bitter gourd, two apples, a grapefruit, juice while taking tea.

Lily Pearl Barley gout
gout patients diet therapy was very important. During the course of dietary
treatment, in addition to following the principles of low-purine diet, the
choice of food selection should also focus on functional foods with special
effects. Lily Pearl Barley can provide patients with the thermal energy demand,
but has a direct therapeutic effect on gout, and can improve the symptoms of
inflammation hub moment, is ideal for gout patients food. Sideways in the
clinical treatment of that: the principle of low-purine diet, the staple food
of the Lily Pearl Barley is very effective for patients with gout.

material and methods: dry lily, barley, rice stalk the sixty grams

will put the pot of porridge shamisen cleaned daily divided in two late
service finished, the staple food for the patients with gout (gout patients
other nutrition therapy should be the principle, not repeat them here.) And
even clothes, the symptoms still persist after improvement, at least once or
twice a week to prevent recurrence of gout.

results of analysis: the blood of patients receiving uric acid reduction diet,
the hub moment symptoms of inflammation slow, no recurrence.

discussion and analysis:

Lily: Sweet, slightly cold, with lungs and cough, the efficacy of pure heart
and mind and stability. Modern research found that: Lily addition to
containing amino acids, fat, little powder and a variety of vitamins and other
nutrients, but also contains colchicine, and colchicine for gout agents in
clinical medicine special effects, which can inhibit the C5a and leukocyte c
ene B4 inhibit a variety of nuclear leukocyte chemotaxis, thereby improving
the hub moment inflammation symptoms. Lily contain colchicine on the treatment
of gout patients have significant effect, but it contains little amount of
colchicine, long-term use talent to play its therapeutic efficacy, and safer
than preparations, non-toxic side effects.

barley: also known as Yiyiren, sweet, light, slightly cold, with the benefits
of water Shenshi, spleen to stop diarrhea, in addition to weakness, heat and
other effects.

\It is the \Barley in the diet in the more widely used, often used as a
diuretic side, heat side, expelling wind side of the main flavor. Use it to
treat gout, both can play their diuretic effect, to release more acid, and can
trick the effectiveness of its Qufeng Chubi to improve the patient’s hub
moment of gout symptoms of inflammation.
two combined, add rice stems, as the staple food of gout patients, gout that
the patient can provide the necessary energy requirements, but also a great
play of its therapeutic dietary role is to share patients with gout diet.

course in Clinical diet, gout patients should follow the principle of low-
purine diet meals, ban alcohol and tobacco and other spicy food, enthusiastic
with clinical treatment. As the staple food of gout patients, Lily Pearl
Barley to be long-term use, talent to play its therapeutic effect. Clinically,
patients with gout are generally more obese, porridge is not necessary to add
whatever seasoning, but if the slim body of patients, the discretion to add
rock sugar to taste, to increase the appetite of patients, better therapeutic

1, Shiyao is gout?

Gout is a disorder of purine metabolism caused by the disease. The clinical
features of hyperuricemia and the resulting pivotal moment of acute gout
inflammation repeated attacks, tophi deposition, tophi, chronic inflammation
and hub hub juncture juncture deformities. Often involving the kidney can
cause chronic interstitial nephritis and uric acid kidney stone formation. It
causes increased blood uric acid can be divided into two major categories of
primary and secondary. Primary cause of gout is caused by the congenital
disorder of purine metabolism are hereditary. Secondary causes of gout, by
kidney disease, leukemia, drugs, food and other causes. Occur in men and
postmenopausal women, more men than women, male to female ratio was 20 to 1.
The disease hub moment of swelling, heat pain, repeated episodes, the hub
moment activities are not flexible as the main clinical manifestations are
Confucian medicine \\

in the human body there is a substance called purine, when its metabolism
disorder can cause gout after. After a series of purine metabolism, and
ultimately the formation of a product called acid. Uric acid in the body not
have any different physiological functions, in all right environment, the body
produces uric acid 2 / 3 by renal excretion, 1 / 3 of the colon. Uric acid in
the body is constantly born and excretion, so it is definitely in the blood to
maintain the liquid concentration. In purine synthesis and decomposition
process, there are a variety of enzymes involved in, because the enzyme
metabolism disorder of congenital anomalies, so as to increase uric acid or
discharge the entire reduction can cause hyperuricemia. When the blood
concentration of uric acid the liquid is too high, uric acid, sodium salt form
that is deposited on the hub moment, soft tissue, brittle bones and kidney,
causing tissue inflammation lead material has become the bane of causing gout.
If treatment is not complete hub moment can cause swelling, deformity,
stiffness, ecchymosis around the hub moment, nodules, complicated gout kidney
stones, gout, renal failure, gout, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol,
hypertension, urinary tract stones and other organs of patients with life-
threatening illnesses directly caused by the termination of life.

3, treatment

Gout is a chronic disease, patient and long-term medication is the only proven
successful treatment of the Dharma. If the uric acid lowering drugs taken
after a period of time, no longer attack due to withdrawal of gout, serum uric
acid increased again not long after, any further attacks of gout may from time
to time! Not attack those who had high uric acid does not need medication !
mostly asymptomatic hyperuricemia do not need medication, but should find out
the underlying causes, and use lower uric acid diet and the prevention of gout.
If the attack had been necessary to begin treatment enthusiastically! If there
have been pivotal moment of onset of inflammation, will begin〕 〔low purine
food control, followed by another attack if it is, we should start using uric
acid lowering drugs, so that can make gout will not attack, but also to avoid
gout complications. Even if the pain is not usual for long-term medication,
because there is no treatment for gout based on observation of patients,
almost always have tophi, although most of the time will not be painful tophi,
but it is the hub of crushing moment engaged.


mostly due to the strict diet can decrease the uric acid 1-2 mg / dl, Yi Shi
in a more effective allopurinol next invention, the therapy has than ignored,
but without the use of uric acid lowering drugs and certain special
circumstances, remains a viable approach.

gout patients will still be pivotal if the food control moments after onset of
inflammation, should be discussed with your doctor the use of drugs long-term

the three principles of food control 1. Do not drink 2. Do not eat internal
organs 3. Eating seafood, and drink plenty of water.

drug use and focus on issues

treatment of patients and their clear understanding from the first point,
which is a painkiller or a uric acid lowering drugs, both using the time
completely different. Pivotal moment of pain medication is the sudden use of
acute pain, the pain will not disable, uric acid drugs generally do not fall
from the sky analgesic effect, but can make nothing of the scope and uric acid
down to prevent gout attacks, Yi Shi common to daily use.

acute pain on the use of pain medication, there are two:

nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics [such as Indomethacin, Voren]

can quickly relieve the short term pain, pain medication gradually become the
mainstream. However, if the patients had peptic ulcer or renal function due to
their better use should be avoided or caution shall 〔〕 physician’s
prescription instructions, can not be arbitrarily taken to avoid unnecessary
side effects.

colchicine [Colchicine]

often due to extensive use of side effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort
or diarrhea, thus becoming less used in the acute phase. Currently, it is more
valued features to prevent gout attacks, such as in patients with recurrent
seizures or lowered uric acid in the early drug use, a small amount to use it
to reduce gout attacks, not attack if you can try to disable it.

no pain is the use of uric acid lowering drugs during the time

uric acid lowering drugs were divided into two categories:

one to promote uric acid excretion by the kidneys of drugs – for example,
Benzbromarone or Probenecid taking these drugs to be used during the day and
drink plenty of water to avoid the stones.

one for the inhibition of uric acid in the liver to produce the drug – for
example, taking Allopurinol Allopurinol, it should be focused upon whether the
drug allergy rash or itching 〔〕!!! Should be immediately discontinued if
hypersensitivity! And should Please identify the attending physician to do

the timing of these two different drug use, physicians should prescribe
according to the condition and personal needs in order to minimize unwanted
side effects or zero 〔this doctor Professional〕. Common situation is that
friends took drugs Shazi eat, and regardless of their suitable to wait until
side effects appear and then go to doctors, only to ourselves the.
enough water to drink plenty of water, can promote uric acid excretion by the
kidneys, and may prevent urinary tract stones.

related diseases should be treated

if obesity, hypertension, diabetes, high blood fat, arteriosclerosis, also
have to identify and treat the same time.

4, wisdom for a purine:

purine: (piào lìnɡ) organic compounds, molecular formula C5H4N4, colored
crystal, purine oxidation in the body into uric acid. Hyperuricemia on the
human body can cause gout. commonly known as the rich man’s disease.
generally the disease in men, but also genetic. seafood, meat animals,
relatively high purine content, Yishi have gout patients at the onset of drug
treatment, (drugs generally treat gout have kidney damage) and, more
importantly, an extraordinary emphasis on the daily diet.

5, living knowledge

seafood should not be the next beer. Seafood drink a lot of beer will be
produced when too much uric acid in order to stimulate gout. Too much uric
acid will be deposited in the hub moment and soft tissues, causing
inflammation and tissue hub moment.

how to eat seafood more secure

⑴, the first frozen raw seafood, salt water pouring point. Oyster and some
aquatic shellfish, there is often a kind of \On the intestinal immune function
in terms of poor people, raw seafood with potentially fatal hazards. Research
staff found that the Western powers, such as Oyster will be on the ice, and
then poured some of dilute brine, and can effectively kill the bacteria, so
raw they will be more secure.

⑵, seafood should not be the next beer. Seafood drink a lot of beer will be
produced when too much uric acid in order to stimulate gout. Too much uric
acid will be deposited in the hub moment and soft tissue, thereby causing
pivotal juncture and organizational hair.

⑶, pivotal moment of inflammation in patients with eating seafood. Because of
sea cucumber, fish, seaweed, sea vegetables contain more uric acid absorbed by
the body in the hub of the formation of uric acid crystals in the moment, so
that pivotal moment of inflammatory symptoms.

⑷, seafood bogey and some fruit with the food. Fish rich in nutrients, amino
acids and calcium, and contain more tannic acid if the fruit to eat, will
reduce the nutritional value of amino acids, and easy to make seafood tannic
acid in combination with calcium to form a new non-digestible substances. More
fruit contains tannin persimmon, grape, pomegranate, hawthorn, fruit and so on.

(5), shrimp bogey and vitamin C with food. Western powers scientists found
that eating shrimp and other aquatic crustaceans while taking vitamin C can
cause a lot of people died because of who is considered a harmless type of
arsenic under the action of vitamin C can be transformed into toxic arsenic.


】 【What is gout

said gout is the result of too much uric acid natural, or uric acid excretion
of uric acid obstruction resulting in excessive salt deposition in the blood
and tissues [to the main hub at the moment], which leads to swelling and pain
of the disease, it attacks the parts of the foot of the big toe is the most
pivotal moments, plays pivotal moment for the ankle, instep, knee hub moment
and even throughout the body hub juncture. Value of blood uric acid standard
male 3.8 ~ 7.8mg/100ml, female 2.6 ~ 7.6mg/100ml. Mainly by the decomposition
of uric acid from Princeton, Princeton, the source can be divided into two
parts, one from the food, one from the body’s own synthesis of [amino acid
intake is excessive, then the synthesis].

gout mainly rely on drugs to help or inhibit uric acid excretion of uric acid
formation, low-Spring diet of only supporting the law, but should not be

clinical signs of gout, is divided into four stages:

1. Asymptomatic hyperuricemia

2. Acute gout

3. do not attack

4. chronic inflammation of gouty hub moment
inducing factors of acute gout:

trauma, alcohol, surgery, overeating, bleeding, infection, radiation therapy,
drugs or hunger.

】 【gout diet

principles and focus on matters of diet:

1. Usually all right daily diet contains about 600 milligrams of the Spring

2. Acute onset of gout should try to choose foods low in Princeton [see
attached], the best amino acid entirely eggs, milk and milk products supply.

4. Try to keep within the standard weight, overweight should lose weight
slowly, in order to reduce one kg per month is appropriate, but the acute
phase is not fat weight loss.

5. Every day more than 3000cc should drink plenty of water to help urate
excretion, and to prevent the generation of kidney stones.

6. According to the experiment, large amounts of fat can inhibit the trend of
urinary excretion of salt, and easy to promote the onset of symptoms the
patient, so cooking oil to the number of appropriate.

7. If the patient is not comfortable that no matter what the loss of appetite,
food intake per day is limited, you must give a lot of high sugar and fat
metabolism in the liquid to prevent the acceleration of acute gout attacks.

8. Only to avoid the amount of alcohol, especially beer, coffee and tea
available quantity suitable for drinking.

attached: Princeton, low levels of food

milk, eggs, beans, fish, meat

(1) various types of milk and milk products.

⑵ all kinds of eggs.

(3) pig.
(4) sea cucumbers, jellyfish.

grains, root

(1) rice, wheat, rice, Dongfen, noodles, pasta, cereals and so on.

⑵ corn, Potato potato, sweet potato and taro.

fats and oils

vegetable oil and animal oil.

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