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What are the preventive measures of dental caries- Children_ dental caries to you-_4283


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									What are the preventive measures of dental caries? Children, dental caries to

My little cousin has a few teeth were a little black block on top, it is
estimated that dental caries, she was five years old this year, soon, will
need filling it! I heard there is a drug applied to the top of small teeth can
be prevented, Is it true!


caries children generally do not fill, because sooner or later replace the
primary teeth, only pay attention to the care of acutely Do not let the
continued development of dental caries in order to avoid the eruption of
permanent teeth pulpitis or influence on it.

prevention of dental caries for children, currently the best method is to use
natural, non-very exciting, non-toxic biological products, such as described
City on 4 years of dental gold 2 – Healing Series, it can remove plaque on
dental caries in children, direct repair minor surface of deciduous teeth
decay point, immediately suspend the continued development of dental caries
and tooth surface plus one layer of biological cover layer, to effectively
prevent the breeding of new dental caries occurrence.

If a child has will mouths, chewing mouth directly after 10 minutes, brushing
with the best; if the child is too small mouth with no patience Parents can
use this product to open water into a paste, directly applied to the surface
of the teeth, brush our teeth after 10 minutes, can also play a role in moth.

to be effective in preventing dental caries in children, need to sooner or
later the two second application, you can replace the use of toothpaste.

wish the healthy growth of children ~ ~

shallow caries not make, just use the phone part of the decay behavior, you
say prevention of dental caries drugs should be “pit and fissure sealant”,
professional oral health care institutions have. The means of prevention
professionals known as the “sealant.” please check out the look.

I see suffering, My son just went to the hospital get that done, because too
small to do is under anesthesia, filling of dental caries, children have to
care about, and some rapid development of dental caries, and if the
development of the permanent teeth, the child will always need to see the
future teeth, while usually must pay attention to brush your teeth at least
twice a day, if you suffer from dental caries development will soon go to the
hospital in real time.

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